Photographs and Postcards
Courtesy of Rick Freer unless otherwise stated

Shaftesbury Carnival 1936 or 1937
Cedric Free; Cecil Glaze; Pamela Mills; Stephen Ruter;  Morley Simms; 
Douglas Hayter (Friar Tuck); Geoffrey Hiscock; Raymond Stretch;
Michael Williams; Nancy Stone (Little John); Ian Tate.

Shaftesbury Carnival 1936 or 1937
Andrew? Rutter; Colin Bealing; Colin Tate; Michael Williams;
Cedric Freer;  Peter Alum; Morley Simms; Cecil Glaze


Shaftesbury Army Cadet Force Armistice Parade
Leader Chemistry Master Lional Veale (Major Army Cadet Force)


I believe this photo was taken around the 1900's and the only name I can
supply is that of the third man on the back row (left to right),  my Dad John
Freer (Rick Freer)


Shaftesbury Grammar School Football Team 1943

Back Row from left to right
Tom Wormald  (lived in Bimport Street)
H. R. Jowett  (Boarder at school)
Cedric Freer 
B. J. White   (Boarder at school)
Middle Row
Jim Foot 
Barney Adams  (Boarder)
Eric Coles  (Ivy Cross)
A. N.  Marshall   (Boarder)
Derek Pike  
Front Row
Pat Merritt 
Michael (Mick) Williams  (Parsons Pool)


Shaftesbury Primary School 1932

Back row from left to right.
Cecil Glaze
John Pickford
??  Gray
George Munday
??  ??
??  ??
Front Row
Peter Alum
Cedric Freer
Stephen Rutter
Terrence Devlin
Morley Simms
Raymond Stretch
Michael Williams
??   Imber  (maybe)


The ox roast believed to have been held at the recreation ground, Barton
Hill, Shaftesbury to celebrate the coronation of King George V1 and Queen
Elizabeth in 1937. The Lord Mayor may have been William Borley, The
Inspector of Police in the back ground was Inspector Churchill.


Sports Day - Left to right.
First three boys front row Morley Simms,
Stephen Rutter, Peter Alum.
Next three girls, ??  ??,??  ??, ??  Burr.
Next boy Cedric Freer


Another group in the Shaftesbury Carnival around 1934.  The girl looking at
the camera is Pamela Mills. The others I can't recognise except for myself,
because of the beards (Rick Freer)


Postcard of Shaftesbury Abbey (Julie Browning)

Postcard Shaftesbury Town Hall (Julie Browning)

Postcard of Shaftesbury Tout (Julie Browning)


Shaftesbury Primary School 1932

Left to right Back Row boys. John Pickford, George Munday, Peter Alum, Terrence Devlin

Boys sitting. Cecil glaze, Cedric Freer, Michael Williams, ??  ??, ??  ??, James Gray, ??  ??

Boy sitting with girls. Stephen Rutter

Back Row girls, ??  ??, Helen Hall, Audrey Pitman

Girl sat in front of Stephen Rutter. ??  ??

Girl in 2nd row from front. ??  ??, ?? ??, Muriel ??, ??  ??, Brenda Rideout, ??  ??

Front Row, ??  ?? ??  Mayo ?, ??  ??, ??  ??, Joan Kimber

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