Corfe Castle

Marriages 1763 - 1836

Transcribed by Rachel Kent from records at the Dorset History Centre
DHC REF: PE/COC/RE 3/2 to 3/5, MIC/R/77


W = Witnesses
Fa = Fathers
Lbr = Labourer
CC = Corfe Castle
Marriages were celebrated in St Edwardś church, Corfe Castle unless otherwise specified at Kingston Church.
The bride and groom were of full age unless otherwise specified.
The groom was a labourer unless otherwise specified
The bride was a spinster unless otherwise specified
Scotland is a hamlet  ½ mile N.E. of Norden, so about 2 miles from Corfe Castle



06-Apr; Thomas CAISH & Dorothy WELCH
W: Joseph Butler and John Welch

10-Sep; Jonah BATRACK & Betty RASHLY
W: John Price and .....? Vincent

18-Nov; Samuel CURTIS of Studland & Elizabeth COURT
W: Elizabeth Keat and Joseph Price


02-Mar; Jonathan STUDLEY & Mary SPECK
W: Robert Cole and John Sims

05-Jun; Richard SMITH & Rachel SMITH
W: Thomas Smith and George Tuck

23-Dec; John COCKRAM & Hannah KENT
W: John Kent and John Frill

25-Dec; Joseph ELLIS of Tiverton Devon & Elizabeth KEAT
W: Charles Roe and Samuel ........?

31-Dec; Thomas WRIGHT of Wimborne & Mary ROSE
W: John Price and Philip Briggs


14-Jan; William HAVELLAND & Sarah OSMOND
W: John Roe and Elizabeth Gover

07-Mar; Richard MAY of Miler, Cornwall & Ann ADDEY
W: John Prill and William Thompson

13-Mar; John RICHARDS of Gillasham? Devon & Susannah ROE
W: Charles Roe and John Price

14-Apr; Samuel BUGDEN of Horton, Dorset & Edith BROWN
W: Simon Brown and John Price

19-Apr; Joseph EDMONDS & Mary BURBRIDGE
W: Samuel Burt and John Price

26-Apr; Samuel ROE & Jenny EDMONDS
W: Charles Roe and Elizabeth Damon

09-May; John HOUSE of Helton, Dorset & Miriam BISHOP
W: Gregory Clarke Butler and John Price

16-Sep; Joseph LUTHER & Rebecca HIBBS
W: Deborah Moss and John Price

05-Oct; George OSMOND, widower & Elizabeth ROE
W: Samuel Roe and John Price

13-Oct; James BURNET of Beckland, Somerset & Betty GILBERT
W: Richard Cull and John Price

18-Nov; Joseph MARSH & Thomasin DUN
W: Rebecca Luther and John Price


17-Jan; George TATCHELL & Elizabeth C0RBEN
W: Jonathan Corben and John Price

31-Mar; William SHITLER of Trinity, Wareham & Mary MOTT
W: Rebecca Osmond and John Price

11-May; Thomas NORMAN & Mary HARDYMAN of Lytchett Matravers
W: Harry Stickler and John Price

22-Sep; William COCKRAM & Elizabeth PRICE
W: Jane Price, Mary Stevens and John Price

22-Sep; Thomas COX, of Tyneham & Molley BURGESS
W: George Burgess and John Price

22-Sep; Joseph CONWAY & Elizabeth BURGESS
W: Henry Conway and John Price

01-Oct; Stephen HOUNSELL of Langton, Dorset & Susannah WHITE of Church Knowle
W: Thomas Crooms and John Price

12-Oct; John KENT, widower & Elizabeth BENFIELD
W: Elias Benfield and Elizabeth Kent

29-Oct; Robert WEBBER & Mary VYE
W: Oliver Vye and John Price

18-Nov; John ASHLEY & Elizabeth TRIM
W: Ann Gibbs and John Price

20-Nov; Francis BISHOP of Langton Wallis, Dorset & Elizabeth FRY
W: Bula Cull and John Price


01-Jan; Philip BRIGGS of Swanage & Elizabeth GOVER
W: Elizabeth Briggs and John Price

12-May; Thomas BENNET & Sarah FLAGG
W: John Ash Swatbridge and John Price

26-May; George BENFIELD & Betty FISHER
W: Elias Benfield and John Price

02-Aug; Robert BENNET of Kimmeridge & Mary FARWELL
W: Ann Rogers, Jean Hills and John Price

18-Aug; Peter TRIM, yeoman & Mary BAKER, widow
W: Richard Barnes and John Price

30-Sep; James GOULD & Christian CUTLER, widow
W: John Welch and John Price

08-Oct; Thomas FANCY & Martha KING
W: Elias and Betty Benfield

16-Nov; Henry MEADUS of Hamworthy, Dorset & Mary BOWRING
W: John Medus and Thomas Senneck


01-Jan; Henry SAUNDERS of Swanage & Sarah BISHOP
W: Jonathan House and John Price

04-Jan; James BUTLER & Mary SMITH
W: Richard Cull and John Price

07-Jan; Mr Joseph CROOMES of Church Knowle & Mrs Eleanor MAYES
W: John Edmunds and John Price

17-Apr; Joseph PRICE & Elizabeth DOWLAND of Church Knowle
W: William and Joseph Dowland

11-Jul; William GOLD & Rebecca OSMOND
W: George Osmond and John Baker

26-Jul; John GREEN & Ann SCUTT, both of Church Knowle
W: Thomas Gover and John Price

12-Sep; John CONWAY & Ann HIBBS
W: ....? Hills and John Baker


22-Jun; William BAYLEY & Jane LILLINGTON
W: Mary Dennis and John Price

04-Aug; John EDMONDS & Elizabeth BURBIDGE
W: John Roe and John Price

28-Nov; Joseph NORRIS & Ann SYMONS, of Wareham
W: John Cole and John Price

24-Dec; Elias BENFIELD & Patience BENFIELD
W: George Benfield and Elizabeth Summers


09-Jan; John SAMWAYS & Ann SWARBRIDGE, of Church Knowle
W: George Burgess and John Price

17-Jan; John PYKE Esq. of Worth Matravers & Miss Mary CULL
W: Richard and Bula Cull

04-Feb; John TOOP of Dipford, near Totness, Devon & Susanna BROWN, widow
W: William Longman and John Price

26-Aug; Thomas WHITE & Mary BAYLEY
W: William Bayley and John Price

23-Sep; James KNOWLES & Elizabeth LINNINGTON
W: Henry Conway and John Price

27-Nov; Richard EDMONDS & Mary BARNES
W: Elizabeth Briggs and John Price


17-Jun; George TATCHEL & Betty SMITH
W: Betty Cutler and Joseph Price

30-Jun; John STOCKLEY & Hannah COX
W: John Farwell and John Price

01-Jul; Samuel BUSHROD & Ann DAVIS
W: John and Ann Rogers

17-Jul; Andrew MACLEAN of Boroughstowness, Edinburgh & Ruth BENFIELD
W: William Hutchings and John Price

29-Oct; Mr Stephen WHITE of Wareham & Miss Buly CULL
W: Jonathan Dyke and Richard Cull

30-Oct; John HASKEL & Mary WEBBER
W: Richard Cull and John Price

31-Dec; John CORBEN & Ann KNOWLES
W: Peter Corben and John Price


23-Jan; Mr William DOLLING, Custom House Officer of {Snowfields,} Southwark, London & Miss Elizabeth BRIGGS
W: George Benfield and Robert Welch

20-Feb; William WEST & Mary JEFFREYS
W: George Benfield and Ann Osmond

20-Apr; John EDMONDS & Elizabeth EDMONDS

            W:  John Balson and John Price

20-Apr; Edward SAUNDERS, of Langton & Jenny HALL
W: Robert Barnes and Beth Hall

15-Oct; Samuel GOVER of Arne & Dinah STOCKLEY
W: Mary Gover and John Price

03-Nov; Mr William HUTCHINS, mariner of Poole & Mary DENNIS
W: Samuel Burt and Mary Stevens

26-Dec; Robert SLADE, widower of Affpuddle & Elizabeth ROPER, widow
W: George Benfield and Robert Welch


11-Jan; William EDMONDS & Mary EDMONDS
W: W. Ingram and John Price

01-Mar; John CURTIS & Elizabeth CUTLER
W: William House and John Price

14-Apr; William HOUSE & Sarah PRICE
W: Eleanor Turner and William Dowland

19-Apr; James EDMONDS, widower & Martha HIBBS, widow
W: Richard Greenham and John Price

19-Apr; Thomas RIDOUT & Jane DENNIS
W: Samuel Burt and Mary Stevens

20-Apr; Richard SAMSON of Melcombe Regis & Rachel GREENING
W: Richard Oakley and Betty Cross

26-Apr; Peter PUSHMAN of Swanage & Elizabeth KENT
W: John Kent and Hannah Cockram

11-May; Charles JARVIS of Norden & Mary TREEM
W: Peter Greene and John Price

31-May; Benjamin HOMER & Elizabeth BENFIELD
W: George Benfield and John Price

19-Jul; James SUMERS, widower & Jane STYLES
W: W. Ingram and John Price

26-Sep; Thomas NORMAN & Martha SENNOCK
W: John Roe and John Price

07-Oct; John GALTON & Anna PRICE
W: Henry Brown and John Price

19-Nov; George HOUSE of Helton & Elizabeth CROCKER
W: Sarah Bushrod and Sally Edmunds

30-Nov; William SMITH & Elizabeth HODDER

09-Dec; Joseph WHITE of Chalden & Esther STROUD of Guernsey
W: Jonathan Corben and John Price


05-Feb; Richard HINTON of Corseley, Wiltshire & Mary (Molley) BUSH
W: Robert Briggs and John Price

15-Feb; William WHITE & Grace HINTON
W: Elizabeth Ellis and John Price

05-Mar; Richard SPECK & Sarah PAINTER
W: William Dowland and John Price

05-Apr; Thomas GRANT & Sarah DAMON
W: John Roe and John Price

07-Apr; George BROWN & Priscilla BOWER
W: John Galton and Robert Whitehen

14-Apr; Richard BEAVIS & Elizabeth HAVILAND
W: W. Ingram and Elizabeth Summers

03-May; John BAKER & Jane HIBBS
W: Daniel Hibbs and Rebecca Luther

13-May; George SMITH of Chalway, Corfe & Sarah ROE of Affleet
W: John Richards and Elizabeth Damon

