Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle Peculiar Court records - Extracts

Transcribed by Rachel Kent
From the originals at the Dorset History Centre


46 pages of old documents copied - including letters, lists of probates and administrations, deaths and marriages,
lists of persons summoned to court, extracts from Act Books 1581-1630 and churchwardens.




September 16th 1731

A list of the Persons died since the last Visitation Sept. 19th 1730


31 Oct James SUMERS – next of kin to Administrator

31 Oct Joan the wife of Richard FARWELL

18 Dec John the son of Katherine SPEAR

25 Dec Thomas NINEHAM – good Elizabeth Nineham

27 Dec Elizabeth the wife of Thomas WEBBER

4 Jan Mary the daughter of Morgan JENKINS

10 Jan Joan the wife of Thomas COOK

11 Jan John the son of John OSMOND

17 Jan Thomas WHIFFEN

17 Jan Mary BENFIELD

21 Jan Robert BENFIELD – good Robert Benfield

26 Jan Thomas HASCOL – good Thomas Hascol

1 Feb Solomon BURGESS

1 Feb Elizabeth the wife of John GOOK

2 Feb Joane the wife of John OSMOND

2 Feb Elizabeth HASCOL

5 Feb Mary the wife of Edward ROGERS

6 Feb Avice TURNER

7 Feb John MOSS

9 Feb William OSMOND

9 Feb Anne STAGG

14 Feb Anna daughter of John BARNES

28 Feb Henry JENKINS, of Elizabeth Jenkins

3 Mar William DOLLING

7 Mar William son of Mary WHITE

22 Mar Richard FFARWELL, of Mary Wakely

24 Mar Nicholas CORBIN

4 Apr Hannah the wife of Edward GOVER

8 Apr George the son of William THOMSON

11 Apr John TIDBURY, of Martha Tidbury

26 Apr John MILLER, of Margarett Miller

27 Apr John son of Thomas BAYLY, of Elizabeth Bayly

27 Apr Elizabeth LILLINGTON

21 May Mrs Elizabeth POULSON, of Robert Pouldon

29 May Anne the wife of John CROOMS

3 Jun Peter GOULD

2 Sep Peter the son of John TIDBURY


To Court Day Sept 16 1731




20 Oct Nicholas HAMM and Katherine EVANS – by licence

18 Dec Richard BUTLER and Elizabeth EAGERDON – by licence

18 Dec Robert BENFIELD and Katherine MOSS



18 Jan David BARTLETT and Katherine KEAT

13 Jul William WHEBER and Elizabeth WEBBER

29 Aug John HIBBS and Mary CULL


A list of persons died since the last Visitation and others called to appair at this Visitation Court held for the Burough and Parish of Corfe Castle Sep 16th 1731 as followeth

The Revd. Pope

Wm. Philip Bayley and Tho. Crooms (old church wardens)

Wm. Harvey Havilland (new church warden)

Wm. John Benfield and John Hardson (Tidesmen)


To prove Wills and Take Letters of Administration


Robert BOORE, for his ffather James Sumers

Elizabeth NINEHAM, for her husband Thomas Nineham

Robert BENFIELD, for his ffather Robert Benfield

William HASKOL, for his ffather William Haskol

Elizabeth JENKINS, for her husband Henry Jenkins

Mary WAKELY, for her ffather Richard Farwell

Martha TIDBURY, for her husband John Tidbury

Margaret MILLER for her husband John Miller

Eliz BUSH for her grandmother Elizabeth Lillington (this line was crossed out)

Elizab: LILLINGTON – admit Eliz: Bush next of kin


Adjourned to the Kings Arms in Corfe Castle from 3 in the afternoon



A list of the Lorvall Persons called to appear at this Visitation Court held this 18th of July 1732


New Churchwardens

 For this town, Robert Boore

 For Kingston Chapple, John Edmonds

 For the North, Henry Jenkins


Old Churchwardens

 For this town, Philip Bayly

 For Kingston Chapple, Thomas Crooms

 For the North, Alex Smith – removed



 For the town, Wm. John Benfield

 For Kingston Chapple, Thomas Cull

 For the North, John Harden


Robt Nolldon as letor to Wm White

Robert Benfield as letor to Robt Benfield

Peter of Wm Bayly

John Gover for his ffather William Gover

Grant Edmund in rulumaria?

Mary Wakely

William Butler

Elizabeth Nineham

Margaret Miller

William Haskoll


Court adjourned to Kings Arms till 6 of Wednesday July 19 1732

Thomas Croomes & Christopher Hyke – tidesmen Jur in apart July 18th 1732


Mind to get a copy of John Tidbury´s will who was buryed Apr 11th 1731

for by John John Tidbury who was converd in the said will



A small list of names mentioned above



Wm Roc: gave notice of Visitation Court Day Sept, 4th to be in Corfe Munday night Sept 3rd but if I should be detained at Blandford I propose thou to be with also Wed morning that is to say Tuesday morning the day of visitation. I am your humble servant

Wm Bowles

Aug 23rd 1733 Shaftesbury


Old Churchwardens

 Town – Robert Boore

 North – Henry Jenkins

 South – John Edmonds


Adjourned to the Fflying Fox in the morning Sept 4th 1733


New Churchwardens

 Town – Thomas Hille

 North – Edward Gover

 South – Robt Hourbourow



The names of y [the] people that eye have sworned to Court

James Sumers and Thomas Sumers for thear father James

John Coterll for his mother Mary

Thomas Croomes for his father Thomm

Mary Street for her husband Thomm

Eales Saywell for her husband (this was crossed out)

Edward Jones for his father John

Anne Ross, widdow of Mr Thomas Ross ....s?


signed: Robord Roc – skoll master


Charles Roe and Elizabeth Haviland marryed by Wm Smith of Winfrith by lic of Bristoll the church day after xtury day 1709.



