Piddlehinton Burials


1731 to 1811

This transcription of the Bishop's Transcripts for the parish of Piddlehinton has been kindly donated to the OPC project by Christine Crawford. Please note that some years are missing, these are indicated. The Parish Registers should always be referred to as the Primary Source, copies of particular entries or missing years can always be obtained from the Dorchester Record Office.

Betty DARK of Cerne Abbay buried Jun-11 1731

Martha WEST buried Jun-19 1731

Eliz: TIZOR son of jn. & Mary buried Jul-16 1731

Ben VINCENT buried 1731

Paul KELLAWAY Mr. buried Jan-16 1731

Jn. KELLAWAY son of Jn. & Betty buried Feb-20 1731

Jn. KELLAWAY buried Oct-24 1732

Prudence BILES buried Dec-27 1732

Eliza BROOK wife of Jn. buried Jan-01 1732

Susan BOYCE Widow buried Jan-15 1732

Jn. DAY buried Jan-19 1732

Geo. buried Jan-27 1732

Jno. WINSFOR buried Jun-24 1733

William WEST buried Sep-20 1733

Lydia SYMONDS buried Jan-11 1734

John MITCHELL son of Jn. & Ann buried Dec-30 1734

Henry MITCHELL son of Jn. & Ann buried Jan-20 1735

Mary HARDY daughter of Edw. & buried Mar-17 1735

Betty ROGERS daughter of Robt. & Priscilla buried Jun-14 1735

Honour CHURCHILL Mrs. buried Jun-14 1735

Wm. LOWMAN son of Lancolot buried Jun-23 1735

Wm. MASTERMAN buried Jun-29 1735

Thos. ROSS son of Thos. & Edith buried Dec-13 1735

G. WINSOR buried Jan-09 1736

Sarah MITCHELL daughter of Jno. & Ann buried Feb-11 1736

Mary KELLAWAY daughter of Thomaaas & jane buried Feb-16 1736

Mary RUNYARD daughter of Richd. & Mary buried Apr-09 1736

Grace CHURCHILL daughter of Wm. Esq. buried Apr-02 1736

W. Grace CHURCHILL buried May-02 1736

John BROOK buried Sep-21 1736

Wm. DAY son of Jn. & Barbara buried 15 1736

Ann HAYS buried 25 1736

John SYMONDS buried Jan-22 1737

Ann ATKINS daughter of Thos. & Eliz. buried Feb-24 1737

Sarah POPE Widow buried Mar-10 1737

Edith PAIN wife of Jn. buried Mar-16 1737

Wm. TEUXBURY buried Mar-17 1737

Grace BOYCE buried May-11 1737

Lydia VINCENT buried Aug-08 1737

Wm. MASTERMAN buried Aug-26 1737

Thomas STAYNER buried Jan-27 1738

Mrs. MARTIN from Dorchester buried May-27 1738

Mary BALL wife of Robt. buried Aug-18 1738

Maria OLD daughter of Willm. & Eleanor buried Oct-28 1738

Catherine PAIN Henry & Catherine buried Nov-20 1738

James HOPKINS buried Jan-09 1738

Milchizedeck DIBBIN son of Mildizedeck buried Jan-15 1738

John VIE buried Jan-15 1738

Eliza DAY daughter of Tho. & Eliza buried Mar-19 1738

Thomas DAY Mr. buried May-10 1738

Joan RUNNIER buried Nov-03 1738

Sarah daughter of James buried Jun-25 1740

Sarah BALLON buried 1740

William ROF-- son of Lawrence & Mary buried Aug-03 1740

Sarah RUNNIER buried Sep-11 1740

John READ buried Dec-08 1740

Martha REEVES wife of Jn. buried Jan-04 1740

Mary WALKEY wife of Wm. buried Jan-04 1740

Jno. SYMONDS buried Apr-28 1740

Lawrence ASH son of Lawrence & Mary buried May-12 1740

John NELSON son of Jn. & Esther buried Jun-08 1740

Sarah NELSON son of Jn. & Esther buried Jun-12 1740

Timothy NELSON buried Jul-10 1740

Alice HOAR buried Jan-06 1741

Susanna RANDAL daughter of Tho. & Mary buried Feb-19 1741

Elizabeth TUCKER buried Mar-24 1741