06-Oct; Thomas BISHOP of Trinity, Wareham & Mary GODDARD

            William Osmond and John Price


19-Jan; Thomas WARD & Alice BARRETT
W: James Phillips and Ann Briggs

18-Apr; Thomas HOUNSELL & Hannah Deer WEBBER
W: Robert Vincent and John Price

24-Apr; John DUNNING of Whiteway, Knowle & Elizabeth ELBY of Norden
W: John Dunning and John Price

18-May; John GREY of Swanage & Elizabeth STICKLAND
W: Henry Brown and John Price

21-Jun; Robert WHITCHER & Jane PRICE
W: William and Elizabeth Ingram

19-Jul; Richard HIBBS & Elizabeth SIMS
W: Richard Speck and John Price

26-Aug; William MILLAR of Affpuddle & Elizabeth MOSS
W: Mary Slay and Joseph Price

29-Aug; John CULL of Swanage & Anne OSMOND
W: George and Betty House

23-Dec; James GOULD & Ann HASKELL
W: Robert Whitcher and John Price


09-Jan; James LOW of Encombe & Sarah EDMONDS of Kingston
W: John Edmunds and Ann Bell

27-Jan; William DOWDALL & Mary DAVIS
W: John Mearus and John Price

13-Apr; Thomas CORBEN of Hendon, Dorset & Elizabeth DAMON
W: Jonathan Corben and Joseph Price

27-May; Henry JENKINS & Ann BRIGGS
W: Ralph Briggs and Joseph Price

16-Jun; Robert CONWAY & Mary (Molly) COCKRAM
W: Robert Briggs and Joseph Price

07-Sep; John CHIPP & Elizabeth EDMONDS
W: James Edmonds and Joseph Price

21-Oct; Samuel KEAT & Sarah FERRY
W: Jonathan Corben and Joseph Price


13-Jan; Richard BAKER of Poole & Sarah MOSS
W: William Miller and Joseph Price

09-Feb; James BROWN & Ann PENTYCROSS
W: James Summor and Maria House

13-Jul; Robert BRIGGS & Mary PRICE
W: William Ingram and Betty Price

06-Oct; Jasper MORRIS & Cassandra STICKLAND, of East Stoke
W: Charles Stickland and Joseph Price

10-Nov; George FILLITER, gentleman of St.Martin's Wareham & Mrs Mary PYKE, widow
W: George Fulliter and Mary Pyke


13-Jan; John ARNEY & Mary SPECK, widow
W: George Speck and Joseph Price

01-Mar; Thomas BEZANT of Norden & Elizabeth INGRAM
W: William Ingram and Joseph Price

14-Mar; John VINCENT, widower of Dewlish & Ann SLADE
W: John Balsom and Joseph Price

20-Apr; William GRANT & Elizabeth HATCHARD
W: John Hicks and George Hatchard

09-Jun; John HARDEN of Swanage & Kezia OSMOND
W: John Cull and Philip Roe

10-Jun; James CHAFFEY & Frances SAUNDERS
W: John Galten and Joseph Price

01-Sep; Thomas CROKER & Elizabeth KEATS
W: George Speck and Joseph Price

12-Oct; John EDMONDS & Mary BUDDEN
W: Robert Bell and Joseph Price

17-Nov; Robert VINCENT, widower & Sarah STICKLAND, widow
W: George and Betty Benfield


16-Feb; George STOCKLEY alias Webber & Mary GOVER
W: Mary Slagg and John Galten

05-Apr; John BALSON & Margaret RASHLY
W: Sarah Balson and Jane Buller

20-Apr; John STOCKLEY & Sarah COLE
W: John Galten and Mary Flagg

26-May; Richard KEAT & Elinor LANGLEY
W: John Galten and Joseph Price

03-Jun; John WAKELY of East Lulworth & Mary BUSH
W: John Galten and John Sims

19-Aug; Isaac JEFFRIES & Sarah JENKINS
W: John Welch and Joseph Price

20-Sep; John HALL & Mary FLAGG

            Ann Flagg and Mary Welch

23-Dec; Captain George HAYTER of Orchard, Knowle & Mrs. Ursula BEAUCHAMP
W: Mary Sanson and Elenor Hayter


27-Mar; Thomas SPECK & Elizabeth CAISH
W: Robert Conway and Joseph Price

27-Mar; John DAVIS of Woolbridge & Ann TOOP
W: Sarah Sims and Robert Bell

13-Apr; William CHAFFEY & Rachel OZARD
W: Thomas Boner and Joseph Price

10-May; Joseph BAKER & Mary SNOOK of Amer
W: Jonathan Hibbs and George Stephens

17-May; George BRINTON & Betty SHALL
W: Mary Osmond and Joseph Price

31-Oct; Henry VYE of West Lulworth & Vertue VYE
W: John Richards and Joseph Price

19-Dec; William CUTLER & Mary WELCH
W: John Welch and Mary Briggs


07-Feb; Benjamin FOOT & Elizabeth STOCKLEY
W: Denis and Susannah Foot

09-Feb; William BUTLER & Elizabeth HASKEL
W: John Welch and Joseph Price

17-Apr; George SPECK & Peggy BALSON
W: John Balson and Jane Butler

15-May; Mr William SYMONDS & Mary SUMMERS
W: Benjamin Bowring and Stephen Spicer

22-May; Matthew GOULD & Elizabeth TRASH
W: Mary West and Melly Bushell

06-Aug; Joseph RIGGS & Ann WINSOR

            John Genn and Joseph Price

19-Sep; Thomas SUMMERS & Jane BUTLER
W: Peggy Speck and Elizabeth Balson

02-Oct; William SMITH & Mary GOVER

            Edward Gover and Joseph Price


22-Jan; George EDMONDS of Trinity, Wareham & Rachel BEVIS
W: Robert Bell and Joseph Price

02-Apr; Joseph CITCAT & Elizabeth COOK
W: Henry Brown and Joseph Price

08-Apr; John BATRICK & Susanna BROWN
W: Mary Stevens and Ann Edwards

29-May; John BEVIS of Church Knowle & Ann WEBBER
W: William Ingram and Joseph Price

05-Aug; Thomas SHITLER, of Anderson & Sarah BUSH
W: William Ingram and Joseph Price

21-Aug; Robert WEEKS of Swanage & Ann EDMONDS
W: Thobias Beviss and Joseph Price

28-Aug; Henry SHUTTLEWORTH of Great Barton, Leics. & Ann ASHTON of Harborough, Leics.
W: Thomas and Alice Cull

11-Sep; Robert ARCHER of Wimborn St. Giles & Sarah NORTH
W: John Hovis and Joseph Price


W: Mathew Gent and Joseph Price

11-Sep; William STEVENS & Ann GORINGE
W: ....? Luther and Joseph Price

22-Sep; Richard GOVER & Barbara SPECK
W: Mary and Ann Cox

27-Oct; Joseph LUSH of Christchurch, Hants & Mary WHITE
W: John Beviss and Joseph Price

17-Nov; Thomas CORBEN of Hindon, Dorset & Joan DAMMON
W: Jonathan Corben and Joseph Price


27-Apr; George WEEKS of Dorchester & Mary BATRICK
W: Richard Beaves and John Price

12-May; John HATCHARD & Rachel DIFFY
W: John Morris and Joseph Price

31-May; Samuel SMITH & Joanna EDMONDS
W: John Edmonds and Joseph Price

23-Jun; John RICKETS & Jane SYMONDS
W: Benjamin Bowring and Joseph Price

06-Jul; Robert WEEKS of Swanage & Mary STOCKLEY
W: Sarah Balson and Joseph Price

06-Jul; Samuel SEAMOUR (Seymer) & Susanna TOOP
W: James Brown and Mary Smith

03-Aug; William SMITH of Worth Matravers & Susanna BATTRICK
W: Samuel Seymer and John Price

26-Aug; George DAMON & Susanna SMITH
W: William Grant and Joseph Price


03-Feb; John DAY & Mary GRANT
W: Thomas Balson and Joseph Price

07-Feb; James KEAT & Elizabeth BUDDEN
W: Henry Briggs and Joseph Price

28-Mar; Robert JENKENS & Ann FLAGG
W: James Smith and Joseph Price

09-May; George SPECK & Betty BENFIELD
W: Martha Langtree and Joseph Price

23-May; John DIFFY & Mary RIGGS
W: James Luther and Joseph Price

15-Jun; Joseph BAKER & Mary EDMONDS
W: Thomas Crocker, Mary Bishop and Mary Arnold

27-Jul; Thomas BALSON & Mary BRIGGS
W: Henry Briggs and Joseph Price

27-Jul; Robert HIBBS & Ann WELCH
W: Ann Rogers and Mary Cutler

09-Oct; James OLIVER of Poole & Elizabeth HOUGH
W: Thomas Luther and James Smith


01-Feb; John TALBOTT of Swanage & Ann SYMONDS
W: Benjamin Bowring and Mary Bishop

15-Feb; Charles MULLET & Ann RICE
W: .......? Scadden and Joseph Price

20-Feb; John HUMBY & Jane HOMER
W: William Shitler and Joseph Price

17-Apr; Henry BROWN & Sarah Tabitha INGRAM
W: John Kent and William Butler

01-May; George BATRICK of Worth Matravers & Elizabeth CULL
W: John Harries and Joseph Price

26-Jun; William KITCATT & Elizabeth EVERY
W: George Roe and Joseph Price

10-Jul; Joseph RIGGS of St. Martin's Wareham & Mary GOOK
W: John House and Joseph Price

