1851 Census - HO107/1858
Transcribed by Alan House

No. schedules 38, No. houses 39, No. males 89, No. females 87



1; Jarvis's; Thomas HOUSE; head; mar; 32; farm (or agricultural) labourer ; Piddletown; f296p1

; Martha HOUSE; wife; mar; 29; Warmwell; f296p1

; John HOUSE; son; 8; ag lab to work; Tincleton; f296p1

; Mary Ann HOUSE; daur; 6; care for baby at home; Tincleton; f296p1

; Elizabeth HOUSE; daur; 4; scholar; Tincleton; f296p1

; James HOUSE; son; 2; at home; Tincleton; f296p1

; George HOUSE; son; 5 mo; at home; Tincleton; f296p1

; Henry RIGGS; lodger; unmar; 28; ag lab; Tincleton; f296p1

; Henry PALMER; unmar; 16; Sherborne; f296p1

2; Timothy GILLETT; head; mar; 41; carpenter; Stafford; f296p1

; Maria GILLETT; wife; mar; 43; Dorchester; f296p1

; Mitilda Voss GILLETT; daur; unmar; 22; dressmaker; Stinsford; f296p1

3; Cresden's; Charles Purcell COTTER; head; unmar; 25; curate of Tincleton O.B.T.C.O?; Ireland; f296p1

; Catherine Louisa COTTER; sister; unmar; 22; Ireland; f296p1

; Ann MURPHY; serv; unmar; 50; house servant; Ireland; f296p1

4; Fooker's; Elizabeth HOUSE; head; wid; 80; pauper; Piddletrenthide; f296p1

; George HOUSE; son; unmar; 35; farm labourer; Piddlehinton; f296p1

; Eliza KING; granddaur; unmar; 30; house servant when in place; Kingston Russell; f296p1

; Joseph SANSOM; lodger; mar; 36; farm labourer; Owermoigne; f296p1

; Charles SANSOM; lodger; unmar; 30; farm labourer; Owermoigne; f295p1

5; William CRUMPLER; head; mar; 37; farm labourer; Hants, Portsmouth; f296p2

; Eliza CRUMPLER; wife; mar; 32; Piddletown; f296p2

; John CRUMPLER; son; unmar; 11; Tincleton; f296p2

; William CRUMPLER; son; unmar; 7; scholar; Tincleton; f296p2

; Ellis CRUMPLER; son; unmar; 5; scholar; Tincleton; f296p2

; Charlotte CUNDELL; lodger; unmar; 50; farm labourer; Tincleton; f296p2

6; cottage; Richard CRUMPLER; head; mar; 26; farm labourer; Tincleton; f296p2

; Angelina CRUMPLER; wife; mar; 23; Haselbury; f296p2

; Selina CRUMPLER; daur; unmar; 2; Tolpuddle; f296p2

7; shop; John SPOONER; head; mar; 73; shopkeeper; Essex, Downham; f296p2

; Elizabeth SPOONER; wife; mar; 54; Wareham; f296p2

8; Bridle's; John BRIDLE; head; mar; 34; farmer; Afflington, Corfe Castle; f296p2

; Hannah BRIDLE; wife; mar; 34; Chaldon Herring; f296p2

; Rebecca NELSON; serv; unmar; 20; house servant; Piddletown; f296p2

; Maria BAILEY; visitor; unmar; 18; dressmaker; Dorchester All Saints; f296p2

9; cottage; George TALBOT; head; unmar; 46; farm labourer; Chaldon Herring; f296p2

10; House's; Sarah HOUSE; head; wid; 63; Winfrith; f296p2

; Ellis HOUSE; son; unmar; 27; farm labourer; Tincleton; f296p2

; Elizabeth BISHOP; serv; unmar; 17; house servant; Tincleton; f296p2

11; Tucker's Mill; Maria RIGGS; head; wid; 53; pauper; Wilts, Salisbury; f296p3

; John RIGGS; son; unmar; 18; farm labourer; Tincleton; f296p3

; Alicia Seymour RIGGS; granddaur; 4; scholar; Tincleton; f296p3

12; John WARREN; head; mar; 29; farm labourer; Tincleton; f296p3

; Mary Ann WARREN; wife; mar; 25; Stoke Wareham; f296p3

; Elizabeth WARREN; daur; 1; Tincleton; f296p3

; Eliza STICKLAND; wife's sister; unmar; 13; nurse for child when it's mother goes to work; Stoke; f296p3