Frances LOWMAN buried Jun-01 1741

Martha NELSON daughter of John & Esther buried Jun-05 1741

Mary SPENCER buried Jul-07 1741

Mary SLADE buried Aug-05 1741

Lydia TIZZAR daughter of John of Piddletrenthide buried Aug-15 1741

Edward PAIN buried Aug-31 1741

Wm. KELLAWAY buried Sep-22 1741

Henry COATES buried Oct-03 1741

Elizabeth BAKER buried Oct-17 1741

Robt. GOULD buried Jan-13 1742

Wm. OLD son of Wm. & Eleanor buried Mar-13 1742

Margaret INGELS wife of Rev. N. INGELS buried Mar-29 1742

Geo. VINCENT buried Jun-16 1742

Mary WINSOR daughter of Simon & Mary buried Aug-27 1742

Tho. ROSE buried Sep-04 1742

Records may be missing from the Bishop's Transcripts for this period

Thomas BALLSTONE buried May-14 1744

Abraham MOORS son of Ambraham & Betty buried Jul-04 1744

Eliz. BALLON wife of James buried Aug-23 1744

Sarah PAIN daughter of Harry & Kathne. buried Oct-23 1744

Ann ADAMS buried . 18 1744

Kathne. MOORES daughter of Joan buried Mar-05 1745

Wm. REEVES son of Jn. & Margaret buried May-02 1745

Eliz. WHITE wife of Jn. buried Jun-09 1745

Lydia TIZZARD buried Dec-08 1745

Mary DIBBINS daughter of Mele. & Mary buried Dec-29 1745

Wm. CHAPPEL son of Wm. buried Feb-02 1746

Ann CHAPPEL son of Wm. buried Feb-02 1746

Sarah MITCHELL daughter of Jn. & Ann buried Mar-16 1746

Wm. JOYCE buried Jul 1746

Wm. JOYCE from Stinsford buried Jul-05 1746

Barbara DAY buried Aug-01 1746

Wm. BOW buried Dec-12 1746

Thomas BROOK buried Dec-14 1746

Isaac MOORS buried Apr-23 1747

Jn. KELLAWAY buried May-24 1747

Archer PETERS Dr. in Dorchester buried May-02 1747

Joan LOWMAN buried Jul-24 1747

Wm. ADAMS son of Wm. & mary buried Jan-23 1748

Thomas MOORS buried May-08 1748

George RANDAL son of Robt. & Ann buried Aug-09 1748

 illegible entry buried 1748

Elizabeth TUCKER buried Jan-00 1748

Susannah LOWMAN buried Sep-25 1748

Susannah KELLAWAY daughter of James & Lucy buried Dec-22 1748

Mary RUNNIER wife of Richard buried Feb-10 1748

James CHANNEL son of William & Mary buried Jul-20 1749

John REVES buried Nov-03 1749

Anne PAYNE buried Nov-07 1749

William RUNNIER buried Mar-28 1750

Mary MASTERS daughter of John & Mary buried May-03 1750

James HOAR buried Jun-10 1750

Grace ADAMS buried Sep-05 1750

W. ADAMS son of Wm. & Mary buried Jan-25 1751

Philip ADAMS son of Wm. & Tamsey buried Mar-05 1751

Nathanael INGELS Rev. Rector buried Jul-23 1751

 RAWLINS Mrs. of Damerham South in Wiltshire buried Aug-09 1751

Mary DOWNTON of Melcombe Horsey buried Dec-22 1751

Sarah ADAMS buried Jun-06 1752

Christopher WHITE buried Jun-30 1752

Susanna CREW Mrs. wife of Anrew Esq. buried Nov-07 1752

Sarah ADAMS daughter of William & Mary buried Nov-18 1752

Mary MASTERS wife of Henry buried Dec-05 1752

Anne ARNOLD Widow buried Apr-08 1753

Lydia KELLAWAY Widow buried Apr-20 1754

Elizabeth LOWMAN buried 1754

Susanna COLLINS wife of James of Charminster buried Aug-03 1755

Sarah ARNOLD buried Aug-13 1755

Tamsey ADAMS daughter of William & Tamsey buried Aug-27 1755

Anne WEST Widow buried Sep-03 1755

Alice? HOAR Widow buried Sep-17 1755

Priscilla Hannah SANGER Mrs. Widow. :late Rev. Mr. SANGER Vicar of Milborn St.Andrews buried Dec-03 1755

