BAPTISMS 1663 to 1812

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

[Please note that as of May 2012, much of the Cheselbourne register was still mislabelled as Chetnole, Glanvilles Wootton, Hamworthy, Marnhull, Portland, Shaston St Rumbold or Weymouth Holy Trinity on, while many of the pages labelled as Cheselbourne in fact belong to other parishes, particularly 17th century entries.]

20- - -1663[illegible]son ofHenryVINE 
03- - -1663Elizabeth dau of[illegible]VIVIANalias HOGGARD
- -Mar1663/4Margery dau ofChristopher & Bridget[illegible] 
13Mar1663/4Margery dau ofWilliamCOWARD 
15Mar1663/4Elizabeth dau ofEdwardRIGGS 
24Apr1664Richard son ofJohn & AnnBRINE 
01May1664Catherine [?] dau ofHenry & Mary [?]COWARD[very faded]
04Jul1664Samuel son ofThomas & HannahBAKER 
21- - -1664John son ofJohn & JoaneDANER [?]twin
21- - -1664Francis son ofJohn & JoaneDANER [?]twin
23Jul1665Richard son ofRichardRIGGS 
- -- - -1665Margaret dau ofHumphrie & MaryCOWARD 
        [possibly a page missing here]
30Jul1667Thomas son ofThomas & HannahBAKER 
22Sep1667James Richard son ofThomas & CatharineBROWNE 
10Nov1667Honour dau ofEdward & HonourBAKER 
13Nov1667Thomas son ofJohn & ElisabethBARBER 
12Jan1667/8John son ofJohn & MargaretMATCHAMalso as MICHAM
24Feb1667/8Elizabeth dau ofHumphry & MaryCOWARD 
08Mar1667/8Andrew son ofNathaniel & ElisabethRIGGS 
31May1668Joseph son ofThomas & ElnioerWHITE 
31May1668Elnioer [sic] son ofThomas & ElnioerWHITE 
19Jul1668William son ofJohn & AnnBRINE 
16Aug1668Margret dau ofWilliam & MaryCOWARD 
22Aug1668Humfry son ofHumfry & DorothyLOCK 
18Oct1668Agnis dau ofRichard & ElnorBOYT 
17Jan1668/9Thomas son ofAndrew & [illegible]BAKER 
21Feb1668/9Mary dau ofHugh & AnneBARBAR 
18Mar1668/9Christian dau ofJoseph & ChristianWHITE[mother & child’s name abbreviated to ’Ctian’]
01Apr1669Katharine dau ofMatthew & KatharineVINE 
22- -1669Christian dau ofRichard & [illegible]VINE[child’s name abbreviated to ’Ctian’]
- -- -1669Catharine dau ofRobert & AliceRIGGS 
25Jul1669Margery dau ofEdward & HonourBAKER 
19Sep1669Margaret dau ofThomas & EdethKINGSBERY 
26Dec1669Andrew son ofHumphry & DorothyLOCK 
01Mar1669/70Isaac son ofJohn & ElizabethWHITE 
06Mar1669/70Andrew son ofThomas & HannahBAKER 
27Mar1670John son ofJohn & MargeryRUSSELL 
05May1670Humphry son ofHumphry & MaryCOWARD 
05Jun1670Christopher son ofThomas & EllinorWHITE[child’s name abbreviated to ’Ctopher’]
18Sep1670Margery dau ofWilliam & MargeryLOCK 
02Oct1670Dorothy dau ofWilliam & MaryCOWARD 
14Nov1670Mary dau ofThomas & ElizabethVINE 
04Dec1670Margery dau ofHugh & AnneBARBER 
12Feb1670/1Elianor dau ofRichard & ElnorBOYT 
09Mar1670/1Andrew son ofThomas & HannahBAKER 
06Aug1671Peter son ofPeter & ChristianMAY 
- -Feb1671/2Mary dau ofJohn & AnnBRINE 
17Mar1671/2John son ofJohn & ElizabethWHITE 
02Jul1672James [?] son ofThomas & ElizabethBARBAR 
12Aug1672Margaret dau ofHumphry & MaryCOWARD 
08Sep1672Mary dau ofWilliam & MargeryLOCK 
17Sep1672Urith dau ofMalachi & JaneCONANT 
29Sep1672Mary dau ofWilliam & MaryCHAPMAN 
24Nov1672John son ofJohn & ElisabethHAZARD 
29May1673Walter son ofRichard & AnnKINGSBERYalias RODNOR
17Aug1673Mary dau ofCharity & CatharineBAKER 
07Sep1673Mary dau ofJoseph & ChristianWHITE 
25Sep1673Mary dau ofHumphrey & MaryLOCKE 
11Dec1673Mary dau ofRichard & ElizabethVINE 
22Dec1673Christian dau ofJohn & MargeryBURT 
03Feb1673/4Joseph son ofWilliam & MargeryCOWARD 
08Feb1673/4Margery dau ofRichard & ElianorBOYT 
- -Feb1673/4Thomas son ofRobert & ElizabethARNOLD 
- -Feb1673/4Andrew son ofThomas & [illegible]BARBAR 
- -Feb1673/4Thomas son ofThomas & [illegible]WILSON 
- -Mar1674Jane dau ofEdward & JaneCARTER 
- -- - -1674Elizabeth [?] dau ofWilliam & [illegible]PHILPS 
10May1674[illegible] son of[illegible] & [illegible][illegible]  
09Jun1674William son ofThomas & HannahBAKER 
21Jun1674Mary dau ofWilliam & MargeryLOCK 
12Jul1674Jane dau ofHumphery & ChristianREEKS 
13Sep1674Elizabeth dau ofHugh & AnneBARBAR 
08Oct1674Joane dau ofHumphery & MaryCOWARD 
15Nov1674Dorcas dau ofJohn & MargeryRUSSELL 
06Dec1674Margery dau ofCornelius & MaryMICHELL 
29Dec1674Christian dau ofHumphrey & ChristianLOCKE 
04Apr1675Margery dau ofWilliam & ElizabethPHELPS 
16May1675William son ofHumphrey & DorothyLOCKE 
20Jun1675John son ofRobert & ElizabethARNOLD 
03Oct1675Joseph son ofJoseph & ChristianWHITE 
29Oct1675Margery dau ofThomas & MargeryWILSON 
12Dec1675Mary dau ofRichard & ElleanorBOYT 
03Feb1675/6Elizabeth dau ofThomas & ElizabethVINE 
23Mar1675/6Bennet son ofEdward & JaneCARTER 
23Mar1675/6Thomas son ofMaryRIGGS 
21Nov1676Andrew son ofHumphry & MaryLOCK 
03Dec1676Ede dau ofHugh & AnnBARBER 
01May1677[illegible] dau ofWilliam & CatharineCOWARD 
18Aug1677Robert son ofHumphry & MaryCOWARD 
13Nov1677Humphry son ofHumphry & ChristianREEKS 
02Dec1677Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & MargeryLOCKE 
13Jan1677/8William son ofWilliam & MaryCHIPMAN 
14Jan1677/8Elizabeth dau ofHumphry & MaryLOCKE 
28Mar1678Richard son ofRichard & ElizabethVINE 
20May1678John son ofEdward & MargerySHEPHERD 
27Jun1678Hannah dau ofWilliam & ElizabethPHELPS 
01Sep1678Mary dau ofRobert & ElizabethARNOLD 
27Dec1678Richard son ofRichard & EllianorBOYT 
16Jan1678/9Robert son ofRichard & AnnKINGSBURY 
12Sep1679Elizabeth dau ofThomas & MargeryWILSON 
21Oct1679Thomas son ofThomas & ElizabethVINE 
23Oct1679Thomas son ofRobert & AliceRODNERalias KINGSBERRY
21Dec1679Margery dau ofHumphry & DorothyLOCKE 
22Jan1679/80Elizabeth dau ofEdward & MargerySHEPHEARD 
13Jun1680Hannah dau ofWilliam & ElizabethPHELPS 
07Aug1680Mary dau ofThomas & MaryMEADER 
07Aug1680Martha dau ofThomas & MaryMEADER 
09Jan1680/1Mary dau ofJohn & EdeSCUTT 
24Feb1680/1Elizabeth dau ofRobert & ElizabethARNOLD 
31Jul1681Christian dau ofHumphry & ChristianRICKS 
22Jan1681/2Dorothy dau ofGeorge & AliceRIGGS 
16Jul1682Mary   MEADER[added as a marginal note]
21Jan1682/3John son ofJohn & EdeSCUTT 
25Feb1682/3Ruth dau ofWilliam & ElizabethPHILPS 
05Apr1683Thomas son ofRobert & ElizabethARNOLD 
17Apr1683Elizabeth dau ofThomas & MaryARNOLD 
06May1683Christian dau ofRichard & ElinerBOYT 
24Jun1683Margery dau ofThomas & MargeryWILSON 
15Jul1683George son ofGeorge & AliceRIGGS 
08Nov1683Susanna dau ofHumphry & MaryLOCK 
27Dec1683John son ofJohn & MaryBARTLETTof Liskum
08Jul1684George son ofGeorge & MaryCLARK 
07Sep1684Sarah dau ofWilliam & MaryDAVIS 
11Sep1684John son ofHumphry & DorothyLOCK 
22Mar1684/5Robert son ofJohn & EdeSCUTT 
30May1685?Stephen son ofRichard & SusannaLUDLOW[out of sequence]
