Marriages 1837 to 1921

Transcribed by Nigel Johns

Dorset History Centre Reference - PE/STR : RE3/4

This is a printed book containing details of 150 marriages from 1837 to 1913. Entries 1 through 156 were used
before the book was abandoned because of problems caused by damp. Entry 29 was partially filled in but the entry
was erased. Entries 47 through 50 are blank because two pages stuck together. Entry 155 is also blank. Any useful
additional information given in the register of Banns (RE5/1)is included. e.g. (Banns: sojourner).

A number of original licences exist in the Stratton church records (PE/STR/IN 1/1). Where a licence exists this
is noted with any useful additional information given in the licence. e.g. Licence (exists, he Bachelor).


Entry number, date, Groom's name, age, status, occupation and residence, Groom's father's name and occupation, Bride's name, age, status, occupation and residence, Bride's father's name and occupation, Notes, Witnesses.

1; 6-Sep; 1837; John; KING; fa; ; Dairyman; Grimstone; ; ;
Hannah Vincent; HAWKINS; fa; ; ; Grimstone; Thomas Hawkins; Carpenter;
he father dead; William Fever,Elizabeth White

2; 14-Mar; 1838; Charles; BOWRING; fa; Bachelor; Mason; Grimstone; ThomasBowring; Mason;
Alice; STAYNER; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; John Stayner; Miller; Licence;
Mary Brett, Robert Stayner

3; 20-May; 1838; William; BRIDLE; minor; Bachelor; Mason; Stratton; John Bridle; Mason;
Sarah Elizabeth; LEAVER; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; Edward Leaver
Sarah Wellman, John Wellman

4; 30-Oct; 1838; John; KING; fa; Bachelor; King's Pensioner of the 46 Foot; Grimstone
Elizabeth Cake; KING; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; ; ; he X
Mary King, John King

5; 7-Nov; 1838; Henry; MARTEN; fa; Bachelor; Yeoman; Yeovil; ; ;
Mary Ann; DRAPER; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; ; ; he signed Martin,
(banns: he Martin, she Mary Anne); Thomas Bowring, Maria Martin X

6; 12-Dec; 1838; John; TREVETT; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; ; ;
Mary Anne; MILLAR; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; Henry Millar; Labourer; both X,
(banns: she Mary Ann); Eliza Millar X, Henry Trevett

7; 11-Apr; 1839; George; GALE; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Grimstone
Elizabeth; DUNN; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; ; ; both X;
Mary Ann Barrett X, Thomas Barrett

8; 26-May; 1840; Thomas; AILES; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton
Charity; HART; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; Thomas Hart; Labourer; he X
Susan Lovelace X, Charles Hart

9; 10-May; 1841; James; DOWNTON; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; George Downton; Labourer
Eleanor; BILKE; minor; Spinster; ; Stratton; ; ; both X
Phebe Bilke, George Bilke

10; 5-Sep; 1841; William; PART; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Grimstone
Sarah; DAVEY; fa; Widow; ; Grimstone; George Barrett; Blacksmith; (banns: he sojourner, she Davy)
Sarah Rottenbury X, Henry Hopkins

11; 31-May; 1842; John; DAVIS; fa; Bachelor; Yeoman; Stratton; William Davis; Yeoman
Sarah; CURME; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; Robert Curme; Innkeeper
Licence (exists); Robert Curme, Susanna Kentfield

12; 11-Oct; 1842; William; ROLLS; fa; Widower; Labourer; Grimstone
Mary Anne; GOULD; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; ; ; he X, she signed Mary Ann
Charles Adams, Sarah Rolls X

13; 23-Mar; 1843; Henry; HOPKINS; fa; Bachelor; Shoemaker; Grimstone
Mary Ann Calcutt; BRETT; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; ; ; he signed Heneary, she signed Mary Calcutt
(banns: she Mary Anne Calcutt); Elizabeth White, Joseph Lander

14; 9-Jan; 1844; Charles; FOX; minor; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Philip Fox; Labourer
Keturah; SHORTO; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; Jacob Shorto; Labourer; he X
Mary Cox, Maria Devenish

15; 23-Jan; 1845; Henry; TREVETT; fa; Bachelor; Servant; Wrackleford
Sarah; BARTLETT; fa; Spinster; Servant; Wrackleford; ; ;
Licence; Elizabeth Pardey, Robert Talbot

16; 16-Sep; 1845; George; AYLES; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Bradford Peverell; John Ailes; Labourer
Jane; WAY; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Way; Labourer
William Harvey, Sarah Way X

17; 16-Jul; 1846; William; MEECH; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Maiden Newton; Wililam Meech; Labourer
Mary Ann; CROFT; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Charles Croft; Labourer
John Buckler, Sarah Croft X

18; 3-Nov; 1846; Ellis; BARNS; fa; Bachelor; Labourer on the Railroad; Grimstone; Thomas Barnes; Labourer
Ann Maidment; TIZARD; minor; Spinster; ; Charminster; ; ; he named Barnes X
(banns: he Barnes,both sojourner); Benjamin Sprackling, Ann Foster

19; 17-Nov; 1846; Walter; WATTS; fa; Bachelor; Labourer on the Railroad; Grimstone; Nathaniel Watts; Labourer
Sarah; MILES; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Thomas Miles; Shoemaker; both X
(banns: he sojourner); Ann Maidment Barns, Benjamin Sprackling

20; 14-Dec; 1847; William; HARVEY; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; George Harvey; Labourer
Louisa; HANSFORD; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; ; ; she X
Susanna Harvey, George Bush

21; 12-Jun; 1848; George; LAMB; fa; Bachelor; Labourer on the W& S Railway; Stratton; George Lamb; Labourer
Jane; HOWE; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; Joseph Howe; Labourer
(banns: he sojourner); George Allen, Louisa Allen

