East Stoke

Burials 1732 to 1812

Transcribed from films of Bishop's Transcripts (1731-42) and Parish Registers (1742-1812) and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Bishop's Transcripts and Parish Registers are difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the originals at the Dorset History Centre.

29Aug1732George STICKLAND 
09Sep1733John HOOD 
10Dec1733Margaret TILLY 
06Jan1733William HOBBS 
28Mar1734Mabel READ 
25Dec1734Mary READ 
10May1735Elizabeth [not given] 
03Dec1735William SPICER 
12Dec1735Mary SPICER 
03Jul1736John FOOT 
12Sep1736Roger HANCOCK 
10Nov1736Betty FANCEY 
13Nov1736Sarah CHICKinfant
01Jan1736/7Elizabeth ROBINSONMrs.
06Feb1736/7John FANCEY 
10Jan1737/8Agnes COLE 
19Feb1737/8Mary STURMYwife of John Sturmy
08Jun1738Elizabeth SMITH 
10Feb1738/9Martha BARNS 
16May1739John BURDEN 
20Aug1740William CHICK 
09Dec1740Mary STURMYwidow
27Jul1742Elizabeth BAILY 
06Aug1742Abner HOBBSson of Diana Hobbs
27Aug1742Francis HOBBS 
19Jan1742/3Joannah ROBINSONwife of Revd. John Robinson, Rector
30Mar1743Robert STICKLANDson of George & Katharine Stickland
07Apr1743John TUBB 
24Apr1743William FOOT 
31May1743John ROBINSONRector
31May1743John LOKYER[LOCKIER in BTs]
18Sep1743Hannah PURCHASEdau of John & Elizabeth Purchase
04Mar1743/4Hannah PURCHASE[BTs only]
28Mar1744Elizabeth VOCOMEwife of Charles Vocome
28Jun1744Unknown  A poor Traveller who came from Flint in Wales
06Jul1744Allice SPICERwidow
09Sep1744Edward BASKETT 
15Nov1744Elizabeth FOOTwidow
04Dec1744Edward BASKETTson of Ann Baskett widow
04Jun1745Robert SKILLER[NB: in his Will he spells his name ’Robert SKINNER’]
15Dec1745Ann HUNNYwife of John Hunny
12Feb1745Unknown  A Travelling woman who died at East Bestwall or Swinham
12Mar1745William FOOTson of William Foot
16Dec1746Ann STICKLANDdau of Henry & Ann Stickland of East Holme, paying 6s.8d.
16Dec1746[not given] LUGGinfant
04Mar1746/7Jone LUMBARDwife of William Lumbard
09May1747John WHITEson of John & Rachael White
02Aug1747John SQUIRE 
17Aug1747Rachael WHITEwife of John White
17Aug1747John WHITEinfant son of John White
17Aug1747Sampson WHITEinfant son of John White
08Oct1747William BURDENof Woollbridge
20May1748John BAILEY 
31May1748William LUMBARD 
17Oct1748Richard STICKLAND 
28Oct1748Samuel STICKLANDson of Samuel & Mary Stickland
11Nov1748Betty READ 
25Jan1748/9Mary HUNNYwife of John Hunny
21Feb1748/9Elizabeth LARROWSEwidow
13Sep1749Mary ROBINSONdau of Richard & Mary Robinson Clerk (privately baptised at Wareham)
30Dec1749Michael VOCOMEson of John & Elizabeth Vocome
13Feb1749/50Alice SMITHdau of George & Elizabeth Smith
16Feb1749/50Eleoner WOODROEwidow
10May1750Joseph CROCKERson of Henery & Mary Crocker
06Jun1750Henery CROCKER 
29Aug1750Margrett BUDDENwife of William Budden of East Holme, paying 6s.8d.
07Sep1750Mabel DAGWORTHYwidow of East Holme, paying 6s.8d.