A list of the persons called to appear at this Visitation Court house held for the Parish of Corfe Castle Tuesday July 30th 1734


New Churchwardens

 Thomas Ffrsh for this town

 John Gook for the north

 John Cox for the south


Old Churchwardens

 Edward Gover for the north

 Robt Stonibourer for the south


To prove wills or Administor


Sarah Boor widow of John Boor (could be Beer)

Elizabeth Tidbury for her husband Thomas Tidbury

Jane Tylor for her husband Thomas Tylor

Elenor Ffry for her ffather Gabriel Vye

Margory Sumers for her son John Sumers


William Millnor of Studland Tide waites for a coppy of Mr Robert Abbotts will easter? dyd


Court adjourned from the Courtistry to North Cartlo till four of the clock



A list of all persons buryed since the last Spiritual Court was held Sept 2nd 1735


21 Dec Jane COBB, widow

22 Dec Elizabeth, wife of William HEWLOT

20 Feb Anne, wife of David HIBBS

29 Feb Mary FRAMPTON, widow of Poole

9 Mar Robt HASCOL, wife Mary

20 Mar James DAIMAN



24 ? Eleanor , the wife of Robert HIBBS

18 May Anne ROGERS

16 Jun Jane WHEELER

23 Jun Judith CLEARS

1 Jul Mary, wife of Michael COBB

14 Jul Martha wife of Shadrach KEAT

14 Sep John BAKER, of Knowle


New Churchwardens

 Henry Brown

 Thomas Croomes

 Charles Roe


Old Churchwardens

 Ken Brown

 Thomas Croomes

 Wm Kowlot



 Thomas Ffish

 John Gook

 John Cox


Adjourned to the Kings Arms from 3 till tomorrow for business


Marryed since Sept 2nd 1735 at which time was the Corfe Spiritual Court held



13 Oct Charles ROE and Mary OSMOND – by licence

10 Nov John MARSH and Sarah SQUIBB – by licence

24 Dec William PAINTER and Elizabeth OSMOND – by licence

31 Dec John BRINN and Anne RANDALE



9 Feb Henry SPEAR and Elizabeth GOVER

4 Mar William HEWLOT and Mary KIDDY

8 Apr James SEAR and Rebecca WHITTLE – by licence

1 May Charles ROE and Susanna GARDNER

16 May Richard WHITCHOR and Amey HIBBS

2 Jul Joseph STURMEY and Elizabeth BUSH



Extracts from the books of the Acts of the Peculiar of Corfe Castle

16 Dec 1602

The Official agt. Richard HARVEY and John BEACHMAN – Churchwardens of Kingston.

It is presented that there is no Register Book kept of the Christenings and Weddings and that the churchwardens ought to proved the same. At which day the parties appeared whom the Judge admonished to buy such book before the next Court on pain of excommunication


27 Apr 1603

The Official agt. Richard HARVEY and John BEACHAM

They being ordered to buy a Book for the preservation of the names of those who are born, contract Matrimony and die. One of them appeared and certified that he had procured such Book according to Monition of the Judge upon which the Judge dismissed them without fees.



28 Nov 1581

At the Visitation Court two Churchwardens and four assistants of Corfe Castle and two Churchwardens and two Tidesmen of Kingston make separate and distinct presentments – and the Churchwardens and Tidesmen of Kingston present (amongst other things) - that the Chaunsell Door doth lye in decay and in want of repairation – and that those doth  lack a seat in the Chaunsell for the Minister to sit in – And also that the Communion Book is torn, and that there doth lack a Homily book and that the Communion Cup is not according to order


? Dec

The Official agt. The churchwardens are admonished save the  churchwardens of Kingston...................


13 Jul 1585

The Office agt. Vincent and Edmunds.

On which day appeared William BATTERLY Curate of Kingston and certified that he had denounced excommunication agt. Vincent in this Chapple Kingston



Same Day (Being 15 Jul 1585).