22; 10-Dec; 1848; Simeon; SCARD; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Langford in Grimstone; James Scard; Labourer
Harriet; BUSH; fa; Spinster; ; Langford in Grimstone; William Bush; Labourer
he X; Charles Pearce, Emma Dibben

23; 9-Oct; 1849; George; MASTERS; fa; Bachelor; Baker; All Saints, Dorchester
Eliza; GREEN; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Green; Miller
Licence (exists); Louisa Miles, Charles Green

24; 24-Oct; 1849; Jonathan; ROGERS; fa; Bachelor; Butcher; Stratton
Jane; STEPHENS; minor; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Stevens; Dairyman
he signed Stevens, (banns: she Stevens); Mary Stevens, David Rogers

25; 8-Nov; 1849; James; COLLIER; fa; Bachelor; Yeoman; Grimstone; William Collier; Yeoman
Mary Ann; PARDEY; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; William Pardey; Yeoman
she signed Pardy, (banns: he sojourner); Elizabeth Pardey, Edward Pardey

26; 26-Dec; 1849; Charles; DAVIS; fa; Bachelor; Miller; Ventnor, Isle of Wight; James Davis; Yeoman
Charlotte; PARDEY; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; William Pardey; Yeoman
Licence (exists); Elizabeth Pardey, William Pardey

27; 26-Mar; 1850; Edmund; SPRACKLING; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton
Elizabeth; LEGG; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton
(banns: he Edward, she sojourner); Joshua Richards X, Jane Legg

28; 29-Oct; 1850; John; GREEN; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton
Clara; GREEN; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Green; Labourer
Hannah Green, John Satchel

29; 31-Dec; 1850; Henry; GERRARD; fa; Widower; Tailor; Grimstone
Elizabeth Smith; GROVES; fa; Spinster; ; Langford
entry erased;

30; 13-Jan; 1851; Henry; GERRARD; fa; Widower; Tailor; Grimstone
Elizabeth Smith; GROVES; fa; Spinster; ; Langford
(banns: he sojourner); Joseph Candy, Joseph Sprackling

31; 20-Nov; 1851; Joseph; SPRACKLING; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; William Sprackling; Carpenter
Elizabeth; FRAMPTON; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton
he X; Eli Sprackling, Sarah Ann Sprackling

32; 19-Apr; 1852; Richard; HUSSEY; fa; Bachelor; Butcher; Symonsbury; Thomas Hussey; Yeoman
Mary; STEVENS; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Stevens; Dairyman
Fanny Miller, Henry Matthews

33; 24-Jun; 1852; Joseph; ALLEN; fa; Bachelor; Seaman; Wyke Regis; John Allen; Yeoman
Sarah; CHURCHILL; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Churchill; Labourer
Mary Allen, James Allen

34; 8-Jul; 1852; Eli; SPRACKLING; 33; Bachelor; Soldier in 53 Regiment & ?; Stratton
Martha Bagg; POPE; 22; Spinster; ; Stratton
? ?, Sarah Ann Sprackling

35; 2-Aug; 1852; George; GREEN; 26; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton
Jemima; TROWBRIDGE; 20; Spinster; ; Stratton; George Trowbridge; Labourer
 he X; Charles Sanger, Elizabeth Pardey

36; 5-Aug; 1852; John; SATCHELL; 28?; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Edward Satchell; Labourer
Jane; GREEN; 23?; Spinster; ; Stratton; Henry Green; Pensioner Nova Scotia
she X; Eli Green, Mary Abbot?

37; 16-Dec; 1852; Charles; WATTS; 27; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton
Eliza; WATTS; 26; Spinster; ; Stratton
George Brown, Mary Ann Watts X

38; 23-May; 1853; George; BRETT; 32; Widower; Labourer; Stratton
Mercy; DEWLAND; 20; Spinster; ; Stratton
he X; George Bridle X, Emily Bridle

39; 28-Jun; 1853; Joseph; SPRACKLING; 55; Widower; Parish Clerk; Stratton
Ann; PAINE; 49; Spinster; ; Stratton; ; ; she X
(banns: he Spracklin, she Pain); John Paine, Sarah Allen

40; 1-Nov; 1853; James; BROWN; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; John Brown; Labourer
Sarah; WAY; 26; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Way; Labourer
(banns: she Wey); George Brown, Elizabeth Miller

41; 2-Feb; 1854; John; BRIDLE; 23; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; John Bridle; Mason
Sarah; DRAKE; 25; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Drake; Labourer
she X; Jeremiah Crocker, Emily Bridle

42; 8-Nov; 1854; William; WOOLFORD; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; John Woolford; Labourer
Eleanor; SPRACKLING; 21; Spinster; ; Stratton
both X, (banns: he sojourner at Grimstone); Emily Sprackling, Samuel Sprackling

43; 24-May; 1855; James; HUNT; 25; Bachelor; Miller; Battersea; James Hunt; Farmer; Martha Sarah
FEAVER; 27; Spinster; ; Stratton; Thomas Feaver; Farmer
she signed Fever; Thos Fever, John Hunt, Margaret Fever

44; 1-Jan; 1856; Lewis; NORMAN; 29; Bachelor; Sawyer; Frampton; Lewis Norman; Labourer
Elizabeth; PARDY; 28; Spinster; ; Grimstone; William Pardy; Yeoman
she signed Pardey; Jane Pardey, James Allen

45; 21-Feb; 1856; John; PAINE; 28; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton
Mary Ann; BRIDLE; 31; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Bridle; Mason
Emily Bridle, George Allen

46; 26-Mar; 1856; Henry James; ANDREWS; 27; Bachelor; Blacksmith; Stratton
Anna Feaver; BRETT; 27; Spinster; ; Stratton; David Brett; Yeoman
he signed Henery James; Margaret Brett, Peter Barrett

47; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; No entry registered. Leaf passed over through adhesion by damp;

48; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; No entry registered. Leaf passed over through adhesion by damp;

49; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; No entry registered. Leaf passed over through adhesion by damp;

50; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; No entry registered. Leaf passed over through adhesion by damp;

51; 3-Jun; 1856; James; BISHOP; 29; Bachelor; Shoemaker; Stratton
Jane; SATCHELL; 30; Spinster; ; Stratton
both X; Abram Taylor, Sophia Anne? Taylor

52; 1-Oct; 1856; William; FOX; ; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Philip Fox; Labourer
Emily; LUCAS; ; Spinster; ; Stratton; Robert Lucas; Labourer
she X, (banns: she sojourner); Charles Fox, Elizabeth Shorto

53; 18-Aug; 1857; Demas; FOX; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Philip Fox; Labourer
Mary Ellen; MORRIS; 21; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Morris; Gardener
both X; John Prowse X, Elizabeth Everett

54; 3-Oct; 1857; Richard; HONEYBUN; 54; Widower; Labourer; Grimstone
Sarah Ann; SPRACKLING; 35; Spinster; ; Stratton
he X; Emily Sprackling, Samuel Sprackling

55; 22-Oct; 1857; George; PALMER; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; Grimstone
Susanna; READ; 28; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Read; Labourer
he X; Jane Read, Charles Way

56; 14-Dec; 1857; Francis John Brett; FEVER; 33; Bachelor; Taylor; Stratton
Caroline; BROWN; 32; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Brown; Yeoman
Elizabeth Ayles, William Brown

57; 11-Oct; 1858; Samuel; SPRACKLING; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Joseph Sprackling; Labourers Clerk
Emily; SPRACKLING; 19; Spinster; ; Stratton
Temperance Honeybun, Joseph Sprackling

58; 15-Nov; 1858; Moses; GREENHAM; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; William Greenham; Labourer
Jane Hannah; BRETT; 21; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Brett; Labourer
Louisa Wellspring X, Edmund Ayles

59; 25-Nov; 1858; William; WHITE; 33; Bachelor; Gamekeeper; Stratton; John White; Farmer
Elizabeth Bridge; SHORT; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton
Mary Bowring, George Alcart?

60; 15-Dec; 1858; Walter; HERRIDGE; 23; Bachelor; Policeman; Broadmayne
Jane; DAVIE; 17; Spinster; ; Stratton; Samuel Davie; Labourer
Sarah Ann Davie, Samuel Davie X

61; 23-Feb; 1859; Mathew Whitfield; MAJOR; 41; Widower; Draper; Bridport; George Major; Commercial Gentleman
Mary Rebecca; MILBOURNE; 35; Spinster; ; Stratton
he signed Matthew Whitfield, she signed Milbourn; Susanna Hicks, George Major

62; 7-Mar; 1859; Samuel; DAVIE; 59; Widower; Labourer; Stratton
Matilda; GREEN; 55; Widow; ; Stratton
Rebecca Green, Henry Green

63; 15-Nov; 1859; William; PARDY; 26; Bachelor; Miller; Grimstone; William Pardy; Yeoman
Clara Ellen; STEVENS; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Stevens; Dairyman
he signed Pardey; Ellen Matilda Matthews,Richard Hussey

64; 11-Apr; 1860; George; SHORT; 27; Bachelor; Licenced Victualler; Stratton
Louisa; WINZER; 27; Spinster; ; Wrackleford; George Winzer; Gardener
Emma Winzer, John Short

65; 21-Jun; 1860; Frederick; GOLLOP; 26; Bachelor; Carpenter; Stratton
Rebecca; GREEN; 33; Spinster; ; Stratton
(banns: he sojourner); Jane King, John Lock

66; 7-Aug; 1860; Josiah; DENNIS; 43; Bachelor; Yeoman; Sutton Waldron
Jane; READ; 25; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Read; Labourer
Caroline Read, George Palmer X

67; 25-Apr; 1861; John; STEVENS; 60; Widower; Dairyman; Stratton; Joseph Stevens; Dairyman
Sarah; CROCKER; 53; Widow; ; Grimstone; Henry Vine; Dairyman
Licence (exists: he Grimstone), she X; Mary Hussey, Thomas Stevens

68; 24-Oct; 1861; Samuel Alfred; VICKERY; 32; Bachelor; Policeman; East Fordington; James Vickery; Labourer
Sarah Waldron; BARGE; 26; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Charles Barge; Labourer
(banns: she Sarah Waldon); Mary Ann Barge, Wm Brewer

69; 9-Apr; 1862; Charles; BILES; 26; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; John Biles; Labourer
Sarah; DREW; 21; Spinster; ; Stratton; George Drew; Labourer
she X, (banns: he sojourner); Harriet Biles, John Sawyer

70; 24-Apr; 1862; James; GREEN; 26; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Edward Green; Labourer
Eliza; SPRACKLING; 19; Spinster; ; Stratton; Benjamin Sprackling; Carpenter
he X, (banns: he sojourner); Elam Sprackling X, Ann Green X

71; 12-Jul; 1862; George; DAVIS; 31; Bachelor; Painter; Grimstone; George Davis; Zincworker
Elizabeth; PRIDDLE; 23; Spinster; ; Holy Trinity, Dorchester; John Priddle; Servant
(banns: he sojourner); John Hary?, Elizabeth Anna Honeybun

72; 24-Jul; 1862; George; PETTS; 43; Bachelor; Wine & Spirit Merchant; Branksea; James Petts; Gent
Frances; MILBOURN; 40; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Milbourn; Carpenter
Licence, she signed Milbone; Mary Rebecca Major, Richard Petts

