From "The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset" by John Hutchins, M.A., The Third Edition,
Corrected, Augmented, and Improved, by William Shipp and James Whitworth Hodson. Vol. II,
pages 570 to 573. 1866. In the Hundred of St. George.

Transcribed by Nigel Johns



This little village takes its name (as many other places in England do) from its situation on a Roman way or street, as the common people call it; quasi Street Town. The road on which it stands issues out of Dorchester, passes through Bradford Peverel, and, crossing the Frome there, comes to the west end of this vill, and goes on thence to Ilchester. It lies on the north side of the river Frome, a mile north-west from Bradford; but does not occur in Domesday Book.

9 Jac. I. the tithes of lamb and wool here, and in Grimston and Langford and West Wrackelford, were granted, inter alia, to Francis Morrice. In 1645 the old rents of this manor, being a prebend of Sarum, value 15l. were sequestered. Angel Smith, gent. who was buried in 1626, is described in the parish register as having been "Lord of Stratton 58 years." He was probably lessee under the prebendary of Sarum. One of his daughters and coheirs married George Grey; and the manor and farm, value 210l. per annum, afterwards belonged to the Greys of Kingston Maurward, who were also lessees under the prebendary of Sarum. By Mrs. Lora Pitt, their heiress, this estate came to George Pitt of Stratfield Say, esq. from who, it descended to William Morton Pitt esq. as lessee of the prebend, who sold the same to the late Robert Pattison, esq. in 1825, to whose widow it now belongs (1866). Mrs. Lora Pitt resided for some time in the manor-house below the church.



is a small hamlet and tithing on the north side of the Frome, about a mile west from Stratton. It does not occur in Domesday Book; but it very anciently belonged to the church of Sarum, in which cathedral it denominates a prebend in conjunction with Yateminster. It 1645 a rent of 17l. per annum, belonging to Mr. Cooth, being part of a prebend, was sequestered. 2 Jac I. the manor, prebend, rectory, and advowson of the vicarage of Yatminster and Grimston, probate of wills, and all ecclesiastical rights, were granted to William Matton for 99 years. 6 Jac. I. the premises were granted to James Fisher for the residue of the said term. Yet all or part of the great tithes seem to have belonged to the prebend of Charminster. The manor and farm came, in like manner with Stratton, to George Pitt, esq. and from him to his grandson William Morton Pitt, esq. as lessee of the prebend, &c.

Prebendaries of Grimston and Yetminster, from the Sarum registers:

Tho. de Staunton, 14 Mar. 1333. (Hemingsby, f.78)
John de Woodeford, 20 Dec. 1334, per lit. reg. sede vac. (Wyvil, f.34)
Tho. Polton, 7 Jun. 1408 (Viring, f.4), Bishop of Hereford 1420, of Chichester, 1422, of Worcester, 1425; died at the council of Basil, and was there buried.
Tho. Cranley, 21 Maii, 1418, per resig. Polton. (Chandler, f.6)
Richard Leyot, 15 Nov. 1423, per. mort. Cranley. (Ib. f.67)
Nic. Carent, 10 Maii, 1446, per cess. Leyot. (Ayscough, f.89)
Hugh Pavy, 31 Maii, 1467, per mort. Carent (Beauchamp, i. f.131), Bishop of St. David's 1485.
John Peese, 27 Ap. 1471, per resig. Pavy. (Ib. f.158)
Steph. de Wilton.
Jac. Bromwich, 12 Mart. 1506, per cess. Wilton. (Audley, f.30)
Gul. Barton, Salonensis epus, 3 Maii, 1515, per dismis. Bromwich. (Ib. f.67)
Edw. Finche, 4 Feb. 1517, per mort. Barton. (Ib. f.73)
Joh. Elton, 22 Aug. 1519, per dimis. Finche. (Ib. f.78)
Joh. Baker.
Will. Hutton, 22 Aug. 1547, per mort. Baker. (Capon, f.36)
Richard Chandler, 24 Aug. 1558. (Holt, f.54)
Tho. Bowfield, 20 Jan. 1582. (Pierce, f.11)
Joh. Coother.
Joh. Price, 28 Nov. 1660, per mort. Coother. (Henchman, f.1)
Joh. Hinton, 2 Maii, 1691, per mort. Price. (Burnet)
Sam. Dunster, per mort. Hinton, 4 Maii, 1691.
Charles Dunster, per resig. Sam. Dunster, 11 Maii, 1720.
Hon. Robert Sherard, per mort. Charles Dunster, 16 Feb. 1750. He succeeded to the title of Earl of Harborough in 1770; and died April 21, 1799.
William Coxe, M.A. April 25, 1799, on the death of the Earl of Harborough.
Phineas Pett, D.D. Jan. 8, 1801, on the cession of Coxe.
Herbert Hawes, D.D. April 10, 1830, on the death of Pett.
William Edward Hony, B.D. July 29, 1841, on the dath of Hawes.