Thomas ATKINS buried Dec-15 1755

Mary PEARCE wife of James of Piddletown buried Jan-07 1756

Anne CHANNING daughter of William & Mary buried Feb-15 1756

John PAIN Mr. buried Mar-08 1756-1757

John TIZZARD son of Giles & Mary buried Mar-13 1756-1757

Mary ROGERS daughter of Jasper & Sarah buried Mar-20 1756-1757

Anne BAKER wife of Thomas of Portsmouth. daughter of Robert & Anne RANDAL of this Parish buried Apr-24 1756-1757

John MASTERS buried Dec-24 1757

Joan MOORES Widow buried Dec-25 1757

Jane HOPKINS Widow buried Jan-04 1758

Sarah POPE daughter of Robert & Mary buried Feb-19 1758

John MOORES son of John, grandson of John MOORES the Clerk. buried Mar-14 1758

Anne FOOT wife of James buried May-19 1758

Melchizedck DIBBEN buried Oct-08 1758

Thomas VINCENT buried Dec-08 1758

William READ buried Dec-31 1758

William CHURCHILL Esq. brought hither from Colliton buried Feb-17 1759

Ann RANDAL wife of Robert buried Mar-18 1759

Elizabeth ******* buried Mar-25 1759

Henry MOORES GeorgeJnr. & Sarah buried Mar-25 1759

Andrew ******* buried Apr-20 1759

John MOORE son of John Jnr. & Susanna buried Jun-03 1759

Mary Susanna COLLINS daughter of James & Susanna of Charminster buried Jun-05 1759

John ELLIOT of Kimridge in the Isle of Purbeck buried Jul-22 1759

John ADAMS buried Dec-14 1759

Robert CHANNING buried Jan-24 1760

Elizabeth RICE of Milbourn St.Andrew buried Feb-24 1760

Anne LEWIS wife of William buried Mar-23 1760

Elizabeth ATKINS Widow of Tho.  Hopkins buried Mar-25 1760

Elizabeth TIZZARD Widow buried Apr-11 1760

Samuel CRITCHELL son of John & Mary buried Apr-11 1760

Mary ASH wife of Laurence buried Jun-08 1760

Mary WINDSOR wife of Simon buried Jul-10 1760

Sarah BALL wife of Robert buried Jul-16 1760

Mary BAKER Mrs. buried Aug-26 1760

Elizabeth MOORES wife of Abraham buried Oct-15 1760

Laurence ASH Jnr. buried Dec-30 1760

Joan HOAR buried Jan ?? 1761

Susan BROADBY wife of Thomas buried Mar-04 1761

Robert SYMONDS son of Robt. & Anne buried Apr-06 1761

Richard RUNNIER buried Apr-14 1761

Joan BOSWELL Widow buried May-03 1761

Jacob MOORES buried May-17 1761

Elizabeth MOORES buried May-27 1761

Jane ROBERTS buried May-31 1761

Francis MOORES buried Jun-02 1761

Richard RUNNIER buried Jun-22 1761

Mary PAIN buried Jul-08 1761

Martha ASH buried Sep-08 1761

Anne ASH buried Sep-27 1761

Mary MOORES buried Nov-13 1761

Henry PAIN buried Mar-07 1762

Phillis ROGERS buried Mar-09 1762

George MOORES Elder buried Apr-18 1762

Mary BROADBY buried Jun-01 1762

Mrs. Elizabeth CHURCHILL  widow of William CHURCHILL Esq. of Colliton. buried Jul-18 1762

