East Chelborough

1861 Census - RG9/1362

Transcribed by Keith Searson


Schedule Road, Street, No or Name of House Name Surname Relationship Condition Age Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born County Notes
17 Horsey Thomas BRETT Head Married 58 Farmer Evershot Dorset Farms 89 acres
    Susannah BRETT Wife Married 59   West Chelborough Dorset  
    John BRETT Son Single 26   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Harriet BRETT Daughter Single 18   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Benjamin BRETT Son Single 16   West Chelborough Dorset  
18 Stake Farm Jane GUPPY Head Widow 36 Farmer Halstock Dorset  
    Jane GUPPY Daughter Single 13   Halstock Dorset  
    Robert GUPPY Son Single 11 Scholar Halstock Dorset  
    John GUPPY Son Single 9 Scholar Halstock Dorset  
    Albion GUPPY Son Single 2   East Chelborough Dorset  
19   Elizabeth PITCHER Head Widow 52 Laundress Barrington Somerset  
    Annie PITCHER Daughter Single 18 Governess Misterton Somerset  
    George PITCHER Son Single 11 Scholar Stoford Somerset  
20   John T W PITCHER Head Married 64 Farmer Yeovil Somerset Farms 17 acres. Employs 1 man
    Clarissa PITCHER Wife Married 38   London Middlesex  
    Elizabeth SAUNDERS Lodger Single 30   Yeovil Somerset  
21   Thomas STUDLEY Head Married 51 Dairyman Cheddington Dorset  
    Mary Ann STUDLEY Wife Married 50   North Perrot Somerset  
    Ann STUDLEY Daughter Single 25   Dawlish Somerset  
    Edward STUDLEY Son Single 17   Misterton Somerset  
    Adam STUDLEY Son Single 5 Scholar Ilminster Somerset  
22   Thomas PAUL Head Married 66 Farmer Beaminster Dorset Farms 350 acres Employs 6 men and 3 boys
    Mary PAUL Wife Married 58   Coombe St Nicholas Somerset  
    Ellen PAUL Daughter Single 29   Pendome(?) Somerset  
    John PAUL Son Single 25   Pendome(?) Somerset  
    Henry PAUL Son Single 17   Pendome(?) Somerset  
    George PAUL Son Single 15   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Mary Ann TRAVIS Servant Single 40 General Servant Winfrith Dorset  
23   William PAUL Head Married 42 Shepherd Beaminster Dorset  
    Harriet PAUL Wife Married 41   Allington Dorset  
    Fanny PAUL Daughter Single 13   Mosterton Dorset  
    Matthew William PAUL Son Single 12 Shepherd Boy Whitchurch Dorset  
    George PAUL Son Single 9 Scholar Mosterton Dorset  
24   Joseph FRAMPTON Head Married 67 Retired Labourer East Chelborough Dorset  
    Francis FRAMPTON Wife Married 42   Ringwood Dorset  
    Joseph M FRAMPTON Son Single 20 Carter Rampisham Dorset  
    Albert Edward FRAMPTON Son Single 18 Carter Rampisham Dorset  
    Mary Jane FRAMPTON Daughter Single 16   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Marland M FRAMPTON Daughter Single 9 Scholar East Chelborough Dorset  
    Catherine(?) FRAMPTON Daughter Single 6 Scholar East Chelborough Dorset  
    Edith FRAMPTON Daughter Single 2   East Chelborough Dorset  
    John FRAMPTON Son Single 12 Carter East Chelborough Dorset  
25   William FOWLER Head Married 40 Agricultural Labourer Coombe St Nicholas Somerset  
    Jane FOWLER Daughter Single 9   Odcombe Somerset  
    William FOWLER Son Single 3   East Chelborough Dorset  
26   Nathaniel WILLS Head Married 23   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Matilda WILLS Wife Married 25   Corscombe Dorset  
    William WILLS Son Single 1   Corscombe Dorset  
27   Jesse BISHOP Head Married 36 Labourer and Woodman East Chelborough Dorset  
    Sabinna BISHOP Wife Married 32   Maiden Newton Dorset  
    Justinian BISHOP Son Single 8   East Chelborough Dorset  
    George BISHOP Son Single 2   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Emma BISHOP Daughter Single 1   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Susan FRY Sister in Law Single 21   Rampisham Dorset  
28   George COOMBS Head Married 61 Gardener Halstock Dorset  
    Frances COOMBS Wife Married 65   Hardington Somerset  
29 Lewcombe Parsonage Richard HILLYARD Head Single 50 Rector of East Chelborough Winstead East Riding of Yorkshire  
    Catherine Francis HILLYARD Sister Single 63   Winstead East Riding of Yorkshire  
    Martha BURROUGHS Servant Single 30   Catherstone Dorset  
    Elizabeth GEORGE(?) Servant Single 22   Charmouth Dorset  
30 Lewcombe Farm William WILLS Head Married 37 Farmer Yetminster Dorset Farms 45 acres
    Theresa WILLS Wife Married 38     Dorset  
    Annie Old WILLS Daughter Single 7   Halstock Dorset  
    Emily Curtis WILLS Daughter Single 4   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Mary Jane WILLS Daughter Single 11 mths   East Chelborough Dorset  
    William CURTIS Father in Law Widower 75   Maiden Newton Dorset  
    Charles William CURTIS Servant Single 16 Dairy Boy Dorchester Dorset  
31 Wood Farm John NEAL Head Married 60 Farmer Beaminster Dorset Farms 320 acres. Employs ? men and 3 boys
    Mary Ann NEAL Wife Married 48   Yeovil Somerset  
    John NEAL Son Single 20   East Chelborough Dorset Dumb from Birth
    Henry S G NEAL Son Single 18 Shepherd East Chelborough Dorset  
    Mary Ann NEAL Daughter Single 16   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Thomas John NEAL Son Single 10 Scholar East Chelborough Dorset  
    Elizabeth NEAL Daughter Single 12 Scholar East Chelborough Dorset  
    Mary Ann PESTER Servant Single 18 General Servant Halstock Dorset  
32 Under Hill Thomas TUCK Head Married 50 Agricultural Labourer Clapton Somerset  
    Jane TUCK Wife Married 46   West Chelborough Dorset  
    William TUCK Son Single 14 Agricultural Labourer East Chelborough Dorset  
    Emily Ann TUCK Daughter Single 12 Scholar East Chelborough Dorset  
    Mary Ann TUCK Daughter Single 7 Scholar Bradford Dorset  
    John TUCK Son Single 10 Scholar Halstock Dorset  
  1 Unoccupied                  
71 ?   Richard LEGG Head Married 53 Carter Toller Porcorum Dorset  
    Mary Ann LEGG Wife Married 51   Maiden Newton Dorset  
    Elizabeth L LEGG Daughter Single 18   Maiden Newton Dorset  
    Thomas LEGG Son Single 12   Maiden Newton Dorset  
    James LEGG Son Single 7 Scholar Maiden Newton Dorset  
72 ?   James WHITTLE Head Married` 25 Carter Maiden Newton Dorset  
    Amelia Jane WHITTLE Wife Married` 20   Maiden Newton Dorset  
20 ? Harvey Wood David CHILDS Head Married 41 Agricultural Labourer Clifton Somerset  
    Harriett CHILDS Wife Married 50   Long Sutton Somerset  
    Sarah CHILDS Daughter Single 21   Bradford Somerset  
    Jemimah CHILDS Daughter Single 13   Clifton Somerset  
    Ann CHILDS Daughter Single 10   Clifton Somerset  


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