MARRIAGES 1579 - 1836

Transcribed from Records held at the Dorset History Centre and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

Arranged according to the Gregorian calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

31-May-1579; Robert STANLYE

__-___-15__; ______ HAYNE & Edith WHITE of St. James

10-Apr-1581; George STYLE & Christian GOODFELLOW of Mappowder

18-Jun-1582; John SHERBOYNE & Aynne HOLLAND, daughter of John HOLLAND

29-Jan-1587/8; Mathew KRATE & Katherine JAMES

05-Oct-1589; John HONNYNGTON & Phillis CHURCHILL

27-Oct-1589; Henry EMBERBILL & Joanna WILLIBYE

28-Oct-1589; John GUYER & Maria MARGERY

01-Nov-1589; John COKER & Katherine BELLRINGER alias GRANNTE

20-Jun-1590; James WHITE & Elizabeth WHITE

20-Jul-1592; John HONNYNGETON

23-Jul-1592; Thomas SCUTT & Edith MORGEYE

01-Sep-1594; Robert COLLENS & Agnes ______

03-Sep-1599; William CRAUBORD & Joane EDWARDS

12-Jun-1603; George GYFORD & Elizabeth STILE

22-Oct-1604; George GOODREDGE & Margret SQUIR

30-Apr- 1605; Symon CHIPMAN & Christian ANTILL

13-Jul-1605; Thomas WAFFE & Edith WHIT

14-Nov-1605; Christopher SPRAKE & Anne GRACHE

30-May-1606; Richard LOVELAS & Elizabeth SMITH

14-Jul-1606; John DYSEN & Joan LANGFORD

09-Oct-1609; Thomas BROWNE & Christian SHIPMAN

21-Jan-1613/4; Thomas POLGLASS & Maryan EYRES

01-May-1614; Mr. Richard NEWMAN of Fifhed Magdalen & Mrs. Elizabeth SIMONDS

11-Aug-1614; Henry PATY & Anne LOWE

21-Aug-1614; Thomas CROLYE & Margaret MOLTON

29-Apr-1616; Raynold WALLIS of Powxell & Margaret HOLLAND

14-Oct-1616; William BAKER of Wareham & Elizabeth SCUTT

04-Jun-1621; Edmund GALLTON & Jane RIDOUT

02-Jul-1621; Christopher ROLLES & Alice TALBOT

28-Nov-1624; John ELLET & Anne TOMSONS

30-Nov-1626; Thomas POOSE & Margaret LOVLAS

22-May-1627; Abraham MORRIS & Alice SKUT

28-Apr-1628; John DAWE & Katherine HOLMER

18-Oct-1628; Thomas ROBERTS & Joane GILL

17-Nov-1628; John STEEVENS & Amie BOYTE

27-Nov-1628; Robert BOSWELL & Mary SHERRING

06-Apr-1630; John PARTRIDGE & Alice LOVELAS

19-Apr-1630; Bernard COBB & Tamsyn SCUTT

03-Feb-1630/1; Gyles VALLENCE & Elizabeth LOVELAS

28-Jul-1631; Thomas HALL Esq. & Mrs. Katherine SEYMOUR

24-Oct-1631; Mathew DENNET & Joane COOPER

17-Nov-1631; John ORCHARD & Grace LOCKE

12-Apr-1632; Thomas HALSE alias DIKER & Katherine GARLAND

25-Apr-1632; John GILLINGHAM & Joane RIDOUT

20-May-1634; Thomas HEMINGTON & Joane BURT

10-Jun-1634; Roger TALBOT & Mary EYRES

20-Jun-1634; John AUSTEN & Frances DEVENISH

30-Jun-1634; John NEW & Alice HOLLAND

09-Jul-1635; Thomas STURMYE & Jane STONE

19-Nov-1636; William LOOPE & Anne COCKERAM

14-Feb-1636/7; Richard BARTLETT & Elizabeth TABOR

29-Oct-1638; Phillip LAMORD & Margaret ROSE