Jane VINCENT Widow. buried Aug-02 1762

Tamsey Palmer READ buried Aug-22 1762

Elizabeth RUNNIER buried Oct-12 1762

Christopher KELLAWAY Yeoman buried Jan-04 1764

Mary MOORES buried Mar-16 1764

Mary PAIN buried Apr-02 1764

George MOORES buried Apr-07 1764

John MOORES Sen. buried May-12 1764

James KELLAWAY Mr. buried May-31 1764

John KYRCHILL the younger buried Jun-01 1764

William TIZZARD buried Jun-11 1764

Sarah COATE Widow buried Jun-13 1764

Purdon Crew KELLAWAY Miss buried Oct-18 1764

Mary GIBBS buried Nov-12 1764

Mary HOAR buried Feb-14 1765

Mary MOORES wife of John buried Mar-20 1765

Mary BOBY daughter of John & Phillis of Liddington buried Mar-24 1765

Honor POPE buried Jun-09 1765

Joseph COTE? buried Aug-11 1765

Edith ROSE buried Aug-27 1765

Catherine PAIN buried Sep-12 1765

John MITCHELL buried Sep-16 1765

John TOBY buried Jan-08 1766

Mary ADAMS wife of john buried Aug-08 1766

Sarah POPE daughter of Robert buried Jan-11 1767

Sarah ALNER daughter of William & Lydia buried Mar-27 1767

John RUNNIER Elder buried May-03 1767

Mary WHITE 95th year Widow buried Sep-20 1767

John SIMONS buried Jan-02 1768

Edith NELSON 91st year Widow buried Jan-31 1768

Benjamin RIGGS an infant buried Feb-03 1768

Lydia TIZZARD daughter of Giles & Mary buried Apr-27 1768

Elizabeth KELLAWAY Mrs. buried Nov-14 1768

Elizabeth ELLIS buried Mar-29 1769

Martha MONTAGUE Mrs. buried Aug-15 1769

Robert POPE buried Nov-18 1769

George POPE buried Dec-26 1769

Robert MITCHELL buried Jan-10 1770

Sarah ROGERS buried Jan-29 1770

Dorothy POPE buried Feb-11 1770

Henry MASTERS buried Feb-19 1770

Mary RANDAL buried Feb-28 1770

Robert RANDAL buried Jan-13 1771

Margaret WINDSOR buried Apr-08 1771

John COTE? buried Jul-01 1771

John ADAMS son of William & Thomasine buried Jul-14 1771

Anne RANDAL daughter of Robert & Mary buried Jul-31 1771

Mary MINTERN of Sutton-?oynes buried Nov-27 1771

Mary TIZZARD wife of John of Affpiddle buried Dec-22 1771

John MOORES buried Feb-04 1772

Margaret CHANNING widow of Bradford in this neighbourhood buried Feb-26 1772

Elizabeth HARDYMAN widow of Matthew of Hilfield in the Parish of Sidling (Sydling) buried Mar-03 1772

