Lyme Regis

Marriages 1653 - 1753

This transcription by Kim Parker has been taken from "Dorset Parish Registers - Marriages" Volume 3, edited by W. P. W. Phillimore & Edmund Nevill, published in 1908

NOTE.- The Marriage Registers of Lyme Regis are in three volumes.

VOL. I., from 1653 till 1754 is leather bound in good preservation, containing also baptisms and burials with sundry notes. It is 13-1/4 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. The writing is for the most part very distinct.

VOL. II., from 1754 till 1781 is leather bound and in fair condition. It measures 15 by 10 inches.

VOL. III., from 1781 till 1812 is leather bound in very good order. Size 14-1/2 by 9-1/2 inches.

The following entries have been copied by Mrs. Lewis Paine, and are now printed by permission of the Rev. William Jacob, Vicar of Lyme Regis, who has collated the proof with this Register.


Transcriber’s Note: In Volume I, dates are according the Julian Calendar, officially in effect until 1751, which was the last time the year began on March 25th and the first time it ended on December 31st. The Lyme Regis parish clerk seems to have had difficulty coming to terms with the change as he continued to use Julian dates until 1754 when he changed to the Gregorian calendar. In Phillimore, the dates are on the right hand side of the text and entries appear in the same order as they are found in the parish register, which is sometimes random. In addition to indicating the Gregorian year as well as the Julian year (where appropriate), I have placed the date on the left hand side of the text and I have sorted the entries into chronological order. Whereas in Phillimore all surnames are written in lower case, I have written them in upper case. KP

08-Apr-1653; Mr. George BREHOLT junior & Rebeckh DAVYE

16-Dec-1653; John LESTER of Poole & Shusan BAKER of Stocklan

24-Jan-1653; Robart SAMPSON of Stocklan & Jone KEET

27-Jan-1653; John BENNAT of Eisber [Aylesbeare] & Jonne DAVYE of Stockton

29-Jan-1653; Edward BEST & Elizabeth HOUNSELL

14-Mar-1653; Robert CARSWELL & Jonne CACE widow of Uplime

-- -Apr-1654; John OKSHOT & Sarah ROWLAND

18-Apr-1654; Thomas DOLLIN of Abbuts Utton [Wootton-Abbas] & Judith OWSLY of Whitchurch

01-May-1654; Robert POTBERY & Elnor BOWDEN

15-May-1654; Zachariah TURNER & Mary CHANNON, both of Stockland

19-Jun-1654; Joseph TURNER & Bridgett SWEADON, both of Stockland

06-Jul-1654; John LUSH of Hawkchurch & Joane LIMBRE of Charmouth

12-Jul-1654; Robert SHIER of Charmouth & Mary ORCHARD of Chidwicke [Chideock]

07-Aug-1654; Stephen HENLEY & Mary STANSBURY

04-Oct-1654; Henry WHITE & Sarah PALMER

06-Oct-1654; John HODDER & Elizabeth DYMEN of Charmouth

12-Oct-1654; John GRUBHAM of Denyeat & Ann SILLVESTER

15-Oct-1654; William NALLDRED & Joan MOXEDY alias TANNER

17-Oct-1654; William DAVY & Ann MULLINGS both of Stockland

01-Nov-1654; Thomas TEMPELLMAN & Elizabeth LARKHAM

28-Nov-1654; Daniell LAMBERT of Luppett & Joane RENDELL of Stockland

04-Dec-1654; Baruch PITTS & Elizabeth BLACKALL of Eddesly [Iddesleigh]

09-Dec-1654; Edward MILLPEY & Bridgett BOWDEDG, both of Charmouth

12-Feb-1654; Will WARHAM & Joane ALLFORD, both of Whittchurch

14-Dec-1654; Mr. Thomas STUCKEY of Iddesly [Iddesleigh] & Joane WESTON

06-Jan-1654; Daniell GRIFFIN of Midellsay, Somerset & Frances BURNET of Chidwick

20-Feb-1654; Phillip SAMFORD & Margery PLEA

28-Feb-1654; Jonathan WIETT of Ex or Ax-mouth & Bridgett TURNER

08-Mar-1654; Thomas WEAVER & Joane MORGEN

12-Mar-1654; William ROGERS of Stockland & Joane STOCKER of Dallwood

13-Mar-1654; John JAYE & Joane BONNER

22-Mar-1654; John HOARE & Sarah SWEETLAND, both of Stockland

14-Apr-1655; George CHICK & Joane BANKES, both of Wotton

24-Apr-1655; Bartholomew TURNER & Joane TUCKE, both of Dallowd

03-May-1655; [Hen.?] LOWD & Ann PINKLEY of Collinton

07-May-1655; William BESS & Owner COGGENS

17-May-1655; John BEVIS & Joane SANSUM

23-May-1655; Robert BRAG & Ann GAICH

30-May-1655; John TRATT & Mary NEWBERY, both of Stockland

05-Jun-1655; Robert SPEAKE & Joane LUSH, both of Whittchurch

06-Jun-1655; John HARDY & Mary SAVERY, both of Chardstock

05-Jul-1655; Thomas WISE & Susanna HUMPHREY

15-Aug-1655; John STROBRIDGE & Agnis DARE, both of Stockland

04-Sep-1655; Henry ATWELL & Sarah PEARSE, both of Chardstock

10-Sep-1655; John PALMER & Elizabeth COMBE

26-Sep-1655; William DARE of Stockland & Joan MUNDY of Membre

26-Sep-1655; Henry TURNER & Patience BUCKLAND, both of Chardstock

27-Sep-1655; Charles WALL & Agnis LARKCOMBE, both of Chardstock

02-Oct-1655; Stephen TREMBLETT of Exom & Wilmott ELLARY

13-Sep-1655; Thomas DAW & Elizabeth BAKER

22-Oct-1655; Robert TORR of Evill [Yeovil] & Elizabeth COGGEN

10-Sep-1655; William WHETTCOMB & Frances PAVIOTT of Bemister

05-Nov-1655; Thomas BARTHURM & Alse CASEWELL

19-Nov-1655; John SHORT of Bridport & Mary CROSS

24-Nov-1655; David LODEN of Sherborne & Charity THOMAS

03-Dec-1655; John CALLY of Shutt & Elizabeth BAKER of Stockland

04-Dec-1655; Leonard STREET & Alse HILLIARD, both of Whittchurch

04-Dec-1655; George BLACKFORD & Margaret WARD, both of Charmouth

13-Dec-1655; Edmund WASELEY & Mary TAVERNER, both of Stockland

15-Dec-1655; Richard BAYLEY & Mary COLLENS

24-Dec-1655; John EDWARDS & Mary LUGG, both of Dallwood

26-Dec-1655; Mr. John TURNER & Mrs. Mary KING of Dorchester

27-Dec-1655; Henry LANE & Grace PALMER, both of Stockland

17-Jan-1655; John COOKNEY & Ellis BRISTOW of Wotton

26-Feb-1655; Peter TURNER of Exmouth & Edith HOYT

17-Mar-1655; Georg WILLIAMS of Sidbury & Ann JONSON

19-Mar-1655; Richard MASH & Anstis JEAMES

07-Apr-1656; Nicolas SUMMER & Mary OCKESHOTT

10-Apr-1656; Thomas ADDAMES of Lymington & Roze HACKWOOD

07-May-1656; Nicholas STOCKER & Elizabeth KERBE

13-May-1656; Richard CORWOOD of Samphord, Devon & Faith HARBY

09-Jun-1656; John BEMENT & Mary ISACKE

19-Jun-1656; Robert DEANE & Judeth BODY

[an entry erased here]

08-Jul-1656; John JEAMES & Sarah LUCKES

07-Aug-1656; Francis BROADMEAD & Joane CHARD

[no date]; Zephaniah SMITH & Mary KNIGHT (appears between 8 JUL & 23 AUG)

