Weddings 1539 – 1812

This transcription by Kim Parker has been taken from "Dorset Parish Registers - Marriages" Volume 4, edited by W. P. W. Phillimore & Edmund Nevill, published in 1908. These entries were copied by the Rev. A. A. Lennard, R.D., Vicar of Beaminster, with the permission of the Rev. H. W. Allen, Rector of South Perrott and Mosterton.

Transcriber’s Note: Remember that until 1752, when the Gregorian calendar was introduced, the year ran from 25 MAR to 24 MAR (known as the Julian calendar), with 1751 being the transition year, running from 25 MAR to 31 DEC. Thus, an entry dated 05 FEB 1560 would be considered to have occurred on 05 FEB 1561 according to our current way of dating.

Volume I, covering the period from 1539 to 1678, was common to both South Perrott and its chapelry at Mosterton, although it is only in the very later years that the clerk started to distinguish between the two in the register. There are several gaps in the register, notably from 1678 until 1713 for South Perrott. 

In the book, the dates appear on the right hand side and all surnames are in lowercase. I have sorted the entries into chronological order, whereas Phillimore respected the sometime random order of the entries (especially during the 17th century, when parchment was expensive and entries were inserted in any available space). KP

VOL. I. – Common to both parishes, 1539-1678. In a fairly good state of preservation; 14 in. by 4½ in. Marriages headed, “Nuptice Perrotales et Mosternales justo ordine hic sequimtur, incipientes ab Anno Domini, 1539 – R.H., viii.31.” First 58 years copied, each page being attested by Ralph Barge, clericus, and Edward Lane & Rich. Justie, churchwardens. [Among the Marriages appear a birth in 1632, a baptism in 1625, and two baptisms after 1666.]




08-May-1539; Nicholas NEVELL & Agnes WALLIS

28-Sep-1539; Richard BOWDING & Alice BAKER

13-Sep-1540; Thomas WILLIAMS & Joan RICHARDS

24-Oct-1540; Richard SOPER & Elizabeth WHITT

25-Nov-1540; William CRIKE & Beatrice MENS

06-Feb-1541; John MORIS & Agnes SNOWYSMORTH

18-Jul-1541; Vivian GRAYE & Joan EARLANDE

18-Jun-1542; John JUSTIE & Alice MUDDIFORDE

29-Oct-1542; Thomas WILLS & Elinor GUPPIE

27-May-1543; John WOAD & Joan HILLIS

25-Nov-1543; Thomas SHAKELL & Joan FARNAM

03-Feb-1544; Richard FARE & Mary CORRIS

11-May-1544; Christopher COMBE & Margaret SILVESTER

10-Jun-1544; Thomas GRAYE & Isabella SMITH

07-Nov-1544; Robert HALLETT & Mary WILLS

09-Apr-1544; John WHITE & Joan TREHAINE

20-Apr-1544; John DALLIE & Joan MARSVELL

11-Oct-1545; John LUCKES & Alice SHAKELL

21-Nov-1545; John HULL & Mary GRAYE

29-Jan-1545; Thomas BELLENGER & Emmottam ORCHARD

30-Jan-1546; Barteram CRIKE & Margaret GRAYE

29-Apr-1548; William HEBBES & Margaret WHITTE

24-Jun-1548; Ralph TURKE & Elizabeth HOLFORDE

03-Jun-1548; John BUDLYE & Mary ROCHE

08-Jun-1550; John TURNER & Dorothea WILLS

06-Jul-1550; John GYLES & Winnifrid ROCHE

13-Jul-1550; Francis GRAYE & Elizabeth HULL

19-Oct-1550; John CHUBB & Elizabeth WOADE

14-Jun-1551; Richard GUPPIE & Elizabeth ROCHE

09-Nov-1551; William CRYKE & Collett GROWT

28-Jan-1552; John PARKE & Agnes BARNES

28-Jan-1552; John ZEABORNE & Dionisia ROCHE

12-Apr-1553; John QUIER & Isabella GORMANS

30-Nov-1555; Robert HOLCOMBE & Dionisia ORCHARDE

14-Jan-1556; Phillip YAIRROW (?) & Joan SALTER

18-Nov-1556; Edmund STUCKIE & Helen RICHARDS

12-May-1556; John MANFILDE & Margaret CHUBB

12-Aug-1557; Robert FRENCHE & Mariam MARSER

04-Sep-1559; Henry GRAY & Dionis MANSELS

22-Oct-1559; William DOOCHE & Agnes DUCKES

12-Nov-1559; Nicholas SAUNDER & Catherine WOADE

30-Sep-1560; John BAGWELL & Agnes BROWNE

19-Jan-1561; John GOODDEN & Catherine WILLS

11-Aug-1561; John ADAMS & Alice GRAYE

18-Jan-1561; John NORRIS & Alice MARKES

26-Oct-1562; John JUSTIE & Margery PAYRE

22-Nov-1562; John GOARE & Isabella DUCKE

19-Nov-1565; Robert DUCKE & Joan LAURENCE alias KNAPPE

06-Jul-1567; Richard BOWRIDGE & Matilda COMBE

[omitted] 1567; John SLADE M.A., rector of S. Perrot & Joan, daughter of John OWSLEY of Misterton, Somerset