05Jul1685Elizabeth dau ofGeorge & MaryCLARKEtwin
05Jul1685Mary dau ofGeorge & MaryCLARKEtwin
12Nov1685John son ofJames & MaryARNOLD 
25Jan1685/6Benjamin son ofGeorge & AliceRIGGS 
28Feb1685/6Mary dau ofThomas & MaryPRIDE 
28Feb1685/6Thomas son ofThomas & DorothyVIVIAN 
11Mar1685/6Mary dau ofAndrew jun. & KatherineBAKER 
25Apr1686Margaret dau ofRobert & ElizabethARNOLD 
17Jul1686Joseph son ofRobert & AliceRODNER 
10Dec1686[illegible]   [illegible] 
15Feb1686/7Mary dau ofGeorge & MaryCLARK 
27Feb1686/7Mary dau ofGeorge & AliceRIGGS 
- -- - -1686/7John son ofMargeryCOWARDat Melcomb [full date not given]
04Sep1687Elizabeth dau ofRobert & AliceRODNERalias KINGSBURY
02Oct1687Elizabeth dau ofThomas & MaryPRIDE 
13Dec1687John son ofThomas & MaryARNOLD 
29Jan1687/8Mary dau ofAndrew & KatherineBAKER 
03May1688Margery dau ofHumphry* & MaryWHITE*lately deceased
28May1688Elizabeth dau ofRichard & AnnBRODREPPborn 06-May-1688
09Sep1688William son ofRobert & ElizabethARNOLD 
23Sep1688George son ofJohn & EdeSCUTT 
04Dec1688Richard son ofRichard & JoanBITHEWOOD 
15Dec1688Henry son ofWilliam & MaryDAVIS 
27Jan1688/9Mary dau ofAndrew & ChristianCOWARD 
14Mar1688/9Thomas son ofThomas & MargeryWILSON 
17Aug1689John son ofRobert & SusannaWHITE 
08Sep1689Mary dau ofRobert & AliceRODNERalias KINGSBURY
10Nov1689Elizabeth dau ofGeorge & AliceRIGGS 
21Dec1689John son ofRichard & AnnBRODREPP 
27Dec1689Christian dau ofAndrew & KatherineBAKER 
10Apr1690Mary dau ofJames & MaryARNOLD 
24Apr1690Richard son ofThomas & MaryMEADER 
11Nov1690Margarett dau ofHenry & MargeryHILL 
22Nov1690Elizabeth dau ofAndrew & ChristianCOWARD 
14Dec1690Margarett dau ofWilliam & MaryDAVIS 
10Mar1690/1John son ofRichard & JoanBITHEWOOD 
07Apr1691Mary dau ofThomas & DorothyVIVIANalias HOGGARD
07Apr1691John son ofThomas & MargeryWILSON 
09Apr1691Elizabeth dau ofRobert & SusannaWHITE 
29Sep1691Mary dau ofRichard & AnnBRODREPP 
24Nov1691Mary dau ofJohn & MaryBENNET 
13Dec1691Andrew son ofAndrew & KatherineBAKER 
08May1692Mary dau ofRichard & ElinorRODNERalias KINGSBURY
13Jul1692Katherine dau ofGeorge & AliceRIGGS 
06Jan1692/3Christopher son ofWilliam & MaryDAVIS 
22Jan1692/3Margaret dau ofRichard & JoanBITHEWOOD 
06Mar1692/3Ann dau ofRichard & AnnBRODREPP 
09Mar1692/3William son ofRobert & SusannaWHITE 
23May1693William son ofWilliam & ChristianVINE 
04Jul1693John son ofRobert & AliceRODNORalias KINGSBURY
27Jul1693Peter son ofJohn & MaryHOUSE 
09Nov1693Christopher son ofThomas & MargeryWILSON 
02Mar1693/4Ann dau ofAndrew & KatherineBAKER 
16Sep1694Ann dau ofJohn & MaryBENNETT 
25Sep1694Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & ChristianVINE 
27Sep1694Richard son ofRichard & AnnBRODREPP 
12Oct1694Andrew son ofAndrew & ChristianCOWARD 
17Feb1694/5Susanna dau ofJohn & MaryHOUSE 
19Feb1694/5Abner son ofThomas & DorothyVIVIANalias HOGGARD
17Mar1694/5Andrew son of[illegible] & [illegible]RODNORalias KINGSBURY
19Mar1694/5Thomas son ofThomas & ElizabethVIVIANalias HOGGARD
26Mar1695Morgan son ofRichard & [blank]RIGGS 
16May1695An dau ofRobert & ElizabethARNOLDborn 18-Apr-1695
18Aug1695Mary dau ofRichard & JoanBITHEWOODalias STRODE
13Oct1695Margery dau ofGeorge & AliceRIGGS 
19Feb1695/6Margaret dau ofRichard & [blank]RIGGS 
08Mar1695/6Jane dau ofAndrew & KatherineBAKER 
01Apr1696Andrew son ofWilliam & ChristianVINE 
02Apr1696Robert son ofRobert & SusanWHITE 
24Nov1696Robert son ofRobert & ChatherineSHEPARD 
15Dec1696Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & ElinorVIVIANalias HOGGARD
27Dec1696Andrew son ofJohn & MaryHOUSE 
29Dec1696Peter son ofPeter & UrsulaMAY 
02Mar1696/7Susana dau ofJohn & MaryBENETT 
01Apr1697Mary dau ofWilliam & ChristianVINE 
22Apr1697Thomas son ofThomas & ChatherineWHITE 
20Jun1697Robert son ofRobert & SusanaWHITEborn 14-Jun-1697
17Oct1697William son ofThomas & ElizabethVIVIANalias HOGGARD
06Jan1697/8Jonah son ofRichard & MaryRIGGS 
12Apr1698William son ofStephen & ElizabethALLEN 
03Oct1698Mabell dau ofRobert & AliceRODNORalias KINGSBURY
01Nov1698Thomas son ofThomas & DorothyVIVIANalias HOGGARD
05Nov1698[illegible] [illegible]Richard & JoanSTRODEalias BITHEWOOD
05Nov1698Susanna dau ofGeorge & AliceRIGGS 
08Nov1698John son ofAndrew & KatherineBAKER 
13Dec1698Susanna dau ofWilliam & ChristianVINE 
26Dec1698Ann dau ofEdward & [blank]NEWPORT 
07Mar1698/9George son ofPeter & UrsulaMAY 
21Mar1698/9John son ofJohn & MaryHOUSE 
- -Jul1699Thomas son ofThomas & MaryRODNERalias KINGSBURY
27Oct1699Elizabeth dau ofStephen & ElizabethALLEN 
01Feb1699/1700John son ofJohn & ElizabethRUSSELL 
13Feb1699/1700Andrew son ofJohn & ElizabethWHITE 
07Mar1699/1700Elizabeth dau ofRobert & AnnSQUIRE 
17Mar1699/1700Thomas son ofThomasVINEof Dewlish
01Apr1700Bety dau ofJohn & MaryBENNETT 
23Apr1700William son ofThomas & BetyHOGARDalias VIVIAN
30May1700Mary dau ofChristopher & MaryWHITE 
15Aug1700Ursula dau ofPeter & UrsulaMAY 
18Jan1700/1Joan dau ofAndrew & KatherineBAKER 
24Jan1700/1William son ofHumphrey & MargaretLOCK 
09May1701Susanah dau ofStephen & ElizabethALLEN 
- -May1701[illegible] [illegible][illegible] & [illegible][illegible]  
- -May1701Edward son ofJoseph & [blank]WHITEborn 19-Apr-1701
- -- - -1701Betty dau ofWilliam & ChristianVINE 
- -Jun1701Andrew son ofThomas & MaryRODNORalias KINGSBURY, born 23-May-1701
11Feb1701/2Susan dau ofRobert & SusanahWHITEtwin
11Feb1701/2Mary dau ofRobert & SusanahWHITEtwin
05Apr1702Samuell son ofRichard & JoanBITHEWOOD 
15Oct1702Samuell son ofJohn & ElizabethRUSSELL 
18Oct1702Dorothy dau ofThomas & DorothyVIVIAN 
25Nov1702Sarah dau ofJohn & MaryBENET 
18Dec1702Robert son ofAndrew & ChristianCOWARD 
- -- - -1703Elizabeth dau ofJohn & Elizabeth[illegible] 
- -- - -1703Christian dau ofWilliam & ChristianVINE 
22Jul1703Mary dau ofAndrew & AnnLOCK 
29Jul1703Susanna dau ofRobert & SusannaRODNORalias KINGSBURY
29Aug1703Margaret dau ofStephen & ElizabethALLENtwin
29Aug1703Elizabeth dau ofStephen & ElizabethALLENtwin
18Nov1703Thomas son ofJoseph & MaryWHITE 
06Jan1703/4Thomas son ofJosephVINCENTof Dewlish
28Jan1703/4Anne dau ofRobert & SusannaWHITE 
28Jan1703/4Thomas son ofJoseph & [blank]WHITE 
11Nov1704James son ofRobertSQUIRE 
23Nov1704Daniell son ofRichardSTRODEalias BITHEWOOD
- -Mar1704/5Joseph son ofThomasKINGSBERRY 
03Apr1705Thomas son ofJohn & ElizabethRUSSELL 
06Apr1705[illegible] son ofHumphrey & MargaretLOCK 
- -Apr1705Jane dau ofWilliam & ChristianVINE 
20May1705Robert son ofGeorge & ElinorHACHETT 
22May1705Ann dau ofAndrew & AnnLOCK 
20Nov1705Thomas son ofRobertSQUIRE 
25Nov1705Matthew son ofLawrenceMILLAR 
