BURIALS 1583 - 1757

These transcriptions were made and donated to Dorset-OPC by Mr Barry CHINCHEN 

Entries in Bishops’ Transcripts are included


1583 17 Apr Anne wife of Richard Frank Draper aged 30 - a brass [Monumental Inscription]

1587 Joan wife of William Clavel gentleman [Holy Trinity]

1587 Henry Clavel [St Martin's]

1599 Roger s of Alexander Clavel gentleman [Holy Trinity]

1601 Joanna Turbervil [St Martin's]

1602 John Dodwell Rector [St Martin's]

1602 Juliana Perkins [Lady Mary]

1605 Susanna Clavel [Holy Trinity]

1605 George Parkins [Lady Mary]

1605 Elizabeth Parkins [Lady Mary]

1605 Susanna Clavel [Lady Mary]

1608 Eleanor wife of William Lovel gentleman [Holy Trinity]

1608 Henry s of Bruen Williams gentleman [Holy Trinity]

1608 Mrs Turbervile [Lady Mary]

1613 20-Aug William Perkins of Bestwall gentleman - a brass [Monumental Inscription]

1615 William Strangeman gentleman [Holy Trinity]

1616 Thomas Turbervil gentleman [St Martin's]

1616 22 Apr Richard Perkins gentleman - a brass [Monumental Inscription]

1617 Edward Thornhul [Lady Mary]

1619 16 Dec William Hore Rector [Holy Trinity]

1619 John Thornel [Lady Mary]

1619 Mr Caldecot [Lady Mary]

1622 Mr William Pitt senior [Holy Trinity]

1622 George s of Ralph Thornhill gentleman [St Martin's]

1623 Edith Coker [Lady Mary]

- Susanna Coker [Lady Mary]

1624 13 Feb Henry Leaves [Monumental Inscription]

1624 Robert Hayes Rector - aged 95 [Holy Trinity]

1624 Matthew Turbervil gentleman [St Martin's]

1625 2 May Edmund Moore aged 72 - a brass [Monumental Inscription]

1628 William Perkins [Lady Mary]

1629 Mrs Dorothy Clavel [Holy Trinity]

1630 Thomas Randal - aged 89 [Holy Trinity]

1633 Robert Bond - Mayor [Holy Trinity]

1633 William Morton gentleman [Lady Mary]

1634 John Burgess Mayor [Lady Mary]

1636 23 Nov John Young Rector [St Martin's]

1636 Anne Clavel [Lady Mary]

1638 Mr John Harding of Bestwall [Lady Mary]

1638 Mr John Collier [Lady Mary]

1639 Mrs Elizabeth Collier [Lady Mary]

1640 Mr William Loop [Lady Mary]

1640 13-Feb Mr George Burgess - twice Mayor of Wareham [Monumental Inscription]

1643 Mrs Mary Morton [Lady Mary]

1644 Mrs Bond [Lady Mary]

1644 Mrs Elizabeth Coker [Lady Mary]

1645 Mr John Frampton [Lady Mary]

1650 Morton Oliver [Lady Mary]

1654 George Loop of Slepe [Holy Trinity]

1656 Thomas Dunford minister [Lady Mary]

1661 8 May William Wake [Holy Trinity]

1662 Mr Robert Morton [Lady Mary]

1678 Rachel wife of George Oliver [Lady Mary]

1680 18 Oct George Mathews aged 24 [Monumental Inscription]

1680 Elias Bond [Lady Mary]

1682 Mr George Loop [Holy Trinity]

1683 3 May Susanna Boyte [Quaker records]

1684 18 Dec Elizabeth wife of Thomas Randel [Monumental Inscription]

1684 Thomas Chambers M.D. [Lady Mary]

1684 George Oliver [Lady Mary]

1685 6 Feb Usala wife of John Cotton [Monumental Inscription]

1687 John s of Thomas & Alice Cammil [Monumental Inscription]

1689? 1 Oct Margaret wife of ... Jenki.. [Monumental Inscription]

1697 Mr George Loop [Holy Trinity]

1697 01-Mar William Daman [Monumental Inscription]

1698 16 Sep Anthony Frew [with son & grandson Anthony] [Monumental Inscription]

1701 9 Jul Anne d of John & Frances Bythewood aged 5 [Monumental Inscription]

1702 12 Feb John Say - murdered by William Norris - age 5 [Monumental Inscription]

1702 12 Feb Elizabeth Say - murdered by William Norris - age 15 [Monumental Inscription]

1704 8 Mar Joseph s of Joseph & Joan Bence [Quaker records]

1707 28 Mar John s of Edward & Hannah Linnington - aged 17 [Monumental Inscription]

1708 2 Sep Joseph Bence [Quaker records]

1709 26-Mar Mary d of Joseph Bence [Quaker records]

1710 29-Jul Sarah Catgut d of Thomas Randel [Monumental Inscription]

1711 7 Aug Mary Hay...on aged 81 [Monumental Inscription]

1714 Thomas ..lorance [Monumental Inscription]

1716 ? Feb William s of Robert & Hester Kaines aged 4 [Monumental Inscription]

1718 25 Jun Frances wife of John Comton - aged 50 [Monumental Inscription]

1719 Martha first wife of Anthony Frew [Monumental Inscription]

1722 Mrs Jane Laurence [Lady Mary]

1723 Thomas Hardy aged 104 [Lady Mary]

1725 Mr John Harbin of Bloxworth [Lady Mary]

1726 Alice wife of the Anthony Frew who died in 1698 [Monumental Inscription]

1727 Mr George Gould [Lady Mary]

1729 Margaret Gould of Worgret widow [Lady Mary]

1730 29 Oct Roger Reeks - aged 42 [Monumental Inscription]


6 Apr David Cake [St Martin's]

.. Apr Daniel Journew [Lady Mary]

16 Apr John Tucker [Holy Trinity]

18 Apr Simon Hobbs [St Martin's]

25 May Anne Bertram [St Martin's]

Jun William s of William & Anne Cribb [Lady Mary] 1

6 Jun John Parmiter - aged 20 [Holy Trinity]

12 Jun Elizabeth d of John & Frances Tucker [Lady Mary]

30 Jun John Corbin [Holy Trinity]

4 Jul Anne Turner [St Martin's]

17 Jul Betty d of Thomas & Elizabeth Jennings [Lady Mary]

1 Aug John Groves [Lady Mary]

1 Aug Joseph son of the above John Groves [Lady Mary]

12 Aug Thomas Dickes [St Martin's]

24 Aug John Stickland [Holy Trinity]

1 Sep ... George [Holy Trinity]

1 Sep ... s of Christopher & Mary Pollard [Holy Trinity]

6 Sep Alice Tuck [Holy Trinity]

 .. Sep John s of James & Sara? Chipley [Lady Mary]

 .. ... George Savage [Lady Mary]

 .. ... Nicholas Delacourt [Lady Mary]

6 Oct ..........ad [Holy Trinity]

28 Oct Abigail d of John & Abigail Handly [St Martin's]

 .. ... Mary Browne [Lady Mary]

 .. ... Rebeckah Goodwin [Lady Mary]

17 Nov Benjamin s of Robert & Betty Goodwin [St Martin's]

 .. ... Edward Brine [Lady Mary]

 .. ... Jane Foot [Lady Mary]

 .. ... Thomas Isaac [Lady Mary]

5 Dec Anthony alias Foot Carter [St Martin's]

12 Dec .... Button [St Martin's]

19 Dec John Compton - aged 69 [Holy Trinity]

 .. ... Mary d of John & Hannah Vincent [Lady Mary]

 .. ... Angel Joy [Lady Mary]

 .. ... Margaret Bolt [Lady Mary]

7 Jan Robert s of John & Mary Glover [Lady Mary]

8 Jan William? Davis [St Martin's]

9 Jan Anne d of John & Anne Goodwin [Lady Mary]

20 Jan Betty d of Isaac & Joane Cloud [Lady Mary]

 .. Feb Mary d of Thomas & Elizabeth Jennings [Lady Mary]