73; 18-Nov; 1862; John; WARREN; 38; Widower; Shoemaker; Holy Trinity, Dorchester; William Warren; Shoemaker
Susanna; ALLEN; 25; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Allen; Blacksmith
Kitty Allen, John Allen

74; 28-Jan; 1863; William; PAUL; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Samuel Gould; Tailor
Mary Ann; RUSSELL; 26; Spinster; ; Crewkerne; William Russell; Labourer
he signed Paull; Maria Annie Garrett, Levi Garrett

75; 24-Mar; 1863; John; GUY; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; Charminster; Richard Guy; Shepherd
Mary; FRAMPTON; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; George Frampton; Labourer
both X; Mary Haryet White, George Frampton X

76; 28-Apr; 1863; George; GREEN; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Henry Green; Labourer
Peggy Maria; GILBERT; 24; Spinster; ; Grimstone; John Gilbert; Labourer
Mary Green, Samuel Davey X

77; 28-Jun; 1863; Henry; ABBOT; 27; Bachelor; Labourer; Toller Fratrum; George Abbot; Labourer
Fanny Frampton; FOX; 18; Spinster; ; Straton; Charles Fox; Labourer
both X, (banns: he Abbit); Charles Fox, Martha Bagg Sprackling

78; 29-Mar; 1864; Charles; FOX; 40; Widower; Labourer; Stratton; Philip Fox; Labourer
Martha Bagge; SPRACKLING; 34; Widow; ; Stratton; Charles Pope; Labourer
she signed Martha Bagg; Ann Bowring, Demas Fox X

79; 24-May; 1864; Edwin George; HALLETT; 20; Bachelor; Dairyman; Charminster; James Hallett; Dairyman
Charlotte; BARGE; 20; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Charles Barge; Dairyman
 Sarah Vickery, Charles Barge

80; 5-Jul; 1864; James; CROFT; 27; Bachelor; Labourer; Frome Vauchurch; Benjamin Croft; Labourer
Temperance; HONEYBUN; 25; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Richard Honeybun; Labourer
Emily Sprackling,Samuel Sprackling

81; 12-Oct; 1864; James Neale; HALLETT; 26; Bachelor; Railway Porter; Brockenhurst; James Hallett; Dairyman; Mary Ann;
BARGE; 26; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Charles Barge; Dairyman; ; Emma Bishop, James Hallett

82; 4-Apr; 1865; Henry; LEGG; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; Bradford Peverell; Samuel Legg; Labourer
Susan Ann; SMITH; 30; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Smith; Labourer
he X, (banns: he Muckleford, Bradford Peverell); Ann Smith, John Way

83; 23-Aug; 1866; Joseph; HANHAM; 23; Bachelor; Labourer; Frampton; John Hanham; Labourer
Mary; RUSSELL; 25; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Russell; Labourer
he X; Samuel Hanham, Jane Thorne

84; 3-Oct; 1867; Samuel; DAVEY; 30; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Samuel Davey; Labourer; Edith Frances; SPRACKLING; 21;
Spinster; ; Stratton; Benjamin Sprackling; Carpenter; both X; Julia Allen, Elam Sprackling

85; 23-Jun; 1868; Thomas Mathews; STEVENS; 29; Bachelor; Dairyman; Grimstone; John Stevens; Dairyman
Caroline; SYMONDS; 25; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Robert Symonds; Bailiff
he signed Thomas Matthews, (banns: he Thomas Mathew); Jane Rogers, Henry Joseph Mathews Stevens

86; 1-Oct; 1868; Robert; HUMPHREY; 26; Bachelor; Platelayer; Radipole; Robert Humphrey; Platelayer
Mary; ALLEN; 27; Spinster; ; Stratton; George Allen; Carpenter; he signed Humphry
(banns: he Humphry); Emily Allen, John Gill

87; 7-Dec; 1869; John; KING; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; Grimstone; John King; Labourer
Harriett; GALE; 22; Spinster; ; Stratton; Thomas Gale; Labourer
she signed Harriet; Daniel Gale X, Julia Warren

88; 5-Apr; 1870; Ambrose; GALE; 27; Bachelor; Labourer; Grimstone; Thomas Gale; Labourer
Temperance Ann; KING; 22; Spinster; ; Grimstone; John King; Labourer
he X; Harriett King, John King

89; 28-Apr; 1870; Charles; VALLENS; 26; Bachelor; Smith; Holy Trinity, Dorchester
Jane; TREVETT; 25; Spinster; ; Higher Wrackleford; Henry Trevett; Servant
Emily Trevett, Henry Trevett

90; 20-Sep; 1870; William John; CHICK; 29; Bachelor; Ship Carpenter; Wyke Regis; Samuel Chick; Shoemaker
Agnes; ALLEN; 24; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Allen; Blacksmith
Licence (exists); John Allen, Emma Allen

91; 13-Jun; 1872; Henry; WHITE; 26; Bachelor; Yeoman; Burton, Winfrith
Susan Ann Pitfield; CHICK; 32; Spinster; ; Stratton
Thomas Chick, Susan P Matthews

92; 8-May; 1873; Charles; DART; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Grimstone; Levi Dart; Labourer
Mary; STONE; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Thomas Stone; Labourer
Thomas Stone X,Hannah Dart

93; 29-Jul; 1873; Thomas; WATERS; fa; Bachelor; Farmer; Grimstone; William Waters; Farmer
Lucy Poole; PEARSE; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Thomas Pearse; Farmer
R Pearse, L P Pearse, A S Pearse

94; 3-Oct; 1875; Joseph; HUMBER; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Grimstone; Robert Humber; Labourer
Elizabeth Anna; HONEYBUN; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Richard Honeybun; Labourer
he X; William Brown, Emma Brown X

95; 22-Jun; 1876; John House; RANDALL; 44; Bachelor; Carpenter; Stratton; George Randall; Labourer
Margaret; BRETT; 45; Spinster; Innkeeper; Stratton; David Brett; Farmer
Francis Brett,Eliza Sophia House White

