Long Bredy

Burials 1772 - 1812

Transcribed by Justin Standfield from LDS Film 1279482

All entries have been arranged in date order.  The following period is missing: 2nd half of 1784 / 1st half of 1785.

Where there is damage to the original document that has obscured all or part of a word, the symbol “~” has been used to denote a missing letter/number. 

Where a question mark appears in brackets after a word, this indicates that the word has been estimated as accurately as possible based on hard-to-decipher handwriting!




21st February 1772, Jane the wife of John Roles

25th April 1772, Mary Hurding widow

18th June 1772, Joseph son of Thomas Croft & Jane his wife

5th July 1772, Elizabeth Smith

5th November 1772, Elizabeth the wife of James Hurding

4th December 1772, Thomas Crofts



2nd January 1773, Richard Ellis

28th January 1773, Katherine Richards wife of John Richards

18th February 1773, Jane Northover

12th May 1773, William son of John Thorner & Mary his wife

21st May 1773, Mary the wife of John Hounsel

3rd July 1773, Phillip Ellis

28th July 1773, Sarah ye base born daughter of Ann Hayne

5th August 1773, Barbara Northover



22nd February 1774, Ann wife of the Reverend William Burrough, Rector of this Parish

23rd February 1774, Mary Northover

6th March 1774, Richard son of John Valence & Lucy his wife

3rd April 1774, Caroline daughter of David Robert Michel Esq. & Grace Harrison Michel his wife

9th June 1774, Edith wife of John Bellringer

10th October 1774, John Bellringer

22nd October 1774, Thomas Michell



14th January 1775, Elenor widow of George Richards Esq.

5th February 1775, Thomas Croft

18th February 1775, Ralph Ironside

7th July 1775, Eleanor wife of Edward Rolls

12th November 1775, Jane daughter of William Eleary

6th December 1775, William son of Angel Collins



10th March 1776, Elizabeth Hounsell

3rd June 1776, William son of John Northover & Mary his wife

9th June 1776, Honour Gill

12th July 1776, Henry son of Ralph Ironside & Lucy his wife

21st September 1776, George son of Reverend John Richards & Mary his wife

28th September 1776, Ann daughter of George Bartlett & Sarah his wife

10th November 1776, Thomas son of Thomas Ellis & Mary his wife



17th January 1777, Rebecca Symes

14th February 1777, Henry son of William Hounsel & Elizabeth his wife

16th March 1777, John Northover

20th June 1777, Mary Northover

17th July 1777, William Hounsel

26th August 1777, Mary Hearns(?)