a little farm belonging to Grimston, about a mile north-west from it. In Domesday Book, a place called Langeford, consisting of half a hide, value 5s. belonged to the abbey of Cranborne. "The same church holds half a hide in Langeford. There is land to one plough. With this they have there two villeins, and two quarentens of pasture in length and breadth. Wood one quarenten in length and breadth. It is worth 5s." (Tit. x.) 20 Edw. III. Galf. de Percy, held a ninth part of a knight's fee in Langeford, in the hundred of St. George. In a record sans date the abbot of Milton held half a fee here of the Bishop of Sarum, late held by Ivo de Pylleston. 30 Eliz. this farm, late belonging to the monastery of Milton, was granted, inter alia, to Edward Wykemarks, &c. for ever. In 1866 it belongs to J.P. Aldridge esq. M.D. of Dorchester.


Wrackelford East

a farm about a half a mile west from Charminster. Its lord is the prebendary of Sarum, under whom it is held by lease by the representatives of the late William Taunton, gent. as it was by his ancestors, value 100l. per annum in Hutchins's time.


Wrackelford West

a farm lying between Stratton and East Wrackelford, belonging also to the prebendary of Sarum, under whom John Meech, esq. was lessee, as his ancestors were; value 200l. per annum in Hutchins's time. This estate now (1866) belongs to the representatives of the late Robert Pattison, esq. under a lease for lives.


"The Church"

says Hutchins, "stands at the west end of the vill, and consists of a body and a high tower, in which are four bells. In Dean Chandler's Register it is styled a chapel, dependent on the prebend of Charminster. The chancel here, as at Charminster, was pulled down about 1547. This church was neatly pewed and ornamented 1742, towards which Mrs. Lora Pitt gave 100l."

It consists only of a nave, north porch, and west tower, the chancel, as before mentioned, having long been removed. The chancel arch, however, was built up, and its two plain continuous chamfered orders, with a hood-mould over, appear in the external wall which now closes the end of the nave. The nave is of Perpendicular character. On the south are three three-light windows with good tracery and fragments of stained glass in the heads, amongst which appear the monograms J H S. and M. There is little else worthy of notice. The font seems in its upper portion to be Norman, but is of very poor character. The stairs to ascend to the floor of the tower are peculiar and probably unique. They are placed in the south-west corner the interior, and are inclosed in a pentagonal case of wood, which rests about eight feet from the floor upon a pillar, the upper portion of which spreads out, and is covered with ornamental mouldings, resembling as a whole a section from the vaulting of fan tracery. The case reaches to the floor of the tower (the under side of the principal beam of which is moulded), and is divided into two stages, the panels of which are carved with linen pattern. In the eastern jambs of two of the south windows are the remains of Perpendicular, canopied, and crocketed niches, and beneath the westernmost one is a bracket, the figure of an angel clasping a shield.

On the north side of the churchyard is the remains of a large cross, consisting of the two steps and base of Ham Hill stone. It is of plain Perpendicular character.

Monumental tablets:

1. Sacred to the endeared memory of AGNES, relict of the late T. TAUNTON, esq. formerly of Wrackleford, in this county, who died August 1st, 1844, aged 77.

2. Sacred to the memory of ROBERT PATTISON, esq. for many years lord of the manors of Stratton and Grimstone, and formerly of Dorchester, in this county, who by his talents, courteousness of manners, and a long life of unimpeachable integrity, won the esteem of all around him, and, no less regarded for his kindness and unostentatious benevolence, died, to the real regret of all who knew him, at Wrackleford House, in this parish, on the 4th day of August, A.D. 1845, in the 84th year of his age, trusting in his Redeemer's merits for salvation into eternal life. He left issue one daughter, Jane-Frances, wife of the Honble Anthony Henry Ashley Cooper, third son of Cropley Ashley, sixth Earl of Shaftesbury. This monument was erected to his memory by his sorrowing widow.