The Office of the Judge agt. George RIGHTHEDD

On which day personally appeared William HORE, Clerk Curate of Corfe Castle and returned a mandate to him order for performing excommunication agt. Righthedd


23 Nov 1587     

At a Visitation Court – present two Churchwardens and three Tidesman of Corfe Castle and two Churchwardens and two Tidesmen of Kingston


Presentment of the Churchwardens and Tidesmen of Corfe concerning the article for the Parishioners. We find the following offenders


Mr DACOMB for the detaining of 13s 4d (being 13 shillings and fourpence) due to the Church for the burial of his brother Thomas DACOMB and John DACOMB his son

Item: We present George HOLTON for two burials 13s 4d

Item: Robert DOLLIN for the burial of his wife 6s 8d


Presentment of the Churchwardens of Kingston

Item: We present Richard HARVIE for 20s 6d that he oweth to our Chappel

Item: We present Simon DAVIE for 40 shillings that he oweth to our Chappel


Articles exhibited to said Churchwardens and Tidesmen of said Court concerning the Parson and Parish


5th Article - Item: have you in your Church Chappel and in every of them a decent and comely table framed or joined for the Ministration of the Holy Communion with a comely and decent carpet or covering for the same and a Communion Cup of silver


8 Item: Do your Parson or Curate every Sundaywhen there is no Sermon in the church read one part of one of the Homilies set forth by the Queens Majestys Authority, & recite to the Parishioners in the Pulpit the Lords Prayer, the creed & in the English tongue


9. Have you or your Quarter sermon preached in your church by a learned and sironed preacher


10. Item: Have you or your Church and Chappel a Register Book in the which is registered and written the times and the names of all that are christened married and buried.



A list of the persons summoned to appear at this Court June 1st 1726

Elizabeth, the wife of George TOOP and Martha HOWARD for Mary LUTHER

Mary CROUDER for her husband Henry Croudor

Phillip BAYLY for his mother Joane Bayly

Elizabeth JAMES for her husband Thomas James

Mary MOSS for her husband Matthew Moss


Signed: Mr Henry DERBY Curate


Old Churchwardens

 Mr William Caines

 Mr Morgan Balstone

 Ambrose Luther & his brother


New Churchwardens

 Mr John Benfield

 Thomas Cull

 John Hardson



 Mr James Turner

 Christopher Pyke

 Thomas Cull


2 names at the bottom of the page are James NOSSITER and Mary STUDELY





31 May Elizabeth wife of Hubert BUT

15 Jun Hubert BUT

19 Jun Thomas SLAGG


6 Jul Edeth NORMAN

16 Jul Catherine CLARK

25 Jul Mary LUTHER

26 Jul Alice wife of Isaac FRAMPTON

12 Aug Isaac FRAMPTON

22 Aug Elizabeth KENT

1 Sep Elias BENFIELD

23 Oct Margaret CULL

27 Oct Margaret TOOP

15 Nov James THOMSON

22 Nov Joane BAYLY

27 Nov William WHIFFEN

17 Dec Mary BAYLY

23 Dec Thomas CULL



15 Jan Samuel WHITE

? Jan Thomas JAMES

18 Jan Ann TURNER

9 Apr Matthew MOSS

19 Apr Elizabeth VICKORY




28 Mar George MOSS and Sarah PITTMAN, of West Lulworth – by licence

11 Apr Lawrence RANDALL and Elizabeth WITT

31 May Mr Richard HAMILTON, excise officer and Mrs Jane BUTLER – by licence

20 Jun William LILLINGTON and Mary TOOMBS

1 Aug Thomas SERRELL and Mary CROUDOR – by licence

10 Aug Edward BRAN and Joane TURNER

18 Aug John HOWARD and Christian HARRIS

26 Dec  George LOOP and Elizabeth LUTHER – by licence

last line unreadable


PAGE 13  

A letter


Blandford June 7th

I have according to Mr BORSBES´s order sent you a note signed by John BENFIELD´s hand, which I hope is sufficient, so if you please to send to me a Bill of yr demands I will be eathfull to receive your money and pay it to, or return it by whomsoever you shall nominate and coud you in yr making of yr bill allow me a reasonable recompense for yr trouble. I have been at in making up yr matter for I can see no reason why I should ride fifty miles gratis you woud very much oblige.

Yr most humble sert.

William Derby

I shall return to Corfe Tuesday next



Extracts from the Books of the Acts of the Court of the Peculiar of Corfe Castle

(the first 3 paragraphs are covered under copies of Page 9


December 1581

The Churchwardens are admonished to use the Bible and Common Prayer Book amended and a Book of Homilies provided, of a decent and neat cup for the Communion provided by Lady day next – but no notice is taken of the repair of the Chauncel Door, or of the Ministers Seats.



15 July 1585

The Official of the Judge agt. Vincent and Edmunds

On which day appeared William BATTERLY, Curate of Kingston & certified that he had denounced Excommunication agt. - Vincent in the Chappel of Kingston


The rest was the same as Pages 9 and 10



Articles concerning the Parishioners



Have you in your Church and Chappel a chest or box for the receiving of the Alms of the Poor and whether the Alms and Relief given to that use be duly and indifferently disposed and distributed


6 February 1587


The Official Agt. Vincent and Harvey the Churchwardens of Kingston

On which day Vincent appeared and was admonishd to provide all Books, except the Bible for the Chappel of Kingston, by the 27th February next and the Bible to be provided by the Feast of Easter next under the penalty of the Lanett?


Same Court. The Official agt. Richard HARVEY and Simon DORY of Kingston

For debts to the Chapel of Kingston that each 20s – Rispited to this day on which day Vincent took upon himself the layment of said 40s for said Harvey and Dory.


