BAPTISMS 1798 to 1812

Transcribed by Nigel Johns

Dorset History Centre Reference - PE/STR : RE1/2

This register includes baptisms and burials from July 1798 to the end of 1812. It contains 135 baptism entries. The Transcriber
has numbered the entries for reference purposes. Comments in square brackets are the Transcribers. Up to the middle of 1809
the baptism part of the register has columns for 3 dates: the date of birth, the date of the private baptism and the date of the public
baptism. It appears that the idea was that when there was a private baptism an entry would be added which would be completed
when the public baptism took place. However this did not always happen and some children appear twice. These entries generally
have comments " look on" or " look back" with them. From the middle of 1809 only the date of birth and of the public baptism are
noted. Because of the duplication the 135 entries only relate to 127 different children.


Entry number, Date of baptism, First names, Son or Daughter, Father's name, Mother's name, Surname, Date of birth, Notes.

1; 15-Jul-1798; Josepth; s; David; Lucy; KING; 26-Sep-1797; pr at Bradford

2; 20-Jan-1799; Robert; s; Henry; Jane; GREEN; 11-Sep-1798; pr 23-Sep-1798

3; ; Mary Anne; d; Richard; Elizabeth; WOOLFRYES; 7-Nov-1798; pr 9-Nov-1798

4; 20-Jan-1799; Rebecca Bow; d; Thomas; Hannah; WOODLAND; 25-Dec-1798;

5; 20-Jan-1799; Wm; s; Matthew; Sarah; ROBERTS; 3-Jan-1799;

6; 24-Feb-1799; Sylvia; d; John; Mary; GEORGE; 3-Jul-1797; pr 5-Jul 1797

7; 24-Feb-1799; Mary; d; John; Mary; GEORGE; 25-Jan-1799;

8; 17-Mar-1799; Rebecca; d; John; Agnes; ELLES; 13-Mar-1799;

9; 21-Apr-1799; Wm; s; Wm; Martha; WHITE; 28-Oct-1798;

10; 21-Apr-1799; Hannah; d; Wm; Mary; MEAGER; 24-Mar-1799;

11; 21-Apr-1799; Anne; d; Robt; Sarah; SMITH; 27-Mar-1799;

12; 9-Jun-1799; Benjamin; s; Wm; Anne; NORTHOVER; 24-May-1799; pr 26-May-1799

13; 25-Jan-1801; Sarah; d; ; Anne; BRINSON; 6-Aug-1799; pr 6-Aug-1799, natural child, father John BUN [see entry 28]

14; 8-Dec-1799; Josepth; s; John; Mary; STAYNER; 12-Aug-1799; pr 25-Aug-1799

15; 5-Jan-1801; Mary; d; Robt; Mary; WILLIS; 23-May-1800; pr 24-May-1800

16; 2-Feb-1800; John; s; James; Jane; BROWN; 30-Dec-1799;

17; 23-Feb-1800; Sarah; d; Thos; Hannah; WOODLAND; 25-Jan-1800;

18; 4-May-1800; John; s; Wm; Martha; WHITE; 15-Feb-1800;

19; 11-Jan-1801; Mary; d; Robt; Rebecca; CURME; 2-Apr-1800; pr 27-Apr-1800

20; 10-Aug-1800; Josias; s; Wm; Mary; GREEN; 9-Jul-1800; pr 9-Jul-1800

21; 8-Jun-1800; John; s; Benjamin; Anne; BARTLETT; 29-Apr-1800; pr 29-Apr-1800

22; 16-Nov-1800; Mary; d; Henry; Anne; MELLER; 5-Oct-1800;

23; 23-Nov-1800; Jane Dowel; d; Robt; Sarah; SMITH; 28-Oct-1800;

24; 25-Dec-1800; John; s; David; Lucy; KING; 18-Oct-1800; pr 9-Nov-1800

25; 5-Jan-1801; Elizabeth; d; Giles; Sarah; HAYWARD; ; of Evershot

26; 11-Jan-1801; Robert; s; Wm; Mary; WHITTLE; 9-Mar-1800; pr 1-Apr-1800

27; 11-Jan-1801; William; s; ; Mary; FOOT; ; pr 4-Sep-1791, natural child

28; 25-Jan-1801; Sarah; d; ; Anna; BRINSON; ; natural child, look back [see entry 13]

29; 8-Feb-1801; Josepth; s; Matthew; Sarah; RABBITS; 9-Dec-1800;