 .. Feb Joane Glover [Lady Mary]

 .. Feb Mary Corbin [Lady Mary]

24 Feb .... Bertram [Holy Trinity]

24 Feb John Gregory [Lady Mary]

 .. Mar Katharine Chisman [Lady Mary]

5 Mar .... Dickes widow [St Martin's]

12 Mar .... s of Henry & Melior Gould [St Martin's]


26 Mar Lucy wife of Thomas Ward [Lady Mary]

30 Mar Susanna wife of John Good [Lady Mary]

2 Apr Katharine d of William & Mary Dugdale [Lady Mary]

9 Apr Anne wife of Robert Bartlett [St Martin's]

25 Apr Henry Galton [St Martin's]

5 May John Randal [Holy Trinity]

19 Jun Margery Hill [Lady Mary]

27 Jun Henry s of William & Cecily Slade [St Martin's]

5 Jul Melior Gould [St Martin's]

17 Jul Peter Bolt [Lady Mary]

30 Jul Jane Florence [St Martin's]

26 Aug Robert Morton [Lady Mary]

3 Sep Anne Meader widow [Holy Trinity]

5 Sep Margaret Pollard [Lady Mary]

11 Sep Thomas s of Thomas & Margaret White [Lady Mary]

14 Sep Ephraim Deane senior [Lady Mary]

24 Sep Mary d of John & Mary Browne [Lady Mary]

4 Oct John Shatter [Lady Mary]

12 Oct Henry s of Nathanael & Ruth Bestland [Lady Mary]

13 Oct Henry s of Henry & Mary Kaines [Lady Mary]

16 Oct Elizabeth Gould widow of George Gould [Lady Mary]

20 Oct Richard Twine [Lady Mary]

27 Oct Mary Bird [St Martin's]

31 Oct John Sargeant [Lady Mary]

15 Nov John Edmunds senior [Lady Mary]

17 Nov John s of Edward & Margaret Score [Lady Mary]

25 Nov Jenny d of Peter & Jenny Whiffen [St Martin's]

26 Nov William s of Thomas & Mary Tuck [Holy Trinity]

3 Dec Mary d of Joseph & Mary Ellis [St Martin's]

17 Dec Mary Cole widow [Lady Mary]

31 Dec Elizabeth d of Bartholomew & Elizabeth Withy [Lady Mary]

17 Jan John b.b. s of Mary Riggs [Holy Trinity]

31 Jan Mary d of John & Mary Baker [Holy Trinity]

9 Feb Margaret Knight [St Martin's]

11 Feb Samuel s of Samuel & Mary White [Lady Mary]

19 Feb Katharine wife of John Burt [Lady Mary]

21 Mar Daniel s of William & Katharine Norris [Lady Mary]

22 Mar Martha d of Mary Mitchel [Lady Mary]


29 Sep Alice wife of John Tuck aged 68 [Monumental Inscription]


28 Apr John Hayward [Lady Mary]

9 May Christopher Pollard [Lady Mary]

5 Jun Joseph Browne [Lady Mary]

5 Dec Eleanor Parrish [Holy Trinity]

8 Dec Stephen Brine [Lady Mary]

2 Jan Mary Windsor [Holy Trinity]

4 Jan Elizabeth Knight [St Martin's]

5 Jan Thomas Tuck [Holy Trinity]

9 Jan Eleanor Swayne [Lady Mary]

10 Jan Mary Acourt [Lady Mary]

12 Jan William Groves [Lady Mary]

17 Jan Martha James [St Martin's]

19 Jan Joane Card [Lady Mary]

28 Jan Thomas Mortimer [St Martin's]

16 Feb John Norris [Lady Mary]

5 Mar Edward Hancock [Holy Trinity]

11 Mar Anne Hall [St Martin's]


10 Apr John Cribb [Lady Mary]

12 May John Baker [Lady Mary]

7 Jun John Northover [Lady Mary]

4 Jul Martha Pike [Holy Trinity]

8 Aug Mary Langly widow [St Martin's]

17 Aug Joyce Yellow [Lady Mary]

7 Sep Mary Bolt widow [St Martin's]

18 Sep Mary wife of Edward Swayne [Lady Mary]

19 Sep William Jennings [Lady Mary]

29 Sep Thomasine Parmiter [Holy Trinity]

12 Oct Mary Row [Lady Mary]

20 Oct Robert Glover [Lady Mary]

22 Oct William Ardren [St Martin's]

28 Oct Edward Bartlett [St Martin's]

16 Nov Mary Chisman widow [Lady Mary]

18 Nov Arthur Davis [Lady Mary]

29 Nov Margery Grey widow [St Martin's]

21 Dec Nathanael Harden [St Martin's]

7 Jan Ruth d of Nathanael & Ruth Bestland [St Martin's]

18 Jan Sarah Edmonds [Lady Mary]

20 Jan Hannah Grose [Lady Mary]

22 Jan Elizabeth Damon widow [Lady Mary]

25 Jan Joane Jenkins widow [Lady Mary]

30 Jan Samuel Haydon [St Martin's]

4 Feb John s of George Loope [Holy Trinity]

22 Feb Thomas s of John Punch [St Martin's]

22 Feb Mary d of Thomas & Grace Burd [St Martin's]

24 Feb John s of John & Sarah Russell [Holy Trinity]

27 Feb Thomas s of Richard Smith [St Martin's]


28 Mar Mr.John Burt [Lady Mary]

2 May Mary Henning widow [Holy Trinity]

11 May John s of Henry & Martha Cake [Holy Trinity]

1 Jun John s of John & Mary Wills [Lady Mary]

11 Jun Thomas s of John & Mary Wills [Lady Mary]

16 Aug James Gillham [Holy Trinity]

21 Aug Martha Punch [St Martin's]

25 Aug Susannah Cox [Holy Trinity]

29 Aug Mary d of Henry & Mary Kaines [Lady Mary]

16 Sep ? s of John & Agnes Fall [Lady Mary]

27 Sep ?  . of Joseph Brixey [Lady Mary]

3 Oct Mary? Mitchell [Lady Mary]

12 Oct Joane Stickland [Holy Trinity]

26 Oct George Hayward [Holy Trinity]

7 Nov Jeremiah Knight [St Martin's]

14 Nov Margaret Carter [St Martin's]

25 Nov Elizabeth Baker [Holy Trinity]

17 Dec Elizabeth Journew [Lady Mary]

26 Dec Francis Budden [Lady Mary]

2 Jan Anne Bagwell [Lady Mary]

21 Jan Mary wife of Mr.Henry Kaines [Lady Mary]

27 Jan Eleanor d of Nathanael & Ruth Bestland [St Martin's]

28 Jan Angel Pollard [Lady Mary]

8 Feb Dorothy Butt [Lady Mary]

25 Feb Robert s of John & Frances Redwood [Holy Trinity]

4 Mar Thomas Browne [St Martin's]

20 Mar Sarah Carter [St Martin's]


27 Mar Thomas s of Samuel & Mary White [St Martin's]

29 Mar Eleanor d of John Button [Holy Trinity]

6 Apr Honour Gigger [Lady Mary]

7 Apr John Gugh sojourner [Holy Trinity]

24 Apr John Randal [Holy Trinity]

29 Apr Mary Tuck widow [Holy Trinity]

9 Jul Mr.Richard Kaines s of Mrs Jane Kaines [Lady Mary]

27 Jul Mr John Goodwin [Holy Trinity]

5 Aug Mrs.Mary Kaines d of Mrs Jane Kaines [Lady Mary]

14 Aug Jane b.b. d of Betty Tuck [Holy Trinity]

8 Sep Robert Corbin [Lady Mary]

27 Sep Joane Weekes [St Martin's]

21 Oct Joseph Tucker [Lady Mary]

22 Oct Daniel Newman [St Martin's]

23 Oct Mary d of Edward & Margaret Grady [Lady Mary]

26 Oct Susannah Edmunds [Lady Mary]

27 Oct Mary Browne [Lady Mary]

27 Oct Mary d of Ephraim & Mary Deane [Lady Mary]

1 Nov Robert Crouch - Dissenting Preacher [Holy Trinity]

6 Nov Margery Florence [St Martin's]

15 Nov John s of Edward & Elizabeth Harris [Lady Mary]

2 Dec Richard s of Richard & Katharine Baker [Lady Mary]

29 Jan John s of Jonadab & Margaret Chisman [Lady Mary]

5 Feb Henry s of Henry & Mary Tarrant [Holy Trinity]

6 Mar Lorah Chisman [Lady Mary]