96; 26-Apr; 1877; John; PILE; fa; Widower; Yeoman; Symondsbury; Thomas Pile; Yeoman
Elizabeth; GOUGH; fa; Widow; ; Grimstone; Thomas White; Shoemaker
Licence; Edward Vardey, Mary Hussey

97; 28-May; 1877; Thomas; SQUIRE; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Frederick Squire; Gardener
Emily; EVERETT; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton
she X; Thomas Watts, Rose Prouse X

98; 10-Feb; 1879; John; WARREN; fa; Bachelor; Butcher; Charminster; John Warren; Butcher
Catherine; RIGGS; fa; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Willam Riggs; Farmer
Barbara Alice Baker Warren, Levi William Riggs

99; 27-May; 1879; James; HUNT; fa; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Danuel Hunt; Carter
Jane; DAVIS; fa; Spinster; ; Stratton; Richard Davis; Labourer
she X, (banns: both Wrackelford); Charles Hunt, Mary Hunt

100; 25-Mar; 1880; George; HAWKER; 28; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Levi Hawker; Thatcher
Sabina; SHEPHERD; 29; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Shepherd; Shoemaker
he X, she signed Sheppard; Henry Watts Sheppard, Selina Sheppard

101; 29-Mar; 1880; Alfred Henry; WARD; 29; Widower; Farmer; Evershot; John Ward; Farmer
Elizabeth Sophia; ROGERS; 21; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Jonathan Bastable Rogers; Butcher
Licence (exists); Walter James Ward, Ann Pardey

102; 6-Jan; 1881; Mark; PIPE; 21; Bachelor; Miller; Stratton; Henry Pipe; Coachman
Selina; SHEPPARD; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Sheppard; Shoemaker
Henry Watts Sheppard, Flora Ann Sheppard

103; 12-Apr; 1881; Charles; TOWNSHEND; 23; Bachelor; Groom; Yeovil; William Townshend; Game Keeper
Mary; BISHOP; 22; Spinster; ; Stratton; James Bishop; Shoemaker
James Bishop X, Ann Jane Collis

104; 12-May; 1881; Arthur; REYNOLDS; 25; Bachelor; Insurance Agent; Hardington, Somerset; Joseph Reynolds; Labourer;
Susanna Wildern; SMITH; 25; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Smith; Farm Bailiff
John Smith, Elizabeth Catherine Smith

105; 20-Jun; 1881; Robert Lineral; ADAMS; 23; Bachelor; Carter; Stratton; James Adams; Labourer
Mary Jane; CHENEY; 24; Spinster; ; Stratton; Benjamin Cheney; Carter
Alfred Cheney, Emily Cheney

106; 31-Oct; 1881; George; RICHARDS; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; Grimstone; William Richards; Labourer
Anna Maria; ELLERY; 25; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Christopher Ellery; Coachman
he X; Charles Crabb X, Fannie Crabb

107; 8-Feb; 1882; William Notting; WHELLER; 36; Bachelor; Cordwainer; Chilfrome; William Wheller; Cordwainer
Sarah Ann; RIGGS; 40; Spinster; ; Grimstone; William Riggs; Farmer
Reuben Pidgeon, Jane Kilby?

108; 24-Apr; 1882; Thomas; HONEYBUN; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; Grimstone; Thomas Honeybun; Labourer
Ellen Hannah; CARTER; 22; Spinster; Servant; Stratton; James Carter; Labourer
he X; James Carter X, Elizabeth Mary Carter

109; 14-Jun; 1882; William Henry; BRAGGE; fa; Bachelor; Gentleman; Somerset House, Weymouth; William Bragge; Officer H?S
Isabel Geraldine; WARRINGTON; fa; Spinster; ; Wrackleford; William Henry Warrington; Officer ??S
(banns: he St John's, Weymouth, she Geraldine Isabel); William John Ellis Warry, Frank Austin, Rose Constance Warrington

110; 26-Sep; 1882; Edwin Salisbury; WATTS; 24; Bachelor; Blacksmith; Stratton; JamesWatts; Coachman
Harriet; BROWN; 24; Spinster; ; Stratton; James Brown; Labourer
(banns: she Harriett); John Brown, Amelia Collins

111; 31-Jan; 1884; Hedley John; RIGGS; 23; Bachelor; Carpenter; Stratton; John Riggs; Carpenter
Ann; ALLEN; 33; Spinster; ; Stratton; George Allen; Carpenter
John Bridle, Deborah Kate Baker

112; 17-Apr; 1884; Frederick John; CLARKE; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; Alton Pancras; John Clarke; Labourer
Mary Eleanor; SPRACKLING; 24; Spinster; ; Stratton; Samuel Sprackling; Parish Clerk
(banns: he Clark); George Clark, Bessie Clark

113; 1-Jan; 1885; William Edwin; RIGGS; 25; Bachelor; Bailiff; Grimstone; William Riggs; Farmer
Sarah Stone; NEWBERRY; 26; Spinster; ; Stratton; Charles Newberry; Farmer
Charles Newberry, Frances Hannah Newberry

114; 22-Jan; 1885; John James; DAVIS; 24; Bachelor; Carpenter; Bradford Peverell; Walter Davis; Carpenter;
Emma Annie; SHORT; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; George Short; Gardener
Henry Damon, Louisa Mary Short

115; 24-Jan; 1887; Frederic; MOWLEM; 21; Bachelor; Gardener; Bradford Peverell; William Mowlem; Farmer
Clara Maud; TUCK; 20; Spinster; ; Stratton; Charles Tuck; Principal Warder,Portland
he signed Mowlam, she signed Clara Maude; Charles Tuck, Lydia Mowlam