08Jan1705/6Christian dau ofRichard & MaryRIGGS 
15Mar1705/6Mary dau ofThomas & ElizabethVIVIANalias HOGGARD
13May1706Robert son ofRobert & SusanahKINGSBURYalias RODNER
27Jun1706Thomas son ofWilliam & [blank]BAKER 
24Oct1706Sarah dau ofRichard & SusannaVINE 
05Nov1706George son ofGeorge & ElionorHATCHET 
28Nov1706Elizabeth dau ofAndrew & AnneLOCK 
20Jan1706/7Andrew son ofAndrew & [blank]BAKER 
16Apr1707Edward son ofWilliam & ChristianVINE 
03Jun1707Morgan son ofThomasKINGSBURYalias RODNOR
28Sep1707Elionor dau ofBenjamin & ElionorRIGGS 
12Oct1707Richard son ofRobert & SusannaVINE 
21Oct1707Christian dau ofStephen & ElizabethALLEN 
14Jan1707/8Sarah dau ofGeorge & ElionorHATCHET 
01Jun1708Mary dau ofHumphrey & MargaretLOCK 
29Jul1708Hannah dau ofAndrewBAKER 
23Sep1708Joseph son ofJohn & ElizabethRUSSELL 
- -- - -1708Robert son ofWilliamBAKER 
- -- - -1708John son ofJohn & Mary [?][illegible] 
25Jan1708/9Sarah dau of[illegible] & [illegible][illegible]  
29Mar1709Susanna dau ofRichard & [illegible][illegible] 
03Apr1709[illegible] dau ofRobert & [illegible][illegible] 
06Apr1709Thomas son of[illegible] & [illegible][illegible]  
06- - -1709Benjamin son ofBenjamin & ElionerRIGGS 
07Feb1709/10[illegible] dau ofWilliam & Christian[illegible] 
23Feb1709/10Edeth dau ofAndrew & MargaretBAKER 
02Apr1710?John son ofStephen & ElizabethALLEN 
24Sep1710Andrew son ofHumpheryLOCK 
25Oct1710John son ofGeorge & MaryBUDDEN 
25Feb1710/11Richard son ofRichard & ChristianRIGGS 
- -Dec1711Ratchel dau ofBenjaminRIGGSLabourer [full date not given]
- -Dec1711William son ofWilliamBAKERBaker [full date not given]
01Jan1711/12Richard   VINE[parents’ details not given]
18May1712Anne dau ofStephenALLEN 
17Jun1712William son ofRobertRODNER 
- -Jun1712William son ofRobertKINGSBURY 
22Jun1712Robert   WHITE[parents’ details not given]
08Jul1712Thomas   BASCOMB[parents’ details not given]
27Jul1712Andrew   [illegible][parents’ details not given]
22Aug1712[illegible]   WORLD[parents’ details not given]
- -Feb1712/13Henry   [illegible][parents’ details not given]
10Mar1712/13Sarah   VINE[parents’ details not given]
01Jul1713Rachel   BOIT[parents’ details not given]
17Sep1713Thomas son ofRichard & SusannaVINE 
- -Aug1713Elizabeth dau ofAndrew & MargaretBAKER 
29Dec1713Mary dau ofHenry & MarthaKEXSTONE 
03Jan1713/14Joseph son ofKatharineRIGGS 
13Jan1713/14William Foot son ofMaryGILLINGHAM 
17Feb1713/14Margaret dau ofJohn & MargaretWOODROW 
20Apr1714Sarah dau ofJohn & MarySWIRE 
20Nov1714Andrew son ofJoseph & JoanWHITE 
18Jan1714/15John son ofRobert & SusannaRODNORalias KINGSBURY
17Feb1714/15Ruth dau ofWilliam & JudithBAKER 
- -- - -1714/15Ruth dau ofStephen & ElizabethALLEN 
- -Mar1714/15Mary dau ofPhilip & ElizabethCOATS 
28Mar1715Elizabeth dau ofJohn & Ma - - -WOODROW 
- -- - -1715[illegible] - - -[illegible] & [illegible][illegible] [too faded to read]
- -- - -1715[illegible] son of[illegible] & [illegible][illegible] [too faded to read]
11Aug1715Elizabeth dau ofRichard & SusannaVINE 
21Aug1715Thomas son ofBenjamin & ElionerRIGGS 
07Nov1715William son ofWilliam & FrancesLOVELESS 
17Nov1715Sarah dau ofHenry & MarthaKEXSTONE 
07Feb1715/16Thomas son ofAndrew & MargaretBAKER 
08Apr1716George son ofJoseph & KatherineRONIOR 
24May1716Mary dau ofRichard & RachelBOIT 
21Jan1716/17James son ofStephen & SarahARNOLDat Luscome
18Feb1716/17Mary dau ofJohn & MarySWIRE 
02Apr1717Peter son ofPeter & DorcasWHITE 
26Apr1717William son ofWilliam & JudithBAKER 
23Jun1717George son ofJoseph & MaryRONIOR 
25Jun1717Richard son ofRichard & SusannaVINE 
26Jun1717Joseph son ofLawrence & MarySHEPHERD 
- -- - -1717Elizabeth dau ofRichard & AnnBITHWOODalias STRODE
- -- - -1717Christopher son of[illegible] & [illegible]KEXSTONE  
06Oct1717Sarah dau ofThomas & MaryVIVIANalias HOGGARD
08Oct1717William son ofJohn & AnnPITT 
09Oct1717John son ofJohn & MaryWOODROW 
24Oct1717John son ofHumphry & MaryRICKS 
15Jan1717/18Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & FrancesLOVELIS 
18May1718William son ofJohn & AnnPOLDEN 
29Jun1718Henry son ofAndrew & MargaretBAKER 
23Nov1718William Vine son ofWilliam & MargaretWHITE 
30Dec1718William son ofHenry & MaryFRAMPTON 
04Feb1718/19Richard son ofRichard & RachelBOIT 
04Mar1718/19Richard son ofRichard & AnnSTRODEalias BITHWOOD
06Mar1718/19Elizabeth dau ofJoseph & MaryRONIOR 
16Jul1719Susanna dau ofRichard & SusannaVINE 
25Aug1719Ann dau ofJohn & AnnPITT 
01Nov1719John son ofMargeryRIGGS 
17Nov1719Elizabeth dau ofHumphry & MaryRICKS 
08Dec1719Henry son ofHenry & MarthaKEXSTONE 
31Jan1719/20Joseph son ofThomas & MaryVIVIANalias HOGGARD
17Nov1720Edward son ofWilliam & FrancesLOVELIS 
15Dec1720Sarah dau ofHenry & MaryFRAMPTON 
25Dec1720John son ofJohn & AnnPOLDEN 
27Dec1720Mabell dau ofJohn & MarySWIRE 
02Jan1720/1Jane dau ofJohn & ElizabethSNOW 
23Jan1720/1John son ofWilliam & MargaretWHITE 
05Feb1720/1Hannah dau ofWilliam & MaryFOOT 
02May1721Sarah dau ofJohn & UrsulaVINCENTof Dewlish
25May1721Christopher son ofChristopher & ElizabethDAVIS 
07Jul1721Isabella dau ofRichard & AnnBITHEWOODalias STRODE
08Oct1721Richard son ofJoseph & MaryRONIOR 
14Dec1721Eleanor dau ofRobert & SusannaRODNERalias KINGSBURY
14Feb1721/2Thomas son ofJohn & AnnARNOLD 
26Mar1722John son ofWilliam & MaryBROOKS 
28Apr1722John son ofRichard & RachelBOIT 
16Sep1722John son ofHenry & MarthaKEXSTONE 
15Nov1722Joseph son ofHumphry & MaryRICKS 
17Dec1722Mary dau ofHenry & MaryFRAMPTON 
29Jan1722/3Robert son ofChristopher & ElizabethDAVIS 
10Feb1722/3Christopher son ofJohn & AnnPITT 
06Apr1723William son ofThomas & MaryVIVIANalias HOGGARD
02Jun1723Bennett son ofJohn & MarySWIRE 
06Jun1723John son ofJohn & ElizabethSNOW 
21Jul1723John son ofRichard & AnnBITHEWOOD 
18Aug1723Thomas son ofJohn & MarthaKINGSBURYalias RODNER
22Aug1723Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & MargaretWHITE 
29Sep1723Mary dau ofWilliam & MaryFOOT 
26Nov1723Susannah dau ofWilliam & SusannahARNOLD 
03Dec1723Eleanor dau ofWilliam & MaryBROOKS 
02Jan1723/4Elizabeth dau ofJohn & AnnARNOLD 
02Feb1723/4William son ofChristopher & ElizabethDAVIS 
18Feb1723/4Robert son ofJonah & MaryRIGGS 
29Mar1724Ann dau ofJohn & AnnPOLDEN 
28Aug1724Christian   FRAMPTON[parents’ details not given]
19Sep1724Mary   RONIOR[parents’ details not given]
25Oct1724William son ofRichard & RachelBOIT 
03May1725Samuel son ofJohn & ElizabethSNOW 
15Sep1725Joseph son ofJohn & MarthaKINGSBURYalias RODNER
15Sep1725Elizabeth dau ofHenry & MaryFRAMPTON 
07Nov1725William son ofWilliam & SusannaARNOLD 
