including WATERCOMBE, extra-parochial place

1841 CENSUS HO107/279

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

Dedicated to Sue Merkle, OPC of Poxwell for many years, 2017

94 souls on the night of Sunday, June 6th, 1841 
HO 107/279/8 
Superintendent Registrar District:Weymouth 
Registrar’s District:Upwey 
Enumeraton District:6 
Description:The Parish of Poxwell bounded on the North by Warmwell & Broad Mayne, on the East by Watercombe, Owermoigne & Chaldon Herring, on the South by the Sea & on the West by Osmington and Preston. 
Poxwell 1WilliamMAYOM40FarmerY 41 
   RebeccaMAYOF30 Y 41 
  /JaneMAYOF2 Y 41 
   JanePAINEF15 Y 41 
   JaneCROADF20Female ServantY 41 
   ElizabethNEILF15Female ServantY 41 
   HenryMAYERSM15Male ServantY 41 
  //JamesNICLASM20Male ServantNo 41 
Poxwell 1ThomasRIGGSM55Ag LabourerY 41 
   MariaRIGGSF45 Y 41 
   MariaRIGGSF20Ag LabourerY 41 
   ThomasRIGGSM15 Y 41 
   RobertRIGGSM14 Y 41 
  //EmanuelRIGGSM10 Y 41 
Poxwell 1JamesSQUIBBM25Ag LabourerY 41 
   MarySQUIBBF25 Y 41 
   GeorgeSQUIBBM5 Y 41 
  //CharlesSQUIBBM1 Y 41 
Poxwell 1MaryPLAYERF70 Y 41 
  //CharlesPLAYERM20Ag LabourerY 41 
Poxwell 1RichardWEBBERM60Ag LabourerY 41 
   ElizabethWEBBERF65 Y 41 
   EstherWEBBERF25 Y 41 
  //GeorgeWEBBERM20Ag LabourerY 41 
Poxwell 1EliasMAYERSM40Ag LabourerY 42 
   AmeliaMAYERSF30 Y 42 
   WilliamMAYERSM50Ag LabourerY 42 
   JaneHOOPERF45 Y 42 
   WilliamMAYERSM5 Y 42 
   JohnMAYERSM4 Y 42 
  //AnnMAYERSF1 Y 42 
Poxwell 1GeorgeMANTELLM45Ag LabourerY 42 
   MariaMANTELLF40 Y 42 
   JamesMANTELLM15 Y 42 
   EdmundMANTELLM12 Y 42 
   HenryMANTELLM10 Y 42 
   JosephMANTELLM9 Y 42 
   NathanielMANTELLM5 Y 42 
  //GeorgeMANTELLM4 Y 42 
Poxwell 1GeorgeMAYERSM60Ag LabourerY 42 
   MarthaMAYERSF50 Y 42 
   WilliamMAYERSM20Ag LabourerY 42 
   ThomasMAYERSM15Ag LabourerY 42 
  //JaneMAYERSF10 Y 42 
Poxwell 1RichardCOXM45Ag LabourerY 42 
   MaryCOXF45 Y 42 
   AbrahamCOXM20Ag LabourerY 42 
   DanielCOXM15 Y 42 
   JohnCOXM15Ag LabourerY 53 
   GeorgeCOXM10 Y 53 
   IsaacCOXM8 Y 53 
  //JacobCOXM5 Y 53 
Poxwell 1IsaacHOOPERM40Ag LabourerY 53 
   MaryHOOPERF35 Y 53 
   Mary AnnHOOPERF12 Y 53 
   EmmaHOOPERF10 Y 53 
   GeorgeHOOPERM7 Y 53 
   EstherHOOPERF5 Y 53 
   RichardHOOPERM1 Y 53 
  //ElizabethHOOPERF70 Y 53 
Poxwell 1RichardHOOPERM45Ag LabourerY 53 
   MaryHOOPERF50 Y 53 
   JaneHOOPERF20 Y 53 
   DanielHOOPERM15Ag LabourerY 53 
   MariaHOOPERF15 Y 53 
   Mary AnnHOOPERF15 Y 53 
   William JohnHOOPERM4m Y 53 
[End of Poxwell portion of District 6]
HO 107/279/11            
Superintendent Registrar District:Weymouth 
Registrar’s District:Upwey 
Enumeraton District:6 
Parish:Poxwell and Owermoigne adjacent to Watercombe, extra-parochial 
Description: The registrar states "that Watercombe is a recognised Extra Parochial Place with respect to local matters as it pays neither Tithes, Church or Poor rates, nor any rates or taxes except Queen’s Taxes, which are paid to the Poxwell Collector." It does not belong to the Owermoigne Liberty.  
Watercombe 1ThomasSAUNDERSM40YeomanY 1A1 
   RebeccaSAUNDERSF35 Y 1A1 
   ThomasSAUNDERSM6 Y 1A1 
   LucySAUNDERSF4 Y 1A1 
  /JullettaSAUNDERSF3m Y 1A1 
   ThomasHODDERM20YeomanNo 1A1 
   DavidBRAKEM15Male ServantY 1A1 
  //JaneMINTERNEF15Female ServantY 1A1 
Watercombe 1PhillipSELBYM30Ag LabourerY 1A1 
   MarySELBYF35 Y 1A1 
   CharlesSELBYM15Ag LabourerY 1A1 
   RobertSELBYM12 Y 1A1 
   GeorgeSELBYM10 Y 1A1 
   FrankSELBYM7 Y 1A1 
  //SusanSELBYF2 Y 1A1 
Watercombe 1JeremiahSARGENTM30Ag LabourerY 1A1 
   SusannahSARGENTF35 Y 1A1 
   MarySARGENTF9 Y 1A1 
   FannySARGENTF6 Y 1A1 
   ElizabethSARGENTF4 Y 1A1 
  //JaneSARGENTF3 Y 1A1 
Watercombe 1RobertMANTLEM25Ag LabourerY 1A1 
  //WilliamMANTLEM20Ag LabourerY 1A1 
Watercombe 1GeorgeSNOOKM20Ag LabourerY 1A1 
   MariaSNOOKF30 Y 1A1 
   JohnSNOOKM2 Y 1A2 
   MarthaSNOOKF1 Y 1A2 

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