28-Sep; John KENT & Mary EDMONDS
W: William and Sarah Kent

26-Dec; James EDMONDS & Mary STROUD of Langton
W: William Grant and Joseph Price

27-Dec; Charles VYE & Sarah BUTLER
W: Edward Cutler and Joseph Price


10-Feb; Joseph BUDDEN & Elizabeth GRANT
W: William Jones and Joseph Price

25-Apr; John SQUIBB & Ann SIMS
W: George Roe and Joseph Price

25-Jun; William HELYER of Galton, Dorset & Mary HATCHARD
W: William Grant and James Burden

22-Aug; John SPECK & Bathsheba BUSH
W: Thomas Speck and Joseph Price

05-Oct; Henry WELLCH & Ann CORBEN
W: Thomas Frampton and Robert Price

05-Nov; Bartholomew WELCH & Ursula HIBBS
W: William Ingram and Joseph Price


09-Apr; John CHIPP & Honour GOVER
W: James Beere and Joseph Price

22-Apr; Robert GRANT & Elizabeth REBETS
W: Thomas Baker and Elizabeth Edmonds

28-Apr; George ROE & Elizabeth DIFFEY
W: John Roe and Joseph Price

27-May; William DIFFEY & Susanna BUSHROD
W: Mary Goodchild and Joseph Price

04-Jun; William BATTRICK & Elizabeth TURNER of Swanage
W: Richard Beaves and Robert Price

04-Jun; William COLEMAN & Sarah BATTRICK
W: Richard Beaves and Joseph Price

24-Jun; Robert SYMONDS & Jane STYLES
W: Robert Price and Thomas Speck

20-Sep; Edward LINNINGTON & Mary MOORE
W: Robert Price and James Knowles

22-Sep; Charles KEATT & Elizabeth GOULD
W: Robert Price and Thomas Speck

24-Nov; John BURT of Swanage & Hannah BENNET
W: Frances Glook and Mary Bennett


11-Feb; George GOULD of Swanage & Mary BAILEY
W: Ann Cole and Joseph Price

23-Apr; John BEAL & Elizabeth EDMONDS
W: Henry Hopforth and Mary Rashley

12-May; Edmond WHITROW & Mary RASHLEY
W: Henrry Hopforth and Mary Whitrow

12-May; John BURDEN of Woolbridge & Sarah DAMON
W: William Short and Joseph Price

15-Jul; Peter MEADEN & Joan ALLINGAME
W: Henry Fookes and Joseph Price

24-Aug; Samuel BROWN & Hannah BOWER
W: Betty Brown and Joseph Price

21-Sep; Henry DAY & Dinah BREWER
W: John Rallens and Joseph Price

22-Sep; Joseph GOVER & Rachel SMITH
W: Elizabeth Smith and Joseph Price

11-Oct; Joseph BUDDEN & Elizabeth BEVIS
W: John Cockram and Joseph Price


12-Apr; Thomas HENS [Haynes] & Margaret BATRICK
W: John Darth and Joseph Price

19-Apr; John BURDEN of Wimbourne Minster & Sarah CHAFEY
W: Margaret Benfield and Elizabeth Kent 

13-Jul; Henry EDMONDS of Swanage & Mary COWARD of Swanage
W: Thomas Baker and Mary Allen

13-Sep; James GOVER & Ann BURDEN
W: John Burden and Joseph Price

21-Sep; John COCKRAM & Peggy SENNECK
W: Henry Hopforth, Margaret Ward and Sarah Senneck


12-Jan; William EDMONDS & Mary JILLIT
W: William Ingram and Joseph Price

13-Feb; Robert BATTRICK & Jane SCRIVEN
W: John Roe and Joseph Price

03-May; John FOOT, of Norden & Ann DAVIS of Cheselborne
W: Richard Taylor and William Davis

08-May; James KITCATT & Ellen SCOTT
W: Elizabeth Balson and Betty Bond

10-May; William MARSH & Rebecka BRUSHET
W: Thomas Gregory and Mary Gook

W: George House and Hannah Benfield

08-Jun; John (Elias?) HIBBS of Winfrith & Sarah VYE
W: John Hibbs and Joseph Price

14-Jun; William STOCKLEY & Elizabeth OZARD
W: Samuel Lance and Elizabeth Brown

14-Jun; Shadrach STOCKLEY & Elizabeth SMITH
W: Samuel Lance

02-Sep; James SPENCER & Ruth TOOP
W: John Bird

15-Sep; John BAGG & Betty DOMINEY
W: Elizabeth Meadus

15-Sep; Thomas BUDDEN & Mary DIFFEY
W: Elizabeth Meadus

08-Nov; Thomas GREGORY of Ower Moign & Mary GOOK
W: Timothy Farwell

22-Nov; George HOUNSEL & Sarah WELCH
W: William Cutler

24-Nov; Samuel BOWDEN of Baugh, Devon & Ann COLE
W: William Shitlar


05-Jan; Thomas HUEDELL & Mary BATTRICK
W: Thomas Adams and Margaret Goodchild 

07-Feb; George VINCENT & Elizabeth GOULD
W: Joseph Price

15-Feb; Robert DAVISS of Minterne & Mary MOTT
W: James Gover and Joseph Price

23-Apr; Elias LOVELL & Elizabeth DAMON
W: Thomas .......? and Joseph Price

01-May; George SEARLEY of Langton Matravers & Martha MARSHFIELD
W: George Dagworthy and John Marshfield

02-May; Richard MOORE of Mark, Somerset & Betty BAILEY
W: Sarah Edmonds and Joseph Price

02-May; John STOCKLEY & Sarah EDMONDS
W: Elizabeth Edmonds  and Joseph Price

11-May; Aaron STANLEY & Mary DAY
W: George Keat and Joseph Price

29-Sep; Robert DIFFY & Betty BROWN
W: Susannah Diffey and Joseph Price

03-Dec; John STICKLAND & Mary DIFFY
W: John Moss and Henry Brown


07-Feb; Thomas GREGORY of Ower & Mary BENNET
W: John Luther and Henry Brown

02-Jun; John PAIN of Swanage & Mary TATCHEL
W: George Long  and Henry Brown

29-Jul; Robert PRICE & Mary SENNECK
W: Adam Morris  and Henry Brown

12-Aug; Robert ARNOLD of Piddletown & Betty BIRD
W: Joseph Collier and Henry Brown

26-Aug; Henry BROWN & Ann MASON
W: Ellen Brown

01-Oct; William FOOT of West Lulworth & Elizabeth KENT
W: Samuel Seymer Jnr  and Henry Brown

02-Oct; Samuel SEYMER, Junior & Sarah KENT
W: William Kent and James Seymer

04-Nov; William STICKLAND & Jane HOUNSELL
W: John Hounsell  and Henry Brown

24-Dec; Thomas WILLS & Mary KEATS
W: John Keats and Robert Wills


10-Jan; William PURKINS, Private in Northamptonshire Militia & Rebecca CONWAY
W: Thomas Hadley  and Henry Brown

20-Jan; Jacob GIBBINS & Rebecca CORBIN
W: Jonathan Corben  and Henry Brown

21-Jan; John HANCOCK of Deptford, Kent & Hannah KENT
W: William Kent and William Butler

04-Mar; Samuel MINTERNE of Hooke & Hannah BENFIELD
W: John Bragg  and Henry Brown

07-Apr; John COLLINS of Newton Bashet, Devon & Mary BURGESS
W: Henry Moss  and Henry Brown

12-May; James BURDEN of Church Knowle & Mary PRICE
W: James Morris  and Henry Brown

19-May; Philip JAMES & Elizabeth TURNER
W: Robert Holland  and Henry Brown

11-Aug; Matthew MOSS & Mary HOMER
W: Henry Moss  and Henry Brown

31-Aug; Thomas RANDALL of Steeple & Dorothy EDMONDS
W: Sarah Stockley and Ellen Brown


05-Jan; George EDMONDS & Dorcas SUMMERS
W: John Roe and Henry Brown

13-Apr; James BAGG & Mary SNELLING
W: William Snelling  and Henry Brown

25-May; Thomas BATTER & Jane TRITE
W: Willy Frite and Helen Brown

26-May; William GRANT & Jane SPECK
W: Henry Moss  and Henry Brown

17-Jun; James DIFFEY & Susanna DIFFEY
W: Jel...? Bushell  and Henry Brown

24-Jun; William MEAD & Mary STOCKLEY
W: John Fortings  and Henry Brown

06-Dec; John MORRIS & Elizabeth BISHOP, with Consent of Father
W: William Foot  and Henry Brown


11-Apr; George TATCHEL & Elizabeth REVELL
W: Robert Brix and Henry Brown

03-Jul; Thomas BROWN & Rebecca COX
W: William White  and Henry Brown

12-Jul; Robert WHITCHER & Jane PAIN
W: Joseph Pain  and Henry Brown

05-Sep; Robert SPINCER & Abigail BREWER
W: William Hustens  and Henry Brown

05-Sep; Henry BARTLETT of Popim (alias Portisham) & Charlotte DAY
W: William Miller  and Henry Brown

31-Oct; Thomas ANGLE of Winfrith & Elizabeth TATCHELL
W: Robert Price and Henry Brown

-- Nov; Thomas HATCHARD of Langton Matravers & Elizabeth GREEN, Widow
W: Henry Brown


01-Jan; Henry MOSS & Susanna BURGESS
W: John Moss  and Henry Brown

26-Jan; Cornelius WEBBER & Rebecca SPENSER
W: John Sims  and Henry Brown

16-Feb; Daniel EDMONDS of Lady St.Mary, Wareham & Elizabeth GREEN of Osmington
W: William Pike  and Henry Brown

17-Feb; Thomas SHITLER & Ann TOMS
W: William Pike  and Henry Brown

04-May; William JAY & Elizabeth KEATS
W: William Pike  and Henry Brown

01-Jun; William WELLSTEED of Studland & Elizabeth BALSON
W: William Sims  and Henry Brown

12-Jun; Henry WELCH & Sarah STOCKLEY
W: Thomas Welch and Henry Brown

05-Sep; George STOCKLEY & Mary CHAFFEY
W: James Stockley  and Henry Brown

29-Sep; Richard BARNES of Steeple & Sarah NORMAN
W: John Cockram  and Henry Brown

