Marriages 1706 - 1845

Transcribed from the original parish registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

 Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

From July 1837 onwards, unless otherwise stated, the groom is a Bachelor and the bride is a Spinster, the place of abode at the time of the wedding is Spetisbury and the occupation of the groom is Labourer.

 The register is difficult to read in places, so researchers are advised to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the originals at the Dorset History Centre.

08-Sep-1706; Robert CREETCH of Whitchurch & Ann HOPE

12-Sep-1706; John ADREGE & Ann ELLOT of Bowridge in Cranborne, by Licence

14-Oct-1707; John HARRIS & Ann HATHERWAY

__-___-1709; Mathew FANCEE & Sarah FAGG by Licence

15-Dec-1709; John SAUTER & Mary COLLIS

23-Jul-1710; James BAKER & Ann BEST by Licence

08-Aug-1710; Samuel LEWES & Martha FRAMPTON

23-Jun-1711; George ADAMS & Mary HARRIS

24-Aug-1712; Francis WICKS & Ann ALLEN

05-Jul-1714; William GALTON & Hester STEVENSON by Licence

08-Mar-1714/5; Nathaniel BUTLER & Mary POWELL by Licence

19-Jan-1718/9; Robert ALNER & Mary HOLLOWAY by Licence

02-Mar-1718/9; John SPENNEY & Mary CUTLER by Licence

16-Jul-1719; John SYMONDS & Mary BASSETT by Licence

04-Sep-1719; John HODGES & Ann BRIMSTEAD by Licence

21-Sep-1719; James HIXON & Mary HARDING

24-Sep-1719; Daniel SHEVE & Ann CLAYTON by Licence

14-Nov-1719; Thomas EVERET & Jane CHAPPEL

16-Nov-1719; Thomas BURT & Hannah SMITH by Licence

24-Nov-1719; William HAYNES & Jane BESSANT by Licence

17-Jan-1719/20; John LAMPARD & Katherine EYERS by Licence

28-Feb-1719/20; Henry FRY & Ann FRAMPTON

26-Sep-1720; John CHAPPELL & Honour HARDING

24-Oct-1720; John GALTON & Mary PAINTER

10-Nov-1720; John HAYTER & Mary WHITE by Licence

21-May-1721; John WATERS & Elizabeth STROUD

30-Jul-1721; Henry SMITH & Mary EWLET by Licence

06-Aug-1721; John MEARING & Jane LAWS by Licence

03-Sep-1721; Joseph COMPTON & Ann JENKINS

26-Nov-1721; Abraham WELSTED & Mary HISCOCK

13-Apr-1722; William WHITE & Mary THOMAS by Licence

01-Jul-1722; Robert NAP & Mary MANUEL by Licence

14-Aug-1722; John STREET & Ursula MARTIN

08-Sep-1722; Henry BARNES & Edith COMPTON by Licence

26-Dec-1722; John COOPER & Jane MEARING

30-Mar-1723; Thomas ROGERS & Jane FRAMPTON

01-Apr-1723; Thomas WHITE & Elizabeth ADAMS by Licence

18-Apr-1723; Thomas KATE & Sarah COX

23-Apr-1723; Charles JEFFERIS & Mary MABER by Licence

14-May-1723; Robert JOLLY & Jane PORTER by Licence

09-Jun-1723; Joseph COMPTON & Margaret SOPER

15-Jul-1723; Stephen BATH & Bazel [illegible]

14-Nov-1723; George READ & Ann MAN by Licence

27-Dec-1723; John BEST & Ann YOUNG

12-Jan-1723/4; John WARREN & Ursula HARRIS

13-Jan-1723/4; Stephen SHEPPARD & Joan DOMINIE by Licence

06-Feb-1723/4; John FORD & Ann HOBBS

20-Feb-1723/4; John JUPP & Mary COX by Licence

24-Aug-1724; Augustine CLARK & Margaret GODINGE

27-Sep-1724; John CLARK & Martha FRY

27-Dec-1724; William GODDARD & Mary SOPER

28-Dec-1724; John CATER & Ann LOADER by Licence

18-Apr-1725; Joseph CROCKER & Margaret MOSE

26-Apr-1725; Raynold MITCHELL & Margarett WATTS by Licence

28-May-1725; Henry HORLOCK & Elizabeth ACCOURT

28-Oct-1725; Robert TROWBRIDGE & Elizabeth TURNER

09-Dec-1725; Peter COOK & Mary BAILY by Licence

02-Jan-1725; Thomas MARTIN & Agnus ARNOLD

23-Jan-1725/6; William TURNER & Grace CRAB

10-Mar-1725/6; John MEERING & Elizabeth BARTAR by Licence

10-Apr-1726; Henry JEANS & Elizabeth HARRIS

08-May-1726; James ALNER & Elizabeth HASKELL

06-Jun-1726; Polydor TREASURER & Faith HORDER

06-Jul-1726; John NORMAN & Elianour MUSSEN

27-Oct-1726; Harry BIGGS & Ann HODGES by Licence

28-Oct-1726; Thomas MULLET & Margaret WELCH by Licence

21-Nov-1726; Nathaniel WHITMILL & Mary COTTERELL by Licence

10-Jan-1726/7; Thomas APPLIN & Sarah MIELL by Licence

14-Feb-1726/7; William WHEELER & Ann SIBLY

24-Mar-1726; Edward VATER & Eleanor PLUMMER by Licence

13-Apr-1727; Robert BROOKMAN & Susannah BILES

10-May-1727; Roger DENNIS & Rachel HAMMET by Licence

18-May-1727; Robert RIDOUT & Constance WINTER by Licence

10-Oct-1727; John GOBY & Elizabeth WEBB

24-Dec-1727; Richard CLARKE & Jane REYNOLDS by Licence

25-Dec-1727; Henry KNIGHT & Mary OLIVER

05-Mar-1727/8; Joseph FRY & Mary CHAPPLE

17-Apr-1728; William COX of Winbourn & Elizabeth SQUIBB

23-Jul-1728; Thomas CHAMAN of Brianston & Mary GALTON of Charleton

29-Jul-1728; James BURT of Lytchet Matravers & Elizabeth LAKE of Winbourn, by Licence

14-Sep-1728; Thomas ALNER of Dewlish & Ann COOK of Bere Regis, by Licence

20-Jan-1728; Joshua STROUD & Mary KING of Herne, by Licence

05-Feb-1728/9; Roger GILLINGHAM of West Parley & Grace KIPPING of Christchurch, by Licence

03-Mar-1728/9; John ADAMS of Trent & Sarah MARTIN by Licence

06-Apr-1729; John SEABERRY of Hinton Martell & Ann KIPPEN of Winburn, by Licence

20-Jul-1729; John COOKMAN & Joan GORING

05-Aug-1729; Joshua STROUD of Moreton & Martha EGG of East Parley, by Licence

11-Aug-1729; Hercules HOLLOWAY & Elizabeth SATER of Corfe Mullen, by Licence

27-Feb-1729/30; Anthony FOOT & Elizabeth SCOTT of Blandford, by Licence

14-Mar-1729/30; John BAYLEY & Mary LANNING of Blandford, by Licence

06-Sep-1730; Richard PAUL of Stower Pain & Anne NEW of Brianston by Licence

01-Nov-1730; John BARNS & Susannah LAKE both of Lytchet Matravers, by Licence

23-Nov-1730; Joseph WOOLRIDGE of Blandford & Betty GOLDWIN of Shilliton, by Licence

14-Dec-1730; Samuel SMILES of Hull, co. Yorkshire & Elizabeth COTMAN of Lytchet, by Licence