19 Apr Mr Gabriel Redwood [Holy Trinity]

21 Apr Susannah Gaden [Lady Mary]

26 Jun Robert Ramsay [Holy Trinity]

5 Sep William White [Lady Mary]

30 Sep Anna Goodwin [Lady Mary]

9 Oct Thomas Ward [Holy Trinity]

18 Oct John Ballard [Holy Trinity]

7 Dec Anne Cole [Lady Mary]

19 Dec Henry Greene [Lady Mary]

19 Dec Daniel Coward [Lady Mary]

7 Jan Francis Bythewood [Holy Trinity]

28 Jan Jonadab Tuck [Holy Trinity]

11 Feb Anne Swayne [Lady Mary]

18 Feb Mary Hatchard [Holy Trinity]

7 Mar Anne Row [Lady Mary]


7 Apr Thomas Vocamb [Holy Trinity]

28 May Deborah Browne [Holy Trinity]

4 Jun Mary wife of Robert Caines [Holy Trinity]

22 Jul Mary Catgutt [St Martin's]

16 Aug Mr.Edward Swayne [Lady Mary]

26 Aug Elizabeth Say widow [Lady Mary]

2 Sep Isaac s of Richard & Elizabeth Notting [Lady Mary]

13 Nov Jane Burligh widow [Holy Trinity]

14 Nov Christiana Button widow [Lady Mary]

14 Dec Jane d of Charles & Mary Say [Lady Mary]

16 Dec Rebecca Charles [Lady Mary]

30 Dec John Grey [St Martin's]

17 Jan William s of Thomas & Mary Hurdle [Lady Mary]

18 Jan Mary Burd [Holy Trinity]

24 Jan Walter Parmiter [Lady Mary]

21 Feb Margaret Cheeseman [Lady Mary]

24 Feb Elizabeth Standley [St Martin's]

29 Feb Mary Drayton widow [Lady Mary]

6 Mar Joseph Cox [Holy Trinity]

9 Mar Anne Hall [St Martin's]


31 Mar Martha d of Robert & Joane Coward [Lady Mary]

3 Apr Hannah Phippard [St Martin's]

27 Apr Mary wife of Edward Aman [Holy Trinity]

25 May Molly d of John & Mary Browne [Lady Mary]

7 Jun Thomas Spencer [St Martin's]

12 Jun Patrick Wallis [Lady Mary]

13 Jun Susannah Fabian [Lady Mary]

22 Jun Daniel s of William & Katharine Norris [Lady Mary]

24 Jun Elizabeth Phippard [Lady Mary]

29 Jun Mary Cheeseman [Lady Mary]

2 Jul Elizabeth wife of Clement Welsted [Holy Trinity]

27 Jul Mary d of John Parmiter [Lady Mary]

3 Aug Christian Wills [Lady Mary]

15 Aug William Mont [Holy Trinity]

19 Aug Elizabeth Martin [Lady Mary]

31 Aug William Hood [Lady Mary]

2 Sep Richard Palmer [Lady Mary]

7 Sep William Bolt [St Martin's]

14 Sep William Spencer [St Martin's]

15 Sep Mary Reekes [Lady Mary]

5 Oct John Spencer [St Martin's]

12 Oct James Spencer [St Martin's]

16 Oct Joseph s of Joseph & Jane Gillingham [Lady Mary]

17 Oct Jane Spencer [St Martin's]

22 Oct Sarah d of Henry & Margaret Cheeseman [Lady Mary]

2 Nov Daniel Guy [St Martin's]

4 Nov Mr. George Filliter [Lady Mary]

9 Nov Hester d of William & Etheldred Saunders [Lady Mary]

16 Nov Sarah Miller [St Martin's]

18 Nov John Hardy [St Martin's]

22 Nov Susannah Phippard [St Martin's]

25 Nov Elizabeth Notting [Lady Mary]

28 Nov George Barnes [Lady Mary]

2 Dec Thomas Norris [Lady Mary]

5 Dec George Loope [Holy Trinity]

12 Dec John Burt [Lady Mary]

18 Dec Elizabeth Burt [Lady Mary]

22 Dec Elizabeth Daw [St Martin's]

25 Dec Sarah Edmunds [Lady Mary]

30 Dec John Glover [Lady Mary]

31 Dec Mary d of Edward Swayne [Lady Mary]

1 Jan Elizabeth Randall [Holy Trinity]

5 Jan John Churchill [Lady Mary]

11 Jan Mary Groves [Lady Mary]

29 Jan Etheldred Good [Lady Mary]

30 Jan Mary Pettin [Holy Trinity]

30 Jan Thomas Tubb [Holy Trinity]

31 Jan John Joyner [Lady Mary]

1 Feb Mary Swire [Lady Mary]

4 Feb William Mortimer [Holy Trinity]

8 Feb Edward Standley [Lady Mary]

12 Feb Mary Edmunds [Lady Mary]

20 Feb Mary Florence [Lady Mary]

21 Feb Edward Squibb [St Martin's]

21 Feb Mary d of Richard & Anne Bestland [Lady Mary]

23 Feb Joane Glover [Lady Mary]

24 Feb Charles Barnes of East Holme [Lady Mary]

26 Feb Mary Bolt [Lady Mary]

28 Feb John Clifton the younger [Lady Mary]

1 Mar George Card - aged 35 [Holy Trinity]

1 Mar John Phippard [Holy Trinity]

1 Mar John s of Philip & Margaret Cribb [Holy Trinity]

2 Mar Samuel Lewis [St Martin's]

4 Mar Katharine Clark [Holy Trinity]

6 Mar Elizabeth Cockram [Holy Trinity]

12 Mar Thomas Bezant [Lady Mary]

13 Mar Edward Swayne the younger [Lady Mary]

13 Mar Thomas Dugdale [Lady Mary]

14 Mar Martha Biswell [Lady Mary]

17 Mar John Bestland the younger [St Martin's]

18 Mar Isaac Notting [St Martin's]


27 Mar Joseph Tuck [Holy Trinity]

28 Mar Mr.Thomas Lerouse [Lady Mary]

31 Mar ? Brian [Lady Mary]

2 Apr Elizabeth Bezant [Lady Mary]

6 Apr Francis Lambert [Lady Mary]

9 Apr Sarah d of Mary Card widow of George Card - 5 [Holy Trinity]

9 Apr Ann d of Mary Card widow of George Card - 3 [Monumental Inscription]

9 Apr Moses Loope [Lady Mary]

10 Apr Margaret Edmunds [Lady Mary]

12 Apr Anne Bestland [Lady Mary]

13 Apr Mary Reeder [Lady Mary]

16 Apr Mary d of Gabriel & Elizabeth Redwood [Holy Trinity]

17 Apr Susannah Groves [Lady Mary]

23 Apr George Dereham [Lady Mary]

24 Apr Thomas Blandimore [Lady Mary]

2 May Joane Gray [Holy Trinity]

3 May Emma Edmunds widow [Lady Mary]

10 May Susannah Deane [Lady Mary]

11 May Betty wife of David Cake [Holy Trinity]

31 May John s of John Garland [Lady Mary]

3 Jun Anne d of Thomas & Elizabeth Jennings [Lady Mary]

7 Jun Sarah d of Sarah Cake widow [Holy Trinity]

11 Jun Jane Standly [St Martin's]

26 Jun John s of Joseph Elliot [Lady Mary]

28 Jul William King [St Martin's]

14 Jul Mary Hood [Lady Mary]

22 Jul Christopher Pyke [Holy Trinity]

31 Jul Robert Pyke [Holy Trinity]

26 Aug Sarah d of Samuel Lambert [Lady Mary]

28 Aug John Good [Lady Mary]

1 Sep Edmund Pelly [St Martin's]

13 Sep George s of George & Elizabeth Seward [Holy Trinity]

14 Sep Sarah d of Anthony & Sarah Basket [Lady Mary]

21 Sep Anne Loope widow [Holy Trinity]

1 Nov Ruth d of Nathanael & Ruth Bestland [St Martin's]

3 Nov Robert s of Robert & Frances Goodwin [St Martin's]

15 Nov Mary Bird [St Martin's]

17 Nov Anne Plowman [St Martin's]

22 Nov Sarah wife of William Loope [Holy Trinity]

2 Oct Elizabeth wife of Henry Padner [Lady Mary]

16 Oct Jane Gregory widow [Lady Mary]

23 Oct Mrs. Elizabeth Harbin widow [of Mr John Harbin] [Lady Mary]

23 Oct Edith Norris [Lady Mary]

25 Oct Richard Elliot [Lady Mary]

1 Nov Mary Standley [Lady Mary]

1 Nov Betty d of Thomas Hurdle [Lady Mary]

