Parish of Hammoon

MARRIAGES 1656  - 1845

Transcribed from Bishop's Transcripts and Parish Registers by Lynda Mudle-Small, January 2003. 

1656 Christopher JENKENS & Mary TUFFEN married 13-Oct

1671 John RIDOUT & Mary MICHELL married 2-Jan

1676 George INGRAM & Mary MICHELL married 28-Apr

1676 Robert POLDEN & Agnes FELEMORE married 6-Feb

1677 Edward PITMAN & Joan SEYMOR married 29-May

1682 William HIMBRE & Jane SWAINE married 7-Aug

1689 Giles TURNER & Mary HOW married 21-Aug

1690 Roger CINCHARD & Lucy GOBY married 29-Apr

1691 Robert WEAR & Mary GREEN married 28-Feb

1695 James FUDGE & Susanna WEAR married 13-Oct

1696 George YEATES & Mary HAlNE married 23-Sep

169? William Ap POYLL & Mary CLEAVES married 27-Dec

1698 Joseph RAKE & Catherine OXFORD married 14-Feb

1699 Samuel MUSTON & Mary WILKINS married 23-Nov

1700 George MELMOR & Joan BEAUMONT married 2-Apr

1700 James DOLLING & Thomasine WALL married 15-Jul

1701 William MULENS & Sarah BAKER married 17-Aug

1701 Robert BARBER & Elizabeth EYRES married 23-Oct

1702 Thomas COLBOURN & Jane EYRES married 10-Apr

1703 Johnjr: BALDWYN of Okeford & Hannah MUSTON married 11-May

1703 Thomas CROSSE of Stermister Newton & Mary HANCOCK of Stermister Newton married 9-Jan

1703 Richard HOWLAND of Stermister Newton & Mary PELLY of Stermister Newton married 17-Jan

1703 Thomas Ap POWELL of Stermister Newton & Dinah STEVENS of Stermister Newton married 2-Mar

1706 John INCKPEN of Sturmister Newton & Mary PORTER of Sturmister Newton married 21-Dec

1708 John BURT of Durweston & Sarah BALDWIN of Child Okeford married 20-Jan

1711 Henry JENKINS of Manston & Mary UPWARD married 16-Sep

1712 Thomas PHELPS of Yeovile Somerset & Elizabeth SKIVINGTON of Yeovile Somerset married 2-Sep

1712 John ROSE of Sturminster Newton & Elizabeth FRANCIS of Sturmister Newton married 6-Dec

1713 William WILLIAMS of Whitechurch & Martha PITMAN married 7-Apr

1713 Thomas WARREN & Mary MICHELL married 9-Apr

1713 Henry WOOLFRYES of Winterborne Howton & Amy TEMPLE of Marnhull married 18-Apr

1715 Thomas REEVES & Grace RIDOUT of Sturminster married 31-May

1716 William COLLESS & Mary DUMBERFIELD married 2-Apr

1717 John SPENCER of Sturminster & Susanna FOOT of Sturminster married 14-Jun

1717 John YEATMAN & Ann YOUNG Mrs: married 15-Oct

1718 John NELSON & Martha ARDEN Mrs: married 22-Sep

1718 Edward TROWBRIDGE of Dunhead & Mary MUSTON married 13-Oct

1720 Thomas RIDOUT of Sturminster Newton & Ann PIERCEY of Ockford Fitzpain married 2-Dec

1720 Samuel ROSITER of Child Ockford & Ann UPWARD of Shilling Ockford married 13-Feb

1722 Williarn MARKS of Manston & Hannah GULLIFER of Manston married 2-Feb

1722 John JEANS of Child Ockford & Ann JEANS of Child Ockford married 22-Feb

1723 Richard DAW of Manston & Elizabeth CARTER of Manston married 15-Apr

1723 Thomas CROW of Culliton Devon & Mary MUSTON married 15-May

1723 John GRANT of Trowbridge Wiltshire & Jane Mrs: HORLOCK of Blandford Forum married 17-May

1723 John LAMBERT of Horrington Somerset & Jane Mrs: CRABB of Child Ockford married 29-Aug

1723 Robert BELBIN of Fiddleford & Betty SCOTT of Longham married 9-Sep

1723 Richard PIERCEY of Fiddleford & Mary PITTMAN married 10-Dec

1724 Robert ROSE of Sturminster Newton & Elizabeth COOK of Sturminster Newton married 31-Jan

1724 William CUFF of this parish & Mary PIERCEY of Ockford Fitzpain married 9-Feb

1725 James LONGMAN of Sturminster Newton Castle & Martha GUNSTONE of Sturminster Castle married 15-Oct

1725 Nathaniel JEANS of Lydlinch & Elizabeth NEWMAN of Lydlinch married 29-Dec

1725 William CLARK of Sturminster Newton Castle & Ann SHERSTON of Sturminster Newton Castle married 16-Jan

1717 William BLAKE of Blandford & Mary Mrs: DOWN of Child Ockford married 12-Mar

1727 Robert MOORES of Child Ockford & Anna Maria JOHNSON of Child Ockford married 19-Mar

1729 Robert HOLDWAY of Child Ockford & Frances SHAYLE of Child Ockford married 10-Apr

1731 William TAUNTON of Straton & Anna FARR of Sturminster married 31-Aug

1731 John HODGE of Child Ockford & Susannah LEMAN of Stalbridge married 6-Sep

1733 Thomas MELMORE of this parish & Elizabeth FRANCES of this parish married 14-May

1735 John CROW of Axmouth & Anne MUSTON married 9-Mar

1735 Edward MARTIN of Gillingham & Anne FIFEHEAD married 16-Jun

1738 Samuel FRANCES of Shaston & Martha FINDER of Hammoon married 3-Aug

1739 John GUY both of Hammoon & Mary BARTER married 24-Dec

1740 William BIGGS Mr & Mrs Mary Magdaline FRICKER of Blandford Forum married 1-Feb