09Nov1725John son ofJohn & AnnARNOLD 
26Feb1725/6William son ofRoger & SusannahFRAMPTON 
17Mar1725/6Robert son ofWilliam & MargaretWHITE 
31May1726Sarah dau ofThomas & JaneDOLLEN 
31Aug1726Elizabeth dau ofJohn & AnnPOLDEN 
05Oct1726Ann dau ofJoseph & MaryRONIOR 
08Nov1726John son ofJonah & MaryRIGGS 
26Dec1726Mary dau ofThomas & MaryVIVIANalias HOGGARD
27Dec1726Edward son ofEdward & JaneBRYER 
29Dec1726Henry son ofHenry & MaryFRAMPTON 
07Mar1726Elizabeth dau ofEdward & ElizabethWHITE 
28Sep1727Thomas son ofThomas & ElizabethWHITE 
24Oct1727John son ofWilliam & SusannaARNOLD 
07Dec1727Elizabeth dau ofJohn & MarthaKINGSBURYalias RODNOR
04Apr1728Daniel son ofRobert & AnnVINCENT 
21Apr1728Dorothy dau ofHenry & DorothyPULMAN 
17May1728Elizabeth dau ofJohn & AnnHISCOCK 
- -Nov1728William son of[illegible] & [illegible]BRYER[parents probably Edward & Jane BRYER]
05Dec1728Christian dau of[illegible] & [illegible]BAKER 
15Dec1728Laurence son ofWilliam & MaryBROOKS 
15Dec1728Mathew son ofWilliam & MargaretWHITE 
21Jan1728/9William son ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIAN 
- -May1729Martha dau ofJoseph & MaryRONIOR 
- -- - -1729Ann dau ofAnnRIGGS 
- -Sep1729John son ofThomas & ElizabethWHITE 
12Oct1729Henry son ofHenry & DorothyPULMAN 
03Nov1729Alice dau ofRobert & ElizabethKINGSBURYalias RODNER
06Dec1729Mary dau ofEdward & ElizabethWHITE 
31Dec1729John son ofHenry & MaryFRAMPTON 
01Mar1729/30Joseph son ofJonah & MaryRIGGS 
19Mar1729/30Jenny dau ofHenry & MaryHOUSE 
05Jun1730Jane dau ofEdward & JaneBRYER 
09Jun1730Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & SusannaARNOLD 
28Jun1730Martha dau ofJohn & MarthaKINGSBURYalias RODNER
01Nov1730Susannah dau ofThomas & AnnDRAKE 
12Jan1730/1Edward son ofHenry & MaryFRAMPTON 
28Apr1731Elizabeth dau ofJohn & JoanJACOBfrom Melcomb
29Apr1731Mary dau ofThomas & ElizabethWHITE 
27May1731George son ofWilliam & MargaretWHITE 
- -Aug1731Andrew son ofJohn & MarthaBAKER 
19Jan1731/2Henry son ofJohn & AnnPOLDEN 
30May1732John son ofJohn & MarthaKINGSBURY 
20Sep1732John son ofThomas & SaraMITCHELL 
08Dec1732Judith dau ofEdward & ElizabethWHITE 
27Oct1732Joseph son ofJoseph & JoanKUSLER 
29Oct1732Mary dau ofWilliam & SusannaARNOLD 
17Nov1732Robert son ofRobert & ElizabethKINGSBURY 
04Jan1732/3Christian dau ofRichard & RachelBOIT 
19Mar1732/3Mary dau ofJohn & MaryBAKER 
31Mar1733John son ofJoseph & MaryRUSSELL 
14Apr1733Joshua son ofThomas & AnnDRAKE 
04May1733Jane dau ofThomas & JaneDOLLEN 
04May1733Ann dau ofRobert & AnnBAKER 
20May1733Thomas son ofThomas & EleanorABBIT 
20Nov1733Ann dau ofJohn & AnnARNOLD 
29Nov1733Sarah dau ofEdward & JaneBRYAR 
12May1734Jonas son ofJonas & MaryRIGGS 
13May1734John son ofJohn & MarthaBAKER 
11Aug1734John son ofSusannaRIGGS 
20Aug1734Robert son ofRobert & AnneVINCENTprivately
29Sep1734[James] son ofJohn & MaryKINGSBURY 
01Oct1734Jenny dau ofThomas & SarahMITCHEL 
10Dec1734Leonard son ofAndrew & MaryKINGSBURY 
13Dec1734Edward son ofWilliam & MaryWHITE 
13Dec1734Margaret dau ofJohn & ElizabethSNOW 
19Feb1734/5Christian dau ofEdward & ElizabethWHITE 
03Mar1734/5Joseph son ofJoseph & RachelWHITE 
23Mar1734/5Mary dau ofJohn & AnnePOLDEN 
16May1735Judith dau ofRobert & AnnBAKER 
08Jul1735James son ofThomas & JaneDOLLEN 
- -Aug1735Sarah dau ofWilliam & SusannaARNOLD 
23Oct1735Anne dau ofRobert & AnneVINCENT 
30Nov1735William son ofSamuel & JaneKARLEYalso as KERLEY
07Dec1735Luke son ofWilliam & MargaretWHITE 
10Jan1735/6John son ofJohn & MaryBAKERprivately
25Jan1735/6Thomas son ofEdward & JaneBRYER 
11Mar1735/6Elizabeth dau ofThomas & SarahMITCHELL 
30Mar1736John son ofJohn & MarthaBAKER 
29Aug1736Martha dau ofRobert & MaryHUNT 
23Nov1736Peter son ofAndrew & MaryKINGSBURYprivately
06Feb1736/7Thomas son ofJoseph & RachelWHITE 
22Feb1736/7Mary dau ofJohn & MarySTICKLAND 
13Mar1736/7George son ofJohn & MarthaKINGSBURY 
22Mar1736/7Sarah dau ofWilliam & SusannaARNOLD 
29Mar1737Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & HusseyBOXborn & privately christened
22May1737William son ofAndrew & HannahLOCK 
31May1737John son ofJames & AliceWHITE 
04Jul1737Rebecca dau ofThomas & ElizabethWHITTLE 
04Aug1737Luce dau ofThomas & SarahMITCHELL 
03Dec1737Stephen son ofJohn & MaryBAKER 
12Dec1737Jane dau ofSamuel & JaneKERLEYprivately
20Jan1737/8Robert son ofJohn & AnnARNOLD 
05Feb1737/8Peter son ofPeter & AnneMAYprivately
10Feb1737/8Anne dau ofEdward & ElizabethWHITE 
14Feb1737/8Robert son ofRobert & AnneVINCENT 
21Mar1737/8Sarah Davis dau ofSarahKEXSTONE 
24Apr1738Sarah dau ofJohn & MarySTICKLAND 
04Jun1738Hannah dau ofRobert & AnnBAKER 
18Jun1738Edward Berkley son ofWilliam & HusseyBOXborn & privately christened
28Jul1738Betty dau ofThomas & JaneDOLLENalias DAVIS
26Aug1738John son ofEdward & JaneBRIERalso as BRYER
25Sep1738Christian dau ofJonah & MaryRIGGS 
10Oct1738Robert son ofRobert & MaryHUNT 
15Oct1738John son ofJohn & ElizabethDAVISprivately
20Jan1738/9Betty dau ofSamuel & JaneKERLEYprivately
25Feb1738/9Nanny dau ofThomas & SarahMITCHELLprivately
13Apr1739Mary dau ofAndrew & HannahLOCK 
13Apr1739Betty dau ofJohn & MaryMADDOCKof Dewlish
18Jul1739[John] [son of][Robert & Elizabeth][HALL][details illegible in PRs from BTs]
22Jul1739Eleanor dau ofJoseph & RachelWHITE 
21Sep1739William son ofJohn & MarthaBAKER 
20Nov1739Elizabeth dau ofJames & AliceWHITE 
20Nov1739Elizabeth dau ofRobert & AnnVINCENT 
10Feb1739/40Benjamin son ofBenjamin & MaryALLEN 
27Feb1739/40John son ofEdward & JaneBRYER 
01Mar1739/40Hussey Gould [dau of][William & Hussey]BOXborn & privately christened
18May1740Margaret dau ofRobert & MaryHUNT 
27May1740Thomas son ofThomas & ElizabethWHITTLEprivately
27May1740John son ofThomas & ElizabethWHITTLEprivately
31Aug1740[Christian] [dau of][Peter & Ann][MAY][details illegible in PRs from BTs]
21Sep1740Henry son ofWilliam & MargaretWHITE 
30Nov1740Joshua son ofThomas & AnnDRAKE 
14Dec1740Susannah dau ofThomas & SarahMITCHEL 
29Dec1740Ruth dau ofEdward & ElizabethWHITE 
11Feb1740/1[Thomas] son ofThomas & [Christian]RIGGS[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
02Apr1741Morgan son ofMorgan & MaryKINGSBURY 
[18]Apr1741Betty dau ofAndrew & HannahLOCK[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
[10][Jul]1741William son ofWilliam & HusseyBOX[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
[12][Jul]1741William Trask son of[Joan]CHRISTOPHER[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
[09][Aug]1741[Samuel] son ofJames & AliceWHITE[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