Arms: Argent, a chevron between three cock's head erased gules.
Crest: a cock gules.

3. Here lyeth the body of WILLIAM PYLE, gentleman, who departed this life the 12th day of April, A.D. 1764, aged 68 years. Also of JOHN TAUNTON, son of William Taunton, esq. by Elizabeth his wife, who died the 3rd of July, 1769, aged 28 years.

4. Here lieth the body of MARY, the wife of Thomas TAUNTON of Charminster, gent. and daughter of Morgan Devenish, of the same place, gent. who departed this life on the 8th day of December, 1742, in the 27th year of her age. Here lieth also interred with her at the same time her son THOMAS, who lived but fourteen days.

5. Here lieth the body of ELIZABETH, the mother of William and Thomas TAUNTON, who departed this life the 18th day of May, 1741, in the 57th year of her age.

In the nave these inscriptions on the floor:

1. Here lyeth the body of KATHARINE FISHER, widow, of West Hall, who deceased the second day of November, 1638, waiting for a joyful resurrection.

Here lyeth the body of JOHN FISHER, son of the said Katharine, who deceased the 30th day of September, 1680.

2. To the memory of ANNA, wife of William TAUNTON of Wrackelford, esq. and daughter of Henry Farr, gent. of Sturminster Newton Castle, in this county. She departed this life the 22nd of October, 1737, aged thirty-three years and one week.

The Parish Register commences in 1561.


Elizabeth, Feb. 4, 1614; Angell, May 3, 1617; children of Mr. Lawrence Miller and Joane.
James, Feb. 28, 1618; Anna, Apl. 29, 1619; Robert, March 30, 1623; children of John Browne of Stratton, gent. and Anna.
Agnes, daughter of Robert Wadham, and Elenor, Aug. 19, 1638.
Audeley, son of Audeley Grey, esq. and Margaret, Apl. 3, 1673.
Hubert-Charles, Jan. 19, 1692; Antonia, March 28, 1693; John, Oct. 17, 1699; children of Anthony Floyer of Stratton, and Sarah.


MARRIAGES begin 1562.

John Perrye and Elizabeth Williams, Aug. 20, 1576.
Angell Smith and Catherine Prout, May 20, 1676.
Mr. John Young of Trent, co. Somerset, and Mrs. Sarah Floyer of Stratton.



Robert Harrys, farmer, of Stratton, at ye south corner of the chancel under a tumbe, 1566.
Lettice, wife of Angell Smith, Jan. 31, 1575.
Angel, son of Angel Smith 8 Nov.; James, 10 Nov. 1578.
28 March, "John Cossens of the Church Howse" 1598.
Jasper, son of Mr. Lawrence Miller, 1614.
Mrs. Catherine, wife of Angell Smith, gent. of Stratton, lord of the manor, 1625.
"Angell Smyth, gent. died the xxvii day of Oct. 1626, having been Lord of Stratton lviii yeares and viii monethes, and was buried the xxix day of the same monethe in the east end of the churche, next the great blewe tombe on the south syde under his own seate", 1626.
Mrs. Katherine Fisher of West Hall, Nov. 6, 1638.
Mr. James Browne of Stratton, Nov. 30, 1659.


The Prebend or Rectory

This prebend, in laico feodo, 1291, is rated at 19, or, as other copies, 20 marks. It seems to have made part of the prebend of Charminster. In Dean Chandler's visitation Book, 1405, the chapel of Stratton is mentioned as belonging to that prebend, but no vicar or chaplain. In the Valor 1534, the prebend of Stratton, in the cathedral of Sarum, is rated 34l. 15s. 4d. 21 Eliz. the tithes of grain, hay, and flax here and in Grimston, belonging to the Golden Prebend of Charminster, and the advowson of the vicarage, or capella curata et stipendiara, were granted to Sir Christopher Hatton. The great tithes now belong to the Rev. George Pickard-Cambridge of Bloxworth. It is now a perpetual curacy, annexed to and held with Charminster, as perhaps it anciently was.