; John JACOBS; lodger; wid; 62; stone mason; Gloucs; f296p3

13; Steven's; Robert GARLAND; head; mar; 46; dairyman; Owermoigne; f296p3

; Harriet GARLAND; wife; mar; 48; Chaldon Herring; f296p3

; Jane GARLAND; daur; unmar; 17; Holworth Abbey; f296p3

; Thomas GARLAND; son; 15; Witfield Dorchester Holy Trinity?; f296p3

; Harriet GARLAND; daur; 8; scholar; Witfield Dorchester Holy Trinity?; f296p3

14; Rodney's; Sarah SMALL; head; wid; 60; land proprietor; Evershot; f296p3

15; tent in Dark Lane; Rebecca COOPER; head; mar; 60; dealer in clothes pins & baskets; Hants; f296p3

; in open as is; Susan COOPER; granddaur; 15; dealer in clothes pins & baskets; Presbury; f296p3; only Presbury is in Devon

; common with; Sarah COOPER; granddaur; 14; dealer in clothes pins & baskets; Devon, Aldon?; f296p3

; Gypsies; f296p3

16; cottage; William PAINE; head; mar; 59; journeyman carpenter; Piddlehinton; f297p4

; Rebecca PAINE; wife; mar; 59; Stoke Wake; f297p4

; Mary Ann PAINE; daur; unmar; 28; farm labourer; Stoke Wake; f297p4

; Azaniah PAINE; son; unmar; 24; farm labourer; Stoke Wake; f297p4

; Robert PAINE; son; unmar; 17; carpenter's apprentice; Charminster; f297p4

; John PAINE; grandson; 2; Poole; f297p4

17; cottage; John WILLIAMS; head; mar; 22; farm labourer; Broadmayne; f297p4

; Emma WILLIAMS; wife; mar; 21; Holworth Abbey ?; f297p4

; uninhabited; f297p4

18; Pearce's; Susan ROBBINS; head; wid; 67; pauper; Wimborne; f297p4

; Thomas ROBBINS; son; unmar; 19; farm lab; Tincleton; f297p4

19; James WARREN; head; mar; 48; gardener; Tincleton; f297p4

; Mary WARREN; wife; mar; 44; washerwoman at home; Piddletown; f297p4

; David WARREN; son; unmar; 17; servant; Tincleton; f297p4

; Mary INGRAM; niece; 11; scholar; Adminston; f297p4

; Uriah HARVEY; lodger; unmar; 23; farm labourer; Tincleton; f297p4

20; Richard CRUMPLER; head; wid; 54; shoemaker; Church Knowle; f297p4

; Thomas CRUMPLER; son; mar; 28; farm lab; Ireland, County Mayo; f297p4

; Ann CRUMPLER; daur-in-law; mar; 27; Langton; f297p4

; Elizabeth CRUMPLER; granddaur; 6; scholar; Tincleton; f297p4

; George CRUMPLER; grandson; 4; Tincleton; f297p5

; Herbert CRUMPLER; grandson; 1; Tincleton; f297p5

21; Peter WARREN; head; mar; 37; farm labourer; Tincleton; f297p5

; Catherine WARREN; wife; mar; 39; Affpuddle; f297p5

; John WARREN; son; 14; Tincleton; f297p5

; James WARREN; son; 13; errand boy; Tincleton; f297p5

; Hannah WARREN; daur; 11; at home; Tincleton; f297p5

; Fanny WARREN; daur; 10; scholar; Tincleton; f297p5

; Jesse WARREN; son; 8; scholar; Tincleton; f297p5

; Charles WARREN; son; 6; scholar; Tincleton; f297p5

; Albert WARREN; son; 4; at home; Tincleton; f297p5

; Robert WARREN; son; 2; at home; Tincleton; f297p5

; William WARREN; son; 8mo; at home; Tincleton; f297p5

22; James WILLIAMS; head; mar; 43; farm labourer; Stafford; f297p5

; Sarah WILLIAMS; wife; mar; 43; Broadmayne; f297p5

; Robert WILLIAMS; son; unmar; 18; farm labourer; Tincleton; f297p5

; James WILLIAMS; son; 15; farm labourer; Tincleton; f297p5

