BURIALS 1782 - 1815

These transcriptions were made and donated to Dorset-OPC by Mr Barry CHINCHEN 

Entries in Bishops’ Transcripts are included


3 Jan Hannah Symmonds [Lady Mary]

4 Jan Sarah Manuel [Holy Trinity]

9 Jan Mary Warren [St Martin's]

13 Jan John Bartlett [Holy Trinity]

16 Jan William Trenchard [Holy Trinity]

25 Jan Charlotte Holloway [Holy Trinity]

28 Jan John Churchill [Lady Mary]

12 Feb Sarah Derham [Holy Trinity]

13 Feb Betty Tucker [Holy Trinity]

19 Feb Elizabeth Adams [Holy Trinity]

15 Mar Mary Carruthers [St Martin's]

15 Mar Mary Withers [St Martin's]

17 Mar Daniel Dugdale - aged 62 [Lady Mary]

28 Mar Thomas Marsh [Holy Trinity]

28 Mar Richard Palmer [Lady Mary]

12 Apr Eleanor Street [Lady Mary]

14 Apr Thomas Munden [Holy Trinity]

14 Apr Sarah Watts Clark [Holy Trinity]

25 Apr Ann Hibs [St Martin's]

27 Apr Ann Bartlett [Holy Trinity]

30 Apr George Clarke [Lady Mary]

5 May Sarah Joice or Jessee [Holy Trinity]

5 May Samuel Baskett [Lady Mary]

23 May Adah Compton  [Lady Mary]

6 Jun Ann Tuck [Holy Trinity]

7 Jun George Glover [Lady Mary]

22 Jun Ann Chisman [Lady Mary]

23 Jun Mary Cake [Holy Trinity]

30 Jun Susannah Mundy [Lady Mary]

29 Jul Susannah Davis [Lady Mary]

27 Aug John Goodwin [St Martin's]

10 Sep Mary Payne [Holy Trinity]

10 Sep Hannah Collins [Lady Mary]

13 Sep Betty Davis [Holy Trinity]

13 Sep Edward Seward [Lady Mary]

22 Sep Robert Smith - aged 38 [Lady Mary]

27 Sep John Gooderidge [Lady Mary]

7 Oct Sarah Pike [Lady Mary]

15 Oct Elizabeth Grange [Lady Mary]

3 Nov Robert Galton [Lady Mary]

6 Nov Mary Churchill [Lady Mary]

26 Nov Ann Noake [Lady Mary]

3 Dec John Tuck [Holy Trinity]

14 Dec Richard Fortants - a soldier [Holy Trinity]

22 Dec William Benfield [St Martin's]

26 Dec William Pook [Lady Mary]


2 Jan Thomas Painter [St Martin's]

2 Jan Hannah Painter [St Martin's]

5 Jan Robert Edmunds [St Martin's]

6 Jan John Brown [Lady Mary]

10 Jan John Bartlett [Holy Trinity]

10 Jan Jane Taylor [Lady Mary]

3 Feb Elizabeth Tilly [Lady Mary]

8 Feb Thomas Saunders [Lady Mary]

13 Feb Thomas Stanley [St Martin's]

17 Feb Elizabeth Baker [Holy Trinity]

23 Feb John Roe [Lady Mary]

23 Feb Elizabeth Benfield [Lady Mary]

27 Feb Robert Elms [Holy Trinity]

28 Feb Mary Lockess or Lucas [Holy Trinity]

2 Mar Mary Ball [Lady Mary]

16 Mar Joseph Brixey [Holy Trinity]

16 Mar John Cribb [Lady Mary]

16 Mar Mary Cox [Lady Mary]

18 Mar Ann Street [Lady Mary]

21 Mar William Edmunds [St Martin's]

21 Mar William Edmonds [Lady Mary]

30 Mar Mary Stanly [Holy Trinity]

4 Apr Edward Marshfield [St Martin's]

6 Apr Ann Davis [St Martin's]

13 Apr Harriot Goodwin [St Martin's]

15 Apr Elizabeth Woolfrys [Holy Trinity]

27 Apr Mary Cox [St Martin's]

29 Apr George Derham [Holy Trinity]

4 May Margaret Selby [Holy Trinity]

6 May Elizabeth Bordman [Holy Trinity]

11 May John Parsons [St Martin's]

15 May Sarah Stanley [St Martin's]

25 May Henry Helyer [St Martin's]

27 May James Frampton [Lady Mary]

30 May Ann Norris [Lady Mary]

30 May Mary widow of William Pook lately deceased [Lady Mary]

30 May Ann Grady [Lady Mary]

1 Jun Edward Seaward - aged 24 [Lady Mary]

1 Jun Reuben Lawrence [Lady Mary]

9 Jun Betty King [Holy Trinity]

13 Jun Ann Cox [Lady Mary]

12 Jul Samuel Benfield [Holy Trinity]

4 Aug Ann Coward [Lady Mary]

24 Aug John Munden [Lady Mary]

24 Aug Elizabeth Burden [Lady Mary]

9 Sep John Randal [Holy Trinity]

21 Sep Nathanael Bestland [Lady Mary]

3 Oct Elizabeth Hardy spinster [St Martin's]

5 Oct Elizabeth Mortimer of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

5 Oct Rebecca d of Martha Parker of Swanage [Holy Trinity]

18 Oct Anna Laws infant [Lady Mary]

19 Oct Ephraim Taylor of Stoborough aged 19 [Holy Trinity]

3 Nov Jasper Dowland [Lady Mary]

