1891 Census - RG12/1660

Transcribed by Keith Searson


No. on Road, Street Christian Name Surname Relationship Single Age Occupation Where Born County Notes
Schedule and No of House       Married etc.          
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1 Wynards Gap Inn Robert BARTLETT Head M 40 Licence Victualler Pub Cheddington Dorset  
    Fanny BARTLETT Wife M 36   Little Winsor Dorset  
    Elizabeth Ann BARTLETT Daughter S 7 Scholar Cheddington Dorset  
    John James BARTLETT Son S 6 Scholar Hawkchurch Dorset  
    Edwin BARTLETT Son S 4 Scholar Cheddington Dorset  
    Florence Maud BARTLETT Daughter S 2   Cheddington Dorset  
    Margaret Ellen BARTLETT Daughter S 6 mths   Cheddington Dorset  
    Elizabeth Annie BARTLETT Sister S 23 Bar Maid Little Winsor Dorset  
2 Cheddington Court William F HODY Head Widower 81 Local Magistrate Misterton Somerset  
    W P HODY Son S 53 Retired Army Captain Misterton Somerset Captain 66th Regiment
    Amy Matilda HODY Daughter S 46   Cheddington Dorset  
    William P HODY Grandson S 21(31?)   Dotacamaud (?) India  
    Florence H MORRIS Daughter Widow 49 Living on own means Cheddington Dorset  
    Amy Margaret MORRIS Grandaughter S 19   Cheddington Dorset  
    Mabel Mary MORRIS Grandaughter S 17 Scholar Cheddington Dorset  
    Winifred Emma MORRIS Grandaughter S 16 Scholar Cheddington Dorset  
    Audrey Beatrice MORRIS Grandaughter S 15 Scholar Cheddington Dorset  
    Thomas Grey MORRIS Grandson S 13 Scholar Cheddington Dorset  
    Stephen Hersey MORRIS Grandson S 10 Scholar Langridge Somerset  
    Henrietta Jane G ROBINS Servant S 25 General Domestic Servant ****smoor Wilts  
    Beatrice METELWRIGHT Servant S 21 General Domestic Servant Monticute Somerset  
    Jane CARTER Servant S 42 General Domestic Servant East ****ton Yorkshire  
    Bessie BURI*OTTE Servant S 22 General Domestic Servant Crediton Devon  
3 Stable Yard James HAWKER Head M 65 Gardener and Domestic Servant Dalwood Devon  
    Mary Ann HAWKER Wife M 55   Seabrigton St Mary Somerset  
4 Farm House Elizabeth CREED Head Widow 75 Living on own means Broadwinsor Dorset  
    Samuel CREED Son S 42 Yeoman Broadwinsor Dorset  
    Sarah CREED Daughter S 40   Broadwinsor Dorset  
    Annie CURTIS Servant S 18 General Domestic Servant South Perrot Dorset  
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5 The Rectory Frederick Septimus STOCKDALE Head M 63 Rector of Cheddington Kingsly Lincolnshire  
    Katherine STOCKDALE Wife M 59   Falmouth Cornwall  
    George Reginald STOCKDALE Son S 19 Student Berks Watchfield  
    Mary GIDDINGS Servant S 26 General Domestic Servant New Forest Hants  
    Ellen FANCY Servant S 21 General Domestic Servant Sandford Dorset  
    Mary HUTCHINGS Servant S 20 General Domestic Servant Smallbridge Devon  
    Walter WRIGHTON Servant S 19 Groom Marwell Farnboro  
6 Village Street Joseph Jolliffe WILLIS Head M 40 Gardener Brading Isle of Wight  
    Susanna Mary WILLIS Wife M 39   Islington London  
    Edward Joseph WILLIS Son S 15 Post Office Assistant   Isle of Wight  
7 Village Street Ann BARTLETT Head Widow 67 Living on own Means Axminster Devon  
    Ellen Hannah NEVILLE Lodger S 21 School Mistress Birmingham Warks  
8 Village Shop William BARTLETT Head M 32 Shoe Maker and Grocer Cheddington Dorset  
    Mary Ann BARTLETT Wife M 29 Grocer Stratton Dorset  
    William Alfred BARTLETT Son S 2(?)   Cheddington Dorset  
  House Unoccupied                  
9 Village Mark Langdon BAILEY Head M 61 Mason Cheddington Dorset  
    Sarah Ann BAILEY Wife M 60   Cheddington Dorset  
    John Thomas BAILEY Son S 24 Agricultural Labourer Cheddigngton Dorset  
    Frederick BAILEY Son S 20 Agricultural Labourer Cheddington Dorset  
    Matilda BAILEY Daughter S 19   Cheddington Dorset  
10 Village Nathaniel BURRIDGE Head M 69 Woodsman Cheddington Dorset  
    Susan BURRIDGE Wife M 68   Cheddington Dorset  
    Jane DAULCH Daughter M 33   Cheddington Dorset  
