Toller Porcorum

Burials 1813-1910

Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

N DateForename(s)Surname AgeAbodeComments
115Jan1813William DUNFORD82 Toller Porcorum  
218Feb1813Elias COLE64 Toller Porcorum 
323Mar1813Fanny WAY70 Evershot 
424Jun1813John NEAL63 Toller Porcorum 
506Jul1813Mary HONIBON52 Netherbury 
618Jul1813June Wheller GREEN7weeksToller Porcorum 
721Jul1813Anne DUNFORD81 Toller Porcorum  
829Aug1813Grace GREEN29 Toller Porcorum 
921Nov1813William SOPER57 Rampisham 
1002Mar1814Anne BUGLER9weeksKincombe 
1105Apr1814Anne CHAUKER81 Toller Porcorum  
1224Apr1814Henry GALPINE68 Toller Porcorum  
1326Jun1814Deborah SOPER18 Rampisham 
1405Jul1814Mary SHINAR6 Kincombe 
1509Dec1814William Bates WATTS35 Kentcombe 
1614Dec1814John MITCHELL67 Toller Porcorum  
1729Jan1815Charles BRYANT8monthsToller Porcorum 
1826Mar1815Hannah NEAL10monthsToller Porcorum 
1924Apr1815Josepth KEECH86 Poorton 
2016Jan1816Robert GALPIN16weeksToller Porcorum 
2123Feb1816Sarah COLE72 Toller Porcorum 
2203Mar1816Luke DUNFORD4monthsToller Porcorum 
2307Apr1816Ann CHALKER95 Toller Porcorum  
2410Apr1816Elizabeth KEECH63 Toller Porcorum 
2520May1816John Whittle POPE5monthsToller Porcorum 
2603Jun1816William WATTS73 Kentcomb 
2717Jul1816Simon FRAMPTON33 Poorstock 
2806Oct1816Mary Anne SPRANCLYN11monthsBarrowland 
2913Oct1816Richard SMITH1dayToller Porcorum 
3016Feb1817Sophia BISHOP3 Toller Porcorum 
3128Feb1817Sarah SMITH16 Beaminster 
3222May1817Mary KEECH12weeksFrogmoor 
3329Jul1817Elizabeth GALPINE37 Toller Porcorum  
3408Nov1817Charles POPE infantToller Porcorum  
3509Dec1817Martha GREEN68 Toller Porcorum 
3614Dec1817William SOAPER11monthsToller Porcorum 
3702Aug1818James GREEN29 Toller Porcorum 
3813Aug1818Martha COURTNEY30 Toller Porcorum  
3917Sep1818James WHELLER23 Toller Porcorum  
4020Sep1818Mary HATKINS59 Toller Porcorum  
4119Nov1818Frances NEAL18daysToller Porcorum 
4222Dec1818William LEGG74 Toller Porcorum 
4302Jun1819Jane PARKER63 Abbotsbury 
4406Jul1819John LEGG79 Toller Porcorum 
4524Aug1819Elizabeth YEATS68 Toller Porcorum 
4608Sep1819Josepth BUSH16 South Poorton 
4730Sep1819Anne GREEN38 Toller Porcorum 
4819Dec1819Anne SAMWAYS few hoursKentcomb, Toller Porcorum twin sisters
4819Dec1819Susannah SAMWAYS few hoursKentcomb, Toller Porcorum twin sisters
4924Dec1819Samuel CORNICK70 Toller Porcorum  
5023Jan1820Anne FRAMPTON69 Toller Porcorum  
5117Feb1820Robert SMITH41 West Compton 
5209Jul1820Elizabeth MITCHELL40 Kentcomb 
5326Sep1820Jacob GREEN69 Kentcomb 
5419Nov1820William WHELLER70 Toller Porcorum  
5510Dec1820Mary STOODLEY30 Stockwood 
5607Jan1821John SHINAR68 Kentcomb, Toller Porcorum  
5731Jan1821John KEECH65 Toller Porcorum 
5810Mar1821Lucy POPE12weeksToller Porcorum 
5927Mar1821Mary BOLLEN29 Yeovil 
6015Apr1821Elizabeth SAMWAYS79 Toller Porcorum  
6103May1821James DOWLE73 Toller Porcorum 
6227May1821Daniel JACOBS12 Toller Porcorum 
6318Sep1821Dorothy PITCHER66 Powerstock 
6420Sep1821James DOWLE6 Toller Porcorum 
6512Jan1822Robert HANSFORD18 Toller Porcorum  
6622Mar1822Mary MITCHELL67 Toller Porcorum  
6709May1822William WALBRIDGE56 Kentcomb 
6811Aug1822Jane MATTHEWS5monthsKentcomb 
6912Nov1822Mary NEAL84 Toller Porcorum 
7015Feb1823Eliza MATTHEWS1dayKentcomb 
7115Apr1823Catharine KELLY18weeksToller Porcorum 
7201Jun1823Mary KELLY2 Toller Porcorum 
7322Jun1823Susannah DUNFORD85 Toller Porcorum  
7417Aug1823Morgan CHILCOT75 Kentcomb 
7517Sep1823Frances DUNFORD19 Toller Porcorum  
7620Dec1823William SYMES78 Hogister near Charmouth  
7718Jan1824Francis Meech NEAL7 Winford Eagle 
7801Feb1824Mary Anne SOAPER1 Toller Porcorum 
7908Feb1824James DOWLE6weeksToller Porcorum 
8027Feb1824James POPE3weeksToller Porcorum 
8125Mar1824Amelia GREEN8monthsToller Porcorum 
8230Mar1824Anne KELLY6daysToller Porcorum 
8311Apr1824Thomasin / Tamzin SHORT76 Broad Maine 
8421Apr1824James GREEN11monthsToller Porcorum 
8529Aug1824Josepth GALPIN88 Toller Porcorum 
8603Oct1824Elizabeth GALPIN89 Toller Porcorum 
8724Mar1825William WOODSFORD2 Toller Porcorum  
8826Jun1825James GREEN66 Toller Porcorum 
8903Jul1825Jacob Neale DUNFORD73 Toller Porcorum  
9010Jul1825Jane NEALE41 Toller Porcorum 
9102Aug1825Anne CLARK6 Toller Porcorum 
9214Aug1825George CLARK2 Toller Porcorum 
9315Jan1826Mary Anne MINTERN6 Toller Porcorum 
9401Feb1826Elizabeth NEALE16 Toller Porcorum 
9512Mar1826Rosina CLARK8weeksToller Porcorum 
9604Apr1826Eliza GREEN7 Kentcomb 
9728May1826Elizabeth GALPIN43 Toller Porcorum 
