1901 Census - RG13/1988

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

N of Enumeration District: 15

225 people in 57 households on the night of March 31st, 1901

9311West Creech FarmHORLOCK WilliamHeadM72MFarmer EmployerDOR Norden, Corfe Castle 
931  HORLOCK MaryWifeM67F   DOR Worth 
931  HORLOCK WilliamSonS42MFarmer’s Son WorkerDOR Langton Matravers 
931  COBBAlbert ServantS15MCowboy on FarmWorker DOR Grange Rd., Wareham 
9312West CreechTAYLOR EmmaHeadS40FUpholsterer & Needlewoman Own ac.DOR Steeple 
931  STICKLAND KeziaBoarderS66FIn Private Garden & Pleasure Grounds WorkerDOR SteepleDeaf
9313West CreechSHELTON WilliamHeadM50MGame Keeper WorkerESS Birch 
931  SHELTON MarthaWifeM48F   ESS Birch 
931  SHELTON EvaDaurS16F   ESS Mistley 
931  SHELTON WillieSonS14M   NTT Exley 
9314GrangeSELBYCharles HeadM65MGardener (Domestic)Worker DOR Church Knowle 
931  SELBY SarahWifeM66F   DOR Church Knowle 
931  PARSONS MaryVisitorM38F   DOR Steeple 
931  PARSONS Florence MyrtleVisitorS6F   DOR Swanage 
931  PARSONS Margaret EvaVisitorS3F   DOR Swanage 
931  PARSONS Doris ChristianVisitorS4mF   DOR Swanage 
9315Oak CottageJAMES ArchibaldHeadM25MGame Keeper WorkerDOR Critchel 
931  JAMES EdithWifeM27F   DOR Houghton 
931  JAMES DouglasSonS2M   GLA Cardiff 
931  ROBINS JaneVisitorM50F   DOR Ibberton 
931  LEAHReginald LodgerS17MGame KeeperWorker HAM Mothingout 
9316Creech GrangeFREEMAN GeorgeSvt in chargeS28MFootman (Domestic) WorkerYKS Ripon 
931 (Private House - Let)DALEY RichardBoarderS35MPriest (Roman Catholic)  AUS Victoria 
931  PRAWFORD Isabella BoazServantS52FHousemaid (Domestic)  Scotland 
931  McATHY ElizabethServantS25FLaundry Maid (Domestic)  SSX Chichester 
931  SHELTON Ethel MayServantS18FKitchen Maid (Domestic)  ESS Mistley 
9317Creech GrangeWARD Alfred G. H.HeadM38MGardener (Domestic) WorkerDEV Shute 
931 Gardener’s CottageWARD MaryWifeM39F   NTH Blakesley 
9328Grange Dairy HouseMEAD GeorgeHeadM49MForeman on Farm WorkerDOR East Holme 
932  MEADElizabeth WifeM52FDairy Woman (Domestic) WorkerDOR Blackmanstone [Steeple] 
932  MEADJohn SonS15MDairy BoyWorker DOR Tyneham 
932  MEADEdith Annie DaurS14F   DOR Tyneham 
932  MEADCharles SonS11M   DOR Tyneham 
932  MEADMabel Jane DaurS11F   DOR Tyneham 
932  MASTERS Victoria J.VisitorS13F   DOR Grange [Steeple] 
9329Grange RoadMASTERS GeorgeHeadW65MCarter on Farm WorkerDOR Kingston 
932  MASTERS WilliamSonW35MCarter on Farm WorkerDOR Langton Matravers 
932  DAMON ElizabethSisterW78F   DOR Kingston 
932  MASTERS SusanDau-in-LawM40F   DOR Langton Matravers 
93210Grange RoadTALBOT WilliamHeadM46MChef (Private Yacht) WorkerDOR Corfe Castle 
932 (Post Office)TALBOT EdithWifeM32FSub Postmistress WorkerDOR Steeple 
93211Grange RoadHIBBS HenryHeadW60MMason on Estate WorkerDOR Corfe Castle 
93212Grange RoadBILES JamesHeadM55MShepherd on Farm WorkerDOR Powerstock 