5 Nov Ann wife of John Windsor aged 61 [Monumental Inscription]

23 Dec Thomas Windsor [Lady Mary]

24 Dec Jane Wood [St Martin's]


1 Jan Joan Slade [Lady Mary]

18 Jan Elizabeth Lacy [Lady Mary]

15 Feb Joseph Jubber [Lady Mary]

29 Feb Thomas Wiltshire aged 57 [Holy Trinity]

11 Mar Elizabeth Orchard of Worgate [Lady Mary]

2 Apr James Bartlett junior [Lady Mary]

4 Apr Joseph Tibbal [Lady Mary]

9 Apr George Pitney infant [St Martin's]

11 Apr Mary Elems [Lady Mary]

21 Apr Sarah Cribb [Lady Mary]

22 Apr William Ash infant [St Martin's]

22 Apr Worbora Musselwhite infant [Holy Trinity]

25 Apr Giles Bartlett - infant [Lady Mary]

29 Apr Ann Brown - infant [Lady Mary]

7 May William Bythewood infant [Holy Trinity]

10 May Elizabeth Frampton [Lady Mary]

30 May Robert Goodwin infant [Holy Trinity]

4 Jun Elizabeth Hooper infant [Lady Mary]

6 Jun George Trenchard of Stoborough a boy [Holy Trinity]

10 Jun Sarah Trenchard of Stoborough infant [Holy Trinity]

13 Jun James Trenchard of Stoborough infant [Holy Trinity]

13 Jun Betty Christophers a child [Lady Mary]

22 Jun Mary Flook [Holy Trinity]

4 Jul William Hesse? infant [Lady Mary]

7 Jul Maria Bower infant [Lady Mary]

8 Jul John Seymer infant [St Martin's]

11 Jul Sarah Freeborn infant [Lady Mary]

13 Jul Elizabeth Freeborn infant [Lady Mary]

14 Jul Robert Meech [Lady Mary]

20 Jul Mary Clements infant [Lady Mary]

3 Aug John Clements infant [Lady Mary]

10 Aug Susannah Windsor widow [Lady Mary]

15 Aug Ann Budden infant [Lady Mary]

20 Aug Richard Runyard Barnes infant [Lady Mary]

27 Aug Joseph Brandis aged 60 [Lady Mary]

30 Aug Jane Woods aged 60 [Lady Mary]

14 Sep Thomas Smith infant [Holy Trinity]

10 Oct Sarah Cull infant [Lady Mary]

25 Oct John Knap - from Litchet [St Martin's]

3 Nov John Hall aged 48 [Lady Mary]

7 Nov John Card junior aged 26 [Holy Trinity]

7 Nov Lawrence Bond aged - [Lady Mary]

19 Nov Hannah Ozzard aged 40 [St Martin's]

22 Nov John Chisman aged 44 [Holy Trinity]

19 Dec Elizabeth Freeborne aged 31 [Lady Mary]


14 Jan Elizabeth Gollop spinster aged 40 [Holy Trinity]

23 Jan Mary Snell of Stoke aged 75 [St Martin's]

11 Feb Mr Thomas Brixey aged 31 [St Martin's]

11 Feb Jenny Payne aged 4 [St Martin's]

13 Feb Susannah Dowland aged 78 [St Martin's]

19 Feb Thomas Chaffet of Holton aged 61 [St Martin's]

25 Feb Thomas Old infant [Lady Mary]

2 Mar Samuel Conway aged 37 [Holy Trinity]

24 May John Allingham aged 61 [St Martin's]

2 Apr Mary wife of Thomas King aged 47 [Lady Mary]

1 May Jane Warren from Portsmouth aged 28 [Lady Mary]

20 Jun Thomas Sibley - a stranger aged 22 [St Martin's]

1 Jul Sarah Trenchard infant [Holy Trinity]

12 Jul George Hossea infant [Lady Mary]

24 Aug Hannah Adams [Lady Mary]

21 Sep George Foot aged 64 [Lady Mary]

9 Oct Ann Barlow infant [Lady Mary]

24 Oct Thomas White a dragoon aged 38 [Lady Mary]

26 Oct Eleanor Warren aged 49 [Lady Mary]

28 Oct Thomas Sansom aged 47 [St Martin's]

30 Oct Mary Meering of Bere Regis aged 36 [St Martin's]

2 Nov Sarah Gill aged 21 [Holy Trinity]

6 Nov Thomas Clasby aged 84 [Holy Trinity]

12 Nov Elizabeth Phillips of Worth aged 60 [St Martin's]

13 Nov Henry Bolt aged 63 [St Martin's]

14 Nov Mary wife of Henry Bolt aged 58 [St Martin's]

14 Nov Mary Lester aged 67 [Lady Mary]

27 Nov William Hardy aged 3 [St Martin's]

27 Nov Mary Burd aged 51 [Holy Trinity]

1 Dec Kitty Dickenson aged 28 [Lady Mary]

6 Dec Elizabeth Tuck of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

8 Dec Thomas Porter aged 57 [St Martin's]

11 Dec Elizabeth Cake aged 56 [St Martin's]

12 Dec Mary Miller infant [Lady Mary]

14 Dec Jane Hemington aged 17 [St Martin's]

16 Dec William Bolt aged 31 [Lady Mary]

18 Dec Grace Lambert aged 70 [Holy Trinity]