24-Oct-1568; Henry CHUBB & Alice, daughter of Aveta HOLCOMBE, widow

23-Apr-1569; Giles BATTEN & Agnes, daughter of Collett CREKE, widow

02-May-1569; William SHINNER of Loder & Margaret, daughter of Christopher DALLIE

22-Oct-1569; Thomas CLEELL & Alice, daughter of Joan BRIDELL, widow

28-Jan-1571; John HAMLYN & Joan, daughter of Joan RICHARDS, widow

21-Apr-1572; William BAKER & Joan PEERE, widow

08-May-1572; John WESTCOTT & Joan CHILES, widow

08-Jun-1572; John MATTHEW & Joan MINTERNE

15-Jun-1572; John HARPER alias SANDER & Elizabeth ROCHE

25-Oct-1573; John LOCKE & Agnes SOPER

25-Apr-1573; William FOWLER & Mary STEERE

13-Jun-1574; Henry LUCKES of Barton, co. Som., & Joan, daughter of Henry ROCHE

20-Jun-1575; John CHUBBE & Agnes VIRGINNE of West Chinock, Cheselborowe

25-Jun-1575; Andrew SARGENT of Beaminster & Alice, daughter of John CHUBB

02-Jul-1575; Thomas VOORE & Joan, daughter of Collit CREEKE

13-Nov-1575; Anthony GOARE & Joan BAILIE, servant of John WALTER

02-Jun-1576; Edward SILLIE & Agnes TURNER

03-Jun-1576; George LANE & Joan EARELANDE

17-Sep-1576; John BAYLIE & Joan, daughter of Catherine ORCHARDE, widow

07-Oct-1576; John SANDEFORDE & Agnes, daughter of William MINTERNE

28-Oct-1576; Matthew GOLLOPE, servant of Thomas JUSTIE, & Alice SMITHE, widow

03-Jan-1577; John CHALKWAIE of Clapton & Alice, daughter of Christopher DALLIE

29-Sep-1577; Christopher, son of Nicholas ILLARIE, & Alice, daughter of John BAKER

28-Nov-1577; Thomas WALLISSE of Higham, gen., & Joan WESTCOTT, widow

28-Nov-1577; Robert DABBIN of Hardington & Alice BATTEN

25-Jan-1577; Lancelot PEARE & Joan WHITT, widow

10-Jun-1578; Gabriel STILL & Agnes, daughter of John BISHOPPE

23-Nov-1578; John OWSLEY & Agnes, daughter of Richard EARLANDE

29-Nov-1578; John EDUNDE & Marian CLEARKE alias FRENCHE, widow

07-Jan-1578; Richard LUCKES & Mary daughter of Thomas HEARES

09-Feb-1578; John son of Christopher DALLIE & Elizabeth GOARE, widow

15-Feb-1578; Edward, son of Christopher DALLIE & Mary, daughter of John SLADE

24-Apr-1580; John SLADE of North Perrot & Agnes BATTEN, widow

27-Nov-1580; Giles CLEARKE of Seborowe & Joan WILLS of Pickyeat

26-Nov-1581; Giles son of John BAKER & Catherine daughter of Christopher DALLIE

29-Jan-1581; Francis GRAYE & Mary BASELEY

29-Jan-1581; John BAKER & Elizabeth JOANES of Clapton

24-Sep-1582; Thomas VILE son of Elizabeth MITCHELL of Horton, Somerset, & Alice daughter of John LUCKES

20-Nov-1582; William PEARE & Elizabeth daughter of William BAKER

26-Jan-1582; John MINTERNE & Elizabeth CLARKE of Charde

26-May-1583; Richard LUCKES & Ann SOMMER, servant of Mr. GIBBES, esq.

02-Jun-1583; Robert SLADE of N. Perrot & Agnes OWSLEY, widow, daughter of Richard EARLAND

17-Sep-1583; John HOLFORDE & Elizabeth daughter of Robert SANDERS alias HARPER of N. Perrott

18-Nov-1583; Francis GRAYE & Edith HOLLORD of Clapton

28-Nov-1583; Thomas MICHELL of Charde & Margery daughter of Henry ROCHE

26-Jan-1583; Mr. John HANCOCKE junior, verbi Dei minister, & Mary daughter of Agnes LANE, widow

24-Feb-1583; Richard PARKE & Catherine GASSE of Clapton

04-Feb-1584; Henry ROCHE & Alice daughter of William SMITHE of Chichester

02-May-1585; John BENNETT of Ilbrewers & Elizabeth DALLIE, widow

06-Nov-1587; William DALLIE & Joan daughter of William BAKER

01-Jul-1588; William GUPPIE of Pickyeate & Mary daughter of Thomas LAWRENCE

15-Dec-1588; Richard NEWMAN & Ann daughter of Thomas HAIWARDE

19-Oct-1589; Richard STREETE & Edith daughter of Walter WHITTE

[omitted] 1590; James FISHER, gen., & Catherine daughter of John HANCOCKE, M.A., rector of S. Perrott

17-Jul-1591; Richard GARDNER & Mary daughter of John POWNDE

07-Nov-1591; Nicholas FARMER & Margery daughter of Alexander WELMAN

25-Jun-1592; John SLADE & Ann daughter of Widow BAGWELL of Little Winsor

09-Dec-1592; William BYSHOPP (natu minimus ex filiis unius viri) & Christian BUCKLAND

22-Apr-1593; Edward WILSHEERE & Helenor IVERIE

09-Dec-1593; William CRABBE & Elizabeth daughter of Thomas JUSTIE

09-Apr-1593; Thomas BASSETER & Joan LOCKE

13-Jun-1594; William GLESON, gen., & Mary daughter of John HANCOCKE, M.A., rector of S. Perrott

28-Jun-1594; Richard DOOCHE & Agnes LANE widow

28-Jul-1594; Andrew ABBINGTON, gent., & Margaret daughter of William GIBBES, esq.