08-Oct; James STEVENS & Elizabeth BROWN
W: James Chaffey  and Henry Brown

24-Oct; John TALBOTT of Langton Matravers & Jane GOVER
W: Edward Gover  and Henry Brown

07-Nov; Robert ALLINGHAM of Lady St.Mary, Wareham & Mary EDMONDS
W: Daniel Vincent and Henry Brown

28-Nov; Henry BUSH of Swanage & Sarah CURTIS
W: Harriett Tubbs  and Henry Brown

25-Dec; John KENT, the Elder of Lynch Farm & Sarah BRIGGS
W: Henry and Ann Jenkins


17-Jan; Thomas SAMWAY of Wraxall & Ann STOCKLEY
W: Thomas Welch  and Henry Brown

30-Jan; Daniel VINCENT & Sarah BUTLER
W: Robert Allingham and James Vincent

20-Feb; John RIDDLE & Jane BURGESS
W: Charles Busuls and Thomas Somers

10-Apr; Edward GRANT & Margaret GOODCHILD
W: Thomas Vincent and William Grant

07-May; Robert BISHOP & Elizabeth LUTHER
W: Mary Baker  and Henry Brown

08-May; Thomas SENNECK & Martha SPENCIR
W: Thomas Smith and John Cockram

12-Aug; Benjamin HOMER & Frances KNOTLEY of Chalden Herring
W: Edward Hoodley  and Henry Brown

28-Aug; Robert WHITE & Sarah KEATS
W: George Keat  and Henry Brown

05-Sep; Stephen MALTEN of Whitchurch & Hannah STOCKLEY
W: Thomas Speck  and Henry Brown

08-Oct; James CHISMAN of Swanage & Joan VYE
W: James Diters  and Henry Brown

16-Oct; Thomas SMITH & Temperance SENNECK
W: John Cockram, Mary Lee and William Smith

04-Nov; John BRAGG of Holy Trinity, Wareham & Betty HOUSE
W: Benjamin House and Joseph Bragg

15-Nov; William WHITE of Bloxworth & Jenny BURBIDGE
W: Joseph Galten and Ann Williams


14-May; Timothy FARWELL & Mary BAKER
W: James Kenway  and Henry Brown

21-Jul; Thomas HOOPER of Winfrith & Elizabeth HIBBS
W: Edward Stockley and James Hibbs

23-Jul; John SAMWAYS of Wraxall & Mary BUSH
W: Thomas Speck  and Henry Brown

07-Aug; Oliver VYE & Ann DENNIS
W: Thomas Vincent and John King

30-Oct; Daniel EDMONDS & Elizabeth SHINING?
W: Thomas Sams and Thomas Billett

08-Nov; Thomas AUDLEY of N. Yarmouth & Ann LOVE
W: Sarah Low and Henry Brown

11-Dec; Edward EVERETT & Elizabeth CULL
W: Ann Cull and James Luce

16-Dec; John TOOP of Codford St. Mary, Wiltshire & Mary SHITLER
W: Jane Shitler and John Horion?


08-Jan; Daniel WHITE & Phillis ROMAINE
W: Mary White  and Henry Brown

24-Feb; Joseph KEAT & Elizabeth SPECK
W: James Keat and Thomas Keech

05-Jun; John HOPKINS & Elizabeth SPENCER
W: James Hopkins and George Wameath?

18-Jun; Thomas WRIGHT & Sarah PUDDOCK
W: Thomas Kutler and E. Smith

01-Jul; William BEST, Brewer of Poole & Martha BUTLER
W: George and William Butler

17-Jul; William WHITE & Sarah STOCKLEY
W: William Samways  and Henry Brown

01-Sep; Henry WISEMAN & Ann KELLAWAY
W: William Grant and Thomas Wyman

13-Sep; John CLAPCOT, Mariner & Anne GREEN
W: blank


21-Jan; George KEAT & Ann BEAVIS
W: Thomas Keat and Mary Beaves

29-Mar; John YOUNG & Mary DOLLING

            W; Henry, Mary and Ami Jenkins

26-May; John BRADFORD of Langton Matravers & Mary WEAKLEY
W: Robert Price and Rachel Corben

10-Aug; John Bell LANE of Poole & Sarah BAKER
W: James Baker and Robert Price

20-Oct; John HOMER & Jane SHITLER
W: Thomas Shitler and Robert Price


19-Jan; John SPENCER & Elizabeth HUSTENS
W: William Hustens and Mary Jenkins

19-Jan; Edward BISHOP & Mary WISEMAN
W: Thomas Wiseman and Robert Price

20-Apr; Thomas BUTLER of Poole & Susanna Gardiner SMITH
W: James Vincent and Martha Best

06-May; George GRANT & Rachel OZARD
W: William Chaffey and Robert Price

10-May; Thomas RIDEOUT & Fanny FOX
W: James Cull, Thomas and Mary Ridout

17-May; Joseph REVEL & Frances GOVER
W: Samuel Gover and Robert Price

08-Jun; Samuel GALLEY of Langton & Rachel CORBAN
W: Jacob Gibbons and Robert Price

29-Nov; James SPECK & Sarah EDMONDS
W: Richard Gover and Robert Price


17-Jan; John DIFFEY of Church Knowle & Hannah BENNETT
W: William Hustens and Mary Jenkins

15-Jun; John MOSS & Sarah BISHOP
W: Joseph Luther and Elizabeth Moss

21-Jun; Samuel BUTLER & Hannah BISHOP
W: James Luther and Robert Price

18-Aug; David TATCHELL & Jane GRANT
W: Henry Grant and Betty Tatchell

17-Nov; Thomas WISEMAN & Mary GOODCHILD
W: Thomas and Eliza Goodchild


19-Mar; William CURTES & Elizabeth GOVER
W: Sarah Curtis and Robert Price

29-Mar; William TATCHELL & Elizabeth CORBEN
W: Betty Tatchell and Robert Price

11-May; George DAY & Margaret WHITE
W: Mary Palmer, Charles and Thomas Luker

22-May; James BOWER of Langton & Ann HOLLAND
W: Merlin Bower and Robert Price

28-May; James POLLARD of Church Knowle & Elizabeth THRESHER
W: Thomas Bartlett and Robert Price

26-Jun; William FOOT of Church Knowle & Mary LANGTREE
W: Thomas Langtree and Mary Luther

10-Jul; Robert BAILEY & Esther HIBBS
W: Thomas Hooker and Robert Price

16-Jul; William GERRETT & Mary Ann MONTGOMERY
W: Anne Gerrett and Robert Price

21-Jul; Charles LUKER & Sarah WHITE
W: George White and Robert Price

10-Aug; John COCKRAM & Susanna PEARCY
W: Elizabeth Hewes and Robert Price

22-Aug; William STONE (signed John Stone) of Martin's Town & Catherine COAKES
W: Ann Ridout and Robert Price

13-Nov; Thomas SAMWAYS & Ann KITCATT
W: Joseph Hartnell and Robert Price

24-Dec; Thomas LANGTREE & Sophia Maria HART
W: Mary Bailey and Elizabeth Cole

24-Dec; Charles KEAT & Elizabeth BLANDFORD
W: Sophia Maria Langtree and William Joyce


14-Feb; Andrew LOCK, Mariner of Lyme, Dorset & Ann CLAPCOTT
W: William Gover, Sarah and Thomas Best

02-May; John BAKER & Elizabeth WEST
W: Thomas Battrick and Mary West

04-Jun; Matthew FOWLER & Jane FURMEDGE
W: Henry Anli? and Robert Price

04-Dec; Philip SELBY of Mapperton & Mary SAMPSON
W: Thomas Christopher and Robert Price


09-Mar; Robert PRICE & Jane THOMAS
W: James and Mary Burden

16-Apr; Thomas CAISH & Elizabeth SPECK
W: Sarah Welch and Sarah Price

22-Jun; John HOOK & Ruth HAWES
W: Henry  and ........? Hatchard

01-Jul; James VINCENT & Sarah COLE
W: Daniel Vincent and Susanna Hartnell

21-Aug; George TATCHELL & Sarah ROBERTS
W: Betty Mitchell and J.M. Colson jnr

25-Aug; George RANDALL of Lady St. Mary, Wareham & Sarah GOULD
W: Stephen Spier, Jane Gould and Mary Randall

16-Oct; Samuel DOWLAND of Worth & Hannah CHAFFEY
W: George Roe and Henry Walton


05-Mar; Stephen YOUNG of Poole & Mary JENKINS
W: Mary Briggs, Henry and Ann Jenkins

20-May; William BALSON & Mary GIBBONS
W: James Chaffey and William Davis

10-Jun; Edward DAVIS, Butcher of Wareham & Sarah CHAFFEY
W: James Chaffey and Sarah Daw

05-Jul; John GREEN & Sarah SMITH
W: George Drake and George Roe

19-Jul; Nathaniel CHAFFEY & Jane BATTRICK
W: Mary Beaves and Mary Heans

02-Dec; Alexander KENNEDY & Sarah HOUNSELL
W: Edward Chaffey and George Roe


02-Feb; William GALLOP, of Spetisbury & Sarah BRINTON
W: George Roe, Charles Balson and John Brinton

15-Feb; John HIBBS & Mary SPINCER
W: George Butler and John Spincer

05-Apr; Henry WALTON & Beulah CHAFFEY
W: William Longman and Ann Jenkins

11-Apr; John HOOD of East Stoke & Mary Ann WEBBER
W: Thomas Smith and Mary West

12-Apr; James SENNECK & Jane GOULD
W: Thomas Grant and Mary Gover

18-Apr; William STOCKLEY & Mary CAKE
W: henry Welch, George Roe and Elizabeth Stockley

11-May; Phineas SMITH & Sarah KING
W: Moses Smith and Thomas Roe

06-Jun; Charles KELLAWAY & Johanna HOLLAND
W: Henry Wiseman and Sapphire Margaret Hatchard

05-Jul; Timothy JONES & Sarah RAWLES
W: Henry Pushman and Edward Davies

19-Sep; Daniel SHEEN of Poole & Ann RIDOUT
W: Jane and Thomas Ridout

27-Dec; Robert Thorn BOWER of Langton Matravers & Margaret Sophia HATCHARD
W: Henry Snook and Henry Hatchard


12-Jan; Thomas Gover SMITH, Yeoman of Woolston & Mary VYE
W: Moses Smith and Miriam Bishop K........?