20Sep1750Mary CROCKERwife of Henery Crocker senior
28Mar1751Ann SPICERwife of James Spicer senior
11Sep1751Mary FANCYwidow
17Nov1751David ALLEN 
10Apr1752Joseph SPICERson of James & Mary Spicer senior
28Jan1753Jane GOODWINwife of James Goodwin
28Jan1753Elizabeth GOODWINinfant dau of James & Jane Goodwin
28Jan1753Jane TILLYwife of John Tilly
16Feb1753Mary ROBINSONdau of Richard & Mary Robinson, Clerk
25Jun1753Abbigal ALLENwidow
14Mar1754Simon PURCHASEson of John & Elizabeth Purchase
- -- - - 1754George[not given] the son of... [probably entered under burials instead of christenings in error]
- -- - - 1754ElizabethHOOD dau of Richard & Rachell Hood [probably entered under burials instead of christenings in error]
30Jun1754John WHITTLE 
30Jul1754John HONEY 
13Oct1754George DORYson of John & Katharine Dory
05Jan1755Thomas STICKLANDof East Holme, & six shillings and eight pence pd for breaking the ground
29Jul1755Renaldoe STICKLANDson of Philip & Cassandra Stickland
19Aug1755John FISHERof this parish
20Nov1755Jenny VOCUMinfant dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Vocum
28Dec1755George STICKLANDinfant son of James & Elizabeth Stickland
31Dec1755Martha HANCOCK 
24Sep1756Walter STICKLANDinfant son of Philip & Cassandra Stickland
19Dec1756Katharine DORYdau of John & Katharine Dory
28Dec1756James STICKLANDson of Philip & Cassandra Stickland
23Jan1757William JEFFRIESson of Robert & Mary Jeffries
16Feb1757Elizabeth SEARLYwife of Robert Searly
12May1757Thomas WHITEson of John White
01Aug1757Mary BURDENof Woollbridge Farm
14Sep1757Robert DOREY 
17Feb1758William SQUIBBson of Richard & Elizabeth Squibb
01Mar1758Martha MUDDLEdau of Mary Muddle
19Mar1758Elizabeth VOCUMwife of Thomas Vocum
27Mar1758Thomas VOCUM 
02Apr1758William SMITHson of George & Elizabeth Smith
18Jun1758William HAYTE 
- -- - -1758 BettyPENNYdau of John Penny
10Sep1758Elizabeth ALLEN 
01Feb1759Elizabeth NOTLEY 
01Mar1759Mary DAWwidow
28May1759Jackquey HODGESwife of William Hodges
03Jun1759Joseph SPICERson of James & Mary Spicer senior
10Feb1760Richard SQUIBB 
30Mar1760John BROWNson of Richard & Alice Brown
01Apr 1760GeorgeSTICKLAND son of James & Elizabeth Stickland
17Apr1760John TUBB 
04Jul1760William TUBBson of Leah Tubb widow
17Apr1761John STURMEY 
24May1761Mary WHITTLE 
27Aug1761Katharine STICKLANDwife of George Stickland senior
17Nov1761John HOODson of James & Mary Hood
04Feb1762James STICKLANDinfant son of Philip & Eizabeth Stickland junior
16Apr1762Mary VOCOMEdau of John & Elizabeth Vocome
04May1762Mary COBBalias GARDENER, widow
08Jun1762Jenny READdau of George & Elizabeth Read
27Jul1762Elizabeth BASKETTdau of Ann Baskett, widow
11Oct1762James SPICERsenior aged 80, lusty and likely to live some years, but unfortunately fell from a load of Furze Faggots and died in a day or two after.
