Marriages 1562 - 1841

Transcribed from the original parish registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

 Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

 The register is difficult to read, researchers are advised to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the originals at the Dorset History Centre.

22-Nov-1562; John LONGE & Margaret MARSH


09-Feb-1566/7; William ORCHARD & Elizabeth LANGFORD

22-Sep-1567; Walter SYDLINGE & Joan PYE

23-Nov-1567; William PAULE & Elizabeth WILLES

28-Jul-1568; Edmund COTTON & Alice GUPPY

15-Nov-1568; Robert WAREHAM & Elionor COTTON

02-May-1569; Robert ABBOTT & Isabell BLAMPAYN


20-Apr-1572; Giles MARSH & Mary SEALY

26-Jun-1572; James BALE & Mary DAWBNEY

24-Oct-1574; John CLARKE alias FRENCH & Alice PYE

30-Aug-1576; Robert KNIGHT & Catheren DAWBNEY

20-May-1577; John PYE & Elioner FORD

16-Nov-1579; John CLARKE alias FRENCH & Mary LAWRENCE widow

02-Apr-1581; Robert FORD & Alice WILLOWBY

22-Apr-1582; Henrie MARTIN & Elizabeth HUNTLEY

20-Jun-1582; Robert BUTTRY & Elizabeth COKE

24-Jun-1583; Mark SWETE & Elizabeth POUND

08-Oct-1583; John DYMOT & Elizabeth URWIN

__-___-1587; John URWIN & Alice FOWLES


28-Aug-1592; James BALEFED & Dorothy HAWKER alias CLARK

03-Oct-1592; William DAY & Margaret RICHARDS

08-Oct-1592; Henry HILLARY & Elizabeth GUPPY

10-Feb-1593/4; Thomas HEATH of Misterton, co. Somerset & Christian BURGES widow

12-May-1595; John GUPPY of Cheddington & Elizabeth BALE

19-May-1595; Thomas BAKER & Audry PEEKE

30-Jun-1595; Emanuel SUTTON & Mary BALE

26-Aor-1596; William HUDDY [BTs: gent] & Alice BALE, daughter of James BALE [BTs: gent]

02-Feb-1597; Hugh BURGES & Joan FARNEHAM

08-Jun-1598; Walter WESTROT [BTs: WESTCOT] & Elizabeth CLARKE

09-Oct-1598; John HOPKINS & Joan BARRET

10-Jun-1600; John ILLARY & Katheren FARNEHAM

01-Feb-1600/1; William MILLER & Katheren LAWRENCE

25-Aug-1601; Richard WARD & Elizabeth HARDY

12-Oct-1603; A. TAYLOR & Anne JAROT

20-Oct-1604; Christofer LAMBTON & Florence WALLER

24-Nov-1605; John DALLY & Elizabeth CLARKE

25-Oct-1606; Richard BENFILDE & Mary BRAYNE

09-Nov-1608; John WILLES & Joan WODE

30-Nov-1609; Giles WILLES & Dorathie TRUBBE [BTs: TRUTT]

16-Jan-1609/10; John MANTELL & Elizabeth MARTIN [BTs: by Licence]

22-Apr-1610; Richard CLAYLE & Anne HAWLE

22-Oct-1610; Giles CLARKE& Elinor DAMMATE

26-Nov-1610; Nicholas MANTILL & Marie GREENEWAY

29-Nov-1610; John LUNT [BTs: HIX] & Joan CROWE [BTs: 26-Nov-1611]

20-Jan-1611/2; Faythffull ASHE & Aves CLARE

12-Apr-1613; Giles CLARKE & Alice HULL


27-Apr-1616; William KNIGHT & Elizabeth KNIGHT


01-May-1622; Roger WYNTRIE or WINTERHEY & Sarah DAYE [from BTs]

26-May-1622; Thomas WILLS & Lucy JAYE [from BTs]

21-Oct-1623; William MARSHE & Catherine WHITTE [from BTs]


28-Jul-1630; John FARNEHAM & Anne MARTIN gentlewoman [from BTs]


17-Jan-1636/7; Benjamin BALE & Anne SAMWAYES [from BTs]


15-Apr-1662; Edward CHUB & Anne PATTEN [from BTs]


07-Nov-1682; John GODSOULE & Mary SHARPE

27-Dec-1684; Henry ABBOTT & Elizabeth ?

