1841 Census - HO 107/289/14

Transcribed by Keith Searson



SPETISBURY; Stephen GROVES; M; 58; Yeoman; N

Ann (ILLEGIBLE); F; 60; Independent Means; N

Betsey ALDRIDGE; F; 25; Independent Means; N

Jane WORLD; F; 70; Female Servant; N

George BASFORD; M; 25; Agricultural Labourer; Y


Robert (ILLEGIBLE); M; 25; Agriculturtal Labourer; N

Diana (ILLEGIBLE); F; 25; N


William WHETMELL (?); M; 49; Carter; Y

Maria WHETMELL (?); F; 48; Y

Ann WHETMELL (?); F; 19; Y

William WHETMELL(?); M; 13; Y

Jane WHETMELL(?); F; 11; Y

Christopher WHETMELL (?); M; 9; Y

George WHETMELL (?); M; 4; Y


Richard PEARCE; M; 60; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Lucy PEARCE; F; 78; Y

Isabella PEARCE; F; 28; Y

Lucy PEARCE; F; 5; Y

Richard PEARCE; M; 1; Y


William LOADER; M; 31; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Eliza LOADER; F; 33; Y

Eliza LOADER; F; 8; Y

Agnes LOADER; F; 6; Y

Frances LOADER; F; 4; Y


Thomas LOADER; M; 63; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Ann LOADER; F; 64; Y


George LOADER; M; 29; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Sarah LOADER; F; 29; Y

Jane LOADER; F; 6; Y

Geogina LOADER; F; 4; Y


James DENNETT; M; 38; Shepherd; Y

Jane DENNETT; F; 35; Y

Elizabeth DENNETT; F; 16; Y

James DENNETT; M; 10; Y

Cornelia DENNETT; F; 7; Y

Etheldreda DENNETT; F; 4; Y

Fanny DENNETT; F; 2; Y


John COX; M; 40; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Ellen COX; F; 35; Y

Augustine COX; M; 12; Y

Fanny COX; F; 10; Y

James COX; M; 5; Y

Mary COX; F; 3; Y


Charles MASTERMAN; M; 20; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Frederick MASTERMAN; M; 15; Y


Henry COX; M; 31; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Mary COX; F; 31; Y


Thomas TRIPP; M; 33; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Eliza TRIPP; F; 32; Y

Tamar TRIPP; F; 13; Y

Mary TRIPP; F; 11; Y

Sarah TRIPP; F; 8; Y

Edward TRIPP; M; 6; Y

Eliza TRIPP; F; 3; Y


John HAYWARD; M; 40; School Master; N

Harriett HAYWOOD; F; 34; Y

John HAYWOOD; M; 9; Y

Henry HAYWOOD; M; 7; Y

William HAYWOOD; M; 5; Y

George HAYWOOD; M; 4; Y

Mary HAYWOOD; F; 3; Y

Ellen HAYWOOD; F; 1 mth; Y


Prisilla HALL; F; 18; Female Servant; Y

Joseph HALL; M; 9; Y

Mary LAWRENCE; F; 52; Nurse; Y


John OAKLEY; M; 30; Gardener; Y

Mary OAKLEY; F; 25; Y

William OAKLEY; M; 1; Y


Thomas (?) CHERRETT; M; 24; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Sarah CHERRETT; F; 27; N