27-Oct-1594; John BAGGE & Margaret daughter of Alice LIMBRIE widow

19-Dec-1594; William PARKER & Joan WESTCOTT daughter of Joan WALLIS widow

20-Jan-1594; William TURNER & Joan CLELE

10-Feb-1594; Benjamin STAPLE & Dorothea BOLES

15-Feb-1594; Thomas REYSE & Edith daughter of Mary CLARKE alias FRENCHE widow

28-Jul-1596; Richard EDGAR & Elizabeth WOODCOCKE widow

26-Sep-1596; Giles son of Richard BAGWELL of Little Winsor & Mary ILLARIE, servant of John BAKER, major

13-Nov-1596; Francis HELLIAR & Elizabeth HOLFORDE widow

30-Dec-1596; Ezechiel GUPPIE & Elizabeth WESTCOTT daughter of John WALLIS

14-Jan-1596; William MARSHE & Alice daughter of Alice CHUBB widow

17-Jan-1596; Christopher MAUBER & Mary daughter of Mary WELMAN widow

19-Jan-1596; John TAILER & Dorothea daughter of Thomas CLELE

30-Jun-1597; Thomas CLELE & Vincent MALLET

09-Oct-1597; Nicholas HALLET & Edith LANE spinster

18-Sep-1598; Paul GODWIN & Hester daughter of John HANCOCKE

08-Oct-1598; Nicholas VILE & Cicelia WELMAN

15-Oct-1598; Richard FARNAM & Margaret SMITH

31-Dec-1598; Henry MARTINE, gent., Mary daughter of William GIBBES, esq.

22-Oct-1599; William HALLAT & Alice daughter of Jo. SANDERS

20-Dec-1599; John MICHEL & Alice widow of Henry ROCH

18-Jan-1600; John AIELEX (?) & Mary GRAY

25-Jan-1600; Thomas SLADE & Dionis GRAY

27-Apr-1601; William BYSHOP & Joan LYBRY

08-Jun-1601; Robert JEFFREY & Joan READE

21-Sep-1601; Stephen STOWDLEY & Amy IRELAND

05-Apr-1602; Henry GYLLET & Katherine WELMAN

31-May-1602; John FILDEW & Debera (?) HAMLYN

11-Oct-1602; Matthew GOLLOP & Elizabeth PEEKE

10-Dec-1602; Morgan LAURENCE & Elizabeth HALLAT, widow

08-Jul-1603; Thomas EVERARD & Elinor BAKER

12-May-1604; John BEURIDGE & Martha GOARE

07-Jan-1604; Robert JEFFERY & Jane HAUKER

27-Jan-1604; Richard JUSTE & Frances GUPPY

27-Apr-1605; Nicholas URRY (?) & Alice FOWLER

16-Jun-1605; John FRENTCH & Audrian SCORTCH

25-Feb-1605; James BEALLE, gen., & Elizabeth GIBBS, widow

06-Jul-1606; Peter POWNDE & Barbara BAKER

10-Aug-1606; Humphry HATHERLEY & Pentecost HOLLARD

13-Jan-1606; Robert PINNEY & Joan SANDIFORDE

12-Feb-1606; William SAUNDERS & Christian WILLIAMS

19-Apr-1607; John COX of Norton & Martha daughter of Thomas JUSTEY

27-Jun-1607; William CLERCK & Margaret GIBBS

07-Sep-1607; Richard BAYLIE & Joan daughter of Margery WILLES, widow

08-Nov-1607; Robert ENGLISH & Joan WHITE

13-Jan-1607; John FOSTER & Elizabeth GEERE

31-Jan-1607; Stephen BRAGG & Frances FARRE

23-May-1608; Thomas EDWARDES & Thomasina daughter of Vivian HOLCOMBE

22-Oct-1608; Christopher BAKER & Joan CHILDES

26-Nov-1608; Robert GOARD & Lucy daughter of John BAYLIE

10-Apr-1610; Richard HALLETT of Bridport & Agnes ALFORD

12-May-1610; John GARLAND & Helena daughter of Alice CHUBB, widow

10-Sep-1610; Edward CHUBB & Elizabeth ABBOTT, widow

06-Jan-1610; John GOFF, gen., & Ann daughter of William GIBBS, esq.

20-Jan-1610; John son of Giles BAKER & Alice RICHMAN

25-Apr-1611; John HAUKER & Florence SHARLOCK

20-Aug-1611; Thomas ADDAMS & John DALLYE, widow

16-Jan-1611; Richard HUTCHENCE & Joan daughter of William GUPPYE

11-Aug-1612; William LAWRENCE & Elizabeth daughter of William GIBBS, esq.

