Marriages  - 1754 - 1803

Transcribed by Nigel Johns

Dorset History Centre Reference - PE/STR : RE3/1

This is a printed book containing 72 Marriages which was designed to include details of Banns. However Banns
are only recorded for those Marriages which actually took place at Stratton. Date information has not been
extracted from the Banns section.

Unless otherwise stated in the Notes Field Marriages were by Banns. Unless otherwise shown, the Groom, Bride and
Witnesses signed their names. It is noted where the Groom and Bride's signatures appear to be different from
the spelling given at the start of the entry. Any reference to "Stratton" or "of this parish" has been omitted.


Entry number, Marriage date, Marriage year, Groom's name, Groom's residence, Bride's fname, Bride's residence, Notes, Witnesses.

1; 16-Jun; 1754; George; TREVET; Winterbourn St Martin; Elizabeth; GROSE; ; he Labourer, she Spinster, he X; David Casher, Henry Green

2; 5-May; 1755; William; BELLRINGER; Thorley, Isle of Wight; Betty; BROWN; ; he Labourer, she Spinster, she X; Henry Green, Francis Davenish X

3; 26-Jun; 1755; Thomas; HARRIS; ; Betty; HEMBERY; ; he Labourer, she Spinster, both X; Henry Green, Henry Chapman

4; 5-Jun; 1756; William; GREEN; ; Ginney; BRIDLE; ; he Yeoman Labourer, she Spinster, she X; John White, George Curme

5; 5-Nov; 1757; James; JOHNSON; Frampton; Elizabeth; WOOD; Grimstone; he signed Johnston; Henry Green, George Curl X, Elizabeth Miller

6; 8-Jan; 1759; William; BIRD; Leigh; Sarah; HARDY; ; he Yeoman, she Spinster, both X; Christmas Hardy, Henry Green

7; 8-Dec; 1760; William; BRETT; ; Elizabeth; MILLER; ; he Taylor, she Spinster; Josiah Brett, Henry Green

8; 24-Feb; 1761; John; ROBERTS; ; Mary; DAW; Charmister; he Labourer, she Spinster; Heny Palmer, Henry Green

9; 4-Apr; 1761; John; CHAPMAN; ; Mary; FROOME; ; he Labourer, she Spinster, she X; Henry Green, Henry Green X

10; 25-Nov; 1761; Henry; GREEN; ; Mary; BRETT; ; he Blacksmith, both X; Mark Green, Henry Green

11; 2-Jan; 1762; John; COZENS; ; Sarah; CHAPMAN; ; he Labourer, both X; Moses Froom, Henry Green

12; 19-Jan; 1762; Thomas; TAPP; ; Honour; NOTTON; ; she X; Henry Green, David Jardine

13; 28-Apr; 1762; William; BROWN; ; Elizabeth; POLLARD; ; he Labourer, she Spinster, both X; Henry Green, Wm Green

14; 13-Nov; 1763; James; DAVIS; ; Betty; JENKINS; ; he Labourer, she Spinster, both X; Henry Green, Wm Green

15; 3-Dec; 1763; Edward; CASHER; ; Mary; DAVIS; ; he Labourer, she Spinster, she X; Richard Lewis, Henry Green

16; 10-Jul; 1765; Samuel; DAVEY; ; Elizabeth; DOULING; ; he Labourer, she Spinster, both X; John Stickland, Henry Green

17; 17-Sep; 1766; Thomas; ENGRAM; ; Ann; LEGG; ; he Sojourner, he signed Ingram, she X; Joseph Yeats, Henry Green

18; 12-Oct; 1766; Richard; WOOD; Frampton; Ann; BRETT; ; he Coller maker, she Spinster; Charles Slew Willis, Henry Green

19; 25-Jan; 1766; Robert; GREEN; ; Mary; LOCKYER; ; ; Mark Green, Henry Green
TRANSCRIBERS NOTE - Marriage number 19 is dated 25 Jan 1766 in the register, which puts it out of position. The banns were said to have been read on the 4th, 11th and 18th. These were not Sundays in January 1766, confirming that the date is wrong. Given that these dates were Sundays in 1767 it seems certain the marriage took place in 1767 and not 1766.