Henry STROUD; M; 35; Mealman; Y

Mary STROUD; F; 35; Y

Henry STROUD; M; 9; Y

Mary STROUD; F; 6; Y

Richard STROUD; M; 3; Y

Susan STROUD; F; 9 mths (?); Y


Mary YEATMAN; F; 20; Female Servant; Y

Maria DENNETT; F; 14; Female Servant; Y

Thomas BILLETT; M; 20; Male Servant; Y

Thomas SHEPHERD; M; 35; Mill Wright; N

John TROT; M; 30; Mill Wright; Y


Richard LIDFORD; M; 55; Yeoman; Y

Ann LIDFORD; F; 55; Y

Jane LIDFORD; F; 25; Y

Ann LIDFORD; F; 24; Y

Sarah LIDFORD; F; 20; Y

Mary LIDFORD; F; 20; Y

Martha LIDFORD; F; 19; Y

Christina LIDFORD; F; 17; Y

Cornelius COOMBS; M; 15; Male Servant; Y


Mary TUCKER; F; 48; Female Servant; Y

Sarah TUCKER; F; 14; N


Thomas CHERRETT; M; 25; Labourer; Y

Ann CHERRETT; F; 36 (34 ?); Y

Hannah CHERRETT; F; 4; Y

Sarah CHERRETT; F; 2; Y

Ann CHERRETT; F; 1 mth (?); Y


Thomas KNIGHT; M; 25; Bricklayer; Y

Laura KNIGHT; F; 25; Y

George KNIGHT; M; 5; Y


James GAWLER (?); M; 40; Cooper; Y

Sarah GAWLER (?); F; 45; Y

Laura GAWLER (?); F; 15; Y

William GAWLER (?); M; 15; Y

Elizabeth GAWLER (?); F; 15; Y

John GAWLER (?); M; 9; Y

Susan GAWLER (?); F; 6; Y


Martin AMES; M; 69; Shop Keeper; Y

Elizabeth AMES; F; 65; Y

Joseph AMES; M; 35; Y

Jane AMES; F; 25; Y


Elizabeth KNIGHT; F; 34; Y


Chas FRAMPTON; M; 45; Butcher; Y

Catherine FRAMPTON; F; 45; Y

Mary FRAMPTON; F; 6; Y

Dinah WOOLFREY; F; 50; Y


Jane DOWNTON; F; 20; Independent Means; Y

Elizabeth DOWNTON; F; 20; N

Mary  DOWNTON; F; 25; Y

Sally PEARCE; F; 40; Y


William CHIPP; M; 40; Baker; Y

Ruth CHIPP; F; 40; Y


Sarah MEADER (?); F; 60

Danial SUTTON; M; 7; Y

Frances WARE; F; 20; Y


William TOOP; M; 25; Labourer; Y

Elizabeth TOOP; F; 25; Y

Robert TOOP; M; 1; Y


Harry BUGG (BRIGG ?); M; 25; Butcher; Y


Honor BRIGHT; F; 80; Independent Means; Y


William ALBUTT; M; 45; Grocer; Y

William ALBUTT; M; 20; Y

Thomas ALBUTT; M; 15; Y

John ALBUTT; M; 15; Y

Esther ALBUTT; F; 14; Y

Mary ALBUTT; F; 10; Y


Eliza LOADER; F; 39; Independent Means; Y

Thomas LOADER; M; 17; Y

George LOADER; M; 13; Y

Henry LOADER; M; 9; Y

Benjamin LOADER; M; 6; Y

Hannah LOADER; F; 4; Y


Robert HOLLOWAY; M; 75; Labourer; Y


John WARE; M; 65; Agricultural Labourer; N

Mary WARE; F; 67; Y


John LOADER; M; 64; Carpenter; Y

Elizabeth LOADER; F; 65; Y

Elizabeth LOADER; F; 25; Y

Frederick SMALCOMBE; M; 7; Y


George BALLATT; M; 44; Agricultural Labourer; Y; (or BABLATT)(or BALBATT)