2nd November 1777, William base born son of Martha Crook

26th November 1777, Henry(?) son of Reverend John Richards & Mary his wife

8th December 1777, Lucy wife of Ralph Ironside

15th December 1777, Grace wife of Colonel Mitchell



12th May 1778, Mary wife of John Bird

24th May 1778, Thomas Northover son of John Northover & Mary his wife

8th July 1778, Aggnes daughter of Robert Bartlett & Rebecca his wife

27th July 1778, John son of John Bartlett & Elizabeth his wife




25th January 1779, Sarah daughter of Thomas Pittman & Hannah his wife


1780 – No burials this year



5th November 1781, Robert Northover



24th February 1782, Mary Crook



24th January 1783, Jonas Dennetts

24th April 1783, Ann Wosford

27th April 1783, William Cozens



4th January 1784, Jane daughter of James Palmer & Ann his wife

21st January 1784, Gillbird Ironside

31st January 1784, Francis Cousins

2nd February 1784, William Hollett

9th February 1784, Richard Chick

18th April 1784, Mary Ironside

28th May 1784, Thomas Hounsell


2nd half of 1784 / 1st half of 1785 – missing



29th August 1785, Sarah daughter of John Burd & Dorothy his wife

20th November 1785, John Ironside



15th August 1786, Mary Ironside

18th October 1786, William Northover, shepherd



11th February 1787, James Northover son of William Northover



26th October 1788, Mary Northover

20th November 1788, Eleanor Collings



7th January 1789, Ann Northover

11th January 1789, William Northover

18th February 1789, Deborah Shier

22nd February 1789, Susannah Northover

31st May 1789, Martha Northover



6th January 1790, John Thorner

21st February 1790, Robert Bridle

26th March 1790, The Reverend William Burrough

8th June 1790, Mary Northover

13th June 1790, Robert Russell

15th September 1790, Elizabeth wife of Giles Gudge

28th November 1790, James Ironside



23rd January 1791, James Ironside of the parish of Winford

4th April 1791, John Burbank Short

10th April 1791, William Ironside

26th June 1791, Thomas Ironside

11th September 1791, Anne Collins

31st December 1791, Robert Gill



1st April 1792, Thomas Haines

25th April 1792, Nicholas Valens

22nd May 1792, Jane Trevet

3rd June 1792, Jane Ironside

1st July 1792, Richard Collins



24th April 1793, John Russell of Kingston Russell

24th April 1793, Robert Shier

4th August 1793, John Palmer

24th November 1793, Martha Northover

7th December 1793, Susan Russell

10th December 1793, William son of Robert & Jane Lock

17th December 1793, Martha Collins

29th December 1793, Richard son of Solomon & Anne Vallens



9th June 1794, Lucy Ironside

15th July 1794, Elizabeth wife of John Michel Esquire of Dewlish

22nd July 1794, James Bartlett of Melcombe Regis

31st December 1794, William Hounsell of Askerswell



5th February 1795, Mary daughter of John & Anne Shier

29th March 1795, Anne daughter of John & Catherine Haynes

13th May 1795, Robert Atkins

17th May 1795, Israel Downton

27th May 1795, Catherine Atkins

3rd June 1795, Lucy the wife of Lawrence Bartlett

3rd June 1795, John Bartlett

3rd June 1795, William Hallet of Kingston Russell

6th June 1795, John Edwards

18th October 1795, Elizabeth Lane of Litton



25th October 1796, Ann Shier



30th January 1797, Sarah Bartlett of Kingston Russell

23rd February 1797, Mary Kearly

12th May 1797, William Ironside

22nd June 1797, William Shier



1st April 1798, John Hallett of Kingston Russell

27th April 1798, John Shier

31st July 1798, Catherine Kellaway

4th November 1798, Mary Hounsell daughter of Joseph Hounsell

4th November 1798, Ralph Ironside

28th November 1798, Agnes Ironside



13th January 1799, Thomas Hallett son of William Hallett

3rd February 1799, William Hallett

12th February 1799, William Hansford, an infant

20th February 1799, Sarah Northover

14th March 1799, Richard Trevet, an infant

12th May 1799, Ann Hansford

11th August 1799, William Ironside

11th August 1799, Francis Palmer

24th September 1799, Charlotte Elizabeth Richards



22nd January 1800, John Chick

4th April 1800, William Russell Bartlett



13th March 1801, Mary Durnford

18th March 1801, William White

14th June 1801, Elizabeth Lane

25th June 1801, William Hill

30th December 1801, Mary Palmer



14th January 1802, John Poole

24th January 1802, Francis Collins

31st January 1802, Mary Thorner

2nd March 1802, John Crofts

14th March 1802, George Hounsell

17th March 1802, John Edwards

3rd October 1802, Sarah Ford

12th October 1802, John Durnford

1st December 1802, Joseph Clements



16th January 1803, Honour Bartlett

1st March 1803, John Clements

20th March 1803, John Haynes



19th June 1804, Bernard Poole

17th July 1804, Mary Hallett

23rd August 1804, Edith Northover

14th September 1804, Joseph Kellaway

20th September 1804, Mary Ann Durnford

21st October 1804, Harriet Terrel

27th October 1804, Reverend John Richards

27th November 1804, Richard Best



8th February 1805, David Robert Michel

3rd March 1805, Mary Squibb

17th March 1805, James Squibb

24th April 1805, William Northover

5th May 1805, Robert Ironside



19th January 1806, Johanna Russell

2nd February 1806, William Edwards

16th March 1806, Mary Collins

19th May 1806, Jane Best

2nd September 1806, Ann Churchill

5th October 1806, William Squibb

17th October 1806, John Mitchell Crofts



22nd January 1807, William Kellaway

29th January 1807, Henry Palmer

6th February 1807, Mary Hounsell

3rd April 1807, Sarah Ann Collings

28th June 1807, Benjamin Greening

28th August 1807, Martha Crofts



2nd February 1808, Sarah Russell

24th February 1808, John Dunford



23rd June 1809, Eleanor Collins

25th June 1809, Ann Eleary

16th July 1809, William Bartlett

22nd October 1809, Prudence Shire



7th January 1810, Susanna Russell

24th January 1810, Charles Crofts

22nd May 1810, Thomas Wellman

29th May 1810, Mary Wellman

22nd July 1810, William Ellery

7th October 1810, John Shire



3rd February 1811, Mary Hounsell

3rd March 1811, Rose Greening

28th May 1811, Henry Elery

12th June 1811, Ann Ford

25th September 1811, Susanah Bridle



23rd February 1812, Rebecca Bartlett

22nd March 1812, Jane Thorner


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