Tarrant Crawford

BURIALS 1732 - 1847

These records have been transcribed from Bishop's Transcripts by Christine Crawford


1732 Antiock LACEY John buried Nov-16 Curate; Robt. CROSSE

1732 Crawford NONE this year

1733 Crawford CUTTLER Martha buried Aug-01

1733 Crawford CUTTLER Anne buried Feb-07

1733 Crawford HANCOCK Chas? buried Apr-16

1734 Crawford HYNE John son of Willm. buried Apr-11

1734 Crawford CUFF Mary Jnr. buried Mar-10 Curate; James BRYANT ?

1734 Crawford CUFF Mary Snr. buried Mar-02

1735 Antiock PETTY Mary buried Feb-07

1735 Antiock TUBBS Mary buried Jul-14

1735 Antiock KENT Samuel buried Jul-21

1743 Antiock HOMES Alice buried May-20

1743 Antiock LANNING Anne buried May-22

1743 Antiock INKPEN Thomas buried Jun-06

1745 Antiock MAYBY Sus. daughter of John & Sus. buried Nov-24

1745 Antiock WHITE Mary wife of Willm. buried Dec-25 Curate; J. BRYANT

1745 Antiock INCMAN Eliz. wife of Thos. buried Dec-28

1745 Antiock HOMER Martha buried Feb-19

1751 Crawford FRY Mary buried Oct-08

1752 Crawford CROCKER Joseph buried May-09

1753 Crawford CROCKE Joseph buried Jan-13

1753 Crawford .. . buried Apr-29

1753 Antiock AYLES John buried Oct-20

1753 Antiock DAVIFS George buried Oct-26

1755 Antiock DEABON Elizabeth buried Apr-13

1756 Antiock HINE James son of William buried Mar-28

1757 Crawford MAIBER Susanna buried Dec-29 Curate; Robt. GUTCH

1757 Crawford DAVICE Mary daughter of Tristram buried Sep-29 Churchwarden; Thomas BULL

1758 Crawford TANNING William buried Feb-16

1760 Antiock RAWLONS William buried Mar-15

1760 Antiock RAWLONS Sarah buried Mar-29

1764 Antiock HINE Elizabeth buried Mar-12

1765 Antiock HIND John buried Jan-03 Minister; Robt. GUTCH

1765 Antiock HIND .. buried Jan-29

1767 Antiock DAVIES Jane buried Oct-09

1767 Antiock DAVIES John buried Nov-12

1767 Antiock LANNING Ann buried Dec-31

Possible records missing from BT's ?? buried

1775 Crawford MAIDMENT Francis buried Feb-23

1775 Crawford CRITCH Ann buried Mar-09

1778 Antiock GOVER Ann buried Aug-28

1778 Antiock SOPER Ann buried Oct-18

1780 Crawford BROWNING Susanna buried Apr-19

1780 Crawford CUSTARDS Elizabeth base born daughter of Mary buried May-26

1785 Antiock CUSTARDS Elizabeth buried Feb-06

1785 Antiock CUSTARDS Susannah buried Mar-13

1785 Antiock FREEMAN Robert buried Jun-22

1785 Antiock CREECH Mary buried Oct-02

1785 Antiock SOPER Ann buried Nov-08

1786 Antiock SEYMOUR Jane buried Jan-16

1786 Antiock ADAMS Ann daughter of Uriah & Alice buried Jan-22

1786 Antiock MAIDMENT Ann daughter of Elizabeth buried Mar-08

1786 Antiock LACY James son of Henry & Frances buried Mar-08

1786 Antiock FRY William buried Jul-09

1786 Antiock ANDREWS John son of John & Mary buried Oct-15

1787 Antiock SPINNEY Jane daughter of John & Sarah buried Jan-08

1788 Crawford BULL Thomas buried Aug-06

1788 Crawford MAIDMENT Elizabeth wife of David buried Sep-28

1788 Crawford TURNER Mary daughter of James & Mary buried Dec-14

