Rectors at St Mary

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Kim Parker

Henry I by Charter dated Marleberg 1100 confirmed to the Abbey of Tewkesbury the tithe of Ceotel which Robert de Haia gave that Church. The ancient patrons were the Abbots of Tewkesbury. Since the Dissolution, the Lords of the Manor have been patrons.

1210William de Teisse
 John de Abetot
1325Robert de Leycester
 Robert Worthy
1392John Teukesbury
1393John Skymer
1401Ealfrid Ludlowe
1404Thomas Pentecombe
1416John Brice
1420Richard Lasinden
1473John Turbevile
1525Robert Ratliff
1558Roger Philips
1579James Feltham
1608Robert Palmer
1640George Lovel
1641Richard Rock
1675Edward Osbourn
1690Edward Lowe
1693Charles Dobson
1750William Feltham
1756William Chafin
1768Richard Blackmore
1769George Townsend
1776Robert Frome
1782James Lewis
1788Henry Good
1789Christopher Erle
1810John Tregonwell Napier
1820John West
1867W.H. Augustus Truell
1881W. Blackford Hill
1904Charles Spencer Rowland
1912Edward A. Newton
1916E.H. Couchman
1917George Edward Long
1925William E.C. Henry
1936Canon C. H. Whitfield
1939A.G. Ford
1942E.A.R. Nicholl
1952William S. Syson
1957C.I. Ellingham
1958H.W. Wheeler
1965H.O. Mason
 Resident Priests
1970Ian H.S. Stratton
1973G.M. Neill
1979L.J.F. Peacock
1980Frederick J. Legge
1985K.B. Edwards
1986Bryan E.P. Blyth
1998William H.G. Johnstone

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