[29][Nov]1741[Sarah] [dau of][Sarah][VIVIAN][details illegible in PRs from BTs]
[03][Jan]1741/2[Benjamin] [son of][Joseph & Rachel]WHITE[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
[25][Feb]1741/2[Mary] [dau of][John & Martha][BAKER][details illegible in PRs from BTs]
06Jun1742Henry son ofJohn & MaryBAKER 
10Jan1742/3Robert son ofWilliam & HusseyBOXborn & privately christened
- -- - -1743George son ofEdward & JaneBRYER 
- -- - -1743Peter son ofEdward & JaneBRYER 
17Sep1743Mary dau ofWilliam & HussyBOXborn & privately christened
[09][Oct][1743][Benjamin] [son of][Thomas & Christian][RIGGS][details illegible in PRs from BTs]
04Dec1743[John] [son of]Joseph & RachelWHITE[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
[21][Nov]1743John son ofRobert & MaryHUNT[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
26[Dec]1743Mary dau ofJames & AlesWHITE[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
[11][Apr]1744Hannah dau of?Edward & Elizabeth[WHITE][details illegible in PRs from BTs]
22Jul1744Humphry son ofAndrew & HannahLOCK 
08[Sep]1744Ellen dau ofWilliam & HussyBOXborn & privately christened
[10]Oct1744Henry son ofRichard & ElizabethRICHARDS[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
[02]Dec1744John son ofPeter & AnnMAY[details illegible in PRs from BTs]
08Dec1744Thomas son ofThomas & AnnDRAKE 
28Dec1744George son ofEdward & JaneBRYER 
24Jan1744/5Philippina   DAVISborn
19May1745Jenny dau ofJoanCHRISTOPHER 
21Sep1745Mercy dau ofMorgan & MaryKINGSBURY 
23Sep1745Edward son ofJoseph & RachelWHITE 
07Nov1745Mary dau ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIAN 
08Mar1745/6William son ofThomas & ChristianRIGS 
07Apr1746Ruth dau ofJohn & MaryBAKER 
24Aug1746John son ofWilliam & HusseyBOXprivately, born 14-Aug-1746
14Sep1746Mary dau ofRobert & ElizabethHALL 
30Jan1746/7George son ofThomas & AnnDRAKE 
03Mar1746/7Margaret dau ofAndrew & HannahLOCK 
16Mar1746/7William son ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
16Mar1746/7Mary dau ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
10Sep1747Mary dau ofJoseph & RachelWHITE 
10Sep1747Elizabeth   JEANES 
27Dec1747Ann dau ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIAN 
30Jan1747/8Susanna dau ofJohn & AnnabellaWHITE 
31Jan1747/8William son ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
16Mar1747/8James son ofWilliam & RuthRUSSEL 
24Mar1747/8Samuel son ofJohn & MaryBAKER 
13May1748Martha dau ofJohn & MarthaBAKER 
21Jan1748/9Samuel son ofThomas & ChristianRIGGS 
27Jan1748/9William son ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
02Apr1749William son ofRobert & MaryHUNT 
03May1749Richard   JEANESbase child
25Jul1749Anne dau ofWilliam & ElizabethSERJEANTof Alton
24Aug1749William son ofJohn & AnnabellaWHITE 
20Oct1749Robert son ofJohn & MaryBAKER 
24Dec1749William son ofWilliam & MaryTHORNof Sherborne
06Apr1750John son ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIAN 
03Oct1750Thomas son ofJohn & SusannaCOLLINS 
25Nov1750Mary   RIGGSbase child
16Dec1750Mary dau ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIStwin
16Dec1750Priscilla dau ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIStwin
16Dec1750William son ofHenry & JaneFRAMPTON 
09Apr1751Ellen dau ofJohn & AnnabellaWHITE 
21Jul1751Robert son ofJohn & DamarisOZARD 
09Oct1751Robert son ofJohn & MaryBAKER 
26Oct1751Hannah dau ofAndrew & HannahLOCKE 
26Dec1751George son ofThomas & ChristianRIGGS 
01Jan1752Mary dau ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
12Feb1752Thomas son ofThomas & JoyceVIVIAN 
21Apr1752Joseph son ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIAN 
07May1752John son ofJohn & RachelCOATalso as COOT
25Jun1752Robert son ofJames & AliceBRIDGE 
11Jul1752William son ofDaniel & AnnWHITE 
02Aug1752William son ofAnnRONZARD 
25Dec1752John son ofJoseph & MaryKINGSBURY 
26Sep1753Martha dau ofWilliam & MaryTHORN 
14Oct1753Betty dau ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIAN 
10Jan1754Ellen dau ofJohn & MaryBAKER 
20Jan1754Anne dau ofJohn & DamarisOZARD 
28Jan1754Robert son ofRobert & JoyceDAVIS 
12May1754William son ofJoseph & MaryKINGSBURY 
21Jul1754Priscilla dau ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
22Sep1754James son ofJames & AliceBRIDGE 
25Jul1755Penelope dau ofJames & AnnabellaWHITE 
03Aug1755Joyce dau ofThomas & JoyceVIVIAN 
15Oct1755Thomas son ofJames & MaryRICE 
07Dec1755Sarah dau ofSamuel & ElizabethMULLET 
14Dec1755Mary dau ofPeter & AnnMAY 
14Apr1756Joseph son ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIAN 
16Sep1756Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & AnnCARPENTERborn & privately christened 08-Jun-1754
16Sep1756William son ofWilliam & AnnCARPENTERborn 22-Jan-1756
19Sep1756Edward son ofJoseph & MarySHEPHARD 
21Nov1756Betty dau ofThomas & AnnBAKER 
29Dec1756William son ofChristopher & SusannaDAVIS 
13Apr1757Joanna dau ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
29May1757Susanna dau ofJohn & ElizabethTRASH 
29Jun1757Elizabeth dau ofDaniel & AnnWHITE 
06Nov1757William son ofWilliam & ElizabethHATCHER 
17Feb1758Mary dau ofJames & MaryRICE 
17May1758William son ofWilliam & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
03Jul1758John son ofChristopher & SusannaDAVIS 
03Sep1758Sarah dau ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIAN 
11Sep1758Mary dau ofWilliam & AnnCARPENTERborn 18-Jan-1758
23Sep1758Elizabeth dau ofElizabethPOLDEN 
26Sep1758James son ofJohn & DamarisOZARDborn in April 1755
26Sep1758George son ofJohn & DamarisOZARD 
05Feb1759William son ofWilliam & MarthaVIVIAN 
29Sep1759Thomas son ofThomas & AnnBAKER 
06Oct1759Robert son ofJohn & AnnabellaWHITE 
20Oct1759Higb son ofDaniel & AnnWHITE 
24Oct1759James son ofJoseph & MaryKINGSBURYaged 4 years
27Oct1759Josiah son ofJosiah & ElizabethVACHER 
21Nov1759Joyce dau ofThomas & JoyceVIVIAN 
26Dec1759John son ofWilliam & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
30Jan1760Elizabeth dau ofJames & AnnKINGSBURY 
14Feb1760Thomas son ofWilliam & AnnCARPENTER 
19Feb1760John son ofWilliam & MaryTUCKER 
31Mar1760John son ofWilliam & ElizabethBUSSELL 
21Apr1760Thomas son ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
21Apr1760Joseph son ofChristopher & SusannaDAVIS 
18May1760George son ofMaryCOLLIER 
28Jul1760Robert son ofJohn & MaryHALL 
27Dec1760William son ofJohn & AnnRIGGS 
28Dec1760Elizabeth dau ofAndrew & ElizabethLOVELACE 
31Jan1761Elizabeth dau ofJames & MaryRICE 
11Feb1761William son ofJohn & ElizabethBAKER 
09Jun1761Fanny dau ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