1789 Antiock HAYNE Susannah buried Jan-07

1789 Antiock BROWNING John son of William & Elizabeth buried Apr-29

1789 Antiock STERNEY Susannah buried May-04

1789 Antiock PRINCE Thomas son of James & Frances buried May-26

1789 Antiock BARNES George son of William & Sarah buried Jun-09

1789 Antiock BROWNING William buried Oct-08

1790 Crawford SPINNEY John buried Dec-21

1790 Crawford SUTHEFS Ann wife of William buried Dec-29 of Blandford Forum

1791 Antiock COLLIS James buried Dec-14

1791 Antiock BROWNING Rachel wife of Thomas buried Dec-16

1792 Crawford ANDREWS Wm. son of John & Mary buried May-06

1792 Crawford LACEY Hannah wife of John buried May-19

1794 Antiock HINE Henry buried Jan-22 Curate; Robt. M. CROSSE

1794 Antiock LACEY George buried Feb-21

1794 Antiock LACEY James buried Mar-28

1795 Crawford FRY Mary buried Jan-30

1795 Crawford HINE Catherine buried Jun-05

1795 Crawford PITMAN Ann buried Jun-29

1795 Crawford STINEY Sarah buried Aug-14

1797 Antiock LACEY Susannah buried Jan-29

1799 Antiock NONE

1799 Crawford BULL Mary buried Sep-01

1800 Crawford SHEPHERD Giles buried Jan-13

1800 Crawford PITMAN Ann buried Apr-14

Possible records missing from BT's ??

1807 Antiock JARRETT Maria

1807 Antiock MAIDMENT Maria

1809 Antiock ANDREWS Mary wife of John buried Apr-11

1810 Antiock NONE

1811 Antiock HAYWARD John son of John & Rebecca buried Mar-10

1812 Antiock NONE

1813 Crawford JARRETT Margarett buried Aug-06 45

1813 Crawford BAINE Henneeriette buried Sep-15 22

1813 Crawford JARRETT Elizabeth buried Nov-29 3

1814 Crawford HUNT Harry buried May-15 9 wks

1815 Crawford SOPER George buried Mar-19 3 wks

1815 Crawford GOVER Robert buried Dec-10 77

1816 Crawford MAIDMENT David buried Dec-19 69

1817 Crawford NONE

1818 Crawford WARR Matilda buried Jun-21 1 mth Curate; John Honeyfield RIDOUT Churchwarden Wm. ABBOTT

1819 Crawford NONE

1820 Crawford ADAMS Thomas buried Mar-19 60

1821 Crawford NONE

1822 Crawford CUSTARD Elizabeth buried May-08 40

1822 Crawford LACEY Henry buried Sep-15 81

1823 Crawford HUNT Ann buried Feb-09 43

1823 Crawford HAYWARD W. buried Oct-14 81

1823 Crawford GOVER Sarah buried Oct-19 42

1824 Crawford NONE

1825 Crawford NONE

1826 Crawford HAYWARD Rebecca buried Jan-05 83

1826 Crawford HUNT David buried Sep-03 79

1827 Crawford MAIDMENT Mariah buried Jul-15 43

1827 Crawford GERRETT Charles buried Oct-26 2

1827 Crawford SOPER James buried Dec-02 75

1828 Crawford CHRISTOPHER Mary buried Nov-14 77

1829 Crawford CHRISTOPHER Ann buried Apr-27 90

1834 Crawford BOPER Elizabeth daughter of Benjamin & Jane buried Aug-14 17 mths

1834 Crawford ROBERTS Reuben son of Reuben & Annett buried Sep-29 17 mths

1842 Crawford JERVIS Judith buried Jul-15 48

1843 Crawford GERRETT Ann wife of Isaac buried Apr-26 76

1844 NONE

1845 Crawford CLARK Levi son of James & Elizabeth buried Aug-14 7 mths

1846 NONE

1847 NONE

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