20 Dec John Bolt aged 61 [St Martin's]


15 Jan Robert Dashwood aged 45 [Holy Trinity]

8 Feb Ann Cull aged 36 [Lady Mary]

8 Feb John Cull infant [Lady Mary]

15 Feb Mary Bolt aged 25 [Holy Trinity]

2 Mar Isabella wife of Robert Carruthers surgeon a ged 39 [St Martin's]

3 Apr Thomas Chiles aged 24 [Lady Mary]

9 Apr Philip Parmiter aged 55 [Holy Trinity]

16 Apr Martha Kitcat aged 83 [Lady Mary]

4 May Thomas Gill aged 21 [Holy Trinity]

4 May Jane Manuel of the Parish of Knowle aged 21 [Lady Mary]

14 May Martha Edmunds aged 53 [Lady Mary]

30 May Caroline Hawker infant [Holy Trinity]

31 May Benjamin Goodwin aged 53 [Lady Mary]

16 Jun Mary d of Arnold & Ann Matthews of Pool aged 28 [Holy Trinity]

11 Jul Elizabeth Goodwin aged 59 [St Martin's]

16 Jul Thomas White or Worgate aged 89 [Lady Mary]

18 Jul Mary Farrell aged 68 [St Martin's]

30 Jul Jonathan Lawrence aged 64 [Lady Mary]

3 Aug John Isaac of Worgate aged 69 [Lady Mary]

24 Aug Elizabeth Batrick aged 40 [Lady Mary]

31 Aug Edward Grady aged 24 [St Martin's]

20 Sep Joan Lugg [Holy Trinity]

26 Sep Hannah King [Holy Trinity]

28 Sep Mary Perry aged 94 years [Lady Mary]

10 Oct Elizabeth Upjohn an infant [Lady Mary]

22 Oct Thomas Crumplen infant [Holy Trinity]

2 Nov Thomas Silk Loop of Stoborough aged 67 [Holy Trinity]

7 Nov John Bolt aged 21 [Lady Mary]

7 Nov Mary Bezant aged 73 years [Lady Mary]

12 Nov Betty Bartlett of Stoborough aged 59 [Holy Trinity]

17 Nov Betty Joyce aged 84 [Holy Trinity]

19 Nov Margaret Runyard aged 48 years [Lady Mary]

28 Nov Martha Standley aged 48 [Holy Trinity]

21 Dec Jonadab Chisman aged 84 [Holy Trinity]

29 Dec Thomas Chapman infant [Holy Trinity]

29 Dec Daniel Clare of Stoborough aged 66 [Holy Trinity]


19 Jan Betty Stanley of Worgret aged 37 [St Martin's]

21 Jan Harry Toyer infant [Holy Trinity]

26 Jan Joseph s of Joseph & Betty Hartnell infant aged 1 [Lady Mary]

28 Jan Betty Chapman aged 23 [Holy Trinity]

12 Feb John Hilliar infant [St Martin's]

18 Feb Elizabeth Tuck infant [Lady Mary]

19 Feb George Pitney infant [St Martin's]

11 Mar George Chisman aged 80 [Lady Mary]

18 Mar Mary Tuck infant [Lady Mary]

27 Mar Jane Parsons aged 24 [St Martin's]

27 Apr Catherine Wiltshear aged 73 [Holy Trinity]

29 Apr Martha Dowland aged 40 [St Martin's]

6 May Ann Phippard aged 47 [Lady Mary]

20 May Lucy Brine infant [Holy Trinity]

24 May William Mist late Exciseman in this Town aged 61 [Lady Mary]

29 May Daniel Parfry - a stranger aged 52 [St Martin's]

3 Jun Mary Savage infant [St Martin's]

10 Jun Samuel Basket apothecary aged 46 [Holy Trinity]

12 Jun Hannah Andrews from Shaftesbury aged 45 [Lady Mary]

17 Jun Mary Galton aged 74 [Lady Mary]

3 Jul Mary Cribb aged 49 [St Martin's]

13 Jul Sophia Maria Frampton aged 3 [Lady Mary]

15 Jul Robert Goodwin aged 47 [St Martin's]

18 Jul John Frampton aged 7 [Lady Mary]

22 Aug Hannah Bartlett aged 67 [Lady Mary]

30 Aug Stephen Kimber [St Martin's]

3 Sep Mary Milner aged 88 [Lady Mary]

4 Sep Mary Hemington aged 57 [Lady Mary]

3 Oct John Crumpler infant [Holy Trinity]

7 Oct Elizabeth Punch infant [St Martin's]

16 Oct Joyce Bolt aged 56 [Lady Mary]

30 Oct Charles Cole Edmunds aged 3 [Lady Mary]

31 Oct Sarah Jeanes infant [Lady Mary]

9 Nov Mary Wills Sansom aged 12 [Lady Mary]

11 Nov Ursula Pope Porter infant [St Martin's]

18 Nov Frances Marsh aged 3 (from Stoke) [Lady Mary]

2 Dec James Lambert of Whitchurch aged 57 [Holy Trinity]

4 Dec Sarah Brown aged 2 (from Stoke) [Lady Mary]


13 Jan Maria Frampton from Poole aged 24 [Holy Trinity]

23 Jan Mary Conway of Holton aged 43 [St Martin's]

24 Jan Sarah Swayne aged 78 [Lady Mary]

29 Jan Ann Punch aged 92 [Lady Mary]

5 Feb Thomas Payne infant [Holy Trinity]

14 Feb Rebecca Collins aged 72 [Lady Mary]

17 Feb John Keats aged 27 [Lady Mary]