21Jul1761Thomas son ofJohn & ElizabethCHRISTOPHERS 
15Aug1761John son ofJames & AnnKINGSBURY 
01Nov1761Susanna dau ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIAN 
02Nov1761Kemmy dau ofJonathan & ChristianHODGES 
11Nov1761Thomas son ofJohn & MaryHALL 
28Dec1761Mary dau ofWilliam & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
03Apr1762Martha dau ofDaniel & AnnWHITE 
28May1762Fanny dau ofWilliam & AnnCARPENTER 
11Jun1762Elizabeth dau ofRobert & MaryKINGSBURY 
22Aug1762Sarah dau ofRobert & MaryHUNT 
08Dec1762Elizabeth dau ofJohn & MaryHALL 
02Feb1763Thomas son ofJames & AnnKINGSBURY 
27Feb1763Henry son ofThomas & JoyceVIVIAN 
28Mar1763Sarah dau ofThomas & ElizabethBRUSHIT 
24Jun1763Henrietta dau ofJohn & AnnabellaWHITE 
24Jun1763John son ofJohn & AnnabellaWHITEborn 25-Apr-1761
24Jun1763Robert son ofWilliam & GraceARNOLD 
03Jul1763James son ofJames & MaryRICE 
11Sep1763John son ofSusannaCOLLINS 
15Sep1763Elizabeth dau ofStephen & ElizabethMUNDAY 
04Oct1763Thomas son ofWilliam & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
29Dec1763Sally dau ofJohn & ElizabethBAKER 
14Feb1764Laetitia dau ofWilliam & AnnCARPENTERtwin
14Feb1764Diana dau ofWilliam & AnnCARPENTERtwin
10Mar1764Jonas son ofJohn & AnnRIGGS 
08Apr1764George son ofJohn & SusannaPHILLIPS 
15May1764John son ofJohn & MaryHALL 
11Jun1764Joseph son ofJonathan & ChristianHODGES 
11Jun1764Susanna dau ofElizabethPOLDEN 
22Jul1764Martha dau ofWilliam & MarthaVIVIAN 
28Dec1764Merryfield dau ofStephen & ElizabethMUNDY 
30Dec1764John Arnold son ofThomas & MaryWHITTLE 
10Jan1765Susanna dau ofWilliam & GraceARNOLD 
23Jan1765George son ofJames & AnnKINGSBURY 
24Mar1765William son ofThomas & ElizabethBRUSHITT 
09Apr1765Sarah dau ofSimon & MargaretGUNDRY 
28May1765Ann dau ofJames & MaryRICE 
01Jun1765Mary dau ofRobert & MaryKINGSBURY 
14Jul1765Christian dau ofThomas & HannahRIGGS 
25Jul1765Sarah dau ofWilliam & AnnCARPENTERprivately
29Sep1765George son ofJoshua & SarahDRAKE 
13Nov1765William son ofWilliam & ElizabethLOCK 
17Nov1765George son ofRobert & MaryHUNT 
27Dec1765Henry son ofWilliam & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
25Mar1766Harriett dau ofJohn & MaryHALL 
04Jul1766Isaiah son ofWilliam & ElizabethBUSSELL 
27Jul1766Rebecca dau ofWilliam & GraceARNOLD 
03Aug1766George son ofChristianCOAT 
17Aug1766Sarah dau ofThomas & MaryWHITTLE 
14Dec1766Ann dau ofSimon & MargaretGUNDRY 
14Dec1766Robert son ofElizabethTHORNborn Aug-1760
27Dec1766Lydia dau ofJohn & ElizabethBAKER 
13Jan1767Edward son ofEdward & AnnFRAMPTON 
16Mar1767Robert son ofJohn & MaryHALL 
20Apr1767Lucy dau ofGeorge & AnnKINGSBURY 
23Apr1767Mary dau ofJonathan & ChristianHODGES 
25May1767Joseph son ofJames & AnnKINGSBURY 
25May1767Mary dau ofRobert & MaryHUNT 
20Aug1767Ann dau ofWilliam & HannahCHALKER 
21Nov1767Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & ElizabethLOCK 
27Dec1767George son ofThomas & HannahRIGGS 
28Jan1768Sarah dau ofThomas & ElizabethBRUSHITT 
29Jan1768William son ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIANaged 3 years
29Jan1768Robert son ofWilliam & ElizabethVIVIAN 
06May1768Ann dau ofJohn & AnnRIGGS 
31Jul1768Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
14Aug1768Samuel son ofJoshua & SarahDRAKE 
09Sep1768William son ofMaryRUNYARDaged 13 years
09Sep1768Jane dau ofJohn & DamarisOZARDborn 1762
05Oct1768Sarah dau ofWilliam & MaryCUTLER 
16Oct1768Mary dau ofJohn & MaryHALL 
23Oct1768Ann dau ofRobert & MaryKINGSBURY 
10Dec1768William son ofThomas & MaryWHITTLE 
05Jan1769Sarah dau ofJonathan & ChristianHODGES 
03Feb1769Elizabeth dau ofJohn & ElizabethBAKER 
13Mar1769John son ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
27Mar1769William son ofSimon & MargaretGUNDRY 
12Dec1769Hannah dau ofWilliam & ElizabethLOCK 
29Dec1769John son ofWilliam & MaryCUTLER 
21Jan1770Priscilla dau ofJoshua & SarahDRAKE 
29Jan1770Fanny dau ofWilliam & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
29Jan1770James son ofJames & AnnKINGSBURY 
18Mar1770James son ofMaryJEANESalias SADLER
16Apr1770John son ofHenry & MaryDIBBEN 
22Apr1770James son ofRobert & MaryKINGSBURY 
29Apr1770Robert son ofJohn & MaryHALL 
21May1770David son ofWilliam & AnnCARPENTER 
08Jun1770Rebecca dau ofThomas & ElizabethBRUSHITT 
08Jun1770Elizabeth dau ofStephen & ElizabethMUNDY 
26Feb1771Mary dau ofSimon & MargaretGUNDRY 
28Apr1771Susanna dau ofHenry & ElizabethHOPKINS 
24May1771William son ofChristianMAY 
27Jun1771Mary dau ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
25Jan1772Andrew son ofWilliam & ElizabethLOCK 
12Feb1772John son ofJaneDAVIDGE 
22Feb1772Ann dau ofWilliam & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
27Feb1772Charles son ofJohn & MaryHALL 
14Mar1772Robert son ofJohn & JudithSTANFIELD 
05Apr1772John son ofJohn & SarahWHITE 
10Apr1772George son ofWilliam & ElizabethCHRISTOPHERS 
24May1772Samuel son ofThomas & HannahRIGGS 
25Jul1772Ann dau ofJohn & AnnROBINS 
16Aug1772George son ofRobert & MaryHUNT 
23Aug1772Mary dau ofThomas & MaryWHITTLE 
13Sep1772Samuel son ofHenry & ElizabethHOPKINS 
14Feb1773Joseph son ofMaryTRASK 
19Apr1773William son ofSamuel & ElizabethMULLETTborn Aug-1766
18May1773Laetitia dau ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
23Jun1773Priscilla dau ofJohn & MaryHALL 
03Jul1773Sarah dau ofHannahLOCK 
05Jul1773Mary dau ofHenry & JaneBAKER 
19Nov1773John son ofJoseph & MaryLEGG 
19Nov1773Ann dau ofWilliam & MaryTUCKER 
13Feb1774Richard son ofWilliam & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
18Feb1774Mary dau ofJohn & ChristianROBINS 
19Apr1774George son ofJohn & PhillisFOOT 
30Apr1774Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & JaneARNOLD 
10Jul1774Mary dau ofJohn & ChristianBURT 
31Jul1774Mary dau ofThomas & ElizabethVIVIAN 
05Jan1775Mary dau ofStephen & MarthaBAKERprivately christened 01-Jan-1774
05Jan1775John son ofStephen & MarthaBAKER 
12Feb1775Charles son ofWilliam & MaryREEKS 
06Jun1775Susanna dau ofWilliam & JaneARNOLD 
06Jun1775Frances dau ofThomas & HannahRIGGS 
17Sep1775Elizabeth dau ofJohn & SarahCOATE 
07Oct1775Henry son ofHenry & JaneBAKER 
29Oct1775William son ofJohn & JudithSTANFIELD 
19Nov1775Thomas son ofThomas & AnnVINCENT 
29Dec1775John son ofWilliam & MaryDAVIS 
05Jan1776John son ofRobert & MaryKINGSBURYhaving been previously christened privately
05Jan1776Samuel son ofRobert & MaryKINGSBURY 
11Mar1776Lucilla dau ofWilliam & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
28Apr1776Anne dau ofJohn & AnneHOARE 