05-Jan-1730/1; David CHAPPEL & Elizabeth COLE both of Charleton

19-Apr-1731; Simon KERLY of Shrowton & Amy ROBERTS of Stower Pain, by Licence

26-Apr-1731; John BROOK & Ann UPWARD both of Wooland, by Licence

09-Jun-1731; James KEMBER of Shapwick & Mary CLARK of Witchampton, by Licence

15-Jun-1731; Thomas PAIN & Elizabeth SHEPPARD of Tarrant Antioch

11-Jul-1731; Samuel WHITE & Mary COLE both of Wharam, by Licence

23-Aug-1731; John LEWIN & Martha BROWN both of Gufiled, by Licence

30-Aug-1731; Richard BARNES & Margaret BROWN both of Witchurch, by Licence

31-Aug-1731; Joseph GANNET of Fifehead Nevil & Mary GALPIN of Henstridge, co. Somerset

07-Sep-1731; Richard RYALL of Christchurch & Priscilla PELLY of Blandford, by Licence

12-Sep-1731; Samuel BARNES & Helen FORD of Charleton

18-Oct-1731; Thomas PIDDLE & Elizabeth ROGERS of Cranfold

07-May-1732; Joseph SYMONDS of Tineham & Jane CLAPCOTT of Steeple, by Licence

24-Jul-1732; Thomas SKINNER of Stoke Wake & Mary FITZHERBERT of Blandford, by Licence

03-Aug-1732; Thomas FROST of Hamilton, co. Hampshire & Mary MEADER of Blandford, by Licence

04-Aug-1732; Thomas KINGSTONE & Elizabeth FITZHERBERT both of Blandford, by Licence

01-Sep-1732; Lawrence MONK & Mabel YOUNG

14-Jan-1732/3; Thomas DEAN & Sarah JENNINGS both of Lytchet Matravers, by Licence

16-Jan-1732/3; Abraham WESTEED & Mary HOLLOWAY widow

10-Mar-1732/3; Samuel BARNES of Blandford & Ann BARBER of Langton, by Licence

25-Apr-1733; William CRABB & Mary EDWARDS

29-Apr-1733; Richard PROSSER of Pimpern & Ann HOMER of Charleton, by Licence

15-May-1733; William BESON of Pool & Elizabeth HARDING of Shapwick, by Licence

17-Jun-1733; Charles PEARCE of Wharam & Joan GOULD of Binegar, by Licence

11-Dec-1733; William SOPER & Elizabeth JACOB by Licence

01-Jan-1733/4; John BARNS & Mary CULLIFORD both of Charleton

22-Jan-1733/4; John BURGESS of Winbourn & Susannah GOBY

28-Jul-1734; Francis HASKALL of Shapwick & Anne STREET of Charleton

29-Dec-1734; John FORD & Mary MITCHELL both of Charleton

05-Jan-1734/5; George GALTON & Elizabeth HARRIS

06-Jan-1734/5; Thomas SWEETAPPLE & Ann BUGDEN both of Hinton Martell

05-Jul-1735; William LOADER & Sarah OLIVER

03-Aug-1735; John WRITE of North Petherton, co. Somerset & Elizabeth COX

09-Dec-1735; William YOUNG of Long Critchell & Hannah WHITE of Caynston, by Licence

23-Feb-1735/6; John HART of Tarrant & Elizabeth BENNET by Licence

27-Apr-1736; John FREEBORN of Hinton Martell & Mary BEST

30-Apr-1736; Jonathan CROOMES of Church Knowle & Ann HOLLOWAY by Licence

25-Jul-1736; John CATER & Hannah HARRIS

05-Sep-1736; Henry LOADER & Sarah DILLY

19-Nov-1736; Robert WEST of Semly, co. Wiltshire & Sarah PETTY of Bradford Peverel, by Licence

14-Feb-1736/7; Joseph COLLINS of Shaston St James & Martha POTHECARY of Shaston Holy Trinity, by Licence

21-Feb-1736/7; William CANTELOW & Jane HART widow, both of Tarrant Munckton, by Licence

24-Apr-1737; Robert PITMAN & Mary JONES of Charleton

09-Aug-1737; Joshua ROGERS & Martha BRINE both of Charleton, by Licence

10-Oct-1737; Henry STONE & Elizabeth WRIGHT

30-Oct-1737; Thomas FRY & Elizabeth RIDDLE

30-Nov-1737; John BUSH senior of Blandford & Mary BARBER by Licence

03-Dec-1737; John STROUD of Huish & Elizabeth ALNER of Kingston, by Licence

12-Feb-1737/8; John SEAMER of Shapwick & Margaret GREEN

02-Apr-1738; William GIBBS of Sturminster Marshall & Mary COX

22-Apr-1738; William BARNES & Ann KERSLEY both of Charleton

22-May-1738; Joseph BURROUGHS & Martha FUDGE

28-Jun-1738; Robert NOTTEN & Mary GODDARD

08-Oct-1738; Henry YATES & Mary CHERRET both of Charleton

12-Oct-1738; William FRY of Winterborne Zelston & Mary OSMOND of Lytchet Minster, by Licence

18-Nov-1738; Matthew ABBOT of Melcombe Horsey & Elizabeth ADAMS of Milton Abbey, by Licence

05-Dec-1738; John MOORES of Winterborne Zelston & Mary FORD of Hamworthy, by Licence

04-May-1739; Richard SHEPPARD of Blandford & Dorothy REASON

18-Nov-1739; Samuel KENT of Crawford Parva & Elizabeth GALTON by Licence

08-Jan-1739/40; John TUCKER & Susannah TAPPER both of Blandford, by Licence

27-Jan-1739/40; William GIFFORD of Dorchester Holy Trinity & Catherine BURT of Bryanstone, by Licence

26-Mar-1740; Joseph PAIN of Cranbourn & Mary HOMER of Witchampton, by Licence

29-Sep-1740; John SATER & Mabel COBB

08-Oct-1740; John YOUNG & Christian BAREFOOT both of Winterborne Zelston

21-Nov-1740; John GALTON of Blandford St Mary & Catharine HAZARD of Winborn, by Licence

29-Dec-1740; John BALL of Tarrant Rushton & Margarett DAVIS of Steeple, by Licence

14-Jan-1740/1; Austin KEATT of Lytchett Matravers & Elizabeth HARRIS of Portsmouth, co. Hampshire, by Licence

23-Jan-1740/1; David RIGLAND of Wimborn & Jane BUGDEN of Hinton Martell, by Licence

04-May-1741; John WOTS & Elizabeth BEZANT both of Cranbourn, by Licence

10-May-1741; William BARNES & Sarah DEAN both of Lytchett, by Licence

29-May-1741; John LILLY & Honour CUFF by Licence

10-Jun-1741; James BALDWIN & Joan GIGGER both of Wareham, by Licence

08-Oct-1741; Robert CANDY of Kingston, co. Hampshire & Jane WILTSHIRE by Licence

19-Sep-1742; Robert GULLIVER & Jane ROGERS both of Charleton

04-Oct-1742; Thomas COSTER & Susanna MANIFORD of Crawford Parva

29-Dec-1742; George SATER & Mary CUFF by Licence

23-Feb-1742/3; Benjamin DOW & Mary POLDEN of Hinton Martell, by Licence

14-Jun-1743; William FOOT & Mary TRIM both of Charleton, by Licence

17-Sep-1743; William EVIL of Charleton & Mary ADAMS

15-Apr-1744; William SATER & Ann HARRIS

16-Oct-1744; Thomas FRY & Christian ADAMS

23-Jan-1744/5; John ADAMS & Mary CUFF

31-Jul-1745; Edward DOWN of Charleton & Mary RIDDLE

28-Oct-1745; William WYAT of Horton & Mary TOM of Hampreston, by Licence

31-Oct-1745; John LILLY & Mary CHAPPEL

22-May-1746; John GALPIN & Rhoda ANDREWS

27-May-1746; Richard PITMAN of Hampreston & Mary JELLET of Hinton Martell, by Licence

04-Oct-1746; William POTTLE & Jane BATT both of Blandford, by Licence

03-Nov-1746; William TRIM & Ann ISAAC both of Charleton

16-Nov-1746; Lawrence MONKE & Ann GALTON by Licence

25-Nov-1746; John TURNER of Cranbourn & Mary BEST of Sturminster Marshall

03-Dec-1746; Thomas FRY & Elizabeth GOBY

14-Feb-1746/7; Samuel HENRY of Blandford & Elizabeth HURDLE of Langton Long Blandford, by Licence