16-Aug-1612; Roger SAINT & Joan EDGAR

06-Sep-1612; William WILLES & Agnes DALLYE

16-Jan-1612; John SMITH & Mary CURREY

12-Apr-1613; Richard BRAINE, Rector of Seabrow, & Catherine daughter of Helena WOADE, widow

06-Jul-1613; William ORCHARD & Mary daughter of Margaret EARELAND, widow

29-Oct-1613; Edward WOADE & Elizabeth KNIGHT

02-Nov-1613; Richard LEGGE & Margaret SYMS

05-Jul-1614; John ILLARY & Margaret daughter of William GUPPY

25-Nov-1614; Stephen LANE & Mary GOORE

26-Nov-1614; William HOLCOMBE & Elizabeth EDGAR

30-Apr-1615; John BAKER & Edith daughter of Richard NEWMAN

04-May-1615; William BAYLIE & Elizabeth daughter of Elizabeth BAKER, widow

08-May-1615; Robert REDE & Joan daughter of Elizabeth BAKER, widow

05-Jun-1615; John HAMLYN junior & Ann daughter of Margaret WILLS, widow

08-Aug-1615; Ames EDWARDS & Joan SMYTH

06-Nov-1615; Thomas GUPPIE & Joan RAYNOLS

27-Nov-1615; Roger PARKER & Joan BENNET

10-Dec-1615; Lawrence BARNARD & Mary SAWER or SAYER, widow

04-May-1616; Henry FURAKIN & Agnes PARK

13-May-1616; Alexander BROWNSEY & Susan EDGAR

19-May-1616; William BAKER & Joyce LANE

30-Jun-1616; George GIBBS & Joan BAKER

30-Apr-1617; Robert GROVE & Anastasia WODAMS

01-Oct-1617; John WILLIS & Joan SLADE

27-Oct-1617; William GOODWIN & Alice SANSOME, widow

10-Nov-1617; George WILLS, verbi Dei Minister, & Agnes daughter of John WILLS

29-Jan-1617; Henry RUSSELL & Elizabeth daughter of Ezekiel GUPPYE of Pickyeat

21-Nov-1617; John SANSOME of Marshwood & Mary STOBRIDGE of Winsor

09-Jun-1618; John LYE & Elizabeth daughter of John BAKER of Mosterne

17-Jan-1618; Richard BISHOPP & Joan SWEETE of Mosterne

21-Jan-1618; Robert PARKE & Elizabeth daughter of Matthew GOLLOP

22-Jan-1619; Henry DALLY & [omitted]

07-Feb-1619; Vivian HOLCOMBE & [] RAYNOLD

12-Feb-1619; Alexander SWEET & Elizabeth DAMON

03-Jul-1620; Sebastian PITFOLD & Deborra BEATON of Mostern

23-Aug-1620; Robert SHEPEHARD & Julia SHAPWICK

10-Sep-1620; John REYDALL & Frances HELIER (?)