27Jan1763Frances PAYNEdau of George & Phillis Payne
10Feb1763Jane STANLEYwife of Timothy Stanley
01Mar1763Edmond SQUIBBson of Edmond & Mary Squibb
30Jun1763Elizabeth BROWNsinglewoman
13Sep1763John PLOUGHMAN 
25Oct1763Thomas LUMBARD 
10Nov1763Ann BISHOPwife of William Bishop
14Dec1763James HOOD 
14Dec1763Mary HOODwife of James Hood
15Mar1764Melier BISHOPdau of William Bishop
20Apr1764George READ 
25Apr1764William FOOT 
04Feb1765Elizabeth SEXYwife of George Sexy
27Feb1765John TILLEY 
07Mar1765George HOODson of John & Sarah Hood
23Apr1765George SEXYson of George Sexy
19May1765Elizabeth SQUIREsinglewoman
31May1765Henry CROCKER 
16Jun1765Joseph DAVIS 
03Sep1765James LUMBER 
12Oct1765Samuel LUMBER 
- -Nov1765Martha SEARLYdau of Samuel & Ann Searly [full date not given in PRs or BTs]
23Mar1766Robert SEARLEYjunior
14Apr1766Christian BURDENwife of Charles Burden
03Jun1766Sarah SEXEYsinglewoman, dau of George Sexey
25Sep1766Timothy STANDLEY 
12Nov1766Elizabeth READ 
01Feb1767Hannah LILLINGTON 
08Mar1767John HOODsenior, clerk of this parish for 48 years
06Nov1767Elenor RANDALLwidow
01Mar1768Mary FANCYwife of Thomas Fancy
18Mar1768Elizabeth PURCHASEwife of John Purchase
12Apr1768John TALBUTT 
13Apr1768Elizabeth HOBBSwife of Simon Hobbs
22May1768Robert SEARLY 
31May1768Honor FOOT 
14Jun1768Charles VOCOM 
22Jul1768Katherine DORYwife of John Dory
14Oct1768William BURDEN 
10Dec1768Ann WHITE 
08Feb1769James GOODWIN 
15Mar1769Cassandra STICKLANDwife of Philip Stickland
22Mar1769Mary JEFFRIESwife of Robert Jeffries
23Mar1769Rachael HOODwife of Richard Hood
12Apr1769Mary PALMERwife of Richard Palmer
13Apr1769William STICKLANDson of Philip Stickland widower
13Apr1769Katherine STICKLANDdau of Philip Stickland widower
02May1769Mary ACTYwife of John Acty
21May1769Barbarah VOCOM 
16Jun1769Humphry FOOT 
19Jun1769Grace SKILLER 
23Jun1769George HOODinfant
20Aug1769Elizabeth HOOD 
28Sep1769Mary HOODinfant
15Nov1769Walter STICKLAND 
13Dec1769Elizabeth STICKLANDinfant dau of Philip & Hannah Stickland
14Dec1769Margrett HAYTEwidow
19Dec1769Bridgett LAMBARDwidow
27Mar1770John HOBBSjunior
01May1770Thomas WINLOCKinfant
01Jun1770Ann COAL 
18Feb1771Hannah DOARYwidow
25Feb1771Elizabeth GOULDwidow
03Apr1771Edmond SQUIBB 
30May1771Denis SKINNERinfant son of John & Jane Skinner
21Aug1771Humphry FOOT 
07Nov1771Jane HANCOCK 
02Mar1772Elizabeth PAYNE 
06Mar1772Ann VOCUM 
06May1772Joseph SERJEANT 
13Jun1772George STICKLAND 
25Oct1772Joseph GOODWIN 
13Dec1772Mary GOULD 
08Jan1773Susanna DAVISON 
18Jan1773Isaack FOOT 
05May1773Ephraim BROWN 
12May1773Joannah BROWN 
08Aug1773Ann BROWN 
28Oct1773James HOODinfant
30Nov1773Jenny BURDENwidow
19Dec1773George STICKLANDsenior
24Jan1774Betty STICKLANDinfant
20Mar1774Mary CHICKwidow
01Apr1774William FOOTT 
19May1774Elizabeth SMITH 
18Sep1774Dorothy CROCKERwife of Robert Crocker
25Sep1774Alice HAYTE 
04Feb1775Mary SQUIRE 
01Mar1775Steven WHITEsenior
14May1775Mellyer COLE 
30Jun1775George HOOD 
14Jul1775William HOOD 
14Aug1775Frances MOECHwidow
08Nov1776Mary BAKER 
03Feb1777George WHITTLEinfant
18Jun1777Richard PALMER 
13Jul1777John FANCY 
02Nov1777George HOODinfant
26Nov1777Henery STICKLANDson of Philip & Hannah Stickland