23-Apr-1747; Isaac WHITE & Ann NORRIS of Melton, co. Hampshire

07-May-1747; John HONEYBORN & Elizabeth RUMPLER widow, both of Mapperton, by Licence

24-May-1747; William COMPTON & Susanna CULLIFORD both of Charleton

01-Sep-1747; Samuel BUGDEN of Holt & Joan BUTLER of Hinton Martell, by Licence

31-Oct-1747; John HAMLYN & Hannah COLE both of Wareham, by Licence

10-Nov-1747; George CUFF of Woodland & Ann HOLLOWAY

28-Jan-1747/8; John STREET & Christian COLE both of Charleton

28-Apr-1748; John OXFORD of Bere Regis & Mary MOORES

27-Aug-1748; Joseph CRABB & Jane JESSOP both of Blandford, by Licence

13-Feb-1748/9; John BOYTE & Martha CHAPPEL

16-Feb-1748/9; Joseph BUTT of Ibberton & Mary BUTT

27-Mar-1749; Edward WYATT of Blandford & Mary WATTEN of Poole, by Licence

04-Apr-1749; John STEPHENS of Pimpern & Mary WHELLER of Brianston, by Licence

23-Dec-1749; Francis JELLET & Mary FELTHAM both of Hinton Martell, by Licence

02-Jan-1749; Robert PALMER & Ann COMPTON both of Charleton, by Licence

07-Jan-1749/50; Thomas INKPEN of Bryanston & Mary CRABB

22-Apr-1750; Joseph COX & Betty TAPLAND

12-Jul-1750; William BROWNING of Chalbury & Mary DOW of Hinton Martell

19-JUL-1750; Henry GOULD esq. of Middle Temple, London & Elizabeth WALKER by Licence

23-Sep-1750; Joseph HARDING & Mary WATER

29-Oct-1750; Stephen ALNER malster & Mary DUNFORD widow, both of Ginifield (?), by Licence

 22-Jan-1750/1; Richard MOORES & Grace TURNER

06-Feb-1750/1; Thomas BANTIN & Mary Thomas

30-May-1751; William YARD of Anderson & Susanna VACHER of Charleton

13-Oct-1751; Joseph COMPTON & Elizabeth FRIP both of Charleton

15-Oct-1751; Thomas FREEBORN & Elizabeth BUTTON of Winbourn, by Licence

29-Oct-1751; Joseph WHEELER & Elizabeth GAULTON both of Charleton

19-Nov-1751; Francis GRAVES of Henbury & Mary HONEYBOURN of Anderson, by Licence

29-Dec-1751; Joseph COFFIN & Edith POTTLE both of Blandford, by Licence

06-Feb-1753; William WATTS & Sarah COX

14-Feb-1753; George BLUNDELL & Mary WOOLFERIS both of Winterbourne [Whitechurch], by Licence

24-Apr-1753; Henry WOOLRIDGE & Elizabeth CHAPPEL

29-May-1753; William MOORES & Mary BURROUGHS

26-Jun-1753; George SAXEY of Beer Regis & Jane MONK by Licence

06-Jun-1754; Henry KNIGHT junior & Ann HOLLOWAY

07-Feb-1754; John SQUIBB of Stinsford & Mary SQUIBB of Bere Regis, by Licence

24-Mar-1754; Thomas OLIVER & Martha BELLOWS by Licence


04-May-1754; John COLLINS widower & Elizabeth COMPTON

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Henry LOADER


18-Aug-1754; Giles GOLLOP & Mary KING

witnesses: George GOLLOP, Mary GOLLOP


17-Feb-1755; William GOBY widower & Grace CAY

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Thomas HOLLOWAY


04-Feb-1756; Robert STROUD & Susannah STROUD by Licence

witnesses: Elizabeth MILLER, Thomas GALTON


17-Feb-1756; David KNIGHT & Martha BUTLER

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Henry KNIGHT junior


29-Feb-1756; Samuel BARNES of Charleton & Mary FRY

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Elizabeth FRY


04-Feb-1757; David MITCHELL & Betty FRY by Licence (Bristol)

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, John THOMAS


31-Jul-1757; James CROOME of Marnhull & Ann BELLOWS

witnesses: John THOMAS, Henry KNIGHT


02-Sep-1759; John POOFS & Mary TURNER

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Robert KAINES


02-Dec-1759; Thomas HOLLAND of Shapwick & Ann FRY

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Alexander MACKIE


30-Mar-1760; Henry GALTON of Sturminster Marshall & Mary JARVIS

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, William WHITE


05-Oct-1760; Richard COX & Agnes FRY

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, David MITCHELL


24-Nov-1760; John LEE & Martha BURRYS / BURROUGHS

witnesses: Robert SCUTT, Henry KNIGHT


29-Dec-1761; William MACKRELL of Sturminster Marshall & Betty COBB by Licence (PCC)

witnesses: John HART senior, John HART junior


01-Feb-1762; William FREEMAN of Hinton St Mary & Mary FRY

witnesses: Betty SHORT, Henry KNIGHT


14-Nov-1762; William SEDLEN of Wimbourn & Mary HIND

witnesses: William STICKLAND, Ann LODER


25-Jun-1763; Benjamin STICKLAND & Ann MITCHEL

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, William LOADER


08-Dec-1763; John EVANS bricklayer & Anna CATER by Licence (Bristol)

witnesses: Peter SELBY, Ann EVANS


23-May-1764; William LOADER & Kezia GALLOP

witnesses: Thomas GALLOP, Henry KNIGHT


16-Jul-1764; Richard COX & Agnes DASHWOOD

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Henry KNIGHT


18-Sep-1764; John POTTLE of Brianston & Elizabeth STROUD

witnesses: John THOMAS, Rebecca MEECH


27-Nov-1764; Henry LOADER & Susannah CHALK

witnesses: John MITCHELL, Henry KNIGHT


09-Apr-1765; James LAWRENCE of Poole & Elizabeth BELLOWS by Licence (Bristol)

witnesses: James CROOME, Henry KNIGHT


02-Nov-1765; Joseph MANUEL Labourer of Winterbourn Zelston & Lucy MILLER

witnesses: James BIRD, Henry KNIGHT


20-Jan-1766; Robert NOTTING & Mary LOADER

witnesses: William TILLEY, Henry KNIGHT


23-Oct-1766; Samuel STROUD blacksmith of Caynston & Elizabeth GALTON

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Alexander NOTTING


17-Jun-1768; William PARSONS & Mary BELLOWS by Licence (Bristol)

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, William TEMPLEMAN

16-Nov-1768; Joseph HOLLOWAY & Mary WHITE

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Henry KNIGHT junior


16-Jul-1769; Samuel HALLET of Blandford Forum & Betty MEADER

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, James TURNER


08-Sep-1769; Hercules MEERING & Elizabeth PIDDLE

witnesses: Robert STROUD, William MEECH


31-May-1770; John WAREHAM of Sturminster Marshall & Grace MEERING by Licence (Bristol)