11-Sep-1620; Nicholas QUIER & Emily (?) LANE

28-Jan-1620; Roger EDGAR & Elizabeth WAKELY

02-Jul-1621; William PARKER of Mosterne & Catherine STOBRIDGE

20-Jul-1621; Robert CHAMPION & Elisa WALBRIDGE

20-Aug-1621; Josiah CHUB & Agnes BAGWELL

28-Aug-1621; Edward WOODIER & Agnes GOLLOP

04-Sep-1621; Nicholas QUIER & Mary STONE

03-Feb-1621; William HOLT & Dorothea LANE

12-Feb-1621; Henry LANE & Debora OADE

01-Jul-1622; Thomas MINTERNE & Joan SELLER

17-Nov-1622; Oliver HOSKINS & Ava BENNET

10-Oct-1623; Richard SLADE & Honor GOARE of Mostern

04-Nov-1623; Henry WHITTE & Mary NEWMAN

20-Oct-1624; Abraham ACKLAND & Ann PEACH

25-Apr-1625; William BARRID alias GOODLAND & Alice ACKLAND of Mosterne

29-Aug-1625; Henry MYNTERN, Rector of Chedington, & Elizabeth CLEMENT

28-Nov-1625; Stephen JOHNES of Mosterne & Joan PARKER

05-Feb-1625; Richard MYNTERNE of Mosterne & Elinor ROGERS

17-Apr-1626; William ALFORD of Lime Regis & Susanna HECKES

18-Apr-1626; Thomas SPRAGE of Chard & Elizabeth WILLES

25-Apr-1626; John LONGE of Montigue & Joan daughter of Robert LUCAS

27-Nov-1626; William HANSFORD & Joan FORD

14-Jan-1626; Robert UPHILL (?) & Elizabeth NEWMAN

16-Jan-1626; Thomas SLADE & Susanna WELMAN

23-Apr-1627; Robert FARRA & Edith WILLES

28-Apr-1627; Robert BRAKE & Elizabeth ACKLAND

28-Jun-1627; William MILLES & Mary WHITE

07-Jul-1627; Henry PEDLE of Somerton & Elizabeth PATER of Bradpole

14-Aug-1627; Henry SMITH of Weston & Elizabeth HUISH

10-Nov-1627; Ralph FARRENT (?) & Mary COLMER

23-Apr-1628; Richard BAKER & Mary BAKER

19-May-1628; Richard PARKER & Ann NEWMAN

16-Sep-1628; Robert GRAY & Alice GOODWIN, widow

10-Dec-1628; Emanuel SLADE & Philippa OADE

20-Jan-1628; John SANDEFORDE & Joan NORRIS

29-Jan-1628; Edward WOODIER & Agnes BYSHOPPE

03-Mar-1628; Tobeas FARNEHAM & Jane HOLCOMBE

21-Mar-1628; Richard KEY & Margery EVERARD

01-Oct-1629; John WILIES & Joan LANE

09-Nov-1629; Robert PARKER & Edith BENNETT

06-Jun-1630; Thomas NORTHOVER & Joan WILLES

01-Jul-1630; Abraham BRIANT & Edith GOOD, widow

17-Jan-1630; Robert BUCKLAND, cleric, & Agnes BULLE

19-Sep-1631; Henry CLEARKE of Bamton & Dorothea HAMMIGE of Furland, Crewkerne

25-Nov-1631; Thomas CHARLEWOOD & Mary OADE

14-Aug-1632; John BAKER & Damaris SLADE

22-Jan-1632; Hugh LYE & Cicilia BURRIDGE

06-Feb-1632; John LANE & Ann HALLETTE of Mosterton

16-Feb-1632; John BROWNSY & Rachel HYGGINS

30-Nov-1633; William WOODSFORD of Compton Valence & Elizabeth HARDY

11-May-1634; Christopher DOUNTON & Elizabeth BASSETSTER

18-Sep-1634; Eustatius GRAY & Rebecca FAR

05-Aug-1635; William BOND & Elenor EVERETT

16-Jan-1635; William MINTERNE & Jane LUCKESSE

25-Apr-1636; William TANNER & Honor HOODE

02-May-1636; John ACKLAND & Alice BOYLAND

02-Jun-1636; Humphry BAILY, gen., & Mary daughter of Gregory GIBBES, gen.

19-Apr-1637; Edward LANE & Lucy IRELAND

23-May-1637; William CHILDES & Sarah CLAPPE

26-May-1637; John ELFORD & Mary CLARKE

03-Jul-1637; Edward MICHELL & Joan HUDDY

24-Aug-1637; Richard TUCKER & Elizabeth CLARKE

11-Sep-1637; John PARKE & Mary NEWMAN

02-Oct-1637; John REEVES & Ann FARROWE

09-Oct-1637; George THRESHER & Ann POUND

10-Jan-1637; Henry HURLEY & Ann EVERARD

15-Oct-1638; William GERARD & Ann COLLINDON

31-Oct-1638; Ralph EVENS & Joan GOORE

24-Apr-1639; Giles EDWARDS & Alice BASSATER

17-Sep-1639; Thomas SLADE & Margaret SHINNER

27-Jan-1639; George LEACH & Katherine GUPPIE

13-Apr-1640; John RAYNDLE & Mary FARRE

28-Apr-1640; John CLEEHILL & Florence POOKE

25-Jun-1640; John HICKES & Phillis GREENEWAYE

08-Oct-1640; Alexander HOODE & Joan PARKER

17-Oct-1640; Giles EDWARDS & Joan FOOKES

17-Nov-1640; John TURBERVILE & Joan BARNARD

03-May-1641; William CHURLY & Mary NEWLAND

18-May-1641; Thomas ELLERY & Barbara ROOSE

04-Aug-1641; John LANE & Evelyn BASSATER

17-Aug-1641; Edward BRAND & Joan HANNSFORDE

10-Nov-1641; William ADDAMS & Dorothea CHUBBE

09-May-1642; John HALLET & Joan CHAMPION

13-Jun-1642; George ELMES & Ann PARKE

03-Aug-1642; William CURRY & Elizabeth HACSHAW

10-Apr-1643; John AKERMAN & Elizabeth QUIER

22-Aug-1643; Thomas POUND & Joan STAPLE

22-Jan-1643; John BACOND & Joan SHORE

15-Apr-1645; John DALLIE & Mary GARDNER

16-Apr-1645; Robert MUNDEN & Mary SMITH

No further entries, or entries missing, until:

24-Apr-1654; Henry GRAY & Daroty DURRANT

24-May-1655; Thomas SANDEFORD & Elizabeth CREECH

25-Jul-1655; Hugh WARREN & Ann BALY

07-Aug-1655; Henry GRAY & Susanna ACKARMAN

22-Aug-1655; Thomas ELBIE & Mary MOORS

06-Sep-1655; Edward IRELAND & Ann OAD

16-Sep-1655; William SANDERS & Elizabeth RAINENOLES

31-Oct-1655; John PINNEY of Haychurch & Constance PARKER of Mosterne

04-Dec-1655; Richard PATON & Jane CHIKE

06-Feb-1655; Henry LANE & Mary DALIBER

04-Mar-1655; Edward WATS & Joan STRID (?)