116; 16-Feb; 1887; William; WADLEY; 29; Bachelor; Soldier; Portland; William Wadley; Labourer
Letitia Mary; AYLES; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; George Ayles; Labourer
he signed Wm; Robert McMichael, Hannah Ellen McMichael, William Field, Kate Bevis

117; 15-Aug; 1887; Harry; TAYLOR; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; William Taylor; Labourer
Maude Mary; ALLEN; 21; Spinster; ; Stratton; George Allen; Blacksmith
Samuel Allen, Kate Elizabeth Allen

118; 29-Nov; 1888; Alfred; GROOM; 31; Bachelor; Butler; Holkam, Norfolk; Joseph Groom; Estate Agent
Annie; NEWBERRY; 30; Spinster; ; Stratton; Charles Newberry; Farmer
Charles Newberry, Frances Hannah Newberry

119; 4-Apr; 1889; George; NEWMAN; 24; Bachelor; Carter; Stratton; William Newman; Labourer
Susan; CHENEY; 25; Spinster; ; Stratton; Wyndham Cheney; Carter
(banns: both Grimstone); Alfred Cheney, Mary Ann Hansford

120; 22-Apr; 1889; David Charles; GRAY; 20; Bachelor; Labourer; Thornford; Silas Gray; Labourer
Sarah Ann; COOMBS; 20; Spinster; ; Stratton; Thomas Coombs; Labourer
(banns: both Grimstone); Frank Gray, Ellen Coombs

121; 28-Jun; 1892; Edward; KEBBY; 32; Bachelor; Game Keeper; Stratton; Charles Kebby; Tailor;
Mary Lucy; PHILLIPS; 28; Spinster; ; Stratton; Henry Phillips; Gardener
he X; Reginald Arthur Jeffrey, Edith Caroline Phillips

122; 1-May; 1893; William Henry; STEER; 28; Bachelor; Platelayer; Stratton; Jesse Steer; Labourer
Alice Mary; SQUIBB; 28; Spinster; ; Stratton; George Squibb; Shepherd
(banns: she Squib); Albert Charles Squibb, Lucy Ann Squibb

123; 23-Jul; 1895; William; HONEYBUN; 35; Bachelor; Labourer; Grimstone; Richard Honeybun; Labourer
Susan; MORRIS; 21; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Edward Morris; Labourer
he X, he father deceased; John Honeybun, Ellen Hannah Honeybun X

124; 25-Dec; 1895; Henry; WILLS; fa; Widower; Shepherd; Stratton; Robert Wills; Labourer
Jane Hannah; GREENHAM; fa; Widow; ; Stratton; William Brett; Labourer
both X; Samuel Allen, Sarah Allen

125; 24-May; 1896; Montague Joseph George; SARGENT; 23; Bachelor; Baker; Dorchester; Joseph Sargent; Labourer
Rose Ann Cornick; CHENEY; 22; Spinster; ; Stratton; Wyndham Cheney; Labourer
(banns: he St Peters, Dorchester); Alfred Cheney, Bessie Ellen Cheney

126; 19-Oct; 1896; Willoughby; STICKLAND; 35; Bachelor; Hairdresser; Dorchester; Henry Stickland; Hairdresser
Mary; COLLIER; 31; Spinster; ; Grimstone; James Collier; Farmer
he father deceased, (banns: he All Saints, Dorchester); Albert William Pardey, Ellen Hazel

127; 28-Sep; 1899; John; FRANKCOM; 56; Widower; Gardener; Bradford Peverell; Samuel Frankcom; Contractor;
Ada; HERNE; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Herne; Gardener
Samuel Allen, Sarah Allen

128; 8-Oct; 1900; Robert; COSH; 42; Widower; Platelayer; Charminster; James Charles Cosh; Shoemaker
Mary Emma; CAKE; 37; Spinster; ; Stratton; Thomas Cake; Attendant in Asylum
George Cake, Edith Mary Cole

129; 26-Dec; 1900; Bertram Alfred; HISCOCK; 22; Bachelor; Farm Bailiff; Stratton; Alfred Hiscock; Dairyman; Lilian Mary;
SHEPARD; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; Amos Watts Shepard; Builder; ; Amos Watts Shepard, Edith Annie Hiscock

130; 8-Jan; 1901; Charles; CHILDS; 23; Bachelor; Dairyman; Stinsford, Dorchester; Robert Childs; Dairyman
Ethel; LOCK; 23; Spinster; ; Lower Wrackleford; Harry Samways Lock; Dairyman
Anna Lock, Ellen Childs

131; 5-Aug; 1901; Frank Herbert; WHITE; 21; Bachelor; Carter; Nursling, Southampton; Henry White; Cowman
Emily; STEER; 25; Spinster; ; Stratton; Jesse Steer; Labourer
William Henry Steer, Fanny Brett

132; 16-Sep; 1901; John; HONEYBUN; 34; Bachelor; Carter; Grimstone; Richard Honeybun; Carter
Sarah Alice; GREENHAM; 22; Spinster; ; Stratton; Moses Greenham
Kate Morris, Thomas Honeybun X

133; 7-Nov; 1901; William John; FOST; 23; Bachelor; Carpenter; Stratton; William Fost; Stoker
Mary Anne; GREEN; 20; Spinster; ; Bradford Peverell; Charles Green; Labourer
(banns: she Mary Ann); Henry George Collins X, Elizabeth Green

134; 11-Feb; 1902; Harris; ROYAL; 29; Bachelor; Confectioner; Weymouth; William Robert Royal; Baker
Lillie Agnes Edmonds; BIRT; 26; Spinster; ; Stratton; Sidney Morris Birt; Schoolmaster
(banns: he Holy Trinity, Weymouth); Sidney Morris Birt, Ethelreda Birt, Wm? J Royal