witnesses: Robert LOVELL, Robert STROUD


23-Dec-1770; Thomas HINE & Eammy BALLAM

witnesses: John LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


27-Aug-1771; William MEECH & Mary MEEDER

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, William KNIGHT


09-Nov-1771; Benjamin HOLLOWAY & Briget LESLEE

witnesses: James BIRD, Henry KNIGHT


14-Nov-1771; John BILLOWS & Mary LEGG

witnesses: James BIRD, Henry KNIGHT


11-Jun-1772; Henery BRISSEY & Elizabeth LOADER

witnesses: John LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


24-Nov-1772; John BILES widower & Joanna STICKLEY by Licence

witnesses: Joseph HOLLOWAY, Henry KNIGHT


17-Jun-1773; William TURNER & Mary WHITE

witnesses: Richard PERRYER, Henry KNIGHT

12-Aug-1773; John MUNDEN of Morden & Mary GALTON

witnesses: John GALTON, Samuel WOODCOCK


30-Mar-1774; Robert SHORT & Betty ALLNER

witnesses: William WHITAKER, James SKRINE


05-Apr-1774; Daniel WHITE & Catharine LOADER

witnesses: Phillip LOADER, Henery BUSSEY


12-Oct-1774; James HOLLOWAY & Molly GOLLOPP

witnesses: William MEECH, James DEMPSTER


28-Dec-1774; John GOBY & Amy LAURENCE

witnesses: John THOMAS, William KNIGHT


19-Jul-1775; Philip LOADER & Ursula ABRAHAM

witnesses: John THOMAS, William KNIGHT


25-Oct-1775; George BILLOWS & Susanna STILES

witnesses: John STUBBS, Thomas KNIGHT


31-Oct-1775; Henry NORTON of Sturminster Marshall & Ann FRY

witnesses: Edmund NORTON, John BILLOWS


31-Oct-1775; Joseph HOLLOWAY & Jane KEATS

witnesses: John BILLOWS, Edmund NORTON


12-Jun-1776; David MITCHELL & Henryetta WHITE

witnesses: William MEECH, John HOARE


25-Sep-1776; William BEZANT of Winterborne Kingston & Mary LILLY

witnesses: Robert NOTTING, Henry KNIGHT


04-Feb-1777; John GALLOP & Betty FRY

witnesses: Henry NORTON, Thomas KNIGHT


22-Jun-1777; Richard SELLAR Labourer residing in ye Parish & Hannah DURDEN

witnesses: Thomas KNIGHT, Stephen CHEATER


29-Apr-1777; Richard WARR of Tarrant Monkton & Ann LOADER

witnesses: John STUBBS, John WAR


05-May-1778; William STICKLAND of Bingham Melcomb & Mary SALTER

witnesses: John LITHGOW, Thomas KNIGHT


__-Jun-1778; Thomas BALLET & Elizabeth LELLY

witnesses: John STUBBS, Thomas KNIGHT


02-Nov-1778; John CAILE [signed KAIL] of Whitchampton & Ann WOOLRIDGE

witnesses: Richard MITCHELL, Thomas KNIGHT


04-Dec-1778; Robert STROUD miller of Fordington & Eliza STUBBS by Licence (Bristol)

witnesses: Thomas KNIGHT, Eliza THOMAS


25-May-1779; John ADAMS of Sturminster Marshall & Elizabeth BARNS

witnesses: Robert STROUD, John BILLOWS


05-Feb-1780; Charles BARTLET of Donhead St Mary, co. Wiltshire & Martha GALTON

witnesses: William STEVENS, Thomas KNIGHT


17-Aug-1780; John GALTON & Martha LILLY by Licence (Bristol)

witnesses: John BRIGT, Thomas KNIGHT


14-Aug-1782; George BILLOWS widower & Mary HICKES

witnesses: Mary PARRATT, John BIRCH, Thomas KNIGHT


09-Feb-1783; Charles PEARCE of Poole & Ann STROUD by Licence, with consent of parents

witnesses: F. STREET, Charles PEARCE


17-Feb-1783; William COX & Ann FARVES

witnesses: Richard MITCHELL, Thomas KNIGHT


13-Jul-1783; Edward WHIFFEN of Shapwick & Hester GOLLOP

witnesses: George GOLLOP, James ADAMS


17-Feb-1784; William LOVELL of Cainston & Elizabeth LAMBERT of Charleton

witnesses: Elizabeth STROUD, Elizabeth RIDOUT


05-Apr-1784; Thomas LOADER & Elizabeth SMITH

witnesses: John STUBBS, Mary SMITH


30-Aug-1784; James BANTIN & Margaret HOWELLS

witnesses: John BANTIN, Sarah DAVIES


03-Aug-1784; James PIDDLE & Mary HOLLOWAY

witnesses: Robert STROUD, Thomas KNIGHT


03-AUG-1784; George FLORANCE & Elizabeth LOADER

witnesses: Henry NORTON, Thomas KNIGHT


11-Oct-1784; William OSMENT & Mary BALLET

witnesses: John OSMENT, Thomas KNIGHT


15-Nov-1784; John BANTING & Mary COMINGS

witnesses: John STUBBS, S. COMINGS, Thomas KNIGHT


18-Oct-1785; Samuel SMITH widower of Blandford Forum & Susannah CARTER

witnesses: Marget NURDEN, Elizabeth STROUD


25-Feb-1786; Thomas BALLET widower & Mary MUSTON of Whitchurch

witnesses: Thomas KNIGHT, George BILLOWS


23-Oct-1786; William KNIGHT & Ann BALLET

witnesses: Thomas KNIGHT, George BALLET


12-Dec-1786; George BALLET of Blandford Forum & Mary TOLLMAN

witnesses: William KNIGHT, Ann KNIGHT


08-Oct-1787; James FALL of Cainston Tarrant & Elizabeth BANTIN

witnesses: John BANTING, Thomas KNIGHT


26-May-1788; Richard GOLLOP of Blandford St Mary & Mary LOADER of Blandford Forum