28-May-1656; Angell LANE & Joan WILMUT

04-Jun-1656; William SUMMERTUN & Edith LANE

No further entries, or entries missing, until:

02-Sep-1661; Ralph EVENS & Susanna PERCHOTE

No further entries, or entries missing, until:

07-Apr-1665; Henry FOSTER & Joan SANDERS

01-Sep-1665; Henry ASHLEFORD & Joan GRAY

21-Apr-1665; Peter YOUNG & Phillis LANE

02-Jul-1665; Richard CLEYL & Graham SHEBBECK

09-Jul-1665; John REEVES & Joan BRAGG

18-Apr-1666; John SAINT & Joan CHURLY

No further entries, or entries missing, until:

08-Oct-1671; Alexander ATCLIN & Phillis SWEET (at Mosterton)

07-Jan-1671; Giles EDWARDS & Elizabeth SLADE (at Mosterton)

13-Feb-1672; Robert COKER of Sherborn & Mary daughter of Humphry BAYLY (at South Perrott)

20-Sep-1673; Elnathan WATTS & Elizabeth LOVELL (at South Perrott)

29-Mar-1676; Matthew WADE & Constance RASCAR (at South Perrott)

30-Mar-1678; George STRONG of Weymouth-Melcom-Regis & Joan GREENWAY of Crewkerne in the county of Somerset (at Mosterton)

“Here ends Vol. I. which is common to the two parishes of South Perrott and Mosterton. From this time separate books were kept. A.A.L.”




