East Stoke Methodists

Baptisms 1813 to 1837
Reference: Public Record Office
Ref: RG4/1230, RG4/1231 & RG4/2412

Extracted from microfilms of the records of the Poole Methodist Circuit held at the Dorset History Centre and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker
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Residents of East Stoke (and East Holme, which though a separate parish were under the pastoral care of East Stoke owing to not having a parish church of their own) were members of the Poole Methodist Circuit, founded c1793. There was a chapel at Binnegar (long since demolished) and there may have been others.


 Baptism DateChild’s Forename Father’s Name  Mother’s Name Mother’s ParentsBirth Date Residence Occupation
- -03Oct 1813 Maryd. ofJamesSTICKLAND& Mary       29Aug 1813East Stoke 
- -20Mar 1814 Davids. ofWilliamDORY& Elizabeth       19Feb 1814East Stoke 
- - 08 May 1817 Deberah d. of William DOREY & Ann           08 May 1817 [East] Stoke  
- -21Aug 1817 Janed. ofJamesSTICKLAND& Mary       25Jul 1817East Stoke 
- -17Apr 1818 Roberts. ofGeorgeDOREY& Mary       19Mar 1818East Holme 
1011Apr 1820 Dariuss. ofWilliamDOREY& Elizabethd. ofJohn &MaryVOCHAM 08Mar1820East Stoke 
2922Aug 1821 Williams. ofJamesSTICKLAND& Mary       25Jun 1821Highwood, East Stoke  
4922Feb 1821 Jamess. ofGeorgeDORY& Maryd. ofGeorge &SarahMUNDON 10Dec1821East Holme 
5322Aug 1821 Mary Janed. ofJosephVENABLES& Elizabeth       13Aug 1821Highwood, [East Stoke]  
7211Dec 1822 Sarahd. ofGeorgeCHISMAN& Maryd. ofJames &MarthaMEADEN 14Oct1822Binegar, East Stoke 
7919Mar 1823 Timothys. ofJohnBENNETT& Sarahd. ofWilliam &BetyMARSH 16Jan1823Stoke [East Stoke] 
8019Mar 1823 Daniels. ofWilliamBENNETT& Annd. of   Elizabeth STICKLAND01Feb 1823Stoke [East Stoke]  
8322Jan 1823 Anna Bellad. ofRobertRANDLE& Annd. ofThomas &AnnCRUMPLER 14Nov1822Stoke [East Stoke] 
10114Jan 1824 Elizabethd. ofPhilipSTICKLAND& Elizabethd. ofJames &MarthaMEADEN 15Nov1823Stoke [East Stoke] 
10702Jun 1824 Racheld. ofJohnBENNETT& Sarahd. ofWilliam &ElizabethMARSH 17Apr1824Highwood, [East] Stoke 
13122Aug 1824 Elizabethd. ofThomasVINCENT& Edithd. ofGideon &ElizabethHUSSEY 01Apr1824Stoke [East Stoke] 
13222Sep 1824 Dedemiahs. ofWilliamDOREY& Elizabethd. ofJohn &MaryVOCHAM 18Aug1824East Stoke 
13815Dec 1824 Roberts. ofRobertRANDELL& Annd. ofThomas &AnnCRUMPLER - -- - -1824East StokeLabourer
14309Feb 1825 Roberts. ofJamesSTICKLAND& Maryd. ofJohn &MarthaSERLAY 10Jan1825East StokeLabourer
15004May 1825 Jamess. ofGeorgeCHISEMAN& Mary       15Dec 1824East HolmeLabourer
18308Mar 1826 Mary Annd. ofPhilipSTICKLAND& Elizabethd. ofJames &MaryMEADER 27Jan1826Binegar, [East] StokeLabourer
18519Apr 1826 Leahd. ofJohnBENNETT& Sarah       29Mar 1826[East] StokeDairyman
22107Mar 1827 Mary Annd. ofRobertRANDALL& Annd. ofThomas   CRUMPLER 08Aug1826[East] StokeLabourer
22625Mar 1827 Georges. ofGeorgePOPE& Maryd. ofHenry &MarthaJENNINGS 12Jan1827Binegar, [East] StokeLabourer
22725Mar 1827 Leahd. ofThomasVINCENT& Edithd. ofGideon &ElizabethHUSSEY 29Dec1826Binegar, [East] StokeLabourer
21725Jun 1828 Simeons. ofJohnBENNETT& Sarahd. ofWilliam &BettyMARSH 19May1828[East] StokeShop Keeper
23924Jun 1829 Jamess. ofJohnSMITH& Rebecca d. ofThomas& MaryBAGG25 Apr1829West Holme, [East] StokeLabourer
24024Jun 1829 Sarahd. ofWilliamBENNETT& Annd. ofRichard Hobbs &Elizabeth SERLE26Apr 1829Highwood, [East] Stoke Labourer
36820Dec 1832 Samuels. ofJohnFORD& Anna d. ofGeorge& AnnSMITH14 Dec1832[East] Stoke, Isle of PurbeckLabourer
43009Sep 1834 John Jamess. ofGeorgeSTICKLAND &Elizabethd. of John&Elizabeth HOPKINS14Aug 1834Highwood, East Stoke Labourer
46502Jun 1835 Charless. ofJohnFORD& Hannahd. ofGeorge &AnnSMITH 09Apr1835East Stoke 
51119May 1836 Maryd. ofJohnDORY& Elizabeth d. ofThomas& ElizabethWHITE04 Mar1836East Holme 
55010May 1837 Marks. ofJohnFORD& Ann d. ofGeorge& AnnSMITH24 Mar1837[East] StokeLabourer

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