Corfe Castle

Bastardy Orders & Bonds 1656 - 1833

Transcribed by Rachel Kent
From the originals at the Dorset History Centre
DHC Ref: PE/COC/OV 192 1/1 & 2/1



1 Dec              
Richard Dunning – gentleman
Henry Tewxbury – husbandman
Walter Trew – husbandman

all of East Lulworth
to indemify the parish for paying maintenance for the bastard child of Alice Righthead



11 Aug             
Robert Edmonds – yeoman, of Holes to Patience Rendal



17 Mar             
Thomas Croomes – yeoman, of Blacknowle to Christian Rose



3 Apr               
Richard Barnes – yeoman, of Blasknowle to Anne Edmonds – sojourner, of Kingston



26 Mar             
Charles Vye – marbler to Hannah Bennet, single woman 

1 Apr               
John Croomes – yeoman, of Orchard, Church Knowle and Joseph Croomes – gentleman
to Grace Hibbs, daughter of Jonathan Hibbs – single woman



20 Nov             
William and John Edmunds – blacksmiths, of Wareham to Elizabeth Smith, single woman



26 Feb             
John Roe the elder and Philip Roe – cordwainers to Ursula Balaam, single woman 

26 May            
Richard Speck to Elizabeth Vye 

22 Aug             
Jasper Morison (alias Duck) and William Bailey the younger millers of Arfleet to Miriam Bower



?  ?                  
David Cake to Susanna Stockley, single woman



1 Jun               
Samuel Wallis (alias Wallace) - shepherd, of Overmoigne to Hannah Cross, single woman



1 Jun               
George Speck, Thomas and William Balson – labourers to Elizabeth Welch, single woman


25 Dec             
John and Samuel Wallis – labourers, of Owermoigne to Hannah Cross, single woman



21 Jan             
John Woolfreys – labourer and Thomas Woolfreys – cork cutter, of Bere Regis to Mary Garland, single woman



9 Jun               
John Kelley – labourer to Mary Butler



3 Feb               
William Smith - mariner, of Worth Matravers to Elizabeth Dorey, wife of John Dorey – mariner

16 Sep             
Alexander Corbin – stone mason, of Langton Matravers to Sarah Fry, single woman                   



17 Feb             
James Turner and Samuel Corsfield – quarriers, of Langton Matravers to Ann Curtis, single woman



28 Jun             
Samuel Seymer – yeoman, of Woodstreet Farm, Wool (husband of Sarah) to Elizabeth Conway, single woman



25 Jun             
William White promises to pay maintenance for his child to Jane Stoodley



22 Nov             
Daniel White to Philis Romaine, single woman



17 Mar             
Rose Smith – yeoman, of Woolgarsten to Sarah Sander – single woman, of Woolgarsten now residing Langton



27 Mar             
Thomas Joiner, of Lewell, West Kingston to pay maintenance for bastard child by Ann Burt 

2 Apr               
Thomas Selbey – labourer, in Dorchester Gaol to Ann Burt, singlewoman



20 Dec             
George Butler - shopkeeper, of Swanage to Sarah Kitcat



25 Feb             
John Bush – labourer, of Studland to Betty Bishop, single woman



? May              
Rose Smith – yeoman, of Woolgarsten to Ann Shitler, single woman



5 May Daniel Bishop - dairyman, of Burshew to Anna Allen, single woman



12 Jun             
Joseph and James Baker – carpenters, of Kingston to Mary Manuel, single woman



1 Apr               
William John Lidden Perham – gentleman, of Handley to Mary Burgess, daughter of John Burgess - tailor 

11 May            
Richard Stockley - labourer to Mary Parker, single woman

9 Jun               
Philip Chetwode – Corporal in 16th Regiment of Dragoons residing at quarters at Chideock to Mary Ann White, single woman



17 Feb             
David Gould the younger, of Studland to Ann Gould, single woman



17 Mar             
James Budden - labourer to Ann Bennet, single woman 

3 Sep              
T Udall - labourer, of Kingston Ann Battrick, single woman



3 Nov              
Thomas Steel (alias Beale) now in Dorchester Gaol to Mary Stockley, widow



24 Feb             
Joseph Manuel – labourer, of Church Knowle to Ann Gover, widow

21 Jul              
John Squibb, of Worth Matravers to Mary Ann Edmonds, single woman



12 Jan             
Giles Foot – cordwainer to Elizabeth Homer, single woman


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