BURIALS 1731 to 1812

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC by Kim Parker


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

10Apr1731MaryLAMBERT   [BTs]
09Jun1731Alice GROVE [BTs]
- -- - -1732Elizabeth JEANS [BTs - full date not given]
- -- - -1732John BLAKE [BTs - full date not given]
19May1734George PASSINGHAM [BTs]
13Sep1735Elizabeth BILDGE[surname very faded][BTs]
24Sep1736Mary PELEYwife of James PELE[BTs]
24Mar1736/7Elizabeth (?) LAWS (?)[faded][BTs]
14May1737Katherine HASKELdaughter of William & Sarah HASKEL 
20Oct1737John FOYLEson of Valentine & Ann FOYLE 
25Nov1737James STROUD  
06Jul1738Ann KARLY(? - very faded) 
07Mar1738/9Mary DAREwife of John DARE 
03Apr1739Ury COXchild of John & Elizabeth COX 
28Apr1740James BLANDFORD  
29May1740George HAYWARDson of James & Elizabeth HAYWARD 
26Jun1740Ann NIPPARD  
22Nov1741unknown  a Travling Boy 
09Feb1741/2Zaccrias FOYLEson of Valentine & Cathrine FOYLE 
03Mar1741/2John BEACHson of Nicholas & Mary BEACH 
16Mar1741/2Elizabeth COXwife of John COX 
21Jul1742Susanna FOYLEdau of Valentine & Cathrine FOYLE 
09Nov1743Mary EDGARMrs, of the parish of Charlton Whore-thorn 
14Mar1743/4Emmy ROGERSbase born dau of Patience ROGERS of Gussage St Michel  
13Jul1744Susanna PITTMANdau of John & Elizabeth PITTMAN 
03Aug1744Richard HASKELLson of William & Sarah HASKELL 
12Nov1744Martha STROUDof Farrington 
10Jul1745Lucy POTTICARYMadam, wife of Christopher POTTICARY 
31Jul1746John CLOTTERBOOKEEsq. 
08Jul1748Elizabeth ISACK  
11Nov1748Ann FOYLdau of Valentine & Catterine FOYL 
18Oct1749Deborah BARTLETT  
07Jan1749/50Ann COXwidow 
11Mar1749/50Mary TILLY  
09Sep1750Martha STROUDMrs, widow 
17Jan1750/1John SWETMAN  
12Sep1751Joan BOWN  
03Jan1751/2Hannah KNIGHT  
12Feb1751/2Katterine WALTERS  
05Jun1752Susannah LANEdau of Henry & Susannah LANE 
04Nov1752Richard WEST  
26Apr1753William BENNETT  
05Jun1753Sarah HASKELL  
21May1754William FELTHAM  
05Sep1754Sarah ISACK  
20Sep1754Richard DALLIDOWN  
29Sep1754Ann FOYLEdau of Vallintine & Catterine FOYLE 
18Dec1754Gabril GODDARD  
09Feb1755John FOYL  
20Feb1755John TARRANT[father of the child christened the same day] of the parish of Uphaven  
05Apr1755John LANEson of Henry & Susannah LANE 
13Jan1757Charles BARTLET  
27Jan1757Mary LAMBERTdau of Frances LAMBERT 
28Feb1757Mary COXdau of John & Jane COX 
08Mar1757Henry LANE  
01Nov1757Elenor PORTER  
05Dec1757Matter LAMBERT  
22Jan1759Sarah HILL  
25Jan1759Mary WOODFORDdau of James & Elizabeth WOODFORD 
27Jan1759Jane COX  
05Jun1759John LAMBERT  
15Oct1759Susana DUYDETT  
27Dec1759William NEWHOOKson of William & Martha NEWHOOK 
25May1760John PITTMAN  
03Sep1760James HAYWARD  
13Jul1760Elizabeth PITTMAN  
17Sep1761Jacob ISAKson of Jacob ISAK 
29Nov1762Elizabeth WOODFORD  
21Jan1762unknown  James WOODFORD’s child 
23Jan1762Catten WETTMAN  
25Mar1763Louiza TOOKES  
02Jan1764Martha NEWHOOK  
23Jan1764Marey (?) LAMBERD[faded] 
17May1766Frances LAMBERD  
05Jun1766Marey LAMBERD  
27Jan1767Thomas KNIGHT  
- -- - -- - - -unknown  Thomas PARSONS’ child 
03Jan1768Madon JONES  
10Jan1768Flower MIELL  
03Feb1768Mrs JONESof Flower Well 
16Apr1768Edmond HAST  
20Oct1769Richard COX  
01Jan1770Betty HAYS  
27Sep1770Richard GROVE  
14Apr1771Hannah KNIGHT  
10May1771Robert BOWN  
11Nov1771Mary GODDARDdau of Thomas GODDARD 
30Jan1772William GROVEson of Richard GROVE 
04May1773Katherine ISAACdau of Jacob & Katherine ISAAC 
04May1773Richard Hinckesman RIDEOUT  
02Sep1773Richard GROVE  
12Sep1775Ann PITMAN  
05Dec1775Freke (?) DUKE  
15Sep1776Mary HART  
20Apr1777Mary BENNETT  
25Apr1777Mary PARSONS  
09Nov1777Thomas KNIGHT  
23Jun1778William BUTTLER  
27Jul1778Jane ADAMS  
01Dec1778Anthony WAREHAM  
04Jan1780Nicholas BLACK  
04Jul1780Valentine Foyle FOY[possibly a clerical error; name appears as Valentine FOYLE elsewhere in the register]  
22Apr1781John MIEL  
07Jan1783Betty HAYWARD  
10Jun1783Ury MAIDMENT  
15Jun1783Henry LANE  
03Aug1783Rachael BUTTLER  
01Nov1783Jane LAMBERT  
17Feb1784Katherine FOYLE  
02Mar1784Joseph ADAMS  
26May1784Sarah GROVE  
24Jun1785Elenor ISAAC  
11Jan1786William NEWACK  
29Jan1786Thomas GODDARD  
15Jan1787[illegible] ISAAC[faded] 
04Apr1788Cecily RIDEOUTMrs 
04Oct1788John COX  
29Jul1789Sarah LANE  
03Sep1789Ann FOREMAN[surname difficult to read] 
30Aug1789John DARE  
11Jun1793[not given] LANE  
22Feb1794Edward FOREMAN[surname difficult to read] 
21Dec1794Sarah MIEL  
12Jan1795Elizabeth MIEL  
19Apr1795Thomas PARSONS  
- -- - -- - - -[not given] LANEdau of William LANE 
04Jul1796Uriah COXdau of Charles & Ann COX 
04Mar1802William COX  
08Jul1802Henry HEAD  
02Oct1803Samuel WHITE  
26Nov1803Hannah KELLAWAY  
18Dec1803Betty MIEL  
11Apr1804Hester DARE  
31Jan1808John BUTLER  
28Feb1808Lucy BUTLER  
10Dec1809George KEREsq. 
11Dec1809Mary HART  
08May1811Mary FOYLEdied 

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