We hope these pictures will give you some idea of what Shaftesbury is/was like. Further contributions are always welcome, please contact the Co-ordinater [link on the home page] 

Another view of Gold Hill, well known in the UK for being featured in the 'Hovis' advertisement. Photograph courtesy of Valerie Gray

The Almshouses in Salisbury Street which have been demolished since this photograph was taken. Photograph courtesy of Adrian Parry

The font in St Peter's church where hundreds of children have been baptised through the centuries. Photograph courtesy of Adrian Parry Another view of Holy Trinity church tower from a different angle. Photograph courtesy of Valerie Gray

St James Church from the East end. The Western tower of St James Church (it doesn't lean!) 

St. James School (now Abbey Primary School). The OPC went there from 3 to 11 years old. There were 3 classes - on the right - the infants class, in the middle, but no door into  it from the front - the intermediate age class (7-9) and on the left the senior class.

Three photographs left and above courtesy of 
J G Kennedy 2003

All photographs below Karen Satterthwaite [nee Tucker)
2. Shaftesbury Town Band - circa 1920's
My grandfather Leslie George TUCKER is in back row third from right.
No-one else has been ID as yet.
This is Shaftesbury Band in the Carnival Parade circa 1920's (judging by the boys dress in the right left hand corner) in Salisbury Street, Shaftesbury. My great grandfather is on bass drum, middle of back row.
Shaftesbury Carnival 1930's, on 'The Commons' (St.Peter's Parish) Parade shows councillors & fire brigade.
Shaftesbury Carnival - International Stores (Food Stores) Float - circa 1920'30's. My grandmother Gladys TUCKER nee KNIGHT the one in the grass skirt, with co-workers - unidentified.
Shaftesbury Carnival circa 1954 -afternoon procession on High Street (St.Peter Parish). Again the Shaftesbury Town Band. My Father, Michael TUCKER is is on side drum - right of pic 1st row 4th from front, my great grandfather, Victor TUCKER on basedrum in centre of picture
John FULCHER's Boot & Shoe Repair Shop 1954- St.James Street, (St.James Parish) Shaftesbury. His two daughters Patricia & Jennifer (my mother) standing outside. John FULCHER was my grandfather.

1. Cann School - circa 1922
My grandfather Leslie George TUCKER is in the back row 6th from right.
Unfortunately can't name anyone else at this stage.


Shaftesbury Town Band 
Standing 2nd from right is my great grandfather Charles Mullins (trombone) and 3rd from right standing is Tom Hall (Paul Dewey)


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