9807Jun1826Jane NEALE12 Toller Porcorum 
9927Jun1826Eliza WAY18 Evershot 
10013Aug1826Susannah MATTHEWS5monthsKentcomb 
10117Nov1826Eliza SAMWAYS1 Kentcomb 
10231Dec1826Charlotte MATTHEWS29 Kentcomb 
10328Jan1827John COURTNEY41 Toller Porcorum  
10418Apr1827Robert COOMBS80 Toller Porcorum 
10530Jun1827Susan LEGG9daysToller Porcorum 
10622Aug1827Josepth Bartlett MITCHELL4 Kentcomb 
10722Oct1827Joan HANSFORD61 Toller Porcorum  
10820Nov1827Sarah WATTS88 Kentcomb 
10928Nov1827Mary WALBRIDGE51 Kentcomb 
11013Dec1827Elizabeth HISCOCK23 Kentcomb 
11118Dec1827William HISCOCK32 Beaminster 
11210Jan1828Elizabeth NEAL1 Beaminster 
11309Feb1828John SOAPER3 Kentcomb 
11415Feb1828Job GROVES5daysToller Porcorum 
11526Feb1828Anna KEECH80 Toller Porcorum 
11627Feb1828Jane DOWLE41 Toller Porcorum 
11713Apr1828James Arthur Cook GREEN2weeksToller Porcorum 
11801Jul1828Jacob DUNFORD1 Toller Porcorum 
11914Jul1828Anne BILLEN1 Toller Porcorum 
12007Aug1828Robert WAY13 Evershot 
12114Aug1828Mary SYMES74 Hogister near Charmouth  
12227Aug1828Edward SOAPER28 Rampisham 
12303Dec1828Elizabeth WHITTY74 Kentcomb 
12407Feb1829Harriet MEECH22 Toller Porcorum 
12518Mar1829John GREENING72 Toller Porcorum  
12614Apr1829John SMITH80 Toller Porcorum 
12706May1829Samuel MATTHEWS9weeksKentcomb 
12812Jul1829Frederick CORNICK few hoursToller Porcorum  
12918Oct1829Samuel SHINAR69 Toller Porcorum 
13029Nov1829Mary APPLIN73 Toller Porcorum 
13102Dec1829Mary Anne HANSFORD22 Toller Porcorum  
13225Apr1830Josepth CORNICK1 Toller Porcorum 
13330May1830John MATTHEWS70 Kentcomb 
13416Nov1830William BARTLETT81 Hook 
13508Jan1831James SYMES32 Toller Porcorum 
13602Apr1831Mary Frances GALPIN13 Toller Porcorum 
13721May1831Mary DOWLE81 Toller Porcorum 
13805Jun1831George SPRACKLAN1 Toller Porcorum  
13931Jul1831Frances BEACH32 Toller Porcorum 
14002Aug1831William PARKER82 Waddon, Portisham  
14109Sep1831Mary Anne BEACH29 Toller Porcorum 
14225Oct1831Charles MATTHEWS9weeksToller Porcorum 
14301Jan1832George WOODSFORD6 Toller Porcorum  
14411Jan1832Fanny GREEN21 Toller Porcorum 
14522Jan1832William MATTHEWS2weeksKentcomb 
14629Jan1832Martha BROWN75 Burton Bradstock 
14725Mar1832Immanuel GROVES3weeksToller Porcorum 
14804Apr1832Susannah BARGE97 Hook 
14906Apr1832Elizabeth Stacey CORNISH4 Toller Porcorum 
15015Apr1832Anne HANSFORD74 Kentcomb 
15120Apr1832James Watts COOMBES1 Cattistock 
15218May1832Charlotte MEECH31 Toller Porcorum 
15320Jul1832Anne PARKER81 Radipole 
15429Jul1832Mary CLARK36 Kentcomb 
15509Aug1832Anne Jane WALBRIDGE26 Kentcomb 
15612Sep1832John SOAPER43 Woolcombe, Toller Porcorum  
15720Sep1832John LAVER2daysToller Porcorum 
15820Sep1832Sophia STONE22 Benvill Lane, Corscombe  
15920Sep1832Harry STONE1weekBenvill Lane, Corscombe son of the above Sophia STONE
16027Nov1832Edith SYMES42 Piddletrenthyde 
16114Jan1833William LEGG2 Toller Porcorum 
16229Jan1833James GULLIVER100 Toller Porcorum  
16331Jan1833Mary HANSFORD68 Toller Porcorum  
16419Feb1833Sophia MATTHEWS6weeksToller Porcorum 
16512Mar1833Hannah GREEN37 Toller Porcorum 
16611Jun1833Samuel GREEN3monthsToller Porcorum 
16708Sep1833Hugh BERRY51 Toller Porcorum 
16814Sep1833William KEECH88 Melbury Bubb 
16919Sep1833John MATTHEWS1fortnightKentcomb 
17030Sep1833Henry HANSFORD68 Toller Porcorum  
17102Oct1833Mary BARTLETT72 Frogmoor, Toller Porcorum  
17202Jan1834Elizabeth KEECH40 Toller Porcorum 
17310Jan1834William Turpin HISCOCK1 Halstock 
17407Mar1834Anne SMITH62 Toller Porcorum 
17509Apr1834Peggy BARTLETT84 Hook 
17625Jul1834Mary NEALE17 Toller Porcorum 
17709Aug1834Frances Catharine CAINS2weeksKentcomb 
17816Sep1834John WATTS84 Kentcomb 
17923Sep1834Frances FOOTE58 Toller Porcorum 
18028Oct1834Charles HANSFORD25 Toller Porcorum  
18111Nov1834Mary NEALE79 Toller Porcorum 
18208Jan1835Amelia DUNFORD7monthsToller Porcorum 
18326Jan1835William FRAMPTON19 Loscomb, Poorstock  
18408Mar1835Dinah WHELLER65 Toller Porcorum  
18531Mar1835Sarah NEAL85 Toller Porcorum 
18628Jun1835Jane DUNFORD2 Toller Porcorum 
18725Dec1835Mary SHINAR70 Toller Porcorum 
18824Jan1836Henry SHINAR88 Kentcomb 
18917Feb1836Rose CORNICK80 Toller Porcorum  
19005Apr1836John MITCHELL52 Kentcomb 
19120Apr1836Henry Fry KEECH1weekBarrowland, Toller Porcorum  
19219Oct1836Elizabeth BARTLETT9 Toller Porcorum  
19321Nov1836Mary KELLY52 Toller Porcorumwidow
19428Dec1836Mary Anne HAYNS25 Kentcombwife of William HAYNE
19505Jan1837Jane SAMWAYS45 Toller Porcorum wife of Edward SAMWAYS