23-Aug-1656; William SMITH & Dorothy CARSWELL

31-Aug-1656; Francis BENNE & Katherine TUCHIN

14-Sep-1656; Francis GOLSWORTHY of Stockland & Joane CLARKE of Norlegh

-- -Sep-1656; Robert DAVIS of Wotton-fitzpaine & Frances LESTOCK

21-Sep-1656; Roger NEWBERY & Mary SPILLER, both of Stockland

28-Oct-1656; John THOMAS & Anna GREGORY

07-Nov-1656; Jeames SPRAKE & Judeth LEA

25-Dec-1656; William SANSUM of Charmouth & Edith SANSUM of Bestcome

30-Dec-1656; [left blank] & Elizabeth BODY

06-Jan-1656; Richard MOXEDY alias TANER of Uplime & Ellner HART

12-Jan-1656; John HAWKINS of Abbotsbury & Joane PREIST of Gabrills

19-Jan-1656; Nathaniel PRINCE & Grace LEGG

21-Jan-1656; Thomas SAMPHORD of Burton & Mary FOWLER

26-Jan-1656; John WILLETT & Ann SALTER of Whittchurch

28-Jan-1656; John PIDGEON of Comestock & Ann TREE

12-Feb-1656; Ammiel HART & Elizabeth WHETCOMB

12-Feb-1656; Nicholas HALSON of Whitchurch & Alse CLEGG of Charmouth

30-Mar-1657; William WAY & Mary SANSUM

16-Apr-1657; Robert BROWNE & Mary MANFIELD, both of Stockland

30-Apr-1657; Robert HOLLDEN & Anna COGAN

06-May-1657; Henry BORD & Gilline ROE, both of Stockland

30-Jun-1657; John BIGGE & Sarah GRIGGS

01-Jul-1657; John TUCHIN & Joane STANSBY

29-Jul-1657; John MINETY & Margrett DARE

25-Aug-1657; Edward BONNER & Sarah KNIGHT

02-Sep-1657; Charles LESTOCKE & Mary TEMPLEMAN

10-Nov-1657; Joseph POPE & Mary BARSTONE

26-Nov-1657; John NEWBERRY of Stockland & Joane SHACKLAND of Cottleigh

07-Dec-1657; John FOLLETT & Dorothy HAMBLING of Stockland

28-Jan-1657; William KING alias HILL & Joane SCAMELL, both of Abbotsstoke

02-Feb-1657; James OWSLEY of Wottonfitzpaine & Ann BAZLEY

04-Feb-1657; Thomas WAY & Margrett WESCOME

17-Feb-1657; Richard BAYLEY & Gillin BAGSTER

23-Feb-1657; Henry COLLIER & Joane WISE, both of Stockland

26-Mar-1658; John BAKER of Chidwick & Joane BROWN of Marshall

18-May-1658; Edward EDWARDS of Wottonfitzpaine & Ann DARE

23-May-1658; John WEBB & Mary SMITH

24-Jun-1658; John STOKES & Elizabeth THOMAS

24-Jun-1658; Caleb STONE & Mary JEAMES

02-Aug-1658; Richard TOMSON & Mary FILLBROOKE

07-Oct-1658; John SNEYLON & Mary TURNER, both of Stockland

[no date]; Benjamin HOSKINS of Dorchester & Rose ADAMS

25-Jan-1658; William CHARD & Ann EDWARDS, both of Winsham

[no date]; Edward KEEPP & Mary MORGAN

[no entries from this time till 1664 when only names and dates are given.
Hitherto the place where banns were published – either Church or market-place –
has been mentioned, the name of the mayor or his deputy who performed the
ceremony given, and the names of witnesses or their marks added at the end of the entry.