05-May-1687; William STUCKY & Elizabeth FRY

03-Jul-1688; John ELLIOT & ? WILLS


23-Aug-1705; Joseph SWAFIELD & Elizabeth MARTIN

26-Mar-1706; John WILLS & Elizabeth AISH

19-May-1706; William PEIRCE & Elizabeth KNOLES

18-May-1707; Roger SAINT & Ann MAJOR of Clapton, co. Somerset

25-Jan-1707/8; William ELSWOOD Gent & Mary STILLARD of Wayford, co. Somerset

10-Feb-1707/8; Hugh BAGG Gent of Wayford, co. Somerset & Mary CLARKE of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

26-May-1708; John ENGLAND of Sheely [BTs: of Childhay] & Hannah HOOD of Little Windsor

30-Dec-1708; Richard MOREY & Martha NORRIS both of Wayford, co. Somerset

__-Jun-1709; William RAPSON & Susanna BAKE both of Misterton, co. Somerset

05-Feb-1709/10; William HURSEY & Joanna WARREN both of Broadwinsor

11-Apr-1710; John PAVEY of Broadwinsor & Jane PRICKETT of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

01-Nov-1710; Henry WHEATON of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Jane POPLE of Clapton, co. Somerset

08-Mar-1710/1; Henry FRENCH of Hook & Jane DRAPER of Hasleborough, co. Somerset

22-May-1711; Henry JOY & Joane STONE of Huish

10-Sep-1711; Joseph BROWSE & Mary MANTLE of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

19-Sep-1711; John PALMER & Elizabeth GANWEY of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

11-Oct-1711; Daniel BISHOP & Elizabeth SCRIVEN of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

07-Nov-1711; John PATTEN & Anna GARDINER of Martock, co. Somerset

31-Dec-1711; William RAPSON & Elizabeth KITCH of Misterton, co. Somerset

03-Feb-1711/2; John BANKS of Broadwinsor & Mary WOOLLY of Burstock

11-May-1712; Thomas ALLER & Dorothy HORWOOD of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

01-Jun-1712; James DUFRAICHE & Elizabeth GYLLET of Chard, co. Somerset

16-Feb-1712/3; James WAY & Hope LAWRENCE both of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

17-Feb-1712/3; John BOWDITCH & Elizabeth JEFFERY of Misterton, co. Somerset

17-Apr-1713; John HOLMAN & Gertrude MUNFORD both of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

24-May-1713; Anthony PITMAN & Sarah FUZZE both of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

07-Jul-1713; Roger COLE & Dorothy BRAGG both of Sandy in Broadwinsor

24-Aug-1713; John JEWKLY of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Joan SHERLOCK of Misterton, co. Somerset

22-Sep-1713; Mr Samuel MINTERN of Hook & Mrs Hannah DRAPER of Haslebury, co. Somerset

05-Nov-1713; William MUNFORD & Margaret STAPLE of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

20-Apr-1714; Francis LONG of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Mary CHAUNT of West Chinnock, co. Somerset

16-Nov-1714; Mr Thomas BRILE & Mrs Jane DAUBENY both of Misterton, co. Somerset

12-Dec-1714; John BAULCH & Margaret SMITH both of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

28-Feb-1714/5; John PURSEY of Wincanton, co. Somerset & Elizabeth WEST of Wayford, co. Somerset

01-Mar-1714/5; Robert HELIAR & Joan TOWNSEND of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

31-Mar-1715; Oascha ENGLAND of Wayford, co. Somerset & Barbara BOND of Laymore in Crewkerne, co. Somerset