28Apr1776Jane dau ofJohn & AnneHOARE 
28May1776Mary dau ofWilliam & ElizabethLOCK 
23Jun1776John son ofMaryTRASK 
30Jun1776Ann dau ofJohn & MaryHALL 
10Nov1776Frances dau ofJohn & ChristianBURT 
23Nov1776Ruth dau ofWilliam & SarahBUSSELL 
09Dec1776James son ofJames & HannahBUSSELL 
12Mar1777John son ofWilliam & MaryREEKS 
15Jun1777Jane dau ofBenjamin & AnnRIGGS 
27Jun1777Stephen son ofStephen & MarthaBAKER 
14Jul1777William son ofThomas & ElizabethVIVIAN 
16Oct1777Doyly son ofWilliam & SarahBUSSELL 
12Nov1777Job son ofHenry & JaneBAKER 
28Dec1777Joseph son ofWilliam & JaneARNOLD 
30Dec1777Mary dau ofWilliam & MaryDAVIS 
21Feb1778James son ofThomas & AnnVINCENT 
15Mar1778Benjamin son ofJohn & MaryHALL 
23Aug1778Thomas son ofThomas & HannahRIGGS 
30Aug1778Joanna dau ofMaryTRASK 
28Sep1778John son ofHenry & JoyceMULLETT 
03Oct1778Andrew son ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
02Jan1779Elizabeth dau ofThomas & MaryWHITTLE 
05Jan1779Maria dau ofJohn & AnnHOARE 
24Jan1779Joseph son ofWilliam & MaryREEKS 
28Jan1779John son ofSamuel & JaneFRIPP 
25Feb1779John son ofJames & HannahBUSSELL 
02Mar1779Christian dau ofElizabethLOVELACE 
25Apr1779Esau son ofJohn & ElizabethBAKERtwin
25Apr1779Jacob son ofJohn & ElizabethBAKERtwin
16May1779Thomas son ofRobert & MaryKINGSBURY 
01Aug1779John son ofWilliam & ElizabethLOCK 
08Aug1779Thomas son ofWilliam & GraceGREEN 
18Aug1779Benjamin son ofThomas & AnnVINCENT 
16Sep1779Mary dau ofRobert & PatienceKNIGHTabout 17 years old
26Oct1779Maria dau ofStephen & MarthaBAKER 
24Mar1780Mary dau ofMaryTRASK 
11Apr1780Thomas son ofHenry & JoyceMULLETT 
17Jun1780John son ofJohn & AnnHOARE 
04Jul1780Jemima dau ofHenry & JaneBAKER 
03Sep1780Henry son ofJohn & ChristianBURT 
16Sep1780Ann dau ofThomas & ElizabethVIVIANalias HOGGARD
04Jan1781Elizabeth dau ofRobert & JoannaBAKER 
03Apr1781Humphry son ofFannyROBERTS 
22Apr1781William son ofThomas & SarahARNOLD 
20Jun1781Mary dau ofJames & HannahBUSSELL 
13Aug1781Jane dau ofBenjamin & AnnRIGGS 
22Aug1781Andrew son ofWilliam & JaneARNOLD 
23Sep1781Betty dau ofRichard & SusannaSHITLER 
10Oct1781William son ofWilliam & MaryREEKS 
10Nov1781Edith dau ofWilliam & GraceGREEN 
12Nov1781William son ofWilliam & SarahBUSSELL 
26Dec1781Martha dau ofStephen & MarthaBAKER 
26Dec1781Lawrence son ofEdward & MarySHEPHARD 
27Dec1781David son ofHenry & JaneBAKER 
17Jan1782Jane dau ofWilliam & MaryDAVIS 
09Mar1782John son ofThomas & AnnVINCENT 
05Apr1782Susanna dau ofWilliam & ElizabethLOCK 
31Dec1782Ann dau ofJohn & MaryCOWARD 
08Jan1783Priscilla dau ofRobert & JoannaBAKER 
27Jan1783Betty dau ofJohn & AnnHOARE 
03Feb1783Priscilla dau ofThomas & SarahARNOLD 
04Feb1783John son ofJohn & ChristianBURT 
08Mar1783Maria dau ofHenry & JoyceMULLETT 
17Apr1783Mary dau ofEdward & MarySHEPHARD 
03Aug1783Peter son ofHenry & JaneBAKER 
17Aug1783John son ofJohn & MarySMART 
23Aug1783William son ofBenjamin & AnnRIGGS 
12Oct1783Ellen dau ofStephen & MarthaBAKER 
01Nov1783William   CHRISTOPHERSbase born
30Nov1783Charles son ofRobert & HonorLACY 
29Aug1784Mary dau ofMaryROLLS 
31Dec1784Maria dau ofJohn & SarahCOATE 
05Jan1785William son ofJohn & MaryCOWARD 
06Jan1785Sarah dau ofRobert & JoannaBAKER 
09Feb1785Martha dau ofEdward & MarySHEPHARD 
15Feb1785Mary dau ofThomas & SarahARNOLD 
05May1785Martha dau ofJohn & AnnHOARE 
17May1785John son ofSibb & ElizabethVINCENT 
28Jun1785Ann dau ofRobert & JoannaBAKER 
13Nov1785Christian dau ofHenry & JoyceMULLETT 
13Nov1785Joyce dau ofThomas & ElizabethHOGGARDalias VIVIAN
11Feb1786Jemima dau ofRobert & HonorLACY 
15May1786Mary dau ofMarthaWHITE 
05Jul1786Jane dau ofHenry & JoyceMULLETT 
12Sep1786Mary dau ofJohn & AnnHOARE 
07Dec1786Elizabeth dau ofStephen & MarthaBAKER 
14Dec1786Richard son ofWilliam & SarahBUSSLE 
14Dec1786Sarah dau ofWilliam & SarahBUSSLE 
06Mar1787Benjamin son ofBenjamin & AnnRIGGS 
10Jun1787Robert son ofThomas & SarahARNOLD 
10Jun1787Henry son ofWilliam & ElizabethRIGS 
10Jun1787Jeremiah son ofWilliam & ElizabethRIGS 
02Jul1787Ann dau ofSibb & ElizabethVINCENT 
01Oct1787Jane dau ofRichard & ElizabethTRASK 
01Oct1787Elizabeth dau ofRichard & ElizabethTRASK 
07Oct1787Sarah dau ofJohn & SarahCOATE 
14Jan1788Thomas son ofJohn & MaryCOWARD 
18Jan1788Elizabeth dau ofEdward & MarySHEPHARD 
10May1788Daniel son ofJohn & AnneHOAREtwin
10May1788Mary dau ofJohn & AnneHOAREtwin
16Jun1788Mary dau ofThomas & MaryBAKER 
25Dec1788James son ofThomas & JoyceMULLETT 
08Jan1788Susanna dau ofThomas & SarahARNOLD 
25Jan1789James son ofGeorge & ElizabethMORRIS 
12Apr1789Jane dau ofJohn & MaryWHITEaged 4 years
12Apr1789Eleanor dau ofJoseph & MaryMULLETT 
01May1789Charles son ofWilliam & SarahBUSSEL 
09Aug1789Elizabeth dau ofJohn & LydiaHALL 
09Aug1789Charlotte dau ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
31Dec1789Charles son ofStephen & MarthaBAKER 
31Dec1789Faney dau ofAnnKINGSBURY 
08Jan1790Jemima dau ofHenry & JaneBAKERaged 5 years
08Jan1790Ezekias son ofHenry & JaneBAKER 
23Jan1790Ann Maria White dau ofAnnSTURMY 
07Mar1790George son ofBenjamin & AnnRIGGS 
05Apr1790Sarah dau ofEdward & MarySHEPPARD 
14May1790George son ofGeorge & ElizabethUPWARD 
08Sep1790Mary dau ofJohn & AnnHOARE 
25Oct1790Darius son ofAnnCHALKER 
06Nov 1790Thomasson of Thomas & SarahARNOLD  
27Dec1790Elizabeth son ofThomas & LucyFRAMPTON 
28Dec1790John son ofJohn & LydiaHALL 
02May1791Timothy son ofWilliam & ElizabethRIGGS 
02May1791Newman son ofJoshua & SarahDRAKEaged 12 years
15May1791John son ofJohn & SusannaTUCKER 
15May1791George son ofJohn & SarahCOATE 
11Dec1791James son ofStephen & MarthaBAKER 
28Dec1791Martha dau ofThomas & JoyceMULLET 
01Jan1792Thomas son ofThomas & MaryBAKER 
08Jan1792Meshech son ofWilliam & ElizabethRIGGS 
09Jan1792Kitty dau ofThomas & LucyFRAMPTON 
15Jan1792Sarah dau ofJohn & MaryCOWARDborn 07-Jan-1791
25Mar1792Sarah dau ofJohn & SarahKIDDLE 
06May1792Robert son ofRobert & AnnHALL 
13May1792Amelia dau ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
17Jun1792Charlotte dau ofAbraham & ElizabethMOORSE 
08Jul1792Honour dau ofJoseph & AnnGALTON 
12Aug1792John son ofEdward & MarySHEPPARD 
12Aug1792Joseph son ofJoseph & MaryMULLET 
02Sep1792Thomas son ofThomas & SarahARNOLD 
18Nov1792Fanny dau ofWilliam & SarahBUSSELL 
23Dec1792Mary dau ofHenry & JoyceMULLET 
10Mar1793Mary dau ofGeorge & MaryRIGGS 
12May1793Mary dau ofSarahSTANDFIELD 
26May1793Priscilla dau ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
02Jun1793Joseph son ofThomas & MaryBAKER 
25Aug1793Honour dau ofJoseph & AnnGALTON 
27Oct1793Ann dau ofJohn & SusannaTUCKER 