30; 22-Nov-1801; William; s; ; Mary; WOODLAND; 26-Feb-1801; pr 8-Mar-1801, natural child

31; 22-Mar-1801; Elizabeth; d; Christopher; Elizabeth; BRETT; 23-Feb-1801;

32; 5-Jul-1801; Elizabeth; d; William; Martha; WHITE; 15-Apr-1801; pr 26-Apr-1801

33; 26-Apr-1801; Susannah; d; Robert; Rebecca; LAKE; 1-Apr-1801;

34; 29-Sep-1801; William; s; Matthew; Mary; PITMAN; 30-May-1801; pr 31-May-1801

35; ; Josepth; s; Robert Harden; Anne; WOODSFORD; 12-Sep-1801; pr 13-Sep-1801

36; 27-Sep-1801; William; s; Thomas; Hannah; WOODLAND; 28-Jun-1801;

37; 3-Jan-1802; Susannah; d; Wm; Susannah; HONEYBOURN; 11-Nov-1801;

38; 28-Apr-1803; Robert; s; Robert; Mary; WILLIS; 18-Jan-1802; pr 22-Jan-1802

39; ; William; s; William; Miriam; ROPER; 6-May-1802; pr 6-May-1802

40; ; George; s; Edward; Mary; WINZAR; 1-Jun-1802; pr 6-Jun-1802 [see entry 89]

41; 27-Jun-1802; Josepth; s; William; Anne; NORTHOVER; 10-Jun-1802; pr 13-Jun-1802

42; ; Maria; d; James; Mary; OZZARD; 24-Jun-1802; pr 4-Jul-1802, look on [see entry 56]

43; 25-Dec-1802; George; s; Robert; Rebecca; CURME; 25-Jul-1802; pr 1-Aug-1802

44; 28-Nov-1802; Jeremiah; s; Benjamin; Ann; BARTLETT; 22-Nov-1802;

45; 28-Nov-1802; Elizabeth; d; William; Sarah; GALTON; 29-Oct-1802;

46; 6-Jan-1803; William; s; William; Sarah; DAVY; 8-Dec-1802; pr 9-Dec-1802

47; 5-Jun-1803; Alice; d; John; Mary; STAYNER; 20-Jan-1803; pr 30-Jan-1803

48; 27-Feb-1803; Jane; d; Thomas; Hannah; WOODLAND; 30-Jan-1803; pr 13-Feb-1803

49; 31-May-1803; Richard; s; Robert; Rebecca; LAKE; 31-Mar-1803; pr 3-Apr-1803

50; 28-Apr-1803; William; s; Robert; Mary; WILLIS; 1-Apr-1803; pr 3-Apr-1803

51; 24-Apr-1803; Matilda; d; William; Sarah; GREEN; 4-Apr-1803;

52; 5-Jun-1803; Mary; d; Thomas; Anne; BOWRING; 19-Apr-1803; pr 25-Apr-1803

53; 28-Apr-1803; Sarah; d; Giles; Sarah; HAYWARD; 19-May-1802; of Evershot

54; ; James; s; James; Sarah; SAUNDERS; 17-May-1803; pr 5-Jun-1803, look on [see entry 57]

55; 24-Jul-1803; John; s; Samuel; Sarah; CORNICK; 25-Jun-1803;

56; 19-Oct-1803; Maria; d; James; Mary; OZZARD; ; look back [see entry 42]

57; 13-Nov-1803; James; s; James; Sarah; SAUNDERS; ; look back [see entry 54]

58; 5-Feb-1804; Charles; s; William; Susannah; HONEYBOURN; 26-Dec-1803;

59; 2-Oct-1804; Rebecca; d; Thomas Andrew; Elizabeth; CHAPMAN; 27-Feb-1804; pr 28-Feb-1804, of Grimstone

60; 20-May-1804; Mary Anne; d; William; Elizabeth; DAW; 26-Mar-1804; pr 1-Apr-1804

61; ; Anne; d; William; Anne; TIZARD; 22-May-1804; pr 27-May-1804

62; 17-Jun-1804; Martha; d; William; Anne; NORTHOVER; 31-May-1804;

63; 2-Mar-1806; James; s; James; Jane; BROWN; 15-Jun-1804; pr 17-Jun-1804

64; 19-Aug-1804; Josiah; s; Christopher; Elizabeth; BRETT; 22-Jul-1804;