; Samuel WILLIAMS; son; 13; farm labourer; Tincleton; f297p5

; Sarah WILLIAMS; daur; 11; scholar; Tincleton; f297p5

; Ann WILLIAMS; daur; 5; scholar; Tincleton; f297p5

23; Sarah WARREN; head; wid; 36; Stinsford; f298p6

; Arthur WARREN; son; 13; work at home in garden; Tincleton; f298p6

; Edmund WARREN; son; 11; farm labourer; Tincleton; f298p6

; Sarah WARREN; daur; 7; scholar; Tincleton; f298p6

; Elina WARREN; daur; 5; scholar; Tincleton; f298p6

; Robert WARREN; son; 3; scholar; Tincleton; f298p6

24; John CHAPMAN; head; mar; 71; fundholder (formerly woodman); Tincleton; f298p6

; Jane CHAPMAN; wife; mar; 34; Puddletown; f298p6

; Francis OLIVER; lodger; mar; 70; pauper; Southover Tolpuddle; f298p6

; Jane OLIVER; lodger; mar; 67; widwife?; Wimborne; f298p6; pres midwife?

25; Charles CANDELL; head; mar; 44; farm labourer; Tincleton; f298p6

; Ann CANDELL; wife; mar; 48; Devon, Henton; f298p6

26; Grace PAINE; head; wid; 75; pauper; Motcomb; f298p6

; Elizabeth PAINE; daur; unmar; 51; farm labourer; Piddletown; f298p6

; Elizabeth PAINE; granddaur; unmar; 27; servant; Tincleton; f298p6

; Jane ROSE; granddaur; wid; 22; servant; Tincleton; f298p6

; George PAINE; grandson; 15; farm labourer; Tincleton; f298p6

; Elizabeth ROSE; ggranddaur; 1; Weymouth; f298p6

; Harriet PAINE; ggranddaur; 10mo; Tincleton; f298p6

27; Mary KING; head; wid; 66; Puddletown; f298p7

; William HOUSE; son; unmar; 35; gardener; Puddletown; f298p7

; John MANN; lodger; wid; 62; annuitant; Norfolk; f298p7

28; James PUCKETT; head; mar; 48; farm labourer; Tincleton; f298p7

; Tabitha PUCKETT; wife; mar; 40; Bryantspuddle; f298p7

; William PUCKETT; son; unmar; 16; farm labourer; Tincleton; f298p7

; Mary PUCKETT; daur; 14; at home; Tincleton; f298p7

; Seth PUCKETT; son; 12; farm labourer; Tincleton; f298p7

; James PUCKETT; son; 9; farm labourer; Tincleton; f298p7

; Robert Woodrow PUCKETT; son; 6; scholar; Tincleton; f298p7

; John PUCKETT; son; 4; scholar; Tincleton; f298p7

; Charles Woodrow PUCKETT; son; 2; Tincleton; f298p7

29; Thomas CRUMPLER; head; mar; 65; farm labourer; Knowle; f298p7

; Elizabeth CRUMPLER; wife; mar; 63; West Lulworth; f298p7

; Charles CRUMPLER; son; unmar; 34; farm labourer; Hants, Portsmouth; f298p7

; Jane CRUMPLER; daur; unmar; 18; dressmaker; Tincleton; f298p7

30; Peter WARREN; head; mar; 67; labourer on roads to save poor rate; Tincleton; f298p7

; Sarah WARREN; wife; mar; 64; Piddletown; f298p7

; William WARREN; son; unmar; 34; farm labourer; Tincleton; f298p7

; George WARREN; son; unmar; 32; farm labourer; Tincleton; f298p7

; Mary Ann WARREN; daur; unmar; 23; farm labourer; Tincleton; f299p8

; James WARREN; son; unmar; 19; farm labourer; Tincleton; f299p8

; Thomas WARREN; son; 15; farm labourer; Tincleton; f299p8

; Harriet WARREN; daur; 13; at home; Tincleton; f299p8

; Elizabeth WARREN; granddaur; 2; Tincleton; f299p8

31; Tincleton Farm House; Richard SEYMOUR; head; unmar; 42; fundholder; Tincleton; f299p8