Same Day

The Official agt. George HOLTON of Corfe

For ditamony 13s 4d for two burials in the church of Corfe, Holton decreed to pay at the next Court


27 February 1587

Against George HOLTON – for two burials – John MILLER took upon himself the payment 16s in the cause in which 16s

The payment deferred by consent of the Churchwardens to the Feast of the Annunciation.


7 May 1588

Against George HOLTON – same cause – Miller appeared - not; and an argument was made between Holton and the Churchwardens that in Consn. of this service done the church of Corfe Castle heretofore he was dismissed upon payment of 4s 8d.


12 November 1588

Against Dacham GENT - he is cited for the payment of 13s 4d due to the church of Corfe Castle for two burials in the aforesaid church – Dacham personally appeared and the Churchwardens by the consent of the Mayor and other inhabitants remitted 6s 8d thereof and Dacham promised to pay the remainder 6s 8d to the Churchwardens by Christmas next.


23 April 1629

Separate churchwardens for Corfe Castle and Kingston chosen at an Ecclesiasteal Court




12 September 1625

Presentment of the Churchwardens of the Chappel of Kingston by Dr KERCHEN at his Court at Corfe Castle

Item: we present that we have not one prayer on the Sabith day as usually. We have not our prayer Wednesdays and Sundays as usually we had before Dr Kerchenś had the Bonofice

Item: We present that one of the Windows in the church is in decay and both windows in the Chaunsell and also in the Thatchis.


29 April 1628

Presentment of the Churchwardens of Kingston

Item: We present that the Chaunsell and Chaunsell windows are in decay in the default of Dr Kerchen

Item: We present that the walls of the Chappel yard are in decay in default of the inhabitants


20 April 1630

Presentment of the Churchwardens of Kingston

Item: Several seats presented of hung in decay and also the chest belonging to the church

Item: We present the Chauncell floor for being in decay and the seiling over the Commyon table.

Item: We present the West end of the Chappel is decayed. We determine to mend it – signed by the Churchwardens

Underneath is written – The Judge admonished the new Churchwardens to repair the aforesaid defect to them belonging by the Feast of St Michael the Archangel next and to certifie the next court.


4 June 1635

Presentment of Churchwardens of Kingston

Item: We present that we have not our prayers in due tyme and that the Minister doth serve two Curses.


3 April 1638

Presentment of Churchwardens of Kingston

Item: We present that we had no morning prayer the Feaste Sunday this year in the Chauncell.

Item: We present that the Chauncell is in decay for want of reparation over head and in the inside.

There are some other presentments of the Chauncell of Kingston Chappell for being in decay but it is not said to whom it belonged to repair it – nor have there been any proceedings on any of such presentment in the Ecclesiastical Court




20 April 1630 – the same

3 May 1632 – the same

9 May 1633 – the same

19 May 1636 – the same

28 June 1641 – the same


No court appears to have been held from June 1641 till November 1668


30 April 1669

Separate Churchwardens chosen as before


25 May 1623

The Churchwardens of Kingston admonished to replace the Church ...... of Kingston


26 Sep 1625

The Official agt. Mr Gervais Russell, Clerk and Curate of Kingston

On which day appeared Edward PACKOMBE, John BEACHAM and John PURSE and alleged that morning prayers ought to be celebrated Christmas week in the Chapel of Kingston by the Rector or Curate of Corfe Castle from time immemorial and thereupon pray that prayers be desired to be celebrated in said Chapell according to said custom. upon which the Judge assigned them a day for proving their allegation in the presence of said Gervais Russell who denied the truth of said allegation


3 April 1626

same cause – More witnesses produced to prove allegation and sworn in court


6 March 1626

Same cause – Dachombe appeared and prayed Publication of the Evidence produced which was decreed in the presence of Russell who dissented

This cause was continued several courts afterwards but nothing farther done in it. None of the evidence can be formed.


3 June 1624

Presentment of the Churchwardens of Kingston

item: We present that the walls of the Chapell yard of Kingston and one of the windows of aforesaid chapel are in decay in default of those parishioners as belong to the said Chapel.