932  BILES Sarah AnnWifeM54F   DOR Whitechurch 
932  BILES Albert EdwardSonS13MGarden Boy WorkerDOR Steeple 
93213Grange RoadBUTLER JohnHeadM32MCoachman (Domestic) WorkerNTH Farthinghoe 
932  BUTLER AnnieWifeM32F   ESS Canning 
932  BUTLER Emily VioletDaurS4F   SRY Egham 
932  BUTLER Elsie VictoriaDaurS1mF   DOR Steeple 
93214Grange RoadDOREY JaneHeadS55Fown means  DOR Holme Bridge 
932  DOREY ElizabethSisterS54F   DOR Steeple 
932  DOREY JonathanCousinS35MCarpenter on Estate WorkerDOR Holme Bridge 
93215Grange RoadPOORE AmeliaHeadW57FLaundress (not Domestic)  BRK Brimpton 
932  POORE Frederick CharlesSonS26MGardener (Domestic) WorkerDOR Holt 
93216Grange RoadBEST HenryHeadM65MSawyer on Estate WorkerDOR Wareham 
932  BESTMary Ann WifeM65F   DOR Wareham 
93217Grange RoadSLADE Elizabeth M.HeadW69F   DOR Erbury 
94318Grange RoadSMITH JohnHeadM62MBootmaker Own ac.DOR Worth Matravers 
943  SMITH HarrietWifeM63F   DOR Netherbury 
943  SMITH FrankSonS29MPostman  DOR Arne 
94319Grange RoadBARNES George IsaacHeadM59MCarpenter on Estate WorkerDOR Hinton Martell 
943  BARNES Bridget BlandfordWifeM55FDressmaker Own ac.DOR Sturminster Marshall 
94320Grange RoadLUCAS GeorgeHeadM38MBlacksmith Own ac.SOM Yeovil, East Coker 
943  LUCAS LouisaWifeM38F   SOM Yeovil, East Coker 
943  LUCAS JennieDaurS14F   DOR Bridport 
94321Grange RoadTALBOT SarahHeadS31FCook (not Domestic)  DOR Church Knowle 
943  LINNINGTON ElizabethAuntS61F   DOR Kingston 
94322Grange RoadFOOKS MaryHeadW53FNeedlewoman  DOR Church Knowle 
943  FOOKS FrankSonS17MBricklayer’s Labourer WorkerDOR Tyneham 
943  FOOKS LillieDaurS12F   DOR Tyneham 
943  FOOKS AdaDaurS8F   DOR Tyneham 
94323New Hall (nearDOREY WilliamHeadM63MFarmer (Small Holding) Own ac.DOR East Holme 
943 Bridewell Cottages)DOREY SophiaWifeM69F  Own ac.DOR West Moors 
94324BridewellSTICKLAND CharlesHeadM62MSawyer (on Estate) WorkerDOR Wareham 
943  STICKLAND EmilyWifeM59F   DOR Steeple 
943  STICKLAND Emily LillieDaurS21F   DOR Steeple 
94325BridewellWHITTLE MaryHeadW81F   DOR Steeple 
943  WHITTLE JohnSonS52MOrdinary Agricultural Labourer Own ac.DOR Steeple 
943  WHITTLE PhilipSonS40MMason (on Estate) WorkerDOR Steeple 
94326BridewellHOOPER JosephHeadM57MLabourer (Clay Works) WorkerDOR Steeple 
943  HOOPER ElizabethWifeM55F   DOR Bradford 
943  HOOPER HelenDaurS14F   DOR Steeple 
94327Hurst Mill FarmHOOPER EdwardHeadW60MFarmer Own ac.DOR Steeple 
943  HOOPER Alice S.DaurS27F   OXF Oxford St Paul’s 
943  HOOPER Arthur S.SonS26MFarmer’s Son WorkerOXF Oxford St Paul’s 
943  HOOPER Ethel M.DaurS18F   DOR Steeple 
94428Rookery (by WestTAYLOR AmbroseHeadM62MFarmer (Small Holding) Own ac.DOR Steeple 
944 Creech Road)TAYLOR AnnWifeM63F   DOR Stoborough, Wareham 
944  STURMEY CharlesVisitorS19MGardener (not Domestic) WorkerDOR Lulworth 