13-Feb; Thomas HODGSON & Mary SPECK
W: Joanna Budden and George Roe

26-Mar; Thomas BATTRICK & Lucy STROUD
W: Mary Corke, Sarah Stroud and William Jenkins

28-Mar; John BRINTON & Susanna BALSON
W: Samuel, Charles and Anna Balson

12-Apr; George DIFFEY & Mary DUGDALE
W: Mary Statue and Thomas Roe

19-Apr; Charles BALSON & Elizabeth TALBOT
W: John Brinton and Samuel Balson

23-May; Richard FURMIDGE & Diana FRY
W: Thomas Roe and John Hodgkinson

23-May; George BIRD of Litton Cheney & Elizabeth HOBBS
W: John Hussey, Thomas Roe and Sarah Kebbles

06-Jun; Robert STOCKLEY & Beula WEBBER
W: John Kent, Elizabeth and James Sea

04-Jul; Thomas SEYMOUR & Maria CHAFFEY
W: Robert Seymour and Jane Manwell

12-Jul; Richard EDMONDS & Mary BASCOMBE
W: Elizabeth Battrick and Thomas Roe

26-Jul; Charles HIBBS & Mary ROE
W: Joseph Luther and George Roe

12-Sep; John FOWLER & Elizabeth GOODCHILD
W: James Selby and Thomas Goodchild

24-Oct; Thomas ROE & Elizabeth SPECK
W: Samuel Balson, Ann and Martha Cake

12-Dec; Thomas SCADDEN & Elizabeth LANGTREE
W: Thomas Langtree and Elizabeth Hutchins


07-Aug; Thomas YOUNG & Ann JENKINS
W: Sarah Briggs, Henry and Ann Jenkins

08-Oct; Robert HUSSEY & Mary COLE
W: James Vincent and Robert Roe


14-Jan; John CROCKER, widower & Sarah PORTER
W: Thomas and Rachel Sampson

22-Apr; William BISHOP & Sarah FRY
W: Robert Roe and Sarah Stickland

15-May; Samuel BALSON & Ann Lewis CAKE
W: Thomas Elnar and Thomas Upward Jenkins

24-Aug; John HARDY & Frances HALL
W: Thomas Upward Jenkins, Sarah Bridle and ...........? Parsons

18-Nov; George SMITH of Lady St. Mary, Wareham & Elizabeth MOSS
W: John Hardy



01-Jan; John SMITH & Mary WALTON
W: Ann Browne, Mary Ann Andrews and Dan Blakely

08-Jan; Charles KIMBER of Boxgrove, Sussex & Barbara LOW
W: Mary Jenkins, Miriam Spincer, James and Sarah Low

04-Feb; Thomas WELLSTEAD of Studland & Mary KEATS
W: Jane Langley and .......? Speck

17-Feb; John HALL & Joanna BUDDEN
W: James Chaffey and Sarah Bridle

17-Feb; William SINNECK of Poole & Anna DYKE
W: Henry Pushman and Mary Smith

Note made in register dated 13 August 1815

This name ought to have been Wellstead. I copied it at the time from the Banns paper but a child by the above
having been baptised Aug 13th 1815 I then ascertained that the name is Wellstead. Signed William Roles, Curate

16-Jun; Burkitt WEBB & Sarah SMITH
W: George and Charles Roe Smith

11-Aug; George WHITE & Elizabeth STEVENS
W: John White and Robert Roe

21-Dec; William PITMAN, Mariner of Barnstaple & Jane KITCATT
W: Susan Holland and George Hooper


12-Mar; Henry TUCK & Jane RIDOUT
W: Ann Shehan and Robert Roe

29-Mar; Robert DIFFEY & Mary MARSH
W: John Paines and Robert Roe

31-Mar; James STOCKLEY & Sarah GUY
W: Robert Gunnds? and Robert Roe

21-Apr; Thomas STURMEY & Mary NORMAN
W: Philip Coat and Stephen Sharp

12-May; Richard BOWER of Worth & Rachel Corben TATCHELL
W: Thomas Roe and William Roles

01-Jun; Henry STICKLAND & Sarah DAMON
W: William Grant and Thomas Roe

03-Jun; Robert CHARLES & Mary JENKINS
W: John Hart and Anne Kent

22-Jun; James LOW & Mary Anne JAMES
W: George House and ........? Hine

07-Sep; John MORRIS & Elizabeth KEATS
W: Jasper Morris and Henry West

28-Dec; John PURCHASE of Bere, Yeoman & Ann YOUNG of Blashenwell, Corfe
W: Sarah Symes and John Young


16-Mar; William HASKELL & Susanna STROUD
W: Thomas and Fanny Gould

15-Jun; James GOVER, widower & Elizabeth LUTHER, widow
W: George Roe and Sarah Moss

02-Aug; William COLE of Church Knowle & Mary MORRIS
W: Jasper Morris and Sarah Duning?

03-Aug; Henry GRANT, Mariner & Eleanor BUTLER, at Kingston Chapel
W: William Grant and Sarah Baker

16-Oct; Henry JENKINS of Christchurch, widower & Ann YOUNG, widow
W: Sarah Price, Henry and Thomas Upward Jenkins 

24-Oct; Benjamin GARMONT & Ann STEELE
W: Thomas and Hannah Orchard

02-Nov; Edward LANGTREE of Poole, Mariner & Elizabeth KEATS
W: William and Mary Pitman

29-Nov; John PAYNE & Ann BENFIELD
W: Thomas Gould and Robert Roe

26-Dec; John WHITE & Susan KEATS
W: Richard Keats and Jane Collins

27-Dec; Jasper MORRIS & Mary HOLT
W: George Roe and Samuel Balson

29-Dec; William BRIDLE & Ann NEWTON, at Kingston Chapel
W: John Bridle and William Gibbons


31-Jan; Thomas Upward JENKINS, Glazier & Sarah Seneck PRICE, of Langton
W: Henry and Ann Jenkins

27-Mar; Edward DAVIS, widower of Trinity Wareham & Mary CUTLER
W: Joseph and Elizabeth Cutler

25-May; Samuel BEATON, Yeoman of Worth & Elizabeth BALSTON
W: Edward Malton and Susanna Bea....?

12-Jul; Thomas BALSON, widower & Ann HIBBS, widow
W: George Roe and Elizabeth Saxey

26-Jul; George CORBEN & Sarah GRANT
W: Elenor and William Grant

08-Aug; Henry STOCKLEY & Maria KEATS
W: John White and Robert Roe

26-Sep; Thomas BUTTON & Harriot GRANT, both of Kingston, Corfe
W: Evan and Mary Grant

17-Oct; John BEST & Sarah GOVER
W: Thomas Gover and Ann Stickland

08-Nov; William STOODLEY & Sarah LINNINGTON
W: Richard Keats and John White


15-Feb; William DART of Lady Mary, Wareham & Mary HOLLAND
W: Mary Manuel and Robert Roe

15-Apr; George ROE & Martha CAKE
W: Samuel Balson and Eliza Roe

08-May; James GREEN & Mary DIFFEY
W: Thomas and Sarah Senneck

21-May; James PORTER & Susanna HOLLAND
W: Sarah Bartlett and Joseph Manuel

02-Jun; John STOCKLEY & Diana Jane STEVENS
W: George Roe and .........? Stockley

07-Jun; William MIDDLETON of Sheffield, Merchant & Sarah WILLIS
W: Robert and Fanny Taylor, Anne Willis

11-Jul; Thomas GOULD & Elizabeth BENFIELD
W: James Senneck and Ann ........?

29-Jul; William GROUT & Ann Sexey TATCHELL at the Chapel
W: William Grant and Thomas Roe

29-Jul; Thomas GOVER & Ann STICKLAND
W: Robert Moss and Peggey Gover

08-Sep; George ROE, Parish Clerk & Elizabeth GALLEY, widow
W: Charles Roe Bridle and Mary Goodchild

27-Sep; John DAVIS of Holy Trinity, Wareham & Sarah PHYLLIS
W: Robert Roe and John Moss

02-Oct; George COAKES of Kimmeridge & Mary Ann CAMPBELL
W: Robert Roe and Catherine Benner

02-Oct; Thomas WOOLFRIES & Anna PARKER
W: James Kitcatt

04-Oct; William HUTCHENS & Elizabeth RIDOUT
W: George Ridout and Jane Dominey

05-Nov; John SHITLER & Jane COLLINS
W: Richard Keats and Elizabeth Lyman

03-Dec; George BRIGGS & Jane GOVER
W: Thomas Gover and John Briggs


12-Jan; James VINCENT & Elizabeth WHITE
W: William Selbey and Richard Chaffey

30-Jan; Thomas ELMES of Church Knowle & Miriam FARWELL
W: Dennes Bosver? and James Elner

01-Apr; James HYDE & Elizabeth SEXEY
W: Richard Grant and Margaret Speck

15-Jun; William SELBY of Church Knowle & Mary WHITE
W: John White and George Roe

11-Jul; William STOCKLEY & Elizabeth FRAMPTON
W: George Ridout and Robert Roe

27-Aug; George DAMON & Mary EDMONDS
W: Charles Roe and George Grant

01-Sep; Samuel TRIGG & Sarah SAMWAYS
W: Joseph Budden and James Taylor

10-Nov; William Henry CHAFFEY & Mary Ann MOSS
W: James Hardy and Eliza Roe

18-Nov; James MORRIS & Ann WITCHER
W: John Gover and Robert Roe

09-Dec; Thomas Channing BARRELL of Haselbury Phicknell, Somerset & Elizabeth Smith WILLIS
W: William Arn, Sara Kanitle? and Anne Trowbridge


02-Feb; Richard CHAFFEY & Eleanor Langley KEATS
W: Robert Roe and William Stickland