65; 29-Nov-1804; Susannah; d; Robert; Mary; WILLIS; 27-Jul-1804; pr 2-Sep-1804

66; 11-May-1806; William; s; Thomas; Anne; BOWRING; 13-Oct-1804; pr 14-Oct-1804

67; ; Mary Anne; d; James; Mary; OZZARD; 4-Feb-1805; pr 10-Feb-1805, [baptised] at Charminster [21-Dec-1806]

68; 17-Mar-1805; Maria; d; Thomas; Hannah; WOODLAND; 6-Dec-1804;

69; 12-May-1805; Robert; s; Robert; Rebecca; CURME; 18-Mar-1805; pr 24-Mar-1805

70; ; John; s; James; Sarah; SANDERS; 26-Mar-1805; pr 7-Apr-1805

71; ; Mary Louisa; d; John; Elizabeth; COLLINS; 4-Apr-1805; pr 5-May-1805 [see entry 96]

72; 9-Jun-1805; William; s; William; Sarah; FEVER; 11-May-1791; pr 17-May-1791

73; 9-Jun-1805; Hannah; d; Henry; Sarah; FEVER; 19-Apr-1804; pr 25-Apr-1804

74; 3-Aug-1806; Simon; s; Thomas; Mary; SYMONTS; 9-Jul-1805; pr 14-Jul-1805

75; 29-Dec-1806; Robert; s; Robert; Rebecca; LAKE; 27-Sep-1805; pr 29-Sep-1805

76; 25-Dec-1805; Thomas; s; William; Sarah; DAVY; 31-Oct-1805; pr 3-Nov-1805

77; 3-Jan-1807; Josepth; s; Robert; Mary; WILLIS; 3-Dec-1806; pr 22-Dec-1806 [see entry 106]

78; 2-Mar-1806; Jane; d; James; Jane; BROWN; 3-Feb-1806;

79; 27-Apr-1806; Hannah; d; William; Susannah; HONEYBOURN; 11-Mar-1806;

80; 11-May-1806; Anne; d; Thos; Anne; BOWRING; 28-Mar-1806; pr 8-May-1806

81; 25-May-1806; Mary Anne; d; Thomas; Hannah; WOODLAND; 23-Apr-1806;

82; 6-Jul-1806; Mary; d; Thomas Andrew; Elizabeth; CHAPMAN; 27-May-1806; pr 28-May-1806

83; ; Susannah Bound; d; Wm; Elizabeth; DAW; 18-Jul-1806; pr 13-Jul-1806 [see entry 90]

84; ; Charles; s; Charles; Anne; RANDALL; 13-Jul-1806; pr 24-Jul-1806 [see entry 88]

85; 3-Aug-1806; David Drake; s; Samuel; Sarah; CORNICK; 18-Dec-1806; born Jul?, bap 1807?

86; 5-Jul-1807; Susannah Bridge; d; William; Mary; FRAMPTON; 16-Sep-1806; pr 21-Sep-1806

87; 12-Oct-1806; Deborah; d; Wm; Anne; NORTHOVER; 16-Sep-1806;

88; 12-Oct-1806; Charles; s; Charles; Anne; RANDALL; ; look back [see entry 84]

89; 12-Oct-1806; George; s; Edward; Mary; WINZAR; ; look back [see entry 40]

90; 12-Oct-1806; Susannah Bound; d; William; Elizabeth; DAW; ; look back [see entry 83]

91; 14-Aug-1809; Susannah; d; Robert; Rebecca; CURME; 24-Mar-1807; pr 27-Mar-1807

92; 17-May-1807; Harriet; d; Thos; Betty; PAINTER; 9-Apr-1807; pr 12-Apr-1807

93; ; Mary; d; Robert; Mary; CLARKE; 12-May-1807; pr 17-May-1807

94; ; Sarah; d; Robt; Mary; WILLIS; 7-Jun-1807; pr 5-Jul-1807

95; 10-Sep-1807; Maria; d; John; Elizabeth; COLLINS; 16-Jul-1803; pr 24-Jul-1803 at Wrington,Somerset

96; 18-Sep-1807; Mary Louisa Hanham; d; John; Elizabeth; COLLINS; ; look back [see entry 71]

97; 18-Sep-1807; Anna Matilda; d; John; Elizabeth; COLLINS; 16-Aug-1807; pr 24-Aug-1807 at Bradford