    William DAULCH Grandson S 8(?) Scholar Beaminster Dorset  
    Harold DAULCH Grandson S 2   Yeovil Somerset  
11 Village John HODFORD Head M 28(?) Shepherd South Perrott Dorset  
    Hannah HODFORD Wife M 25   Curry Rival Somerset  
    William J HODFORD Son S 4 Scholar South Perrott Dorset  
    Robert M HODFORD Son S 2   South Perrott Dorset  
    Alfred Mark HODFORD Son S 1   Cheddington Dorset  
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12 Village Street Thomas CADDY Head M 51 Hurdle and Lath Maker Netherbury Dorset  
    Mary Ann CADDY Wife M 52   Symondsbury Dorset  
    Charles CADDY Son S 24 Hurdle and Lath Maker Cheddington Dorset  
    John CADDY Son S 13 Hurdle and Lath Maker Apprentice Cheddington Dorset  
    Elizabeth CADDY Daughter S 10 Scholar Cheddington Dorset  
13 Village Street John BAILEY Head M 38 Carter South Perrott Dorset  
    Charlotte BAILEY Wife M 37   Broadwey Somerset  
    Cedrick BAILEY Son S 16 Carter South Perrott Dorset  
    Mary PAUL Mother in Law Widow 78   Ilminster Somerset  
14 Village Street Walter DIMENT Head M 54 Agricultural Labourer Corscombe Dorset  
    Charlotte DIMENT Wife M 53(?)   Cheddington Dorset  
    Charles DIMENT Son S 15 Agricultural Labourer Compton Somerset  
15 Village Street John BURT Head M 72 Retired Labourer Cheddington Dorset  
    Sarah BURT Wife M 72   Cheddington Dorset  
16 Village Street Joseph BURRIDGE Head Widower 53(?) Agricultural Labourer Cheddington Dorset  
    Naboth BURRIDGE Son S 29 Agricultural Labourer Cheddington Dorset  
17 Village Street Amos CLEALL Head M 46 Agricultural Labourer Cheddington Dorset  
    Emma CLEALL Wife M 31   Cheddington Dorset  
    Ernest C CLEALL Son S 8   Cheddington Dorset  
    Henry G CLEALL Son S 7   Evershot Dorset  
    John CLEALL Son S 4   Cheddington Dorset  
    Adaline M CLEALL Daughter S 3   Cheddington Dorset  
    Alice Kate CLEALL Daughter S 1   Cheddington Dorset  
    Frederick CLEALL Son S 1 month   Cheddington Dorset  
  House Unoccupied                  
18 Farm House George FORSEY Head M 45 Farmer Halstock Dorset  
    ****** Ellen FORSEY Wife M 44   Chideock Dorset  
    Mary Elizabeth FORSEY Daughter S 19   Symondsbury Dorset  
    John KEECH Servant S 16 Domestic Servant Halstock Dorset  
    Tom KEECH Visitor S 22 Farrier Halstock Dorset  
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19 Private House James PHIPPIN Head M 25 Agricultural Labourer Uplyme Devon  
    Lucy Jane PHIPPIN Wife M 25   Chilton Somerset  
    Eliza Elizabeth PHIPPIN Daughter S 5   Halstock Dorset  
    Mabel Jane PHIPPIN Daughter S 1   Halstock Dorset  
    Eliza SINCLETON Mother in Law Widow 71 General Servant Retired Dimmington Somerset  
20 Woodcock Farm John ROCKETT Head M 51 Farmer Hawkchurch Dorset  
    Annie ROCKETT Wife M 51   Chillington Somerset  
    Ada A ROCKETT Daughter S 18   Hawkchurch Dorset  
    Emma ROCKETT Daughter S 15   Newsham(?) Somerset  
    Sarah A ROCKETT Daughter S 12 Scholar Thornecombe Dorset  
    Reuben ROCKETT Son S 9 Scholar Thornecombe Dorset  
    George WELCH Boarder S 27 Farmers Assistant Crediton(?) Somerset  
  Claypit Unoccupied                  
21 Broadlease James BROOME Head M 34 Dairyman Membury Devon  
    Mary Jane BROOME Wife M 33   South Petherton Somerset  
    Bessie BROOME Daughter S 10 Scholar South Petherton Somerset  
    Arthur BROOME Son S 10 Scholar Hemsbury(?) Somerset  
    John BROOME Son S 4 Scholar Chalcombe Somerset  
    William BROOME Son S 2   Broadway Somerset  
    John BROOME Father Widower 64 Living on his Own Means Upscombe Somerset  
22 Nap Cottage John James HOUSE Head M 49 Police Constable Weymouth Dorset  
    Martha Ann HOUSE Wife M 52   Abbotsbury Dorset  
    George Henry HOUSE Son S 23   Jersey Channel Islands Blind
    James HOUSE Son S 18 Agricultural Labourer Wool Dorset  
  Fern Hite Unoccupied                  
  Pretty Boy Unoccupied                  

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