Ann BALLATT ; F; 47; N; Foreign

Mary Ann BALLATT; F; 21; Y

Fanny BALLATT; F; 14; Y

George BALLATT; M; 12; Y

Elenor BALLATT; F; 9; Y

Ann BALLATT; F; 7; Y

Letitia BALLATT; F; 3; Y


Francis LEE; M; 48; N

Maria LEE; F; 46; Y

Mary LEE; F; 9; Y

George LEE; M; 3; Y


Sarah HINE; F; 40; Laundress; Y

Mary HINE; F; 35; Laundress; Y


Peter SCRIVEN; M; 75; Shoe Maker; Y


Michael SIMS (?); M; 30; Cordwainer; Y

Mary Ann SIMS (?); F; 30; Y

Louisa SIMS (?); F; 4; Y

Richard SIMS (?); M; 2; Y

Abd*** SIMS (?); M; 1; Y


Mary HALLATT; F; 70; Y


Thomas DENNETT; M; 30; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Sarah DENNETT; F; 34; Y

Charles DENNETT; M; 9; Y

George DENNETT; M; 5; Y

Emma DENNETT; F; 2; Y


Benjamin KNIGHT; M; 40; Bricklayer; Y

Caroline KNIGHT; F; 40; Y

Henrietta KNIGHT; F; 20; Y

Edmound KNIGHT; M; 19; Y

Mary Ann KNIGHT; F; 15; Y

Catherine KNIGHT; F; 15; Y

George KNIGHT; M; 12; Y

Henry KNIGHT; M; 11; Y

Elizabeth KNIGHT; F; 8; Y

John KNIGHT; M; 6; Y

Thomas KNIGHT; M; 5; Y

Joseph KNIGHT; M; 3; Y

James KNIGHT; M; 1; Y


Susanna OATES(?); F; 50; Retailer of Beer; Y

Mary CAINES; F; 14; Y


James ROCK; M; 30; Collar Maker; N

Hannah ROCK; F; 30; N

Mary ROCK; F; 3; Y

Not Known ROCK; M; 2 weeks; Y


Benjamin TRIPP; M; 25; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Ann TRIPP; F; 25; Y

Ann TRIPP; F; 3 mths; Y


John PAIN; M; 56; Shoe Maker; Y

Sarah PAIN; F; 50; Y

John PAIN; M; 20; Labourer; Y

William PAIN; M; 15; Y

Robert PAIN; M; 12; Y

Daniel PAIN; M; 10; Y

Catherine PAIN; F; 8; Y

Samuel PAIN; M; 5; Y


James BEALE; M; 32; Blacksmith; Y

Jessie BEALE; F; 13; Y


Henry ADAMS; M; 50; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Ann ADAMS; F; 49; Y

Susan ADAMS; F; 14; Y

Mary Ann ADAMS; F; 11; Y

George ADAMS; M; 8; Y


Richard MITCHELL; M; 19; Agricultural Labourer; Y


Richard HAMER (?); M; 59; Independent Means; N

Mary HAMER (?); F; 16; Y


Fanny ELBY (?); F; 15; Independent Means; Y

Ann COOK; F; 35; Female Servant; Y


Jacob DENNETT; M; 67; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Mary DENNETT; F; 72; Y

Ann SHORT; F; 12; Y


James KERLY; M; 42; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Hannah KERLY; F; 18; Y

Eliza KERLY; F; 14; Y

Ellen KERLY; F; 12; Y

Mary KERLY; F; 10; Y

Adalaide KERLY; F; 3; Y


Justiman BARNES; M; 35; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Emma BARNES; F; 34; Y

Eliza BARNES; F; 13; Y

Georgina BARNES; F; 11; Y

Mary Ann BARNES; F; 8; Y

Susanna  GOOBY; F; 16; Y

Charles GOOBY; M; 14; Y


John P******; M; 66; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Elizabeth P******; F; 50; Y

Robert P******; M; 25; Y

William P******; M; 17; Y

Mary P******; F; 14; Y

Lucy P******; F; 12; Y

Susan P******; F; 10; Y

Thomas P******; M; 7; Y


James COX; M; 64; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Ann COX; F; 56; Y

Jane COX; F; 21; Y

Elizabeth COX; F; 18; Y

Thomas COX; M; 16; Y

Louisa COX; F; 13; Y

George COX; M; 8; Y

William COX; M; 2; Y


George HORLOCK; M; 22; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Sarah HORLOCK; F; 19; Y