21-Apr-1715; Nathaniel ROGERS of Clapton, co. Somerset & Sarah HORWOOD

15-May-1715; John TAYLOR & Mary WILKINS both of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

15-Aug-1715; Mr William OWSLEY of Compton Durvil, co. Wiltshire & Mrs Elizabeth WILLS of Shepton Beacham, co. Somerset

18-Sep-1715; Benjamin GOANE & Elizabeth EYRE both of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

09-Oct-1715; Isaac HARRIS of Dinnington, co. Somerset & Mary BOUCHER of Misterton, co. Somerset

19-Oct-1715; Joseph PAUL & Joan STUDLEY both of Broadwinsor

03-Dec-1715; Mr Thomas FRENCH of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Mrs Joan PALMER of Clapton, co. Somerset

09-Feb-1715/6; Mr James HILLARD of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Mrs Hannah SHERLOCK of Little Winsor

14-Feb-1715/6; William BUTCHER of Chard, co. Somerset & Mary POPLE of Clapton, co. Somerset

14-Feb-1715/6; Joseph LUMBARD of Laymore in Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Mary FITCHET of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

09-Apr-1716; John HUMBER & Anne KINTONS both of Bridport

01-May-1716; William HORROD & Mary WHITE

05-Jun-1716; Mr John BROWNE & Mrs Mary CUSSINS both of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

26-Ju-1716; Henry SPURDLE & Mary WARREN both of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

17-Jul-1716; William LARCOMBE of Marshwood & Jane STONE of Wayford, co. Somerset

26-Dec-1716; Solomon BARJERY & Elizabeth PALMER both of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

04-Mar-1716/7; Roger JEFFERY of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Mary C[illegible] of Kilmington, co. Somerset

20-May-1717; George GREY & Elizabeth GUPPY of Misterton, co. Somerset

15-Jun-1717, William BULMAN of Netherbury & Joan MORRIS of Broadwinsor

26-Aug-1717; John DYER & Ann GREGORY both of Yeovil, co. Somerset

29-Oct-1717; John HOLSON & Mary PAUL of Broadwinsor

06-Nov-1717; John WILLS & Mary PIERCE of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

09-Dec-1717; Edward SWAFIELD & Mary BARRET both of Broadwinsor

15-Dec-1717; Hugh MORES of Loders & Mary HOUNSELL of Bemister

26-Jan-1717/8; Lancelot WILSHIRE & Elizabeth BARTLET both of Misterton, co. Somerset

20-Feb-1717/8; William THOMAS & Elizabeth SAVAGE both of Broadwinsor

01-Apr-1718; William CASE & Agnes DRAYTON of Broadwinsor

27-Feb-1718/9; Mr William GIGE of North Curry, co. Somerset & Mrs Mary BRAGG of Broadwinsor

02-Jun-1719; Mr Elias COOMBE of Huish, co. Somerset & Mrs Elizabeth ROGERS of Broadwinsor

07-Jun-1719; John HORWOOD & Sarah CHEEK of Clapton, co. Somerset

24-Feb-1719/20; William BUTCHER of Misterton, co. Somerset & Elizabeth BANNAR of Broadwinsor

29-Feb-1719/20; William SPRAKE of Broadwinsor & Jane DIGHT of Axminster, co. Devon

__-___-1720; William SIBLY of Misterton, co. Somerset & Elizabeth LOMBARD of Wayford, co. Somerset

11-Sep-1720; Giles WILLS of Wayford, co. Somerset & Sarah STOODLEY of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

09-May-1721; Mr Samuel HALLETT of Misterton, co. Somerset  & Elizabeth FELTHAM of Mark, co. Somerset

12-Aug-1721; John DAN & Mary THOMAS of Broadwinsor

18-Nov-1721; Hugh NORRIS of Broadwinsor & Fridewide MEREFIELD of North Perrott, co. Somerset

03-Sep-1722; William THOMAS & Phillis KING both of Little Windsor

01-Jun-1723; Thomas MILLER of Misterton, co. Somerset & Susannah FRENCH of Huish, co. Somerset