20-May-1656; John JOANES & Mary SANDEFORD

24-Feb-1656; Richard SLADE & Elizabeth SLADE

26-May-1657; John, son of John POND & Anne EDMONDS of Moorehassick nr. Petherton

04-Apr-1659; Paull ACLAN & Katherine (?) WELMAN

20-Apr-1659; John SANDEFORE & Kaddoth TUFF

22-Oct-1671; Alexander ACKLAND & Phillis SWEET

12-Jan-1671; Giles EDWARDS & Elizabeth SLADE

15-May-1676; William DALLY & Elizabeth GEARE

17-Oct-1676; Benjamin DALLY & Elnor GUDGE

14-Feb-1676; John PULLMAN & Sarah DALLY

18-May-1680; John DALLY & Elnor LARKAM

29-Dec-1684; Henry ABBOTT & Elizabeth ACKLAND

07-Sep-1687; George CREECH & Anne KING

04-Jun-1688; John BAKER & Mary MARGRY

04-Jun-1688; John ACKLAND & Lydia WOOLLY

17-May-1692; Samuel DALLY & Susanna EWENS

19-Apr-1693; William PARKER & Elizabeth SWEETT

05-Jan-1693; Thomas HAKENS & Elizabeth CREECH

23-Jan-1693; Mathew NORRIS & Mary SANDIFORD

25-Jan-1706; Benjamid CASE & Margaret ROSE

21-Aug-1707; Henery FOONE junior & Bridget SMITH of Crewkerne

26-Feb-1714; Henry ABBOTT & Ann HOOD

23-Apr-1715; Huge PARKER & Adre PAULL

26-Apr-1715; Robert EDGAR & Elizabeth NOSSETER

19-Oct-1715; Thomas ACKLIN & Mary GIBBS

08-Nov-1715; John EDWARDS & Barbar GUPPUY

16-Dec-1715; Joseph FOWLOR & Lydia ACKLIN

18-Dec-1715; William CHESTER & Joan KEY

24-Apr-1716; Samuell DALLY & Joane KITTLE

20-Oct-1716; William BISHOP & Charity SWEET

25-Feb-1716; Samuell DALLY junior & Mary GUDGE

25-May-1719; Joseph IRELAND & Jane SANDIFORD

25-Jan-1719; Samuel BIRD & Martha CASE

07-Jul-1723; John HOOD of Littlewinsor & Anne ACKLING alias PROWSE

02-Sep-1723; Richard COLLINGDON & Elizabeth EWENS

31-Oct-1723; Nicholas BURT & Margery KEY

05-Nov-1723; Samuell DALLY & Elizabeth SHIRE

26-Dec-1723; Thomas EDWARDS & Anne KNIGHT

17-Aug-1724; Robert GUDGE & Elizabeth STOODLY

21-Oct-1724; Robert LOVELACE & Joan BARTLET

02-Feb-1724; Roger BISHOP & Jone GUDGE

22-Sep-1725; William BISHOP & Anne FONE

06-Aug-1727; Daniel HARDY & Joan PINNEY, both of Burstock

03-Feb-1728; Richard SANDIFORD & Mary HART

18-May-1729; John BISHOP & Mary PARKER

09-Jun-1729; Robert DALLY & Elizabeth HALLETT

06-Oct-1730; William PAUL & Grace LOCK

23-Nov-1730; Henry GUDGE & Mary PHELPS

04-Oct-1731; John DONNE & Elizabeth THOMAS

12-Apr-1731; Henry SANDIFORD & Ann CHANT

09-May-1731; John MUNDEN of Beaminster & Edith GUPPY

20-Aug-1731; John MEACHAM & Hannah CLEALE

30-Sep-1733; Jacob HOUNSELL & Elizabeth MINTERN

17-Feb-1733; Ralph BARTLETT & Mary ACKLING

12-Aug-1734; Thomas GEER & Susanna GUPPY

22-Dec-1735; John LANE & Mary BARRETT

10-Jan-1736; Henry FONE & Betty DANEL

21-Feb-1736; Richard SIBLEY & Isabella DOUCH

09-Jul-1739; Daniel BRYANT & Elizabeth GREENING

23-Dec-1739; John GUPPY & Susanna PAULL

30-Aug-1742; William SAUNDERS & Hannah DALLY

31-Jan-1742; John HOSKINS & Anne IRELAND

14-Feb-1742; Thomas PAYNE & Mary MINTERN

30-Aug-1743; Joseph WAY & Joan GUY

06-Oct-1743; John HUNT & Elizabeth GIBBS

06-Dec-1743; Giles EDWARDS & Mary DENT

01-Jan-1743; Henry GIBBS & Honnor COLE

01-Jan-1743; James SYMES & Edyth SLADE

04-Jan-1743; Good LOVELACE & Margaret GIBBS

29-Mar-1744; Thomas WHITEN & Joan GREENING

24-Apr-1744; John GUY & Ann DOUCH

14-Jun-1744; Joseph SLADE & Mary SAWFIELD

15-Jul-1744; Richard CLEAL & Elizabeth BANKS

14-May-1745; John RENDLE & Hannah CLARK

24-May-1747; John FARNHAM & Joan SMITH, both of Parrett

11-Jun-1747; Jonathan SPRAGUE & Susanah DAWE

14-Jun-1747; Thomas FARNHAM & Mary BUGLER

24-Aug-1747; John EDGAR & Hannah WINSOR

28-Dec-1747; Henry SAINT & Elizabeth HOSFORD

15-Feb-1747; Ezekel CRODE & Bette HAM

14-Jul-1748; John PITCHER & Elizabeth DAUBPENNY

09-May-1749; Richard SAUNDERS & Catherine GUDGE

10-May-1749; Robert RUSSEL & Ann PALMER




11-Dec-1750; Edward LANE & Elizabeth COX

25-Dec-1750; John BISHOP & Mary MILLER

30-Aug-1751; William BARRETT & Sarah EDWARDS

29-Sep-1751; Robert FARNHAM & Franciss LANGFORD

12-Oct-1751; Robert WELLEY & Elizabeth FARR

30-Mar-1752; William CLARK & Joan MILLS

06-Jul-1752; John WALLIS & Elizabeth ROSE

30-Mar-1752; William CLARK of East Chinnock & Joan MILLS of Beamister (erased)

30-Apr-1753; Henry ABBOTT & Mary FARR

06-May-1753; Thomas LOVELACE & Elizabeth GUDGE

23-Nov-1753; Thomas REED & Mary GILL

02-Mar-1753; Thomas NEVIL & Cathirne BEAN

21-Mar-1753; John PITT of Chiselborough & Betty CLARKE of Stoke-under-Ham

11-Sep-1755; Richard FARNHAM of South Perrot & Mary HOSFORD

02-Nov-1756; William HOSFORD & Hannah NILE of South Perret




12-Oct-1755; Benjamin CLEAL of Broadwinsor & Molly SMITH

20-Sep-1756; William LOVELACE & Elizabeth MEACHAM

06-Dec-1756; Edward TURNER of Winsham & Mary EDWARDS

16-Apr-1758; George HOPKINS of South Perrot & Sarah FOWLER

23-May-1758; John DAUBNEY of Misterton & Grace PAUL, by licence

29-Jul-1758; Joseph HAWKER & Mary MEECHAM

21-Jul-1759; Thomas MEACHAM & Joan FARNHAM, both of South Perrott, by licence

09-Sep-1759; John EDGAR widower & Joan ROBERTS

10-Aug-1760; John PEARCE & Elizabeth IRELAND

24-Jan-1762; James LARCOMBE & Jane SPURDLE

22-Feb-1762; William IRELAND & Joan HUNT, by licence

31-Oct-1763; Robert BARTLET & Hannah MEECHAM

05-Feb-1764; Thomas SLADE & Martha ALLEN of Corscombe

14-Feb-1764; John BUGLER sojourner & Rachel SPURDLE

14-Aug-1764; Samuel HALLET of North Perrot & Susannah GUPPY

29-Oct-1764; Isaac GUDGE & Mary CLEAL of Misterton

10-Feb-1765; Phillip HALLET & Joan PAUL

05-Nov-1765; John MEECHAM & Mary HOOD

31-Mar-1766; Henry CROCKER & Grace YETMAN

24-Nov-1766; John SIBLY & Hannah HUNT

04-Feb-1768; William MORDLEY (signed MURDLEY) & Mary BRYANT

04-Feb-1768; John GIBBS & Betty BRYANT

11-Apr-1768; William LAWRENCE of Merriot & Phoebe SPURDLE

18-Dec-1769; Daniel LARCOMBE & Elizabeth SPURDLE

08-Jul-1770; Robert MARSH sojourner & Anne PEARCE

30-Dec-1770; Edward HUNT & Frances BURRIGE

09-May-1771; William HOOD & Elizabeth PIERCE (signed PEARSEE)

18-Aug-1771; George HACKWELL of North Perrott & Mary SAUNDERS

09-Jun-1773; Thomas EDGAR of Misterton & Elizabeth WHITE, by licence

29-Aug-1773; Giles LEVERIGE sojourner & Elinor SLADE of North Perrott

01-May-1774; Joseph GOREING sojourner & Betty GIBBS

31-Oct-1774; John SAUNDERS & Susannah BARTLETT of Broadwinsor

27-Feb-1775; Richard EDWARDS & Betty MORETON

27-Aug-1775; James IRELAND & Jane BURRIGE

10-Oct-1776; Richard MORETON & Joan MURLY (signed MURLEY)