12-Nov-1638; William DORY & Urith HEMINGTON

30-Nov-1638; Mr. John NAPPER & Mrs. Elinor CLAVELL

20-Dec-1638; John HOLLAND & Alice EAMES

02-May-1639; Thomas POPE & Katherin DAW

07-Dec-1639; Henry BESSE & Christian STONE

04-Feb-1639/40; Thomas BEAROWS & Joan DAVY

06-Apr-16__; John ______ & ______ HINARDS

07-Jun-1647; John MATHEWS & Alice DAW

29-Jun-1647; Charles BURT & Catherin SCUTT

03-Jul-1648; Robbert SIMONS

31-Jan-1651/2; Edward SPRANGE & Elizabeth HOLLAND daughter of John HOLLAND

06-Jul-1652; Henry HOLLAND son of John HOLLAND & Hannah EAMES

17-Aug-1652; Joseph DUNMAN & Agnes HOLLAND daughter of John HOLLAND

18-Sep-1653; Edward PESSHE & Elizabeth SIMMONDS daughter of Thomas SIMMONDS

26-Jun-1654; Nicholas ELLET & Elizabeth GRIFFEN

07-Oct-1654; John HOLLAND & Marya RANDELL

06-Mar-1675/6; John EYRES & Elienor HAYTER

24-Jun-1684; Richard DUMBERFIELD & Jane HALL

12-Aug-1684; Thomas POPE & Margery ABEANE

28-Apr-1685; Daniel DUMBERFIELD & Mary BECK

30-Nov-1685; Robert WHITE & Lydia SYMONDS

12-Apr-1686; William STEPHENS & Edith COLLIS

13-May-1686; Richard BURD & Elizabeth ELIOT

02-Jun-1687; William ALLNER & Elizabeth LANNING

15-Nov-1687; John TIBS & Ann ELIOT

09-Mar-1699/1700; John SARGANT & Mary LOCKE

18-Mar-1700/1; James PARKINS Rector of Corfe Castle & Mary BAYNARD eldest daughter of George BAYNARD Squire, deceased

19-Feb-1702/3; William PUCKETT of Cliffe & Sarah BOYS of Milborne St. Andrew

28-Nov-1706; John HARDY & Catherine CHILDS

03-Dec-1706; William SEALE & Tabitha ______

13-Feb-1708/9; John ELIOT

21-Apr-1712; Richard WHEALYEAR & Mary ADAMES

14-Feb-1714/5; Simon STURMEY & Ann DIXON

01-Oct-1722; John SYMES & Judith ELLIOT

06-Apr-1724; Edward HUGHS & Hannah FUDGE

03-May-1725; Thomas DRAITON & Mary GARLAND

13-Feb-1725/6; Andrew MATHEWS & Dorothy RICKETS

22-Feb-1725/6; Benjamin BISHOP & Mary LUSH

15-Oct-1726; William ELLIOTT & Elizabeth FURBER

03-Nov-1727; Emanuel ELLIOT & Mary INGRAM

03-Nov-1727; Thomas GRITTON & Anne WILLIAMS

08-Feb-1728/9; Joseph AMY & Rachel WYAT

09-Jul-1729; Thomas GERRARD & Susanna DURRANT both of Weymouth

26-Dec-1729; Augustin ROBINS & Elizabeth BEST

02-Feb-1729/30; John CRISDE & Elinor BROWN

19-Mar-1729/30; Richard PAINTER of Piddletown & Elizabeth BROOKS of Portsmouth, Hants

08-Jun-1730; Argenton WILLIAMS of Wimbourn Minster & Elizabeth SCUT of AffpIddle

20-Sep-1730; Charles POPE of Piddletown & Elizabeth CHILDS

17-Mar-1733/4; Israel ELLIOTT & Susannah SARE [April in BTs]

15-Apr-1734; Robert DAY & Betty EAMS

28-Oct-1735; Robert STANFIELD & Anne BALL

05-Sep-1738; James CRISDE & Sarah VYE

07-Jan-1738/9; Nathaniel STYLE & Elizabeth BECK [BEECH in BTs & date 1737/8]

12-Mar-1739/40; George BASCOMB & Anne WILSH [given in BTs only]