98; 18-Oct-1807; Mark; s; William; Sarah; GREEN; 28-Sep-1807;

99; 15-May-1808; Mary; d; Robert; Mary; BURT; 15-Nov-1807; pr 29-Nov-1807

100; 1-May-1808; Josepth; s; Thomas; Hannah; WOODLAND; 26-Nov-1807; pr 29-Nov-1807

101; 29-May-1808; James; s; William; Susannah; HONEYBOURN; 14-Apr-1808;

102; 25-Dec-1808; Thomas; s; James; Martha; CORNICK; 6-Nov-1808; pr 13-Nov-1808

103; 21-Mar-1809; John; s; Robert; Mary; WILLIS; 23-Dec-1808; pr 28-Dec-1808 [see entry 106]

104; 29-Jan-1809; Robert; s; Robert; Mary; CLARKE; 27-Dec-1808; pr 28-Dec-1808

105; 25-Dec-1808; Mary; d; William; Elizabeth; DAVIS; 8-Sep-1808;

106; 21-Mar-1809; Josepth; s; Robert; Mary; WILLIS; ; look back [see entries 77 and 103]

107; 21-Jun-1809; Charlotte; d; William; Jane; WOODLAND; 21-May-1809;

108; 21-Jun-1809; Louisa; d; Thomas; Hannah; WOODLAND; 7-Apr-1809;

109; 14-Aug-1809; Sarah; d; Robert; Rebecca; CURME; 2-Jan-1809;

110; 1-Oct-1809; Jesse; s; James; Elizabeth; ROBERTS; 30-Sep-1809;

111; 1-Nov-1809; John Tregallas; s; James; Elizabeth; GOOLD; 30-Oct-1809;

112; 28-Jan-1810; Anne; d; Robert; Betty; ROGERS; 23-Jan-1810;

113; 4-Feb-1810; John; s; Edward; Sarah; WELLMAN; 4-Mar-1809;

114; 4-Feb-1810; Henry; s; William; Sarah; GREEN; 1-Feb-1810;

115; 11-Feb-1810; Patience; d; Thomas; Betty; PAINTER; 9-Feb-1810;

116; 20-Sep-1810; Caroline Anne; d; James; Elizabeth; ROBERTS; 16-Sep-1810;

117; 24-Oct-1810; Mary Anne; d; James; Elizabeth; GOOLD; 17-Nov-1798; privately baptizd in Cornwall

118; 24-Oct-1810; Julia Bennett; d; James; Elizabeth; GOOLD; 6-Jul-1800; privately baptizd in Cornwall

119; 4-Nov-1810; Thomas; s; Robert; Mary; WILLIS; 4-Nov-1810;

120; 11-Nov-1810; Susannah; d; Thomas; Hannah; WOODLAND; 4-Jul-1810;

121; 14-Dec-1810; John; s; William; Sarah; DAVY; 4-Dec-1810;

122; 20-Jan-1811; James; s; John; Anne; GILL; 17-Jan-1811;

123; 18-Mar-1811; Elizabeth; d; James; Martha; CORNICK; 14-Mar-1811;

124; 12-May-1811; William; s; Chistopher; Elizabeth; BRETT; 3-May-1811;

125; 12-May-1811; Hannah; d; Edward; Sarah; WELLMAN; 10-May-1811;

126; 17-Jul-1811; John; s; John; Mary; NORTHOVER; 5-Jul-1811;

127; 15-Sep-1811; Sarah; d; Francis; Anne; TREVETT; 9-Sep-1811;

128; 1-Dec-1811; Lucy; d; George; Mary; MILLS; 24-Nov-1811;

129; 5-Jan-1812; Thos; s; Robert; Mary; WILLIS; 31-Dec-1811;

130; 16-Feb-1812; Henry; s; Thomas; Anne; BOWRING; 10-Feb-1812;

131; 22-Mar-1812; Jeremiah; s; Thomas; Hannah; WOODLAND; 14-Feb-1812;

132; 12-Apr-1812; Anne; d; John; Elizabeth; KELLAWAY; 9-Apr-1812;

133; 28-Jun-1812; Elizabeth; d; Thomas; Sarah; WILLIS; 7-Jun-1812;

134; 28-Jun-1812; Anne; d; William; Sarah; GREEN; 19-Jun-1812;

135; 12-Jul-1812; James; s; Thomas; Betty; PAINTER; 19-Jun-1812;


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