19612Jan1837Sarah SAMWAYS2 Toller Porcorum 
19712Feb1837Jane LEGG75 Toller Porcorumwidow
19818Feb1837Elizabeth GREEN80 Toller Porcorumspinster
19908Mar1837William DUNFORD72 Toller Porcorum  
20027Mar1837Jacob GALPIN72 Toller Porcorum 
20129Mar1837Mary DUNN22 Toller Porcorumspinster
20207May1837Mary Anne HISCOCK28 Chideockwidow
20307Jul1837Charlotte DUNFORD25 Toller Porcorum wife of James DUNFORD
20419Nov1837Sarah WHELLER82 Kentcombwife of Martin WHELLER
20526Nov1837Sabina Louisa WATTS16 Toller Porcorum 
20623Jan1838Robert COURTNEY82 Toller Porcorum  
20704Apr1838Amelia MINTERN16 Toller Porcorum  
20813May1838John BARTLETT38 Kentcombe 
20920May1838Robert DUNFORD68 Toller Porcorum  
21002Jun1838David DUNN72 Toller Porcorum 
21108Jul1838Emma WATTS1 Kentcomb 
21212Jul1838Mary GREEN62 Toller Porcorum 
21329Oct1838Ann DUNFORD80 Toller Porcorum  
21414Jul1839Elizabeth GREEN85 Toller Porcorum 
21501Sep1839Charles SAMWAYS1dayToller Porcorum 
21619Sep1839Jacob NEAL75 Dorchester Union House  
21709Dec1839Mary DUNN69 Toller Porcorumwidow of David DUNN
21814Dec1839Fanny HISCOCK16monthsToller Porcorum  
21907Jan1840William Walter James WATTS7monthsToller Porcorum 
22010Feb1840David WHITTY53 Kentcomb, Toller Porcorum  
22108Mar1840Mary CLARK53 Toller Porcorum 
22226Mar1840Sarah THORNER63 Toller Porcorum  
22302Apr1840Elizabeth HITCHCOCK35 Halstockalias HISCOCK
22417May1840Jane DERBY87 Toller Porcorum 
22518Aug1840Edith SOPER46 In the Union 
22623Oct1840John MITCHELL34 Fordington 
22718Nov1840Mary BOYT74 Union 
22819Dec1840John WAY68 Toller Porcorum 
22919Feb1841John GALPIN70 Toller Porcorum 
23013Mar1841James Galpin DOWLE12 Toller Porcorum 
23112May1841Jane CLEALL1 Kentcomb 
23202Jun1841William BOLLEN27 Halstock 
23301Jul1841Elizabeth CLARK42 Toller Porcorum 
23409Jul1841William HISCOCK77 Kentcomb 
23523Jul1841James CLEALL12daysKentcomb 
23625Jul1841Susanna COOMBS51 Halstock 
23730Aug1841Elizabeth NEALE80 Toller Porcorum 
23806Nov1841Elizabeth NEALE49 Kentcomb 
23930Dec1841Stephen SAMWAYS20 Kentcomb 
24011Jan1842Edward GREEN9 Dorchester Union 
24110Mar1842Mary Anne SMITH4 West Compton 
24217Mar1842Octavius GALE2monthsWoolcombe, Toller Porcorum  
24315May1842Henry GROVES16monthsToller Porcorum 
24431Jul1842Jane CLEALL13 Kentcomb 
24510Aug1842Elizabeth CORNICK20 Toller Porcorum  
24622Sep1842Elizabeth GROVES7 Toller Porcorum 
24730Sep1842Martin WHELLER86 Kentcombe 
24830Sep1842Fanny Mary WOODSFORD13monthsToller Porcorum  
24909Oct1842Mary Anne HODDER3 Toller Porcorum 
25001Dec1842Jesse DOWLE17 Toller Porcorum 
25109Dec1842John NEALE32 Toller Porcorum 
25202Jan1843Obadiah BILLEN6 Toller Porcorum 
25302Feb1843John CLEALL66 Kentcomb, Toller Porcorum  
25403Feb1843George CHURCHILL2 Kentcomb 
25516Mar1843Anne HANSFORD73 Toller Porcorum  
25601May1843Sarah Anne SAUNDERS10 Toller Porcorum  
25728May1843Sarah GREEN76 Toller Porcorum 
25818Jul1843Mary LEGG58 Kentcomb 
25918Sep1843Jane CHALKER66 Toller Porcorum  
26017Dec1843Grace GREEN63 Toller Porcorum 
26121Dec1843Anne SYMES55 Kentcomb 
26214Jan1844Mary NEALE61 Maiden Newton 
26305Mar1844Edward GALPIN64 Toller Porcorum 
26414May1844Thomas Foss HISCOCK18 Halstock 
26519Jun1844Fanny SMITH2 Rampisham 
26609Jul1844James SMITH5 Rampisham 
26726Jul1844Tom WATTS2monthsKentcomb 
26820Sep1844William STANTON70 Toller Porcorum  
26929Jan1845Mary KEECH62 Wraxall 
27005Feb1845James DUNFORD64 Toller Porcorum  
27105Feb1845Mary CLARK80 Toller Porcorum 
27219Feb1845Mary DUNFORD88 Union 
27325Feb1845James Davis POPE17weeksMapperton 
27426Feb1845Samuel MATTHEWS49 Toller Porcorum  
27514Mar1845John WHITTY87 Hook 
27619Mar1845Joseph WHELLER76 Union 
27730Mar1845Christiana FOX65 Toller Porcorum 
27827Jun1845Josepth THORNER2weeksToller Porcorum 
27906Aug1845Mary Brake STRONG62 Candel Marsh 
28022Aug1845Jane CORNISH49 Toller Porcorum  
28124Sep1845George CHURCHILL8hoursToller Porcorum  
28212Oct1845Amy Clark MINTERN28 Toller Porcorum  
28321Nov1845Alfred GROVES7 Toller Porcorum 
28406Jan1846Jane STANTON67 Fisherton Asylum widow
28514Apr1846Elizabeth STAINER70 Dorchesterwidow
28613May1846Mary SMITH80 Kentcomb 
28715Jul1846Rebecca SAUNDERS53 Kentcomb 
28823Jul1846Sarah GROVES11monthsToller Porcorum 
28919Aug1846Ann FARNHAM53 Toller Porcorum  
29010Oct1846Elizabeth KEECH66 Toller Porcorum 
29115Dec1846Joseph GALPIN84 Toller Porcorum 
29224Dec1846Martha DUNFORD71 Toller Porcorum  
29327Dec1846Mary DUNFORD26 Toller Porcorum  