26-Jun-1723; Richard DALLY & Martha HARRIS both of Broadwinsor

06-Jan-1724/5; Richard WETHAM & Frances PAUL both of Broadwinsor

__-___-1726; George FONE & Mary LUCOCK both of Hasilbere, co. Somerset

22-Jan-1726/7; William DUNHAM & Elizabeth EDGAR both of Marshwood

25-Feb-1726/7; William BINCOMBE of Broadwinsor & Elizabeth PALMER of Misterton, co. Somerset

11-Jan-1727/8; John CHILCOTT of Oakhill in Wayford, co. Somerset & Mary COPPLESTONE of Marshalsea

07-Apr-1729; John RAISON & Elizabeth ELSWOOD both of Loder

27-Dec-1729; William BARTER & Elizabeth NEVIL both of West Coker, co. Somerset

21-Oct-1730; William THOMAS of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Jone CAINS of Bemister

07-Feb-1730/1; Francis DAVY & Mary PIERCE both of Broadwinsor

15-Feb-1730/1; John SPURDLE & Elizabeth EVERAT both of Broadwinsor

18-Feb-1730/1; Richard LUCKIS & Elizabeth ENGLAND both of Broadwinsor

28-Feb-1730/1; John CADEE & Elizabeth HARDY both of Burstock

15-Mar-1730/1; William GIBBS & Mary GOLLIP both of Burstock

11-May-1731; Roger EDGARD of Mosterton & Elizabeth FOWLER of White Lackington, co. Somerset

07-Aug-1731; John ABBOT of Burstock & Hester CRATE of Wayford, co. Somerset

08-Nov-1731; Henry WOOD & Elizabeth STOODLEY of Broadwinsor

18-Jun-1732; Jonathan BELL [BTs: BEAL] & Margaret ASH [BTs: of Chard, co. Somerset]

02-Apr-1733; John SPURDLE & Rachel HANNAM [BTs: DUNNOM] of Broadwinsor

10-Jun-1733; William DOUTCH of South Perrott & Julian STONE of Yeovil, co. Somerset

10-Jul-1733; James SLADE & Sarah FOAN both of Haslebere, co. Somerset

06-Oct-1733; Samuel TASSEL of Mosterton & Elizabeth FARLEY of East Coker, co. Somerset

18-Nov-1733; Henry BAKER & Elizabeth KING both of Harvington, co. Somerset

10-Jan-1733/4; William FOWLER of Beamister & Mary FOWLER of Crickett [St Thomas, co. Somerset]

02-Apr-1734; George GIBBS of Barrington, co. Somerset & Elizabeth ROBINS of Hasilbere, co. Somerset

14-Mar-1734/5; William MOUNSTEN of Mosterton & Ann PIERCE

07-Apr-1735; John FRAMPTON & Susannah FACEY both of Oathill in Wayford, co. Somerset

15-Dec-1735; Edward RIVERS & Mrs Mary DAUBNEY both of Misterton, co. Somerset

12-Jan-1735; Jacob SIBLEY of Misterton, co. Somerset & Dinah HOOD of East Coker, co. Somerset

04-Aug-1736; Thomas MOREY & Elizabeth WADDON both of Wayford, co. Somerset

14-Aug-1736; William FOWLER butcher & Jone HALLET of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

07-Oct-1737; Mr Thomas KNIGHT of Hassle & Mrs Elizabeth CURRY widow of Bemister

18-Nov-1737; Mr John ADAMS Clerk of Huntspill, co. Somerset & Elizabeth HALLETT widow of Misterton, co. Somerset


31-Mar-1741; Andrew PAVEY of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Elizabeth PALMER

22-Aug-1742; James HELLIAR & Prudent ZEALY both of Hinton St George, co. Somerset


18-Apr-1747; Charles PRIEST & Sarah ROGERS

04-Oct-1747; Lionel BRIDLE alias TROOME & Elizabeth BAGG of Thorncombe, co. Devon

01-Mar-1747/8; Thomas NOSCITER & Mary ROBERTS [from BTs]