14Jul1778John HOBBSson of William & Mary Hobbs
16Dec1778John PURCHASE 
14Jan1779Thomas ABBOTT 
15Jan1779Joseph FOOT 
24Feb1779Jenny STICKLANDinfant
29Apr1779Elizabeth COSH 
03May1779Mary BURDEN 
10Aug1779Sarah STANDLEY 
13Sep1779Henery STICKLAND 
14Nov1779Margrett BROWN 
24Nov1779Ann GRANT 
30Nov1779John HOODinfant
05Jan1780Ann STICKLANDdau of Joseph & Mary Stickland
17Jan1780Charles BURDEN 
24Jan1780[not given] SMITHa dau of John Smith of Bloxworth
08Mar1780[not given] WHITEwidow of Heffleton
15Mar1780[not given] MANNIELa dau of Joseph Manniel of East Holme
13Jun1780Mary FOOTwife of Dennis Foot
14Aug1780Robert SERLEYson of Samuel & Ann Serley
15Oct1780Christopher STICKLAND 
05Jan1781John WELLSPRINGinfant
28Feb1781Elizabeth FOOT 
02Apr1781Elizabeth STICKLAND 
28Jun1781Hannah KNAPTON 
03Oct1781Jenny HOODdau of James & Mary Hood
14Oct1781Sarah VOCUM 
11Nov1781Mary FOOKinfant
- -Nov1782Patty GRANT[Martha in BTs; full date not given in PRs or BTs]
21Mar1782Ann FOOT 
01Jun1782Hannah STICKLAND 
07Jun1782Mary SMITHinfant
23Jun1782Cornelius BROWN 
30Jun1782[not given] SMITHinfant
28Feb1783Ann SMITH 
21Mar1783Edward FOOK 
11May1783Barbarah JEFFRIES 
10Jun1783Elizabeth SMITH 
17Jun1783John VOCOMjunior
11Sep1783Charles STICKLANDjunior
19Nov1783Bridgett HAYTE 
19Nov1783Ann SMITHinfant
03Feb1784Mary STICKLAND 
22Feb1784James GOODWIN 
04Apr1784Elizabeth HOOD 
27Apr1784John WHITE 
11Jul1784Mary FOOK 
27Jul1784Sophia DORY 
01Aug1784Edward FOOKinfant
30Aug1784George WITTSinfant
31Oct1784Henry KELLY 
03Nov1784John FORD 
11Dec1784M. DAW 
16Jan1785Simon HOBBS 
18Jun1785Abigal SMITH 
05Aug1785Ann FANCY 
06Nov1785Susannah GRANT 
15Jun1786Sarah HOOD 
11Aug1786Aaron STICKLANDinfant
- -- - -1786Betty FOOKE[full date not given]
24Aug1786John VINCENT 
14Jan1787Jane HOOD 
22Jul1787Sarah LUMBARD 
06Dec1787Bridgett HAYTEwidow
29Jan1788Mary PLOWMAN 
06Feb1788Elizabeth FOOT 
06Jul1788Mary STICKLANDwife of Charles Stickland
17Dec1788John LILL 
19Apr1789Susannah SPICER 
28May1789George SEXY 
18Jun1789[not given] ABBOTTthe widow of Thomas Abbott
07Feb1790[not given] LUMBARDWidow
02Mar1790Rebecka REASON 
06Mar1790John WHITE 
12Jun1790John GOODWINson of Joseph & Jane Goodwin
21Jun1790Richard PAYNEson of Thomas & Frances Payne
28Apr1791John SKILLER 
01May1791Ann LILL 
26May1791Jane HOBBS 
03Jul1791Ann BASKETT 
03Jul1791Mary CHEESMANdau of Jane Cheesman
23Sep1791Elizabeth VOAKUM 
16Feb1792Elizabeth VOAKUM 
06May1792John BURDEN 
24Aug1792Thomas PAYNEson of Andrew & Ann Payne
23Sep1792Mary BATRICKdau of George & Elizabeth Batrick
30Sep1792Charlotte STICKLAND 
02Oct1792Mary STICKLAND 
26Mar1793Charles BURDEN 
11Apr1793John WILLS 
17May1793Charles BURDEN} in one
17May1793John SMITH} grave
05Jun1793Matilda BURDEN 
18Jun1793Ann SERGEANT 
14Sep1793John HOBBS 
08Apr1794Mary SEARLY 
06Jun1794Priscilla BURDEN 
22Sep1794Elizabeth MENTEN 
28Dec1795William HOBBS[full date from BTs]
08Mar1795Rachael GOODWIN 
26Mar1795Robert CROCKER 
02Jun1795Joseph SNOOK 
01Jul1795John VOACUM 
12Jul1795James STICKLANDinfant
13Nov1795Nicholas SLADE 
24Apr1796James SPICER 
30Jul1796Simon PHILIPS 
27Sep1796John MARSH 
18Nov1796Charles VOACUM 
27Dec1796Susannah PHILIPS 
05Mar1797Benjamin SMITH 
22Oct1797William  DIKER 