09-Feb; Stephen DORY & Susanna CROCKER
W: William Jenkins and Ellen Grant

18-Feb; Thomas BRIGGS & Mary GRANT
W: John Hardy and Sarah Corbon

12-May; Robert MOSS & Margaret GOVER
W: John and Sarah Best

08-Jun; Jacob GIBBONS & Elizabeth WAKELY, both of Kingston
W: James Corbon and William Bridle

13-Jul; John DOREY & Elizabeth TATCHELL, both of Kingston
W: Lucy Wiseman and Charles Roe

19-Aug; Thomas DERIMAN & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, both of Kingston
W: John and Sarah Baker

13-Sep; George BRIGGS & Sarah LANGTREE
W: George Langtree and John Bright

16-Nov; Henry BATRICK & Martha HOBBS
W: Elizabeth Furmage and William Hobb

14-Dec; John HARDY & Eliza ROE
W: Mary Ann Chaffey and William Henry Chaffey


03-Jan; John HATCHARD & Elizabeth STOCKLEY
W: Henry Fooks and Elizabeth Hyde

19-Jan; James CORBEN of Worth & Joan CHAFFEY
W: William Hill, Henry Waldon, Rachel Gover and Elizabeth Vincent

03-Feb; James DIFFEY & Ann MALLS
W: Joseph Northover and Thomas Roe

08-Mar; John SMITH & Sarah BUDDEN
W: Edward Langtree and Mary Best

15-Mar; Joseph SALISBURY & Mary Ann STANLEY
W: Edward Hill and Thomas Roe

11-Apr; William DIFFEY & Jane WITCHER
W: Henry Hardy and Thomas Roe

13-May; William BISHOP & Sarah KEPPLE
W: William Bridle and Mary Bishop

28-Jun; George RIDEOUT & Kitty FRY
W: Sarah Bishop, Mary and Annie Fry

29-Jun; George HATCHARD & Mary READ
W: Richard Kitcatt and Ellen Grant

29-Jul; Moses GOULD of Studland & Sarah BATTRICK
W: William Summers and Mary Waterman

07-Sep; William BRIDLE of Langton & Jane BEVIS of Kingston
W: Thomas Roe and Jon Gollop

03-Nov; William FRAMPTON & Mary STOCKLEY
W: Henry Jenkins and Mary Kitcatt

10-Nov; William Burdle CROSSING & Jane WHITE
W: Thomas Roe and James Kitcatt

06-Dec; John PORTER, of Kingston & Jane LONG, of Church Knowle
W: Edward Linnington and Thomas Roe


23-Jan; Samuel GOVER & Maria GOVER
W: Mary Luther and Elizabeth Gover

10-Feb; George GOVER & Elizabeth TURNER
W: Rachel and John Gover

17-Feb; John MANUEL & Jane VINCENT
W: George Elmes and Thomas Roe

28-Feb; George STOCKLEY & Mary CROCKER
W: Sarah Daws and Stephen Dorey

05-Apr; Edward DIFFEY & Mary HUTCHENS
W: Thomas Roe and Robert Hutchens

29-Apr; Richard TREVORROW (maybe Treloar) & Mary WILLIAMS, of Falmouth
W: Thomas George and Sarah Low

08-May; Hezekiah TALBOT of Arne & Elizabeth STANFIELD
W: Catherine Stanfield and Thomas Baker

12-May; Robert DIFFEY & Sarah BUCKLER
W: John Paines and Thomas Gould

29-May; Nathaniel FORENCE of Poole & Sarah SEYMER
W: Elizabeth Mary Kent, Diana Gillpin, Thomas and Robert Brown

07-Jun; John CARSLICK & Hannah HUSSEY
W: Peter Collins and John Syneck

26-Jul; Philip DAY & Sarah BUDDEN
W: Ann Alpien and Martin Hutchens

06-Aug; Thomas ROBBERTS & Elizabeth BOWER, both of Kingston
W: Thomas Roe and John Long

08-Aug; Richard STOCKLEY & Sarah JEFFREYS
W: Charlotte Jeffreys and Thomas Roe

29-Aug; Samuel BARNES of Kingston & Elizabeth BATTRICK
W: Stephen File and Mary Burridge

31-Aug; James WHITE & Ann SAMWAYS
W: Sarah Brigg and Robert Roberts

20-Sep; Joseph FURMEDGE & Sarah KITCATT
W: Mary Hopkins and John Speck

22-Oct; John WHITROW of Kimmeridge & Catharine BUTCHER
W: Thomas Roe and Sarah Whittons

23-Oct; William GUY & Harriet UDLE, both of Kingston
W: Tomas Goodchild and John Long


08-Jan; Henry HUSSEY & Martha BARNES of Church Knowle
W: Thomas Roe and Ann Vincent

16-Jan; William TOLLERFIELD & Hannah BEVIS, both of Kingston
W: William Bridle and Eleanor Corben

27-Feb; Thomas STOCKLEY & Harriet CATTEL
W: George Elemes and Frances Homer

19-Apr; John DOWLAND & Eleanor GRANT, both of Kingston
W: Hannah Goodchild and Thomas Baker

23-Apr; George GRANT & Sarah TATCHEL, both of Kingston
W: James Cole and Benjamin Sandlers

07-May; James HOLLAND & Mary GOVER, both of Kingston
W: John Keech and John Renisssun?

28-May; George MORRIS of Poole & Charlotte LOVELL
W: William Morris, Mary Parsons and Charlotte Lovell

16-Jul; Charles TALBOT & Elizabeth BROWN, both of Kingston
W: James Lader and Ann Talbot

15-Aug; Isaac STOCKLEY & Jane ROE
W: Rachel Gover and Giles Stockley

10-Sep; Thomas WHITE & Ann FRY
W: Hannah Fry and John Speck

04-Oct; Thomas WILLIAMS & Rebecca GALLEY, both of Kingston
W: William Sulley and Lucy Shyles

29-Oct; Robert BOWN & Ann LOCKYER
W: Lucy Wiseman and John Speck

13-Nov; Charles WELCH & Susannah HATCHARD
W: William Hatchard and Ann Hellier

28-Nov; John SCADDAN & Ann KEATS
W: James Kitcatt and Betsey Calne?


06-Feb; James SELBY of Church Knowle & Susannah BURGESS
W: Henry Moss and John Speck

01-Apr; John KITCAT & Jane ARNOLLD
W: William Smith and Robert Keat

13-May; Thomas HORLICK & Mary Ann AINSWORTH
W: Martha Vincent and Samuel Henry Smith

20-May; John CUTLER & Elizabeth AYLES
W: Elizabeth Cutler and Samuel Chinn

04-Jun; Nathaniel STOCKLEY & Sarah DAMAN
W: Thomas Jenkins and John Speck

03-Jul; Henry JENKINS & Philippina FOOT
W: Sarah and Peggy Senneck

16-Sep; Thomas RIDEOUT & Honour CHIPP
W: Robert Taylor and Ann Shehan

16-Sep; Charles WHITE & Ann AUDLEY
W: Robert Taylor and James Kitcatt

24-Oct; Richard KEATS & Mary FRY
W: George Ridout and Maria Fry

29-Oct; John Cole DAMON & Sarah GRANT
W: George Grant and Mary Tatchell

29-Oct; Joseph TALBOT & Harriet GRANT
W: Thomas Talbot and Elizabeth Shippard

21-Dec; Samuel TRIGG & Sarah SPECK
W: Thomas Wright, Sarah and Margaret Speck 

31-Dec; Joseph PAINE & Frances ORCHARD
W: James Paine and Giles Stockley


07-Jan; John BEST & Mary GOVER
W: John and Rachel Gover

15-Jan; Samuel Henry SMITH & Mary Chinchen HORLOCK
W: Henry Smith and Joseph Harlick

20-Feb; Joseph MILLER of Tyneham & Jane RICHARDS
W: John Stickland and Robert Keats

04-Mar; William CATTLE & Dinah STOCKLY
W: Charles Brett and James Kitcatt

04-Mar; Thomas AUDLEY & Mary Ann WHITE
W: Charles Brett and James Kitcatt

04-Mar; George VINCENT & Sarah RANDALL
W: Charles Brett and James Kitcatt

18-Mar; John TRENT & Mary CURTIS
W: Sarah Brigg and Thomas Roe

31-Mar; Simon STOCKLEY & Susannah MORRIS
W: Aaron Samson and William Morris

11-May; James LYDE & Ann DAY
W: Ann Collins and Robert Gover

16-Jun; William Wight CRIBB & Elizabeth WILLS
W: James Kent, Peter Selby and Mary Thomas

17-Jun; George KENT & Sarah HART
W: Richard Hart, James Cammell, Ann Hobbin and Elizabeth Chaffey

21-Jul; Robert CHISMAN & Ann STICKLAND
W: Isaac Stockley and John Speck

18-Aug; William FOOKES of Hilton, Dorset & Frances TAYLOR
W: James Fookes, Joseph Willis, Ann and Robert Taylor

02-Sep; James STOCKLEY & Elizabeth WHITCHER
W: Charles Brett and Thomas Roe

13-Oct; William GREEN & Sarah MARCH
W: James Paine and Giles Stockley

22-Oct; Matthew MASTERS & Hannah Maria GOODCHILD, at Kingston Chapel
W: John and Elizabeth Fowler

23-Dec; Giles STOCKLEY & Frances PAIN
W: Richard Bridle and Sophia Stickland

23-Dec; Jonathan STUDLEY & Casandra MORRIS
W: Mary Morris and Elizabeth Burgess

31-Dec; James WILLS & Martha TURNER
W: Phoebe Brown? Hamend? and Elenore Stephens


20-Jan; Thomas LUTHER & Sarah SENNECK
W: Elizabeth Barnes, Mary Smith and James Senneck

01-Apr; Edward SALTER & Martha BAKER
W: ...? Baker and Elizabeth Durham Hannsell

29-Apr; William GUY & Alice KEATS
W: Mary Bishop and Mary Keats

11-May; Joseph HORLICK & Mary SMITH
W: Charles Senneck and Sarah Harlick

18-May; William GRANT & Elizabeth TRIM
W: Ann Trim and Thomas Alcott

28-Sep; Henry WALDON & Mary BATTER
W: Joseph Batter and Ruth Ants?

