Holy Trinity

BURIALS 1731 - 1824

Transcribed from the Bishops' Transcripts. BT's may not contain all the facts within the parish registers and some years are missing. Researchers need to consult the parish registers held at Dorset Record Office. Pat Ashdown 2004.

John TUCKER buried 16-Apr 1731

John PARMITER buried 06-Jun 1731

John CORBIN buried 30-Jun 1731

John STICKLAND buried 24-Aug 1731

illegible GEORGE buried 01-Sep 1731

illegible son of Christopher and Mary POLLARD buried 01-Sep 1731

illegible of Alice Tuck ? buried 06-Sep 1731

illegible **L***AD buried 06-Oct 1731

illegible COMPTON buried 19-Dec 1731

illegible BERHAM buried 24-Feb 1731

John RANDALL buried 05-May 1732

Anne SLEADER? widow buried 03-Sep 1732

William son of Thomas and Mary TUCK buried 26-Nov 1732

John base born son of Mary RIGGS buried 17-Jan 1732

Mary daughter of John and Mary BAKER buried 31-Jan 1732


Eleanor PARISH buried 05-Dec 1734

Mary WINZAR buried 02-Jan 1734

Thomas TUCK buried 05-Jan 1734

Edward HANCOCK buried 05-Mar 1734

Martha PIKE buried 04-Jul 1735

Thomasine PARMITER buried 29-Sep 1735

John son of George LOOPE buried 04-Feb 1735

John son of John` and Sarah RUSSELL buried 24-Feb 1735

Mary STENNING widow buried 2?-? 1736

John son of Henry and Martha CAKE buried 11-? 1736

James GILLHAM buried 16-Aug 1736

Susannah COX buried 21-Aug 1736

Jane SHEFLAND buried 12-Oct 1736

George HAYWARD buried 26-Oct 1736

Elizabeth BASEN? buried 25-Nov 1736

Robert son of John and Francis REDWOOD buried 25-Feb 1736

Eleanor daughter of John BUTTON buried 29-Mar 1737

John GOUGH a sojourner buried 07-Apr 1737

John RANDALL buried 24-Apr 1737

Mary PUCK widow buried 29-Apr 1737

Mr John GOODWIN buried 27-Jul 1737

Jane base born daughter of Betty TUCK buried 14-Aug 1737

Robert CROUCH difrenting? teacher buried 01-Nov 1737

Mary BOLT buried 06-Nov 1737

Henry son of Henry and Mary TARRANT buried 05-Feb 1737

Mr Gabriel REDWOOD buried 19-Apr 1738

Robert RAMSAY buried 26-Jun 1738

Thomas WARD buried 09-Oct 1738

John BALLARD buried 18-Oct 1738

Francis BYTHEWOD? buried 07-Jan 1738

Jonadab TUCK buried 28-Jan 1738

Mary HATCHARD buried 18-Feb 1738

Thomas *******B buried 07-Apr 1739

Deborah BROWNE buried 28-May 1739

Mary wife of Robert CAINES buried 04-Jun 1739

Jane B******H widow buried 13-Nov 1739

Mary T****D buried 18-Jan 1739

Joseph COX buried 06-Mar 1739

Mary wife of Bernard? AMAN buried 27-Apr 1740

Elizabeth wife of Clement WELSTED buried 02-Jul 1740

William MONT buried 18-Aug 1740

George LOOPE buried 05-Dec 1740

Elizabeth RANDALL buried 01-Jan 1740

Mary PETTIN buried 30-Jan 1740

Thomas TUBB buried 30-Jan 1740

William MORTIMER buried 04-Feb 1740

George CARD buried 01-Mar 1740

John SHEPPARD buried 01-Mar 1740

John son of Phillip and Mary CRIBB buried 01-Mar 1740

Katharine CLARK buried 04-Mar 1740

Elizabeth COCKRAM buried 06-Mar 1740

Joseph TUCK? buried 27-Mar 1741

Sarah daughter of Mary widow CARD buried 09-Apr 1741

Mary daughter of Gabriel and Elizabeth REDWOOD buried 16-Apr 1741

Joane GRAY buried 02-May 1741

Betty wife of David CAKE buried 11-May 1741

Sarah daughter of Sarah widow CAKE buried 07-Jun 1741

Christopher PYKE buried 22-Jul 1741

Robert PYKE buried 31-Jul 1741

George son of George and Elizabeth SEWARD buried 13-Sep 1741

Anne LOOPE widow buried 21-Sep 1741

Sarah wife of William LOOPE buried 22-Nov 1741

Richard PETTS? buried 08-Dec 1741

Mary HAYWARD buried 18-Dec 1741

William son of David CAKE buried 18-Apr 1742

Mary RANDALL buried 06-May 1742

Mary daughter of Phillip and Mary PARMITER buried 15-Jun 1742

Charles son of Henry and Mary TARRANT buried 18-Jun 1742

Shadrack son of William and Martha GRAY buried 30-Sep 1742

John son of Thomas and Mary BISHOP buried 22-Oct 1742

Jane daughter of John and Jane BUTTON buried 06-Jan 1742

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Joannah PERRIN buried 20-Mar 1742