Elizabeth STAINER Widow. buried Jun-14 1772

Elizabeth PAIN daughter of John & Jane buried Aug-06 1772

Mary ****** wife of Thomas buried Oct-15 1772

James WATT buried Oct-18 1772

Jane WEST buried Jan-26 1773

John TIZZARD elder buried Jun-18 1773

Mary CHANNING wife of William buried Jun-24 1773

John KELLAWAY buried Jul-16 1773

Matthew HARDYMAN of Hilfield in Sidling buried Feb-15 1774

Edward BAKER buried Mar-13 1774

Eleanor TIZZARD daughter of John & Mary buried May-29 1774

Thomas BRODBY buried Jun-21 1774

Elizabeth MEADER wife of William buried Sep-25 1774

Elizabeth RANDAL wife of Philip buried Oct-06 1774

Susanna WINDSOR wife of Simon buried Oct-27 1774

Sarah BALSON? wife of William buried Nov-13 1774

Elizabeth COTE? wife of Edward buried Jan-27 1775

John GIBBS son of James & Susan buried Feb-01 1775

Mary REEVES Widow. buried Mar-08 1775

Mary PAIN Widow. buried Aug-27 1775

Sarah KELLAWAY Widow. buried Oct-13 1775

Elizabeth RANDALL daughter of Thomas & Jane buried Oct-20 1775

Mary COLE Widow. buried Nov-26 1775

Mary ABBET 93yrs Widow. buried Dec-09 1775

Sarah CURTIS wife of John buried May-26 1776

Mary CADDY daughter of Thomas & Ann buried Jul-25 1776

Mary BRODBY daughter of John & Grace buried Oct-30 1776

Timothy NELSON son of Timothy & Rebecca of Walterston buried Nov-26 1776

William OLD son of William Jnr. & Catherine buried Dec-16 1776

Mary OXFORD daughter of William & Elizabeth buried Jan-02 1777

Mary CADDY daughter of Thomas & Ann buried Feb-18 1777

Mary TIZZARD wife of Giles buried Mar-06 1777

Thomas CURTIS son of John & Sarah buried Mar-28 1777

Abraham MOORES buried Apr-21 1777

John ASH son of John & Sarah buried May-06 1777

Elizabeth DAY daughter of John & Mary buried Jun-10 1777

Sarah CADDY daughter of Thomas & Anne buried Oct-10 1777

Timothy NELSON twin son of Timothy & Rebecca buried Dec-28 1777

Thomas NELSON twin son of Timothy & Rebecca buried Dec-28 1777

Jane SIMMS wife of John buried Aug-25 1778

John Pain BROADBY buried Oct-03 1778

Robert SIMONS buried Oct-18 1778

William Davis MARDER son of Nicholas & Mary buried Nov-24 1778

William ALNER buried May-24 1779

Esther NELSON daughter of John & Sarah buried Jun-06 1779

Anne RANDALL buried Jul-04 1779

Eliza MOORES buried Jul-24 1779

John TIZZARD buried Jul-25 1779

Mary WEBBER buried Jul-26 1779

Laurence ASH buried Jul-27 1779

William OLD son of Wm. Jnr. & Catherine buried Oct-15 1779

John BAILY son of John & Elizabeth buried Dec-05 1779

William MEADER buried Dec-16 1779

Elizabeth HARDY daughter of Philip & Mary buried Feb-09 1780

Humphry LOCK buried May ?? 1780

Robert RANDALL buried *** ** 1780

Esther NELSON an infant buried *** ** 1780

William COLLINS son of James & Joanna buried Nov-05 1780

John WEBBER buried Nov-29 1780

Mary ADAMS wife of Wm. buried Dec-09 1780

Frances HOAR Widow buried Jan-07 1781

Sarah DIBBEN Widow buried Jan-30 1781

Philip RANDAL buried Feb-28 1781

John MEECH an infant buried May-03 1781

Anne READ daughter of Nathaniel & Anne buried May-22 1781

William HODGE alias ROGERS buried Aug-10 1781

Mrs.Dorothy KELLAWAY  brought from Witchampton buried Sep-06 1781

Philip MONTAGUE Rev. rector of this Parish buried Aug-09 1782

Martha PAIN wife of George buried Aug-31 1782

Nicholas KELLAWAY Mr. buried Mar-14 1783

Lydia MOORS daughter of Richard & Cecily buried Mar-30 1783

Thomas MITCHELL buried Jun-17 1783

William ADAMS buried Mar-20 1784

Catherine Crew GREVILE daughter of Sylvanus & Margaret buried May 27? 1784

John CURTIS buried May-20 1784-1785

Sarah MOORE buried May-25 1784-1785

Elizabeth COLE daughter of Joseph & Ann buried Sep-25 1785

Martha ASH twin daughter of John & Sarah buried Oct-02 1785

Ann ASH twin daughter of John & Sarah buried Oct-02 1785

Ann CADDY wife of Thomas buried Dec-15 1785

Samuel CRITCHELL buried Apr-04 1786

George PAIN buried Aug 1786

******* ******* buried Sep 1786

******* ******* buried 1786

******* ******* buried Nov 1786

William BECK buried Dec 1786

Grace HARDY daughter of Philip & Mary buried Jul-25 1787

Anne DAVIDGE daughter of Thomas & Anne buried Jul-31 1787

William Webber NELSON son of Timothy & Rebecca buried Aug 9? 1787

Sarah SYMONDS buried May-18 1788

Lydia BILES brought from Charminster buried Oct-25 1788

John CURTIS buried Dec-11 1788

Simon WINSOR buried Feb-03 1789

Mary ****YARD buried May-16 1789

******* ADAMS buried Sep-07 1789

Joseph GIBBS son of James & Susanna buried Dec-27 1789