94429Rookery (by WestTAYLOR AlbertHeadM29MOrdinary Agricultural Labourer WorkerDOR Steeple 
944 Creech Road)TAYLOR EmmaWifeM28F   DOR West Lulworth 
944  TAYLOR KateDaurS5F   DOR Steeple 
944  TAYLOR ThomasSonS3M   DOR Steeple 
944  TAYLOR AgnesDaurS1F   DOR Steeple 
94430West Creech RoadHOOPER RichardHeadM64MWoodman (on Estate) WorkerDOR Steeple 
944  HOOPER HarrietWifeM66F   HAM Preston Candover 
944  HOOPER William GeorgeSonM36MPoultry Dealer Own ac.DOR Tyneham 
94431West Creech RoadCOOPER JosephHeadM29MLabourer (on Farm) WorkerDOR Lulworth Road 
944  COOPER MaryWifeM27F   DOR Corfe Castle 
944  COOPER JessieDaurS4F   DOR Tyneham, Povington 
944  COOPER BertieSonS3M   DOR Tyneham, Povington 
944  COOPER BessieDaurS2F   DOR Steeple, West Creech 
94432BroadmoorCOOPER JohnHeadM43MFarmer (Small Holding) Own ac.DOR Steeple, Broadmoor 
944  COOPER AmyWifeM42F   DOR East Stoke 
944  COOPER ArthurSonS17MFarmer’s Son WorkerDOR Steeple, Broadmoor 
944  COOPER LucyDaurS15F   DOR Steeple, Broadmoor 
944  COOPER AnnDaurS11F   DOR Steeple, Broadmoor 
944  COOPER GeorgeSonS7M   DOR Steeple, Broadmoor 
944  COOPER JohnFatherM81M   DOR Steeple, Broadmoor 
944  COOPER MaryMotherM75F   DOR Tyneham, Povington 
94433West Creech RoadSTOCKLEY SidneyHeadS46MFarmer (Small Holding) Own ac.DOR Steeple 
94434West Creech RoadTAYLOR WilliamHeadM43MWoodman (on Estate) WorkerDOR Steeple 
944  TAYLOR Sarah AnnWifeM44F   DOR Long Ham 
944  TAYLOR Alfred HenrySonS18MPostman  DOR Steeple 
944  SELBY Sarah JaneNieceS16F   DOR Wareham 
944  WILLIAMS LeslieVisitorS5M   LND Lambeth 
95535West CreechTOMS MaryHeadW58F   DOR Plush 
955  TOMSHenry Charles SonS29MOrdinary Agricultural Labourer WorkerDOR Winfrith 
955  TOMSErnest Arthur SonS28MOrdinary Agricultural Labourer WorkerDOR Winfrith 
955  TOMSEva Annie DaurS27F   DOR Chaldon Herring 
955  TOMSHerbert William SonS25MOrdinary Agricultural Labourer WorkerDOR Chaldon Herring 
95536West CreechHORLOCK JohnHeadM33MFarmer’s Assistant WorkerDOR Steeple 
955  HORLOCK Sarah JaneWifeM36F   DOR Milton Abbas 
955  HORLOCK Herbert W. G.SonS5M   DOR Steeple 
95537West CreechCOOPER George H. B.HeadS40MGeneral Labourer on Farm WorkerDOR Steeple 
955  COOPER ElizabethMotherW73F   DOR Church Knowle 
955  COOPER Priscilla E.SisterS28F   DOR Steeple 
95538Creech Grange            
   Stablemen Rooms Enumerated Elsewhere         
End of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Grange           
95639Lutton FarmCHILLCOT James ArthurHeadM46MFarmer EmployerDOR East Burton 
956  CHILLCOT Mary CarolineWifeM43F   DOR Okeford Fitzpaine 
956  CHILLCOT Bernard G. L.SonS14M   DOR Tyneham 
956  CHILLCOT Mabel MayDaurS13F   DOR Tyneham 
956  CHILLCOT Percy Ernest E.SonS11M   DOR Tyneham 
956  CHILLCOT Ethel IreneDaurS10F   DOR Tyneham 
95640Lutton CottageSMITH WilliamHeadM41MCarter on Farm WorkerDOR Worth Matravers 