; Elizabeth WILLMAN; sister; wid; 50; fundholder; Gillingham; f299p8

; John SEYMOUR; brother; unmar; 48; fundholder; Tolpuddle; f299p8

; Charles SEYMOUR; brother; unmar; 44; fundholder; Tincleton; f299p8

; Jane SEYMOUR; sister; unmar; 38; fundholder; Tincleton; f299p8

32; Parsonage; Robert ROBBINS; head; mar; 34; farm labourer; Tincleton; f299p8

; Charlotte ROBBINS; wife; mar; 36; Woodsford; f299p8

; Sarah Ann ROBBINS; daur; 9; scholar; Tincleton; f299p8

; Emily Jane ROBBINS; daur; 7; scholar; Tincleton; f299p8

; Emma ROBBINS; daur; 2; at home; Tincleton; f299p8

; unnamed ROBBINS; son; 4 days; at home; Tincleton; f299p8

; unnamed ROBBINS; son; 4 days; at home; Tincleton; f299p8

33; Post Office; Elizabeth STOCKER; mar; 60; Sussex, Eastbourne; f299p8

34; Clyffe Farm House; Thomas JACKMAN; head; mar; 53; farm bailiff; Suffolk, Battisford; f299p9

; Sophia JACKMAN; wife; mar; 63; Suffolk, Cockwell; f299p9

; Eliza THRESHER; serv; unmar; 18; house servant; Hants, Romsey; f299p9

35; Clyffe gardener's house; Jonathon RUDDOCK; head; wid; 39; gardener; Suffolk, Elmswell; f299p9

; Jonathon RUDDOCK; son; 13; scholar; Suffolk, Woolpit; f299p9

; Mary COX; serv; unmar; 20; servant of all works; Tincleton; f299p9

36; Clyffe House; Thomas Wenham KNIPE; head; mar; 28; Rector of Woodsford & Per. Curate of Tincleton; Hunts, Walton Newton; f299p9

; Lucy KNIPE; wife; mar; 33; Berks, Cookham; f299p9

; Ellinor Mary SENDALL; no relation; 15; brought up in the house, not as pupils or as charges; Suffolk, Langham; f299p9

; Lucy Maria SENDALL; no relation; 13; brought up in the house, not as pupils or as charges; Norfolk, Norwich; f299p9

; John COX; serv; unmar; 25; house servant to an absent person; Chaldon Herring; f299p9

; Sarah COCKSEDGE; serv; unmar; 30; house servant to Charles Porcher Esq.; Suffolk; f299p9

; Ellen ABBOTT; serv; unmar; 17; house servant to Rev. T.W. Knipe; Wilts, Berwick St John; f299p9

; Elizabeth LICENCE; serv; unmar; 24; house servant to Rev. T.W. Knipe; Suffolk; f299p9

; Elizabeth MITCHELL; serv; unmar; 19; house servant to Porcher Esq.; Affpuddle; f299p9

; Caroline HERTY; serv; unmar; 24; house servant to Porcher Esq.; Guernsey; f299p9

; Eliza MANIFOLD; school mistress; unmar; 25; parish school mistress; Derbyshire; f299p9

; Robert LANGHAM; serv; mar; 50; groom to Charles Porcher Esq.; Norfolk; f299p9

37; Heath Cottage; George HOUSE; head; mar; 31; farm labourer; Piddletown; f300p10

; Sophia HOUSE; wife; mar; 35; laundress; Suffolk, Norton; f300p10

; Edward HOUSE; son; 6; scholar; Tincleton; f300p10

; John HOUSE; son; 5; scholar; Tincleton; f300p10

; George HOUSE; son; 2 mo; Tincleton; f300p10

; Jane STEVENS; serv; unmar; 22; laundress; Bettiscombe; f300p10

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