Henry HORLOCK; M; 2 wks; Y


William GALPINE; M; 23; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Jane GALPINE; F; 22; Y

Ann GALPINE; F; 15 wks; Y


Thomas HOOK(FLOOK ?); M; 40; Y

Olivia HOOK (FLOOK ?); F; 25; Y

Soloman HOOK (FLOOK ?); M; 11; Y

Samuel HOOK (FLOOK ?); M; 4; Y


Joseph LOCK; M; 30; Gardener; Y

Martha LOCK; F; 30; Y

Robert LOCK; M; 5; Y

Mary Ann LOCK; F; 3; Y

William LOCK; M; 1; Y


Charles COX; M; 25; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Elizabeth COX; F; 25; Y

Elizabeth COX; F; 3; Y

Mary Ann COX; F; 1; Y


Joseph  SAUNDERS; M; 30; Yeoman; Y

Lucy SAUNDERS; F; 25; Y

John SAUNDERS; M; 25; Yeoman; Y

Mary COUSINS; F; 25; Female Servant; Y


William HORLOCK; M; 30; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Sarah HORLOCK; F; 30; Y

William HORLOCK; M; 5; Y


Henry HORLOCK; M; 50; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Hannah HORLOCK; F; 54; Y

Elizabeth HORLOCK; F; 19; Y

John HORLOCK; M; 15; Y

Thomas HORLOCK; M; 83; Independent Means; Y


John PARKER; M; 43; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Charlotte PARKER; F; 42; Y

John PARKER; M; 14; Y

Robert SHORT; M; 19; Y


Sarah TOMLYN; F; 45; Independent Means; Y

Ann TOMLYN; F; 18; Y

Mary TOMLYN; F; 16; Y


Percival CUFF; M; 25; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Catherine CUFF; F; 25; Y


George HASKELL; M; 40; Cordwainer; Y

Ann HASKELL; F; 50; Y

John HASKELL; M; 14; Y

Eliza HASKELL; F; 12; Y


George GOOBY (GOSBY ?); M; 35; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Elizabeth GOOBY (GOSBY ?); F; 35; Y

George GOOBY (GOSBY ?); M; 17; Y

Eliza GOOBY (GOSBY ?); F; 15; Y

Henry GOOBY (GOSBY ?); M; 12; Y

Louisa GOOBY (GOSBY ?); F; 9; Y

Mary GOOBY (GOSBY ?); F; 7; Y

Teressa GOOBY (GOSBY ?); F; 3; Y

Love GOOBY (GOSBY ?); F; 1; Y


James TRIPP; M; 40; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Frances TRIPP; F; 38; Y

John TRIPP; M; 9; Y

Mary Ann TRIPP; F; 7; Y

Prudence TRIPP; F; 5; Y

Henry TRIPP; M; 2; Y


William BARFORT; M; 55; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Ann BARFORT; F; 46; Y

Louisa BARFORT; F; 16; Y

Eliza BARFORT; F; 12; Y

Mary BARFORT; F; 10; Y


Margaret  GOOBY (GOSBY ?); F; 74; Independent Means; Y


Cathe HARDIMAN; F; 46; Independent Means; Y

John HARDIMAN; M; 22; Labourer; Y

Henry HARDIMAN; M; 18; Labourer; Y

Amelia HARDIMAN; F; 16; Y

Catherine HARDIMAN; F; 14; Y

Emma HARDIMAN; F; 12; Y

Ann HARDIMAN; F; 10; Y


Robert SHOREY; M; 38; Cordwainer; Y

Ann SHOREY; F; 14; Y

Henry KING; M; 36; Gardener; Y


Samuel MITCHELL; M; 54; Vets Surgeon; Y

Sarah MITCHELL; F; 47; N

Hannah MITCHELL; F; 19; N

Sarah MITCHELL; F; 16; N

William MITCHELL; M; 14; N


Thomas FRY; M; 62; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Ann FRY; F; 50; Y