Mary wife of Mr Giles BROWNE buried 25-Mar 1743

Robert MANUEL buried 18-May 1743

Edward son of Thomas and Joanna PERRIN buried 18-May 1743

John WERRIN buried 01-Jun 1743

Grace GILLINGHAM buried 18-Jul 1743

Mary daughter of George and Elizabeth SEWARD buried 18-Aug 1743

Robert son of Robert and Jane GALLOP buried 11-Sep 1743

Joane WARREN buried 12-Oct 1743

Edward TWINE buried 09-Nov 1743

Thomas ROE buried 29-Nov 1743

Joane MORTON buried 16-Dec 1743

Thomas HOLMES buried 30-Dec 1743

John son of Thomas and Mary RENDAL of Ridge buried 02-May 1744

Richard PARMITER Stowborough buried 06-May 1744

Anne wife of William RANDAL buried 12-Jul 1744

Elizabeth CHRISTOPHER Stoborough buried 03-Aug 1744

John TUCK Stowborough buried 19-Aug 1744

Elizabeth SOUTHY Stowborough widow buried 19-Nov 1744

Katharine daughter of Mr John and Hester GRAHAM buried 06-Jan 1744

John son of John and Martha LEMBER buried 01-Apr 1744

Robert TALBOT buried 19-Jul 1744

William VALENCE sojourner buried 08-Oct 1744

James FISHER farmer Redcliffe buried 19-May 1745

Thomas son of Thomas and Mary RENDAL Ridge buried 30-Jun 1745

Nathaniel son of Nathaniel and Eleanor WORLD Stowborough buried 01-Dec 1745

William SELBY buried 16-Dec 1745

Thomas LANGDOWN buried 10-Mar 1745

Katharine wife of Mr William CHEESEMAN Arne buried 18-Mar 1745

John ACCOURT Ridge buried 04-May 1746

Mary daughter of Joseph BLANDIMORE buried 08-Oct 1746

Phillis HURD buried 02-Jan 1746

Elizabeth widow of TURNER junior Ridge buried 25-Sep 1747

William son of Jonathan and Elizabeth GREY buried 22-Mar 1747

Samuel PIERCY Stowborough buried 10-Apr 1748

Mary daughter of Harry and Hannah RENDAL Irerne buried 15-Apr 1748

Sarah BISHOP sojourner of East Creech buried 25-Apr 1748

John son of Joseph and Christian ROLLS of St Martin buried 26-Apr 1748

William BAKER Redcliffe buried 29-Apr 1748

Sarah daughter of John and Elizabeth BAKER buried 21-Jun 1748

Elizabeth daughter of Anthony and Sarah BASKET buried 25-Sep 1748

Betty wife of Stephen of THIDDEM Stowborough buried 01-Nov 1748

Mary wife of William of TURNER Holton buried 30-Nov 1748

Mary daughter of Thomas and Mary RANDAL buried 26-Feb 1748

Mary CLIFTON spinster buried 20-Mar 1748

William son of Anthony and Sarah BASKET buried 26-Mar 1749

Hannah GILHAM buried 28-May 1749

Henry TUCK buried 15-Jun 1749

Mary daughter of Thomas and Mary TUBB buried 10-Nov 1749

Mary daughter of Robert and Mary ELMS buried 14-Dec 1749

Robert son of Robert and Jane GOLLOP buried 30-Dec 1749

Grace daughter of Thomas and Grace LANGDOWN buried 14-Jan 1749

Margaret daughter of Nathanael and Eleanor WORLD Stowborough buried 25-Jan 1749

Anne daughter of Mr George and Anne LOOPE Slepe buried 04-Feb 1749

Mrs Elizabeth REDWOOD widow buried 19-Mar 1749

William TURNER Redcliff buried 14-Aug 1750

William GREY Stowborough buried 28-Sep 1750

Charles son of Thomas and Mary BAKER Middleburgh buried 09-Oct 1750

John son of William and Elizabeth MORTIMER Stowborough buried 20-Jan 1750

Elizabeth GRAY widow buried 17-Feb 1750

Elizabeth wife of John BAKER Ridge buried 06-Mar 1750

George son of Robert and Mary ELMS buried 10-Mar 1750

Elizabeth daughter of William and Mary RANDEL buried 23-Apr 1751

Joseph BLANDIMORE alms men buried 09-May 1751

Mary wife of William PARRET Stowborough buried 28-May 1751

Joane PIERCY widow Stowborough buried 11-Oct 1751

Thomas COLLINS Stowborough buried 18-Oct 1751

Anne daughter of William and Mary SLADE St Marys buried 27-Oct 1751

Mary daughter of John and Ruth MEECH East Burton buried 08-Dec 1751

Mr William CRIBB alderman buried 07-Jan 1752

John son of Henry and Hannah RANDEL Stowborough buried 13-Jan 1752

Mary PARMITER Stowborough buried 04-Mar 1752

Grace daughter of John and Mary DERHAM Stowborough buried 22-Mar 1752

Mary wife of Richard TURNER Mariner buried 14-Apr 1752

Elizabeth wife of Henry GLOVER Stowborough buried 06-Aug 1752

Mary wife of William GOULD buried 17-Nov 1752

James son of Thomas and Anne CRIBB Stowboroiugh buried 23-Nov 1752

Mary daughter of Joseph and Anne WHIFFEN buried 23-Nov 1752

Thomas son of Thomas and Elizabeth FALKENER buried 20-Feb 1753

Thomas son of Thomas and Mary RANDAL buried 28-May 1753

Elizabeth wife of Thomas BOLT buried 05-Jun 1753

Elizabeth GRADY spinster of Stowborough buried 20-Jun 1753

Mr John BRIXY buried 23-Aug 1753

Betty wife of Thomas FALKENER buried 28-Aug 1753