12-Oct; John James STICKLAND & Mary BRADFORD
W: George Foot and Sarah Stickland

19-Oct; Thomas HAYSOM & Jane TRIM
W: Thomas Alcott and Ann Trim

25-Oct; Robert VINCENT & Margaret SPECK
W: Samuel Brigg and Rachel Gover

07-Nov; John GUY & Mary Wiseman BISHOP
W: William and Alice Guy

07-Dec; John BRATFORD & Susanna PORTER
W: Susanna Porter, Elizabeth Holland and George Burden

12-Dec; Charles BRETT & Jane STOCKLEY
W: John Hutchens and Elizabeth Hatchard

14-Dec; Charles SENNECK & Elizabeth BOWER
W: Jane Batter, Robert Benjamin James Senneck and Peggy Senneck


02-Jan; Charles COLLINGS & Honour HOLT
W: Jasper Morris and Anne Smith

18-Jan; James WHITEROW & Mary TACHELL
W: Robert Beaves and Eliza Tachel

14-Mar; Benjamin BARRATT & Harriot POOLE
W: Elizabeth and Thomas Crichell

18-Apr; George SKINNER & Mary Ann PARKER
W: Hannah Woolress and Jasper Wood

10-Jul; George EDMUNDS & Elizabeth SANSOM, at Kingston Chapel
W: Mary Sanson and Thomas Roe

19-Jul; John OLDIS of Poole & Sarah YOUNG
W: D. Davies and N. Johns

03-Oct; James TOLLYFIELD & Jane GOVER, at Kingston Chapel
W: Charles Roe Sanyer and John Speck

04-Oct; James KEATS & Harriot DAY
W: Ann Loyd and Robert Keats

22-Dec; Thomas ABBOT & Ann TRIM
W: George Talbot and William Grant


21-Jan; John GOVER & Jane NAPIER
W: George and Rachel Gover

13-Feb; Edward DIFFEY & Maria GRANT
W: Joseph Talbott and Elizabeth Crocker

14-Feb; Simon GOULD & Mary BOWER
W: William Fancey and Thomas Wisdom

02-Mar; Timothy HOPKINS & Mary DIFFEY
W: William Spencer and Ann Vincent

09-May; Joseph KELAWAY & Anne HUTCHENS
W: Thomas Goodchild and Elizabeth Hatchard

15-May; George RIDOUT & Hannah BATRICK
W: John Marsh and Sarah Battrick

13-Jun; John STOCKLEY & Susanna BENNETT
W: Nathaniel Stockley and Maria Gover

15-Aug; William WILLS & Elizabeth TALBOT, at Kingston Chapel
W: Charles Woolress and Jane Gitten?

21-Aug; Robert GOVER & Caroline GRANT
W: Robert Hooper and Jane Marsh

18-Sep; Henry BRIGGS & Elizabeth WISEMAN, at Kingston Chapel
W: Lucy Wiseman and Thomas Goodchild

15-Nov; William HOOPER & Susanna BROWN, at Kingston Chapel
W: Martha Hooper and Edward Grant

16-Nov; John STOCKLEY & Jane RICHARDS of Kingston
W: James Richards, William and Elizabeth Stockley

07-Dec; Joseph TRENT & Eliza STOCKLY
W: John Trent and Ann Hooper

25-Dec; Peter WILLIAMS & Sarah POLLARD
W: William Yemen and Mary Biles

25-Dec; Richard KITCAT & Elizabeth LEWIS
W: William Smith and Martha Kitcatt


16-Jan; Peter VINCENT & Ann BISHOP
W: Robert Bishop and Elizabeth Crocker

19-Feb; Thomas GOODCHILD & Mary WISEMAN, at Kingston Chapel
W: James Keech, Hannah Masters and ....? Loader

27-Jun; Joseph MOSS & Jane BATTER
W: John Moss and Mary Nath

26-Jul; John BUDDEN & Sarah BOWER of Kingston
W: Rachel Gover, George Smith and Sarah Bower

19-Nov; James HATCHARD & Elizabeth COLLINS
W: William Shitler and Susan Collins

24-Dec; William SMITH & Sarah BAGGS
W: Sarah Stickland and John Dowland

27-Dec; Thomas UDEL & Charlotte CROAD

            W: Elisabeth Tatchell and Edward Grant


08-Jan; Robert COAKES & Mary HARRIS
W: Thomas Kitcatt and Jane Peach

30-Jan; Richard Thomas GILLAM & Ann ROBERTS
W: Jane and William Tatchell

21-Feb; Henry BURGESS & Harriot RIDDLE
W: James Riddle and Jane Hooper

10-Apr; Richard BOWER of Worth & Ann BATRICK of Kingston
W: George Grant and Mary Fry

14-Apr; Robert HOOPER & Susan GOVER
W: John Luther and Edward Grant

03-Jul; Richard HOLLAND & Elizabeth GOVER
W: James Moss and Elizabeth Chubb Lermak?

11-Aug; James CULL of Easington, Worth & Mary SPENCER

            W; Elizabeth and James Vincent

27-Sep; William WELCH & Ann SPECK
W: James Stockley and Thomas Beale

19-Oct; James STEVENS & Elizabeth CHAFFEY
W: Sarah Chaffey, John and Elizabeth Stevens

18-Nov; Thomas BEALE & Fanny STOCKLEY
W: Robert Manuel, Elizabeth and Anne Welch

25-Nov; John SERGEANT & Ann GOULD
W: George Talbott and Elizabeth Sergeant


04-Jan; James WHITE & Elizabeth OLIVER
W: Mary Oliver and John Speck

30-Jan; John GILLAM & Mary CHISMAN
W: Jane Pats and Robert Chisman

23-Feb; Thomas ROE & Betty Ann GILLAM, at Kingston Chapel
W: William Foot and Mary Ann Roe

17-Mar; Thomas BASCOMB & Sarah BAGG, at Kingston Chapel
W: John Dewland and John Speck

06-Jun; Thomas TURNER of Langport, Somerset & Elizabeth WHEELER
W: William Wheeler and Thomas Roe

07-Jul; Thomas TRIM & Caroline RAWLES
W: William Stockley and William Grant

08-Jul; William STOCKLEY & Sarah CURTIS
W: Thomas Trim, Sophia Curtis and James Roe

22-Sep; George SMITH & Rachel GOVER
W: Merah Gover and John Best

19-Oct; George HEATH & Hannah MILLER
W: Samuel Cole and Keziah Miller

28-Oct; John FRY & Jane TURNER of Worth
W: John Webber, John Luther and Maria Fry

17-Nov; James MAYO, Clerk of Wimborne Minster & Jane WILLIS
W: James, Mathew Hugh and Ralph jnr Willis and John Reynolds Rowe

17-Nov; William HOOPER & Maria STEVENS
W: Mary Collins, John Hooper and James Kitcatt

30-Nov; Benjamin HOMER & Ann BENNET
W: Sarah Bennet and Henry Bartlett


04-Jan; Robert BISHOP & Elizabeth CROCKER
W: Robert Vincent, Elizabeth and Mary Crocker

04-Mar; David GOULD & Sarah BATTRICK
W: James Senneck and Elizabeth Marsh

04-Apr; George SCADDAN & Sarah WRIGHT
W: Thomas Scadden, Mary Ann Charlton and Mary Elizabeth Vincent

08-Jun; Robert BRIDLE of Tolpuddle & Louisa SMITH
W: James bridle, George Smith, Ann Cockram and Elizabeth Cutler

05-Jul; William SMITH & Hannah SPINCER
W: James and Susanna Spincer

15-Aug; George BILES & Elizabeth JENKINS
W: Hannah Biles and William Studley

28-Oct; Robert MANUEL of Church Knowle & Lucy WISEMAN
W: Jane Gould, Elizabeth and Jonathan Coombes

11-Nov; William PARKER & Elizabeth DAVIS
W: James Kitcatt, Elizabeth Davis and Mary Parker

17-Nov; James RIDDLE, manufacturer of Haselbury, Somerset & Rebecca Tizard CAINES
W: Thomas Roe and Isaac Tuddle

21-Nov; James RIDDLE & Jane HOOPER

            W; John Hooper and Mary Collins

29-Nov; John MEADWAY & Jane LUTHER
W: Robert Mos, Ann Gover, Ana Cooper and Ann Chamman Thresher Cums

23-Dec; George PAYNE & Eliza MARSH
W: Giles and James Stockley

27-Dec; Thomas GRANT & Frances POLLARD
W: James Pollard, Sarah Cockram and Robert Cribb


18-Jan; John LUTHER & Eleanor VINCENT
W: John Webber and Ann Gover

01-Mar; Richard ARTRAN of Pentridge, Dorset & Hannah Barnaby GALLOWAY
W: Elizabeth White, Thomas Galloway and James Roe

29-Mar; John HIBBS & Sarah Sophia STICKLAND
W: David Charles Hibbs and Mary Ann Charlton

05-Apr; William SHORT & Susan RIDDLE
W: Elizabeth Best, John Barnes and James Riddle

09-May; Richard VINCENT & Mary CROCKER
W: Robert and Jane Vincent

23-May; Thomas WILLS & Sarah BAGGS
W: John Pollard and Ann Baggs

14-Jun; William STUDLEY & Betsey VINCENT
W: Robert and Peggy Vincent

26-Jul; Edward GRANT & Elizabeth Mary HOOPER, at Kingston Chapel
W: Robert Farwell and Martha Hooper

08-Aug; Thomas STOCKLY & Mary MORRIS
W: Richard Samson, Joseph Cattle and Mary Samways

11-Aug; John HOOPER & Mary COLLINS
W: Mary Hooper, Susan and John Collins

22-Aug; George DAY & Mary MOSS
W: William Day, James Loyd and Mary Jervis Balson

12-Sep; Charles BRIGGS & Rachel Charlotte FOOKS
W: John Fooks and James Polden

12-Sep; William SHITLER & Susan COLLINS
W: George Rooles and James Roe

21-Sep; John CHISMAN & Sarah OLIVER
W: James Stickland and James Roe

21-Sep; Henry WISEMAN & Elizabeth ROBERTS
W: James Roe

03-Oct; Henry WISEMAN & Elizabeth TATCHEL
W: Henry and Elizabeth Briggs

24-Nov; John ORCHARD & Jane TATCHEL, at Kingston Chapel
W: William Tatchell and Henrietta Nicholas

08-Dec; Henry BATRICK & Elizabeth BOWER
W: Jasper Morris and Maria Parker


03-Jan; William CHURCHILL & Sarah STOCKLEY
W: Elizabeth Marsh, Henry Battrick and James Roe

06-Jan; Edward BATRICK & Mary WALTON
W: Henry Bartlett and Mary Helper?

