East Holme

RG 13 / 1988 Enumeration District 10

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

75 people on the night of March 31st, 1901
Comprising the whole of the Parish of East Holme and the Priory, bounded by the Parishes of Arne and East Stoke. Enumerator: W. R. MARSHMAN


NAddressSurnameForename(s)RelationCivilityAgeSexOccupationStatusBirthplace FolioPage
1East HolmeBOND NathanielHeadWid60MJ.P. & D.L. Dorset EmployerHolmeDOR501
  BOND Gerald DennisSonSingle32MJ.P. & Land Agent  LondonLDN501
  VYE HenryServantSingle28MGroom Domestic WorkerTroy TownDOR501
  TIDD JaneServantWid49FHousekeeper Domestic  TimworthSFK501
  HALLETT FlorenceServantSingle21FParlour Maid  West LulworthDOR501
2East HolmeMILLER WilliamHeadMar42MGardener Domestic  East StokeDOR501
  MILLER ElizaWifeMar33F   TrentDOR501
  MILLER GertrudeDau 9F   East StokeDOR501
  MILLER ElsieDau 8F   East StokeDOR501
  MILLER MurielDau 2mF   East StokeDOR501
  MILLER DorothyDau 4F   East StokeDOR501
3East HolmeLUMBER William H.HeadMar35MShepherd WorkerTurners PuddleDOR501
  LUMBER LoisWifeMar35F   Binegar [East Stoke]DOR501
  LUMBER Edith E.Dau 9F   East StokeDOR501
  LUMBER William J.Son 7M   East StokeDOR501
  LUMBER Sidney H.Son 4M   Trignon [Wareham]DOR501
  MILES FrankBoarderSingle23MGame Keeper WorkerBlandfordDOR501
4East HolmeSTICKLAND JohnHeadMar46MAgricultural Labourer WorkerKingstonDOR501
  STICKLAND AnneWifeMar50F   East HolmeDOR501
  STICKLAND HerbertSon 15MErrand Boy WorkerEast HolmeDOR501
  STICKLAND SidneySon 11M   East HolmeDOR501
  STICKLAND FloraDau 8F   East HolmeDOR501
5East HolmeTHOMAS ThomasHeadMar56MFarm Bailiff WorkerFrome St QuintonDOR502
  THOMAS EdithWifeMar52F   PowerstockDOR502
  THOMAS KateDauSingle25FServant, Domestic  Frome St QuintonDOR502
  THOMAS CharlesSonSingle21MRailway Labourer WorkerFrome St QuintonDOR502
  THOMAS HenrySon 19MFarm Labourer - Carter WorkerBindon [Wool]DOR502
  THOMAS FrederickSon 15MFarm Labourer - Carter WorkerStinsfordDOR502
  THOMAS ElizabethDau 14F   StinsfordDOR502
  THOMAS RosinaAunt/VisitorSingle57FHousekeeper, Domestic  PowerstockDOR502
6East HolmeSMITH SamuelHeadSingle38MFarm Bailiff WorkerSwanageDOR502
7East HolmeCOLES RichardHeadMar53MGardener Domestic WorkerBentleyHAM502
  COLES SusannaWifeMar43F   Grange [Steeple]DOR502
  COLES FrankSon 5M   East HolmeDOR502
  COLES EmilyDau 3F   East HolmeDOR502
8East HolmeMILLER FrancesHeadWid57FManageress of Dairy WorkerKilmingtonDEV502
  MILLER WilliamSonSingle21MDairyman WorkerStocklandDOR502
  MILLER LilyDauSingle18F   KingsburySOM502
  HANGER AlbertG-Son 11M   WeymouthDOR502
  FARWELL ArthurServant 14MDairy Boy WorkerChideockDOR502
9East HolmeMEAD WilliamHeadMar68MAgricultural Labourer WorkerRushton [East Stoke]DOR502
  MEAD Sarah AnnWifeMar49F   [not given] 502
10The PrioryTHOMPSON Amy MeyseyHeadSingle46FIndependent Means  Kirby Hall [York]YKS513
  CLARK Margaret H.ServantSingle21FLady’s Maid Domestic  WalfordHRT513
  FEE William HenryServantMar50MButler Domestic  IrelandIRL513
  SELBY Edgar JohnServantSingle16MPage Domestic  MaryleboneLDN513
  MARTIN EdnaServantSingle40FCook Domestic  StudlandDOR513
  CHENEY JaneServantWid48FHousemaid  WimborneDOR513
  SAMWAYS AliceServantSingle14FHousemaid  TynehamDOR513
  WEEKES Lydia A.ServantSingle18FKitchenmaid  West LulworthDOR513
11 TOOP JamesHeadMar57MAgricultural Labourer WorkerWinfrithDOR513
  TOOP ElizabethWifeMar44F   Rushton [East Stoke]DOR513
  TOOP William J.Son 14MFarm Lad WorkerEast HolmeDOR513
  TOOP Albert E.Son 12M   East HolmeDOR513
12 WILCOX SamuelHeadMar36MAgricultural Labourer WorkerCombe KeynesDOR513
13 DOMINY CharlesHeadMar35MGame Keeper WorkerWarehamDOR513
  DOMINY MaryWifeMar30F   HookDOR513
  DOMINY AlbertSon 11M   East HolmeDOR513
  DOMINY CharlesSon 9M   East HolmeDOR513
  DOMINY IvyDau 8F   East HolmeDOR513
  DOMINY MayDau 6F   East HolmeDOR513
  DOMINY ThomasSon 5M   East HolmeDOR513
  DOMINY WinifredDau 4F   East HolmeDOR513
  DOMINY EdwardSon 2M   East HolmeDOR513
  DOMINY DorothyDau 1F   East HolmeDOR513
  DOMINY CicelyDau 2mF   East HolmeDOR513
14East HolmeCREW Alfred H.HeadMar33MCoachman Domestic  IwerneDOR514
  CREW FannyWifeMar36F   BapchildKEN514
  CREW MauriceSon 2M   East HolmeDOR514
  CREW Helen J.Dau 4mF   East HolmeDOR514
15East HolmeKELLAWAY JamesHeadMar62MFarm Bailiff WorkerEast StokeDOR514
  KELLAWAY LeahWifeMar62F   East StokeDOR514
16East HolmeELMES FelixHeadMar67MFarmer  EgglestonDOR514
  ELMES SelinaWifeMar69    West MoorsHAM514
  ELMES FrankSonSingle30MGeneral Labourer WorkerGaulter [Kimmeridge]DOR514