Edward AMAN Stowborough buried 18-Sep 1753

Elizabeth TURNER widow of Ridge buried 02-Nov 1753

Daniel son of Robert and Jane GOLLOP buried 09-Dec 1753

Anne wife of Joseph WHIFFEN Stowborough buried 15-Feb 1754

Mary wife of William SLADE St Marys buried 25-Aug 1754

Sarah wife of Phillip PARMITER Stowborough buried 08-Nov 1754

Mr William BUXTON alderman of St Marys buried 14-Feb 1755

Mary daughter of William and Sarah GOULD buried 18-Feb 1755

Simon DAMON buried 04-Mar 1755

William LACY buried 23-May 1755

Thomas CATGUTT Stowborough buried 29-May 1755

Mary daughter of Thomas and Mary TUBB St Marys buried 30-Sep 1755

Richard son of John and BARTLETT Anne buried 10-Dec 1755

Catherine BARBER widow buried 23-May 1756

Rebecca TWINE widow alms women buried 08-Jun 1756

Mary WARREN widow buried 05-Aug 1756

Mary daughter of Robert and Mary MANUEL buried 10-Aug 1756

Mary widow of Thomas BAKER West Middlebourgh buried 28-Sep 1756

Richard NORRIS Stowborough buried 06-Jul 1757

George FOOT Redcliffe buried 07-Jul 1757

Mr George COMPTON cooper buried 15-Jul 1757

Stephen BARBER St Marys buried 17-Jul 1757

Mary daughter of George and Sarah FOOT Redcliff buried 22-Jul 1757

William daughter of George and Sarah FOOT Redcliff buried 29-Jul 1757

William SYMONDS late of Arne buried 14-Aug 1757

William LOOPE Stowborough buried 14-Sep 1757

Richard son of Elizabeth widow BURT buried 29-Sep 1757

Mary wife of George FROST Sojourner buried 14-Oct 1757

Anthony BASKET buried 22-Oct 1757

Martha wife of Nowel CRIBB senior Stowborough buried 26-Oct 1757

William son of Joseph and Christian ROLLS buried 12-Nov 1757

Elizabeth daughter of Robert and Mary RANDEL buried 20-Nov 1757

Elizabeth daughter of John and Anne BARTLETT buried 22-Nov 1757

Elizabeth daughter of John and Mary DERHAM Stowborough buried 30-Nov 1757

Shadrack son of Martha EDMUNDS buried 24?-Dec 1757

Benjamin son of John and Mary ROW Stowborough buried 27-Jan 1758

Robert RAWLS Stowborough buried 31-Jan 1758

John son of Issac and Sarah ACCOURT buried 30-Mar 1758

William son of William and Martha PIKE buried 18-Apr 1758

William son of Robert and Sarah CRIBB buried 30-Apr 1758

Anne wife of Mr George LOOPE Slepe buried 19-May 1758

Mary wife of John DERHAM Stowborough buried 04-Jun 1758

Elizabeth wife of John SHAVE sojourner buried 06-Aug 1758

William son of Henry and Elizabeth BYTHEWOOD Stowborough buried 11-Aug 1758

John son of James and Anne MEADOWS buried 09-Nov 1758

Mary daughter of William and Sarah GOULD St Marys buried 01-Dec 1758

Christianus POWEL sojourner buried 26-Dec 1758

Agnes daughter of Phillip and Anne BYTHEWOOD buried 05-Feb 1759

Joan wife of Thomas GILLINGHAM Stowborough buried 01-Apr 1759

Martha wife of Clement WELSTED Stowborough buried 22-Apr 1759

Thomas BOLT buried 13-May 1759

Grace daughter of Thomas and Grace LANGDOWN buried 08-Jul 1759

Thomas RANDAL mariner buried 13-Jul 1759

Thomas LANGDOWN buried 14-Jul 1759

Augusta daughter of George and Adah COMPTON buried 15-Jul 1759

Martha daughter of Nowel and Mary CRIBB buried 16-Jul 1759

Susanna wife of illegible buried 14?-Nov 1759

Sarah daughter of Christopher STICKLAND and Betty buried 12-Feb 1760

Elizabeth CRIBB widow alms women buried 01-Mar 1760

Sarah daughter of William and Sarah GOULD buried 01-Mar 1760

Thomas son of Thomas and Anne BOLT buried 04-Mar 1760

Samuel HOW Stowborough buried 13-Apr 1760

Mary wife of James BARTLETT Stowborough buried 07-Sep 1760

Elizabeth wife of Benjamin GOODEN Stowborough buried 20-Oct 1760

George son of Mr George and Elizabeth COMPTON buried 02-Nov 1760

Mr George LOOPE Slepe buried 16-Nov 1760

Mrs Alice LOOPE widow buried 23-Nov 1760

Priscilla SLADE widow a stranger buried 05-Jan 1761

Sarah wife of John HILL junior Stowborough buried 01-Apr 1761

Elizabeth BURT widow buried 28-Apr 1761

Grace daughter of Phillip and Anne BYTHEWOOD buried 29-Sep 1761

Thomas GILLINGHAM Stowborough buried 30-Sep 1761

Thomas CRIBB Stowborough buried 10-Nov 1761

James son of Isaac and Sarah ACCOURT Stowborough buried 14-Dec 1761

Mr Thomas LOOPE Stowborough buried 18-Feb 1762

Giles BARTLETT buried 14-May 1762

Raymond HOLLOWAY Redcliffe buried 04-Jul 1762

Mary RYAL widow buried 06-Aug 1762

John BAKER buried 26-Aug 1762

Mary PIKE widow buried 30-Sep 1762?

Anne daughter of Mr William (junior) CRIBB and Johanna buried 11-Oct 1762?

