This transcription courtesy of Helen Ginn

Thomas JEANS

Last Will and Testament

Proved at London 22nd March 1824

 This is the Last Will & testament of me Thomas Jeans of Christchurch Hants M.D. 1st that my funeral be plain & frugal At the discretion of my Wife Elizabeth Jeans and that the expenses thereof And of proving this my Will and all my lawfull debts be discharged By her to whom I give & bequeath all my furniture plate linens ~~ China [end of first page]

China watches jewels books moneys and all other moveables which May be in my dwelling house & on the premises which I occupy ~ Therewith at the time of my decease I give devise and bequeath the same to My said Wife my Son Thomas and my daughter Emma in Trust nevertheless For the use and benefit of my Wife and Children according to the directions And limitations hereinafter specified namely to pay or cause to be paid All the Annual proceeds rents & Interest thereof to my said Wife during Her life excepting twenty pounds per Annum to be reserved for my residuary Legatee And from and after the decease of my said Wife then my Will is That all my funded property in the three per cent consols be equally divided Between my three Daughters Emma Harriet Wife of William Eppes Hatch? And Sophia Wife of William Sanderson Merchants and my Son William And that the dividends as they accrue from my Stock in the Soug? Annuities Be paid to my unmarried Daughter Emma excepting ten pounds to be Annually reserved as above for my residuary Legatee and in case of The marriage or death of my said daughter Emma then my Will is that The money arising from the sale of the said Soug? Annuities Stock be Equally divided betwixt her if living and my other two Daughters Aforenamed and if my said daughter or either of them should die before The distribution be made then my Will is that the shares  intended For her or them be paid to their Husbands respectively to my Son William I give devise and bequeath all my Lands in Portfield lying In several parcels there and also my close in Quamps adjoining to Mayors Mead and my House and Plot in the same Land now in the occupation Of Mr. John Spicer or his undertenant to him my said Son his heirs Executors Administrators & Assigns for ever with this proviso that in Case he should die before his Mother leaving no lawful issue then my Will is that these Lands go to my residuary Legatee Lastly I give devise And bequeath all the rest & residue of my Estates both real and personal Not before devised to my eldest Son Thomas Jeans his heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns for ever and I do hereby declare my said Son to be my residuary Legatee and my Wife to be Sole Executrix of This my Will Thomas Jeans Signed Sealed Published and declared to be The last Will and Testament of me the testator in the presence of us who Have in the presence of each other set our names as Witness thereto this

31st of March 1821 Ambrose Tucker Grocer X ______ Benjamin Ferrey Taylor & Draper Richard Usher Christ Church

Proved at London 22nd March 1824 before the Judge by the oath of Elizabeth Jeans Widow the relict the Sole Executrix to whom Admon Was granted having been first sworn duly (by Commission) to Adm