18-May-1740; James DAVIS & Grace HUGHS

22-Apr-1744; Henry SLADE & Mary RIDDLE

21-Jun-1744; John TUFFIN & Sarah CRISDE

15-Apr-1745; John BASCOMB & Elizabeth WHEELER [given in BTs only]

16-Apr-1745; Joseph YOUNG & Betty BASCOMBE

30-Jul-1746; Joseph MIDDLETON & Mary MATTHEWS

24-Feb-1749/50; William TILLY & Mary KENTON

17-Apr-1750; Philip WHITTLE & Betty LANGFORD

16-Dec-1750; Arthur ROPER & Elizabeth EYRES

07-Apr-1751; Joseph ALLEN & Elizabeth WAY

01-Apr-1752; Cornelius VOSS & Mary MIDDLETON [given in BTs only]

07-Feb-1759; Christopher KELLAWAY of Winterbourn St. Martin & Mary SHITLER

witnessed by: Robert SHITLER, John WYER

07-Apr-1760; Charles JARVES Farmer & Betty SHITLER widow

witnessed by: John CROSDE, William TILLY

28-Jun-1762; Henry HAINE Shepherd of Moreton & Sarah DAYE

witnessed by: Martha SHITLER, John CROSDE

20-Jan-1763; John DEWEY Labourer & Mary FUDGE widow

witnessed by: John CROSDE, Susanna MEWS

08-Feb-1764; James CRESDE Labourer & Mary SMALL

witnessed by: John CRESDE, Robert AMEY

05-Apr-1764; Robert AMEY Farmer & Martha SHITLER by Licence

witnessed by: William TILLY, John CRESDE

22-Apr-1764; Charles STEVENS Labourer of Piddletown & Catherine HALLET

witnessed by: John CRESDE, Charles JARVES

27-Jul-1765; William WEST Labourer of Stinsford & Betty LEGG

witnessed by: John CRESDE, James CRESDE

18-Jun-1766; James CRESDE widower & Susannah RASHLEIGH of Winterbourn St. Martin by Licence

witnessed by: Chris KELLAWAY, William SHITLER

29-Oct-1766; James COTES of Piddletown & Sarah DEWEY

witnessed by: John CRESDE, Robert VINCENT

26-Oct-1767; James POULTER of Brianstone & Ann STICKLAND by Licence

witnessed by: Frances SHITLER, John CRESDE

14-Feb-1768; John VINCENT of Piddlehinton & Lydia DEWE alias ELLIOTT

witnessed by: John CRESDE

22-Feb-1768; John BASCOMBE & Mary TOLLAGE

witnessed by: John CRESDE, William LOVEL

21-Nov-1768; William LOVELL of Woodsford & Elizabeth/Beety DAY

witnessed by: Thomas CRESDEE, John CRESDE

17-Mar-1769; Thomas HOUSE of Piddletown & Mary CRESDEE / CRISDIE

witnessed by: Robert HOUSE, William SHITLER

10-May-1769; Thomas SANSOM & Elizabeth/Bettey EAMES

witnessed by: Robert GALTON, John CRESDE

20-Sep-1769; Edward STYLE / STILE & Ann GIBBONS

witnessed by: William SHITLER, Robert AMEY

23-Dec-1769; John CHAPMAN of Piddletown & Mary EAMES

witnessed by: Robert GALTON, Elizabeth EAMES

20-May-1770; Charles JARVES widower & Catherine WALLIS widow of Ruston by Licence