John son of Henry and Hannah RANDAL buried ?-Dec 1762

John son of John and Mary CAKE buried illegible 1763

Ann daughter of William and Elizabeth SLADE buried illegible 1763

Christopher son of William and Elizabeth SLADE buried illegible 1763

Alice daughter of John and Anne TUCK buried illegible 1763

Elizabeth wife of Richard DAVIS buried illegible 1763

Francis CRIBB Stowborough buried 03-May 1763

Ann Mary daughter of Mr William andJohanna CRIBB buried 05-May 1763

Jane wife of John STANLY buried 17-May 1763

Anthony son of Francis and Jane CRIBB buried 17-May 1763

Mary son of William and Elizabeth SLADE buried 05-Jun 1763

John OSMOND buried 09-Jun 1763

John son of Issac and Sarah ACCOURT buried 09-Jun 1763

Thomas CHRISTOPHER buried 15-Jun 1763

Ann wife of William HARDING buried 15-Jun 1763

Christopher STICKLAND buried 19?-June 1763

Mary MANUEL buried 21-Jun 1763

Elizabeth daughter of Christopher and Elizabeth STICKLAND buried 02-Jul 1763

Judith wife of George HAVERLAND buried 10-Jul 1763

Agnes BYTHEWOOD widow buried 17-Jul 1763

Anne? daughter of William and Martha GRAY buried 10-Oct 1763

Edward son of Nowel and Betty CRIBB buried 21-Oct 1763

Martha wife of Henry CAKE buried 23-Oct 1763

Margaret daughter of John and Mary BURT buried 28-Oct 1763

Ann daughter of George and Betty CLENCH buried 19-Dec 1763

Anne CRIBB widow buried 22-Jan 1764

Henry GLOVER buried 31-Jan 1764

Susannah daughter of Henry and Elizabeth BYTHEWOOD buried 02-Feb 1764

Betty STICKLAND widow buried 24-Feb 1764

Elizabeth daughter of George and Judith HAVERLAND buried 01-Apr 1764

Frances daughter of Mr John and Mary BRIXY buried 20-Apr 1764

Jonathan son of Richard and Anne PARMITER Stowborough buried 11-May 1764

Elizabeth FILLITER widow of Morden buried 04-Jul 1764

Sarah daughter of John and Mary CAKE buried 31-Jan 1765

John STANDLEY buried 24-Apr 1765

Elizabeth CORN widow buried 26-Apr 1765

John DERHAM buried 17?-May 1765

William SLADE buried 24-May 1765

Agnes daughter of Phillip and Anne BYTHEWOOD buried 25-Aug 1765

Jane wife of John BLY buried 02-Sep 1765

Frances wife of Joseph BRIXY buried 06-Oct 1765

Mary wife of George BAKER buried 28-Nov 1766

Mary daughter of William and Mary PAINE buried 26-Jan 1766

William GOULD buried 07-Feb 1766

John CRIBB Stowborough buried 06-Apr 1766

Hannah RANDAL Stowborough buried 27-Apr 1766

Joseph son of John and Anne BARTLETT buried 29-May 1766

Mr John TUCK Stowborough buried 01-Jun 1766

Ruth daughter of William and Ruth CRIBB Stowborough buried 22-Jun 1766

Elizabeth RAWLS widow buried 29-Jun 1766

William BYTHEWOOD buried 02-Jul 1766

John son of Thomas and Anna WHITTEL Stowborough buried 02-Jul 1766

Sarah wife of Isaac ACCOURT buried 07-Aug 1766

Mary daughter of ***** BYTHEWOOD buried 11-Aug 1766

Mary wife of Nowel junior CRIBB buried 21-Aug 1766

Richard son of Richard and Anne PARMITER buried 28-Aug 1766

Mary PERROT buried 02-Sep 1766

William PERROT buried 30-Sep 1766

Frances wife of **** Downton CHALS? buried 19-Oct 1766

William son of William and Mary PAYNE buried 09-Nov 1766

Thomas BLANDIMORE senior buried 07-Dec 1766

Joseph BLANDIMORE buried 11-Jan 1767

John BISHOP buried 30-Jan 1767

Richard PARMITER Stowborough buried 07-Apr 1767

Joan WELSTED widow of Stowborough buried 16-Apr 1767

Samuel son of Daniel and Ann BAKER buried 15-Jul 1767

Christianus wife of Joseph ROLLS buried 19-Apr 1767

Mary daughter of Mr William and Frances CRIBB buried 30-Jun 1767

George BAYNTON buried 22-Nov 1767

Mary BIDDLECOMBE widow buried 05-Dec 1767

Mr Robert CRIBB buried 28-Jan 1768

Mary JUBBER widow buried 24-Apr 1768

Stephen BIRD senior buried 06-May 1768

Nicolas PARMITER buried 10-Jun 1768

Thomas son of Robert and Martha TIZZARD buried 27-Aug 1768

Martha wife of Robert TIZZARD buried 07-Sep 1768

James son of Charles and Johanna CHURCHILL Stowborough buried 17-Jan 1769

Thomas HOLMES alms man buried 20-Feb 1769

Stephen THIDDAM of St Martins buried 04-Apr 1769

George LANGDOWN buried ?-April 1769

Anne daughter of Richard and Anne PARMITER buried 02-Jul 1769

Samuel son of Robert and Mary RANDAL buried 31-Aug 1769

Mary daughter of Elizabeth SLADE buried 20-Oct 1769

Sarah daughter of Issac and ? ACCOURT buried 05-Nov 1769

Mary daughter of John and Anne PUNCH buried 05-Nov 1769

James son of William and Susannah BAKER buried 14-Nov 1769

Betty base born daughter of ? illegible buried illegible 1770

Sarah CRIBB widow buried 08-Mar 1770

Mary BLANDIMORE widow buried 28-Mar 1770

Betty daughter of William and Mary BROWN buried 30-Mar 1770

John ROW buried 17-Aug 1770

Jane wife of Newel CRIBB junior buried 28-Dec 1770

Martha WIFFEN buried 20-Feb 1771

Samuel son of Daniel and Anne BAKER buried 02-Jul 1771

Mr Gabriel REDWOOD buried 01-Aug 1771

Susannah wife of Wiliam BAKER buried 16-Aug 1771

Susannah COCKRAM buried 15-Oct 1771

Susannah daughter of Richard and Anne PARMITER buried 26-Dec 1771

Ann wife of Phillip BYTHEWOOD buried 08-Jan 1772

Susanna TIDEM buried 04-Feb 1772

Ann daughter of Phillip BYTHEWOOD buried 11-Mar 1772

Ann PARMITER widow buried 23-Mar 1772

John BAKER buried 02-Sep 1772

Thomas son of Thomas and Mary DELACCOURT buried 18-Feb 1773

Richard TURNER buried 11-May 1773

Anne daughter of Daniel and Anne BAKER buried 12-Oct 1773

Betty daughter of Mary BASKET buried 12-Dec 1773

James BARTLETT buried 21-Dec 1773

George son of Henry and Mary COX buried 27-Feb 1774

James son of Alice GLOVER buried 18-Apr 1774

Phillip son of Phillip BYTHEWOOD buried 22-Apr 1774

Betty daughter of Issac and Mary ACCOURT buried 03-May 1774

Agnes daughter of Phillip BYTHEWOOD buried 11-May 1774

Elizabeth wife of Robert SQUIRE buried 11-Jul 1774

Deborah PARMITER buried 30-Oct 1774

George ACCOURT buried 11-Nov 1774

Robert TIZZARD buried 10-Jan 1775

Elizabeth EDGAR buried 03-Apr 1775

Mary BRINTON buried 28-Jul 1775

Grace CLENCH buried 05-Sep 1775

Elizabeth CLENCH buried 17-Sep 1775

George CLENCH buried 15-Oct 1775

Susannah BRIXEY buried 17-Nov 1775

Thomas PIKE buried 31-Dec 1775

William CRIBB buried 17-Jan 1776

John EYERS buried 01-Mar 1776

Sally EAMES buried 06-Mar 1776

Mary POOLS buried 18-Mar 1776

George TUCK buried 20-May 1776

Mary CHURCHILL buried 01-Aug 1776