26-Jan; John PARKER & Elizabeth BURGESS
W: Joseph Moss, Mary Malton and Hannah Hansell

27-Feb; Charles FOOT & Mary GREEN, at Kingston Chapel
W: Thomas Horlick and Matthew Budden

23-Apr; William CURTIS & Elizabeth WILLSHIER
W: Mary Elizabeth wright and David Charles Hibbs

26-Apr; William BURBAGE White of Bloxwell, Dorset & Rebecca KENNEDY
W: James Rixby and Samuel Kennedy

05-Jun; Robert FARWELL & Martha HOOPER
W: Henry Hooper and Ann Battrick

10-Jul; Jacob THOMPSON of Weston, Somerset & Mary ARNOLD
W: Elizabeth Thatchell and Robert Keats

14-Aug; Joseph BRINTON & Sarah WITCHER
W: Maria Brinton and James Stockley

30-Aug; George ORCHARD & Eleanor DAVIES
W: Mary Ann Searly and George Bennett (or Vincent)

10-Oct; Henry GOULD & Elizabeth CHURCHILL
W: Robert Gould and James Roe

13-Dec; Josiah RABBITTS of Bere Regis & Peggy Sarah SMITH
W: George and Sarah Ann Smith

16-Dec; Joseph HAYMAN & Mary BARTLETT
W: James Loyd and William Hancock

24-Dec; Joseph GALTON & Susan HOLT
W: Jasper Morris and Maria Parker


01-Jan; Henry George LANGRIDGE of St.Thomas, Salisbury & Susanna SPENCER
W: .......? Spencer and James Samson

03-Jan; Thomas BATTRICK & Anne WEEKS
W: Elizabeth Marsh, Henry Battrick and John Roe

08-Jan; John Reynolds ROWE of Wimborne Minster & Mary WILLIS
W: James Mayo, ......? Willis and .........? Willis

28-Feb; John PITMAN & Elizabeth CHISMAN
W: James Morris and Elizabeth Pitman

27-Mar; David Charles HIBBS & Mary Elizabeth WRIGHT
W: Mary Ann Charlton and Charles Hibbs

05-Apr; William ABBOTT & Mary BUTLER
W: William and Martha Butler

07-Apr; James COURTNEY & Mary BISHOP

            W; Ann Gover and Joseph Moss

05-May; James SANSOM & Elizabeth Ann MOSS
W: George Dorey and Maria Garner

13-May; Robert WILLS & Ann BALSON
W: Charles Balson and Sarah Spurrier

13-May; Joseph CATTLE & Jane BUDDEN
W: Ann Hopkins and James Mansell

06-Jun; Ambrose BEST & Mary STOCKLEY
W: Elizabeth Best and John Stockley

09-Jul; Charles STOCKLEY & Martha HIBBS
W: Beulah and John Stockley

14-Jul; George BRIGGS & Elizabeth BUDDEN
W: James Roe and John Collins

14-Jul; William SMALL & Sarah HORDLE
W: William Abbott and W. Shitler

01-Aug; James GROVER & Ann TACHELL
W: John and Jane Orchard

13-Aug; William TUCK & Sarah RIDDLE
W: Joseph Ward Stockley and Jane Sheppard

25-Aug; Henry RICHARDS of West Lulworth & Elizabeth Vye SMITH
W: Joseph Bird and Margaret Smith

26-Aug; Thomas LUTHER & Frances CLARE
W: Mary Luther and Joseph Williams?

03-Sep; Isaac STOCKLEY & Elizabeth STOCKLEY
W: William and Jane Shitler

04-Sep; John GOODCHILD & Sarah CROCKER
W: Thomas and Ellen Crocker

12-Sep; George TATCHELL & Henrietta STICKLAND, at Kingston Chapel
W: James Stickland, Elizabeth Williams and Henry Barge

29-Oct; John LINNINGTON & Maria RAWLES, at Kingston Chapel
W: Charles and Thomas Udle

03-Nov; Giles FOOT & Peggy SENNECK
W: George Foot and Susannah Smith

19-Nov; Edward DIFFEY & Ann STOCKLEY
W: William Diffey and Elizabeth Stockley

26-Dec; Joseph BALL of Quidhampton, Wilts. & Susanna WITT
W: Josiah Ball, Susannah Witt, William Smith and Elizabeth Gover

27-Dec; William ROCHFORT of Rochfort, West Meath, Ireland & Arabella Margaret CALCRAFT
W: John Males? Calcraft and Larkham Calcraft

31-Dec; James EVERETT & Thirza Elizabeth BISHOP
W: Caroline and John Males? Calcraft


16-Jan; John WILDEN of Kimmeridge & Mary Ann CATTEL
W: Jane Drake and Edna White

28-Jan; George TALBOT & Hannah BILES
W: William Yemen, Henry Talbot and Ann Biles

28-Apr; John Tizard MEARS of Poxwell & Mary Anne TALBOT, at Kingston Chapel
W: Thomas Hancock Talbot

19-May; William LODDER & Anne OLIVER
W: James Smith and Mary Oliver

10-Jun; George OSMOND of Lychett Matravers & Mary SMITH, at Kingston Chapel
W: George Gover and Sarah Smith

10-Jul; Robert VINCENT & Mary Anne CORBAN
W: ...? Vincent and Elizabeth Stockley

02-Sep; Joseph KELWAY & Eliza TATCHELL
W: John Goodchild and James Tatchell

30-Sep; George MARSH & Mary Ann GREEN
W: George Roe and Jane Morris

16-Oct; John BRIDLE of Allmaine & Elizabeth CUTLER
W: Robert Taylor and Mary Davis

10-Nov; Henry DOREY of St. James' Poole & Rachel POLDEN
W: George Hubbard and Henrietta Polden

15-Nov; William STOCKLEY & Hannah FOYLE
W: John and Sarah Stockley

18-Nov; Harry WELCH & Susan CURTIS
W: Richard Vincent and Elizabeth Stockley

19-Nov; George LANGTREE & Mary HIBBS
W: David Charles Hibbs and Maria Langtree

25-Nov; William STILES & Rosanna CHURCHILL
W: Henry Churchill and James Roe

02-Dec; Robert HASSEY & Mary KEATS
W: Robert and Sarah Wills

28-Dec; John CUTLER, widower & Mary Anne CHARLETON
W: Elizabeth Bridle and Joseph Cutler


11-Jan; Samuel HOUNSEL & Elizabeth Beere STOCKLEY
W: Robert Allen and Marther Hounsell

02-Feb; George WHITE & Sarah Lucy HODGSON
W: Sarah White and Joseph Tatchell

04-Mar; William RICHARDS of St. George Hanover Square & Elizabeth SPINCER
W: Louisa Plomb, William and Sarah Spincer

08-Apr; William DAY & Ann BATRICK, at Kingston Chapel
W: Mary and George Day

14-Apr; Richard VINCENT & Elizabeth STOCKLEY
W: Elizabeth Bishop and George Talbott

14-Jul; George GOVER & Mary LUTHER
W: Sarah Luther and John Best

06-Aug; Robert RENNISON of Studland & Ann AYLES of Rempstone, Corfe
W: Susan Cainn and Joseph Swift

17-Aug; George PEACH & Jane CHRISTOPHER
W: Richard Peach and James Roe

10-Nov; Robert SAMWAYS & Jane STOCKLEY
W: Elizabeth and Charles Vincent

17-Nov; James SPECK & Mary Jane BRIGHT
W: Sarah Speck, James White and Charlotte Hutchinson

10-Dec; John GREEN & Susan FRY
W: Henry Dunning and James Diffey


21-Jan; John RICHARDS & Sarah WISE of Poole, at Kingston Chapel
W: Richard Wise and Maria Sellen

16-Mar; James HOMER & Harriot STOCKLEY, Widow
W: James and Elizabeth Hyde

22-Mar; John RICHARDS & Mary BALSON
W: Maria Brinston and John Stickland

18-Apr; Charles BAGG of Kimmeridge & Mary BATRICK of Kingston, at Kingston Chapel
W: Robert Trent and Thomas Roe

04-May; Edward CATTLE & Sarah MORRICE
W: Matilda Morris and John Lucas

20-Jul; Charles STICKLAND & Jane BILES
W: George Talbot, Jane Stickland and William Yemm

21-Jul; James Stephens WHITE & Harriet WOOD
W: Caroline White and James Roe

04-Aug; William WARREN & Elizabeth CHARLES
W: Ann and John Vincent

16-Aug; James SMITH & Ann Elizabeth GOVER
W: Mary Hall and John Adway

18-Sep; Robert SCADDEN & Mary Ann CHAFFEY
W: John Collins and Thomas Moss

20-Sep; Henry DAY & Elizabeth Gillingham HATCHARD
W: Fanny and George Day

21-Sep; Robert PARKER & Ann TALBOT
W: James Spitler, Ann Scuuden, Jane Ball and Frances Hooper

28-Sep; William COLBOURNE of Sturminster Newton & Louise WISDOM
W: Robert Taylor and Mary Elizabeth Trent

29-Sep; George HOOD & Charlotte KEBBLE
W: James Roe and Harriet White

15-Dec; William TATCHEL & Susan STICKLAND, both of Kingston
W: James Roe and Henrietta Tatchell

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