witnesses: Philip LOADER, Thomas KNIGHT


19-Oct-1788; John Vicars HAYWARD of Shapwick & Mary STROUD by Licence

witnesses: John BIRCH, Elizabeth TROTH, Susanna STROUD


20-Oct-1788; Thomas HORLOCK & Jane HAMES

witnesses: John GOLLOP, Thomas KNIGHT


27-Apr-1789; Robert LUCAS of Mappowder & Jane MOORE

witnesses: L. V. JONES, Thomas KNIGHT


25-Nov-1789; Henry STONE & Charlotte POTTLE

witnesses: Henry FARMER, Thomas KNIGHT


11-Dec-1789; Benjamin MARTIN of Shapwick & Mary NOTTING

witnesses: Thomas KNIGHT


11-May-1790; James RUSSELL of Cucklenton, co. Somerset & Mary SILLER

witnesses: John GOLLOP, Thomas KNIGHT


17-May-1790; Thomas GOLDEN of Shapwick & Esther DIBBEN

witnesses: Roger WARNE, Martha WARNE


01-Jun-1790; David MITCHELL & Mary PARSONS

witnesses: Thomas KNIGHT


19-Jul-1790; Thomas HILL of Sturminster Marshall & Mary HICKSON

witnesses: Peter BARRATT, Thomas KNIGHT


17-Jan-1791; John SMITH of Blandford Forum & Mary KNIGHT

witnesses: Elizabeth KNIGHT, Thomas KNIGHT


25-Aug-1791; James FOSTER of Whitechurch & Sarah FIANDER

witnesses: William KNIGHT, Thomas KNIGHT


09-Aug-1792; John VINCENT & Elizabeth EVANS

witnesses: Thomas GRAY, David EVANS, Thomas KNIGHT


18-Oct-1792; John MEATYARD & Betty BAKER

witnesses: Thomas KNIGHT


04-Dec-1792; James HAYWARD of Wimburne Minster & Mary FIANDER

witnesses: William WHITE


10-Dec-1792; Thomas HILL widower & Mary PARSONS

witnesses: George BILLOWS


18-Feb-1793; Richard SHADDOCK of Shapwick & Sarah STEVENS

witnesses: Thomas LOADER, Ann ROGERS


18-Mar-1793; George BALLET of Anderson & Rachael RUSSELL

witnesses: Merret RUSSELL, Thomas KNIGHT


02-Apr-1793; Joseph VINCENT of Dewlish & Elizabeth MEADER

witnesses: John POTTLE, Thomas KNIGHT


06-May-1793; Merret / Merriott RUSSELL & Mary SERJEANT

witnesses: George BALLET, W. KNIGHT


23-Jul-1793; Robert Hayward SHADDOCK of Handley & Mary HAYWARD widow, by Licence

witnesses: John BIRCH, Susanna PYM, Elizabeth CARLTON


18-Sep-1793; Joseph PEARCE & Sarah LILLY

witnesses: William FORDER


11-Nov-1793; John POTTLE widower & Susanna HARDYMAN of Blandford St Mary

witnesses: Harry STONE, Charlotte STONE


07-Dec-1793; Charles LOISEL widower & Marie Ann ROGER by Licence

witnesses: James PHIPPS, Anna Maria PHIPPS, Robert STRIKE


28-Apr-1794; James HELLIOR of Poole & Anne GOBY

witnesses: James BANTIN, Betsy HOLLOWAY


07-Jul-1794; William SHORT & Sarah COX

witnesses: Thomas COX, Henry KNIGHT


13-Sep-1794; John BARGROVE & Elizabeth BEESE

witnesses: George BILLOWS, Henry KNIGHT


18-Nov-1794; William FORDER & Mary STEVENS

witnesses: John MEATYARD, Henry KNIGHT


12-Dec-1794; James COX & Mary STICKLAND

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT


26-Jan-1795; William OLIVER & Elizabeth ORAM

witnesses: George BILLOWS, Henry KNIGHT


03-Feb-1795; Martin Frampton AMES of Gunville & Elizabeth HOLLOWAY

witnesses: John KNIGHT, Henry KNIGHT


11-May-1795; Joseph FELTHAM of Shapwick & Mary LOADER

witnesses: William LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


19-May-1795; James BALLET & Ann WHITE

witnesses: George BALLET, Henry KNIGHT


07-Jul-1795; Thomas LOADER & Sarah CROOME of Ringwood, co. Hampshire, by Licence

witnesses: George BILLOWS, Merrifield MUNDY


10-Aug-1795; Peter SAVREN & Kitty MOORE

witnesses: J. HAVE, Ann CROMBE, Henrietta STICKLAND


__-Sep-1795; Henry STROUD & Elizabeth DENHAM by Licence

witnesses: Robert STROUD junior, Mary FOSTER, Dorothea RACKETT


05-Nov-1795; John GAPPER of Henstridge, co. Somerset & Charlotte DOLLING by Licence

witnesses: Robert GILLETT, Ann GILLETT


05-Apr-1796; Thomas MEADEN of Blandford Forum & Margaret BANTIN widow, by Licence

witnesses: Jane BULGIN, Henry KNIGHT


07-May-1796; John HARVEY of Iwerne Minster & Elizabeth MEATYARD by Licence

witnesses: John MEATYARD, Henry KNIGHT


20-Jun-1796; David EVANS & Catherine OSWALD of Blandford Forum

witnesses: Thomas MEADEN, Mary GREIEVE


24-Jul-1796; George FLORANCE & Elizabeth VINCENT

witnesses: Alexander NOTTING, Betsy HOLLOWAY


29-Oct-1796; John HARRIS of Wimborne & Martha HOLLOWAY

witnesses: John MEATYARD, Jane BULGIN, Henry KNIGHT


29-Dec-1796; Nathaniel WHITMELL of Blandford & Martha SELLER

witnesses: John DALE, Catherine TAPER


29-May-1797; William MASTERMAN & Elizabeth MUNDY

witnesses: Thomas MASTERMAN, Merrifield MUNDY


26-Jul-1797; William ROGERS of Stickland & Elizabeth BUTCHER by Licence

witnesses: Thomas LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


21-Aug-1797; Robert FRIP & Susannah STICKLAND

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, George BILLOWS


06-Jan-1798; Rev. George COX of Puddle Trenthide & Mary / Susan STICKLAND by Licence