17 Nov William Cheeseman [Lady Mary]

27 Nov Elizabeth Norris [Lady Mary]

8 Dec Richard Pitts [Holy Trinity]

18 Dec Mary Hayward [Holy Trinity]

18 Dec John s of John Rawles [Lady Mary]

20 Dec Mary Savage [Lady Mary]

1 Jan Sarah Standly [St Martin's]

4 Feb Anne d of Charles & Anne Horton [Lady Mary]

14 Mar Anne Kennel [Lady Mary]

18 Mar Mary White [Lady Mary]

22 Mar Joane Cole [Lady Mary]


31 Mar Jane Pain [Lady Mary]

18 Apr William s of David Cake [Holy Trinity]

20 Apr Mary Savage [Lady Mary]

5 May Adam Fall [Lady Mary]

6 May Mary Randall [Holy Trinity]

9 May Mary Fall [Lady Mary]

10 Jun Katherine Edmunds [Lady Mary]

15 Jun Mary d of Philip & Mary Parmiter [Holy Trinity]

18 Jun Charles s of Henry & Mary Tarrant [Holy Trinity]

22 Jun Anna d of John & Joane Bird [Lady Mary]

30 Jun Elizabeth wife of Revd. Mr.William Somner [Lady Mary]

2 Jul George s of Jonadab & Margaret Chisman [Lady Mary]

19 Jul William s of John & Mary Plowman [St Martin's]

7 Aug Joanna wife of Joseph Blandimore [Lady Mary]

19 Aug William Millar [St Martin's]

8 Sep George s of John & Anne Edmunds [Lady Mary]

24 Sep Elizabeth Standfield [Lady Mary]

30 Sep Shadrach s of William & Martha Gray [Holy Trinity]

8 Oct Angel A'Court [Lady Mary]

22 Oct John s of Thomas & Mary Bishop [Holy Trinity]

19 Nov John Parmiter [Lady Mary]

10 Dec Robert s of Robert & Mary Cole [Lady Mary]

13 Dec Martha Jones [St Martin's]

6 Jan Jane d of John & Jane Button [Holy Trinity]

19 Jan Sarah d of Mr. Henry Harbin [Lady Mary]

20 Jan Effled d of Thomas & Effled Edgar [Lady Mary]

31 Jan Anne wife of Robert Corbin [Lady Mary]

1 Mar Sarah d of John & Sarah Porter [Lady Mary]

20 Mar Elizabeth d of Thomas & Joannah Perren [Holy Trinity]


25 Mar Mary wife of Mr Giles Browne [Holy Trinity]

9 May Anne Joy wife of Samuel Joy [Lady Mary]

18 May Robert Manuel [Holy Trinity]

18 May Edward s of Thomas & Joanna Perren [Holy Trinity]

1 Jun John Werrin [Holy Trinity]

19 Jun Richard Barber [Lady Mary]

4 Jul Susannah Burleigh [Lady Mary]

12 Jul Elizabeth d of Richard & Jane Smith [Lady Mary]

16 Jul Grace Gillingham [Holy Trinity]

19 Jul Thomas s of Hester Browne [Lady Mary]

22 Jul Bula wife of Robert Bacon [Lady Mary]

18 Aug Mary d of George & Elizabeth Seward [Holy Trinity]

2 Sep Sarah wife of John Frost [Lady Mary]

11 Sep Robert s of Robert & Jane Gallop [Holy Trinity]

16 Sep Elizabeth d of Richard Norris [Lady Mary]

17 Sep William s of Mr.Henry & Mrs Sarah Harbin [Lady Mary]

20 Sep Mr Henry Bestland [Lady Mary]

21 Sep Betty wife of Thomas Punch [Lady Mary]

28 Sep Anne d of Mr Henry & Mrs Sarah Harbin [Lady Mary]

7 Oct John s of John & Martha Wills [Lady Mary]

9 Oct John s of John Daw [Lady Mary]

12 Oct Joane Warren [Holy Trinity]

23 Oct John s of George & Elizabeth Foot [Lady Mary]

26 Oct Robert s of Robert & Anne Meader [Lady Mary]

28 Oct John Florence [Lady Mary]

31 Oct Widow Jane Ward [Lady Mary]

31 Oct Widow Margaret Elmes [Lady Mary]

9 Nov Edward Twine [Holy Trinity]

29 Nov Thomas Roe [Holy Trinity]

16 Dec Joane Morton [Holy Trinity]

20 Dec Mary Mullet [Lady Mary]

30 Dec Thomas Holmes [Holy Trinity]

20 Jan John Vincent [Lady Mary]

23 Jan Thomas White aged 77 [ age and year uncertain] [Monumental Inscription]

6 Mar Elizabeth Savage [Lady Mary]

11 Mar John s of John & Sarah Porter [Lady Mary]


2 May Jane Steel of Arne [St Martin's]

2 May John s of Thomas & Mary Randel of Ridge [Holy Trinity]

6 May Richard Parmiter of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

10 Jun William b.b. s of William Davis [Lady Mary]

19 Jun Sarah d of Thomas Parry stranger [Lady Mary]

12 Jul Ann wife of William Randal [Holy Trinity]

15 Jul Elizabeth Bland widow sojourner [Lady Mary]

19 Jul Amy Barns sojourner [Lady Mary]

25 Jul Captain Matthew Glover of Pool [Lady Mary]

3 Aug Elizabeth Christopher of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

3 Aug Hannah Parmiter [Lady Mary]

6 Aug Elizabeth Bascomb of Worgret [Lady Mary]

19 Aug John Tuck of Stoborough aged 70 [Holy Trinity]

2 Sep Henry Garret [St Martin's]

16 Sep Mary d of Mr.James & Joane Baldwyn [Lady Mary]

3 Oct Mrs. Elizabeth Merrel widow [Lady Mary]

10 Oct William Valence of Arne [Lady Mary]

16 Oct Mr. Edward Bennet [Lady Mary]

17 Oct Mary d of Joseph & Judith Manuel of Keysworth [St Martin's]

18 Nov Grace Bullock of Worgret [Lady Mary]

19 Nov Elizabeth Southy widow of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

4 Dec Thomas Wills - almsman [Lady Mary]

13 Dec Henry Radner [Lady Mary]

6 Jan Katherine d of Mr John & Hester Graham [Holy Trinity]

7 Jan John s of Mr. John & Mary Bestland [Lady Mary]

17 Jan Mary Benfield widow [Lady Mary]

22 Jan Elizabeth wife of Mr. Nathanael South [Lady Mary]

31 Jan Mrs Grace Bestland widow [Lady Mary]

8 Feb Katherine Goodwin [Lady Mary]

16 Feb Mary d of Mr. Simon & Hester Meader [Lady Mary]

11 Mar Richard Bird [Lady Mary]

17 Mar Robert s of William & Mary World sojourner [Lady Mary]


29 Mar William Gadch [Lady Mary]

7 Apr William s of Mr. Henry & Elizabeth Harbin [Lady Mary]

19 Apr Edward Florence of Cary Mill [St Martin's]

3 May Betty d of Dennis & Mary Foot [Lady Mary]

7 May Betty d of Henry & Prudence Courtney [Lady Mary]

17 May Richard s of Richard & Anna Cole [Lady Mary]

19 May James Fisher of Redcliff - farmer [Holy Trinity]

13 Jun Elizabeth Standly [St Martin's]

30 Jun Thomas s of Thomas & Mary Randal of Ridge [Holy Trinity]

1 Jun Ann Gaden [Lady Mary]

27 Aug Betty Brown [Lady Mary]

10 Sep Mr. John Bestland [Lady Mary]

17 Sep Walter s of John & Elizabeth Gray [Lady Mary]

24 Sep Mary Glover [Lady Mary]

1 Oct Agnes d of John & Agnes Fall [Lady Mary]

6 Oct Hannah Benfield [Lady Mary]

13 Oct Mary Burleigh widow [Lady Mary]

20 Oct Zenas s of Zenas & Agnes Cole [St Martin's]

10 Nov Mary wife of Charles Say of Stoborough [Lady Mary]

24 Nov Dorothy d of Robert & Frances Goodwin [Lady Mary]

13 Nov John Phippard [Lady Mary]

1 Dec Nathaniel s of Nathaniel & Eleanor World [Holy Trinity]