16-Jan-1664; Matthew SCORCH & Markis GREEN

12-Apr-1665; Anthony COLLOME & Joane RAINDELL

23-Aug-1665; James BAXTER & Priscilla GREGORY

17-Oct-1665; William CARSWELL & Thomasin TUCKER

06-Jun-1666; Charles SYDENHAM & Joan HOOPER

16-Jun-1666; Abel GRANGE & Ann BODY

25-Jul-1666; John TURNER & Thomasin PICKERELL

03-Sep-1666; Richard COURTIS & Amy GROVES

10-Sep-1666; John BAZELEY & Mary SCORCH

18-Sep-1666; George MANTLE & Elizabeth HOLDEN

03-Oct-1666; Samuel ROBINS & Jane HENLEY

30-Oct-1666; James TUCKER & Anna WOODFORD

30-Apr-1667; Nathaniell KERRIDGE & Sarah MORTIMER

28-May-1667; Richard SPRAKE & Ann HALLETT

26-Jun-1667; Richard DOLMAN & Susannah BODY

23-Oct-1667; James CUDWORTH & Susannah HACKWOOD

16-Dec-1667; Thomas TEMPLEMAN & Jane SMITH

03-Apr-1668; Thomas GODFREY & Elizabeth CADDY

30-Jun-1668; Thomas LEA & Mary HOOR

19-Apr-1669; William TREW & Martina NEWMAN

02-Jun-1669; Robert MOOR & Joan BROWN

06-Jul-1669; John GOODMAN & Susannah BURRIDGE

06-Jul-1669; John BERMAND & Rose WHITE

12-Jul-1669; John SWAIN & Joan VERDER

25-Aug-1669; Hezekiah MILLER & Judith VICARY

15-Oct-1669; Richard BACON & Susannah DAMMER

15-Dec-1669; Francis WELLS & Frances THOMPSON

12-Jan-1669; George KERBY & Amy HOOR

30-Apr-1670; John SUMMERS & Susannah WILLIAMS

21-May-1670; John PRINCE & Margarett STEPHENS

30-May-1670; Mathew BAYLY & Radigunde BRADICK

22-Sep-1670; John COLMAR & Frances DREW

26-Sep-1670; Thomas MINSON & Mary JOHNSON

01-Nov-1670; Thomas COLBERT & Mary PITTS

23-Nov-1670; John HELLIER & Sarah WESLEY

24-Dec-1670; John BESS & Dorothy MINSON

18-May-1671; Henry GIBBS & Mary BURRIDGE

13-Jun-1671; Hugh WILLIAMS & Susannah LARCOMBE

31-Jul-1671; Robert ARNOLL [or ARNOTT] & Sarah BAYLY

03-Aug-1671; Richard BAGG & Anstis WHETTCOMB

20-Nov-1671; John KING & Hannah PALMER

20-Jun-1672; John HEMAN & Ann WESLEY

01-Jul-1672; Christopher GIBBS & Sarah LARCOMB

29-Jul-1672; Benjamin BAYLY & Elizabeth HELLIAR

27-Aug-1672; David GARDNER & Ann BACON

04-Sep-1672; Nathaniell FOLLETT & Elizabeth ANDREW

15-Oct-1672; Edward BODY & Magdalen BARTRUM

09-Dec-1672; Samuel WRAYFORD & Mary SPRAKE

07-Apr-1673; John STAPLE & Joan HARDY

08-Apr-1673; Bernard BELLRINGER & Mary HARDY

23-Jun-1673; John HOLLWAY & Magdalin WILLS

16-Sep-1673; Jasper RADCLIFF & Jane ANDREW

16-Sep-1673; Abraham SANFORD & Rebekah SANFORD

03-Nov-1673; Samuell WEEK & Joan CARSE

07-Dec-1673; Joseph RANDALL & Margaret MULLINS

26-Feb-1673; Edward LEWIS & Mary JARVIS

27-Feb-1673; George CARY & Rebekah TAYLOR

03-Feb-1674; John RUMERY & Joan OLIVER

18-May-1675; Robert REA & Mary OVETT

15-Jun-1675; Andrew WESTOVER & Margaret WESTOVER

29-Jun-1675; Nicholas NEWALL & Mary COAD

17-Aug-1675; John LYMEN & Ann WHETTCOMB

30-Aug-1675; John PYKE & Martha SEAWARD

27-Sep-1676; Matthew WEST & Martha CARSWELL

02-Oct-1676; Jeremiah WAKELY & Mary SANFORD

02-Feb-1676; Nicholas BRADICK & Martha BAYLY

26-Jun-1677; John MORRICE & Elizabeth PRINCE

23-Oct-1677; Robert MUSSELL & Elizabeth WILLIAM

09-Apr-1678; Osmond ROCKETT & Agnes SMITH

26-May-1678; John BENNETT & Rebekah EDWARDS

03-Oct-1678; Nicholas THOMAS & Jane WESTOVER

05-Nov-1678; James PITTS & Mary BURGESS

18-Nov-1678; Richard LEE & Mary WILLIAMS

01-Feb-1678; John HELLEN & Mary COURTIS

04-Mar-1678; John HAWKER & Ann TEAP

12-Jun-1679; John MOOR & Bridgett HOOPER

23-Jun-1679; John DEARING & Margaret WAY

08-Jul-1679; Morrice PERRY & Mary GRIGGS

01-Dec-1679; Edward GREGORY & Lydia CHAPELL

05-Feb-1679; Simon SHUTE & Mary SANFORD

06-Sep-1680; Ferdinand LACY & Ann ROCKETT

02-Nov-1680; Henry JACOB & Mary MORGAN

27-Dec-1680; John HELLIER & Mary COOK

01-Jan-1680; Thomas BREWFORD & Mary BUDGE

27-Jan-1680; Andrew DRAKE & Mary WEBBER

29-Jan-1680; William WHITE & Mary MILLER

04-Apr-1681; Robert PUCKETT & Joan HELLIER

05-Apr-1681; Edward HELLEN & Sarah COOK

21-Feb-1681; John COAD & Francis WHETTCOMBE

23-Feb-1681; Benjamin BEER & Elizabeth CARSWELL

18-May-1682; William ALFORD & Grace JAMES

05-Jul-1682; James DAWBNY & Mary PRATT of Chardstock

17-Aug-1682; William PUCKNELL & Patience MINIFY

05-Sep-1682; Edward MABELL & Ann SNOOKE

25-Jan-1682; Bernard STARR & Elizabeth SHORT

19-Feb-1682; William COOKNEY & Mary DEAN

23-May-1683; Peter WESTOVER & Maud INGRAM

20-Jun-1683; Mr John MARTIN & Mrs Sarah ANDREW

05-Nov-1683; Edward HELLEN & Elizabeth FRENCH

08-Nov-1683; John BEAMENT & Jane FLOYD

21-Nov-1683; Aaron JESSE & Ruth WETTCOTT

16-Jan-1683/4; Mr Thomas NAPPER & Mrs Rebekah ANDREW

02-Apr-1684; Jacob PADY & Anstis COX

07-Apr-1684; Richard DAVY & Sarah DARE

07-Jul-1684; John HARRIS & Hannah WEBBER of Chardstock

14-Jul-1684; Richard STONE & Hannah SPRAKE

22-Sep-1684; Nathaniell BUNSON & Dorothy COOK

25-Sep-1684; Henry MOON & Grace CRIBE

30-Sep-1684; Samuell COURTNAY & Elizabeth PARBNAY

06-Nov-1684; Samuell BAYLY & Mary PAYER

30-Dec-1684; Stephen HENNING & Martha ORCHARD

27-Jan-1684/5; Thomas HART & Elizabeth GREGORY

20-Apr-1685; Daniel FOLLETT & Mary PALMER

14-May-1685; John TURNER & Elizabeth SCORCH

13-Apr-1686; William PICKERELL & Mary PATTISON

22-Apr-1686; Lancelot COKE & Christible HODSON of Chardstock

25-May-1686; John DEARING & Jane BEMONT

29-May-1686; Pilley CARINGTON & Bridget THOROLD

29-Jun-1686; John COOKNEY & Mary FOLLETT

07-Jul-1686; Edward GOWLING & Martha WESLY

13-Sep-1686; Thomas BURFORD & Mary SWAIN

26-Oct-1686; Henry COX & Jane HELLIER

24-Nov-1686; Thomas THRALL & Joan MORRIS

25-Nov-1686; Abell PINWELL & Jane BRIGGS

27-Dec-1686; John WELLS & Elizabeth LYDY

20-Jan-1686/7; Mr Thomas NORTHMORE & Mrs Elizabeth ANDREW

04-Feb-1686/7; Henry WESTLETT & Grace TILMAN

26-Dec-1687; Robert WATTS & Elizabeth HELLIER

26-Dec-1687; John COX & Catherine BINGHAM

05-Jan-1687/8; Mr Henry SEYMOUR & Mrs Mary HENLEY

09-Jan-1687/8; Mr Richard HART & Mrs Frances JEGOU

07-Jul-1688; James DAWKINS & Elizabeth SHAVE

22-Sep-1688; George SWEET & Phoebe ROBINS

19-Dec-1688; John FOWLER & Elizabeth TUCKER

09-Jan-1688/9; John LOCK & Elizabeth GREEDY

11-Feb-1688/9; Edward THOMAS & Elizabeth CLEEVES

14-Feb-1688/9; Thomas WINDOVER & Susannah HOLLARD

01-May-1689; Samuell BISHOP & Susannah STANDERWICK

25-Jul-1689; Samuel CUEING & Jane BESSE

12-Aug-1689; James MUSGRAVE & Hannah KEECH

03-Dec-1689; William GRIGGS & Magdalene BODY

16-Dec-1689; John TURNER & Mary WHETCOMBE

10-Jan-1689/90; Thomas DARE & Sarah BONNER

18-Feb-1689/90; Henry WHITE & Mary GODFRY

21-Apr-1690; Edward THOMAS & Florence PARSONS

24-Jun-1690; John CLARKE & Elizabeth GODFRY

24-Nov-1690; Alexander WALKER & Mary STOWARD

30-Dec-1690; Richard MARSHALL & Grace PICKETT

02-Apr-1691; John EVANS & Alice CARSWELL

11-Jun-1691; Mathew BAYLEY & Mary GACH

29-Jun-1691; David OLIVER & Susannah COOK

23-Dec-1691; Mathew GAY & Mary JAMES

11-Apr-1692; Thomas LEE & Ann SHORT

15-Sep-1692; Robert COLBERT & Joan FOWLER

20-Dec-1692; William NEWALL & Martha DARE

02-Feb-1692/3; Nathaniell COOK & Edith LATHY

23-Feb-1692/3; John CHARLCOTT & Mary CLARK

13-Jun-1693; Francis WELLS & Dorothy BESSE

24-Oct-1693; John WEAVER & Thomasin TUCKER

27-Dec-1693; Thomas SWAIN & Elizabeth KING

14-Feb-1693/4; Mathew TOWGOOD & Mary DAVY

26-Mar-1694; Bernard WEBBER & Joan BROADMEAD

23-Oct-1694; John STONE & Ann LEWIS

28-Nov-1694; Robert DARE & Prudence BRADICK

26-Dec-1694; Robert BULL & Elizabeth LUSH

25-Mar-1695; Thomas HOLLARD junior & Elizabeth STAPLE

26-Mar-1695; Samuel POTTER & Joan GACH

18-Apr-1695; William READ & Elizabeth BURGESS

06-Aug-1695; Nathaniell GUNDRY & Elizabeth WARREN

30-Aug-1695; John GUPPY & Elizabeth TUCKER

04-Sep-1695; Thomas BONNER & Alice HOLLWAY

24-Sep-1695; George HUTCHINS & Mary HILL

16-Oct-1695; William COWARD & Avice MULLINS of Whitechurch

29-Apr-1696; Abell PINWELL & Amy WILSON

12-May-1696; George COMBRIDGE & Elizabeth TAYLOR

02-Jun-1696; Thomas CLARKE & Sarah HELLIER

21-Sep-1696; John WALKER & Elizabeth CLARKE

15-Oct-1696; Henry HALSE & Margarett SYDENHAM

21-Dec-1696; John HART & Ann COLBERT

19-Jan-1696/7; William MUMFORD & Elizabeth BAXTER

15-Feb-1696/7; Thomas HOAR & Joan CARTER married at Wotton

29-Apr-1697; Bernard GAY & Ann BAKER

29-Jun-1697; Benjamin LANGER & Elizabeth KERBY

06-Sep-1697; Jacob GAITCH & Susannah ILETT certificate of Banns

05-Jul-1697; Francis WELLS junior & Evett [Evott in the Burials] GARLAND married at Combpyne