witnesses: Francis FANE, Robert STICKLAND


__-Jun-1798; Thomas POOFS of Bincomb & Mary POOFS by Licence

witnesses: John ELKINS, Henry KNIGHT


22-Jul-1798; John POOR of Chettle & Sarah STICKLAND

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Thomas BLANCHARD


24-Jul-1798; George BILLOWS & Mary JONES

witnesses: Ann BUTT, Henry KNIGHT


28-Oct-1798; John STROUD & Jane PLAYER by Licence

witnesses: Thomas LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


03-Nov-1798; William KNIGHT widower & Sarah LOADER

witnesses: Thomas LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


26-Mar-1799; Benjamin GARRETT & Amelia VINCENT

witnesses: William MEECH, Henry KNIGHT


13-Apr-1799; Henry KNIGHT & Ann HOLLOWAY

witnesses: Martin AMES, John COMPTON


19-Jun-1799; James COX & Mary DOWDEN

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Alexander NOTTING


21-Jul-1799; John FIANDER & Christian MEADER

witnesses: George FLORENCE, Henry KNIGHT


18-Aug-1799; Thomas FORD & Ann CHARATT / GERRETT

witnesses: William MASTERMAN, Henry KNIGHT


20-Aug-1799; Richard LEGG of Arpiddle & Ann MITCHELL

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Elis PARSONS, Mary MATON


02-Oct-1799; Robert GOBY & Maria FIANDER

witnesses: John LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


22-Jan-1800; Thomas HAMES & Charlotte HOLLOWAY

witnesses: Robert STROUD junior, Henry KNIGHT


14-Apr-1800; John KEAT of Corfe Castle & Sarah BEST

witnesses: John BIRCH, Henry KNIGHT


12-May-1800; Nathaniel CHAFFEY & Jemima SHORT

witnesses: Robert SHORT, Henry KNIGHT


12-May-1800; William KELLEY of Sturminster Marshall & Mary SHORT

witnesses: Nathaniel CHAFFEY, Jane HENVILLE


14-Jul-1800; James MASTERMAN & Ann FORD

witnesses: Thomas FORD, Henry KNIGHT


25-Dec-1800; Ishmael CORNICK of Capstock & Sophia MEADER

witnesses: John POTTLE


17-Mar-1801; Thomas FRY & Mary KIMBER

witnesses: Honour BARNES, Henry KNIGHT


01-Dec-1801; James COX & Mary Elizabeth HASKINS

witnesses: John MITCHELL, Henry KNIGHT


02-Mar-1802; John BARNES of Ringwood, co. Hampshire & Mary MITCHELL by Licence

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Betsy HOLLOWAY


19-Apr-1802; John GOOBEY & Susannah WARR

witnesses: John LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


11-Feb-1803; William GOBEY & Margaret RANDLE

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Marey GALLOP


02-Aug-1803; John DORSON of Church Knowle & Marey GALLOP

witnesses: Prudens TIZARD, Henry KNIGHT


07-Nov-1803; James COLLINS of Sturminster Marshall & Ann KNIGHT

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Betsy HOLLOWAY


14-Feb-1804; James POTTLE widower & Susannah STONE

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Cathrine RAPSON


08-Apr-1804; William KNIGHT widower & Elizabeth MITCHELL

witnesses: John BANTING, Henry KNIGHT


29-May-1804; Ellis KNIGHT & Eleanor KNIGHT

witnesses: William KNIGHT, Mary ELFORD


16-Jul-1804; Richard PEARCE & Lucy MEADER

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT


19-Sep-1804; Stephen STEVENS & Ann BIGGS of Melcombe Horsey

witnesses: John FELTHAM, Elizabeth NUTT


04-Nov-1804; John SOPER of Tarrant Antiock & Matilda BESANT

witnesses: John LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


22-Apr-1805; John LOADER & Elizabeth COLLINS

witnesses: Mark ROLLS, Elizabeth SAMSON, Sophia LOADER


02-May-1805; Charles PALMER of Langton & Mary EVANS

witnesses: David EVANS


31-Jul-1805; Mark ROLLS of Blandford Forum & Sophia LOADER

witnesses: John LINTON, Elizabeth LOADER


16-Sep-1805; Samuel STEPHENS of Bere Regis & Lydia GALTON by Licence

witnesses: Keturah GALTON, Henry KNIGHT


26-Sep-1805; John CHERRITT & Sarah OATES

witnesses: James CHIPP, Henry KNIGHT, Mary CHURCHILL


04-Nov-1805; John BROWN of Sturminster Marshall & Eleanor FRY

witnesses: Richard GALLOP, Henry KNIGHT


03-Jul-1806; James DOWNTON & Elizabeth CHERRETT

witnesses: Robert BATTRICK, Mary CHERET


17-Jul-1806; William BEARE & Keturah GALTON by Licence

witnesses: J. POND, Ann BANTING


16-Sep-1806; George FLORANCE widower & Dinah LAWRENCE

witnesses: Nathaniel CHAFFEY, Maria JAMES


29-Jul-1807; Thomas HAMES widower & Ann BENDELL

witnesses: Richard LYDFORD, Henry KNIGHT


16-Nov-1807; Joseph DAY of Pimperne & Maria LOADER

witnesses: John LOADER, Ann CLAYTON


04-Jul-1808; Benjamin LOADER & Mary SAMSON

witnesses: Elizabeth SAMPSON, Martha SAMSON


05-Dec-1808; Philip OSMOND of Lytchet Matravers & Jane FLORENCE

witnesses: John OSMENT, Sarah OSMOND


31-Jan-1809; John CURTIS of Marnhull & Elizabeth LOADER

witnesses: John LOADER, Elizabeth LOADER


02-Mar-1809; William TOOP & Jean DENNETT of Charlton Marshall, by Licence

witnesses: John DENNETT, Elizabeth FRAMPTON


30-Mar-1809; James DAVIS of Tolpuddle & Frances Spratt ALLEN by Licence

witnesses: Jane DAVIS, Samuel STRONG, Frances Ann STRONG


07-Nov-1809; Thomas FRY & Ann BEST

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, John BROWN


03-May-1810; William HORNER & Sarah ANDREWS

witnesses: William BUTLER, Elizabeth BUTTLER, Samuel HORNER


15-Jul-1811; Joseph LEWIS & Sarah GOLLOP

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Ellen NOTTING


02-Dec-1811; Thomas BUTT & Ann BEVAN

witnesses: James HARDYMAN, Margret ALLEN


14-Apr-1812; William BARFOOT & Ann HARVEY of Cranborne

witnesses: William TOOP, Henry KNIGHT


28-May-1812; Samuel LOADER & Martha SAMPSON

witnesses: James SAMPSON, Jane SAMPSON, Sarah SAMPSON, William SAMPSON


18-Aug-1812; James FLORANCE & Kitty BOWLES

witnesses: George FLORANCE, Edeh FLORANCE


16-Nov-1812; William LOADER & Elizabeth FOOT

witnesses: Richard GOLLOP, Catherine LOADER


16-Nov-1812; Thomas FENWICK of Lytchett Minster & Mary Anne KNIGHT

witnesses: John KNIGHT, Jane KNIGHT


21-Dec-1812; James HARDYMAN & Catherine MEATYARD

witnesses: John BUTT, Henry KNIGHT


20-Apr-1813; John DANNELLS of Langton & Rebecca WHELLER

witnesses: Joseph COMPTON, Henry KNIGHT


29-Dec-1813; William TAYLOR 11th Regt. Royal Veterans of Winchelsea, co. Sussex & Mary Ann POTTLE

witnesses: William TAPPER, Ann TAPPER, Charlotte TAPPER


23-Feb-1814; William MINCHENTON & Elizabeth YOUNG

witnesses: Samuel CROSS


21-Mar-1814; Thomas OSWELL & Joanna FIANDER

witnesses: Sarah LACY, Henry KNIGHT


30-May-1814; James GAME of Wimborne Minster & Sarah SAMPSON by Licence, with consent of parents

witnesses: James SAMPSON, Elizabeth SAMPSON


14-Sep-1814; George STEVENS of Blandford Forum & Susan SAMPSON by Licence, with consent of parents

witnesses: William SAMPSON, James SAMPSON


17-Nov-1815; William MASTERMAN of Shapwick & Eliza SCARD

witnesses: Susannah CARTER, John COFFIN


07-Dec-1815; James WHITE & Ellen / Eleanor NOTTING

witnesses: Mary MEATYARD, Henry GREER


25-Dec-1815; George DOWNTON & Mary CHERRETT

witnesses: Ann LOADER


22-Apr-1816; Thomas LAWES of Sturminster Marshall & Elizabeth SANSOM by Licence

witnesses: James SAMPSON, William SAMPSON, Anna SAMPSON


05-Sep-1816; George SMITH of St Pancras, co. Middlesex & Mary Angelo PEARCE with consent of guardians, by Licence

witnesses: Henry STROUD, Henrietta STROUD


26-Sep-1816; Charles FRAMPTON & Catherine LOADER

witnesses: Henry LOADER, Caroline LOADER


29-Oct-1816; George BALLET & Ann THOMPSON with consent of parents

witnesses: Sarah OSMOND, Millea LOADER, Charlot THOMPSON


29-Jan-1817; George JOYNER of Charlton Marshall & Caroline CRUMP

witnesses: Charles FRAMPTON, Caroline LOADER, Sarah PEARCE


16-Feb-1817; Charles PEARCE & Ann KELLEY

witnesses: Sarah PEARCE, Henry KNIGHT


26-May-1817; John OSMOND & Elizabeth TALBOT of Tarrant Keinston

witnesses: William LOADER, Sarah OSMOND


03-Sep-1817; Robert LOVELL of Morden & Martha GALLOP

witnesses: Thomas CRUMPLE, Harriet GOLLOP


31-May-1818; Ambrose COUSINS widower & Elizabeth KNIGHT

witnesses: William LOADER, Elizabeth LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


04-Jun-1818; George MARVIN of St Mary Le Bone, co. Middlesex & Henrietta STROUD by Licence

witnesses: Henry STROUD, Eliza OLIVER, Mary GATTRELL


29-Jun-1818; James COX & Anne SHORT

witnesses: Mary POND, Henry KNIGHT


01-Jul-1818; George SHAVE of Winterborne Whitechurch & Harriet GALLOP

witnesses: Robert LOVELL, Maria GALLOP


18-Aug-1818; James LOADER & Elizabeth THOMPSON

witnesses: William LOADER, Charles LOADER, William CHIPP, Henvalla KNIGHT


22-Sep-1818; William LOADER & Elizabeth LOADER

witnesses: Richard LEIGH, Catherine Loader WARR


08-Feb-1819; George GRANDISON & Elizabeth GALLOP

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT, Ann GALLOP


02-Mar-1819; William WHITMELL & Maria KNIGHT

witnesses: Lucy WHITMELL, Sarah PEARCE


07-Jun-1819; William FREEMAN of Blandford Forum & Anna SAMPSON by Licence

witnesses: Jane SAMPSON, Anne Curtis FELTHAM


08-Jul-1819; William BILLET & Ann FOORD alias LOADER

witnesses: Thomas FORD, Ruth MEADER


15-May-1820; Henry GREEN & Mary MEATYARD

witnesses: Ann BUTT, John BUTT


26-Sep-1820; Benjamin KNIGHT & Caroline LOADER

witnesses: William LOADER, Penina AMES


09-Nov-1820; William KNIGHT & Jane Anne WARR

witnesses: William KNIGHT, Harriet BANTING


28-Jun-1821; James SAVRON & Maria KEYNES by Licence

witnesses: John TOMLYN, Sarah RABBETTS


25-Sep-1821; William CHIPP & Ruth MEADER

witnesses: William BALLET, Anne FORDER, Henry KNIGHT


15-Jul-1822; James Henry HOLLOWAY of Salisbury, co. Wiltshire & Thalia PEARCE by Licence

witnesses: William HOLLOWAY, Edmund FARR


23-Sep-1822; Jeremiah JAMES & Louisa Maria HARVEY

witnesses: Thomas HARVEY, Caroline HARVEY


27-Oct-1822; William BALL of Charlton Marshall & Elizabeth GOVER

witnesses: John BALL, Susan BALL


04-Nov-1822; Walter SCAMMELL & Jane WARREN of Blandford St Mary

witnesses: Charles WAREHAM, Henry KNIGHT


17-Nov-1822; John TOMLYN & Sarah RABBETTS

witnesses: Mary Ann KNIGHT, Henry KNIGHT


07-Apr-1823; Thomas MEARING of Sturminster Marshall & Sarah CRABB alias WARR

witnesses: John ADELM, Henry KNIGHT


05-Jul-1823; Isaac OATS widower of Southampton St Mary & Rebecca SILLER by Licence