The names of persons died since the last Visitation 1729


5 Aug Alice the wife of John RIGGS

9 Aug Mary wife of Nicholas HARDIN

9 Sep Dorcas wife of Christopher SUMERS

19 Oct  John RIGGS

9 Nov Elizabeth daughter of Robt HIBBS



11 Jan Elizabeth daughter of Samuel GRAY

19 Jan Elizabeth KNAPTON – admit Elizabeth Collins

29 Jan Anne daughter of William DOLLING

4 Feb John so of Wm. SAMWAYS

11 Feb Mary WHITE – admit Bill White

24 Feb Henry son of William RAWLES

20 Mar John son of John CUDDIFORD

2 Apr John BILES

3 Apr Edward TOOP – admit rouross?

5 Apr Anne daughter of John CROOMS

19 Apr John son of Richard BRIGGS

21 Apr Elizabeth CLEARS

21 Apr Jane SAVADGE daughter of ´blank´ Savadge

26 Apr A stranger called William ARNEY of Sherbourne

3 May William CAMELL

22 Jun William John POULDON

13 Jul Mary wife of Ralph SCRIVEN

21 Aug Robert EDMONDS

22 Aug John so of Thomas BOWER

27 Aug Mary daughter of Edward ROGERS




Marriages since the Visitation 1729-1730

5 Aug Robert KEAT and Joan DOLLING

5 Oct William WEBBER and Mary MOWLAM

14 ? Charles BURGESS and Mary HARRIS

30 Jan George PERKINS and Sarah WHIFFIN

26 Apr Roger SMITH and Mary BATTIN

17 May John WILLS and Elizabeth HOSIER – by licence

19 Aug David RAWLES and Mary SPECK

3 Sep Henry BUSH and Mary GOOK

17 Sep William STICKLAND and Mary AYLES




Persons died since the last Visitation Court held at Corfe Castle



19 Jul Ffidus HORSEY

6 Aug John MOSS

20 Aug Elizabeth daughter of Thomas TIDBURY

28 Aug William BASCOMB

12 Sep John BURGESS

14 Sep Elizabeth BOWDEN

17 Sep John SYMONDS

22 Oct Mary KEAT

31 Oct Mary VICKORY

31 Oct Elizabeth BURGESS

27 Dec George DOLLING



4 Jan Peter TRIM

7 Feb Mable SHERREN

18 Feb William STEELE

21 Feb Priscilla KEAT

26 Feb John KEAT

26 Feb Katherine TAUNTON


7 Apr George EGGERDON

19 Apr George BUTLER

29 Apr John STEEL

20 May Temperance FFROST

17 Jun Sarah EDMONDS

2 Jul Warbury MOSS

16 Jul John LOOP

15 Aug Robert BEERE

2 Sep Thomas HULOT

4 Sep Thomas TIDBURY



A letter written in Corfe and dated April 12 1683


Mr Frome

Wills of tho deceased afore and therefore I would not send those ......... till I form on that should deliver them into your hand. I would have you send to Blandford court and obtain an apparator from the .... to Edmund Hater of Creech that he may appear here to probate a will of Nibam Hodsons from administrations there and that may stay till Hobon ? I am for yours as you know

Nick Gibbon



Know all men by these presents the J.A.B. of Corfe the Administratrix of M.N. Mariner, lately deceased , have made ordained constituted by these presents do make ordain constitute appoint C D of Pin in the County of L. aforesaid, my true and careful Attorney, for me in my name for my proper use to ask demand to receive from the Rt Honble the Treasurer of his Majesties Navy, the Honble Commission of the Navy, all such sum or sums of money we shall be due unto the said M.N. for his service in his Majesties Shipps the Royal Ann Bedford or any other of his Majesties Shipps, for me in my name to make real deliver, also to do the form execute all every lawful reasonable Act thing notsoever, both for obtaining discharging of ye same as shall be needful absolute power in the Premises Ralifying allowing hold firm all notsover my said Attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done in or about the Execucon of the Premises by overtue of these presents. in witness of




These are to certify that H.S. son of M.S. widow of Corfe Castle in the Isle of Purbeck County of Dorset, lately deceased returned from on board His Majesties ship The Bedford to the said town of Corfe Castle in a sick weak condicon Oct. where he continued till Nov. then dyed. Witness of hands.

R.H. Minister

H M Church

D D Hardens




April the 9th 1768 Visitation Court Day

apeard John PRICE Churchwarden for the town

appeard John SYMONS for the North division

Benjamen BOWLING for the South division

John PRICE synods man for the town

John BAKER synods man for the north division

Richard CULL for the South division

Eleonor widdow of the late George FRY of Kingston appeard in court of administration

Mary RAWLENS sister of Elenor EDMONDS of Kingston, deceased, appeard in court and administrations ordered.

This court is adjourned from Wednesday April the 9th to Saterday the 12th

at five a clock in the afternoon at the house of Richard GREENHAM known by the name of the ship in Corfe Castle. Two administrations under stamps to be lent to Eleonor FRY and Mary RAWLENS



New Churchwardens

 Mr Robert HANN for the town

 Farmer Thomas GOVER for the North

 Mr Edward DAMPIER for the South


Old Churchwardens

 John Price for the town

 Mr Richard CULL for the North

 John BAKER Snr for the South


Widow Jenkins the administrix of Henry JENKINS, her late husband


At the bottom of the page are some names with shillings and pence figures beside them. The writing is very scratchy and difficult to read, but dated 23 Jan 1760. There is no indication what the amounts are for other than a bill.