29429Dec1846Thomas SYMES19 Dorchester 
29504Feb1847Eliza WAY72 Toller Porcorum 
29616Feb1847Emily SMITH18monthsToller Porcorum 
29721Feb1847Charles ROBERTS9monthsToller Porcorum 
29814Mar1847Mary GREEN18weeksToller Porcorum 
29916Mar1847Betty SOPER88 Chilfrome 
30005Apr1847John SYMES65 Lower Kentcombe 
30128Apr1847Mary KEECH23 Dorchester Union 
30230Apr1847Ann DOWLE55 Toller Porcorum 
30302May1847Robert CORNICK66 Toller Porcorum  
30430May1847Emma BILES7monthsToller Porcorum 
30517Jun1847Elizabeth LAVON57 Toller Porcorum 
30617Jul1847Elizabeth POPE69 Lower Kentcombe 
30701Sep1847James BILLEN44 Toller Porcorum 
30810Oct1847Anne BARTLETT75 Toller Porcorum  
30917Oct1847Elizabeth Anne SYMES5monthsRampisham 
31004Nov1847Mary GALPIN50 Toller Porcorum 
31111Dec1847Robert HANSFORD90 Toller Porcorum  
31221Jan1848Mary SYMES80 Chilfrome 
31327Feb1848Sarah CORNICK56 Toller Porcorum  
31422Mar1848Charles FOOKES3monthsToller Porcorum 
31509Apr1848Fanny FOOKES27 Toller Porcorum 
31611Apr1848Charlotte GALPIN65 Toller Porcorum 
31728Apr1848James FOX71 Toller Porcorum 
31807Jun1848Sarah JACOBS77 Toller Porcorum 
31920Jun1848Joseph GREEN65 Toller Porcorum 
32025Jun1848Sarah CLEALL13 Toller Porcorum 
32111Jul1848William NEALE89 Toller Porcorum 
32227Aug1848Sarah Anne SPRAKLING3 Toller Porcorum  
32301Jan1849Joseph YEATES26 Toller Porcorum 
32408Jan1849Giles MEECH85 Toller PorcorumVicar of Toller Porcorum
32515Jan1849Charles WATTS10daysToller Porcorum 
32601Apr1849Henry WATTS40 Toller Porcorum 
32713Apr1849John Allan POPE21 Herringstone 
32815Apr1849Ralph SHORTO42 Dorchester 
32905May1849William Dunning POPE19 Herringstone 
33006May1849Mary SAMWAYS66 Toller Porcorum  
33119May1849Elizabeth WAY78 Toller Porcorum 
33208Jun1849Susan GALPIN78 Toller Porcorum 
33313Jun1849Anne POPE44 Herringstone 
33413Jul1849David Osmond ROLES7daysFrogmoor, Toller Porcorum  
33524Aug1849Charlotte HISCOCK52 Maiden Newton 
33605Sep1849Jane CORNISH19 Toller Porcorum  
33718Nov1849Henry HISCOCK50 Corscomb 
33822Nov1849Mary SHINER9 Toller Porcorum 
33924Nov1849Elizabeth HISCOCK82 Toller Porcorum  
34030Nov1849William SHINER3 Toller Porcorum 
34113Dec1849George FOX7 Toller Porcorum 
34216Jan1850Thomas John SOPER2 Higher Kentcombe 
34304Feb1850Charlotte Jacobs GALPIN25 Toller Porcorum 
34416Feb1850Simon NEALE64 Toller Porcorum 
34521Feb1850Job CLARKE88 Dorchester Union  
34603Apr1850Laurence BARTLETT89 Toller Porcorum  
34705Apr1850Mary GREEN32 Toller Porcorum 
34806Apr1850Sarah CROFT65 Whitechurch Canonicorum  
34922Apr1850Emanuel GREEN2monthsToller Porcorum 
35026Apr1850Simeon GREEN1 Toller Porcorum 
35114May1850Amelia WATTS9 Toller Porcorum 
35214Jul1850Sabina GREEN1weekToller Porcorum 
35328Jul1850Ann GREEN2 Toller Porcorum 
35423Aug1850Jane CROFT35 Lower Kentcombe 
35503Oct1850Joseph ROLLS3daysToller Porcorum 
35610Nov1850John CLEALL2 Dorchester Union 
35711Nov1850Ezekiel Edward POPE9 Toller Porcorum 
35806Dec1850Mary Frances DOWLE15 Toller Porcorum 
35904Jan1851Ann Sophia GALPIN18 Toller Porcorum 
36016Jan1851Jane GALE15 Toller Porcorum 
36118Mar1851William DENNETT77 Higher Kentcombe  
36220Mar1851Henry SPRACKLAND48 Toller Porcorum  
36315Nov1851John POPE73 Lower Kentcombe 
36422Nov1851William WATTS79 Higher Kentcombe 
36525Nov1851Amelia DEAMEN5 Toller Porcorum 
36625Nov1851Jane DEAMEN3 Toller Porcorum 
36707Feb1852Joseph THORNER2 Toller Porcorum 
36816Feb1852George GREEN2 Toller Porcorum 
36929Feb1852Jane DUKE25 Burlestone 
37003Mar1849Charlotte MEECH81 Great Tollerommitted due to sudden departure of Mr Roe
37114Apr1852Elizabeth MATTHEWS57 Great Toller 
37209Apr1852Ellen GREEN7 Great Toller 
37330May1852Frederick WALLBRIDGE2 Great Toller 
37420Oct1852John CORNISH59 Great Toller 
37513Dec1852George Henry NEALE30 Milbourne St Andrews  
37602Jan1853John KEECH74 Maiden Newton 
37721Jan1853Robert CLARKE70+’over 70’Dorchester Union  
37821Jan1853Joseph CROFT77 Lower Kingcomb 
37902Feb1853Joseph YEATES74 Great Tollerdied at Yetminster
38007Mar1853Frances GREEN14 Great Toller 
38122Mar1853Sarah DUNFORD41 Lower Kingcomb, Great Toller  
38229Mar1853Joseph WAY6monthsGreat Toller 
38316Apr1853Peggy GREEN58 Great Toller 
38418Apr1853Hannah RYLE81 Great Toller 
38502Jul1853Joseph CHALKER78 Dorchester Union  
38608Aug1853Eliza WAY15 Great Toller 
38722Aug1853William FOOT76 Great Toller 
38810Oct1853Mary Frances GALE infantGreat Toller 
38915Feb1854Thirza Ellen GROVES infantGreat Toller  