08-Feb-1748/9; John GIBBS Surgeon & Apothecary of Queen Camel, co. Somerset & Mary SEALEY of West Camel, co. Somerset

22-Feb-174/89; James SLADE & Susannah LOLLIN both of Kingstone, co. Somerset

27-Mar-1749; John HORWOOD & Elizabeth AISH

28-Mar-1749; William WALLBRIDGE & Sarah MITCHELL

29-Jul-1749; Robert HUXFORD & Sarah GARLAND of Broadwinsor

09-Nov-1750; Richard LUCKIS & Mary BANKS both of Broadwinsor [BTs: 1749]

29-Jul-1750; Ralph EWENS & Susanna PRIEST

14-May-1751; John GILL of Bowerhinton in Martock, co. Somerset & Anna GOODWIN

20-May-1753; Thomas DEMMENT of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Sarah WINDSOR of Misterton, co. Somerset

28-Dec-1753; James HORWOOD & Sarah HOUNSEL of Mosterton

07-Jan-1754; Thomas BOWDITCH of Ilminster, co. Somerset & Betty PAVIER


22-Feb-1757; John SIBLEY husbandman of Pillesdon & Betty HORWOOD

witnesses: John WILLS, John ADAMS


02-Aug-1757; Thomas MOUDY shepherd & Susanna EWENS

witnesses: John ADAMS, William HORWOOD


16-Oct-1757; Robert HURFORD widower & Susanna BOUCHER of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

witnesses: John ADAMS junior, Joseph ADAMS


06-Feb-1760; Robert WEBB & Betty ZEALY of Broadwinsor

witnesses: Elizabeth PARKER, William HORWOOD


06-May-1760; Joel SINGLETON of Chilton, co. Somerset & Mary PATCH

witnesses: John PATCH, William HORWOOD


14-Oct-1762; James EWENS carpenter & Sarah THOMAS of Broadwinsor

witnesses: Elizabeth PARKER, William HORWOOD


05-May-1763; William PRIEST & Hannah MANTLE

witnesses: William HORWOOD, John SYMES


05-Mar-1769; John SYMES yeoman & Mary HANSFORD by Licence

witnesses: James EWENS, Edward HANSFORD


11-Apr-1769; James SYBLEY yeoman & Grace SPRAGG

witnesses: John SYMES, James EWENS


26-Sep-1769; John AKERMAN butcher of Broadwinsor & Anne BUTLER

witnesses: James EWENS, John STUDLEY


25-Nov-1769; John CHAPMAN  & Mary SYBLEY

witnesses: David SYMES, James EWENS


17-Apr-1770; Giles CHICK mason of Hinton St George, co. Somerset & Ann LEGG

witnesses: James EWENS, Edward HANSFORD


28-Sep-1773; Thomas SIBLEY labourer & Sarah RUSSELL

witnesses: James EWNES, William PERCY


19-Mar-1775; David SYMES & Agnes STOODLY of Broadwinsor

witnesses: Stephen CLARK, James EWENS


11-Feb-1777; Robert ELLIOTT & Mary CROCKER of Wayford, co. Somerset

witnesses: David SYMES, Jean BOWDITCH


08-Mar-1778; Robert PALMER widower of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Mary SYMES widow, by Licence

witnesses: Robert HANSFORD, Anna Maria Hall ADAMS


15-Sep-1778; Robert HORWOOD of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Elizabeth SPRAGG

witnesses: John Butcher ADAMS, Anna Maria Hall ADAMS, James EWENS


29-Jun-1779; Thomas COLLINGDER of Chiddington & Jane BOWDITCH

witnesses: James EWENS, Hugh OULTON


24-Jun-1779; James SPURDELL & Mary HORWOOD

witnesses: James EWENS, Anna Maria Hall ADAMS


21-Oct-1782; George BROWN of Broadwinsor & Betty ABRAHAM

witnesses: James EWENS, James SIBLEY


18-Aug-1783; Robert HORWOOD widower & Mary FONE

witnesses: James EWENS, Henry PALMER


09-Feb-1784; Daniel FOWLER of Broadwinsor & Sarah SYMES

witnesses: Samuel WARD, John FOWLER


13-Aug-1786; William WALDEN & Mary MASTERS of Allownsay, co. Somerset

witnesses: Richard BAKER, James EWENS


11-Jul-1786; Richard BAKER & Mary CLEAVE of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