956  SMITH Eliza LouisaWifeM46F   DOR Studland 
956  SMITH Georgina LillyDaurS11F   DOR Tyneham 
956  SMITH Helen ElsieDaurS8F   DOR Steeple 
956  SMITH Edith MayDaurS7F   DOR Steeple 
956uLutton Cottage            
95641Lutton DairyHARRIS WilliamHeadM44MDairyman WorkerDOR Wool 
956  HARRIS Mary JaneWifeM44F   DOR Cerne Abbas 
956  HARRIS William J.SonS18MCarter Boy on Farm WorkerDOR East Burton, Wool 
956  HARRIS John W.SonS18MCarter Boy on Farm WorkerDOR East Burton, Wool 
956  HARRIS Charles HenrySonS15MBoy in Farmhouse WorkerDOR Sturminster Marshall 
956  HARRIS Frederick JosephSonS13M   DOR Longfleet, Poole 
956  HARRIS Beatrice SarahDaurS10F   DOR Longfleet, Poole 
956  HARRIS George WalterSonS8M   DOR Church Knowle 
956  HARRIS Ernest EdwardSonS4M   DOR Church Knowle 
956  HARRIS Ivy MayDaurS1F   DOR East Burton, Wool 
95642Steeple Leaze FarmHORLOCK JamesHeadW61MFarmer EmployerDOR Corfe Castle 
956  HORLOCK WilliamSonS32MFarmer’s Son WorkerDOR Corfe Castle 
956  HORLOCK FrederickSonS29MFarmer’s Son WorkerDOR Arne 
956  HORLOCK FrancesDaurS26F   DOR Arne 
956  HORLOCK OwenSonS24MFarmer’s Son WorkerDOR Arne 
956  HORLOCK AnnieDaurS22F   DOR Arne 
956  HORLOCK CharlieSonS19M   DOR Arne 
956  HORLOCK JohnBrotherM59MGardener (not Domestic) WorkerDOR Corfe Castle 
96743Steeple LeazeBEST FrankHeadM28MOrdinary Agricultural Labourer WorkerDOR Steeple 
967  BESTLouisa WifeM31F   DOR Arne 
967  BESTElsie DaurS8F   DOR Steeple 
967  BESTGeorge SonS7M  DOR Steeple  
967  BESTFrederick SonS6M  DOR Steeple  
967  BESTWinifred DaurS4F   DOR Steeple 
967  BESTLouisa DaurS2F   DOR Steeple 
967uSteeple Leaze Cottage            
96744Steeple ParsonageFILLITER William DavyHeadM43MClergyman (Church of England)  DOR Wareham 
967  FILLITER FlorenceWifeM50F   GLS Bristol 
967  FILLITER Gladys Rose EllenDaurS10F   GLS Clifton 
967  STICKLAND LilyServS21FCook (Domestic)  DOR Church Knowle 
967  SHORT Edith JaneServS17FHousemaid (Domestic)  DOR Church Knowle 
967 Steeple Church            
96745SteepleHOLLANDSamuel HeadM67MLabourer on FarmWorker DOR Worth Matravers 
967  HOLLAND CarolineWifeM67F   DOR Herpstone, Steeple 
96746Steeple FarmBURDEN Samuel GeorgeHeadM39MFarmer EmployerDOR Pilford 
967  BURDEN SelinaWifeM50F   DOR Egliston 
967  BURDEN Sophia LouisaDaurS16F   DOR Wareham 
967  BURDEN Victoria CatherineDaurS14F   DOR Wareham 
967  BURDEN Selina RoseDaurS12F   DOR Wareham 
967  BURDEN Fanny TemperanceDaurS10F   DOR Steeple 
967  DUNNAda Catherine VisitorS25FDressmakerOwn ac. HAM Ringwood 
967  SMITH Alice LouisaVisitorS21F   DOR Church Knowle 
96747Blackmanstone FarmBRAISBY George EdwardHeadM28MFarmer EmployerLIN Woolsthorp 
967  BRAISBY Laura Jane M.WifeM29F   ESS Colchester 
967  BRAISBY Margaret DorcasDaurS1F   DOR Steeple 
967  RADFORD Marianne B.Sis-in-LawS17F   LND Chelsea 