Peter TRIM   3 pounds 10s 7p

Jno JEFFRYS   8 pounds 7s

Joseph BROWN, marbler  22 pounds 2s

James BURBRIDGE, shopkeeper 23 pounds 8s 6d




April 3rd 1749

Whereas I, Honour NINEHAM, widow and Robirt of my late husband Edmund NINEHAM died being now unable by means of Lirkness to perform or execute the office of an administratrix. I therefore devise and authorise my beloved friend Richard BOSSLINS of Wareham in the County of Dorset, Baker, Principal and Chief Credor of my said late husband to take out letters of the administration to my said late husband and to aply the money to be devised by him from time to him and thorout in proportion toward and satisfying all the creditors of my said late husband. In witness whereof the said Honour NINEHAM and Richard BOSSLINS have hereto put our hands the day and year first above written

Witness: Richard Roe

Signed: the mark of Honour Nineham and Richard Bestlands


In one corner on this page is a reference made to Elizabeth TIDBURY, widow of John and with a son called Thomas. Dated 15th May 1759


Also Diana WHITE , widow of William White of Ower Pass, a boatman who drowned



Richard SPECK and Mary HALLET mar. 9th June 1757


Thomas GOWARD and Elizabeth SMITH marryd 14th day of February 1758


James EDMONDS and Sarah VYE marryd 23rd day of Febry in the year of our lord 1758


The court adjourned till 9 a clock at the aforesaid place where is adjourned before




Old Churchwardens

 Mr John KENT

 Mr Richard CULL



New Churchwardens

 William DOLLING

 Mr Richard CULL



To Mr Benfield

William Haviland

Harvey Havilands widow is Jane Haviland


Court day June the 1st 1758

Court adjourned to Mr William INGRAM´s till Saterday five a clock in the afternoon

The old Churchwardens

John KENT – town

Henry STICKLAND – North

Mr Richard CULL – South

All sworn in court by Mr Maw. [Matthew] BOWLES




The Churchwardens for the year of 1755 in Corfe Castle and parish are

Mr David HIBBS for the town

Mr CULL for the south

William BAYLY for the north


For the year 1756 are

Mr John KENT for the town

Mr CULL for the south

Henry STICKLAND for the south





Richard BARNES administrator to Richard Barnes, his father

John RICHARDS testator John his son


Elizabeth HARDIN



Richard HAYSOM, Elizabeth his wife

Edward TOOP testator paid for by Monk

Michael MONK guardian

Liv and John MONK aged 34 years

paid for and William Monk

Saint Peters named in and by of will


Old Churchwardens

 Mr Robert DOWDALL for the town

 John BAKER the younger for the North

 Richard BARNES


The present Churchwardens are

 John PRICE for the town

 John BAKER for the South

 Mr Richard CULL for the North

All sworn




Oct 11th 1738 Account of Liroures this Visitation

this Liroures at 25 o 6 each  9 – 4 – 6


Mr Pope has paid for stamps 5 shil for 5  1 – 5 – 5

5 bonds at 1 pound 7s each  0 – 7 – 11

3 sheets of doub lie penny stamps  0 – 2 – 1

    1 – 15 – 5


To send ffour Lireures too morrow from

Pooll by Henry Brown that being the  7 – 9 – 1

finall number with our bond only to be

left in Mr Pope´s hands 1 – 0 – 8





To the Reverend Thomas BALL, Clerk Batchellour of Law Official of the Spiritual Perculiar and Exempt Jurisdictions of Corfe Castle in the Isle of Purbeck Dorset, is lawfully appointed or his lawful surrogate or other Competent Judge in this behalf Carew Reywell Doctor is Divinely Vicar General and Primcipal Office of the Right Reverend Father in God by devine Pocession Lord Bishop of Bristoll lawfully .....Whereas the Reverend John WALKER , Clerk Master of Arts our surrogate lawfully .... rightly and only .... at the politice of the Proctor of the Reverend Benjamin CULUCE, Clerk, Rector of the Rectory of Studland in the County of Dorset and Diosese of Bristoll against Mr John BARNES of Ower in the parish of Corfe Castle aforesaid certain cause of Subskarking of not paying Tythes. And whereas the said John BARNES doth live and abide within your Peculiar jurisdiction of Corfe Castle aforesaid so that he causeth be4to to the effect aforsaid us and our authority. I´ve therefore in aid of the law and justice do lawfully & earueslly request you and your Authority peremptorily to like or cause to be liked the said John BARNES to appear before us our lay surrogate or other competent Judge in that behalf in the parish Church of Blandford Forum in the County of Dorset & Diosese of Bristoll and place of Judicator there on Thursday the twenty first day of April next between the hours of nine and twelve of the clock in the forenoon of the same day there are there to answer the said Benjamin CULUCE in a certain clause of subskaching or not paying tythes while the said Benjamin CULUCE hathe wood and dothe intend to prosecute against him and further to do receive as unto law and justice shall appertain hereby promising that we in the like or greater cause will for the actual supply of the law to cast neady on our part to obey your request and execute the same with all the regard. And we do further humbly and earnestly request to certify to us or a lawful surrogate or other competent Judge in this behalf of whatsoever you shall do or cause to be done on the Premises by your letters patent or process thereupon lead and done given at Blanford Forum under the seal of our office the first day of March in the year of our Lord of one thousand seven hundred and forty two

Walter ERLE Deputy Request



Oct 22 1744  William EDWARDS and Ann DOLLING were married with Licence

(this line was crossed out)