Prebendaries of Stratton, from the Sarum Registers:

Nicholas de Lodelawe.
Rob. de Patria, per dismis, Nic. de Lodelawe, 21 Sept. 1327. (Reg. Mortival, f.164)
Tho. de Brembre, juxta present. domini regis, 2 id. Jun 1344. (Wyvil, f.140)
Jac. de Beauford, per resig. Tho. de Brembre, 14 Ap. 1347. (Hemingsby, f.12)
Tho. de Brembre, per resig. Jac. de Beauford, 20 Sept. 1347. (Wyvil, f164,182)
Tho. Greene.
Tho. Beckingham, per mort. Tho. Greene, per cur. Rom. 19 Mar. 1356. (Coman, f.60)
Johes de Rockingham, 25 Oct. 1361. (Wyvil, f285b)
Rog. Hanvell, per mort. Tho. Beckingham, 14 Mar. 1406. (Draper, f.66)
Joh. Tydeling, per mort. Rog. Hanvell, 20 Sept. 1420. (Chandler, f.37)
Joh. Symondesburgh, per. res. Joh. Tydeling, 16 Maii, 1437. (Nevyl, f.67)
Rich. Andrew, per resig. Joh. Symondsbury, 29 Jun. 1449. (Ayscough, f.117)
Will. Nessingwick, per. resig. Rich. Andrew, 29 Mar. 1454. (Beauchamp, i. f.30)
Will. Brigon, per dismis. Will. Nessingwick, 8 Oct. 1459. (Ib. f.72)
Adam Copendale, per mort. W. Brigon, 4 Jan. 1468. (Ib. f.144)
Edm. Chadderton, per resig. Ad. Copendale, 14 Mar. 1479. (Ib. ii. f.24)
Galfrid Bligh, per mort. Edm. Chadderton, 22 Aug. 1499 (Blyth, f.32), Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, 1503, President of Wales 1512, died about 1552, buried in his cathedral.
Joh. Hall, per resig. Galf. Bligh, 28 Jan. 1502. (Audley, f.7)
Joh. Underhill, per resig. Joh. Hall, 8 Dec. 1506. (Ib. f.27)
Joh. Keyte, per res. Joh. Underhill, 30 Ap. 1510. (Ib. f.48)
John Armach, legat. apost. Hibern. primas.
Rich. Eden, per res. Joh. Armach, legat, ap. Hibern, prim. 24 Feb 1507. (Ib. f.73)
Rich. Reeve, or Reese, per mort. Rich. Eden, present ab Henr. Jernegan, vigore lit. advocacionis, 11 Jun. 1551. (Capon, f.44)
Johes Williams, 30 Mar. 1558. (Holt, f.52)
Tho. Key, per lit. reg. 8 Jan. 1559. (Holt f.58, He was returned "A.M. presbyter non conjugatus, doctus, residens in Oxon.")
Johes Coleshill, 11 Dec. 1565. (Blacker, f.23)
Johes Torksey, per mort. Joh. Coleshill, 27 Feb. 1599. (Cotton, f.5)
Walt. Bennet, per mort. Joh. Torksey, 30 Mar. 1614. (Ib. f.31)
Joh. Harward, per mort. Walt. Bennet, 31 Jul. 1614. (Ib. f.32)
Jac. Gardiner, present. a domino rege, sede vac. 3 Feb. 1665 (Hyde, f.1), Bishop of Lincoln 1694, died 1704, buried in his cathedral.
Greg. Hascard, per res. Jac. Gardiner, 1 Sep. 1671. (Ward, f.11)
Geo. Stevens, per mort. Greg. Hascard, 26 Nov. 1708.
Henr. Austin, per cess. Geo. Stevens, 11 Nov. 1710.
Fran. Fox, per mort. H. Austin, 14 Ap. 1730.
Hugh Wynn, per mort. Fran. Fox, 25 Jul. 1738.
George Woodward, per mort. Hugh Wynn, 6 Mar. 1655.
Benjamin Pye, D.C.L. June 3, 1790, on the death of Woodward.
Philip Fisher, D.D. April 4 1808 on the death of Pye.
Hon. and Rev. Thomas Alfred Harris, A.M. March 21 1810, on the cession of Fisher.
John Still, clerk, Jan. 1824, on the death of Harris.
Robert Bentley Buckle, M.A. Archdeacon of Dorset, Aug. 10, 1841, on the death of Still.

The return of the Commission, 1650, may be seen in Charminster.

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