Ann TRENCHARD buried 04-Sep 1776

Betty COURT buried 01-Aug 1777

Phoebe Ann BITHYWOOD buried 04-Sep 1777

Betty FOOT buried 28-Nov 1777

Elizabeth MILLER buried 11-Jan 1778

Christian WHIFFEN buried 29-Jan 1778

Robert TUCKER buried 22-Jan 1778

Mary DELACOURT buried 28-Jul 1778

Joseph BRIXEY buried 27-Aug 1778

Joseph BITHYWOOD buried 02-Sep 1778

Jenny GALLOP buried 13-Sep 1778

Jonathan PARMITER buried 08-Nov 1778

William LOOPE buried 22-Nov 1778

William DELACOURT buried 13-Dec 1778

Sarah BASKET buried 26-Jan 1779

James TUCK buried 04-Feb 1779

Elizabeth LOOPE buried 23-Feb 1779

Noel CRIBB buried 06-Apr 1779

Mary ROE buried 10-May 1779

George CRIBB buried 10-May 1779

Elizabeth EDMUNDS buried 28-May 1779

Betty TUCK buried 27-Aug 1779

Eleanor CLARE buried 29-Sep 1779

Henry BARTLETT buried 26-Oct 1779

Benjamin ROE buried 11-Nov 1779

Jonathan PARMITER buried 11-Nov 1779

Sarah JESSIE? buried 21-Nov 1779

Jane CRUMPLER buried 21-Nov 1779

Elizabeth NORTON buried 24-Nov 1779

Mary HOBBS buried 30-Nov 1779

Henry CAKE buried 06-Dec 1779

Phillip BYTHEWOOD buried 19-Dec 1779

William GREY buried 12?-Jan 1780

Phillip CRIBB buried 26-Mar 1780

Ann BARTLETT buried 11-Apr 1780

Elizabeth CRIBB buried 13-Apr 1780

William WILLS buried 16-Apr 1780

William HOBBS buried 21-Apr 1780

Joshua CRUMPLER buried 23-Apr 1780

Roger CLENCH junior buried 08-Jun 1780

William STICKLAND buried 25-Jun 1780

Ann STICKLAND buried 27-Jun 1780

Joseph CAKE buried 27-Jun 1780

Ann CAKE buried 02-Jul 1780

James CAKE buried 05-Jul 1780

Charles BASKET buried 16-Jul 1780

Susanna FRY buried 22-Aug 1780

William PARMITER buried 01-Oct 1780

Sarah DIRAM buried 30-Oct 1780

Elizabeth REDWOOD buried 24-Nov 1780

Ann Watts RANCOLLASS buried 01-Dec 1780

Jane HOOD buried 31-Dec 1780

John MORTIMER buried 24-Jan 1781

Henry BARTLETT buried 30-Jan 1781

Annas BYTHEWOOD buried 05-Feb 1781

William TILLY buried 05-Feb 1781

Thomas SAUNDERS buried 05-Mar 1781

Robert TUCK buried 02-Aug 1781

Jane CHRISTOPHER buried 12-Aug 1781

Susanna CHRISTOPHER buried 12-Aug 1781

James CHURCHILL buried 24-Aug 1781

Richard EDGAR buried 24-Aug 1781

Henry STICKLAND buried 25-Sep 1781

Mary BRIXEY buried 26-Sep 1781

Cassandra STICKLAND buried 16-Oct 1781

Sarah MANUAL buried 04-Jan 1782

John BARTLETT buried 13-Jan 1782

William TRENCHARD buried 16-Jan 1782

Charlotte HOLLOWAY buried 25-Jan 1782

Sarah DERHAM buried 12-Feb 1782

Betty TUCKER buried 13-Feb 1782

Elizabeth ADAMS buried 19-Feb 1782

Thomas MARSH buried 28-Mar 1782

Thomas MUNDEN buried 14-Apr 1782

Sarah CLARK buried 14-Apr 1782

Ann BARTLETT buried 27-Apr 1782

Sarah JESSEE buried 05-May 1782

Ann TUCK buried 06-Jun 1782

Mary CAKE buried 23-Jun 1782

Mary PAYNE buried 10-Sep 1782

Betty DAVIS buried 13-Sep 1782

John TUCK buried 03-Dec 1782

Richard FORTANTIS buried 14-Dec 1782

John BARTLETT buried 10-Jan 1783

Elizabeth BAKER buried 17-Feb 1783

Robert ELMES buried 27-Feb 1783

Mary LUCAS buried 28-Feb 1783

Joseph BRIXEY buried 16-Mar 1783

Mary STANLEY buried 30-Mar 1783

Elizabeth WOOLFRYS buried 15-Apr 1783

George DERHAM buried 29-Apr 1783

Margaret SELBY buried 04-May 1783

Elizabeth BORDMAN buried 06-May 1783

Betty KING buried 09-Jun 1783

Samuel BENFIELD buried 15-Jul 1783

John RANDAL buried 09-Sep 1783

Elizabeth MORTIMER buried 05-Oct 1783

Rebecca TAYLOR buried 05-Oct 1783

Ephraim TAYLOR buried 19-Oct 1783

Thomas WILTSHEAR buried 29-Feb 1784

Worbone? MUSSLEASHED buried 22-Apr 1784

William BYTHEWOOD buried 07-May 1784

Robert GOODWIN buried 30-May 1784

George TRENCHARD buried 06-Jun 1784

Sarah TRENCHARD buried 10-Jun 1784

James TRENCHARD buried 13-Jun 1784

Mary FLOOK buried 14-Sep 1784

Thomas SMITH buried 14-Sep 1784

John CARD buried 07-Nov 1784

John CHISMAN buried 28-Nov 1784

Elizabeth GOLLOP buried 14-Jan 1785

Samuel CONWAY buried 02-Mar 1785

Sarah TRENCHARD buried 01-Jul 1785

Sarah PIKE buried 02-Nov 1785

Thomas GLASBY buried 06-Nov 1785

Mary BURT buried 27-Nov 1785

Elizabeth TUCK buried 06-Dec 1785

Grace? LAMBERT buried 18-Dec 1785

Robert DASHWOOD buried 15-Jan 1786

Mary BOLT buried 15-Feb 1786

Phillip PARMITER buried 09-Apr 1786

Thomas GILL buried 04-May 1786

Caroline HAWKER buried 30-May 1786

Mary MATHEWS buried 16-Jun 1786

Joan LUGG buried 20-Sep 1786

Hannah KING buried 26-Sep 1786

Thomas CRUMPLER buried 22-Oct 1786

Thomas LOOPE buried 08-Nov 1786

Betty BARTLETT buried 12-Nov 1786

Betty JOYCE buried 17-Nov 1786

Martha STANDLEY buried 28-Nov 1786

Jenadal? CHISMAN buried 21-Dec 1786

Thomas CHAPMAN buried 29-Dec 1786

Daniel CLAU? buried 29-Dec 1786

Harry TAYLOR buried 21-Jan 1787

Betty CHAPMAN buried 28-Jan 1787

Catharine WILTSHEAR buried 27-Apr 1787

Lucy BRINE buried 20-May 1787

Samuel BASKET buried 10-Jun 1787

John CRUMPLER buried 03-Oct 1787

James LAMBERT buried 02-Dec 1787

Maria FRAMPTON 25 buried 13-Jan 1788

Thomas PAYNE infant buried 05-Feb 1788

Elizabeth WILSHIAR 63 buried 04-Mar 1788

William SHEPHERD infant buried 12-Mar 1788

Thomas BRAGG 24 buried 11-Apr 1788

John LUGG 40 buried 15-Apr 1788

Alice GOODWIN 45 buried 16-Apr 1788

Henry RANDAL 69 buried 20-Apr 1788

Mary LUCKAS 19 buried 02-May 1788

Henry Furl BROWN infant buried 09-May 1788

William SHITLER 84 buried 20-May 1788

Melior MORTIMER 27 buried 08-Jun 1788

Jane GILL 29 buried 06-Jul 1788

Ann BARTLETT infant buried 13-Jul 1788

John RANDAL infant buried 08-Aug 1788

Elizabeth BALL infant buried 26-Sep 1788

Mary LINNINGTON 19 buried 31-Sep 1788

Margaret FALL 90 buried 02-Nov 1788

William BAKER 57 buried 09-Nov 1788

Benjamin BALL 30 buried 30-Nov 1788

Samuel MORTIMER infant buried 12-Dec 1788

Elizabeth UPJOHN infant buried 14-Dec 1788

Betty BYTHEWOOD 33 buried 24-Dec 1788

William BYTHEWOOD 5 buried 28-Dec 1788

Susannah KING buried 13-Jun 1790

George BAKER buried 24-Dec 1790

William BLANDFORD buried 25-Dec 1790

Ann HARRIS buried 22-Jan 1791

Mary WHITER0W buried 25-Mar 1791

Fn(e) HOBBS buried 22-Apr 1791 abbreviated names the letter 'e' is at the top of the line

Fn(e) HILL buried 23-May 1791 abbreviated names the letter 'e' is at the top of the line

Fn(e) CRUMPLER buried 10-Jun 1791 abbreviated names the letter 'e' is at the top of the line