witnessed by: Thomas JARVES, William SHITLER

08-May-1771; Samuel HOOPER Farmer of Piddletown & Mary TALBOT by Licence

witnessed by: Edward HOOPER, William SHITLER

11-May-1772; Matthew FUDGE of Moreton & Ann EDWARDS

witnessed by: John EDWARDS, John CRESDE

13-Jul-1773; James PURCHASE & Fanney HUNT by Licence

witnessed by: John MILLS, William SHITLER

23-Mar-1774; Edmund CANDEL & Mary BURT

witnessed by: John MILLS, William SHITLER

09-Jun-1777; George CANDEL & Mary DEWE

witnessed by: Edmund CANDEL, Joyce CULL

09-Apr-1778; William TIZARD & Elizabeth OLIVER

witnessed by: John MILLS, Joseph ROBINS

28-Sep-1778; George CRESDEE & Susanna SIMONS

witnessed by: Charles JARVES, Joseph ROBINS

05-Jul-1779; William SMALL & Mary TILLY

witnessed by: Thomas CRESDEE, John SHITLER

03-Feb-1780; William SMALL & Ann VALLENS

witnessed by: Chres PARCES, Matthew FUDGE

17-Apr-1780; Richard ROBERTS & Joyce CULL

witnessed by: James SLADE, William RUNYARD

01-Jul-1782; Giles GILLAM & Mary ELLIOTT alias DEWE

witnessed by: Robert AMEY, John SHITLER

07-Aug-1782; John STANDISH & Jenny Snook TIZARD

witnessed by: Chres PARCES, Nicholas CROCKER

28-Apr-1783; Robert KIDDLE widower of Piddletrenthide & Frances SHITLER

witnessed by: Robert AMEY, Jane TILLY

21-Sep-1784; Nicholas CROCKER & Grace BISHOP

witnessed by: David BYERS, George HARDING

24-May-1785; Edward WHELMAN of Piddletown & Ann HOUSE

witnessed by: David BYERS, John HOUSE

29-Jul-1789; Charles JARVIS & Elizabeth TALBOT of Sutton by Licence

witnessed by: Samuel HOOPER, Martha CRESDEE

15-Sep-1790; Joseph ROBINS & Mary SMALL

witnessed by: Edmund CANDEL, Mary CANDEL

21-Nov-1790; Robert EVERET & Sarah JACOB

witnessed by: George CRESDEE, Robert CARTER

02-Feb-1797; Henry SELLEY & Catharine BENNETT

witnessed by: Sophia GANE

16-Nov-1800; Thomas WEEKS & Elizabeth COATES by Licence

witnessed by: Thomas RODWELL, Mary GERMAN

09-May-1801; Thomas RODWELL & Mary GERMAN by Licence

witnessed by: James EDWARDS

26-Jul-1801; George CANDELL & Amelia STICKLAND

witnessed by:  John CHAPMAN, Susannah SALTER

04-Nov-1801; Robert HURST of Moreton & Jane CRESDEE

witnessed by:  Henry HAINE, Mary RUSSELL

20-Jul-1802; Daniel CAINES of Hartfoot Lane Melcombe [Horsey] & Elizabeth GILLINGHAM

witnessed by:  Mary RUSSELL, James TUCKER

06-Jul-1803; John MEADER & Ann CARTER

witnessed by:  Thomas GALLONS, Robert WARREN

11-Dec-1803; John CHAPMAN & Mary PITMAN

witnessed by:  Robert WARREN

20-Apr-1806; William TODD of Richmond, Yorkshire & Martha HANN by Licence

 witnessed by: James HILL

07-Jan-1807; Robert WARREN & Martha STEVENS

witnessed by: John WARREN, Matthew FUDGE

05-May-1807; Joseph WHITE of Ottery St. Mary, Devon & Hanah LOVEL

witnessed by: Samuel SYMONDS, Robert WARREN

29-Sep-1808; John HOUSE & Mary RIGGS

witnessed by: Maria TOMS, Maria RIGGS

03-Oct-1808; Richard CLEAVES & Mary Oliver TIZARD of Affpiddle

witnessed by: Joann CRUMPLER, Robert WARREN

12-Jul-1812; William VIVIAN of Langton Herring & Mary GALE

witnessed by: Richard POYNTER

27-Dec-1813; James TARR of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Eleanor WHITE