witnesses: William MACKRELL, Henry KNIGHT


14-Dec-1823; James DAVIES of Tarent Keynston & Mary RANDELL

witnesses: Henry KNIGHT


23-Dec-1823; Henery COX of Sturminster Marshall & Henrietta KNIGHT

witnesses: William COX, Mary Ann KNIGHT


25-Dec-1823; Benjamin FORD & Eliza HAMES

witnesses: Thomas DYMOTT, Peninah AMES


11-May-1824; Thomas TRIGELL of Over Stowey, co. Somerset & Ann HEBBERD

witnesses: Mary MARTIN, Francis LEE


24-Jan-1825; Charles GOBEY & Amey GOBEY

witnesses: Elizabeth GOBEY, Henry KNIGHT


05-Apr-1825; Robert SHOREY & Harriet BANTING

witnesses: Charles BANTING, Sarah SHOREY, Henry KNIGHT


22-Aug-1825; Thomas RANDALL of Shapwick & Jemima KNIGHT

witnesses: Sophia DAVIS, James HARDYMAN


22-Sep-1825; George Baker HOPKINS of Sydling St Nicholas & Anne Curtis FELTHAM by Licence

witnesses: Elizabeth FELTHAM, John FELTHAM


27-Dec-1825; Thomas DYMOTT & Peninah AMES

witnesses: Frampton AMES, Elizabeth AMES


13-Feb-1826; Thomas TALBOTT of Corfe Castle & Dina GOLLOP

witnesses: George TALBOTT, Maria GOLOP, Isaac CORBEN


06-Mar-1826; Justinian BARNES & Miriam KNIGHT

witnesses: Henry COX, Eliza KNIGHT


04-Jan-1827; Thomas FLIPP & Eliza GALLOP

witnesses: Josiah RABBETS, Georgina SOPER


03-Feb-1827; George BURT of Witchampton & Sarah HIBBERD by Licence

witnesses: Prudence WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Mary WILLIAMS, Com. BROADWAY


24-Jun-1827; John COX & Eleanor LOVELL of Lytchett Matravers

witnesses: Thomas HICKS, Henry KNIGHT


24-Dec-1827; James Stickland FLIPP & Frances Jane DAWSON

witnesses: Edward Deal HARVEY, Henry KNIGHT


22-May-1828; Robert JAMES & Elizabeth AMES

witnesses: George AMES, Jane AMES


27-Dec-1828; Edward Deal HARVEY & Jane KNIGHT with consent of parents

witnesses: Charles AMES, Mary Ann KNIGHT


28-Dec-1828; George SHORT & Sarah DENNETT

witnesses: Charles WILLIS, Henry KNIGHT


11-May-1829; Charles BURBIDGE & Julia Jane WOOD

witnesses: Charles KNIGHT, Emma Sophia WOOD


10-Sep-1810; Hugh JAMES of St George’s Hanover Sq., London & Susan Bridget Harvey STROUD by Licence

witnesses: H. V. STROUD, M. GATTRELL


17-Dec-1829; William KNIGHT & Anna Maria EVANS

witnesses: James EVANS, Elizabeth EVANS


22-Dec-1829; Harry Valentine STROUD & Mary GATTRELL by Licence

witnesses: Hugh JAMES, Susan JAMES


09-Mar-1830; Samuel HILL & Ann CHIPP

witnesses: Joseph OATES, Eliza KNIGHT


13-Apr-1830; George COMPTON of Charlton Marshall & Maria COFFIN

witnesses: John Cross MATCHAM, Ann COFFIN


25-May-1830; John Cross MATCHAM of Charlton Marshall & Mary COFFIN

witnesses: Thomas MATCHAM, Jane MATCHAM


13-Jul-1830; John BROWN of Iwerne Minster & Rebecca CHERRETT

witnesses: Joseph CHERRETT, Henry KNIGHT


21-Jul-1830; John WILLIAMS of Long Fleet in Canford Magna & Ann WARE alias CRAB

witnesses: Sarah SHORT, Henry KNIGHT


01-Mar-1831; William LOADER alias FORD & Eliza GOBEY

witnesses: Henry COX, Henry KNIGHT


08-Jun-1831; Benjamin LOADER widower & Harriet JONES

witnesses: James HARDYMAN, Eliza KNIGHT


15-Dec-1831; John PAINTER of Iwerne Courtney & Mary Ann KNIGHT

 witnesses: Edward Deal HARVEY, Eliza KNIGHT


13-Mar-1832; John CAINS widower & Caroline ELLIOTT widow

witnesses: John OATES, Sarah OATES


11-Jun-1832; Robert TUFFEN & Lousia GALLOP

witnesses: Thomas TUFFIN, Isabellar GOLLOP


31-Jul-1832; William CHERRETT & Anne COFFIN

witnesses: John COFFIN, John Cross MATCHAM


11-Oct-1832; Thomas BARNES & Isabellar GOLLOP

witnesses: Robert TUFFEN, Cathrine BARNES


18-Feb-1833; Charles CURTIS & Dinah GOBY

witnesses: David KNIGHT, Henry KNIGHT


04-Jun-1833; Charles KNIGHT & Emma Sophia WOOD

witnesses: Isabella CARLTON, Edwin Herbert William WOOD


08-Jun-1833; James DAVIS of Poole & Elizabeth PLOWMAN by Licence

witnesses: Thomas HARVEY, Caroline PLOWMAN


20-Aug-1833; George AMES & Lydia DYMOTT

witnesses: Joseph AMES, Jane AMES


12-Nov-1833; Israel HAMES & Susan DICKER

witnesses: John FERGUSON, Henry KNIGHT


12-Feb-1834; Robert EVERETT of Stourminster Marshall & Susanna Goffe PIKE by Licence

witnesses: Eliza EVERETT, William THORN


20-Mar-1834; John LIDFORD of Charlton Marshall & Harriet Sophia HARVEY

witnesses: Jane GULLIVER, Lucy BONELLA


22-May-1834; George LOADER alias FORD & Sarah Hart LEGG

witnesses: Abdon Hart LEGG, Elizabeth Hart LEGG


26-May-1834; Charles STRANGE & Harriet FRIPP

witnesses: Lavinia GOLLOP, William STRANGE


10-Aug-1834; George CORIDGE & Matilda GOBY

witnesses: Francis LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


24-Aug-1834; Jeremiah VINCENT & Sarah SILLER

witnesses: Hannah VINCENT, Henry KNIGHT


19-Mar-1835; George Southey TRAPNELL & Susannah FORD

witnesses: George KNIGHT, Mary FORD


20-Apr-1835; James HILLIER of Morden & Sarah ABBOTT by Licence

witnesses: William SAMPSON, Eliz. KNIGHT


20-May-1835; John HAMES & Anne MERRYWETHER

witnesses: Israel HAMES, Susan HAMES


10-Sep-1835; Thomas JAMES of Morden & Mary Anne LOADER

witnesses: John LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


17-Nov-1835; Samuel BARNS & Hannah THOMAS

witnesses: Thomas BARNES, John FLORANCE


24-Nov-1835; Robert FRIPP & Elizabeth CHERRETT

witnesses: Ann CHERRETT, Henry KNIGHT


24-Dec-1835; Thomas HOOK widower & Elivia GALLOP

witnesses: Eliza LOADER, Henry KNIGHT


29-Dec-1835; Thomas CHERRETT & Anne LOADER

witnesses: John LOADER, Ann CHERRETT


05-Jun-1837; John GOBY & Elizabeth BROWN

witnesses: Leah LOADER, Benjamin KNIGHT


21-Sep-1837; Bryan BURRELL Esquire 31 & France Mary QUANTOCK 24 by Licence

fathers: William BURRELL Esquire, John QUANTOCK Esquire

witnesses: John Matthew QUANTOCK, Elizabeth Ann HAWKINS


17-Dec-1837; William SHAVE Game Keeper to Drax Esquire, Tarrant Crawford & Mary GREEN both of full age

fathers: David Robert SHAVE Cordwainer, John GREEN Innkeeper

witnesses: John GREEN, Mary Ann LUCEN (?)