39023Feb1854Elizabeth WATTS60 Great Toller 
39122Jul1854Frances WAY78 Evershot 
39211Oct1854Robert HANSFORD87 Higher Kingcomb, Great Toller  
39321Oct1854George GREEN infantGreat Toller 
39430Mar1855James WAY49 Great Toller 
39519May1855Sarah DUNFORD31 Higher Kingcomb  
39607Jun1855Thomas GROVES26 Dorchester Union  
39704Jul1855Thomas CLEALL15monthsDorchester Union  
39828Oct1855John SMITH50 Great Toller 
39921Nov1855Stephen SAMWAYS70 Burton Bradstock  
40026Nov1855William SHINAR41 Great Toller 
40101Dec1855Albert DOWLE17weeksLower Kingcomb 
40212Dec1855Henry WATTS1 Higher Kingcomb 
40321Dec1855William WATTS4monthsGreat Toller 
40402Feb1856Elizabeth SHINER21monthsGreat Toller 
40507Mar1856Henry WATTS7monthsGreat Toller 
40628Mar1856Sarah Jane Neal SHORTO18 Burton Bradstock  
40717Apr1856Charlotte SAMWAYS27 Great Toller 
40819May1856Elizabeth Eliza Benfield MINTERN21 Higher Kingcomb  
40922May1856Susannah SHORTO40 Burton Bradstock  
41022Jul1856Martha Bartlett MITCHELL16monthsGreat Toller 
41123Aug1856George WATTS19 Great Toller 
41210Sep1856Laura GREEN12 Great Toller 
41327Oct1856Hannah BARTLETT61 Great Toller 
41427Dec1856Kitty SMITH6 Great Tollerdaughter of a navvy
41518May1857Barbara YEATES36 Great Toller 
41622Jun1857George HANSFORD3daysGreat Toller 
41719Feb1857Jacob DUNSFORD68 Great Toller 
41802Sep1857Joseph SAUNDERS59 Great Toller 
41907Dec1857Eliza WILSON5daysGreat Toller 
42014Dec1857Emily GREEN4 Kingcombe 
42131Jan1858Ann SYMES26 Toller 
42201Feb1858Henry KEETCH7 Toller 
42309Feb1858Henry KEETCH77 Toller 
42412Feb1858Thomas Charles CAINES11 Kingcomb 
42515Mar1858Susan KEECH22 Piddletown 
42605Apr1858Sarah COLE3 Great Toller 
42708Apr1858Jane MATTHEWS68 Chilfrome 
42808Apr1858Ann CROFT79 Great Toller 
42908Apr1858Fanny COX3monthsGreat Toller 
43017Apr1858Mary Biles LEGG3weeksGreat Toller 
43128May1858Henry HISCOCK22 Great Toller 
43204Jun1858Lucy SHINAR3monthsGreat Toller 
43330Aug1858Edward SAMWAYS76 Great Toller 
43401Nov1858Mary SMITH62 Great Toller 
43515Nov1858Allicia GUPPY3 Great Toller 
43621Nov1858Peniniah GUPPY11monthsGreat Toller 
43701Dec1858John BUTLER77 Great Toller 
43802Dec1858Charlotte GREEN17 Chilfrome 
43902Dec1858James GREEN7 Chilfrome 
44015Dec1858Augusta WAY16 Great Toller 
44124Jan1859Francis NEALE32 Great Toller (Railway Huts)  
44218Feb1859William GALE33 Great Toller 
44323Feb1859Elizabeth MINTERN18monthsGreat Toller 
44419Apr1859John HOWE8monthsWeymouth 
44520Jul1859Susanna WAY48 Great Toller 
44616Sep1859Henry KEECH34 Great Toller 
44710Feb1860Allice WATTS65 Great Toller 
44817Feb1860John WALBRIDGE27 Great Toller 
44916Mar1860Henry CLARK69 Great Toller 
45011Apr1860Mary MATHEWS70 Pauper from the Union  
45116Apr1860Alfred GALE19monthsGreat Toller 
45230Apr1860James GREEN73 Pauper from the Union  
45312May1860Martha WHITTY74 Beaminster 
45421May1860George MABY9 Great Toller 
45520Jun1860John SMITH5monthsGreat Toller 
45612Jul1860Mary COOMBS83 Great Toller 
45720Oct1860Charlotte FOX21 Great Toller 
45803Feb1861Mary SMITH36 Great Toller 
45903May1861Solomon Breke STRONG74 Condell Marsh 
46007Jun1861Jacob WALBRIDGE19 Great Toller 
46110Dec1861Betty MITCHELL46 Great Toller 
46220Dec1861Elizabeth KEECH32 Great Toller 
46318Jan1862Hannah SYMES61 Chilfrome 
46422Jan1862Simeon GALPIN60 Great Toller 
46511Apr1862Jane LANE28 Great Toller 
46621Apr1862Morgan Gale HANSFORD1weekGreat Toller 
46712Sep1862James WOODSFORD46 Great Toller 
46803Oct1862William WALBRIDGE18 Great Toller 
46904Jan1863Frances GALE7 Great Toller 
47016Feb1863Fanny KEECH3 Burlston 
47105Apr1863Jane Elizabeth HAWKER3monthsGreat Toller 
47217Apr1863Keturah FOX42 Great Toller 
47303May1863John CLEIL1monthGreat Toller 
47419May1863Edward LEVER86 Great Toller 
47520May1863Sylva MINTERN1 Great Toller 
47627May1863John GREEN88 Great Toller 
47715Jun1863John DOWEL13monthsGreat Toller 
47820Jun1863Ellen WALBRIDGE16 Great Toller 
47914Jan1864Frances SAUNDERS69 Great Toller 
48018Jan1864Charlotte Parsons WAY41 Great Toller 
48121Feb1864Bessie Tizard CLARK3 Exeter [Devon] 
48211Mar1864William GREEN87 Great Toller 
48316Apr1864Mary Frances WATTS6monthsGreat Toller 
48412May1864Sarah THORNER54 Great Toller 
48518Jun1864Morgan CAINES79 Great Toller 
48630Aug1864Henry SHINAR64 Great Toller 
48717Nov1864Jane LEGG77 Great Toller 
48830Nov1864Ann YEATS45 Great Toller 
48907Dec1864Mary KEECH37 Powerstock 
49006Feb1865Charles DANNETT59 Great Toller 
49115Feb1865James MINTERN75 Great Toller 