09-Feb-1697/8; Thomas SWAIN & Joan HOOPER

16-Feb-1697/8; Nathaniell SHAVE & Mary KING

07-Feb-1697/8; Nicholas GOODRIDGE & Katherine THOROLD at Betscombe

17-Feb-1697/8; James GACH & Lydia CLARKE

02-May-1698; Josias COLLIER & Margarett HARRIS

11-May-1698; Jonas WHETCOMBE & Sarah LACY

26-Sep-1698; Francis PURCHASE & Thomasin CARSWELL

06-Oct-1698; George KIRBY & Mary KNAP

26-Dec-1698; John WAY & Elizabeth DEARING

05 or 09-Jan-1698/9; John LOCK & Elizabeth BRIANK

31-Jan-1698/9; William PYNE & Alice EVANS

13-Feb-1698/9; Mr Andrew TUCKER & Mrs Florence ANDREW

20-Feb-1698/9; John SPRAKE & Sarah COURTIS

21-Feb-1698/9; John WADE & Elizabeth LAWRENCE of Netherbury

08-Apr-1699; Thomas TEMPLEMAN & Joan SANDFORD certificate of Banns

10-Apr-1699; Abraham PITTS & Sarah READ

11-Apr-1699; Robert GAY & Mary BROWN

21-Jun-1699; George SPILLER & Elenor PALMER certificate of Banns

26-Jun-1699; Joseph GODFREY & Sarah BODY

25-Jul-1699; Josias COLLIER of Uplyme & Joan HOSKINS

14-Aug-1699; Morris PERRY & Ann HALL married at Wotton

12-Oct-1699; James MOOR & Sarah MANNING married at Wotton

20-Nov-1699; Mr John BRICE & Mrs Grace FLOYER of Charmouth

22-Nov-1699; John SMITH & Esther WYATT

19-Dec-1699; John PAUL & Mary WELLS certificate of Banns

__-___-____; William POOL & Sarah DANIELL

10-Feb-1699/1700; Robert AKERMAN & Susanna LAWRENCE of Powerstock

01-Apr-1700; Henry WILMOTT & Joan CARTER

09-Apr-1700; Robert SUMMERS junior & Sarah WALKER

09-May-1700; William TURNER of Dorchester & Sarah EVANS

03-Jun-1700; Amos SAUNDERS & Jane EBBEN

03-Jun-1700; Henry TREVILIAN & Margaret WENDOVER

18-Jun-1700; Daniel BOWDIDG of Axmouth & Hannah WYATT certificate of Banns

15-Jul-1700; William BESSE & Sarah HAMM

14-Aug-1700; John PEAP of Cotleigh, co. Devon & Mary LEWIS

16-Dec-1700; Andrew LOCK & Edith GACH

06-Jan-1700/1; Richard HAWKER & Grace STOKES

09-Jan-1700/1; Charles SPRAKE & Joan STONE (?) married at Wotton

04-Feb-1700/1; Thomas GOLLOP of Chideock & Joan GILLING

10-Feb-1700/1; Thomas PEIRCE & Rebekah GRUBHAM

26-Feb-1700/1; John BRAGG & Mary SLADE

08-Apr-1701; Thomas WISE & Dorothy ELLOTT

27-May-1701; John DOMETT & Mary NEWALL

01-Jul-1701; James MINSON junior & Jane MUNDY

28-Jul-1701; Stephen ROBERTS & May RICHARDS

05-Aug-1701; William BUDDEN & Patience HART

09-Jun-1701; William THOMAS & Joan BRAGG certificate of Banns

06-Nov-1701; Samuel KUEN & Margaret STUCKY

12-Nov-1701; John BOND & Dorothy HARVY of Chardstock

17-Nov-1701; John LORING & Rachel CLARK of Axminster

20-Nov-1701; John LEWIS & Mary THOMAS

13-Jan-1701/2; Nathaniell COOK & Joan SPURWAY

23-Apr-1702; Joseph WINTER & Elizabeth NEWALL

05-May-1702; Stephen BOWDIDGE & Elizabeth HART

06-May-1702; John BOWDITCH & Elizabeth GODFREY

14-Jul-1702; Samuel GODFREY & Elizabeth LOCK

15-Aug-1702; John BRAGG of Thorncombe & Elizabeth LEVERMORE of Chardstock

24-Aug-1702; Robert KEECH of Baunton & Elizabeth LIMM of Netherbury

31-Aug-1702; Stephen TURNER & Sarah HELLIER

14-Oct-1702; Thomas OWSLY & Elizabeth TURNER

__-Oct-1702; Joseph FORD & Susanna FURNACE certificate of Banns

29-Oct-1702; James MOOR & Margaret LOVERIDGE certificate of Banns

18-Nov-1702; John MORRIS & Ann STONE

02-Dec-1702; Thomas STOWARD & Hannah ROCKETT

22-Dec-1702; Richard CHANNING of Maidnuton & Susanna TUCKER

25-Dec-1702; John HOLLOWAY & Abigail BAGSTER

30-Dec-1702; John KERRIDGE & Anstis BACON

21-Jan-1702/3; George BAXTER & Joan STOCKER

27-Jan-1702/3; John GODFRY & Damaris STOCKER

30-Mar-1703; John KERRIDGE & Abiah KERRIDGE

29-Apr-1703; John LYMEN attorney & Margaret BULL

10-Jun-1703; Mark CHAMP of Axminster & Mary SAVAGE

29-Jun-1703; Thomas EBDON husbandman of Uplyme & Mary SANSUM

13-Jul-1703; John BRINSON alias MILLER husbandman & Edith WADE of Netherbury

29-Jul-1703; William JAMES tanner & Elizabeth LYMEN

29-Jul-1703; Thomas WALDRIN shoemaker & Katherine SWEET

22-Sep-1703; William WADEFORD & Sarah BLAKE of Chard

16-Dec-1703; Thomas BELLMAN mariner & Elizabeth CURTIS

07-Feb-1703/4; John LEVERMORE ? pauper & Abigail CLARK

01-May-1704; William HOUNSELL husbandman of Whitchurch & Joan GRINEER

31-May-1704; George COAD cloathier & Elizabeth FOWLER

10-Jul-1704; Daniell NEWTON taylor & Rebekah CHANSELLER certificate of Banns

10-Oct-1704; Bernard BROWN pauper & Elizabeth GOODMAN certificate of Banns

06-Dec-1704; George GIBBS clothier of Bemister & Joan STUDLEY of Abbots Stoke

19-Jan-1704/5; Thomas BREWFORD tonser & Sarah LEAKE

31-Jan-1704/5; Lawrence HOWLEY carpenter & Elizabeth PITTS

06-Feb-1704/5; Joseph SWETLAN carpenter & Elizabeth AMES

27-Feb-1704/5; George TOLLEY cloathier & Joan HENVILL of Netherbury

09-Apr-1705; Thomas MINSEN mariner & Joan RUMMERY

09-Apr-1705; Robert HENLEY of Weymouth & Mary BRADICK certificate of Banns

17-Apr-1705; Robert GAY husbandman & Ann HOOK

30-Apr-1705; John HAKE sackcloath maker & Ann HOLLMAN both of Bemister

14-May-1705; Thomas BRASFEILD mariner & Elizabeth CASE

21-Jun-1705; John KAINS of Blandford & Sarah CLARK certificate of Banns

28-Jun-1705; Robert OLIVER & Hannah HYDE

16-Jul-1705; William DYER shoemaker & Sarah SUMMERS

07-Aug-1705; William PURCHASE shearman & Ann TURNER

28-Sep-1705; John HEARN yeoman & Jane BAYLY of Netherbury

10-Nov-1705; William HOOK & Elizabeth LOVERIDGE certificate of Banns

10-Nov-1705; Robert THORN junior certificate of Banns

15-Dec-1705; William DAMMER had certificate of Banns

26-Jan-1705/6; James STILL & Joan BAYLY certificate of Banns

21-Apr-1706; Samuel CORNELIUS of Charmouth & Mary STREET certificate of Banns

23-May-1706; Joseph FORD & Mary TUCKER

23-May-1706; John FRENCH & Grace TREMLETT of Chardstock

27-Sep-1706; William DENNING & Jemima LATHY

08-Oct-1706; Thomas TOWEL of Ill Bishops, co. Somerset & Mary CARSWELL

18-Dec-1706; John HARRIS & Joan HAMM

24-Dec-1706; Nicholas LATHY & Elizabeth PROSER

01-Jan-1706/7; Robert BURRIDGE & Mary TUCKER

03-Feb-1706/7; Henry HALSE & Elizabeth GACH

06-Feb-1706/7; Henry STEPHENS & Mary KEAT of Chardstock

25-Feb-1706/7; Richard COPP & Dorcas SPRAKE of Axminster

19-Apr-1707; Nicholas STONE & Elizabeth TURNER

22-Apr-1707; Henry COX & Elizabeth CARSWELL

15-May-1707; Abraham PAGE of Chard & Margaret SAMWAYS

17-Aug-1707; Thomas CHAMBERLAIN & Martha SOUTHWICK

09-Oct-1707; Richard PHELPS of Chardstock & Mary TOLER of Axminster

14-Oct-1707; William TRAVERS & Susanna BAKER

26-Nov-1707; Robert THORN junior & Dorothy SHAVE

09-Dec-1707; Christopher BROWN & Mary TUCKER

24-Feb-1707/8; William TRIPE & Mary THORNE

15-Apr-1708; Henry COLEMAN & Edith BURTON

23-May-1708; Malachy DUDENAY & Elizabeth HARDY

28-Jun-1708; Ralfe HAM & Elizabeth SANGER

25-Jul-1708; Mathew LUFF of Bridgewater & Elizabeth COGAN

04-Aug-1708; Francis HOBART of Taunton & Mary BURRIDGE

26-Aug-1708; Thomas WILLS of Hinton St George & Rebekah BULL

15-Nov-1708; Thomas CASE & Mary KAINS

29-Nov-1708; Richard BOWDEN & Mary STOCKER

13-Jan-1708/9; Samuel BAGG & Joanna DRAKE

18-Jan-1708/9; Robert COURTIS & Lydia OSBORN

01-Feb-1708/9; Robert JAMES of Seaton & Grace TAYLER of Branscombe

07-Feb-1708/9; Robert BELLRENGER & Tabitha SUMMERS

10-Feb-1708/9; Nicholas SWEET & Margarett GROBHAM of Chard

02-Mar-1708/9; John GRAVENER & Mary LEE

24-May-1709; Daniel HEARN & Mary COLLANT of Netherbury

19-Jul-1709; Robert HAYN of Yeovil & Hannah BUTLER

05-Sep-1709; George PYKE & Mary COOKNY

19-Dec-1709; John EVANS of Beaminster & Joan MORRIS

28-Dec-1709; Stephen BENNETT & Jemima KERRIDGE

31-Jan-1709/10; Thomas LOCK & Elizabeth DRAKE

15-Apr-1710; James TREW & Elizabeth HUSSY

29-Jun-1710; John LEALEY of North Parott & Rachel DARE

11-Sep-1710; Joseph HALLETT & Ellenor WELCH

25-Oct-1710; John PARSONS of Taunton & Prudence DARE

28-Oct-1710; John RALSTON of Betscomb & Ann CRAB of Chardstock

20-Dec-1710; Samuel JEFFORD & Hannah PUGSLEY of Seaton

25-Dec-1710; William DEAN & Grace STOCKES

16-Jan-1710/11; Benjamin BAZELY & Joan LOCK [or LACK]