20; 3-Jul; 1768; William; DAW; Frampton; Mary; GREEN; ; he Laborer, she Spinster, both X; Richard Green, John White

21; 7-Sep; 1768; William; GREEN; ; Elizabeth; BRETT; ; he Sojourner, she X; James Barge, John White

22; 19-Oct; 1768; Amos; WHITE; Frampton; Jane; LEGG; ; she X; John White, John White

23; 26-Nov; 1769; Thomas; FEAVER; ; Sarah; BRETT; ; he Labourer, she Spinster, he signed Fever; Henry Brett, John White

24; 27-Nov; 1770; Israel; BENNET; Chard, Somerset; Mary; GLOBE; Tavistock, Devon; both X; John White, Wm Green

25; 5-Jan; 1771; John; SHEPPARD; Maiden Newton; Ellen; BROWN; ; he Carpenter, she Spinster, both X; Mark Green, John White

26; 5-Jan; 1773; William; DAVY; ; Sarah; BRIDEL; ; he signed Davie; Simon Rogers, John Sherren

27; 27-Apr; 1773; John; FOX; ; Hannah; FEAVER; ; she X; John White, James Davis

28; 24-Aug; 1773; William; COOPER; Bradford Peverel; Mary; EVERET; ; he X; Robt Watkin, John White

29; 7-Feb; 1774; Henry; CHICK; Frampton; Ann; INGRAM; ; both X; John White, John White

30; 26-Mar; 1774; William; RANDALL; Sydland; Sarah; GREEN; ; Licence; John White, John Fox

31; 2-Feb; 1775; Thomas; CHAPMAN; Grimston; Rebecca; WALBRIDGE; Grimston; Licence, she X; Henry Green, John White

32; 16-Apr; 1775; Wm; WOODLAND; Muckleford parish Bradford Peverel; Mary; TAPP; ; ; John White, John Woodland

33; 15-May; 1775; Wm; HARDY; West Knighton; Priscilla; WATTS; ; both X; John White, George Voss

34; 5-Jun; 1775; Joseph; LONGMAN; Child Okeford; Mary; EAMES; ; Licence, she signed Ames; Charles Slew Willis, John White

35; Aug; 1776; Charles Slew; WILLIS; ; Betty; BROWN; ; Licence, she X; John White, Josiah Brett

36; 20-Jul; 1777; William; FEVER; ; Sarah; BRETT; ; he Labourer, she Spinster; James Johnston, John White

37; 5-Jan; 1778; John; NELSON; Peddlehinton; Sarah; BRETT; ; he X; John White, Timothy Nelson

38; 10-May; 1778; John; WATTS; ; Alice; NOTTER; ; both X; John White, William Soper

39; 26-Jan; 1779; Henry; GREEN; ; Joan; FEVER; ; ; John White, Robt Green

40; 18-Feb; 1779; Mathew; MEECH; ; Sarah; STICKLAN; ; Licence, he signed Matthew, she signed Stickland; John White, George Plowman

41; 8-Sep; 1779; Benjamin; FREEMAN; Charminster; Elizabeth; BROWN; ; both X; John White, John Palmer X

42; 23-Sep; 1779; Matthew; ROBERTS; ; Sarah; FEVER; ; ; Jacob Corben, John White

43; 28-Sep; 1779; George; OZZARD; ; Joyce; MEECH; ; Licence, he signed Ozard, she X; John White, John Davis

44; 12-Jun; 1782; James; HOZZARD; ; Sarah; DAVIS; ; Licence, he X, she signed Sara; John White, John Davis

45; 23-Sep; 1782; Robert; ROBERTS; Godminstone; Elizabeth; MOWL; ; both X; John White, Christopher Brett