Henry FRY; M; 12; Y

William FRY; M; 10; Y

John FRY; M; 7; Y


Susanna BEST; F; 75; Independent Means; Y


Elizabeth DURRANT; F; 45; Independent Means; Y

John DURRANT; M; 18; Labourer; Y

Henry DURRANT; M; 17; Y

Dinah DURRANT; F; 15; Y

George DURRANT; M; 10; Y

Augustine DURRANT; M; 8; Y


Edward BALLOTT; M; 38; Y

Thomas AMES; M; 28; Y


John LOADER; M; 61; Tailor; Y

Ann LOADER; F; 50; Y

Jemimiah LOADER; F; 19; Y

Mark LOADER; M; 16; Y

Samuel LOADER; M; 12; Y

Karanappuch LOADER; F; 5; Y


William GALLOP; M; 50; Agricultural Labourer; Y

60 GALLOP; F; 55; Y

Caroline GALLOP; F; 20; Y

Frances GALLOP; M; 15; Y


Richard MANSELL; M; 67; Gardener; Y

Mary Ann MANSELL; F; 46; N

Henry MANSELL; M; 16; Y

Harriott MANSELL; F; 12; Y

James MANSELL; M; 6; Y


Frederick LANNING; M; 35; Thatcher; Y

Charlotte LANNING; F; 30; Y

Richard LANNING; M; 10; Y

Elizabeth LANNING; F; 7; Y

Frederick LANNING; M; 5; Y

Thomas LANNING; M; 3; Y

Charlotte LANNING; F; 1; Y


Sarah MITCHELL; F; 15; Y

Francis MITCHELL; M; 8; Y


Anbrose COZENS; M; 61; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Elizabeth COZENS; F; 60; Y


Ann BARNES; F; 60; Independent Means; Y

David KNIGHT; M; 30; Agricultural Labourer; Y

William KNIGHT; M; 25; Labourer; Y

Jerimiah SPENCER; M; 6; Y

William COZENS; M; 8 mths; Y


Robert TRIPP; M; 25; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Elizabeth TRIPP; F; 25; Y