25-Apr-1711; James DYCE & Joan PHY of Axminster

27-Jun-1711; John OLIVER & Mary HALLETT of Bemister

03-Jul-1711; Simon LEA & Mary STAPLE

10-Oct-1711; John SEARLE & Dorothy BOND of Chardstock

05-Feb-1711/12; Isaack DANIEL & Hannah COLINS of Beamistre

26-Feb-1711/12; John HITCHCOCK & Mary STRONG

01-Sep-1712; Benjamin DROWER & Mary SPRAKE of Axminster

18-Sep-1712; James DANIEL & Sarah THOMAS

29-Oct-1712; Robert BATTEN & Sarah BUTLER

25-Nov-1712; Roger OWESLEY & Sarah ALFORD

02-May-1713; Charles RENDALL & Elizabeth MARGERY of Netherbury

21-Jul-1713; Mathew PAIN & Sarah ROCKETT

29-Aug-1713; John MORGAN & Ann LYMEN

26-Oct-1713; Joseph BAKER & Elizabeth GUPPY

03-Dec-1713; Robert COSSENS & Susanna ALFORD

06-May-1714; John CHASE & Elizabeth STAPLE of Wambrook

19-May-1714; Henry BURROUGHS & Sarah HAMM

26-Oct-1714; Armado LIMBRY of Combpyne & Sarah MORE

02-Nov-1714; Hezekiah MILLER & Sarah ROBERTS

24-Nov-1714; James MOREY & Roze BISHOP of Allington

30-Dec-1714; William GUMMER & Elizabeth BREWER of Chard

08-Jan-1714/5; George COMINGS & Mary NICHOLLS

26-Jan-1714/5; Richard TURNER & Hannah WATTS

31-Jan-1714/5; Samuel COX & Elizabeth LACK of Bemister

23-Mar-1714/5; Thomas MOREY & Mary COAD

18-Apr-1715; John COLOMBE & Elizabeth WATTS

02-May-1715; Robert CARSWELL & Ann TROTTLE

24-Jun-1715; Robert COURTIS & Mary BAKER

05-Jul-1715; Hugh DOLLIN of Netherbury & Esther SAMWAYS of Simondsbury

08-Jul-1715; John WHETTAM of Netherbury & Christian HOLLWAY of Whitechurch

12-Jul-1715; Henry TREVELIAN & Elizabeth LOCK

12-Jul-1715; Jonathan BENNETT & Mary MOOR of Hawkchurch

12 or 27-Jul-1715; William DARE & Dorcas WEBBER

15-Sep-1715; Philip NEWTON & Mary PICKERELL

26-Oct-1715; David RICE & Joan BISHOP of Axminster

05-Nov-1715; Mathew HOUNSELL of Simondsbury & Mary RECHARDS of Netherbury

30-Jan-1715/6; John BOWDIDGE & Hannah STONE

31-Jan-1715/6; Edward WHITE & Susanna HOLLARD

11-Feb-1715/6; Richard MORRIS & Susanna GACH

13-Feb-1715/6; William INNALL & Sarah HAINE

23-Jun-1716; John HANSFORD & Agnes MARSH of Loders

25-Jun-1716; William MASTERS & Mary OLIVER

02-Oct-1716; William BELLMAN & Mary NEW

06-Nov-1716; Benoni BAYLY & Mary PAYER

19-Nov-1716; William BELLRINGER & Sarah COOK

03-Jan-1716/7; John BUTCHER & Prudence DARE

08-Jan-1716/7; Philip SCRIVEN & Mary PULMAN of Wambrook

22-Jan-1716/7; Samuel HICKS & Mary WHETCOMBE

28-Feb-1716/7; William LANGFORD & Rachel SELWOOD

04-Mar-1716/7; John BELMAN & Sarah BRAGG

14-Mar-1716/7; Edward OLIVER & Ann GUNDRY

21-May-1717; Edward WINDOVER & Elizabeth NORWOOD

29-Jul-1717; Francis PENNY & Mary BUTCHER

07-Sep-1717; Christopher HARVY & Honour HALLETT

13-Nov-1717; Robert CLARK & Mary NOSSITER of Bemister

15-Nov-1717; John SHIPTON & Katharine EDMONDS of Netherbury

19-Nov-1717; William EDWARDS & Spes RUSSELL

26-Dec-1717; George WILLIAMS & Ann PAGE

20-Feb-1717/8; Stephen EDWARDS & Frances KELWAY

19-May-1718; Thomas EBDON & Mary BAYLY

05-Aug-1718; Simon ORCHARD & Susanna DARE

10-Sep-1718; John HALLETT & Hannah TREVOTT of Bemester

26-Nov-1718; Joseph BICKFORD & Mary LANYER

26-Nov-1718; Thomas WOOD & Elizabeth SHAVE

06-Jan-1718/9; Thomas TUCKER & Margaret THORN

14-Jan-1718/9; William PALMER & Sarah READ

02-Apr-1719; Andrew HOLLAND & Mary SPRAKE

19-May-1719; Robert BAKER & Edith HOLLWAY of Bridgewater

02-Jun-1719; Nicholas KEAT & Grace BARKLY of Chardstock

28-Oct-1719; Mathew CUMINS & Fidelity READ

29-Oct-1719; Aaron DYKE & Sarah COX

19-Apr-1720; Jeremiah ROGERS of Bristol & Susanna GUNDRY

22-Sep-1720; Joseph COALE & Martha WISE

30-Sep-1720; John EVANS & Prudence BUTCHER

17-Oct-1720; Henry HONIBORN & Mary LOCK

15-Nov-1720; Isauk HAN of Axminster & Grace RADDON of Stockland

19-Dec-1720; Edward CHURLY & Joan CHURLY both of Ufculm

11-Feb-1720/1; William MITCHELL of Thorncomb & Mary HUXTER

09-Mar-1720/1; William FORD of Beer & Sarah THOMAS

24-Jun-1721; Robert VINCENT of Chardstock & Mary ASH of Membry

31-Jul-1721; Robert OSBORN & Joan BEVIS

12-Oct-1721; Henry SELWOOD & Grace HUTCHENS of Chardstock

20-Dec-1721; Samuel WADE of Simondsbury & Joan SIMMS of Netherbury

09-Apr-1722; Thomas BRIANT & Mary OLIVER of Bemister

31-May-1722; Robert WHITE of Shute & Elizabeth DAVY of Stockland

04-Jun-1722; William STOGDON of Sidmouth & Mary WATERS

03-Jan-1722/3; William MUMFORD & Martha LANGER

19-Feb-1722/3; John HOOK & Mary MANTLE

15-Apr-1723; Joseph CROCKER & Mary BEVIS

09-May-1723; William SMITH & Jane DAVY

04-Jun-1723; Nathaniell COOK & Mary PRICKETT

13-Jan-1723/4; John STAPLE & Mary BEDFORD

30-Sep-1724; Joseph HARDEN of Netherbury & Miriam MARGORY

10-Oct-1724; Henry GAME of Netherbury & Mary MINSON of Simondsbury

15-Oct-1724; Richard DAVY & Joan STRONG

22-Oct-1724; Joseph RANDAL & Sarah PETTS

10-May-1725; Mathew BAZELY & Elizabeth GAY

27-May-1725; Francis RENDALL & Elizabeth KERBY

27-May-1725; John HELLIER & Mary BROOKS

17-Nov-1725; Henery TRIVILIAN & Elizabeth BONNER

20-Dec-1725; Joseph GODFREY & Elizabeth LATHEY

22-Sep-1726; Nathaniel MECHEL of Wambrook & Mary TUCKER of Chardstock

11-Oct-1726; Thomas CHURCHILL & Hannah POOLE

02-Feb-1726/7; William UDAL & Mary CLIFT of Netherbury

14-Feb-1726/7; Phillip BRINSON of Netherbury & Sarah EDWARDS of Broadwindser

16-Feb-1726/7; Giles SHEPPARD of Blandford & Ann BOUTCHER

04-Apr-1727; John GODFREY & Elizabeth DENNING

27-Jun-1727; Nathaniel COOK & Hester OLIVER

22-Aug-1727; Edward BEASLEY & Ann BESS

10-Oct-1727; George HARDY & Hannah EBDON

11-Oct-1727; John MABER & Frances TOLLY of Netherbury

19-Oct-1727; John PLUCKNETT & Jane PINNY of Chardstock

23-Jan-1727/8; George BAKER & Mary LOVERIDGE

25-Feb-1727/8; Sam EDWARDS & Joan HAWKINS

30-Sep-1728; James STOAKES & Ann MORRISH

27-Oct-1728; Thomas CLARK & Tabitha BELLRINGER

03-Jan-1728/9; John PALMER & Ann CARTER

04-Feb-1728/9; Daniel THORN & Elizabeth NEWMAN

16-Feb-1728/9; John KERBY & Mary STONE

18-Feb-1728/9; Samuel COUCH & Alice SAMFORD

06-Apr-1729; Robert SMITH & Martha HUXDEN

13-Apr-1729; John SEVIL of Up-Lime & Mary WELCH

29-May-1729; Aron WILLS & Ann DAWBENY of Chardstock

25-May-1729; John MORRISH & Martha DRIVER

01-Jun-1729; Zachariah ROBERTS & Elizabeth STONE

30-Jun-1729; James WADE of Netherbury & Mary HORSEFORD

25-Aug-1729; John TEAP & Susanna TEAKLE

21-Sep-1729; Joseph SEWARD & Mary SCIVIL

01-Oct-1729; John BAYNES & Elizabeth MORRIS

14-Oct-1729; John CUIN & Mary CHAMP

14-Oct-1729; Robert ELLIOT of Hazelbeer & Joan COX

16-Oct-1729; John WARREN of Sidbury & Sarah MOUNT STEPHEN

26-Oct-1729; John KERRIDGE & Grace PAUL

28-Oct-1729; John FRENCH of Branscomb & Elizabeth BARTLET of Bemister

08-Dec-1729; William ROBERTS & Ann STONE

05-Jan-1729/30; Waddom ROCKETT of Hawkchurch & Sarah REED of Musbury

03-Feb-1729/30; William DODGE & Jane OLIVER of Simsbury

03-Feb-1729/30; Thomas NEWTON & Mary BUDDAN

20-Apr-1730; George BAXTER & Alice BONNER

25-May-1730; William TUCKER of Yeovil & Mary WADDEN

02-Jul-1730; Thomas HARRIS & Mary BESS

19-Aug-1730; John HARBRIDGE of Hinton St George & Elizabeth PARTRIDGE

07-Sep-1730; Samuel DAMMER & Mary HENDLEY

01-Nov-1730; Bernard BYRD & Martha KNIGHT of Uffculme

31-Dec-1730; George KERBY junior & Mary CARSEWELL

26-Jan-1730/1. John HOUNSELL of Netherbury & Grace RIDGWAY of Burton Bradstock

20-Apr-1731; William HART & Elizabeth HENVILL of Netherbury

11-May-1731; Robert PARMER & Mary PAUL

12-Jul-1731; Mathew LOVE & Ruth RAPSON

14-Sep-1731; Lodowick SAFFREE & Margaret STILL

14-Sep-1731; John BENTLY & Ruth WILLS of Chardstock

29-Sep-1731; Francis MORLEY of Chardstock & Amy ASH of Membury

24-Oct-1731; William LUCE & Catharine MAJOR of Axminster

15-Oct-1731; Isaac BONNAR of Burton & Hannah CLARK

11-Nov-1731; Nathaniel BRADFORD & Arkles* COX [*name appears elsewhere as Arcles or Arkeles]