George MOORS son of Abraham & Ann buried May-02 1790

Elizabeth YOUNG? brought from Dorchester buried May-07 1790

Giles TIZZARD brought from Dorchester buried Dec-19 1790

Mary MITCHELL buried Aug-07 1791

Elizabeth ROBERTS buried Oct 2? 1791

William ******* buried Jan-24 1792

Sarah ******* buried Jan-29 1792

******* ******* son of Robert & buried Mar-04 1792

Sarah ******* daughter of buried Mar-11 1792

John ADAMS buried Apr-28 1792

John ASH buried May-18 1792

Mary RANDALL Widow buried Jun-21 1792

Adam? ADAMS buried Jul-31 1792

Grace MOORES wife of Henry buried Aug-10 1792

John MITCHELL buried Sep-09 1792

Esther? NELSON wife of John buried Sep-20 1792

Martha READ daughter of Nathaniel & Anne buried Apr-21 1793

Mary KELLAWAY wife of George buried Nov-04 1793

Elizabeth DAY buried Jan-11 1794

Lydia ALLNER buried Mar-14 1794

Thomas ATKINS Clerk buried Sep-06 1794

Betty BAR**** daughter of James & Betty buried Oct-07 1794

Mary ******* buried Nov-03 1794

Thomas ******* son of William & Sarah buried Jan-11 1795

John ROGERS son of Jasper & Sarah buried Feb-15 1795

Elizabeth NELSON from *******  buried Mar-22 1795

Ann COLE Widow buried Apr-23 1795

Elizabeth BEST buried Jun-21 1795

Anne COLE buried ***. 23 1795

Robert POPE buried Sep-26 1795

Robert PAIN buried Sep-27 1795

John DAVIS from Mu********  buried Nov ?4 1795

Joseph NELSON buried Nov-15 1795

Robert ALLNER buried Feb-07 1796

Anne MITCHELL buried Apr-27 1796

Mary ASH buried Jul-01 1796

Sarah WATTS buried Aug 27? 1796

William MOORS buried Sep-04 1796

Robert ALLNER buried Dec-23 1796

Susanna LAYTON? buried Feb-06 1797

James ALLNER wife of Andrew also daughter of Thomas & Susanna GIBBS buried Feb-25 1797

Lydia ALLNER son of William & Betty buried May-30 1798

John ALLNER buried Sep-16 1798?

John ADAMS buried Dec-06 1798?

Sarah CHANNING brought from Godmanstone buried May-02 1799?

Robert Cosh? GIBBS buried Sep-18 1799

***** William CHURCHILL buried Dec-04 1799

Ann ADAMS buried Jan 8? 1800

Elizabeth ****** buried Jan 29? 1800

Sarah? ROGERS buried May-04 1800

Ann KELLAWAY buried Sep-06 1800

Martha ADAMS buried Feb-25 1801

William ROGERS buried Mar-22 1801

Hannah MACK? buried Apr-05 1801

John Rogers OLD buried May-02 1801

Harriot TUCK buried Jun-28 1801

Thomas STONE buried Oct-18 1801

Richard MOORS buried Feb-28 1802

John BROADBY buried Mar-31 1802

Grace BROADBY buried Mar-31 1802

Joseph PAIN buried Sep-05 1802

Ann ******* buried Nov-21 1802

George ADAMS buried Nov-28 1802

John NELSON buried Dec-25 1802

William ADAMS buried *** ** 1803

Henry ******* buried Jan-31 1803

Richard? TUCK buried May ? 1803

Rebecca TUCK buried May-03 1803

William TIZZARD buried Jun-27 1803

john STONE buried Jul-22 1803

John OLD buried Aug 2 ? 1803

John CRITCHELL buried Sep-22 1803

Sarah COSH? buried Nov-10 1803

Henry MITCHEL buried Dec-12 1803

John COSH? buried Dec-13 1803

Mary OXFORD buried Jan-11 1803

Ann OXFORD buried Mar-04 1803

Edward CHANNING buried Apr 8? 1803

Elizabeth GIBBS buried May-03 1803

Henry STONE buried Jun 19? 1804

William OXFORD buried Jan? 18 1805

Cicily? MOORES buried Nov-03 1805

John GIBBS buried Nov-07 1805

Martha OXFORD buried Dec-01 1805

William CRITCHELL buried Jun-17 1806

William HILL buried *** ** 1806

****** buried 3 illegible entries 1806

Thomas ****** buried Mar-15 1807

John CH***** buried Mar-15 1807

Thomas GIBBS? buried Apr? 6? 1807

George POPE buried *** ** 1807

****** WEBBER buried *** ** 1807

****** RANYARD? buried Jan-17 1808

Thomas OXFORD buried Feb-20 1808

Elizabeth ****** buried Mar-09 1808

****** READ buried May ? 1808

Maria ****** buried Aug-01 1808

Thomas ****** buried Nov-17 1808

Elizabeth ADAMS buried Dec-25 1808

Ann POPE buried *** 30 1809

Ann WEBBER buried *** 2? 1809

Rebecca ****** buried May-06 1809

Catherine HARVEY buried Feb-04 1810

Sarah CHA**** buried Apr-07 1810

Hannah COLE buried Dec ?? 1810

Sarah Adams COSH buried Mar-06 1811

Richard COLLINS buried May-12 1811

James CRITCHELL buried May-13 1811

Martha STEVINS? buried May-16 1811

William ****** buried Jun 19? 1811

****** ****** buried Jun 19? 1811

William ****** buried Jul 1811

Mary ****** buried Nov 1811

Eliza ****** buried Dec 1811

Elizabeth ****** buried Jan 1811

****** GIBBS buried 1811

****** ****** buried Jul 1811

                                            Records may be missing from the Bishop's Transcripts for 1812

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