Marriages at Chilfrome

1709  to 1812           1813-1837          1839-1866



This transcription has been taken from "Dorset Parish Registers - Marriages" Vol 1. edited by W. P. W. Phillimore and Edmund Nevill and published in 1906

"Vol. 1. measures 10 in. by 5 in. It is unbound, and contains 15 pages of parchment. The contents are :--Baptisms, 20 Mar 1709 to 23 Apr 1797 ; Burials, 03 Jul 1709 to 1801 ; Marriages, 1709 to 1742. The omitted years are all blank.

Vol. 2. measures 11 in. by 9 in. It is of paper, in accordance with the Hardwicke Marriage Act, and contains the Marriages from 1754 to 1811.

These marriages have been extracted by permission of the Rev. T. Jackson-Smith, Rector of Chilfrome."


Volume 1

Simon Ash of Shirborn & Mary Nail were married 15-Nov-1709

William Mintern & Anstaie Notting were married 19-Jan-1712

Thomas Flower & Martha Munden of Wraxal were married 13-Jan-1714

George Pool of Stalbridge & Mary Bartlet of Rampisham were married 20-Dec-1715

John Cosben & Elizabeth Jacob were married 06-Jul-1733

William Flower & Sarah Drayton were married 04-Feb-1738

William Mintern & Catherine Genge were married 19-Jul-1741


Volume 2

John Best of Burton Bradstock & Mary Best married 08-Apr-1754

James Woodward & Susanna Samways married 25-Sep-1757

Mr. Edward Stevens dyer & Mrs. Anne Best married 31-Oct-1758 by licence

Joseph Bridell of Burton Bradstock & Eliz. Usford married 28-Jan-1769

Robert Nobs & Mary Groves of Overshot married 03-Feb-1760

John Gillingham of Cattistock & Eliz. Samways married 08-Feb-1762

John Squire & Sarah Samways married 02-Mar-1767

William Brown of Catstock & Grace Down married 09-Dec-1770

Thomas Bridle & Molly Everton married 16-May-1773

Thomas Wellman & Ann Major married 30-Apr-1775

John Everton & Sarah Barrett of Corscombe married 12-Jun-1775

James Wellman & Sarah Shinner married 19-Apr-1778

Samuel Hobbs & Elizabeth Everton married 08-Nov-1778 by licence

William Saint & Elizabeth Ellis married 15-Nov-1778

William Collings & Jane Northover married 13-Jul-1780

George Legg of Toller Porcorum & Mary Hussey married 15-Dec-1782

Thomas Day wool sorter of Evershot & Sarah Whittle married 09-Nov-1783

William Flower Guppy & Susanna Northover married 29-Jan-1787

William F lower & Joan Hayne [Signed Joan Hine] married 05-Jun-1787 by licence

Samuel Galpin of Toller & Mary Northover married 15-Nov-1791

John Webber & Ann Lovelace married 13-Oct-1793

Thomas Major & Elinor Old of Maidon Newton married 03-Sep-1795

Joseph Polle & Anne Dowle married 22-May-1798

John Bussell of Cattistock & Elizabeth Webber married 28-Dec-1801

Thomas Cornick of Cattistock & Catharine Nicholls married 11-Oct-1802

John Wellman & Jane Holt of Lytton married 13-Feb-1804

Simon Chalker & Elizabeth Saint married 22-Dec-1806

Richard Rigler & Mary Whittle of Powerstock married 23-Jul-1808 by licence

Robert Hunt of Beaminster & Sarah Devenish married 31-Jul-1810

James Busell of Little Bredy & Anna Male married 05-Aug-1811  



The following records have been transcribed from the Parish Registers, 2003

[x] made their mark. Details of witnesses have not been included.

Richard BARRETT of Frampton & Sarah WELLMAN [x] married 31-May 1813

Charles GROVES of Toller Porcorum & Ann LAVER [x] married 23-Jun 1813

Benjamin CROFT of Maiden Newton & Ann CHAPPELL married 08-Aug 1814

Robert WALHAM [x] & Sarah CHAPPELL [x] married 19-Apr 1815

Edward LAVER [x] & Elizabeth WELLMAN married 22-May 1815

Thomas HANNAM [x] & Elizabeth POLLY [x] married 26-Aug 1816

William NEWMAN [x] & Lydia DAY married 16-May 1822

John MAYO of Frome Vauchurch & Sarah STICKLAND widow married 27-Feb 1823

Job CASE [x] & Hannah DOWLE married 08-Apr 1823

William DUNFORD [x] & Ann LEIGH [x] married 16-Apr 1827

Sydenham BURCH & Mary WILLS [x] of Maiden Newton married 02-Jul 1829 by licence

Job DUNFORD [x] & Maria DUNFORD [x] of Wraxall married 14-Oct 1829 with parents consent

Joseph SEVIL & Mary Ann CHAPPELL married 30-May 1830

Robert DREW & Mary DUNFORD married 21-Aug 1832

Charles NOBBS & Ann LOVELACE married 28-Oct 1832

William LEAH [x] of Toller Fratum & Eleanor DAWE [x] married 13-Jun 1833

Daniel TRAVERS [x] of Stinsford & Anne SPRACKLING married 20-Apr 1834

James BUDGE & Elizabeth Harris DAWE married 17-Jul 1834  

No further marriages to 1837



Transcribed from the Bishop's Transcripts and kindly donated to the

OPC Project by Terry Pine.

Please remember that Bishop's Transcripts are copies of the original register sent to the bishop. As many of these were just on scraps of paper some years have been lost. Like all copies they may contain inaccuracies or less information than the actual registers.


William WHELLER full age Father: Joseph & Maria BARTLETT full age Father: Thomas Tidby? 24 September 1839

Job GREEN full age Father: James Cattistock & Ann SAMWAYS minor Father: Edward 24 September 1839

Edward SYDENHAM full age Father: Richard & Amelia BOYLAND full age Father: Thomas 7 May 1845

Robert ELLIOTT full age widower Father: Robert Stoke Abbot & Dinah SYMES full age Father: John 24 August 1846

Henry GUPPY full age Father: Thomas & Susan? GODDARD under age Father: George 22 February 1851

William Bartlett HURLSTONE full ageFather: Benjamin Melbury Osmond & Ann LOVELACE full age illegitimate 24 December 1851

Robert DIBSTALL full age Father: Robert Misterton & Sarah Jane FRY minorFather: Samuel 7 September 1857

Samuel FRY full ageFather: Samuel & Mary Ann GUPPY full age Father: Thomas 15 November 1866


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