witnessed by: Charles GROVES, Sarah GROVES

14-Feb-1814; George CRISDEE & Elizabeth ROPER

witnessed by: John SHUTLER, Elizabeth DOWLE, Mary SHUTLER, Elizabeth SEYMOUR

30-Jun-1814; George ROBINS & Anne AMEY

witnessed by: Thomas HOUSE, Joseph AMEY

21-Nov-1814; George DIXON of Portsea, Hants & Peggy HOUSE

witnessed by: John HOUSE, Thomas HOUSE

04-Apr-1816; Richard TIZARD of Charminster & Mary CHEESMAN

witnessed by: Elizabeth SEYMOUR, Robert WARREN

29-Aug-1816; Peter WARREN & Sarah RIGGS

witnessed by: John HOUSE, Robert WARREN

09-Apr-1817; Jonathan CHEESMAN of Athelhampton & Harriott HOUSE

witnessed by: Thomas HOUSE, Robert WARREN

17-Jun-1817; John TANSWELL & Elizabeth BISHOP

witnessed by: Robert DAVENPORT, Elizabeth HENERY

24-Mar-1818; James ROBINS & Mary WOODROE

witnessed by: Charlotte Woodroe MARSH, Thomas HOUSE

11-Feb-1819; Peter PARRATT & Martha SALTER

witnessed by: Ambrose OLD, Thomas HOUSE, Caroline SEYMOUR, Elizabeth SEYMOUR

13-Aug-1820; George PALMER of Warmwell & Jane HOUSE by Licence

witnessed by: Thomas HOUSE

27-Oct-1822; Thomas GROVES of Cerne Abbas & Elizabeth Sarah HENERY by Licence

witnessed by: Robert DAVENPORT, Mary DAVENPORT

26-Nov-1823; James SMALL & Damaris PUCKET

witnessed by: James VEYE, Thomas HOUSE

20-Mar-1825; James PALMER & Susannah MEECH

witnessed by: Joseph SQUIB, Thomas HOUSE

19-Oct-1826; Charles MITCHEL of Pulham & Hanah/Maria CANDEL

witnessed by: Elizabeth BRINE, Thomas HOUSE

05-Aug-1827; William HAINES of Chaldon Herring & Eliza NIPPRED by Licence

witnessed by: Caroline SEYMOUR, Thomas HOUSE

07-Jun-1828; Andrew CAUNDLE & Elizabeth BRINE

witnessed by: Charles HARVEY, Thomas HOUSE

30-Dec-1829; Charles HARVEY of Piddletown & Maryann MEADEN REDVER

witnessed by: George HARVEY, Thomas HOUSE

28-Mar-1830; William HOUSE of Piddletown & Mary HIBBS

witnessed by: Sarah HOUSE, Thomas HOUSE, George BURT, Hugh BAGGS, Bether BURT, Haner BURT

27-Dec-1830; George BEAL & Rebeccah PADDICK

witnessed by: John BEAL, Thomas HOUSE

01-May-1831; William LOVELESS of Tolpuddle & Hannah PIERCE

witnessed by: John LOVELESS, Thomas HOUSE

19-May-1831; David KING & Mary HOUSE

witnessed by: Thomas HOUSE, Sarah HOUSE

31-Dec-1832; Thomas BISHOP & Martha BARTLETT

witnessed by: George BISHOP, Thomas HOUSE

09-Apr-1833; Robert PARKER & Sarah GEORGE

witnessed by: Jane GEORGE, Thomas HOUSE

05-Aug-1833; James WARREN & Mary WHITEING

witnessed by: John STEVENS, Thomas HOUSE, M. STEVENS

12-Nov-1833; George RANDELL of Langton Herring & Jane HOUSE

witnessed by: Eliza CANDELL, Thomas HOUSE, Richard RANDALL

07-Dec-1833; Jerimiah BRIDLE of Broadway & Martha CANDELL

witnessed by: Charles CANDELL, Eliza CANDELL, Thomas HOUSE

16-Nov-1834; James PUCKET & Tabitha WELLSTEAD

witnessed by: Peter WARREN, Thomas HOUSE, Catherine OLIVER

07-Feb-1836; Peter WARREN & Catherine OLIVER

witnessed by: Jane DOLE, Thomas HOUSE

10-Jun-1836; Thomas CRUMPTON & Jane DOLE

witnessed by: William CRUMPTON, Thomas HOUSE

04-Jul-1836; Henry WALLIS of Broadway & Elizabeth Jane JARVIS by Licence

witnessed by: Thomas JARVIS, Caroline SEYMOUR, Thomas HOUSE

27-Sep-1836; Robert SEYMOUR of Bridport & Caroline SEYMOUR by Licence

witnessed by: Charles SEYMOUR, Maria SEYMOUR, Thomas HOUSE

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