Elizabeth PIKE 83 buried illegible 1791 from 19 July 1791

Susannah FORD 52 buried illegible

Martha RIGGS 37 buried illegible

Anne DAW 65 buried illegible

Richard SHEPHERD 46 buried illegible

Mary BASKET 41 buried illegible

Ruth BASKET 70 buried illegible

Anne CRIBB 87 buried illegible

Susannah SHITLER 83 buried illegible

Phillip PARMITER 88 buried illegible

Margaret KIMBER 62 buried illegible

Elizabeth BYTHEWOOD 72 to 23 July 1792 buried illegible 1792

William son of Francis and Ann SHEPHERD 5 buried 07-Nov 1793

John NEWMAN 72 buried 13-Dec 1793

Ann wife of Thomas BROWN ? 73 buried 11-Dec 1793

Frances? wife of Peter SELBY 65 buried 11-Nov 1793

Sarah COURT buried 23-May 1794

William BARTLETT buried 27-May 1794

John BUDDEN buried 18-Jun 1794

Betty SHEPHERD widow buried 22-Jun 1794

Jane wife of Thomas SMITH buried 18-Jul 1794

George DERAM buried 25-Aug 1794

Ann daughter of James and Ann SANSOM buried 02-Nov 1794

Joseph son of John and Sussannah UPSHAM buried 19-Nov 1794

John son of John and Sussannah UPSHAM buried 06-Jan 1795

Sarah daughter of Giles and Sarah BROWN buried 14-Apr 1795

Mary daughter of William and Betty WATERMAN buried 31-May 1795

Benjamin BARTLETT buried 27-Apr 1795

Henry son of Thomas and Ann GARLAND buried 16-Aug 1795

Barnet? son of Mary COURT buried 15-Nov 1795

Ruth wife of William CRIBB buried 06-Jan 1796

Joseph son of Charles and Elizabeth CHURCHILL buried 21-Feb 1796

Tabitha daughter of Charles and Elizabeth FRAMPTON buried 21-Mar 1796

William CLARIL? buried 15-Apr 1796

James son of Francis and Ann ***FHARD buried 08-May 1796

Henry FOOKS buried 19-Jun 1796

Susannah wife of John UPSHAM buried 03-Nov 1796

William son of William and Elizabeth WATERMAN buried 01-Jan 1797

Benjamin STANDLY buried 12-Jan 1797

Elizabeth daughter of John and Teresa CARD buried 12-Jan 1797

Sarah daughter of Nathaniel and Catherine DELACOURT buried 23-Feb 1797

Robert RANDELL buried 21-Mar 1797

Saffhira daughter of Elizabeth CAFES? buried 05-Apr 1797

Mary daughter of James and Hannah KEARLY buried 07-May 1797

Katherine daughter of Henry and Ann RANDALE buried 21-May 1797

John BRAGG buried 20-Aug 1797

Mary TURNER buried ?-October 1797

Hannah wife of Phillip STICKLAND buried 08-Nov 1797

Elizabeth NEWMAN buried 16-Jan 1798

Margaret? wife of Charles ROW buried 01-Feb 1798

Mary SERICE buried 30-Mar 1798

Betty wife of Richard SMITH buried 5-? 1799

Mary wife of John CAKE buried 12-? 1799

Daniel son of ******* and **** CRUMPLER buried 4-? 1799

Edward son of ****** And Elizabeth illegible buried illegible 1799

Elizabeth son of ****** And Elizabeth illegible buried illegible 1799

William HARDING buried 25-Dec 1799

Ann daughter of Stephen and Mary PRINCE buried 22-Dec 1799

Charles son of John and Mary DAVIS buried 24-Dec 1799

Thomas RANDAL buried 23-Jan 1800

Rebecca illegible buried 26-? 1800

William son of ***mes and A** BUTTON buried ?-April 1800

Ann wife of Williak illegible buried 15-May 1800

William son of John and ****** WOOLFRYS buried illegible 1800

Charles son of William and Elizabeth HIBBS buried 26-Jun 1800

Mary wife of John HIBBS buried 06-Jul 1800

Samuel SLADE buried 22-Jul 1800

Elizabeth CAPES? buried 12-Jul 1800

John COMPTON buried 21-Sep 1800

Sarah daughter of John and Ann DOMING buried 29-Sep 1800

William son of William and Elizabeth WATERMAN buried 02-Nov 1800

Elizabeth SLADE buried 18-Nov 1800

Mary Eliza daughter of William and Elizabeth CHURCHILL buried 17-Dec 1800

Thomas BROWN buried 04-Jan 1801

Elizabeth KEARLY buried 22-Jan 1801

George EDMUNDS buried 22-Feb 1801

Elizabeth daughter of William and Elizabeth HIBBS buried 01-Mar 1801

Mary BROWN buried 22-Mar 1801

Martha BYTHEWOOD buried 29-Apr 1801

Henry son of John and Elizabeth WOOLFRYS buried 24-May 1802

Mary DERAM buried 26-May 1802

Ann BAKER buried 30-May 1802

Mary wife of Thomas CAKE buried 01-Jun 1802

Mary SHEPHERD buried 04-Jun 1802

Henry son of George and Betty BROWN buried 13-Jun 1802

Thomas son of William EDMUNDS buried 16-Sep 1802

Ann daughter of Joseph and Eleanor BRAGG buried 31-Oct 1802

Ann daughter of Mark and Sarah COCKRAM buried 02-Jan 1803

Mary daughter of Elizabeth BALL? buried 06-Feb 1803

Ann DAMON buried 04-Mar 1803

Giles BROWN buried 10-Nov 1803

George son of Hannah HAYNES buried 06-Dec 1803

John HARRIS buried 01-Jan 1804

Robert STEVENS buried 15-Jan 1804

Ann wife of Samuel MORTIMER buried 15-Jan 1804

William EDMUNDS buried 05-Feb 1804

Thomas son of William and Elizabeth WATERMAN buried 19-Feb 1804

Elizabeth PAYNE buried 23-Feb 1804

Jane HOOPER buried 04-Mar 1804

David ERSKINS? buried 12-Apr 1804

Benjamin son of Samuel NOTINES? buried 01-May 1804

John BYTHEWOOD buried 06-May 1804

Thomas son of John and Johanna CHURCHILL buried 24-Jul 1804

John son of John and Elizabeth WOOLFRYS buried 27-Jul 1804

Rebecca wife of James CHURCHILL buried 03-Aug 1804

John BATHAM? buried 26-Aug 1804

John WOOLFRYS buried 30-Aug 1804

George son of William and Elizabeth HIBBS buried 05-Oct 1804

Mary ROMER?? buried 11-Nov 1804

Alice LANDOWN buried 13-Nov 1804

Elizabeth SHEPHERD buried 27-Jan 1805

Mary FUDGE buried 03-Feb 1805

Mary wife of Robert RANDALL buried 27-Feb 1805

Betty wife of Thomas FAILARD? buried 27-Mar 1805