46; 21-Oct; 1783; Charles; WILLIS; ; Elizabeth; FURBER; ; ; Chas Slew Willis, John White

47; 9-Aug; 1784; John; ATKENS; ; Ann; LOVELESS; ; she X; John White, Wm White

48; 6-Jul; 1785; Thos; SPRACKLIN; ; Sarah; BAYLEY; ; both X; John White, Josiah Brett

49; 3-Aug; 1786; Thomas; BARRET; Bradford; Elizabeth; FEAVER; ; he signed Barrett, she signed Fever; John White, Henry Green

50; 14-Jan; 1788; Thomas; COZENS; Grimston; Elizth; WALBRIDGE; Grimston; she signed Elisabeth; John White, Robert Hawkins

51; 30-Apr; 1788; Jeremiah; BARTLET; Grimston; Honour; TUCKER; Grimston; he signed Bartlett, she X; John White, Samuel Davie

52; 5-Jan; 1789; Thos; EASTMENT; ; Margaret; DOWLAND; ; he signed Thomas, she X; John White, Edmd Watts

53; 18-May; 1789; William; ARDEN; ; Margaret; STICKLAND; ; Licence, he X, she signed Peggy; John White, Robt Green

54; 10-Aug; 1789; Thomas; TAUNTON; Wrackleford; Agnes; SABBINE; St Peters,Dorchester; Licence, he Esq,
she signed Sabine; John Fowell, Jno Sabine

55; 29-Oct; 1789; Robert; BATSCOMBE; Piddletrentide; Mary; KEATES; Wrackleford; Licence, both X; Wm Hansford, John White

56; 5-Apr; 1790; Henry; WATTS; ; Susannah; HURDEN; ; both X; John White, Josiah Brett

57; 2-May; 1791; William; HONEYBUN; Bradford Peverel; Susannah; DURDEN; ; he X, she signed Susann; John White, John Lucas X

58; 12-May; 1791; John; GREGORY; Grimston; Elizabeth; STROUD; Grimston; he X; John White, Rebecca Green

59; 14-Aug; 1791; John; GEORGE; ; Mary; WATTS; ; both X; John White, Sarah Harden

60; 25-Feb; 1794; Richd; BILLET; Sydling; Charity; DOWLE; Grimston; both X; John White, Thos Allengame

61; 13-Sep; 1794; Thos; BOWRING; Bradford Peverel; Ann; DAW; ; ; John White, John Drew

62; 15-Sep; 1794; Robert; LAKE; Frampton; Rebecca; GREEN; Grimston; ; John White, Joseph Treves

63; 17-Feb; 1795; William; WHITTLE; Frampton; Mary; WOOSFORD; ; both X; John Willis, John White

64; 31-Aug; 1795; John; SOUTH; St Anns, Westminster; Mary; GALE; Grimston; Licence; William Green, John White

65; 8-May; 1797; Jonathan; NEAL; Winfrith; Mary; BENFIELD; ; he signed Neale; John Benfield, John White

66; 21-Jun; 1798; Robert; SMITH; Frampton; Sarah; POWLE; Grimstone; ; Edward Dowle, John White

67; 30-Jun; 1801; William; DAVY; Grimston; Sarah; BAKER; Grimston; ; Joseph Walters, Thomas Andrew Chapman

68; 28-Sep; 1801; William; FRAMPTON; Godmanstone; Mary; BRIDGE; ; she X; Robert Curme, John White

69; 11-May; 1802; Josiah; BRETT; ; Mary; FOOT; ; she X; Thomas Andrew Chapman, Robert Curme

70; 25-May; 1802; James; OZZARD; ; Mary; ATKINS; ; Licence, he X; Thomas Bowring, Henry Green

71; 23-Dec; 1802; John; BUNN; Charminster; Anna; BRINSON; ; ; Robert Curme, Henry Hobbs X

72; 22-Dec; 1803; John; SERGEANT; Frampton; Sarah; LOVEY; ; both X; Robert Curme, Jeremiah Bartlett X

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