April 15 1745  Henry TARRANT and Mary BAKER were married

July 21 1745  David HIBBS and Elizabeth BENFIELD were marryed

Sept 8 1745  Thomas WEBBER and Jane HAMILTON were marryed

Sept 10 1745 John FRAMPTON and Elizabeth HARRIS were marryed


Churchwardens of Corfe castle in the Benfield Court day Oct 17th 1745

Tidesman – Henry MOSS

North Division – Stephen SMITH

Tidesman – Robert WEST

South Division – Richard BARNS

Tidesman – George FRY


Adjourned to Royal Oak to Saturday Oct 19th


died intestate

Elizabeth NINEHAM widow of Thomas Nineham and brother is Edmund

Intestate Brother (these 2 words crossed out) to Thos. afo Edward Nineham

Administration widow of Nicholas BAIN



George DOLLING – Denis Dolling Jnr for his father George Dolling

Peter TRIM – John Trim for his father Peter Trim

John SHEEL – Avis Sheel for her husband John Sheel

John VINCENT – Priscilla Vincent for her husband John Vincent

Robert BOORE – Sarah Boore for her husband Robert Boore or Beere



Robert Bowden SEAMER died in the West Indies – Mary and Elizabeth his sisters Adminstrators 6th 1741 Court adjourned to the Greyhound Thursday the 8th


Mrs Honour CAMES executrix to William Cames


Joan COBB to Nicholas CHE? late husband – abates to be lent immediately


Revd Mr POPE June 17th 1740 and 6th Oct 1741


John CROOMES for the town

Richard CULL – S. division

John LUTHER – N division



 Henry BROWNE – town

 Thomas CROOMES – S. division

 Charles ROE – N. division


Anne CROOMES widow & guardian to Thomas Croomes, an infant aged 14 and upwards

Robert WEBBERS administrator Elizabeth Webber widdow

Elizabeth JENKINS widow a will

Adjourned to the Greyhound 17th June to Thursday 19th

10 in the forenoon


Oct 6th 1740 Court day

Officis the same except Richard CULL

Mrs Honour KAMES was in his place with payne

Mrs Joan COBB wford



By virtue of a Citason herewithe known under seale of the Registers Office belonging to the Peculiar Spirituall and Royal Jurisdiction of Corfe Castle. I cite you to appear at the Couristery of the Church of Corfe Castle aforesaid on Tuesday the eighteenth day of this  instant July or at the adjournment of the thew justified and thou and there to take out letters of adminon to the goods chattills and coditts of William BUTSS (name was crossed out) your late father (father was crossed out) to prove last will and testament if any is or to show cause to the contrary and why administration proof this not be granted to George FFARR of Ffontmell Magna in the County of Dorset and to ausine your contemplis in your on paine of excommunication given under seale of my office this sixth day of July anno domi 1732



Elizabeth BAYLY widow and executrix of the last will and testament of Thomas Bayly her husband

Henry DORY on of the trustees of John HAYWARD deed and will

Susanna wife of Charles RO & executrix of the last will of Elizabeth GARDNER

Mary widow of Roger SMITH deed

Mary widow of John STOCKLEY deed


H. MOSS for the town

Robt WEST – N division

George FRY – S division

John BENFIELD for the town

Ralph SMITH – N division

Richard BARNES – S division


adj. to Greyhound



A list of the names of the persons summoned to appear at this court October the 10th 1738

Old Churchwardens

 Henry BROWNE for the town

 Thomas CROOMES for the South division

 Charles ROE for the North division


New Churchwardens

 John CROOMES for the town

 George CULL for the South division

 John LUTHER for the North division


To prove wills and administer


Susanna WHITE for her late husband John White

Barbara the wife of Ross SPECK, for her late husband John TARRANT


Oct 10th 1738 at Cousits Adjourned to the Greyhound



Since the last visitation marryed

Shadrach KEAT and Martha STOCKLY – by licence

Edward GOVER and Mary STEVENS

John CROOMES and Mary MELMOTH – by licence

William HURST and Alice WEBBER

Elias BENFIELD and Elizabeth TYLOR

Henry DORY and Elizabeth HARRIS

John KENT and Hannah BENFIELD – by licence

Oliver VYE and Mary BARTER – by licence



The names of the persons summoned to appear at this Court now held this 9th day of May 1712.

Old Churchwardens

 Mr Samuel SERETH for the town

 Thomas CROOMES for the South

 Christopher SUMERS for the North


Mr George CLARKE tidesman of the town


New Churchwardens

 Mr Henry MOSS for the town

 Thomas CROOMES for the South

 John SMITH for the North


Persons that were proposed and held to appear



Elizabeth NINEHAM



To prove wills and administer


Thomas CROOMES for his father Thomas Croomes

Mrs Anne ROSS for her husband Mt Thomas Ross

John COTTRELL for his mother Mary Cottrell

Tabitha TURNER for her husband James Turner

Jane COBB for her husband William Cobb


Mary TROW for her husband William Trow

Isaac FRAMPTON for his mother Emm Frampton

Mrs Elizabeth DOLLING for her husband Joseph Dolling



Browns W

A Pushmans

Wm Lord

Rob; Adm

E Barnes


Edmunds Th: & Mary up to Ma Moss

Toop Edw son to I Fil

Pouldon Rt to John Pal

Still Avis wid to John Steel

Haskel Mary to Robt H

Tidbury Mary to Thos Tidbury

Webber Eliz to Robert W

Moss Eliz to Henry Moss

Kainit John to Thos Edmunds

Nineham Edmund to Eliz Nineham

Gover Eliz wid to John Gover

Burgess C E Hon: Joy to Margt Harris

Tombs Ann and Robt Silsley to Thomas C




Richard EDMUNDS of Kingston & Emma ROWE of Corfe marryd

at Poole without licence from Corfe Castle


George DOLLING of Corfe and Elizabeth SPEAR marryd at with licence


James NOSSITER and Mary STUDLEY marryd at Stoke last year with licence


provided today before Mr Henry DARBY



an undated letter


Dear Sir

I beg that you would bring wth you to Corfe that agreemt that y mentioned in my last upo the backside of the inventory of Mr Summerses.