28-Nov-1731; William STOCKER & Mary MITCHELL of Chardstock

03-Jan-1731/2; Isaac THOMAS & Sarah GODFREY

30-Jan-1731/2; Robert SMITH junior & Mary GOUDRIDGE

21-Feb-1731/2; James MOOR & Susanna HAM

21-Feb-1731/2; Samuel EATON & Jessie HONIBORN

24-Apr-1732; William CHAMP & Mary PUCKETT

01-May-1732; Nicholas STONE & Rebecca KATES

18-May-1732; John DEMENT of Netherbury & Susanna SHEPHERD of Simbsbury

19-Jun-1732; Thomas PROUT of Litton & Mary TUCKER

24-Jun-1732; Joseph MINSON & Anna TUCKER

30-Jul-1732; John CROOM of Litton & Mary HANSFORD

29-Sep-1732; Richard OLIVER & Elizabeth PATTEN of Yetminster

17-Oct-1732; Thomas BRADFORD of Melcomb Regis & Mary COOK

18-Oct-1732; William HIDGCOCK of Colyton & Mary JEFFERD

14-Jan-1732/3; Nathaniel JACKSON & Elizabeth MORRIS

05-Feb-1732/3; John SWAIN & Sarah GAY

27-Feb-1732/3; John POWND of Colyton & Grace MUNDING of Chardstock

16-May-1733; William HARE & Elizabeth BLAKE

20-May-1733; Robert CLUTWORTHY & Thomasin TUCKER

21-May-1733; John SPENCER & Sarah WARREN

19-Jun-1733; Joseph LEE & Ann TREW

24-Jun-1733; Richard PARSONS & Sarah HART

28-Jun-1733; Thomas KELAWAY & Abiah KERRIDGE

07-Jul-1733; William ORTON & Hannah HERN of Wambrook

21-Sep-1733; Thomas ANLY & Elizabeth EVANS

14-Oct-1733; John SHAVE & Ann BEVIS

18-Oct-1733; Thomas WALKER & Ann EVANS

08-Dec-1733; Anthony GUDRIDGE & Anna SMITH

09-Dec-1733; James KELAWAY & Mary CASE

30-Jan-1733/4; Henry HALSE & Sarah TUCKER

05-Feb-1733/4; Elias LOVERIDGE & Mary MORREN of Chard

24-Feb-1733/4; William COX & Sarah SPRAKE

18-Mar-1733/4; Amos PAGE of Chard & Prudence EVANS

26-Mar-1734; Francis FOLAQUIER of Taunton & Elizabeth BURRIDGE

28-Mar-1734; Jonathan STEED of Bovy Tracy & Mary TORR

09-May-1734; Stephen STONE of Bridport & Mary PUGSLEY of Beer

26-May-1734; Richard BAZELY & Mary SWETLAND

28-May-1734; Benjamin BEER & Elizabeth WARREN

02-Jul-1734; John COLE of Crewkerne & Mary PROSSER

08-Sep-1734; Thomas VILDEY & Mary HART

20-Sep-1734; James MINTON of Netherbury & Elizabeth GREEN of Catherston

17-Oct-1734; John KEATE of Chardstock & Sarah LIMBREY of Combpine

27-Oct-1734; Arthur BERRY & Jane HENLEY

10-Nov-1734; Richard COOKNEY & Damaris DOPSON

12-Nov-1734; John RUSSELL & Ann DODGE of Simbsbury

25-Nov-1734; Sampson WHITE & Grace STONE

01-Dec-1734; Matthew BOWDIDGE & Mary HARRISS

02-Dec-1734; Benjamin BAZELY & Lydia COURTIS

10-Dec-1734; Joseph BARTON & Dorothy BESS

22-Dec-1734; John BAZELY & Mary UPCOT

29-Dec-1734; James DANIEL junior & Ann LATHEY

02-Jan-1734/5; Richard OLIVER & Elizabeth ROBERTS

17-Feb-1734/5; Edward LORING & Catherin HOSKINS of Beaminster

06-May-1735; Richard EDWARDS & Sarah HOLLARD

24-Jun-1735; Samuel LAKE & Jone BAKER

17-Jul-1735; Thomas CAINS & Sarah DENNING

20-Jul-1735; William SMITH & Elizabeth WALKER

22-Sep-1735; John DOLLING & Mary DYER

22-Sep-1735; John HARRIS & Ann DENNING

15-Nov-1735; Giles PARTRIDGE of North Perrott & Ann PURCHASE

28-Nov-1735; Robert COX & Jane HODDER

29-Jan-1735/6; Robert SALTER & Spease [i.e. Spes] EDWARDS

03-Feb-1735/6; Joseph TREW & Mary WOOD

05-Feb-1735/6; Richard BONNEL of Beer & Elizabeth PERRY of Allington

21-Feb-1735/6; Joseph COBBLESTONE of Whitechurch & Sarah ROOD

23-Feb-1735/6; Thomas HINE of Postock [Powerstock] & Edith COOK

23-Feb-1735/6; John HALL & Thomasin SALTER

07-Mar-1735/6; William SMITH junior & Sarah DANIEL

24-Mar-1735/6; Robert RUSSEL of Bustock & Catharine BUNCOMB

26-Apr-1736; John OLIVER & Mary SAINT of Crewkerne

05-May-1736; Thomas HOOK of Chardstock & Hannah VOYSEY

08-May-1736; John GAY & Anna RUSSELL of Broadwinsor

21-May-1736; John GAY of Ufcomb & Elizabeth BURROWS of Netherbury

31-May-1736; Joseph MATTHEWS & Martha SPENCER

20-Jun-1736; John LAMBERT & Mary CORNISH of Fordington

27-Jun-1736; James STILL & Mary BARNES

01-Jul-1736; Richard HALL & Sarah OLIVER

02-Sep-1736; Thomas HILL of Netherbury & Elizabeth FOSSEY of Beaminster

18-Oct-1736; Mr Samuel GUNDRY & Mrs Elizabeth BEER

22-Nov-1736; Andrew LOCK & Mary FRENCH

17-Nov-1736; Mr John BRAGG & Mrs Susanna GAME of Chardstock

04-Jan-1736/7; George PUCKET & Mary AVERY

04-Feb-1736/7; William BELLETT of Membury & Mary GILLETT of Chardstock

15-Feb-1736/7; John GOSLEY of White-Stanton & Mary WINDSOR of Chardstock

12-May-1737; Mr Edward FORWARD of Axminster & Mrs Ann JAMES

02-Aug-1737; George DINHAM & Susannah OLIVER

04-Oct-1737; Edward LOCK & Elizabeth LOVING junior

25-Oct-1737; Nicholas STONE & Jane HONIBURN

31-Jan-1737/8; John MOOR & Ann JAMES

08-Feb-1737/8; Joseph FARRER of Stockland & Mary WALRON

20-Apr-1738; James NAISH & Hannah BEER

08-Jun-1738; Christopher TATCHELL clerk & Mrs Sarah WHETCOMB

12-Sep-1738; James BATTEN & Arkles BRADFORD

18-Sep-1738; Samuel ROGERS of Simsbury & Jenny TAYLOR

29-Oct-1738; Joseph SPEED & Rebecca PODGER

09-Nov-1738; Joseph BREWFORD & Sarah PROSSER

15-Dec-1738; Mr John SWAIN & Mrs Armonel GUPPY of Axminster

24-Dec-1738; William TURNER & Jane PINWELL

21-Jan-1738/9; William ALFORD & Alice COX