witnesses: James EWENS, William WALDEN


17-Feb-1791; William BEATER of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Joan WILLIMENT

witnesses: James EWENS, Ann WILLIMENT


15-May-1794; James EWENS & Elizabeth DAVIES of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

witnesses: John DAVIS, James EWENS


21-Dec-1794; George YELL & Mary SMITH

witnesses: Hannah THOMAS, James EWENS


03-Apr-1795; William BREAK & Mary PABEY of Broadwinsor

witnesses: Mary BREAK, James EWENS


04-Dec-1797; Samuel SIBLEY & Elizabeth CHURCHILL

witnesses: James SIBLEY, James EWENS


20-May-1800; Jonathan SIBLEY & Elizabeth POPLE of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

witnesses: James EWENS


15-Jan-1801; John PAVEY & Elizabeth WOOD

witnesses: John EWENS, Mary Thomas EWENS


19-Apr-1802; William EWENS & Sarah SIBLEY of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

witnesses: Sarah STUDLEY, Charles PRIEST


19-Apr-1802; William STUDLEY of Broadwinsor & Mary Thomas EWENS

witnesses: Arthur STUDLEY junior, John EWENS


01-Aug-1803; Alexander OSBORNE of Merriott, co. Somerset & Sarah SPURDLE

witnesses: Elizabeth WOOLLCOMBE, Elizabeth RIDOUT


11-Jul-1803; William PAVEY & Mary SEALE

witnesses: Elizabeth PAVEY, James EWENS


21-Aug-1803; John SPURDLE & Mary HALLETT

witnesses: Mary PAVEY, James EWENS


07-Feb-1803; George TEMPLEMAN & Grace FRENCH

witnesses: James EWENS, Sarah SPURDLE


30-Apr-1804; Henry PEACH of Broadwinsor & Sarah SIBLEY

witnesses: William SLADE, Elizabeth PEACH


03-Jul-1804; George MAY & Elizabeth SIBLEY

witnesses: Ann VILE, Henry PEACH


20-Nov-1804; William SPURDLE & Mary GALE of Crewkerne, co. Somerset

witnesses: James EWENS


31-Dec-1804; Robert HORWOOD & Sarah PAVEY

witnesses: Sarah EWENS, Elizabeth RIDOUT


12-Jun-1806; Benjamin CROCKER & Susanna LARCOMBE

witnesses: James EWENS, Mary LARCOMBE


10-Sep-1807; William CLEALL & Mary SIBLEY

witnesses: James EWENS


12-Sep-1808; Matthew DAW of Merriott, co. Somerset & Elizabeth SPURDLE

witnesses: James EWENS, Mary ISAAC


29-Apr-1811; Robert SIBLE & Hannah SAUNDERS

witnesses: Anne V. RIDOUT, James EWEN


26-Dec-1811; Edward PLOWMAN sadler of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Elizabeth DAMEN

witnesses: Angel DAMEN, Mary PLOWMAN, Sarah DAMEN, Robert PLOWMAN


30-Oct-1813; Henry QUICK & Elizabeth PRIEST

witnesses: Elizabeth ROBBINS, Sarah PRIEST


02-Dec-1813; Robert HOLT of Misterton, co. Somerset & Susanna CHURCHILL

witnesses: Angel DAMEN, Sarah EWENS


01-Mar-1814; Thomas SLADE of North Perrott, co. Somerset & Ann HIGGINS by Licence

witnesses: William TEMPLEMAN, Catherine HIGGINS


20-Jul-1818; Reverend Richard Symes COX of Burton & Maria Perkins PINNEY by Licence