19 Feb John Hilliar infant [St Martin's]

28 Feb Mary Vincent of Whitchurch aged 63 [St Martin's]

2 Mar Ann Gollop aged 36  [Lady Mary]

4 Mar Elizabeth Wiltshear aged 63 [Holy Trinity]

12 Mar William Shephard infant [Holy Trinity]

13 Mar Mr Robert Tidmas aged 71 [Lady Mary]

2 Apr Mary Cribb aged 65 [Lady Mary]

9 Apr Elizabeth Brine aged 42 [Lady Mary]

11 Apr Thomas Bragg aged 24 [Holy Trinity]

13 Apr Richard Bestland aged 46 [Lady Mary]

15 Apr John Lugg aged 40 [Holy Trinity]

16 Apr Alice Goodwin aged 45 [Holy Trinity]

20 Apr Mary Sansom aged 71 [Lady Mary]

29 Apr Henry Randale aged 69 [Holy Trinity]

2 May Mary Lockas aged 19 [Holy Trinity]

9 May Henry Freeland Brown infant [Holy Trinity]

9 May Betty Stevens aged 56 [Lady Mary]

14 May Richard Cull aged 45 [Lady Mary]

20 May William Shitler aged 84 [Holy Trinity]

8 Jun Mellior Mortimer aged 27 [Holy Trinity]

22 Jun Ann Carter aged 64 [St Martin's]

23 Jun Joseph Rolls aged 65 [Lady Mary]

6 Jul Jane Gill aged 29 [Holy Trinity]

13 Jul Ann Bartlett infant [Holy Trinity]

8 Aug John Randal infant [Holy Trinity]

8 Aug Mary Baker aged 57 [Lady Mary]

24 Aug John Punch aged 73 [Lady Mary]

29 Aug Mary Garland aged 94 of Worgret [Lady Mary]

19 Sep Martha Nineham aged 63 of Worgret [Lady Mary]

26 Sep Elizabeth Ball infant [Holy Trinity]

31 Sep Mary Linnington aged 19 [Holy Trinity]

5 Oct Robert Dugdale gentleman aged 63 [Lady Mary]

2 Nov Margaret Fall aged 90 [Holy Trinity]

9 Nov William Barker aged 57 [Holy Trinity]

9 Nov Mary Gaden aged 78 [Lady Mary]

11 Nov Ann Good aged 70 [Lady Mary]

12 Nov William Dean aged 77 [Lady Mary]

18 Nov Sarah Chafey aged 59 [St Martin's]

20 Nov Martha Harris aged 50 [Lady Mary]

30 Nov Benjamin Ball aged 30 [Holy Trinity]

1 Dec Edward Edmonds aged 88 [Lady Mary]

5 Dec Jane Goodwin aged 55 [Lady Mary]

12 Dec Samuel Mortimer infant [Holy Trinity]

14 Dec Elizabeth Upjohn infant [Holy Trinity]

24 Dec Betty Bythewood aged 33 [Holy Trinity]

25 Dec Ann Court aged 84 [Lady Mary]

25 Dec Sarah Chisman aged 56 [Lady Mary]

28 Dec William Bythewood aged 5 [Holy Trinity]

28 Dec Jonas Riggs aged 56 [Lady Mary]

30 Dec Hannah Hobbs aged 65 [Lady Mary]


2 Jan John Garland aged 83 [Lady Mary]

4 Jan Thomas Edgar aged 74 [Lady Mary]

6 Jan Thomas Gill aged 51 [Lady Mary]

18 Jan The Revd Simon Reader minister of the Dissenting Congregation in this Town aged 72 [Lady Mary]

15 Jan Mrs Martha Turner died 9th buried at Penleigh Wiltshire [Lady Mary]

6 Mar Mary Brine infant [Holy Trinity]

15 Mar Richard Bartlett - aged 11 - drowned on 24th December 1788 [Holy Trinity]

27 Mar Betty Pollard aged 71 [Lady Mary]

6 Apr John Budden aged 87 [Lady Mary]

11 Apr James Churchill - aged 11 - drowned on 24th December 1788 [Holy Trinity]

9 May Stephen Smith infant [Holy Trinity]

10 May Elizabeth Churchill aged 84 [Holy Trinity]

17 May Mr Humphrey Giles aged 74 [Lady Mary]

22 May Joseph Cribb infant [Lady Mary]

21 Jul Sarah Wilson aged 56 [Lady Mary]

28 Jul William Dugdale aged 74 [Lady Mary]

1 Aug John Mullet aged 60 [Lady Mary]

2 Aug Thomas Budden aged 70 [St Martin's]

5 Sep George Ryves Hawker A.M. Rector of Wareham for 16 years also of Clenston aged 51 [Lady Mary]

25 Oct Mary Homer Tuck infant [Lady Mary]

25 Oct Mary Courtney aged 59 [Lady Mary]

28 Oct Harry Courtney [Holy Trinity]

10 Nov Ann Cox aged 32 [St Martin's]

15 Nov Giles Brown [Holy Trinity]

16 Nov Ann Cox [Holy Trinity]

17 Nov William Coomber? aged 70 [Holy Trinity]

1 Dec Giles Cribb aged 59 [Holy Trinity]

30 Dec Mary Randale infant [Holy Trinity]


21 Feb Susannah King aged 33 [Holy Trinity]

24 Feb William Parson aged 5 [St Martin's]

5 Mar Martha Tuck aged 27 [Lady Mary]

12 Mar Jane Baker aged 26 [Holy Trinity]

14 Mar Elizabeth Weathers aged 83 [St Martin's]