11-Jun-1739; John STOCKER of Dalwood & Mary SOMERHAYS sojourner

03-Jul-1739; Robert COOKNEY & Abigail COOK

05-Jul-1739; Samuel BEVIS junior & Elizabeth LEE

15-Jul-1739; John CRABB of Whitechurch & Mary GREENING

24-Jul-1739; Joseph CREED & Mary BUDGE

02-Aug-1739; Peter FLATCHER of Honiton & Agnes STEPHANS

05-Aug-1739; Robert WASHER & Jane CLAPP

20-Aug-1739; Benjamin BEAZLEY & Joan COX

09-Oct-1739; John HOORE & Ann LOVE

15-Oct-1739; John VIRGIN of Harrington, co. Somerset & Elizabeth PEACH

06-Dec-1739; Henry MAJOR of Dalwood & Mary RADDON sojourner

15-Dec-1739; Robert WEBBER & Elizabeth BESS

14-Jan-1739; Henry COX & Mary LINDSEY

20-Mar-1739; Thomas GREENING & Mary PADY

11-May-1740; Robert OLIVER & Elizabeth BROOKENS

14-May-1740; Mr Bernard GAY & Hannah TURNER

24-May-1740; Robert SKINNER & Sarah PERRY sojourner

24-Jun-1740; William DEAN & Ann ORCHARD

14-Jul-1740; Ralph HARRIS & Esther STOCKWELL of Beamister

19-Aug-1740; Thomas GUPPY & Ann RICE of Chardstock

22-Aug-1740; Samuel MEREFIELD clerk & Mrs Mary SYMES sojourner

20-Sep-1740; Thomas ENGLAND & Susanna KERRIDGE

07-Oct-1740; Jonathan CAIN sojourner & Mary NEWTON of Charmouth

06-Nov-1740; Joseph SPEED junior & Sarah COLLINS

15-Jan-1740/1; Joseph PUCKETT & Elizabeth LEE

05-Feb-1740/1; Robert LOVE & Mary WOOLINGTON

26-Feb-1740/1; Hercules WHICKER of Colyton & Dorothy HODDER

14-Mar-1740/1; Robert STRANGWAYS of Colyton & Thomasin PITFIELD sojourner

08-May-1741; Thomas SYDENHAM of Axminster & Sarah COOK of Netherbury

21-Sep-1741; George POMROY sojourner & Ann MATTHEWS of Whitechurch

13-Jan-1741/2; John DARE of Wotton & Hannah DARE of Whitechurch

24-Jan-1741/2; Robert ROGERS of Bridport & Edith GREENLAND sojourner

11-Feb-1741/2; Robert PUCKETT & Martha DAVY

08-Mar-1741/2; William MANNING sojourner & Sarah DENCECOMB of Stockland

14-Apr-1742; Nathaniel KNOTT of Stockland & Elizabeth BRADDON sojourner

18-Apr-1742; Henry DEAMONT & Susannah FOSSEY

18-Apr-1742; James BROUNDSON & Margaret SOFFREY

09-May-1742; William OLIVER & Betty EDMONDS

01-Jun-1742; John REYNOLDS sojourner & Sarah CHURCHILL of Bridport

08-Jun-1742; John LOCK & Susanna NEWMAN

23-Jun-1742; John JEFFERY & Elizabeth BAKER of Wotton

10-Aug-1742; John PECKETT & Elizabeth REED

24-Aug-1742; Christopher MELHUISH of Bradninch, co. Devon & Elizabeth WILLIAMS

01-Sep-1742; William HALLETT of Postock [Powerstock] & Rose BARBER

17-Oct-1742; Richard KERRIDGE & Mary HUTCHINS

20-Oct-1742; John MITCHELL potter of Wotton & Mary CREED

04-Dec-1742; Mr John WARREN of Wrackston, co. Dorset & Ann COX

27-Dec-1742; Henry ROPER of Simsbury & Mary BOND sojourner

31-Jan-1742/3; William BREWFORD & Sarah BOWDIDGE

05-Mar-1742/3; James DARE & Rachel REED

22-Mar-1742/3; Benjamin BREWFORD & Martha MUMFORD

24-Mar-1742/3; Mr Daniel POWER & Mrs Mary SAMAWAYS

28-Mar-1743; Thomas WOOD & Sarah HAM

05-Apr-1743; John COLLINS of Axmouth & Mary LIDDON of Chardstock

07-Apr-1743; William RABBOTS sojourner & Elizabeth STIBEE of Bradpole

24-Apr-1743; John LEGG & Betty TUCKER

28-Apr-1743; George OSBURN & Sarah HOUNSELL

02-May-1743; William MITCHELL junior & Elizabeth PECKETT

22-May-1743; Herbert SPENCE & Mary NEWTON

20-Jul-1743; Mr John KAYNES & Mrs Elizabeth HARE

25-Jul-1743; Mr William HANSFORD of Litton & Mary WOODCOCK sojourner

22-Sep-1743; Christopher HARVY junior & Agnes LOVING

27-Sep-1743; John SAMSON of Lippot & Mary DAVIS sojourner

28-Sep-1743; John MOUNTSTEPHEN of Colyton & Phillis LANGAR

11-Oct-1743; Thomas STOWARD junior & Mary COURTIS junior

25-Oct-1743; Richard CHARD & Sarah GUPPY of Chardstock

05-Nov-1743; John CROSS & Mary COOK of Wotton

11-Jan-1743/4; John WATERS & Lydia PADY

30-Jan-1743/4; Richard LANGER & Lydia POOK

26-Feb-1743/4; William BARGE of Rampisham & Esther OLIVER

18-Apr-1744; Mr Edward GODFREY & Mrs Joan CLARK

19-Apr-1744; Mr John VENN & Sarah CALLEY of Sidmouth

07-Jun-1744; Thomas GUPPY & Mary MARKS of Chardstock

17-Jun-1744; David HARRIS & Elizabeth CULM

13-Jul-1744; Samuel BOARD of Stockland & Sarah FOURACRES sojourner

28-Jul-1744; Joseph SMALLWOOD & Betty MUMFORD

28-Jul-1744; David MAY & Betty STAPLE

31-Jul-1744; Phinehas ENGLAND of Chard & Jael CUINGS of Coomb St Nicholas

18-Sep-1744; William COLES junior  & Jaen BAGNELL

28-Jan-1744/5; Mr Roger OWSLEY & Mrs Ann CARSWELL

03-May-1745; John SPURL of Broadwinser & Mary ARMER of Coombpyen

05-Jun-1745; John COOKNEY & Mary MOOR

25-Jun-1745; John SMALLBONE of Coscomb & Lucretia HARDY

23-Jul-1745; Mr Aaron TOZER of Exon & Mrs Margaret COAD

05-Aug-1745; Samuel WYATT & Mary RIDWOOD both of Chardstock

24-Nov-1745; William POOK [or POOL]  & Hannah TURNER

31-Dec-1745; John CUMMINGS of Wootten-fitzpain & Sarah BAGGE

06-Jan-1745/6; John FUDGE sojourner & Elizabeth COOKNEY

25-Jul-1746; Matthew LOCK & Elizabeth PALMER

02-Sep-1746; Thomas STAPLE & Mary TURNER

29-Sep-1746; James FARRANT of Cloyford & Elizabeth PERRY sojourner

08-Oct-1746; Joseph LOCK & Hannah PARSONS