02-Apr-1838; William STEVENS Blacksmith & Henrietta Hart HARDIMAN both of full age

fathers: Stephen STEVENS Blacksmith, James HARDIMAN Cordwainer

witnesses: James AMES, Edward STEVENS


03-Jun-1838; Reuben ROBERTS Shepherd & Elizabeth LOADER otherwise FORD both of full age

fathers: Thomas ROBERTS Labourer, Thomas LOADER otherwise FORD Labourer

witnesses: William BILLETT, Maria BILLET


20-Nov-1838; Justinian BARNES widower & Amey GOBEY widow, both of full age

fathers: Thomas BARNES Labourer, Robert GOBEY Labourer

witnesses: William KNIGHT, Benjamin KNIGHT


28-Nov-1838; Joseph DOWNTON Farmer of Ringwood, co. Hampshire & Sarah Stone CHISMAN both of full age, by Licence

fathers: Joseph DOWNTON Farmer, Thomas CHISMAN Labourer

witnesses: Mary DOWNTON, John DOWNTON


11-Nov-1839; Levi GROVES Farmer of Wick near Christchurch & Mary Ann GROVES both of full age, by Licence

fathers: Levi GROVES Farmer, Stephen GROVES Farmer

witnesses: George GROVES, Stephen GROVES


30-Dec-1839; William GALPIN of full age & Jane PARKER minor

fathers: John GALPIN Labourer, John PARKER Labourer

witnesses: James BILLARDY, John DURRANT


11-Feb-1840; Joseph CHERRATT & Rachel KINGSBURY both of full age

fathers: John CHERRATT Labourer, James KINGSBURY Labourer

witnesses: Thomas CHERRET, Catrin CHERRETT


11-Apr-1840; Edward ROBINS & Elizabeth BARNES otherwise FRY both of full age

fathers: James ROBINS Labourer, Thomas BARNES otherwise FRY Labourer

witnesses: John TOOP, Benjamin KNIGHT


21-Apr-1840; Benjamin FLIPP & Ann CHERRETT both of full age

fathers: Robert FLIPP Labourer, John CHERRETT Labourer

witnesses: Mubial (?) SIMES, Sarah OATES


08-Sep-1840; Thomas CHERRITT & Sarah WEBB both of full age

fathers: Benjamin CHERRITT Labourer, John WEBB Labourer

witnesses: George AMES, William LOADER


25-Jan-1841; Percival CUFF & Catharine Susannah BARNES otherwise FRY both of full age

fathers: William CUFF Labourer, Thomas BARNES otherwise FRY Labourer

witnesses: John BALL, Benjamin KNIGHT


07-Mar-1841; George HORLOCK of full age & Sarah PARKER minor

fathers: Henry HORLOCK Labourer, John PARKER Labourer

witnesses:  Thomas AMES, Elizabeth HORLOCK


30-May-1841; William BOYTE 29, Journeyman Baker of Charlton & Spetisbury & Mary PEARCE 22

fathers: Richard BOYTE Labourer, Charles PEARCE Sawyer

witnesses: Elizabeth Ann PEARCE, John BOYTE


10-Aug-1841; Charles FLIPP 22 & Jemima LOADER 19

fathers: Robert FLIPP Labourer, John LOADER Tailor

witnesses: Susannah FLIPP, Dinah DURRANT, John DURRANT, Thomas HAMES


02-Nov-1841; Martin Frampton AMES junior 32, widower, Tailor & Jane WEBSTER 25, in service at Milton Abbas

fathers: Martin Frampton AMES Tailor, William WEBSTER Wheelwright

witnesses:  George AMES, Jane AMES


17-May-1842; Francis HUNT 22 & Elizabeth COX 21

fathers: Thomas HUNT Labourer, James COX Labourer

witnesses:  Eliza HAMES, Harry HUNT, Mary COUSENS, Thomas HAMES


24-Jul-1842; George KNIGHT 31, Bricklayer & Hester WHITE 27 of Blandford Forum, by Licence

fathers: Henry KNIGHT Bricklayer, Joseph WHITE Coachman

witnesses: Eliza KNIGHT, Charles WHITE, Jane WHITE


13-Aug-1842; David PICKFORD 27 of Witchampton & Elizabeth GOOBY 24

fathers: John PICKFORD deceased, Robert GOOBY Labourer

witnesses: George PICKFORD, Ann WATERMAN


13-Oct-1842; John DURANT 21 & Martha Amelia GREEN of full age, of Blandford Forum

fathers: Aquila DURANT Labourer, Richard GREEN Wood Cutter

witnesses: Sabina DURANT, Thomas BILLETT, Henry DURANT


12-Jul-1843; Solomon LAMBERT 29 Butcher of Winterborne Kingston & Elizabeth WHITMELL 23

fathers: George LAMBERT Labourer, William WHITMELL Labourer

witnesses: William WHITMELL, Ann WHITMELL


08-Aug-1843; James TRIM 29 Carpenter of Iwerne Courtney & Jane HARVEY 33 widow

fathers: John TRIM Carpenter, Henry KNIGHT Bricklayer

witnesses: Jane TRIM, John Short KERLEY


23-Apr-1844; John Hosse MITCHELL 31 Yeoman of Witchampton & Mary MITCHELL 32, by Licence

fathers: Daniel MITCHELL Yeoman, Thomas MITCHELL Yeoman

witnesses: John MITCHELL, Benjamin KNIGHT


24-Jun-1844; Charles STEVENS 25 Gardener & Charlotte READ 24

fathers: Stephen STEVENS Blacksmith, James READ Labourer

witnesses: Eliza STEVENS, Edward STEVENS


24-Dec-1844; John GILLINGHAM 26 Veterinary Surgeon & Eliza Webber CLARKE 24, by Licence

fathers: Robert GILLINGHAM Yeoman, John CLARKE Butcher

witnesses: Sarah CLARKE, Robert GILLINGHAM


09-Jan-1845; Richard DOMINY 25 Butcher of Blandord Forum & Ellen THORNE 19, by Licence

fathers: Robert DOMINY Butcher, William THORNE Victualler

witnesses: Dinah (?) LEGG, Ahuzzath LEGG


13-May-1845; George DOWNTON 21 & Louisa COX 17

fathers: James DOWNTON Labourer, James COX Labourer

witnesses: Ann BARNES, Thomas COX


03-Jun-1845; Emanuel CHINN 25 Farmer of Charlton & Jane AMES 33

fathers: George CHINN Farmer, Martin Frampton AMES Tailor

witnesses: Marianne CHIN, George AMES


24-Sep-1845; Henry HARDYMAN 22 & Louisa BARTOOT 20

fathers: James HARDYMAN Cordwainer, William BARFOOT Labourer

witnesses: George BARFOOT, Mary Hannah HASKELL


25-Sep-1845; Frederic ALLEN 23 Ostler & Elizabeth Ann LOADER

fathers: George ALLEN Cordwainer, William LOADER Carpenter

witnesses: Catherine LOADER, Philip LOADER


02-Oct-1845; Edward BALLOTT 50 & Elizabeth DURANT 42 widow

fathers: Edward BALLOTT Labourer, Henry MILES Labourer

witnesses: Louisa AMES, Richard MANUEL


09-Oct-1845; Richard FRY 29 widower & Elizabeth BASCOMB 36

fathers: John FRY Yeoman, George BASCOMB Cordwainer

witnesses: Moses FRY, Hannah KNIGHT



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