15 Apr Joseph Adams infant [Lady Mary]

17 Apr Joseph Adams aged 56 [Lady Mary]

18 Apr Ann Crouch aged 97 [Lady Mary]

24 Apr Mary Squibb aged 73 [Lady Mary]

25 Apr Ephraim Dean aged 47 [Lady Mary]

28 Apr Harry Glover aged 77 [St Martin's]

28 Apr Huges Davis aged 75 [Lady Mary]

12 May Ann Hill aged 44 [Lady Mary]

16 May James Stickland aged 60 [Lady Mary]

18 May John Churchill aged 48 [Holy Trinity]

13 Jun Susannah King infant [Holy Trinity]

13 Jun William Diston Barker aged 37 [Lady Mary]

27 Jun Harry Tuck aged 39 [Lady Mary]

22 Jul Ruth Dean aged 57 [Lady Mary]

8 Sep William Clark aged 24 [Lady Mary]

20 Sep James Collens aged 81 [Lady Mary]

27 Oct Susannah Lawrence aged 32 [Lady Mary]

2 Nov John Smith aged 31 [Lady Mary]

14 Nov Thomas Conway Baker infant [Lady Mary]

14 Nov Ann Keat aged 69 [Lady Mary]

15 Nov Martha Pollard aged 72 [Lady Mary]

26 Nov Sarah Ford aged 4 [St Martin's]

24 Dec George Baker aged 82 [Holy Trinity]

25 Dec William Bradford aged 29 [Holy Trinity]


4 Jan Thomas Hardy aged 78 [Lady Mary]

22 Jan Ann wife of Robert Harris aged 63 [Holy Trinity]

8 Feb Robert Bascombe aged 77 [Lady Mary]

21 Feb Robert Scutt aged 90 [Lady Mary]

27 Feb Sarah Tuck aged 1 [Lady Mary]

3 Mar Rebecca Baker aged 60 [St Martin's]

25 Mar Mary Whitrow aged 74 [Holy Trinity]

22 Apr John Hobbs aged 1 [Holy Trinity]

17 May Sarah Goodwin aged 56 [Lady Mary]

23 May John Hill infant [Holy Trinity]

29 May Dennis Foot aged 45 [Lady Mary]

10 Jun John Crumpler infant [Holy Trinity]

19 Jun Edward Dugdale infant [Lady Mary]

17 Jul James Farrel infant [Lady Mary]

19 Jul Peggy Harding infant [Holy Trinity]

24 Jul John Day aged 29 [St Martin's]

24 Jul John Duey aged 29 [Lady Mary]

29 Aug Elizabeth Pike aged 83 [Holy Trinity]

1 Oct Francis Webb Hillyear aged 1 [St Martin's]

3 Oct Susannah Ford aged 52 [Holy Trinity]

16 Oct Martha Riggs aged 37 [Holy Trinity]

21 Oct Ann Daw aged 21 [Holy Trinity]

24 Oct Mellier Baker aged 26 [St Martin's]

31 Oct William Hillyear infant [St Martin's]

18 Nov William Johnson aged 46 [St Martin's]

25 Dec Richard Shephard aged 46 [Holy Trinity]


4 Jan Lucy Bishop aged 46 [Lady Mary]

9 Jan George Standley aged 73 [Lady Mary]

11 Jan Mary Florence aged 74 [Lady Mary]

27 Feb Mary Baskett aged 41 [Holy Trinity]

8 Mar Ruth Baskett aged over 70 [Holy Trinity]

10 Mar Ann Cribb aged 87 [Holy Trinity]

1 Apr Johanna Shitler aged 83 [Holy Trinity]

16 May Philip Parmeter aged 88 [Holy Trinity]

5 Jun George Heddy aged 78 [Lady Mary]

27 Jun George Clement aged 58 [Lady Mary]

14 Jul John Clavell s of George & Mary Filleter aged 2 [St Martin's]

15 Jul Margaret wife of William Kimber aged 62 [Holy Trinity]

16 Jul Henry Bythewood aged 72 [Holy Trinity]

9 Aug Joseph Hartnell aged 49 [Holy Trinity]

11 Aug Thomas Baker aged 40 [Lady Mary]

19 Aug John s of John & Mary Hobbs infant [Lady Mary]

26 Aug John Budden aged 65 [Lady Mary]

28 Sep Mary wife of Robert Standley aged 46 [Holy Trinity]

9 Nov Eliza d of Robert and Mary Tuck infant [Lady Mary]

25 Nov Jane d of Robert & Jane Lucas infant [Lady Mary]

2 Dec Mary d of John & Elizabeth Wolfrys infant [Lady Mary]

4 Dec James Oldfeld s of Thomas & Ann Bartlett aged 2 [Lady Mary]

5 Dec John s of Robert & Harriot Delacourt aged 4 [Holy Trinity]

10 Dec Peter s of Henry & Elizabeth James infant [Lady Mary]

13 Dec Sarah Ceapen? aged 4 [Holy Trinity]

14 Dec Charles Tuck aged 71 [St Martin's]

17 Dec William s of Thomas & Jane Brine infant [Lady Mary]

27 Dec Bula d of Thomas & Jane Cleark aged 4 [Lady Mary]

27 Dec Samuel s of Samuel & Hannah Randell aged 2 [Lady Mary]


1 Jan Ann d of Thomas & Mary Hardy aged 4 [Lady Mary]

1 Jan Charles s of Thomas & Mary Hardy infant [Lady Mary]