16 Dec William Selby [Holy Trinity]

25 Feb Elizabeth Journey [Lady Mary]

27 Feb John Pitt of Draycott Wilts. [St Martin's]

5 Mar Mary d of Samuel & Sarah Lambert of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

10 Mar Thomas Langdown [Holy Trinity]

14 Mar Mr. William Frampton - alderman [Lady Mary]

17 Mar Mr. Laurence Gigger [Lady Mary]

18 Mar Katherine wife of Mr William Cheesman of Arne [Holy Trinity]


5 Apr Ann Spenser widow [St Martin's]

30 Apr Thomas Jesse junior aged 25 [Monumental Inscription]

4 May John A'Court of Ridge [Holy Trinity]

7 May Alice d of John & Agnes Fall [Lady Mary]

29 May Nathanael Delacourt [Lady Mary]

29 Jun John s of William & Anne Davis [Lady Mary]

17 Aug Matthew Wilkins [St Martin's]

17 Aug Thomas Benfield [Lady Mary]

20 Aug Robert s of Robert & Elizabeth Hutchins [Lady Mary]

9 Sep Stephen s of Mr. John & Mary Gaden [Lady Mary]

14 Sep Nathanael Casley of Higher Beastwall [Lady Mary]

15 Sep Captain John Gaden [Lady Mary]

29 Sep Thomas s of Mr. Samuel & Mary White [Lady Mary]

8 Oct Mary d of Joseph Blondimore senior [Holy Trinity]

10 Oct Robert Smith of Cary [St Martin's]

16 Oct Mr. Ephraim Dean - Common Council Man [Lady Mary]

13 Nov Mary wife of Mr. Samuel White [Lady Mary]

2 Jan Phillis Hurd [Holy Trinity]

16 Feb William s of Henry & Mary Bolt [Lady Mary]

18 Feb Thomas s of Thomas & Efflet Edgar [Lady Mary]

2 Mar Lawrence Gigger s of Mr.James & Joan Baldwin [Lady Mary]


9 Apr Alice d of John & Alice Lucas [Lady Mary]

10 May Thomas s of Mr John & Mary Brixy [St Martin's]

20 May Edward Florence of Worgret [Lady Mary]

14 Jun Thomas Bullock of Worgret [St Martin's]

1 Jul Mary d of George Cheesman of London [Lady Mary]

19 Jul Anne wife of Mr.John Bezant - Alderman [Lady Mary]

24 Jul Anne d of Mr.James & Joan Baldwyn [Lady Mary]

28 Jul Margaret d of Captain John & Anne Gauden [Lady Mary]

6 Sep Dennis d of William Lacy [Lady Mary]

25 Sep Elizabeth Turner junior widow of Ridge [Holy Trinity]

30 Oct Elizabeth wife of Philip Bolt of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

2 Dec Mary Groves spinster [Lady Mary]

9 Dec Zachary Savage - almsman [Lady Mary]

17 Dec Mr. John Clifton [Lady Mary]

29 Dec Mary d of John & Anne Wilkins [St Martin's]

30 Dec Anne wife of John Frampton of Wimborne Minster [St Martin's]

8 Feb Ann widow of Nathanael Casley late of Pool [Lady Mary]

12 Feb Edmund s of Joseph & Mary Ellis [St Martin's]

12 Feb Thomas s of Mr.Thomas & Eleanor Street of Holy Trinity [Lady Mary]

6 Mar John s of George & Sarah Grove [Lady Mary]

9 Mar Mary wife of Henry Chappel sojourner [Lady Mary]

22 Mar William s of Jonathan & Elizabeth Gray of St.Martin's [Holy Trinity]


26 Mar Mr. Nathanael South [Lady Mary]

28 Mar Edith Manuel widow of Stoborough [Lady Mary]

31 Mar Trisel Chubb widow of Sanford [St Martin's]

31 Mar Joseph s of Thomas & Mary Hurdle [Lady Mary]

10 Apr Samuel Piercy of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

15 Apr Mary d of Harry & Hannah Randal of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

25 Apr Sarah Bishop sojourner of East Creech [Holy Trinity]

25 Apr Joan wife of James Bascomb [Lady Mary]

26 Apr John s of Joseph & Christian Rolls of St.Martin's [Holy Trinity]

29 Apr William Baker of Redcliff [Holy Trinity]

4 May James Bascomb [Lady Mary]

11 May Elizabeth wife of Mr. Nathanael West [Lady Mary]

26 May Elizabeth Green widow [Lady Mary]

31 May Jane Budden [Lady Mary]

10 Jun John s of James & Mary Bishop [Lady Mary]

10 Jun Sarah d of Mr. James & Joan Baldwin [Lady Mary]

21 Jun Sarah d of John & Elizabeth Baker [Holy Trinity]

5 Aug Sarah Blend of Swanage [Lady Mary]

11 Sep Anne d of Mr. William & Lucy Swain [Lady Mary]

25 Sep Elizabeth d of Anthony & Sarah Basket [Holy Trinity]

4 Oct Anne Milicent widow [Lady Mary]

13 Oct Thomas Budden of Bere Regis [Lady Mary]

19 Oct John Rogers - Almsman [Lady Mary]

25 Oct Anne Goodwin widow [Lady Mary]

1 Nov Betty wife of Stephen Thiddem of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

25 Nov Sarah Gaden [Lady Mary]

30 Nov Mary wife of William Turner of Holton [Holy Trinity]

14 Dec Cassandra d of Thomas & Sarah Barnes [St Martin's]

6 Jan Mrs Deborah Miller widow [Lady Mary]

13 Jan Betty d of Mr John & Ann Edmunds of Holy Trinity [St Martin's]

31 Jan Sally d of Mr. Henry & Eizabeth Harbin [Lady Mary]

24 Feb Anne d of Mr. Richard & Anne Cole [Lady Mary]

26 Feb Mary d of Thomas & Mary Randal [Holy Trinity]

20 Mar Mary Clifton spinster [Holy Trinity]


26 Mar William s of Anthony & Sarah Basket [Holy Trinity]

7 Apr Mr. John Lee [Lady Mary]

24 Apr Mrs. Elizabeth Clark widow of Corfe Castle [Lady Mary]

27 Apr Mary Bishop [Lady Mary]

16 May Elizabeth Glover [St Martin's]

20 May Hannah Belly [Lady Mary]

23 May John s of John & Mary Harding [Lady Mary]

25 May William s of William & Mary Sanders junior [Lady Mary]

28 May Hannah Gilham [Holy Trinity]

15 Jun Henry Tuck [Holy Trinity]

28 Jun John Punch [Lady Mary]

13 Jul Thomas s of Mr. Henry & Elizabeth Harbin [Lady Mary]

6 Aug George Churchill [Lady Mary]

7 Sep Susanna wife of George Groves [Lady Mary]

24 Oct David Luttley of Cerne Abbas [St Martin's]

10 Nov Mary d of Thomas & Mary Tubb [Holy Trinity]

11 Dec Anne d of Reuben Small aged 6 [buried with Card family ] [Lady Mary]

14 Dec Mary d of Robert & Mary Elms [Holy Trinity]

16 Dec John s of James & Mary Bishop [Lady Mary]

30 Dec Robert s of Robert & Jane Gollop [Holy Trinity]

31 Dec Mary d of Henry & Prudence Courtney [Lady Mary]

7 Jan Molly d of Dennis & Mary Foot [Lady Mary]

14 Jan Grace d of Thomas & Grace Langdown [Holy Trinity]

25 Jan Margaret d of Nathaniel & Eleanor World of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

27 Jan Mary d of Thomas & Elizabeth Churchill [Lady Mary]

4 Feb Anne d of Mr George & Anne Loop of Slepe [Holy Trinity]

28 Feb Mary Christopher [St Martin's]

29 Feb Susanna Cotton [Lady Mary]

4 Mar William s of Joseph & Jane Gillingham [St Martin's]