16Nov1797George CARTER 
08Feb1798William WHITTLE 
06May1798Jane DIFFEY 
30May1798John VOAKUM 
05Jul1798John DUTEY 
05Feb1799John DORY 
30Jun1799Mary SPICERdau of John & Betty Spicer
07Jul1799Elizabeth STICKLANDdau of Nathaniel & Mary Stickland
17Jul1799Jane STICKLANDdau of Nathaniel & Mary Stickland
01Sep1799Mary HOBBSdau of Thomas & Sarah Hobbs junior
03Feb1800Ann SERGEANT 
27May1800Joseph GOODWIN 
14Jun1800Roger WHITEof Heffleton Farm which had been in the family 99 years
24Aug1800George HOBBSson of Richard & Jane Hobbs
01Mar1801Ann LANGDOWN 
22Mar1801Jane WHITE 
14Apr1801George BRUSHETson of Elizabeth Brushet
26May1801Jane MARSH 
21Jan1802Mary HOODdau of James & Elizabeth Hood
21Jan1802Jane HOODdau of James & Elizabeth Hood
22Jan1802Elizabeth STICKLANDdau of James & Mary Stickland
06Feb1802Robert JEFFERIES 
02Mar1802Mary FOOTof Rushton
25Apr1802James BASKETT 
14Oct1802Elizabeth BURRIDGEdau of Joseph & Elizabeth Burridge
21Oct1802Kezia MEADinfant, not a month old
17Nov1802Elizabeth BURDEN 
26Jan1803Mary SPICER 
13Mar1803William ANSTEYinfant
11May1803John FANCY 
15May1803Joseph BARNEStwin infant
15May1803Ann BARNEStwin infant
23May1803Elizabeth SEXEY 
10Jul1803William SQUIRE 
26Jul1803Robert LUCASinfant son of Robert & Jane Lucas
06Sep1803Robert LUCAS 
09Dec1803Samuel CLERKinfant
07Feb1804John REASON 
13May1804Elizabeth STICKLAND 
06Jun1804William SPICERinfant son of John & Elizabeth Spicer
17Jun1804Martha RANDLE 
22Jul1804Dennis FOOTaged 84
17Oct1804William SQUIRE 
02Dec1804Robert SQUIREson of the above
17Jan1805William MEADinfant
30Jan1805Samuel STICKLAND 
09Feb1805Elizabeth COBB 
21Apr1805Mary LILL 
11Aug1805Mary HEAPS 
05Nov1805Elizabeth SQUIRE 
29Dec1805Jonathan WHITE 
25May1806John MEADinfant
04Jun1806Jane BURDEN 
22Jul1806Mary Hobbs CHRITCHELL 
05Oct1806Sophia DORYaged 20; one of the thirteen who were drowned on the sinking of the Poole Wareham Passage Boat on Thursday evening Oct 2nd
17Mar1807John BURDENsenior, brought from near Poole
10Jul1807[not given] SEYMERMrs, wife of Mr James Seymer of Binnegar Hill in this parish; a large congregation assembled
06Sep1807Ann STICKLANDdau of James (junior) & Mary Stickland
27Dec1807John HOOD45 years Clerk of this Parish
14Feb1808Mary HOBBSwife of William Hobbs aged 75 died of Compound fracture in the leg
25Apr1808Elizabeth YOUNGalias Barnes
19May1808Susanna ANGEL 
10Jul1808Richard SQUIRE 
22Jul1808John HOBBS 
16Oct1808Elizabeth BOWDITCH 
11Dec1808William SEARLYaged 84
26Mar1809Elizabeth SMITH 
23Aug1809Mary BOWDITCH 
15Sep1809James HOOD 
17Sep1809Mary VOCUM 
02Jan1810Jane SMITH 
04Jan1810Mary BARNESwife of John Barnes
23Apr1810Elizabeth HOODdau of Widow Hood
10May1810Thomas DOREY 
17Jun1810Mary SKILLER 
03Jul1810Rachel SNOOKof the Black Dog
02Apr1811George STICKLAND 
14Apr1811Thomas HOBBS 
25Apr1811Joan FORD 
06May1811Ann JAMES 
12May1811William COBB 
30Jul1811William FOWLER 
14Nov1811Sophia DOREY 
12Jan1812William COLE 
23Jan1812Robert ANGEL 
16Feb1812Margaret COBB 
14Jun1812Ann BAKER 
19Jul1812John SPICER 
19Jul1812Elizabeth STICKLAND 
21Jul1812James  ?LAUSES 
13Sep1812Andrew BARNESinfant
21Dec1812George SMITH 

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