Sarah TRIPP; F; 5; Y

Charles LOADER; M; 65; Labourer; Y


William HART; M; 28; Sawyer; Y

Frances HART; F; 23; Y

Elizabeth HART; F; 3; Y

William HART; M; 8 mths; Y

Cummins BANTING; M; 40; Y


Susan TRIPP; F; 65; Independent Means; Y

Susan TRIPP; F; 25; Y

Charles TRIPP; M; 23; Y


Stephen BURT; M; 50; Registrar; Y

Catherine BURT; F; 40; Y

Elizabeth BLAKE; F; 13; Y


Robert HUNT; M; 30; Grocer; Y

Sarah HUNT; F; 30; Y

Lydia HUNT; F; 6; Y

John BROWN; M; 12; Male Servant; N

Mary  LUCAS; F; 15; Female Servant; Y


Elizabeth HUNT; F; 30; Independent Means; Y

George HUNT; M; 11; Y

Matilda HUNT; F; 8; Y

Edwin HUNT; M; 5; Y

Augusta HUNT; M; 2; Y


Maria ROPER; F; 50; Independent Means; Y


Robert BASKETT; M; 55; Independent Means; Y

Dorothea BASKETT; F; 55; Y

Mary BASKETT; F; 25; Y

Anna Maria BASKETT; F; 20; Y

Harriott BASKETT; F; 20; Y


George AMES; M; 34; Tailor; Y

Lydia AMES; F; 30; Y

Charles AMES; M; 7; Y

Emily AMES; F; 6; Y


Henry COX; M; 40; Carpenter; Y

Henrietta COX; F; 39; Y

Mary Ann COX; F; 17; Y

John COX; M; 15; Y

William COX; M; 13; Y

George COX; M; 11; Y

Joseph COX; M; 8; Y

Thomas COX; M; 5; Y

Catherine COX; F; 3; Y

Martha COX; F; 2 mths; Y


Aldon LEGG; M; 32; Carpenter; Y

Louisa LEGG; F; 25; Y


Charles FRYER; M; 50; Miller; Y

Rebecca FRYER; F; 45; Y

Mary Ann WETCHMAN (?); F; 25; Schoolmistress; N


James LONGMAN; M; 50; Labourer; Y

Elizabeth LONGMAN; F; 40; Y

Edwin LONGMAN; M; 6; Y

Richard LONGMAN; M; 4; Y

Elizabeth STEVENS; F; 33; Independent Means; Y

Thomas STEVENS; M; 10; Y

Sabina STEVENS; F; 8; Y

Stephen STEVENS; M; 5; Y

Elizabeth STEVENS; F; 4; Y


George FLORENCE; M; 80; Labourer; Y

Dinah FLORENCE; F; 67; Y

Dinah FLORENCE; F; 7; Y


Robert SIMES; M; 34; Postman; Y

Martha SIMES; F; 40; Y

Michael SIMES; M; 10; Y

James SIMES; M; 3; Y

Mary SIMES; F; 5; Y

Sarah SIMES; F; 11 mths; Y


Robert GOOBY; M; 62; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Maria GOOBY; F; 60; Y

Elizabeth GOOBY; F; 24; Y

Eliza ALLEN; F; 4; Y


William KNIGHT; M; 77; Bricklayer; Y

Sarah KNIGHT; F; 66; Y


Stephen MASTERMAN; M; 40; Cordwainer; Y

Mary Ann MASTERMAN; F; 40; Y

Stephen MASTERMAN; M; 9; Y


Elizabeth  PARSONS; F; 56; Independent Means; Y

Mary CATTERELL; F; 20; Dress maker; Y


John GOOBY; M; 28; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Elizabeth GOOBY; F; 28; Y

Robert GOOBY; M; 3; Y

Elizabeth GOOBY; F; 16 mths; Y


Sarah HURDLE; F; 50; School Mistress; Y

Mary Ann HURDLE; F; 20; Y


Thomas HERRING; M; 39; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Sarah HERRING; F; 38; Y