11 Mar Richard s of John & Hannah Belly [Lady Mary]

18 Mar John s of Thomas & Sarah Barnes [St Martin's]

19 Mar Mrs Elizabeth Redwood widow [Holy Trinity]


1 Apr Clement Anderson - almsman [Lady Mary]

5 Apr Joseph s of Thomas & Eleanor Street [Lady Mary]

10 Apr John Bird - carpenter [Lady Mary]

12 Apr Mary wife of John Brown [Lady Mary]

27 Apr Mary d of John & Martha Wills [Lady Mary]

29 Apr Thomas Verdy [St Martin's]

7 May Mary Newman widow [Lady Mary]

16 May William s of William & Edith Twine [Lady Mary]

20 May John s of Thomas & Elizabeth Punch [Lady Mary]

25 May John s of Henry & Prudence Courtney [Lady Mary]

8 Jun Sarah d of William & Anne Cole [St Martin's]

7 Jul Joan wife of Robert Bartlett [St Martin's]

21 Jul William b.b. s of Rebecca Mortimer [St Martin's]

12 Aug Benjamin Foot [Lady Mary]

14 Aug William Turner of Redcliff [Holy Trinity]

30 Aug Jonathan Shepard of Keysworth [Lady Mary]

7 Sep Mr. Roger Seward - alderman [Lady Mary]

24 Sep Betty d of Robert & Elizabeth Pollard of Worgret [St Martin's]

28 Sep William Gray of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

28 Sep Thomas s of Mr. Henry & Elizabeth Harbin [Lady Mary]

9 Oct Charles s of Thomas & Mary Baker of Middleburgh [Holy Trinity]

15 Oct Mr. Henry Harbin - alderman & mayor [Lady Mary]

24 Oct Warburgh Wilkins spinster [St Martin's]

10 Nov Ann Gaden widow [Lady Mary]

16 Nov Thomas s of William & Joyce Baynton sojourner [Lady Mary]

23 Nov John Sanders - almsman [St Martin's]

28 Nov Mr. John Graham of Holy Trinity [Lady Mary]

6 Dec Mr. John Ford - surgeon [Lady Mary]

18 Dec Joseph Ellis [St Martin's]

8 Jan Harriot d of Mr. George & Adah Compton [Lady Mary]

20 Jan John s of William & Elizabeth Mortimy of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

17 Feb Elizabeth Gray widow [Holy Trinity]

26 Feb Anne wife of John Macham [Lady Mary]

3 Mar James Bishop - shoemaker [Lady Mary]

6 Mar Elizabeth wife of John Baker of Ridge [Holy Trinity]

10 Mar George s of Robert & Mary Elmes [Holy Trinity]

15 Mar Mr. Charles Baker junior - innholder - in the Chapel in the South Aisle [Lady Mary]

19 Mar Thomas s of John & Anne Wilkins [St Martin's]


5 Apr William s of William & Sarah Biggs sojourner [Lady Mary]

11 Apr William Newman - almsman [aged 96] [Lady Mary]

23 Apr Elizabeth d of William & Mary Rendel [Holy Trinity]

26 Apr Nathanael Bartlett - late physician of Pool [Lady Mary]

9 May John Budden [St Martin's]

9 May Joseph Blandimore - almsman [Holy Trinity]

28 May Mary wife of William Pattet of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

25 Jun Margaret Cake widow [St Martin's]

26 Jun Mary wife of Thomas Norris [St Martin's]

4 Aug James s of Thomas & Avis Brown [St Martin's]

14 Aug Hannah widow of Mr. Roger Seward [Lady Mary]

30 Aug Mr. John Courtney [Lady Mary]

13 Sep Mary Gauden widow [Lady Mary]

11 Oct Joan Piercy widow of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

18 Oct Thomas Collins of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

27 Oct Anne d of William & Mary Slade of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]

11 Nov Thomas s of Henry & Martha Cake of Holy Trinity [St Martin's]

29 Nov George s of Dennis & Mary Foot sojourners [Lady Mary]

5 Dec Warburgh d of Samuel & Warburgh Symonds of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

8 Dec Mary d of John & Ruth Meech of East Burton [Holy Trinity]

18 Dec John Derham of Cary [St Martin's]


7 Jan Mr William Cribb - alderman [Holy Trinity]

13 Jan John s of Henry & Hannah Rendal of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

13 Jan Anne Meader spinster [Lady Mary]

19 Jan James Pitts - gunsmith [Lady Mary]

22 Jan Jonathan Abbot of East Coker [St Martin's]

23 Jan Thomas Gollop sojourner [St Martin's]

29 Jan Susanna Taylor widow [Lady Mary]

13 Feb Mr. Henry Haines - Common Council Man [Lady Mary]

18 Feb Sarah Bird sojourner [St Martin's]

19 Feb Mr. John Hamlyn [Lady Mary]

28 Feb Anne d of Thomas & Elizabeth Punch [Lady Mary]

4 Mar Mary Parmeter of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

15 Mar Eleanor Wilkins - almswoman [St Martin's]

15 Mar Sarah wife of John Osmond [Lady Mary]

18 Mar Mary d of John & Mary Churchill [Lady Mary]

22 Mar Grace d of John & Mary Derham of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

2 Apr Catherine d of Thomas & Mary Budden [Lady Mary]

14 Apr Mary wife of Richard Turner mariner [Holy Trinity]

17 Apr Mr. Benjamin Goodwin - alderman [Lady Mary]

25 Apr Matthew s of Mr. Matthew Glover of Pool [Lady Mary]

26 Apr Alice Brine widow [Lady Mary]

28 Apr James s of James & Mary Orchard of Keysworth [Lady Mary]

19 Jun Mr. John Bezant - Mayor [Lady Mary]

23 Jul John Brown [Lady Mary]

23 Jul Warburgh wife of Samuel Symonds [Lady Mary]

24 Jul Lucy wife of Richard Trew senior [Lady Mary]

21 Jun William Sleet infant [Lady Mary]

24 Jul Anne d of Thomas & Mary Budden [Lady Mary]

26 Jul William s of Mr. James & Joan Baldwin [Lady Mary]

6 Aug Elizabeth wife of Henry Glover of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

7 Aug Mary Peterson widow [Lady Mary]

21 Aug Hannah Vincent junior [Lady Mary]

29 Aug James s of James & Anne Carter [St Martin's]

27 Sep Mary d of Thomas & Tabitha Porter [Lady Mary]

20 Oct Edward Harris - innholder [Lady Mary]

22 Oct Thomas s of Thomas & Jane Jennings [St Martin's]

25 Oct Margaret wife of John Godard sojourner [Lady Mary]

29 Oct Daniel s of Daniel & Anne Edmunds [St Martin's]

5 Nov Elizabeth wife of Christianus Powel [Lady Mary]

8 Nov Betty d of Benjamin & Anne Davis [St Martin's]

8 Nov Robert Corbin - mariner [Lady Mary]

10 Nov Elizabeth d of Robert & Mary Homer [Lady Mary]

15 Nov Mr. Peter Brown of Worgret [Lady Mary]

17 Nov Mary wife of William Gould [Holy Trinity]

23 Nov James s of Thomas & Anne Cribb of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

23 Nov Mary d of Joseph & Anne Whiffen [Holy Trinity]

