Tarrant Crawford

MARRIAGES 1739 - 1847

These records have been transcribed from Bishop's Transcripts by Christine Crawford


1739 Crawford Tho. BROWNING & Rachl. COOMBY married Feb-01 J. BRYANT

1743 Crawford Joseph CUTTLER & Anne JOY of Tarrant Crawford married Nov-11 J. BRYANT Curate

1743 Crawford Henry BIDDLECOMBE of Wimborne & Mary BRIGHT of Tarrant Crawford married Nov-18

1749 Crawford Willm. SUTHLESS of Bland Forum & Anne NEEMAN of Tarrant Crawford married Aug-22 Curate; J. BRYANT

1749 Crawford Arkell MECRING of Specsbury & Betty HANIFORD of Tarrant Crawford married Aug-30

1753 William POTMAN & Ann CROT ?CH married Oct-10 Curate; R. GUTCH

1753 Antiock Henrry MILLER of Kingston & Mary OAKLEY Kingston married Oct-29

1760-1 Antiock Richard FLEED & Elizabeth HUFINAN of Tarrant Antiock married May-13 Curate; Robt. Churchwarden; GUTCH Robt. BARFOOT

1762 Antiock John Mr. HART & Mrs.Marsy COB  married Jun-09

1778 Antiock John ANDREWS & Mary FREEMAN married Feb-26

1778 Antiock Nathaniel CHAFEY & Sarah SEBOROUGH married Jul-26

1784 Crawford Thomas LACY & Mary DAVIS married Dec-27 Witnesses: NAILE / HAILE Charles SPINNEY Mary

1787 Antiock John LACY & Hannah SEYMOUR married Dec-26

1788  NONE

1789 Antiock William GOVER & Elizabeth FRY married May-14

1789 Antiock John MASTERMAN & Elizabeth HART married Jun-08

1790 Crawford John HINE & Sarah PITMAN married May-27

1791  NONE

1792 Crawford Thos. KNIGHT of Spetisbury & Ann BOYT married Dec-26

1794 NONE

1797 Antiock George HARVEY & Mary WOODFORD married Aug-10

1799 NONE

1804 Antiock Samuel HILL & Eliza BENJAFIELD married Nov-02 by licence

1807  NONE married

1809  NONE married

1810 Antiock William DUNGY of Keynston & Emily HARDIMAN married

1811 Antiock Thomas HUNT & Ann SOPER married Oct-09

1812 NONE married

1813 Crawford John JARRETT & Elizabeth LACEY married Oct-11

1814 Crawford Nathaniel BENJAFIELD of Blandford Major in 67th Reg. Infantry & Elizabeth HILL married Mar-17 by licence

1816 Crawford Isaac JERET (X) & Ann GOVER (X) married Apr-23 by banns
Witnesses; RIGGS John HARDIMAN Sarah

1818 NONE married

1819 Crawford Robert HICKMAN widower of Blandford Forum & Hannah ABBOTT married Nov-18 by licence
Witnesses; ABBOTT William RICKMAN Thom. JENKINS Mary ABBOTT Sarah ABBOTT Elizabeth ABBOTT William Jnr.

1820 Crawford William HOOPER of Hanton Prior Yeoman & Elizabeth ABBOTT married May-16 by licence
Witnesses; ABBOTT William ABBOTT Sarah ABBOTT Emma ABBOTT Jennett ABBOTT William HANNAN Frances

1821 NONE married

1822  NONE married

1823 Crawford William BOUND of Corfe Mullen & Sarah Sherring ABBOTT married Sep-08 by banns
Witnesses; ABBOTT Emma ABBOTT William RICKMAN Hannah RICKMAN Robert

1824 Crawford George PERCY (X) Burton of Gillingham & Mary Norman BRIDLE married Jun-21 by licence
Witnesses; BARTLETT Wm. BRIDLE Jane Lee

1825  NONE married

1829 Crawford John FELTHAM of Sydling St. Nicholas & Jennett ABBOTT married Oct-08 by licence
Witnesses; FELTHAM Elizabeth ABBOTT William ABBOTT William Jnr. ABBOTT Eliza

1830 Crawford Benjamin SOPER (X) & Jane DYMOTT (X) married Nov-01 by banns
Witnesses; AMES George DYMOTT Thomas AMES Jane

1842 Crawford Herbert GOVER Full age Labourer & Elizabeth Bakes SHORT (X) Full age married
Oct-17 by banns (Groom's Father Labourer) (Bride's Father Labourer)
Witnesses; STEVENS William HARDIMAN Amelia GOVER  William SHORT  Thomas

1844 Crawford Henry LEGG (X) Full age Labourer & Hannah JERVIS  (X) Full age married Feb-03 by banns
Witnesses; (Bride's Father Labourer)  OLIVER (X) John LEGG (X) Ann JERVIS

1844 Crawford Stephen CONWAY Full age Labourer & Elizabeth Jane DANIELS Full age married Dec-05
Witnesses; FORD (X) Charles AUSTEN (X) Sarah CONWAY (Groom's Father Labourer) William DANIELS (Bride's Father Labourer) Henry

1847 Crawford Thomas DANIELS (X) Full age Labourer & Jane RIMAN (X) Full age Servant married Feb-06 by banns
Witnesses; DANIELS x Henry RIMAN x Sarah DANIELS (Groom's Father Labourer) Henry RIMAN (Bride's Father Labourer) James

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