49204Mar1865Joseph ROLES3monthsGreat Toller 
49316Mar1865Edith Fanny DUNFORD6 Osmington 
49403Apr1865Mary FRY60 Hook 
49515Apr1865John SMITH78 Great Toller 
49613May1865George GUPPY18weeksGreat Toller 
49731May1865George DAVEY11weeksGreat Toller 
49807Aug1865Charlotte Ann FOX13monthsGreat Toller 
49905Sep1865Charlotte GALE64 Great Toller 
50015Nov1865Elizabeth Mary BROWN15weeksGreat Toller 
50110Mar1866Mary Ann WOODSFORD55 Great Toller 
50214Mar1866Barnard LEGG67 Great Toller 
50309Apr1866Mary Clarke CROFTS64 Great Toller 
50409May1866Mary MINTERNE1 Great Toller 
50518May1866Ann YEATES84 Great Toller 
50622May1866John HALLETT3weeksGreat Toller 
50704Jun1866Sarah Anne Squibb NEALE15 Great [Toller] 
50814Sep1866William GALPIN60 Great Toller 
50921Nov1866Hannah CLEALL67 Great Toller 
51004Jan1867John CORNICK6monthsGreat Toller 
51109Jan1867Sarah WATTS92 Dorchester Union 
51210Jan1867Frances Ellen MINTERN10monthsGreat Toller 
51307Feb1867Mary H. [Hansford] FOX23 Great Toller 
51404Apr1867Fanny Elizabeth WALBRIDGE13monthsCrewkerne [Somerset]  
51517Jul1867Elizabeth BILLEN64 Great Toller 
51617Jul1867Elizabeth WALLBRIDGE39 Whitchurch Canonicorum  
51704Oct1867Edward POPE56 Great Toller 
51822Nov1867Rhoda Louisa BRAKE2monthsChilfrome 
51912Dec1867Job CLARK63 Great Toller 
52027Jan1868Benjamin GALPIN82 Great Toller 
52102Oct1868Alfred Robert HALLETT26 Hook 
52218Dec1868Robert MILLER88 Great Toller 
52315Jan1869George ROLES13weeksGreat Toller 
52411Jun1869Sarah DUNFORD77 Great Toller 
52506Aug1869Emily Jane THORNER10daysDorchester Union 
52612Oct1869William James SHINER3daysGreat Toller 
52704Nov1869John Thomas WALLBRIDGE21monthsWalditch 
52808Nov1869Joseph DAVEY79 Great Toller 
52928Dec1869William WALLBRIDGE61 Great Toller  
53014Jan1870James Isaac FRY2+ 9 mthsGreat Toller 
53114Jan1870Charlotte WOODSFORD21 Great Toller 
53225Jan1870Alonzo William Wallbridge YEATES4monthsGreat Toller 
53323Mar1870Frances Jane PEARCE7monthsGreat Toller 
53413Apr1870Elizabeth NEAL11monthsGreat Toller 
53523Apr1870Peninnah SMITH52 West Knighton 
53607Jul1870Amelia MAY25 Great Toller 
53731Jul1870Fanny WOODSFORD17 Great Toller 
53827Aug1870James DUNFORD64 Great Toller 
53907Dec1870Elizabeth GREEN80 Great Toller 
54012Jan1871Lydia YEATES30 Great Toller 
54120Jan1871Samuel CHURCHILL77 Great Toller 
54220Jan1871Ann CHURCHILL71 Great Toller 
54324Jun1871Elizabeth Hansford CHURCHILL7 Great Toller 
54416Jul1871Samuel CLEALL32 Hook 
54502Aug1871John DOWLE78 Great Toller 
54622Oct1871John CORNICK36 Great Toller 
54729Nov1871Charles SPRAKE48 Great Toller 
54801Feb1872Henry WHITE76 Great Toller 
54903Feb1872John Daniel HODDER6weeksGreat Toller 
55010Feb1872Albert CROUCH3monthsGreat Toller 
55102Mar1872Samuel GREEN59 Great Toller 
55229Mar1872Morgan Charles GALE1dayGreat Toller 
55330Mar1872Thomas FOX63 Great Toller 
55426Jun1872Ann LEGG80 Great Toller 
55530Sep1872Susanna YEATES58 Great Toller 
55623Dec1872Eliza GREEN52 Great Toller 
55706Feb1873William ROLES33monthsGreat Toller 
55815May1873Fanny NEALE5 Great Toller 
55925May1873William DOWLE55 Great Toller 
56026Jun1873Annie GALE6weeksGreat Toller 
56125Sep1873Frances GREEN57 Great Toller 
56206Dec1873Emily Zoar [Zoey] CLEALL3weeksGreat Toller 
56313Dec1873Mary MINTERN67 Great Toller 
56411Jan1874Ann M. GALE31 Great Toller 
56513Jan1874Ann DUNFORD83 Great Toller 
56614Jan1874Jeffry George BILES3monthsDorchester Union 
56721Feb1874William Samuel FRY11 Great Toller 
56808Mar1874Ann SQUIBB75 Great Toller 
56927May1874Sarah WHITTY83 North Poorton 
57007Oct1874Joseph William CHALDECOTT9 Great Toller 
57128Nov1874William GALPIN77 Dorchester 
57204Jan1875Francis DUNFORD81 Great Toller 
57303Mar1875Charles HISCOCK4monthsGreat Toller 
57417Mar1875Francis Van Sinden LEGG9monthsGreat Toller 
57524Mar1875Mary Amelia BUGLER3 Great Toller 
57622Apr1875Joannah CAINES80 Over Kingcombe 
57724Apr1875Eliza BILES62 Great Toller 
57828Apr1875Mary MILLER92 Great Toller 
57921May1875Kate GREEN3 Great Toller 
58003Jun1875Ann Newbury CLEALL6 Great Toller 
58103Jun1875Benjamin James John CLEALL2 Great Toller 
58203Sep1875Mary Emily FRY10 Great Toller 
58315Dec1875Alice Mary YEATS2 Great Toller 
58420Dec1875Frances CHURCHILL11monthsGreat Toller 
58530Dec1875John Allen POPE73 Bath [Somerset] 
58623May1876Amy Hendley HARRIS13daysGreat Toller 
58710Oct1876George CLOTHIER7 Great Toller 
58812Oct1876James WAY41 Great Toller 
58926Oct1876William HISCOCK46 Islington W. 