And I must likewise desire that you would take that part of the will of Simon STOCKLEY´s that relates to Shadrach KATE & bring it along wth you. I have advised this person to put an affair into your hands, I have told him you will soon putt to an end. Mr TARRANT is dead & t Publick House is putt down – so that I think your best way will be to putt up att Dort. CROOMES who is to be sworn in Churchwarden & wher visitation is appoynle to be kept

Hvo yr hunt to




Mr BOWLES Junr of Corfe Castle promised to pay to Mr Geo: FFROME

Ffor John TARRANTS Sir to Isaih shool stamps 1 pound 3s 4d


Sept 30 Ffor the copy of the will of Geo: CULL with

lareh? & copy & postage 4s 9d


Received Ffeb 11: 1723 by the hand of Mr Matthew BOWLES Junr the roulouts of the above written Bill ffor use of Mrs FFROME widow

by me

Tho: Raden


a letter

June 2d 1712

Mr Froms

This afternoon my Curate of Corfe Mr DERBY brought a message to me from John BENFIELD. That its in nun desirom to undergur A yr summary Mulet and to satisfy yr Commutation Fey. Mins I promised to remitt I told him I would endsan to present with you to send yr bill with direction But not with you hand rest A note signed by the Jo. BENFIELD in the presence of the Mr DERBY But in short if he offers to trifle about paying it to Commutaion Fey, he shall be proceeded agt for his contempt in not appearing in the Church last Sunday according to sentences. I am in hall

yr humble servt.




A copy of the Registry Book of Corfe Castle from July 3d 1727 to Jun 18 1728


Aug 23 Jane YOUNG was buryd in woolen

Sep 8 Mary STEEL

Sep 23 Mary CULL

Oct 1 Katherine MARHEM

Nov 6  Avis BROWNE

Nov 21 Walter FRAMPTON

Dec 3d Deborah COLLINS

Dec 22d Mary COLLINS

Jan 7th Honour CROSS

Ffeb 23d Jno GARDNER

Ffeb 16 James THOMSON

Ffeb 22 Eliz: TIDBURY

Ffeb 23 Eliz: GRANT

March 3d Elizabeth WEBBER

March 8th Mary ROE

March 11th Thomas CHUBB

March 17th Mary SPEAR

March 18 Robert WEBBER


April 7th Mary MOSS

Aprill 9th James HILL

Aprill 11th George CORNE

April 14 Susannah ROSS

Aprill 17 Robert SUMMERS

Aprill 22 John GORRIDGE

May 4th Agnes DURHAM

May 29 Christian BURGESS

May 31 Robert BENFIELD


Marriages from May 14 1727 to June 18th 1728


November 27 1727 William NORMAN & Anne WHELER were marryd

Dec 17 James HOWARD & Eliz: WHIFFEN

Dec 24 John MOSS & Deborah GLOVER

January 1st Robert SUMMER & Eliz: DOLLING



Elizabeth WILLINON

with ..... ..... her father .....................


.............. BAKER filia .....

Margory BOALL

...... Jonas


John .........................



A list of the deaths in Corfe Castle from 1 January 1726

to 2d July 1727


Amey the wife of Marmaduke HARDIN was buryd Sept 8 1726

Grace FRAMPTON Sept 27

James HAVELLAND Nov 19

Mary the daughter of Marmaduke HARDIN Nov 20

Avis TURNER Dec 4

Thomas ROBERTS Dec 13

Christopher SUMMERS Dec 24

Mary TOOP Jan 4

Joseph ROGERS Jan 4

John GOULD Apr 14

William CORKS Aprill 24

William HARDIN May 2d


 Henry DERBY Clerk

 21 Jun 1727

 allowed by us

 Dennis BOND



Marriages from and to

Geo: STOCKLEY and Martha WEBBER marryd June 25 1726

John TARRANT and Barbara HOBBS Aug 20 – by licence

James BENFIELD and Lucy HAVELLAND Nov 25 – by licence

Thomas DAMIN and Mary STICKLAND Dec 28

Thomas EDMUNDS and Mary MOSS Dec 29 – by licence

Robert BROWN, of Canford and Mary TOOP Apr 16 1727

Richard STOUT and Mary WEBBER May 2d

Thomas LAWLEY and Ruth COFFIN May 8 – by licence

Henry MOSS and Eliz: BROWNE May 10

William RAWLES and Margery DOLLING May 11

William FFARWELL and Eliz: LESTER May the 14th


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