135; 2-Apr; 1903; Frederick James; CADDEY; 23; Bachelor; Shepherd; Winterborne St Martin; John Caddey; Shepherd
Jane; LEGG; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Legg; Labourer
William Legg, Elizabeth Charlotte Legg

136; 19-Sep; 1904; Reginald Henry; FOOT; 23; Bachelor; Baker; Corfe Mullen, Wimborne; John Henry Foot; Baker
Lucy Sarah; WAY; 30; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Way; Groom & Gardener
Thomas E Way, Bertram George Foot

137; 27-Apr; 1905; William John; CHICK; 38; Bachelor; Farmer; Stratton; Thomas Chick; Farmer
Kate Olive; WATTS; 35; Spinster; ; Southampton; Edwin Pearce Watts; Retired Station Master
(banns: he St Laurence, Southampton); Caroline Chick, Chars Dundas, Edwin Pearce Watts, William Davis Chick, Pene Gutteridge,
Maria L Caryl

138; 21-Aug; 1906; Matthew; WAKELY; 33; Bachelor; Shepherd; Chilcombe; Joseph Wakely; Shepherd
Alice Mary; BEALE; 35; Spinster; ; Grimstone
Henry Northover, Susanna Elizabeth Northover

139; 22-Jan; 1907; Walter; MORRIS; 37; Bachelor; Farmer; Wool; Henry Morris; Farmer
Alice Maud; LOCK; 31; Spinster; Farmer; Stratton; Harry Samways Lock; Farmer
Mabel Lock, Edward Thomas, J C Vine, Grace Lock

140; 10-Apr; 1907; Samuel; DRAKE; 32; Widower; Labourer; Dorchester; George Drake; Labourer
Beatrice Caroline; WAY; 30; Spinster; ; Stratton; John Way; Gardener
(banns: he West Fordington, Dorchester); Ethel Mary Way, John Way, Thomas Edward Way

141; 10-Nov; 1907; William James; RICHARDS; 25; Bachelor; Driver; Stratton; Henry Richards; Labourer
Sarah Ann; DAVIE; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; Samuel Davie; Labourer
Walter Davie, Charles Richards

142; 11-Nov; 1907; Tom; FOOT; 53; Widower; Shepherd; Stratton; James Foot; Labourer
Sarah Ann; GREEN; 53; Widow; ; Stratton; William Stainer; Labourer
T A Stainer, Henry Stainer, Rosina Green, Catherine Molley

143; 29-Feb; 1908; William James; MOORE; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; Wrackleford; Henry Moore; Labourer
Lily; HANSFORD; 21; Spinster; Domestic Servant; Dorchester; William Hansford; Labourer
Bert Hansford, Margaret A? Hansford

144; 3-Mar; 1908; Henry William; MEECH; 26; Bachelor; Architect; Stratton; Samuel Meech; Farmer
Eveline Collier; WARREN; 21; Spinster; ; Grimston; Joseph Warren
E Pardey Warren, Samuel G Rigg, Geo Warren, Joseph Meech

145; 5-Mar; 1908; Eli Alfred; HANSFORD; 33; Bachelor; Labourer; Stratton; Alfred Hansford; Shepherd
Beatrice Sarah; FOOT; 26; Spinster; Domestic Servant; Stratton; Tom Foot Shepherd
Henry Stainer, Catherine Molley

146; 12-Apr; 1909; Bertie George; SLADE; 24; Bachelor; Blacksmith; Wrackleford; Thomas Henry Slade; Blacksmith
Emily Jane Hayward; EDGSON; 23; Spinster; Domestic Servant; Wrackleford; Henry George Edgson; Railway Clerk
Charles Reginald Slade, Fanny Elizabeth Symes Sansford

147; 7-Feb; 1910; Harry Samways; LOCK; 62; Widower; Farmer; Wrackleford; James Lock; Dairyman
Mary Lydia; PIDGEON; 42; Spinster; ; Stratton; Reuben Pidgeon; Dairyman
Licence, she signed Lydia Mary; Herbert James Pidgeon, Louisa Pidgeon

148; 1-May; 1911; William; PENNY; 29; Bachelor; Carter; Sydling; William Penny; Carter
Rosina Ann; GREEN; 24; Spinster; Domestic Servant; Stratton; Robert Green; Labourer
Frank Green, Jane Penny

149; 30-May; 1911; Bert; HANSFORD; 27; Bachelor; Packer; Stratton; William Hansford; Labourer
Florence; OSMOND; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; James Osmond; Coal Merchant
Alfred Osmond, Elsie Osmond

150; 23-Nov; 1911; Alfred Herbert; PRICE; 27; Bachelor; Caretaker; Bridport; George Henry Price; Retired
Lilian Gertrude; CHENEY; 24; Spinster; ; Stratton; Alfred Cheney; Groom
Frederick William Cheney, Bessie Kathleen Cheney

151; 21-Dec; 1911; Henry George; COLLINS; 47; Bachelor; Labourer; Bradford Peverell; George Collins; Carter
Amelia Susan; PIDGEON; 34; Spinster; ; Stratton; Reuben Pidgeon; Dairyman
Alfred Crabb, Gertrude Mary Meech

152; 20-Jan; 1912; Fred; GALE; 46; Bachelor; Road Contractor; Powerstock; Alfred Gale; Road Contractor
Susanna Elizabeth; NORTHOVER; 33; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Henry Northover; Labourer
William Henry Gale, Annie Rogers

153; 13-Feb; 1912; Fred Charles; CHRISTOPHER; 31; Bachelor; Farmer; Stockwood; Steven Christopher; Farmer
Anna; LOCK; 31; Spinster; ; Stratton; Harry Lock; Farmer
Archibald Christopher, Lilian Grace Lock