Mary daughter of William and Mary WEATHERS? buried 02-Apr 1805

Thomas son of Samuel and Hannah RANDALL buried 19-May 1805

Grace wife of William MORTIMER buried 26-May 1805

Elizabeth GROVES buried 30-May 1805

John BROWN buried 14-Jun 1805

Stephen PRINCE buried 11-Aug 1805

Maria BASKET buried 03-Jan 1806

Sarah BOLT buried 12-Jan 1806

Henry son of James and Jane MEADEN buried 02-Feb 1806

Ann wife of Henry HA*E?? buried 02-Mar 1806

Phillip STICKLAND buried 04-May 1806

Mary daughter of Robert and Mary PAUL buried 05-May 1806

William TURNER? buried 05-Oct 1806

Edith RANDALL buried 05-Oct 1806

Amelia RANDALL buried 05-Oct 1806

Betty wife of George BROWN buried 09-Oct 1806

Elizabeth FORSTER buried 09-Oct 1806

John son of George and Ann TURNER buried 23-Oct 1806

Elizabeth STILES buried 25-Nov 1806

Mary daughter of Nathaniel and Catherine DELACOURT buried 25-Nov 1806

John GEORGE buried 21-Dec 1806

Isaac COURT buried 21-Dec 1806

John son of William and Jane GARDENER buried 04-Feb 1807

Jane daughter of Frances and Ann SHEPHERD buried 30-Apr 1807

Jane wife of James MEADEN buried 23-Apr 1807

Charles son of The Rev. John and Mary DAMPIRE? buried 27-Apr 1807

Catharine RANDALL buried 04-Aug 1807

Edward son of John and Ann SYMES buried 12-Aug 1807

Thomas SHAW buried 07-Sep 1807

Joseph BAKER buried 20-Sep 1807

Henry BYTHEWOOD buried 04-Oct 1807

Maria daughter of George and Elizabeth SANSOM buried 07-Oct 1807

Ann BAKER buried 08-Oct 1807

George TUCK buried 10-Oct 1807

Sarah BUDDEN buried 18-Oct 1807

Jane BROWN buried 06-Dec 1807

Jane wife of Thomas SMITH buried 04-Mar 1808

Henry BERTLAND buried 03-Apr 1808

James son of Martha CHURCHILL buried 23-May 1808

John HIBBS buried 29-May 1808

Mary wife of Joseph STICKLAND buried 05-Jun 1808

Mary Ann daughter of Robert and Mary PAUL buried 28-Jun 1808

Betty daughter of Charles and Elizabeth CHURCHILL buried 30-Jun 1808

Thomas son of Samuel and Sarah ROE buried 01-Jul 1808

Henry son of Henry HASE buried 01-Jul 1808

George LUCAS buried 02-Jul 1808

Betty wife of Charles RICHARDS buried 10-Jul 1808

Martha BATERS? buried 14-Aug 1808

William son of William and Jane ESMUNDS buried 15-Oct 1809

Mary daughter of Robert BASKET buried 07-Nov 1809

George son of George and Elizabeth SANSOM buried 12-Nov 1809

Ann HARRIS buried 25-Jan 1810

Sarah wife of William HOBBS buried 06-May 1810

William son of William and Mary GILLINGHAM buried 13-May 1810

Jane daughter of George and Mary RAMSEY buried 13-Jun 1810

Samuel son of William and Mariam SMITH buried 27-Jun 1810

Harriet daughter of George and Phillis MARSH buried 27-Jun 1810

Susannah WILMOT at lock provecta? buried 03-Jan 1811

William GAUT at prov buried 10-Jan 1811

Ann alias Bught at prov LUCAS buried 12-Jan 1811

Mary wife of Robert GREEN buried 18-Feb 1811

Samuel son of John and Pamela CAMPBELL buried 20-Feb 1811

John LODGE maturas buried 26-Mar 1811

Hannah wife of William COOMBES buried 29-Mar 1811

Morgan WILMOT maturas buried 13-Apr 1811

Jane daughter of William uif BLANDFORD buried 14-Apr 1811

Elizabeth GARLAND at prov buried 15-Apr 1811

Charles son of Thomas uif BRINE buried 19-Apr 1811

Julia CAMPBELL maturas buried 24-Apr 1811

Harriet daughter of James and Elizabeth HILLYAR buried 28-Apr 1811

John WILES at prov buried 16-May 1811

Thomas TUCKER at prov buried 28-May 1811

Mary wife of Richard Esq MESSITER buried ?-June 1811

Ann wife of William at prov CROUCH buried 03-Jul 1811

John son of William GERRISH infant buried 28-Jul 1811

John ANDREWS buried 22-Sep 1811

Henry son of Elizabeth uif CASE buried 30-Oct 1811

James son of Elizabeth H***L buried 01-Nov 1811

Mary daughter of William HOLLY? buried 04-Nov 1811

Susannah daughter of James HOSKINS buried 30-Nov 1811

William BENNET? buried ?-Dec 1811

Jane daughter of Thomas and Mary TAYLOR buried 10-Sep 1811

Christian daughter of Charles and Betty CHURCHILL buried 19-Sep 1811

William LAMBERT buried 01-Nov 1811

John TRENCHARD buried 22-Nov 1811

Rachael BRAGG buried 23-Nov 1811

Ann wife of John BISHOP buried 26-Jan 1812

Fanny daughter of George and Betty SYMMONDS buried 06-Feb 1812

Maria son of Lewis and Prescilla SANSOM buried 16-Apr 1812

Thomas son of George and Elizabeth GOVER buried 10-May 1812

George STICKLAND buried 12-Jul 1812

John MA***EY buried 04-Sep 1812

Sarah Ann BAYLEY buried 20-Sep 1812

Peter SELBY buried 04-Nov 1812

Year;  Date;  Forename;  SURNAME;  Parish;  Age at Death

1813;   23-Feb;   Rebecca;   SYMES;   Holy Trinity;    

1813;   11-Apr;   Betty;   STICKLAND;   Holy Trinity;    

1813;   23-May;   Mary;   HOBBS;   Holy Trinity;  

1814;   26-May;   John;   CARD;   Holy Trinity;   27

1814;   06-Jun;   David;   GOVER;   Holy Trinity;   19

1814;   10-Nov;   Edward;   EDMUNDS;   Holy Trinity;   6 w

1814;   30-Dec;   Thomas;   BAYLY;   Holy Trinity;   68

1814;   30-Dec;   Elizabeth;   THOMPSON;   Holy Trinity;   16

1815;   09-May;   Isaac;   COURT;   Holy Trinity;   3 w

1815;   26-May;   Walter;   STICKLAND;   Holy Trinity;   9 m

1815;   11-Aug;   Elizabeth;   SMITH;   Holy Trinity;   58

1815;   25-Aug;   Sarah;   GARLAND;   Holy Trinity;   30

1815;   31-Oct;   Mary Ann daughter of Charles and Betty;   CHURCHILL;   Holy Trinity;   20 w