2 Jan Sarah d of Richard & Ann Bartlett infant [Holy Trinity]

5 Jan Ann d of James & Elizabeth Searley aged 3 [Lady Mary]

6 Jan William s of James & Rebecca Churchill infant [Holy Trinity]

7 Jan Mary wife of James Farrel aged 23 [Lady Mary]

7 Jan Mary d of John & Elizabeth Laws infant [Lady Mary]

16 Jan Nathaniel s of Nathaniel & Catherine Delacourt infant [Holy Trinity]

16 Jan Richard s of William & Mary Turner infant [Holy Trinity]

17 Jan Mary Woolfrys infant [St Martin's]

24 Jan Isaac Court aged 48 [Holy Trinity]

26 Jan Mary Brown aged 69 [Lady Mary]

28 Jan Charles Woolfrys aged 2 [St Martin's]

30 Jan Ann wife of Joseph Woolfrys aged 46 [Lady Mary]

30 Jan Robert Gallop aged 80 [Lady Mary]

31 Jan Sarah d of James Farrell infant [Lady Mary]

2 Feb John Middleton aged 64 [Lady Mary]

19 Feb Eleanor World aged 83 [Lady Mary]

23 Feb Henry Hardy aged 2 [St Martin's]

29 Apr Frances Musselwhite aged 55 [St Martin's]

1 Mar Betty Conway aged 37 [Holy Trinity]

9 Mar John Goodwin aged 62 [Lady Mary]

10 Mar Thomas Barker aged 16 [Lady Mary]

16 Mar Elizabeth Mackey aged 60 [Holy Trinity]

23 Mar Mary d of Richard & Mary Nokes aged 3 [Lady Mary]

26 Mar George s of John & Mary Lillington infant [Lady Mary]

6 Apr Thomas Chiles aged 67 [Lady Mary]

6 Apr Anny Hains aged 67 [Lady Mary]

29 Apr John Mackey aged 77 [Holy Trinity]

22 May Ann wife of John Trenchard aged 47 [Holy Trinity]

24 Jun Mary wife of George Butler aged 60 [Lady Mary]

24 Apr John Hodge aged 70 [Lady Mary]

1 Aug Abigal Bartlet aged 78 [Lady Mary]

25 Sep William Mortimer of Stoborough aged 75 [Holy Trinity]

11 Oct John Flook aged 68 [St Martin's]

12 Oct Katharine Middleton aged 61 [Lady Mary]

26 Oct William s of James & Jane Galton aged 3 [St Martin's]

28 Oct Mary wife of George Hiscock aged 27 [St Martin's]

2 Nov William Sanders aged 80 [Lady Mary]

2 Nov John s of William & Mary Dart aged 2 [Lady Mary]

7 Nov William s of Francis & Ann Shephard aged 5 [Holy Trinity]

12 Nov Mary widow of Charles Tuck aged 82 [St Martin's]

1 Dec John Newman aged 77 [Holy Trinity]

2 Dec Mary d of Thomas & Eliza Millar aged 2 [Lady Mary]

11 Dec Ann wife of Thomas Brown [Holy Trinity]


7 Jan Thomas Conway aged 80 [Lady Mary]

8 Jan Charles Hodder aged 61 [St Martin's]

7 Feb Mary widow of Hugh Davis aged 80 [Lady Mary]

1 Jun William Bartlett [Holy Trinity]

12 Jun Thomas Prince [Lady Mary]

13 Jun Ann Damon aged 12 [St Martin's]

15 Jun John Good [Lady Mary]

18 Jun John Budden [Holy Trinity]

20 Jun William Jennings [Lady Mary]

22 Jun Betty Shepard [Holy Trinity]

22 Jun Christian Hall [Lady Mary]

27 Jun Robert Harris [Lady Mary]

4 Jul Jane wife of Thomas Smith [Holy Trinity]

25 Aug George Deram [Holy Trinity]

7 Sep John Ralls [St Martin's]

2 Oct Mary d of Joseph & Mary Tible [Lady Mary]

2 Nov Ann d of James & Ann Sansom [Holy Trinity]

12 Nov Jane wife of Thomas Winzar [Lady Mary]

16 Nov Samuel Tuck [Lady Mary]

19 Nov Joseph s of John & Susannah Upshan [Holy Trinity]

16 Dec George Giggar [Lady Mary]

18 Dec Betty d of John & Sarah Bunyan [Lady Mary]

28 Dec John s of Joseph & Mary Galpin [Lady Mary]


6 Jan John s of John & Susannah Upshan [Holy Trinity]

27 Feb Betty d of Robert & Mary Tuck [Lady Mary]

26 Mar Thomas Punch [Lady Mary]

5 Apr Ann wife of John Parsons [Lady Mary]

12 Apr George s of Robert & Elizabeth Blandford [St Martin's]

14 Apr Sarah d of Giles & Sarah Brown [Holy Trinity]

17 Apr John Barnes [Lady Mary]

27 Apr Benjamin Bartlett [Holy Trinity]

20 May Elizabeth Hardy widow [St Martin's]

20 May Henry s of Henry & Sarah Courtney [Lady Mary]

31 May Mary d of William & Betty Waterman [Holy Trinity]

12 Jun Sarah wife of William Hill [Lady Mary]

17 Jun Mary wife of Thomas Hardy [Lady Mary]

26 Jun John Gollop [Lady Mary]

16 Jul Elizabeth Cole [Lady Mary]