59008Nov1876William WHITTY87 Poorton 
59101Feb1877Joseph MINTERN71 Great Toller 
59205Jul1877Mary WATTS70 Great Toller 
59304Nov1877Ernest Thomas FOX16monthsGreat Toller 
59410Jan1878Robert SAUNDERS78 Beaminster 
59528Jan1878Ann SAUNDERS72 Beaminster 
59604Feb1878John YEATES71 Great Toller 
59706Jul1878Thomas WALLBRIDGE74 Great Toller  
59820Jul1878Mary CORNICK68 Great Toller 
59930Oct1878Thomas Bowring WAY11weeksGreat Toller 
60009Dec1878Ann EDWARDS34 Great Toller 
60122Dec1878Philip SHINER18monthsGreat Toller 
60228Dec1878Elizabeth YEATES69 Great Toller 
60305Jan1879William WATTS21 Chilfrome 
60412Jan1879Ann WATTS45 Chilfrome 
60526Mar1879William Morgan BILLEN21 Great Toller 
60621Apr1879Hannah DOWLE84 Great Toller 
60709May1879Thomas Bowring WAY81 Great Toller 
60814Jun1879Elizabeth SMITH87 Great Toller 
60920Jul1879William GROVES76 Great Toller 
61005Sep1879Thomas GREEN37 Dorchester Union 
61125Sep1879Thomas Stone FOOKS69 Great Toller 
61229Sep1879William John HANSFORD2+ 8 mthsGreat Toller 
61329Nov1879Martha FOX59 Great Toller 
61401Dec1879Mary Parsons GALPIN78 Great Toller 
61528Feb1880Mary LEGG79 Great Toller 
61625Mar1880Thomas HISCOCK78 Great Toller 
61730Apr1880Thomas B. [Broughton] HISCOCK53 Great Toller 
61825May1880Anne BOWDITCH51 Great Toller 
61903Jun1880Eliza FOX10weeksGreat Toller 
62018Jun1880John WHITTY55 North Poorton 
62116Oct1880Margaret YEATES72 Great Toller 
62205Feb1881Thomas LEGG84 Great Toller 
62307Feb1881Martha POPE77 Great Toller 
62407Apr1881John Henry BILLEN15monthsGreat Toller 
62510Apr1881Jane DAVEY86 Great Toller 
62608Dec1881Edward Francis POPE4 Great Toller 
62709Jan1882Frances COX36 Great Toller 
62804Feb1882Sarah CLARK70 Great Toller 
62910Mar1882Fred CHURCHILL11monthsGreat Toller 
63011Mar1882Charles CLARK75 Great Toller 
63112Mar1882William BILLEN81 Great Toller 
63230Mar1882Elizabeth GREEN25 Great Toller 
63310Jun1882Lucy SELBEY6monthsLower Kingcombe, Great Toller  
63401Aug1882Fredrick Albert BALSOM8 Woolcombe, Great Toller  
63516Aug1882Fredrick William HANSFORD1+ 8 mthsGreat Toller 
63617Nov1882Beatrice Maud LEGG1+ 5 mthsGreat Toller 
63724Nov1882Lot SAMWAYS66 Higher Kentcomb, Great Toller  
63808Feb1883Mary H. [Hannah] CHALK33 Great Toller 
63906Mar1883Grace HANSFORD42 Great Toller 
64004May1883Harriett WATTS3monthsGreat Toller 
64127Jun1883James CHURCHILL16 Higher Kentcomb, Great Toller  
64218Aug1883Caroline CROCKER43 Great Toller 
64319Dec1883Elizabeth WAY52 Great Toller 
64407Feb1884Frances Hannah GREEN22 Lower Kentcomb, Great Toller  
64510Apr1884Simeon GROVES37 Frome St Quinton  
64615Apr1884Mary Frances WATTS40 Great Toller 
64728Apr1884Charles LEGG73 Higher Kentcomb, Great Toller  
64824Aug1884Elizabeth WATTS82 Great Toller 
64929Nov1884George WALLBRIDGE54 Lower Kingcombe, Great Toller  
65013Dec1884Tom FOX30 Great Toller 
65120Dec1884Lottie WAKELEY3monthsGreat Toller 
65231Dec1884Ann CHURCHILL39 Higher Kingcombe, Great Toller  
65312May1885Alice SYMES15 Great Tollerotherwise CHALDECOTT
65429Oct1885Sydney GREEN21 Lower Kingcombe 
65526Dec1885Joseph BILES66 Great Toller 
65617Jan1886Thomas George BROWN65 Great Toller 
65701Mar1886John SYMES86 Chilfrome 
65825Mar1886Jane FOOKS67 Great Toller 
65903Apr1886Sarah CHURCHILL58 Higher Kentcomb  
66014Jan1887Thomas LEGG71 Lower Kentcomb 
66103Mar1887Jane LEGG67 Lower Kentcomb 
66212Sep1887Henry GREEN74 Great Toller 
66315Oct1887Robert GRAY D.D.55 Great TollerVicar of Great Toller
66418Feb1888Ruth HISCOCK47 Great Toller 
66502Apr1888Mary LOVELL29 Woolcombe 
66619May1888Sarah GALPIN74 Great Toller 
66705Jun1888John GALE77 Higher Kentcombe, Great Toller  
66813Jul1888Alice Margaret May LEGG16 Great Toller 
66920Jul1888Elizabeth WALLBRIDGE74 Great Toller  
67025Jul1888Elizabeth Ann HALLETT35 Lower Kentcombe  
67104Sep1888Susanna GROVES83 Great Toller 
67203Nov1888Tom Philip WALTER10monthsHigher Kentcombe  
67321Dec1888Thomas WATTS82 Great Toller 
67429Dec1888Henry William KEECH  Great Toller 
67511Mar1889Joseph DAVY70 Dorchester Workhouse  
67618Feb1890Mary GALE73 Dorchester Workhouse  
67712Mar1890Ann GREEN69 Great Toller 
67814Apr1890Ida Lilian Gertrude Adeline KEECH17 Great Toller 
67916May1890Walter CORNICK56 Great Toller 
68008Aug1890Frederick GREEN35 Lower Kentcombe 
68110Sep1890Jane TRAVERS74 Great Toller 
68218Mar1891Thomas SAMWAYS74 Great Toller 
68331Mar1891Mary HALLETT33 Great Toller 
68409Jul1891Simeon CLEALL63 Great Toller 
68524Sep1891Emma Ann BILLEN63 Great Toller 
68605Dec1891Elizabeth HALLETT20monthsGreat Toller 
68729Dec1891Louisa HISCOCK66 Winterborne 
68809Jan1892Thomas WELCH50 Great Toller 
68916Jan1892Samuel SHINER55 Great Toller 
69015Feb1892Henry Samuel SHINER20 Great Toller 