01-Dec-1746; Robert HAWKER & Grizel HAYCRAFT

07-Dec-1746; Joseph OLIVER & Ann BOWDEN

19-Feb-1746; Richard GACH & Ann WILLIAMS

20-Feb-1746; Benjamin HARDY & Sarah SWETLAND

25-May-1747; Richard STOCKER & Elizabeth BAZELY

27-May-1747; James HOPER & Kathren MOOR [written noor]

01-Jun-1747; Elirey JEARRED & Bridgett COULBORN

09-Jul-1747; Daved NARRES & Sarah NALS

20-Jul-1747; John MICHEL & Sarah COOK [?]

04-Aug-1747; William COX  & Katharien RODEN of Ottrey

30-Aug-1747; Joseph HOSFORD of Seaton & Leare GOVEN of Charmouth

22-Sep-1747; Abraham GILL of Chard & Martha PRATTER

03-Dec-1747; Matthew LEWES of Limby & Elizeabeth BES

03-Feb-1747/8; Andrew LOCK & Betty NEWELL

15-Feb-1747/8; James FORD & Tamaseon PURCHAS

16-Feb-1747/8; Samuel ASH & Betty MORLEY of Chardstock

20-Feb-1747/8; Adam CULVERWELL & Prudines ARMER of Chardstock

12-Apr-1748; William TANER & Cattren AUDLEY of Musbry

11-May-1748; Joseph COOK & Mary STOCKS

12-Jun-1748; John DOMETT & Elizeabeth COWELLY of Brandscomb

16-Jun-1748; William WOOD & Sarah GAICH

18-Jul-1748; Thomas CHANNING of Sidmouth & Ann BREWFORD

19-Jul-1748; Barnet COX of Symsbery  & Elizabeth MOREY of Coliton

22-Sep-1748; William WILTON  & Mary TUCKER

11-Oct-1748; Mr Thomas LYDE & Mrs Sarah CLAP both of Sidmouth

04-Nov-1748; Mr Richard STOWE of Salkom & Mary GODFREY of Sidmouth

12-Dec-1748; James HORD & Joannah BAKER

26-Dec-1748; George WILLIAMS of Axminster & Sarah GANGS of Chard

05-Jan-1748/9; Absalom OLIVER of Taunton & Betty HOOPER

09-Jan-1748/9; John BURD & Sarah BAZELY

28-Jan-1748/9; Joseph HELLER & Harry EVENS

31-Jan-1748/9; Mr Crispin CURTIS of Kingsbridg & Mrs Sarah PALMER

02-Feb-1748/9; John DREW [DEER?] & Elizabeth WESTON of Musberry

17-Feb-1748/9; Joseph WALKER & Ann HOORE

26-Mar-1749; Andrew LOCK & Joan HODDER

29-Mar-1749; John CUSINS & Ann PUMERY of Symsbury

23-Apr-1749; Mr John HARDY & Miss Marther SMITH

29-May-1749 William BATT & Mary MARSH of Gitsom

18-Jul-1749; James MOOR & Hannah MINSON

30-Jul-1749; Thomas SLADDER of Chideock & Mary SLADDER

10-Aug-1749; Joseph LOVE & Mary MUNDEN

24-Aug-1749; Joshua EVENS of Salcombe & Joan CURK of Budly

12-Sep-1749; John GRIBBLE of Kirton  & Thomasin WHITE

19-Sep-1749; Joseph LOVE & Mary COOK

22-Sep-1749; Stephen JOHNS & Mary PAIGE strangers

28-Sep-1749; Abraham SAMFORD & Mary MICHEL

18-Dec-1749; Robert LOVE & Marther STOCKS

02-Feb-1749/50; Mathew LOVE & Mary CAS

14-Mar-1749/50; William MOON of Liscard & Charity BOUCHER

19-Mar-1749/50; Waddon ROCKET of Haychurch & Meary BOUCHER of Uplyme

25-Mar-1750; John SAUNDERS of Withycomb-Rawley & Agnes BATS of Lymstone

26-Mar-1750; William PEYTON & Elizabeth BANFIELD of Brandscomb

21-Sep-1750; Simond ORCHARD & Marther EDWARDS

23-Oct-1750; Thomas READ & Hannah EDWARDS

24-Oct-1750; Christopher HARVY & Mary ORCHARD

28-Oct-1750; James STOCKS & Margret LONGE of Stocklang

15-Nov-1750; The Revd Mr Philibar DOMETT [in margin is read ‘Philobeth’] of Bovytracy & Miss Elizabeth WALLISS

16-Nov-1750; Benjamin PARIS & Phillis DELABAR

05-Feb-1750/1; William BARTLETT & Grace CROW both of Branscombe

06-Feb-1750/1; John GILLARD & Jenny COLES

27-Feb-1750/1; William HUGHES & Elizabeth CAERLYON

04-Mar-1750/1; Mathew LOVE & Elizabeth GAICH

22-May-1751; Edmund HUTSON  & Joan SYMS of Symosbury

22-May-1751; John GRIBBLE & Elizabeth SANFORD

11-Jun-1751; Simon YOUNG of Symosbury & Thomasin MUNTT of Bridport

24-Jun-1751; Samuel QUICK & Elizabeth OLIVER

15-Jul-1751; William COX & Susannah RUSSEL of Uplyme

25-Aug-1751; John DRIVER & Edieth WEBBER

26-Aug-1751; Mr Henry COX & Miss Mary DOWNE

30-Sep-1751; John MOOR & Jenney BRIAN

15-Oct-1751; William PHYSICK & Elizabeth HOWLEY

04-Nov-1751; Thomas DAVIES & Elizabeth BURVIL of Otrey

25-Dec-1751; John BERRY & Marther TEAP

11-Jan-1751/2; William BARTLET & Anna UNDERDOWN of Brainscomb

05-Jun-1752; William ALFORD & Sarah CHOLKER

13-Jul-1752; Peter BIDGNERL of Bidgnerl & Elizabeth CLARKE

22-Aug-1752; Thomas MOOR & Marther OSBORN

19-Dec-1752; Barned DARE of Whitchurch & Mary DRAITON of Wootenfitchpain

26-Dec-1752; Thomas BURRIDGE & Mary BURRIDGE

01-Jan-1752/3; Joseph SKINNER of Culliton & Betty TURNER

11-Jan-1752/3; Joseph STAPEL & Mary RENDEL

31-Jan-1752/3; Richard HIDE & Susannah MORRISH

31-Jan-1752/3; Daniel MICHEL & Betty SAMFORD

25-Feb-1752/3; Daniel BATTER sojourner & Mary HELLER

18-Mar-1752/3; Ralf TRAYTE & Joan BRAG

30-Mar-1753; John BONDFIELD & Ann BONDFIELD both of Chardstock

1 or 7-Apr-1753; Thomas BASTON & Rebecca BARN both of Salcomb

23-May-1753; John FOOTT & Mary STICKLAND

15-Oct-1753; Robert HODDER & Sarah GRAY both of Wightchurch

18-Oct-1753; James KITCHEN & Acquiler FLOOD

31-Jan-1754; Samuel CROCKER & Jenney BERREY

05-Feb-1754; Mr Samuel WITTY & Miss Mary HAMMOND

18-Mar-1754; Daniel STAPEL & Elizeabeth BROWN

19-Mar-1754; Thomas SCOTT & Mary SIULL [SEWELL?] of Uplyme

23-Mar-1754; Richard ANNER & Betty DRAYTON of Chardstock


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