31 Dec Anne Foot widow of East Stoke [Lady Mary]


9 Jan Sarah wife of Mr. John Cheesman [Lady Mary]

24 Jan Elizabeth Bolt widow [Lady Mary]

3 Feb Captain Conrade Christopher Klemcke of Hamburg in Germany [Lady Mary]

3 Feb Mary wife of Captain Conrade C.Klemcke of Hamburg in Germany [Lady Mary]

18 Feb Sarah Burley spinster [Lady Mary]

20 Feb Thomas s of Thomas & Elizabeth Falkener [Holy Trinity]

4 Mar Mary wife of Henry Bolt of St. Martin's [Lady Mary]

6 Mar George s of Thomas & Ann Brown sojourners [St Martin's]

11 Mar Mary Derham widow of East Stoke [Lady Mary]

19 Apr Edward s of Edward & Mary Brine [Lady Mary]

29 Apr William s of William & Betty Fossey [Lady Mary]

13 May Anne wife of John Bishop - taylor [Lady Mary]

13 May Thomas s of Thomas & Elizabeth Punch [Lady Mary]

28 May Thomas s of Thomas & Mary Randal [Holy Trinity]

5 Jun Elizabeth wife of Thomas Bolt [Holy Trinity]

20 Jun Elizabeth Grady spinster of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

5 Jul Margaret d of Eleanor Meader widow [Lady Mary]

17 Jul Thomas s of John & Martha Wills of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

6 Aug Elizabeth Christophers widow [St Martin's]

23 Aug Mr John Brixy [Holy Trinity]

28 Aug Betty wife of Thomas Falkener [Holy Trinity]

18 Sep William s of William & Anne Cole [St Martin's]

18 Sep Edward Aman of Stoborough [aged 95] [Holy Trinity]

26 Sep John s of William & Anne Edmunds junior [Lady Mary]

16 Oct Sarah d of Mr. Thomas Cheek of London [Lady Mary]

2 Nov Elizabeth Turner of Ridge widow [Holy Trinity]

14 Nov William Edmunds - blacksmith [St Martin's]

26 Nov John Wilkins - mason [St Martin's]

30 Nov Betty wife of Mr. Jonathan Laurence [Lady Mary]

9 Dec Daniel s of Robert & Jane Gollop [Holy Trinity]

9 Dec Samuel Row sojourner [Lady Mary]

11 Dec Charles Baker - formerly schoolmaster [Lady Mary]

23 Dec Anne d of William & Edith yine [Lady Mary]


20 Jan Elizabeth Brinton - almswoman [St Martin's]

28 Jan Mr Giles Turner [Lady Mary]

28 Jan Edith wife of William Twine [Lady Mary]

15 Feb Anne wife of Joseph Whiffen of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

28 Feb Ann wife of Samuel Lambert of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

3 Mar Thomas s of John & Anne Wilkins [St Martin's]

15 Mar Elizabeth Northover [Lady Mary]

26 Mar John Smith [St Martin's]

7 Apr Elizabeth wife of John Macham [Lady Mary]

9 May Judith Punch widow [Lady Mary]

30 May Hannah d of Thomas & Sarah Chafy of Holton [St Martin's]

2 Jun Jane widow of Mr.Richard Kaines [Lady Mary]

3 Jul Tobias Lanncon of Stowborough sojourner [Lady Mary]

12 Jul Mary Emberly [St Martin's]

16 Aug Ann d of Captain John Gaden [Lady Mary]

16 Aug John s of William & Anne Edmunds [Lady Mary]

23 Aug Mary wife of William Slade of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]

27 Aug John Falkener - mason [St Martin's]

1 Sep Samuel Simonds - tanner [St Martin's]

12 Sep Obadiah Brine senior - almsman [Lady Mary]

18 Sep Elizabeth wife of Richard Winzar [Lady Mary]

25 Oct Henry s of Samuel Simonds [Lady Mary]

30 Oct Joan widow of John Bird - labourer [Lady Mary]

8 Nov Sarah wife of Philip Parmiter of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

13 Nov James s of Richard & Elizabeth Good [Lady Mary]

17 Nov Patience wife of John Sheefe [St Martin's]

25 Nov John s of John & Martha Pollard [Lady Mary]

29 Nov Mary Cheesman widow of Holy Trinity [Lady Mary]

6 Dec John s of Henry & Hester Hobbs [Lady Mary]

22 Dec George s of Andrew & Betty Sexton [Lady Mary]


11 Feb Jane Hobbs widow [St Martin's]

14 Feb Mr Thomas Buxton - alderman of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]

18 Feb Mary d of William & Sarah Gould [Holy Trinity]

24 Feb Margaret wife of Richard Davis of Stoborough [St Martin's]

4 Mar Simon Damon [Holy Trinity]

30 Mar Edward Bartlet s of Robert & Anne Squibb sojourner [St Martin's]

8 Apr Thomas s of Gabriel & Betty Tuck [Lady Mary]

13 Apr Mary d of William & Eleanor Pope [Lady Mary]

24 Apr Richard Trew senior [Lady Mary]

29 Apr Jane wife of John Jones [St Martin's]

23 May William Lacy [Holy Trinity]

25 May Thomas Catgutt of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

1 Jun Mary d of Daniel & Mary Lister [Lady Mary]

6 Jun Frances Keats of Creech widow [Lady Mary]

30 Jun Judith wife of Joseph Manuel [St Martin's]

4 Jul Elizabeth d of George & Grace Baynton [Lady Mary]

8 Jul Joseph s of Mr.James & Joan Baldwin [Lady Mary]

17 Aug Joseph Malinson [Lady Mary]

4 Sep Sarah d of Joseph & Jane Gillingham of St.Mary's [St Martin's]

30 Sep Mary d of Thomas & Mary Tubb of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]

10 Oct Arminel wife of Joseph Dean [Lady Mary]

29 Oct William s of Mr.James & Joan Baldwyn [Lady Mary]

3 Dec Robert Ford [Lady Mary]

5 Dec Mary wife of Stephen Bonnet [St Martin's]

10 Dec Richard s of John & Ann Bartlet [Holy Trinity]

12 Dec Anne Gaden spinster [Lady Mary]


9 Jan Mary wife of Mr.Anthony Trew [Lady Mary]

25 Jan Anne Carter [St Martin's]

25 Jan Elizabeth d of Mr.James & Joan Baldwyn [Lady Mary]

25 Jan John s of John & Susan Bunn [Lady Mary]

27 Jan Anne wife of Thomas Chiles [St Martin's]

27 Jan George s of George & Martha Savage [St Martin's]

1 Feb Mr. Robert Kaines - attorney [Lady Mary]

1 Feb Sarah Anstey [Lady Mary]

11 Feb Melior wife of William Croad [Lady Mary]

11 Feb Margaret Lodge spinster [Lady Mary]

24 Feb Sarah wife of Robert Scutt [Lady Mary]

26 Feb Mr.William Dugdale - Senior Common Council Man [Lady Mary]

27 Feb Elizabeth d of Mr.Samuel & Mary Snelgar of Cary [Lady Mary]

29 Feb Hannah Vincent widow [Lady Mary]

30 Mar Catherine wife of William Norris [St Martin's]

7 Apr Captain John Gaden mariner [Lady Mary]

26 Apr Betty wife of John Scott [Lady Mary]

7 May Christopher Pollard - almsman [Lady Mary]

23 May Catherine Barber widow [Holy Trinity]

6 Jun Agnes wife of Mr.Joseph Goodwin of Stoborough [Lady Mary]

8 Jun Rebecca Twine widow - almswoman [Holy Trinity]