27Dec1793Thomas son ofThomas & LucyFRAMPTON 
02Feb1794James son ofDaniel & ElizabethBILES 
23Mar1794Alicia or Ally dau ofWilliam & ElizabethRIGGS 
06Apr1794Charles son ofJohn & LydiaHALL 
14Sep1794Mary dau ofHenry & JoyceMULLET 
28Sep1794Sarah dau ofThomas & SarahARNOLD 
30Dec1794Robert Kingsbury son ofGeorge & ElizabethROBBINS 
30Dec1794Samuel son ofRobert & AnnHALL 
11Jan1795Alfred son ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
29Mar1795Sarah dau ofEdward & MarySHEPPARD 
05Apr1795William son ofWilliam & MaryEDWARDS 
24May1795Charles son ofGeorge & MaryRIGGS 
24May1795John son ofDaniel & ElizabethBILES 
25May1795Sophia dau ofJohn & AnnHOARE 
26May1795George son ofJoseph & MaryMULLET 
26May1795Joseph Samuel son ofJoseph & MaryMULLET 
03Apr1796Robert son ofThomas & LucyFRAMPTON 
26Jun1796William son ofWilliam & ElizabethRIGGS 
09Aug1796Frances dau ofWilliam & FrancesDAVIScurate of Cheselbourne; child born 23-Jan-1796
28Aug1796Kezia dau ofWilliam & MaryEDWARDS 
28Aug1796Hannah dau ofThomas & SarahCHRISTOPHERS 
12Jun1797Elizabeth dau ofThomas & SarahARNOLD 
12Jun1797Thomas son ofJohn & AnnHOARE 
30Jul1797Richard son ofJoseph & RuthCHRISTOPHERS 
24Dec1797Joseph son ofEdward & MarySHEPPARD 
25Dec1797Martha dau ofThomas & ElizabethKINGSBURY 
24Jan1798Drucilla dau ofAnnCHALKER 
31Jan1798William son ofJohn & LydiaHALL 
11Mar1798Ann dau ofJohn & SarahWHITE 
15Jul1798Maria dau ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
05Aug1798James dau ofJohn & SusannaRIGGS 
02Sep1798Sarah dau ofJohn & LydiaHALL 
30Sep1798Sarah dau ofThomas & SarahCHRISTOPHERS 
25Nov1798Fanny dau ofJoseph & MaryMULLET 
30Dec1798Sophia Stanly [?] dau ofAnnHOARE 
24Mar1799James Russell son ofJoseph & RuthCHRISTOPHERS 
27Mar1799Ann dau ofHenry & JoyceMULLET 
05May1799Joseph son ofEdward & MarySHEPPARD 
19May1799Mary Ann dau ofJohn & AnnBAKER 
01Sep1799Richard son ofMaryCHRISTOPHERS 
15Sep1799Charles son ofWilliam & ElizabethRIGGS 
26Dec1799Elizabeth dau ofHenry & JoyceMULLET 
26Jan1800John son ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
26Jan1800Mary dau ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
20Apr1800Eliza dau ofJaneHOARE 
21Oct1800George son ofGeorge & MaryRIGGS 
11Jan1801Joseph son ofJoseph & RuthCHRISTOPHERS 
11Jan1801Priscilla dau ofThomas & AnnCHRISTOPHERS 
01Feb1801Harriet dau ofWilliam & AnnWHITE 
08Feb1801William son ofJohn & SusannaTUCKER 
31May1801Mary dau ofGeorge & ElizabethUPWARD 
31May1801Martha dau ofGeorge & ElizabethUPWARD 
12Jul1801Harriet dau ofJoseph & MaryKINGSBURY 
11Oct1801Martha dau ofWilliam & ElizabethRIGGS 
06Dec1801Maria dau ofJohn & AnnBAKER 
25Mar1802Eleanor dau ofHenry & JoyceMULLET 
16May1802Mary dau ofWilliam & PatienceMULLET 
25Jul1802Elizabeth dau ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
25Jul1802Anna dau ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
08Aug1802William son ofJohn & AnnLOVELESS 
29Aug1802John son ofThomas & ElizabethKINGSBURY 
07Nov1802Maria dau ofJoseph & RuthCHRISTOPHERS 
14Nov1802George son ofThomas & LucyFRAMPTONaged 4 years
12Jun1803George son ofJohn & SarahWHITE 
03Jul1803James son ofJohn & SusannaTUCKER 
17Jul1803John son ofJohn & AnnBAKER 
31Jul1803Eliza dau ofJacob & SarahCORBIN 
04Oct1803Charles son ofAnnTRASH 
22Jan1804John son ofEsau & EleanorBAKER 
23Feb1804Gilbert Henry son ofGilbert Henry & AnnaLANGDON 
26Feb1804John Biles son ofJohn & AnnPHELPS 
04Mar1804Diana dau ofWilliam & AnnWHITE 
08Apr1804Joseph son ofThomas & LucyFRAMPTON 
22Apr1804Lucilla dau ofPriscillaARNOLD 
19Aug1804Sarah dau ofJoseph & RuthCHRISTOPHERS 
02Sep1804Elizabeth dau ofGeorge & MaryMORRIS 
10Sep1804Charles son ofAnnTRASH 
16Sep1804Henry son ofHenry & JoyceMULLET 
25Dec1804Stephen son ofJohn & AnnBAKER 
17Jan1805Frances dau ofJames & DianaSTICKLAND 
17Jan1805Mary Ann dau ofJames & DianaSTICKLAND 
17Feb1805Doyley son ofWilliam & ElizabethRIGGS 
14Apr1805Jane dau ofJohn & SusannaTUCKER 
20Oct1805John son ofMaryCHRISTOPHERS 
05Jan1806William son ofGeorge & MaryMORRIS 
12Jan1806Fanny dau ofEsau & ElianorBAKER 
06Apr1806Hannah dau ofSamuel & ElizabethRIGGS 
06Apr1806Robert Lovell son ofRichard & JaneGUY 
10Aug1806Ann dau ofThomas & ElizabethKINGSBURY 
19Oct1806William Bussel son ofJoseph & RuthCHRISTOPHERS 
22Feb1807James son ofJohn & LydiaHALL 
26Mar1807Robert son ofJohn & AnnBAKER 
29Mar1807Benjamin Hall son ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKERaged 3 years
29Mar1807Emma dau ofWilliam & ElizabethBAKER 
10May1807Elizabeth dau ofJohn & AnnPHELPS 
10May1807Daniel White son ofAnnHOARE 
17May1807Maria dau ofWilliam & MariaBUSSELL 
20Sep1807John son ofAnnWHITE 
11Oct1807George son ofJohn & ElizabethCHUTTER 
29Nov1807Kitty dau ofSamuel & ElizabethRIGGS 
10Jan1808Esau son ofEsau & EleanorBAKER 
29Mar1808Charles son ofWilliam & MaryHUER 
17Apr1808William Bussell son ofJoseph & RuthCHRISTOPHERS 
16May1808Thirza White dau ofWilliam & JaneMORRIS 
12Jun1808Harriot dau ofThomas & JaneVINCENT 
03Jul1808Myrtilla dau ofEdmund & SarahHODGES 
17Jul1808Abel son ofWilliam & ElizabethARNOLD 
03Sep1808William son ofRichard & TamseyTRASH 
26Dec1808Charles son ofWilliam & MaryHEWER 
29Jan1809Robert son ofJohn & AnnBAKER 
09Apr1809Charles son ofWilliam & MariaBUSSELL 
23Apr1809Maria Shepherd dau ofJoseph & MaryPHELPS 
14May1809Charles son ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
14May1809Edward son ofJohn & ElizabethDAVIS 
21May1809Mary Ann dau ofJohn & AnnLOVELASS 
28May1809Samuel son ofSamuel & AliceSHORT 
28May1809Joseph son ofGeorge & AnnRIGGS 
02Jul1809Benjamin son ofThomas & AnnCHRISTOPHERS 
24Sep1809Eleanor dau ofJohn & AnnPHELPS 
03Dec1809Martha dau ofGeorge & MaryMORRIS 
15Apr1810Robert son ofWilliam & ElizabethARNOLD 
20May1810Ann Adam dau ofRichard & TamseyTRASH 
08Jul1810Lucy dau ofEsau & EleanorBAKER 
09Sep1810John son ofSamuel & ElizabethRIGGS 
28Oct1810John son ofWilliam & JaneMORRIS 
16Dec1810Ann dau ofJoseph & RuthCHRISTOPHERS 
02Mar1811Huldah dau ofJames & AliceSHORT 
28Apr1811John son ofWilliam & MariaBUSSELL 
02Jun1811Doyly son ofDoyly & JaneBUSSELL 
23Jun1811Ann dau ofThomas & LucyFRAMPTON 
29Sep1811Robert son ofWilliam & MaryFOOT 
29Dec1811Silas son ofJohn & AnnBAKER 
24May1812John James Manlaws son ofJohn & ElizabethHOARE 
21Jun1812Samuel son ofSamuel & ElizabethRIGGS 
05Jul1812Abel son ofWilliam & ElizabethARNOLD 
30Aug1812William son ofWilliam & AnnRIX 
08Nov1812David son ofWilliam & MaryHEWERreceived into the Church
08Nov1812Isabella dau ofWilliam & MaryHEWER 
08Nov1812John son ofRichard & TamseyTRASH