17 Jul Robert Brown [Lady Mary]

16 Aug Henry s of Thomas & Ann Garland [Holy Trinity]

27 Aug Mary wife of William Standly [St Martin's]

2 Oct Sarah Brine [Lady Mary]

7 Oct John Sansom [Lady Mary]

11 Oct John Flook - aged 63 [St Martin's]

26 Oct William s of James & Jane Collis - aged 3 [St Martin's]

28 Oct Mary wife of George Hiscock - aged 27 [St Martin's]

12 Nov Mary widow of Charles Tuck - aged 82 [St Martin's]

12 Nov John Harris [Lady Mary]

15 Nov Barnet s of Mary Court [Holy Trinity]

25 Nov Jane Lambert [Lady Mary]

3 Dec Francis Millwood a soldier in the First Dragoons [Lady Mary]

13 Dec Robert Pollard [St Martin's]

20 Dec Jane d of James & Jane Meaden [Lady Mary]


6 Jan Ruth wife of William Cribb [Holy Trinity]

12 Jan Thomas Emberly [St Martin's]

2 Feb Joseph s of James & Maria Gray [Lady Mary]

21 Feb Joseph s of Charles & Elizabeth Churchill [Holy Trinity]

11 Mar Helen d of John & Mary Wilkins [St Martin's]

13 Mar Frances d of Robert & Frances Moss [Lady Mary]

18 Mar John s of William & Alice Harvey [Lady Mary]

21 Mar Bythia d of Charles & Rebecca Frampton [Holy Trinity]

24 Mar Charlotte wife of Robert Rile [St Martin's]

3 Apr Margaret Symmonds [Lady Mary]

4 Apr Robert s of Thomas Hardy [Lady Mary]

15 Apr William Clavil [Holy Trinity]

20 Apr Morgan s of Elizabeth Gook [Lady Mary]

24 Apr Richard Palmer [Lady Mary]

8 May James s of Francis & Ann Phippard [Holy Trinity]

15 May Ann Hutchins [St Martin's]

5 Jun Charles s of Captain & Elizabeth Stone [Lady Mary]

19 Jun Henry Fooks [Holy Trinity]

13 Jul George s of Robert & Elizabeth Manuel [Lady Mary]

23 Oct Artilla d of Richard & Rebecca Hobbs [Lady Mary]

1 Nov Mary Brown [Lady Mary]

3 Nov Susanna wife of John Upshan [Holy Trinity]

24 Nov Martha wife of George Savage [St Martin's]

27 Nov James s of Thomas & Elizabeth Savage [St Martin's]

20 Dec Mary Randell [Lady Mary]


1 Jan William s of William & Elizabeth Waterman [Holy Trinity]

12 Jan Benjamin Standly [Holy Trinity]

12 Jan Elizabeth d of John & Teresa Card [Holy Trinity]

21 Jan Richard Hall [Lady Mary]

27 Jan Ann wife of Samuel Weston [Lady Mary]

23 Feb Sarah d of Nathaniel & Catherine Delacourt [Holy Trinity]

21 Mar Robert Randele [Holy Trinity]

23 Mar Thomas Laws [Lady Mary]

24 Mar George Sansom [Lady Mary]

28 Mar Elizabeth Dugdale [Lady Mary]

30 Mar James Bolt [St Martin's]

3 Apr Sepphira d of Elizabeth Capes [Holy Trinity]

21 Apr John Cox [St Martin's]

21 Apr Catherine d of Henry & Ann Randele? [Holy Trinity]

23 Apr John s of John & Mary Hobbs [Lady Mary]

23 Apr James s of James & Martha Gray [Lady Mary]

7 May Mary d of James & Hannah Kearly [Holy Trinity]

14 May Stephen Mundy [Lady Mary]

14 May Sarah Bower [Lady Mary]

19 May Hester Reader [Lady Mary]

28 May Mary wife of William Pike [Lady Mary]

28 May Martha wife of Richard Grey [Lady Mary]

11 Jun Ann Lacy [Lady Mary]

12 Jun William s of Henry Hobbs [Lady Mary]

14 Jun Joseph s of Samuel & Theodrah Woolfrys [St Martin's]

2 Jul Theodrah wife of Samuel Woolfrys [St Martin's]

7 Jul Richard Pamer [Lady Mary]

29 Aug Richard Standly [St Martin's]

7 Sep William s of John & Mary Wilkins [St Martin's]

17 Sep Rebecca d of Robert & Elizabeth Blandford [Lady Mary]

19 Sep Sarah Gould [Lady Mary]

6 Dec James Carter [Lady Mary]

10 Dec John Belly [Lady Mary]

- - Mary Edmunds [Lady Mary]

17 Dec Jane Bestland [St Martin's]


2 Feb William Harvy [Lady Mary]

11 Feb George s of George & Alice Long belonging to the 10th Regiment of Light Dragoons [Lady Mary]

23 Feb Martha Twine [Lady Mary]

3 Mar Sarah d of James & Sarah Day belonging to the 10th Regiment of Light Dragoons [Lady Mary]

11 Mar John Grady [Lady Mary]

15 Jun Richard Wale [Lady Mary]

.. ... Rebecca wife of John Clarke [St Martin's]