154; 15-Apr; 1912; Herbert Leonard; POTTER; 24; Bachelor; Signalman; Sandford; John Potter; Farmer
Lillie; HAWKER; 31; Spinster; ; Grimstone; James Hawker; Railway Packer
he signed H L; George Herbert Northover, Bessie Hawker

155; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; entry erased;

156; 1-Sep; 1913; Walter; DAVIE; 24; Bachelor; Clerk; Stratton; Samuel Davie; Farm Labourer
Alma Violet Louise; CHURCHILL; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; Charles William Churchill; Mason
both father deceased; Bessie Davie, Reginald Churchill


Dorset History Centre Reference - PE/STR : RE3/5

This is a printed book containing details of 20 marriages from 1914 to 1924.
Please note: Entries after 1921 have not been included for data protection reasons


Entry number, date, Groom's name, age, status, occupation and residence, Groom's father's name and occupation,
Bride's name, age, status, occupation and residence, Bride's father's name and occupation, Notes, Witnesses.

1; 21-Feb; 1914; Arthur Charles Thomas; LOVELL; 21; Bachelor; Engineer; Birkenhead, Cheshire; Arthur Henry Lovell; Mariner;
Bessie; HAWKER; 31; Spinster; ; Grimstone; James Hawker; Platelayer G.W.R
Ann Hawker, Mary Ann Lovell

2; 28-Apr; 1914; Louis; HAWKER; 24; Bachelor; Railway Porter G.W.R.; Grimstone; James Hawker; Platelayer G.W.R.;
Katie; CLARK; 25; Spinster; ; Grimstone; William Clark
she father deceased; Ann Hawker, Benjamin Lane

3; 23-Nov; 1914; William John; WARREN; 30; Bachelor; Butcher; Charminster; John Warren; Master Butcher;
Florence; HAWKINS; 24; Spinster; ; Stratton; Robert Hawkins; Farmer
H W Spicer, E Salisbury

4; 22-Dec; 1914; James; PARSONS; 26; Bachelor; Dairyman; Winfrith; James Parsons; Dairyman
Mabel; LOCK; 30; Spinster; ; Stratton; Harry Samways Lock; Farmer
Grace Lock, William James Lock, Alice Blanche Hansford

5; 14-Dec; 1915; Ernest; VINE; 23; Bachelor; Dairyman; Rampisham; John Charles Vine; Farmer
Lilian Grace; LOCK; 23; Spinster; ; Stratton; Harry Samways Lock; Farmer
Harry John Lock, Arthur John Vine, Alice Blanche Hansford

6; 27-Dec; 1915; Simeon; CURTIS; 32; Bachelor; Chef; The Gloucester Hotel, Weymouth; Simeon Curtis; Blacksmith
Winnifred May; PHILLIPS; 24; Spinster; Domestic Servant; Stratton; Frederick Phillips; Labourer
Rose Mary Phillips, Arthur Marmaduke Shepard

7; 28-Feb; 1916; Frederick Wyndham; CHENEY; 24; Bachelor; Soldier (4th Dorsets); Grimstone; William Cheney; Carter
Beatrice Annie; HONEYBUN; 25; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Thomas Honeybun; Labourer
Walter George Hyde, Violet Kathleen Cheney

8; 9-Jun; 1919; William James; HONEYBUN; 35; Bachelor; Carter; Grimstone; Thomas Honeybun; Labourer
Annie Elizabeth; NEW; 33; Spinster; ; Stratton; George New; Labourer
Alfred Charles New, Lilian Lucy Tideswell

9; 17-Feb; 1920; Albert Ernest Edward; MARTIN; 53; Bachelor; Groom Gardener; Bradford Peverell; Edward Ralph Martin; Postal Official;
Rosina Emily; HOPE; 39; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Hope; Foreman
both fathers deceased; Amos Watts Shepard, Phyllis Winifred Osmond

10; 5-Apr; 1920; Edgar; CHURCHILL; 25; Bachelor; Grocer; Longfleet, Dorset; Charles William Churchill; Mason
Bessie; DAVIE; 27; Spinster; ; Stratton; Samuel Davie; Labourer
both fathers deceased; Walter Davie, Reg Churchill

11; 2-Dec; 1920; Stephen Harold; PIKE; 32; Bachelor; Dairyman; Littlewood, Frampton; Stephen Pike; Dairyman
Gladys Mabel; HALLETT; 20; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Edwin Hallett; Miller
both fathers deceased; Harold George Hallett, Alfred Ernest Pike, Ida Mary Hallett, Bassie May Pike

12; 28-Mar; 1921; Richard Francis Ivor; DAVIS; 23; Bachelor; Cabinet Maker; Grimstone; William Davis; Dairy Manager; Winifred
Charlotte; WEEDEN; 27; Spinster; ; Grimstone; George Weeden; Dairyman
Charles John Bertie Andrews, Hilda Kathleen Weeden, George Weeden

13; 28-Jun; 1921; Bertram Robert; ROBINS; 28; Bachelor; Clerk?; Broadway, Dorset; Walter John Robins; Market Gardener; Beatrice
Annie; BIRD; 28; Spinster; ; Stratton; William Bird; Dairyman
he father deceased; Walter Bird, Jessie E S Bird, Albert Edward Bird

14; 28-Aug; 1921; Arthur George; EVEREST; 30; Bachelor; Man Servant; Worth, Sussex; James Everest; Bricklayer
Daisy; LARCOMBE; 27; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Hezekiah Larcombe; Labourer
he father deceased; Alfred Larcombe, Olive Christine Larcombe

15; 15-Dec; 1921; Sidney George; BENNETT; 36; Bachelor; Farmer; Martin, Hants; William Henry Bennett; Retired;
Dorothy; SNOW; 30; Spinster; ; Grimstone; Robert Henry Snow; Farmer
Robert H Snow, Mary E Snow, Nina Snow, Doris Beales

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