1740 George GALPINE & Mrs Betty KINGSTON of Blandford Forum married 1-Feb

1745 John READ of Fontmell Magna & Elizabeth BEAMONT of Hammoon married 29-Oct

1748 Philip WEST of Manstone & Mary GODWIN of Manstone married 28-Aug

1748 George POPE Mr. of Shilling Ockford & Susanna GAWLER of Sturminster Newton Castle married 13-Sep

1749 John CHAPMAN both of Hammoon & Elizabeth DUGDALE married 5-Jul

1752 Elias DUGDALE of Blandford & Elizabeth FORD of Wareham married 10-Jul

1752 Thomas NEWTON of East Orchard & Dorothy DUGDALE of Hammoon married 25-Sep

1753 Edward BUTLER of Winterborne Stickland & Susannah CORBEN of Winterborne Stickland married 8-Jan

1753 William SEYMORE of East Orchard & Anne PIERCY of Hammoon married 10-Jun

1755 James JENKINS of Manston & Jenny MUSTONE of Hammoon married 21-Apr by banns wit: Robt. Nicholas & John Muston

1757 Peter STRICKLAND Of Okeford Fitzepaine & Elizabeth LONGMAN of Hammoon married 18-Oct by banns Richard Guyer John Chapman

1760 Philip DUGDALE widower of Hammoon & Mary CHAPMAN of Hammoon married 13-Dec by licence James Chapman Thomas Newton

1764 Robert BAKER widower of Pimperne & Martha PIERCY of this parish married 13-Nov by licence John Muston Richard Savory

1765 John NEWMAN of Manston & Mary DUGDALE of this parish widow married 6-Jan by licence John Muston Richard Savory

1765 John MELLMOTH of this parish & Martha PENNEY of Manstone married 19-May by banns Richard Savory Edwrd Shepheard

1767 Morgan ANDREWS of this parish & Sarah HASKELL of this parish married 23-Jun by banns Thomas Burt Hannah Baldwin

1768 Matthew SAVORY of this parish & Sarah MELLMOTH of this parish married 19-Jul by banns Hannah Baldwin Thomas Chapman

1774 Thomas WEEDON of Sherborn & Mary MELMOTH of this parish married 23-May by banns Martha Baker Thomas Johnson

1786 James WHITE (S) bach of Hammoon & Lucy SEYMOUR of Hammoon spin married 25-Sep by banns wit: Charles Roberts Elizabeth Newton

1787 Samuel DAWSON (X) bach  of Okeford Fitzpain & Elizabeth NEWTON of Hammoon spin married 19-Feb William Rabbetts Ann Jenkins

1789 William WILTSHIRE of Haselbury Briant & Mary JENKINS of this parish married 16-Feb by licence Thomas Lamming Henry Jenkins

1791 Peter ASHWOOD of East Orchard & Elizabeth SAVORY of Hammoon married 18-Jul by banns Henry Jenkins Willm. Deering

1794 George MELMOTH of Ockford Shilling & Ann JENKINS of this parish married 25-Dec by licence Henry Jenkins William Wiltshire

1795 John NEWMAN of this parish & Hanah WILLIAMS of this parish married 16-Feb by licence William Roberts Susanna Burridge

1795 James DEWFAL of Child Okeford & Ruth ALLEN of Hammoon married 19-Jul by banns Henry Jenkins John Jenkins

1795 Thomas FISH of Hammoon & Elizabeth MELMER of Hammoon married 3-Dec by banns William Roberts Thomas Saverey

1795 William FISH of Hammoon & Mary SAVERY married 3-Dec (not in PR)

1795 George MELMER & Anne JENKINS married 25-Dec (not in PR)

1797 John SHOREY of Shillingston & Sarah RABBETS of this parish married 20-Feb by banns Robert Roberts John Jenkins

1797 John HOFFE of Iwerne Minster & Elizabeth JENKINS of this parish married 12-Sep by licence Henry Jenkins William Roberts

1799 William OATS of Witchampton & Ruth DEWFALL of East Orchard married 29-Jan by banns Jacob Oliver William Oliver

1799 George DEWFALL of this parish & Mary MELMOTH of this parish married 24-Jun by banns William Bragg William Roberts

1804 William SAVORY (X) of this parish & Mary BARNSTABLE (X) of this parish married 4-Aug by banns William Young George Rickman

1813 Isaac RABBETS (X) of Shillingston & Elizabeth DEWLAND (X) of this parish 24-May by banns Henry Jenkins John Jenkins

1819 John ROSSETER of the parish of Wollands & Sophia HOOKE of Hammoon 22-Nov by licence Wit: Bridget Hooke Frances Hooke

1825 Septimus LACEY (X) of this parish & Elizabeth FRANCES (X) of Fontmell Magna 12-Dec by banns Alexander Pope Maria Francis

1830 William THICK (S) of Stalbridge & Lydia SAVORY (S) of Hammoon 13-Apr banns (S) Wit: Eli Savory Ann Elford

1834 John BASTABLE (S) of Manston & Amy FRY (X) of Hammoon 25-Sep banns (S) Wit:  Eliza Bastable  Thomas Burroughs

1835 Samuel ARNOLD (S) of Child Okeford & Ann SAVERY (S) of Hammoon 27-Jan banns  Wit: Luke Arnold Morgan Painter

1845 Josiah STOKES (X) 27yrs Lab. Bach of Hammoon (father James Lab.) & Caroline YEATMAN (S) 28 yrs spinster of Hammoon (father Henry Lab.) married 26-Sep  Wit: William Ryall (S) Susanna Vivian (S)