witnesses: John PERKINS, Eliza PINNEY


18-Aug-1818; William BOWDITCH & Sarah CASTLEY both of Broadwinsor

witnesses: Thomas MOORE, Jane TOOGOOD


12-Oct-1818; Job GIBBS of Mosterton & Mary BROWN

witnesses: John LANE, Maria BROWNE


07-Nov-1818; John WILDERN & Harriet DALLY

witnesses: Angel DAMEN, Elizabeth ROBBINS


06-May-1819; John MARSH of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Catherine HIGGINS by Licence

witnesses: Eliza BRIDGE, Henry J. HIGGINS


08-Jun-1820; Abraham CHAPEL of Misterton, co. Somerset & Mary SPURDLE

witnesses: Elizabeth ROBBINS, John WILDERN


31-Jul-1821; James SPURDLE & Ann MOREY

witnesses: James TETT, Mary TETT


12-Feb-1822; John AMPHLETT & Sarah BRADFORD

witnesses: John WILDERN, William TEMPLEMAN


31-Mar-1823; Thomas RUSS & Mary WILDERN

witnesses: John WILDERN, James PORTER


24-Jan-1826; Job WILDERN & Elizabeth AXE

witnesses: Marianne STOCKDALE, Jane G. DRAPER


04-Sep-1826; John SPURDLE & Sarah MOREY

witnesses: John SPURDLE, Ann PEACH, James MORRIS, John WILDERN


06-Feb-1826; Charles STOCKDALE & Anna Maria DRAPER by Licence

witnesses: John BUNCOMBE, Jane G. DRAPER


17-Mar-1827; Philip STOODLY & Letitia WOODLAND

witnesses: Maria STONE, John WILDERN


25-Apr-1827; Thomas HUSSEY & Ann WILDERN

witnesses: John WILDERN, Henry WILDERN


30-Apr-1827; John HARWOOD & Sarah COOK

witnesses: Charles SMITH, Susan BOON


19-Oct-1829; William GALE & Sarah DENNET

witnesses: William SIBLEY, John WILDERN


11-May-1830; Thomas Maber SPARKS of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Jane Grace DRAPER

witnesses: Dorothy Frances DRAPER, John Gray DRAPER


06-Jun-1830; Richard LAWRENCE & Ruth PALMER widow

witnesses: John WILDERN, Maria STONE


27-Jun-1830; George HORWOOD & Deborah EDWARDS

witnesses: John WILDERN, Catherine RUSSEL


17-Jul-1831; William TOWT of Crewkerne, co. Somerset & Sarah EWENS by Licence

witnesses: William EWENS, John TOWT, Elizabeth WITHEY


20-Jul-1832; William SPURDELL & Sarah SIBLEY

witnesses: John WILDERN, Sarah BOWDITCH


02-Aug-1832; Thomas LAWRENCE & Susannah WILDERN

witnesses: Elizabeth HICKS, Maria STONE


07-Dec-1834; Joseph PAUL of Beaminster & Hannah HARWOOD

witnesses: John WILDERN, Maria STONE


02-Jul-1835; George SLADE of Broadwinsor & Hannah HARWOOD

witnesses: John NESFALL, Honor SLADE


26-Dec-1835; Peter GEAR & Susan HORWOOD

witnesses: John HORWOOD, Hannah HORWOOD


22-May-1836; Thomas FRY & Sarah PAUL

witnesses: George HOLLAND, Maria FRY


31-May-1838; Robert SIBLEY widower of full age, Labourer of Seaborough, & Ann SIBLEY widow of full age of Seaborough

fathers: Thomas SIBLEY Labourer, Edward SEWARD Labourer

witnesses: William SIBLEY, Ann SIBLEY


02-Mar-1841; William HARWOOD Bachelor of full age, Labourer of Seaborough & Eliza BARRETT spinster of full age of Seaborough

fathers: William HARWOOD Labourer, William BARRETT Labourer

witnesses: George SLADE, Hannah SLADE


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