11-Aug-1777; Henry DALLY & Betty MEECH

07-Sep-1777; Abraham SYBLEY & Ann MOUNSTON

05-Jan-1779; John GIBBS widower & Rachel MARK of Shute, co. Devon, by licence

02-Mar-1779; John PEARCE widower & Jane STONE of Beamister, by licence

20-Dec-1779; William LOVELACE widower & Grace PAUL of South Perrott

17-Jul-1780; Andrew LOVELACE & Mary SMITH

28-Aug-1780; William HAWKER & Agnes WHITING

01-Sep-1780; Thomas SLADE & Anna HAYBALL

11-Feb-1781; James SIBLY & Mary LOVELACE

03-Mar-1782; William COX & Hannah LARCOMB

25-Dec-1782; William HALL sojourner & Susanna MORTON

09-Feb-1784; James PEARCE & Susanna SANSOM (both sign PEARCE)

22-Nov-1784; Thomas BARTLETT of Evershot & Elizabeth LOVELESS

03-Dec-1785; William GEER of North Perrott & Mary WILLS, by licence

09-Dec-1785; William FARNHAM of South Perrott & Elizabeth GUDGE, by licence

26-Dec-1785; John BROWN of Merriott & Sarah HALLETT, by licence

04-Aug-1786; Daniel LARCOMBE & Betty IRELAND

11-Feb-1788; Robert HICKS (signed HICKES) of Broadwinsor & Hannah RENDEL (signed RENDLE)

12-Feb-1788; Samuel LARCOMBE & Jane LARCUMB

18-Nov-1788; John LARCOM & Sarah WATTS

16-Jul-1792; Robert PHELPS of Broadwinsor & Mqry PAUL

19-Sep-1792; James HAWKER & Grace SIBLEY

04-Nov-1792; William SWEET of Bow, co. Devon, & Mary WILLY, by licence

15-Jan-1793; Samuel CORNICK sojourner & Hannah MITCHEM

02-Dec-1793; Thomas LARCOMBE & Mary LARCOMBE

11-Jan-1794; William MURLEY & Betty BURRIDGE

18-Jan-1794; John ELLIS & Francis CHESSELLET

06-Apr-1795; Thomas SMITH & Charlotte GUPPY, both sojourners

06-Apr-1795; James LARCOMBE & Sarah WARREN

08-Feb-1796; John HAWKER & Sarah DALLEY

29-Jun-1796; Joseph WELLS & Mary DARE

04-Jul-1796; William FUZZARD sojourner & Phoebe LARCOMBE

22-Aug-1796; Robert LOVELACE widower & Mary SPURDLE

19-May-1797; Waddon CLARKE (signed Wadon) & Elizabeth BISHOP

08-May-1798; Henry NORTHOVER of Towpiddle & Sarah VINCENT, by licence

11-Sep-1798; Benjamin BARTLETT & Susannah LOVELACE

09-Apr-1799; Robert GRAVES (signed GROVES) of Crewkerne & Mary WAKELY, by licence

29-Jul-1799; Richard EASTMAN sojourner & Elizabeth LARKHAM

11-Feb-1800; Edward HUNT & Ann DAWBNEY

09-Sep-1800; Daniel BISHOP of Broadwinsor & Agatha IRONSIDE

20-Feb-1803; Robert LOVELACE & Sarah PEARCE

22-Feb-1803; John HUNT & Mary DAUBENEY (signed DAWBNEY)

24-Jul-1803; John PEARCE widower & Martha ROPER of Bemister, by licence

28-May-1804; George LINTO of South Perrott & Rachel ROBERTS

22-Oct-1804; Isaac SPURDLE sojourner & Elizabeth MEECHAM

06-Nov-1804; William PRIDYSMITH & Elizabeth LINTOE, sojourners

24-Jan-1805; Thomas POTTER & Martha IRONSIDE, sojourners

10-Dec-1805; Benjamin HUNT & Sarah DAUBNEY (signed DAWBNEY)

24-Sep-1806; Thomas BROWN & Martha PEARCE

13-Jan-1807; George LINTOE of South Perrott & Betty BROWN, sojourners

11-Jan-1807; Henry OLD & Elizabeth GENT

28-May-1807; Henry WATTS of Kingcombe & Rachel GIBBS

02-Feb-1808; Henry HALLET & Ann FARNHAM

31-May-1808; Henry HUNT & Frances ELLIS widow

27-Apr-1809; James SIBLY of Misterton & Elizabeth SIBLY (both signed SIBLEY)

20-Nov-1809; Samuel CURTIS of South Perrott & Charlotte DAWBNEY

30-Nov-1809; John LOVELACE & Anna PRIEST

19-Dec-1809; Samuel CLEAL of Misterton & Agatha BISHOP

29-Jan-1810; William CHUBB sojourner & Mary HAWKER

19-Mar-1810; Robert LARCUMBE & Sarah HALLETT

16-Jan-1811; Joel EVELEIGHT sojourner & Sarah ROCKET of Broadwinsor

07-Apr-1811; George SWAFFIELD of Beaminster & Martha PRIEST

04-Sep-1811; Robert LOVELACE & Sarah IRELAND

01-Jan-1812; James BULFORD of Crewkerne & Phillis PALMER, by licence

08-Feb-1812; Josiah BANGER of Abbotsbury & Mary SPURDLE, by licence

15-Nov-1812; Benjamin SAUNDERS & Elizabeth LOVELACE

09-Dec-1812; William VINCENT & Mary BRIDGE, by licence


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