Photographs of the monuments and plaques within the Parish Church
All photographs Jan Hibberd, 2014-2017
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John Vincent d.1821 aged 80 years

Ellen Barter d.1874 aged 40 years

Jane Foot d. 1887

Henry Foot d. 1891

Ann Wheller Scott d. 1836 in her 44th year



View of the Churchyard

View of the Churchyard

Mary Vincent Jacob d. 1845

also John Jacob d. 1845

Henry Thomas Marsh d. 1933 in his 88th year


Emily Marsh (wife of Henry) d. 1902

Rachel Viscountess Frankfort de Montmorency d. 1936

See Above Right

Raymond Hervey Viscount Frankfort de Montmorency b. 1835

Kathleen de Montmorency d. 1927

Louisa Augusta Beckett d. 1900

Blanche de Montmorency d. 1892 or 1894

Field Marshall Right Hon Sir John Michel d. 1886

Louisa Ann Michael d. 1905

See Above Right - detail for Sir John Michael

Major John Horace Charles Michel d. 1925

View of Church

Amelia Hellier (Snelling)

View of Churchyard

Private C G W Christopher d. 1916

Eliza Pethen d. 1914 aged 72 years

Wife of Edward Pethen

Frederick James Burgess d. 1917 in Belgium

Rosaline Ann Burgess d. 1953

Grantham Hunt d. 1916

also Alice Hunt (wife of above) d. 1952




Village Hall

Village Hall



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