1816;   28-Jan;   Francis daughter of *****d and Mary;   MUSSELWHITE;   Holy Trinity;   6 m

1816;   01-Mar;   Mary daughter of Charles and Jane;   GOVER;   Holy Trinity;   4 d

1816;   27-Mar;   Joseph;   BAKER;   Holy Trinity;   35

1816;   09-Apr;   William;   PAYNE;   Holy Trinity;   76

1817;   03-Jan;   John;   HOBBS;   Holy Trinity;   50

1817;   14-Jan;   George;   EDMUNDS;   Holy Trinity;   4 d

1817;   13-Feb;   George;   TUCK;   Holy Trinity;   46

1817;   02-Mar;   Mary;   STICKLAND;   Holy Trinity;   3

1817;   20-Mar;   Ann;   NORRIS;   Holy Trinity;   12

1817;   20-Apr;   Thomas;   ROE;   Holy Trinity;   72

1817;   10-Sep;   Ann;   BARTLETT;   Holy Trinity;   64

1817;   17-Sep;   Caroline;   CARD;   Holy Trinity;   1

1817;   19-Oct;   James;   TOMPSON;   Holy Trinity;   48

1818;   07-Jan;   Sarah;   COURT ;   Holy Trinity;   2

1818;   20-Jan;   Jane;   HOOD;   Holy Trinity;   10 m

1818;   08-Mar;   Samuel;   DOREY;   Holy Trinity;   7 m

1818;   03-May;   Charles;   CHURCHILL;   Holy Trinity;   10 w

1818;   21-Jun;   Stephen;   HOOPER;   Holy Trinity;   13 m

1818;   28-Jun;   Elizabeth;   RANDALL;   Holy Trinity;   12 w

1818;   19-Jul;   William;   BAKER;   Holy Trinity;   83

1818;   03-Aug;   James;   MILLER;   Holy Trinity;   23

1818;   23-Aug;   Sarah;   CATES;   Holy Trinity;   13

1818;   25-Aug;   Emerly Ann;   FERRY;   Holy Trinity;   1 w

1818;   29-Sep;   Hannah;   GOVER;   Holy Trinity;   13

1818;   08-Nov;   John;   BAKER;   Holy Trinity;   86

1819;   31-Jan;   Catharine;   COCKRAM;   Holy Trinity;   51

1819;   21-Mar;   Ann;   DOREY;   Holy Trinity;   1

1819;   23-Mar;   Sarah;   MATE;   Holy Trinity;   64

1819;   15-Aug;   Sophia;   GRESSER?;   Holy Trinity;   12

1819;   19-Aug;   Constance;   KEYNES;   Holy Trinity;   1

1819;   26-Aug;   Rebeckah;   BUSHARD;   Holy Trinity;   66

1819;   17-Oct;   Edward;   WILLIAMS;   Holy Trinity;   60

1819;   26-Dec;   George;   SANSOM;   Holy Trinity;   57 ?

1820;   ;   Charles;   COURTS;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Sarah;   DOMING;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Hannah;   DYER;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   James;   GROVES;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Ursula;   HAYTER;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Thomas;   HYDE;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Mary Fra;   HYDE;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   John;   HA*****D;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   William;   KEYNES;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Mary;   MILLER;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   James?;   MILLER;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Mary;   PARMITER;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Mary;   PAYNE;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Ann Barucl;   SYMES;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Phillip Cl??;   SMITH;   Holy Trinity;  

1820;   ;   Mary;   SANSOM;   Holy Trinity;  

1821;   04-Feb;   Henry;   LILLINGTON;   Holy Trinity;   63

1821;   02-Nov;   Thomas;   SMITH;   Holy Trinity;   84

1821;   09-Nov;   Robert;   RANDALL;   Holy Trinity;   88

1821;   23-Dec;   James;   TURNER;   Holy Trinity;   58

1822;   03-Feb;   Elizabeth;   NORRIS;   Holy Trinity;   67

1822;   23-May;   John;   SARGEANT?;   Holy Trinity;   79

1822;   12-Apr;   Joseph;   NORRIS;   Holy Trinity;   78

1822;   27-Apr;   John;   CARD;   Holy Trinity;   88

1822;   05-May;   Mary;   FLETCHER;   Holy Trinity;   24

1822;   29-May;   Jane;   GALTON;   Holy Trinity;   65

1822;   03-Jun;   Francis;   CARTER;   Holy Trinity;   70

1822;   06-Oct;   John;   MILLER;   Holy Trinity;   29

1822;   24-Oct;   illegible ;   CHURCHILL;   Holy Trinity;   89

1822;   25-Oct;   Jane;   GALLOP;   Holy Trinity;   62

1822;   22-Nov;   Johannah;   GARLAND;   Holy Trinity;   80

1822;   24-Nov;   illegible ;   FORD;   Holy Trinity;   67

1822;   22-Dec;   Sarah;   FORD;   Holy Trinity;   66

1822;   22-Dec;   Angie?;   COURT;   Holy Trinity;   80

1823;   12-Jan;   Jane;   BUSHROD;   Holy Trinity;   50

1823;   21-Feb;   Thomas;   DELACOURT;   Holy Trinity;   77

1823;   05-Mar;   William;   HOBBS;   Holy Trinity;   20

1823;   20-Mar;   Phillip;   FIFEFIELD;   Holy Trinity;   1y 8m

1823;   01-Apr;   Samuel;   FIFEFIELD;   Holy Trinity;   3

1823;   27-Apr;   John;   BALE;   Holy Trinity;   5 m

1823;   08-Jun;   Jane;   HERBERT;   Holy Trinity;   27

1823;   20-Jul;   William;   MEERING;   Holy Trinity;   36

1823;   13-Aug;   John;   NORRIS;   Holy Trinity;   3 m

1824;   27-Feb;   Charles;   DENNIS;   Holy Trinity;   78

1824;   27-Feb;   Mary;   BRIDLE;   Holy Trinity;   1

1824;   05-Mar;   William;   KEARLY;   Holy Trinity;   10 m

1824;   12-Mar;   Charlotte;   BRAGG;   Holy Trinity;   13 m ?

1824;   02-May;   Maria;   CHURCHILL;   Holy Trinity;   15

1824;   16-May;   Abel;   HIGGINS;   Holy Trinity;   57

1824;   02-Jul;   Samuel;   MORTIMER;   Holy Trinity;   73

1824;   19-Jul;   Jenella;   WOK??;   Holy Trinity;   15

1824;   12-Sep;   Arabella? or Elizabeth?;   MILLER;   Holy Trinity;   33

1824;   21-Sep;   James?;   PAYNE;   Holy Trinity;   7

1824;   11-Nov;   illegible ;   illegible ;   Holy Trinity;   2

1824;   05-Dec;   William;  illegible ;   Holy Trinity;   35

1824;   12-Dec;   Thomas;   KING;   Holy Trinity;   32