North Poorton

1901 Census - RG 13/2011

Transcribed by Keith Searson


Address; Name; Relationship; Status; Sex; Age; Occupation; Where Born

North Porton; Hannah HALLETT; Head; Widow; F; 78; Midwife; Powerstock Dorset

; Elizabeth DAVIS; Boarder; Widow; F; 81; Relief Midwife; North Porton Dorset


; William GALE; Head; M; M; 47; Hurdle and Lath maker; Hooke Dorset

; Elvine GALE; Wife; M; F; 41; North Porton Dorset

; Beatrice GALE; Daughter; S; F; 18; North Porton Dorset

; Charles William GALE; Son; S; M; 11; North Porton Dorset


; Mary Ann GREENING; Head; Widow; F; 76; Parochial Relief; North Porton Dorset


; Richard GALE; Head; S; M; 36; Carter on Farm; North Porton Dorset


; Thomas GALE; Head; S; M; 43; General Labourer; North Porton Dorset


; Edward DENNETT; Head; M; M; 33; Carter on Farm; Powerstock Dorset

; Elizabeth DENNETT; Wife; M; F; 30; Porton Dorset

; John DENNETT; Son; S; M; 6; Larcombe Dorset

; Albert DENNETT; Son; S; M; 1; Porton Dorset


; Malachi DAWBNEY; Head; M; M; 54; Farmer; Powerstock Dorset

; Ann DAWBNEY; Wife; M; F; 53; Loders Dorset

; Charles DAWBNEY; Son; S; M; 28; Help on Farm; Powerstock Dorset

; Thomas DAWBNEY; Son; S; M; 21; Help on Farm; Netherbury Dorset

; William DAWBNEY; Son; S; M; 19; Help on Farm; Netherbury Dorset

; Elizabeth DAWBNEY; Daughter; S; F; 17; Assist in the House; Netherbury Dorset

; John DAWBNEY; Son; S; M; 13; Scholar; Netherbury Dorset

; Lilly DAWBNEY; Visitor; S; F; 17; Powerstock Dorset


; Adeladie HALLETT; Head; Widow; F; 65; Shop Keeper (Green); North Porton Dorset

; Jacob HALLETT; Son; S; M; 3*(?); Domestic Gardener; North Porton Dorset

; Herbert HALLETT; Son; S; M; 36; Woodman; North Porton Dorset

; Hannah HALLETT; Daughter; S; F; 30; Housekeeper; North Porton Dorset


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