69127Feb1892Mary Ann Symes WALBRIDGE87 Great Toller 
69208Mar1892Mary DOWLE70 Great Toller 
69303May1892Thomas DAVEY63 Great Toller 
69402Sep1892William SMITH76 Great Toller 
69517Aug1892Kathleen J. [Jane] WELCH10monthsGreat Toller 
69626Oct1892Alice CORNICK26 Great Toller 
69726Oct1892Sarah GREEN76 Great Toller 
69812Dec1892Emily FOX26 Great Tollerdied in childbirth
69913Jan1893Fanny COX84 Great Toller 
70027Jan1893Charles GREEN76 Great Toller 
70117Feb1893Cecil Henry Tom GALE8monthsHigher Kingcombe 
70210Mar1893Dora SAMWAYS6weeksLower Kentcombe 
70309Apr1893Alfred GOLDRING3daysGreat Toller 
70419May1893Matilda Ann DELEMENT53 Higher Kingcombe, Great Toller  
70508Aug1893Martha ROLES15 Great Toller 
70616Sep1893Emily LOVERIDGE37 Higher Kingcombe, Great Toller  
70723Oct1893Charles COX82 Great Toller 
70813Dec1893Sarah HISCOCK89 Great Toller 
70925Feb1894Ann Sophia GREEN64 Great Toller 
71023Mar1894William WELCH53 Great Toller 
71127Dec1894Isabella GREEN79 Great Toller 
71222Jan1895Ann Ellen KEECH71 Great Toller 
71312Apr1895Jesse CLEALE68 Lower Kingcombe 
71411May1895Thomas THORNER80 Dorchester Union  
71522May1895Henry WALLBRIDGE44 Great Toller  
71618Jul1895Violette Gladwyn DAVEY8daysGreat Toller 
71702Dec1895Thomas LEGG66 Great Toller 
71824Apr1896Joseph GREEN68 Lower Kingcombe 
71908May1896Frances SPRAKE85 Great Toller 
72002Jul1896Susan Louisa LEGG54 Great Toller 
72107Jul1896Edward GALPIN55 Great Toller 
72208Jan1897Ellen BROWN23 Great Toller 
72304Feb1897May Elizabeth HARDY1 Great Toller 
72401Apr1897Elizabeth SHINER81 Great Toller 
72506May1897Charles George BROWN40 Great Toller 
72622May1897Elizabeth YEATES72 Great Toller 
72725Jan1898Jonathan Claud HARDY35 Great Toller 
72812Feb1898Amelia BROWN71 Wynford Eagle 
72914Feb1898Anne TREVETT78 Great Toller 
73015Mar1898Frederick GREENING30 Great Toller 
73107May1898Harriet GOLDRING49 Great Toller 
73226Jul1898William LEGG63 Great Toller 
73313Aug1898William Von Sinden YEATES30 Lower Kingcombe, Great Toller  
73429Nov1898George DAVIS52 Great Toller 
73503Feb1899George YEATES85 Great Toller 
73610Apr1899Francis DUNFORD70 Great Toller 
73719Mar1900Kathleen Clara YEATES4monthsFrogmore 
73817May1900Mary Ann LEGG80 Higher Kingcombe 
73907Jul1900Leah Pamila Morena GALPIN65 Great Tollerwife of Joseph GALPIN
74021Dec1901Joseph Symes KEECH81 Great Toller 
74123Apr1902Robert John WRIXON31 Great Toller 
74224Apr1902George HARRIS65 Great Toller 
74329Apr1902Rebecca HANSFORD89 Union Workshouse Dorchester  
74431May1902James CURTIS76 Great Toller 
74527Dec1902Joseph GREENING69 Great Toller 
74604Jan1903Charlotte NEWMAN49 Woolcombe, Toller  
74707Feb1903James TREVETT78 Cernehusband of Anne N729; found drowned
74825Feb1903Isaac WATTS62 Union Workshouse Dorchester  
74921Mar1903Annie COX59 Great Toller 
75008Apr1903Julia Beatrice BILLEN2 Great Toller 
75128Oct1903Roland Adolphus DURNFORD11 Great Toller 
75201Dec1903Samuel CHURCHILL66 Higher Kingcombe  
75319Dec1903William Neal BILLEN74 Great Toller 
75416Jan1904Charles DURNFORD78 Great Toller 
75506Feb1904Harriett GREENING76 Great Toller 
75628Apr1904John LOCKETT77 Great Toller 
75704May1904Emily GREEN49 Dorset County Asylum  
75817Sep1904Thomas WAY64 Great Toller 
75931Dec1904Charles MEAKER56 Great Toller 
76004May1905Ida DAVEY10monthsManor Dairy, Great Toller  
76130May1905David SIBLEY67 Dorchester Workhouse  
76208Jun1905Walter HALLETT4daysGreat Toller 
76307Nov1905John YEATES85+ 10 mthsGreat Toller 
76407Dec1905Sarah Ann HISCOCK55 Puddletown 
76512Jan1906Sarah Barrett HARRIS67 Great Toller 
76609Oct1906Ann Hayward WAY69 Great Toller 
76716Nov1906Alice SHORTO16 Higher Kingcombe  
76804Jan1907Frederick William GALE33 Great Toller 
76904Jan1907George LOVELL69 Lower Kingcombe 
77004Jan1907Henry YEATES55 Great Toller 
77115Jan1907Mary LOCKETT85 Great Toller 
77215Apr1907Wilfred John WRIGHT9monthsFrogmore 
77313Nov1907Joseph Way HISCOCK72 46 King St., Southsea  
77421Dec1907Joseph Shepherd DIBBEN62 Old Swan Inn, Great Toller  
77514Mar1908William Charles WRIGHT7daysFrogmore 
77617Mar1908William WALLBRIDGE73 7 Milton Terrace, Melcombe Regis  
77718Apr1908Samuel CHURCHILL2 Highter Kingcombe  
77826May1908Emily GALE64 Toller Porcorum 
77902Nov1908Henry YEATES88 Toller Porcorumwould have been 89 on December 21st
78018Dec1908Henry SHINER64 Union Workshouse Dorchester  
78104Jan1909Augusta Louisa YEATES53 Toller Porcorumwife of 770
78211Feb1909Mary Ann CURTIS70 West Street, Bridport widow of J. CURTIS N744
78304Jun1909Charles ROLLS80 Toller Porcorum 
78416Apr1910Alfred Job GOLDRING71 Great Tollerhusband of Harriet N731
78514Dec1910David HARRIS71 Union Workshouse Dorchester  

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