Sarah HERRING; F; 15; Y

Ann HERRING; F; 13; Y

Honor HERRING; F; 11; Y

George HERRING; M; 8; Y

Jane HERRING; F; 3; Y


Mary BROWNING; F; 55; Grocer; Y

Caroline BROWNING; F; 20; Y


William SIBLEY; M; 48; Independent Means; Y

Anna SIBLEY; F; 36; Y

Elizabeth MARSH; F; 38; Y

Elizabeth MARSH; F; 9; N


Henry LAMPORT; M; 40; Gardener; N

Joseph LAMPORT; M; 14; N


Leonard CALDERBANK; M; 30; Clerk; N

James DAWSON; M; 20; Clerk; N; Ireland

Mrs HERMON (?); F; 60; Independent Means; N

Miss SHUTTLEWORTH; F; 26; Independent Means; N

Mary LAMPORT; F; 16; Female Servant; N


Mary MONTGOMERY; F; 50; School Mistress; Y


The Convent; Cathrine BERRINGTON; F; 50; Independent Means; N

Mary PRESTON; F; 60; Independent Means; N

Ann BATE (BALE ?); F; 79; Independent Means; N

Margaret HAYDOCK; F; 70; Independent Means; N

Catherine HOWELL; F; 65; Independent Means; N

Eliza MCDONNELL; F; 49; Independent Means; N

Mary HALL; F; 45; Independent Means; N

Susan DAY; F; 45; N

Martha DAY; F; 52; N

Elizabeth POYNTER; F; 40; N

Arabella HYDE; F; 48; N

Eliza SUMNER; F; 32; N

Lucy COWBAN; F; 47; N

Elizabeth FLETCHER; F; 33; N

Eliza HARDMAN; F; 33; N

Mary SMITH; F; 47; N

Elizabeth WINSTANLEY; F; 30; N

Maria CORE; F; 23; N; Ireland

Susan NANGLE; F; 43; Independent Means; N; Ireland

Bridget SUMNER; F; 35; N

Jane HICKSON; F; 70; N

Susan GLOVER; F; 67; N

Bridget PLUMNER; F; 69; N

Mary SLADE; F; 48; N

Harriot LANGFORD; F; 48; N

Elizabeth ANSLOW; F; 47; N

Elizabeth JAMES; F; 38; Y

Mary CROOK; F; 36; N

Margaret DAVIES; F; 33; N

Sarah BILLINGHAM; F; 21; N

Elizabeth LACMENY (?); F; 23; Female Servant; N

Elizabeth FOYLE; F; 18; Female Servant; N

Maria KEON; F; 16; Boarder; N; Ireland

Mary RYAN; F; 17; Boarder; N; Ireland

Mary KERSLEY (?); F; 12; Boarder; N

Julia OSBORN; F; 21; Boarder; N

Frances WITHAM; F; 14; Boarder; N

Anna PARMITER; F; 8; Boarder; N

Sarah NOBLE; F; 15; Boarder; N

Eliza NOBLE; F; 13; Boarder; N

Mary Ann KELLY; F; 13; Boarder; N


John CLARKE; M; 54; Butcher; Y

Elizabeth CLARKE; F; 56; Y

Eliza CLARKE; F; 21; Y

Sarah CLARKE; F; 20; Y

Emily CLARKE; F; 19; Y


Elizabeth STROUD (?); F; 74; Independent Means; Y

Emily MARVIN; F; 15; Y

Susan MARVIN; F; 14; Y

Henry BALLOTT; M; 18; Labourer; Y


Benjamin CHERRETT; M; 65; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Ann CHERRETT; F; 55; Y

Joseph CHERRETT; M; 20; Y

Sarah CHERRETT; F; 15; Y


Henry COFFIN; M; 35; Carpenter; Y

Elizabeth COFFIN; F; 30; Y

Georgina COFFIN; F; 11; Y

Jane COFFIN; F; 9; Y

Asenath (?) COFFIN; F; 5; Y

Eliza COFFIN; F; 2; Y


Ann KNIGHT; F; 60; Bricklayer; Y

Eliza KNIGHT; F; 30; Y

George KNIGHT; M; 25; Y

Henry KNIGHT; M; 20; Y

Hannah KNIGHT; F; 20; Y

John KNIGHT; M; 15; Y

Thomas HARVEY; M; 12; Y

Mary MARTIN; F; 65; Independent Means; Y

Louisa RAINSLY; F; 50; Dress Maker; Y


John DAWSON; M; 70; Independent Means; Y

Mary  DAWSON; F; 64; Y

Elizabeth GRANDISON; F; 64; Not Known


Stephen STEVENS; M; 62; Blacksmith; Y

Charles STEVENS; M; 22; Labourer; Y


Maria BILLETT; F; 15; Independent Means; Y

William BILLETT; M; 5; Y


John CHERRETT; M; 60; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Sarah CHERRETT; F; 55; Y