13 Jun Mr John Redwood - alderman [St Martin's]

13 Jun Mary Burley spinster [Lady Mary]

2 Jul John s of George & Elizabeth Groves [Lady Mary]

21 Jul Honor d of Dennis & Mary Foot of Worgret [Lady Mary]

5 Aug Mary Warren widow [Holy Trinity]

6 Aug William Savage [Lady Mary]

10 Aug Mary d of Robert & Mary Manuel [Holy Trinity]

23 Aug Elizabeth wife of Richard Good [Lady Mary]

30 Aug John Brown [Lady Mary]

15 Sep The Revd. Mr.Gawen Scott-schoolmaster and Rector of St.Peter's [Lady Mary]

19 Sep Frances widow of Mr John Redwood [St Martin's]

22 Sep John s of Thomas & Sarah Barnes [St Martin's]

27 Sep Jane wife of Thomas Jennings - mason [St Martin's]

28 Sep Mary widow of Thomas Baker of West Middleburgh [Holy Trinity]

4 Oct Mary d of Richard Good [Lady Mary]

26 Oct Elias s of Elias & Elizabeth Dugdale [Lady Mary]

2 Nov Mary wife of John Goodwin - butcher [Lady Mary]

5 Nov Joan widow of James Pitts [Lady Mary]

18 Nov Betty d of John & Mary Gardiner [St Martin's]

25 Nov William s of William & Ane Cribb [Lady Mary]

18 Dec Jane b.b. d of Elizabeth Standly [Lady Mary]

23 Dec Anne d of William & Anne Cole [St Martin's]

27 Dec Thomas s of James & Anne Carter [St Martin's]


7 Jan Mary Pollard widow [Lady Mary]

25 Jan John Griffith - dragoon [Lady Mary]

6 Feb John s of John Goodwin - butcher [Lady Mary]

13 Mar Joseph Smith infant [Lady Mary]

20 Mar Elizabeth wife of Thomas Punch [Lady Mary]

29 Mar Martha d of John & Leah Tubb [St Martin's]

29 Mar Elizabeth wife of Mr.Robert Bacon senior [Lady Mary]

12 Apr Mary d of John & Martha Pollard [Lady Mary]

1 May Joseph s of Gabriel & Elizabeth Tuck [Lady Mary]

4 May Mr.Dennis Brown [Lady Mary]

5 May Thomas s of Sarah Miller widow [St Martin's]

8 May Mary d of Daniel & Mary Lister [Lady Mary]

12 May Alice wife of Thomas Bolt [Lady Mary]

13 May William Edmunds [Lady Mary]

18 May Ann Stanley d of Ann wife of Mr.Samuel White [Lady Mary]

3 Jun Abigail wife of William Hodges of Worgret [Lady Mary]

8 Jun John b.b. s of Betty Redwood [St Martin's]

14 Jun Mr.Robert Caines - innholder - of Holy Trinity Parish [Lady Mary]

15 Jun Ann wife of Mr.Henry Burley [Lady Mary]

6 Jul Richard Norris of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

7 Jul George Foot of Redcliff [Holy Trinity]

8 Jul Jane Jennings widow [St Martin's]

15 Jul Mr George Compton - cooper [Holy Trinity]

17 Jul Stephen Barber of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]

22 Jul Mary d of George & Sarah Foot of Redcliff [Holy Trinity]

29 Jul William s of George & Sarah Foot [Holy Trinity]

29 Jul John Gaden [Lady Mary]

9 Aug Magdalen widow of John Leep? [Lady Mary]

11 Aug Jane Smith widow of Stoborough [Lady Mary]

14 Aug William Symonds late of Arne [Holy Trinity]

27 Aug Magdalen widow of Edward Laurence of Affpuddle [Lady Mary]

4 Sep Molly d of Joseph & Elizabeth Dean [Lady Mary]

14 Sep William Loop of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

16 Sep William s of William Hodges of Worgret [Lady Mary]

19 Sep Mary d of Elizabeth Punch [Lady Mary]

21 Sep Jonathan Gray of Cary [St Martin's]

29 Sep Richard s of Elizabeth Burt widow [Holy Trinity]

29 Sep Anne wife of Robert Squibb sojourner [Lady Mary]

10 Oct John s of Jonathan & Susan Gray [St Martin's]

14 Oct Susan wife of Jonathan Gray [St Martin's]

14 Oct Mary wife of George Frost sojourner [Holy Trinity]

16 Oct Anne d of Thomas & Elizabeth Hardy [St Martin's]

17 Oct Jane wife of Francis Hascot of West Creech [Lady Mary]

19 Oct Bridget wife of Thomas Pope of East Lulworth [St Martin's]

22 Oct Anthony Basket [Holy Trinity]

22 Oct Peter s of Philip & Margaret Cribb [Lady Mary]

26 Oct Edward Marshfield [St Martin's]

26 Oct Martha wife of Nowell Cribb senior of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

30 Oct Sarah d of Thomas & Betty Holt of Stoborough [St Martin's]

30 Oct Daniel s of Robert & Elizabeth Delacourt [Lady Mary]

31 Oct Mary d of Edward & Mary Swain [Lady Mary]

8 Nov Robert s of John & Anne Gig... [Lady Mary]

12 Nov William Lock s of Joseph & Christian Rolls [Holy Trinity]

14 Nov Mary d of John & Mary Coward [Lady Mary]

16 Nov Rebecca d of Joseph & Jane Gillingham of St.Mary's [St Martin's]

18 Nov Jane Hobbs [St Martin's]

18 Nov Jenny d of John & Martha Rawls of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

19 Nov Esther Wakely spinster [Lady Mary]

21 Nov William s of James & Anne Carter [St Martin's]

21 Nov Mary d of Mr.Richard & Anne Bestland [Lady Mary]

25 Nov Elizabeth d of Robert & Mary Randel [Holy Trinity]

27 Nov Elizabeth d of John & Anne Bartlet [Holy Trinity]

28 Nov John s of Mary Ellis widow [St Martin's]

28 Nov William s of William & Mary Punch [Lady Mary]

29 Nov Joseph Manuel [St Martin's]

29 Nov Elizabeth d Henry & Mary Tarrant of Stoborough [Lady Mary]

29 Nov Elizabeth widow of Thomas Benfield [Lady Mary]

30 Nov Elizabeth d of John & Mary Derham of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

3 Dec Jane Symonds spinster [Lady Mary]

4 Dec Anne d of Thomas & Anne Chiles [Lady Mary]

6 Dec Lydia Mortimer of East Morden [St Martin's]

7 Dec Richard Clark sojourner [St Martin's]

9 Dec George s of George & Mary Standley of St.Mary's [St Martin's]

9 Dec William s of Mr.William & Jane Clavel [Lady Mary]

13 Dec Jane d of Jane Churchill widow [Lady Mary]

14 Dec Martha wife of Jonathan Churchill [Lady Mary]

17 Dec Elizabeth wife of Edward Webber of Corfe Castle [St Martin's]

17 Dec Mary d of Edward & Mary Brine [Lady Mary]

18 Dec Shadrach s of Martha Edmunds [Holy Trinity]

18 Dec Anne wife of John Bishop [Lady Mary]

21 Dec Henry s of Samuel & Joan Tuck [Lady Mary]

22 Dec Susanna d of Robert & Anne Keates [Lady Mary]

24 Dec Eleanor d of Thomas & Eleanor Street [Lady Mary]

27 Dec Mary Groves widow - almswoman [Lady Mary]

27 Dec James s of James & Jane Jennings [Lady Mary]

30 Dec Margaret d of Mr.Robert & Elizabeth Brown [Lady Mary]

31 Dec John Punch [Lady Mary]

31 Dec Mrs. Mary Grove of Studland widow [Lady Mary]