96848BlackmanstoneGORINGE WilliamHeadM62MDairyman Own ac.DOR Corfe Castle, Bushey 
96848Dairy HouseGORINGE MarthaWifeM56F   DOR Kingston Northill 
968  GORINGE AlbertSonS23MDairyman’s Son WorkerDOR Coombe Keynes 
968  GORINGE AugustaDaurS18F   DOR Corfe Castle, Bushey 
96849BlackmanstoneSTOCKLEY JohnHeadM53MLabourer on Farm WorkerDOR Corfe Castle, Bushey 
968 CottageSTOCKLEY EmmaWifeM46F   DOR South Egliston 
96850BlackmanstoneCURTIS ThomasHeadM70MLabourer on Farm  DOR Corfe Castle 
968 CottageCURTIS HesterWifeM67F   DOR Herston [Swanage] 
968  CURTIS AliceDaurS24F   DOR Church Knowle 
968  CURTIS GeorgeSonS23MCarter on Farm WorkerDOR Church Knowle 
968  CURTIS CharlesSonS21MCarter on Farm WorkerDOR Church Knowle 
968  STUDLEY DennisNephewS21MAgricultural Labourer WorkerDOR Church Knowle 
96851HydeFORDCharles HeadM50MGamekeeperWorker DOR Pimperne 
968  FORDEmily M. WifeM49F   DOR Milborne St Andrew 
968  FORDEllen Mabel DaurS14F   DOR Houghton 
968  FORDHenry Charles SonS12M   DOR Houghton 
968  FORDBessie DaurS9F   DOR Houghton 
968  GILLARD AdamBoarderW80MLabourer on Farm WorkerDOR Milborne St Andrew 
96852HerpstoneMULLETT EliHeadM41MLabourer on Farm WorkerDOR Worth Matravers 
968  MULLETT CarolineWifeM45F   DOR Langton Matravers 
968  MULLETT CharlesSonS18MLabourer on Farm WorkerDOR Langton Matravers 
968  MULLETT JohnSonS16MLabourer on Farm WorkerDOR Church Knowle 
968  MULLETT CarolineDaurS14F   DOR Church Knowle 
968  MULLETT ThomasSonS11M   DOR Church Knowle 
968  MULLETT OwenSonS8M   DOR Steeple 
968  MULLETT Elizabeth JaneDaurS4M   DOR Steeple 
97953KimmeridgeCOOPER GeorgeHeadW45MCarpenter on Estate WorkerDOR Kimmeridge 
979  COOPER MaryDaurS17F   DOR Broadway 
979  COOPER ArthurSonS14MPage  DOR Steeple 
979  COOPER PercySonS12M   DOR Steeple 
979  COOPER HettyDaurS10F   DOR Steeple 
979u1 Gaulter            
979542 GaulterGREENArthur HeadM50MLabourer on FarmWorker DOR Woodsford 
979  GREEN LucyWifeM49F   DOR [Winterborne] Came 
979  GREEN JohnSonS18MLabourer on Farm WorkerDOR Owermoigne 
979  GREEN MatildaDaurS14F   DOR Owermoigne 
979  GREEN MercyDaurS12F   DOR Owermoigne 
979  GREEN AlbertSonS10M   DOR Owermoigne 
979  GREEN FrankSonS8M   DOR Owermoigne 
979  GREEN RachelDaurS3F   DOR Corfe Castle, Norden 
979553 GaulterDENNETT WilliamHeadM71MPauper [crossed out]  DOR Dewlish 
979  DENNETT TresaWifeM83FGeneral Labourer  DOR East Lulworth 
979564 GaulterPEVRELL WilliamHeadW72MGeneral Labourer  DOR Church Knowle 
979575 GaulterELLISElizabeth HeadW67FGeneral Labourer  DOR Cerne Abbas 
979u6 Gaulter            
979u7 Gaulter            
979u8 Gaulter            
979u9 Gaulter            
979u10 Gaulter            
979uShepherd’s Cottage            
   South Lutton            
End of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Steeple           

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