Susan CHERRETT; F; 20; Y

John CHERRETT; M; 20; Y

Caroline CHERRETT; F; 15; Y

Jane CHERRETT; F; 14; Y

Benjamin CHERRETT; M; 12; Y


William MASTERMAN; M; 45; Labourer; Y

Elizabeth MASTERMAN; F; 45; Y

Hennrietta MASTERMAN; F; 20; Y

William MASTERMAN; M; 10; Y

Henry FLORENCE; M; 50; Y

Joseph TROWBRIDGE; M; 73; Y


Mary COFFIN; F; 64; Independent Means; Y

George COFFIN; F; 20; Blacksmith; Y

Eliza COFFIN; F; 20; Y


Willaim CHERRETT; M; 30 (50 ?); Agricultural Labourer; Y

Ann CHERRETT; F; 30; Y


Mary MARTIN; F; 72; Independent Means; Y

Thomas MARTIN; M; 33; Sawyer; Y

Christian MARTIN; F; 31; Y

Thomas MARTIN; M; 10; Y

Louisa MARTIN; F; 8; Y

Diana MARTIN; F; 4; Y

Jane MARTIN; F; 2; Y

Philip MARTIN; M; 2 mths; Y


William LOADER; M; 53; Carpenter; Y

Elizabeth LOADER; F; 53; Y

Ann LOADER; F; 28; Y

William LOADER; M; 26; Carpenter; Y

Cathrine LOADER; F; 24; Y

Leah LOADER; F; 20; Y

Louisa LOADER; F; 16; Y


William THRONE; M; 45; Inn Keeper; Y

Keziah THRONE; F; 40; Y

Ellen THRONE; F; 15; Y

William THRONE; M; 13; Y

John THRONE; M; 12; Y

Susan THRONE; F; 8; Y

Sarah THRONE; F; 6; Y

Charles THRONE; M; 3; Y

Mary THRONE; F; 2; Y

Henry AMES; M; 25; Ostler; Y

Caroline PIKE; F; 18; Not Known

Not Known NOT KNOWN; M; above 35; Not Known

Not Known NOT KNOWN; M; above 25; Not Known


In Thornes Stables; Robert MITCHELL; M; 50; Labourer; Y


Joseph CHERRETT; M; 30; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Rachel CHERRETT; F; 29; Y

Mary CHERRETT; F; 10 mths; Y


Charles HART; M; 23; Shepherd; N

Mary HART; F; 24; N

George HART; M; 1; Y


The Rectory; Richard V PRYOR; M; 30; Rector of Spitsbury; N

James IZZARD; M; 20; Male Servant; N

Hester WHITE; F; 25; Female Servant; Y

Eliza CASH; F; 15; Female Servant; Y

Diana GREEN; F; 60; Female Servant; Y


William SAMPSON; M; 49; Yeoman; Y

Harriott SAMPSON; F; 45; Y

William SAMPSON; M; 21; Y

Eliza SAMPSON; F; 15; Y

Sarah SAMPSON; F; 13; Y

John SAMPSON; M; 10; Y

Thomas SAMPSON; M; 8; Y

Edward SAMPSON; M; 5; Y

Mary TUCKER; F; 50; Female Servant; N

Henry HERRINGTON; M; 25; Carter; Y


Thomas LANNING; M; 35; Labourer; Y

Joanna LANNING; F; 34; Y

William LANNING; M; 9; Y

Edwin LANNING; M; 7; Y

Charity LANNING; F; 4; Y

Emily LANNING; F; 2; Y


John TOOMER; M; 32; Yeoman; N

Charlotte TOOMER; F; 35; Y

John TOOMER; M; 6; Y

William TOOMER; M; 1; Y

Lovenia JOINER; F; 19; Female Servant; Y


James KELLOWAY; M; 25; Agricultural Labourer; Y

Priscilla KELLOWAY; F; 30; Y

Mary Ann KELLOWAY; F; 5; Y

Charles KELLOWAY; M; 2; Y

Priscilla KELLOWAY; F; 6 mths; Y


Simon GOULD; M; 40; Keeper; N

Mary GOULD; F; 35; Y

John GOULD; M; 14; Y

Elizabeth GOULD; F; 13; Y

Margaret GOULD; F; 9; Y

Louisa GOULD; F; 8; Y

George GOULD; M; 7; Y

Ellen GOULD; F; 5; Y

Mary GOULD; F; 3; Y

James GOULD; M; 1; Y

John ROSE; M; 24; Y


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