Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

Until 1858 all wills had to be proved (formally approved) by church and other courts. The Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), the most important of these courts, dealt with the relatively wealthy individuals living mainly in the south of England and most of Wales (what was originally the ecclesiastical province of Canterbury). Wills of less wealthy individuals MAY have been proved in a number of other ecclesiastical courts, including the Archdeaconry Court of Exeter (pre-1843); the Archdeaconry Court of Dorset (post-1843); The Consistory Court of the Bishop of Exeter (pre-1843); or the Royal Peculiar of Sarum. From 1858 all wills were indexed centrally and this index is widely available at Record Offices, Probate Registries and the LDS Church.

I. Wills proven in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury can be downloaded from the PRO site Documents On Line for a small fee.

ALLEN Will of Abner Allen, Landlord or Innholder of the White Hart Inn near the Foreplace, Household Servant of Cheddington, Dorset 05 February 1844 PROB 11/1992
BELLAMY Will of Edward Bellamy of Cheddington, Dorset 19 October 1791 PROB 11/1209
BISHOPP Will of Thomas Bishopp of Cheddington, Dorset 29 March 1777 PROB 11/1029
BROWNSEY Will of Susan Brownsey, Lacemaker of Cheddington, Dorset 01 August 1657 PROB 11/267
CHAMPION Will of John Champion, Yeoman of Chedington, Dorset 28 March 1640 PROB 11/182
COX Will of Reverend John Cox, Clerk of Cheddington, Dorset 22 April 1846 PROB 11/2034
FOWLER Will of John Fowler of Cheddington, Dorset 28 November 1598 PROB 11/92
GUPPIE Will of Barnaby Guppie of Cheddington, Dorset 16 May 1610 PROB 11/115
GUPPY Will of John Guppy, Gentleman of Cheddington, Dorset 22 May 1635 PROB 11/168
HALLETT Will of Robert Hallett of Cheddington, Dorset 15 August 1573 PROB 11/55
HALLETT Will of Joan Hallett, Widow of Cheddington, Dorset 16 April 1591 PROB 11/77
HALLET or HALLETT Will of George Hallet or Hallett of Cheddington, Dorset 04 March 1648 PROB 11/203
HODY Will of William Hody of Cheddington, Dorset 04 April 1780 PROB 11/1063
HOYTE or HOIT Will of Nicholas Hoyte or Hoit, Serge Maker of Cheddington, Dorset 12 May 1713 PROB 11/533
HUNTE or HUNT Will of William Hunte or Hunt of Cheddington, Dorset 10 February 1593 PROB 11/81
HUNT Will of Joane Hunt, Widow of Chedington, Dorset 06 February 1623 PROB 11/142
HUNT Will of Christopher Hunt, Yeoman of Cheddington, Dorset 02 July 1628 PROB 11/154
IRELAND Will of William Ireland, Gentleman of Cheddington, Dorset 29 January 1807 PROB 11/1454
KEATE Will of Thomas Keate, Yeoman of Cheddington, Dorset 26 June 1646 PROB 11/196
MACKRELL Will of John Mackrell, Gentleman of Cheddington, Dorset 17 May 1764 PROB 11/898
MYNTERN Will of Christofer Myntern, Clerk of Chedington, Dorset 06 June 1614 PROB 11/123
RAYNOLDE Will of Mathias Raynolde of Cheddington, Dorset 14 November 1598 PROB 11/92
SAUNDERS Will of William Saunders of Cheddington, Dorset 07 December 1615 PROB 11/12
SAUNDERS Will of George Saunders, Husbandman of Cheddington, Dorset 07 May 1636 PROB 11/171
SINCKLER Will of Christopher Sinckler, Husbandman of Cheddington, Dorset 10 February 1634 PROB 11/165
SYMES Will of John Symes, Yeoman of Cheddington, Dorset 01 December 1856 PROB 11/2243
WAREN or WARREN Will of John Waren or Warren, Yeoman of Cheddington, Dorset 08 November 1592 PROB 11/80
WARREN Will of Thomas Warren, Yeoman of Cheddington, Dorset 16 February 1652 PROB 11/220
WARREN Will of William Warren, Serge maker of Cheddington, Dorset 27 April 1674 PROB 11/344
WARREN Will of Agnes Warren, Widow of Cheddington, Dorset 16 July 1674 PROB 11/345
WARREN Will of John Warren, Gentleman of London of Chedington, Dorset 06 July 1689 PROB 11/396


a) Consistory Court of the late Diocese of Bristol 1681 - 1792
BRAINE, Sarah Chedington Inv. 1692
DAW, William Cheddington 1740
HALLET, Samuel Cheddington A. 1696
MINTERNE, Henry Cheddington 1723
MINTERN, Henry Cheddington A. and W. 1739
ROGERS, John Chedington A. 1699
b) Archdeaconry Court of the late Diocese of Bristol 1568 - 1792
DAW, William Chedington 14 1768
FARNHAM, William Chedington 22 1741
HALLET, Alice Cheddington 14 1698
KIDGER, Robert Chedington 13 1673
MARSH, Frances Cheddington 10 1713
NOSSITER, Thomas Cheddington 16 1765
NOSSITER, Thomas Cheddington 11 1671
POOKE, William Cheddington 12 1672
c) Archdeaconry Court of the late Diocese of Bristol 1660 – 1792
ELLIS, Richard Cheddington 11 1764
HALLETT, Samuel Cheddington 12 1686
HALLETT, Samuel Cheddington 19 1692
POOK, William Cheddington 24 1672