28 Aug William Snelgar [St Martin's]

9 Sep Elizabeth d of Robert & Elizabeth Blandford [Lady Mary]

9 Sep Josiah Mott [Lady Mary]

13 Sep James s of James & Mary Gritten [Lady Mary]

25 Sep Sarah d of Robert & Mary Tuck [Lady Mary]

26 Sep Mary Hurdle [Lady Mary]

5 Oct William s of George & Mary Brown [St Martin's]

7 Oct James s of George & Mary Brown [St Martin's]

18 Oct Elizabeth Standly [St Martin's]

25 Oct Thomas s of Stephen & Mary Prince [Holy Trinity]

6 Nov William s of Richard & Ann Bestland [Holy Trinity]

31 Oct Henry Garrett [Lady Mary]

11 Nov Mary Brixey [Lady Mary]

20 Nov Fanny d of John & Ann Dominy [Holy Trinity]

23 Nov Mary wife of Thomas Bartlett [Lady Mary]

24 Nov Joseph Peavy [Holy Trinity]

6 Dec Tabitha Porter [St Martin's]

6 Dec Hannah d of William & Elizabeth Godfree [Lady Mary]

9 Dec Edward Swayne [Lady Mary]

13 Dec Richard Edmonds [Holy Trinity]

16 Dec Edward s of John & Teresa Card [Holy Trinity]

20 Dec John Clarke [Lady Mary]


1 Jan Ann Punch [St Martin's]

20 Jan Thomas Baker [Holy Trinity]

27 Jan James s of James & Mary Smith [Lady Mary]

6 Feb John Baker [St Martin's]

10 Feb Mary d of Ann Whitrow [Holy Trinity]

17 Feb Richard Hobbs [Lady Mary]

10 Mar Mary Spilsbury [Lady Mary]

17 Mar Jane d of John & Ann Tuck [St Martin's]

17 Mar Elizabeth d of John Clarke [St Martin's]

17 Mar George s of William & Elizabeth Hibbs [Holy Trinity]

17 Mar Henry s of Henry & Elizabeth James? [Lady Mary]

22 Mar Betty d of Robert & Elizabeth Manuel [Lady Mary]

24 Mar Henry Hobbs [Lady Mary]

24 Apr Thomas s of Charles & Elizabeth Churchill [Holy Trinity]

31 Apr Daniel Baker [Holy Trinity]

19 May Thomas s of Richard & Mary Hillier [Lady Mary]

26 May Giles Brown [Holy Trinity]

27 May Robert Carruthers [St Martin's]

27 May Robert Carruthers [Lady Mary]

27 May Rose Tibb [Lady Mary]

5 Jun Frances T...mlett [St Martin's]

5 Jun Betty wife of Richard Smith [Holy Trinity]

12 Jun Mary wife of John Cake [Holy Trinity]

4 Aug Daniel s of John & Elizabeth Crumplen [Holy Trinity]

14 Aug Mary wife of Robert Allingham [Lady Mary]

4 Sep Elizabeth d of William Pu.... [St Martin's]

13 Sep Edward Hawkins s of John & Elizabeth Mackey [Holy Trinity]

16 Sep Eliza d of Charles & Elizabeth Churchill [Holy Trinity]

18 Sep Elizabeth Seward [Lady Mary]

26 Sep Sarah d of John & Ann Davis [Lady Mary]

6 Oct James Bungy [Lady Mary]

7 Oct Rebeccah d of Nathaniel & Rebeccah Bushrod [Lady Mary]

15 Oct Alice wife of Mr Thomas Bartlett [Lady Mary]

16 Oct Edward Tucker [Lady Mary]

20 Oct Mary Dugdale [Lady Mary]

25 Oct Henry s of John & Jane Hardy [St Martin's]

10 Nov Harriet d of James & Mary Milligreen [Lady Mary]

11 Nov Granby Hobbs s of Mr John & Elizabeth Calcraft [Lady Mary]

24 Nov Macdonald s of Lie & Margaret Aird [Lady Mary]

15 Dec William Harding [Holy Trinity]

22 Dec Mary Ann d of Edward & Mary Tompson [St Martin's]

22 Dec Ann d of Stephen & Mary Prince [Holy Trinity]

24 Dec Charles s of John & Mary Davis [Holy Trinity]


2 Jan Jane wife of Robert Talbot [St Martin's]

22 Jan Mary Mist [Lady Mary]

23 Jan Thomas Randele [Holy Trinity]

26 Jan Rebeccah wife of George Edmunds [Holy Trinity]

30 Jan Mary d of Thomas & Elizabeth Symmonds [Lady Mary]

27 Feb Roger Horseford [Lady Mary]

27 Feb Grace Munden [Lady Mary]

9 Mar Ann Palmer [Lady Mary]

16 Mar John Waygood [St Martin's]

3 Apr John Parsons [Lady Mary]

8 Apr William s of James & Ann Sansom [Holy Trinity]

29 Apr Mary wife of Stephen Spicer [Lady Mary]

1 May Betty Delacourt [Lady Mary]

15 May Ann wife of William Edmunds [Holy Trinity]

31 May William s of John & Elizabeth Woolfrys [Holy Trinity]

19 Jun Mary wife of George Filliter [St Martin's]

22 Jun Elizabeth d of Robert & Elizabeth Blandford [Lady Mary]

26 Jun Charles s of William & Elizabeth Hibbs [Holy Trinity]

6 Jul Mary wife of John Hibbs [Holy Trinity]

15 Jul Ann d of Robert & Elizabeth Blandford [Lady Mary]

22 Jul Samuel Slade [Holy Trinity]

28 Jul Hannah d of Stephen Spicer [Lady Mary]

3 Aug Sarah d of Charles & Sarah Rolls [St Martin's]

7 Sep Edward Tucker [Lady Mary]

7 Sep John Clements soldier [Lady Mary]

12 Sep Elizabeth Capis [Holy Trinity]

17 Sep George s of John & Jane Ramsbottom [Lady Mary]

21 Sep John Compton [Holy Trinity]

29 Sep Sarah d of John & Ann Dominy [Holy Trinity]

6 Oct Elizabeth d of Samuel & Mary Weston [St Martin's]

6 Oct Mary Weston [St Martin's]

12 Oct Hannah d of Thomas & Martha Edmonds [St Martin's]

22 Oct Ann wife of John Best [St Martin's]

2 Nov William s of William & Elizabeth Waterman [Holy Trinity]

12 Nov Thomas s of John & Mary Hobbs [Lady Mary]

13 Nov Mr William Hayter [St Martin's]

18 Nov Elizabeth Slade [Holy Trinity]

23 Nov Richard s of John & Mary Hobbs [Lady Mary]

17 Dec Mrs Sarah Barker [St Martin's]

17 Dec Mary Eliza d of Charles & Elizabeth Churchill [Holy Trinity]


2 Jan Mrs Ann Tidmas [St Martin's]

4 Jan Thomas Brown [Holy Trinity]

18 Jan Ann wife of Joseph Gible [Lady Mary]

22 Jan Elizabeth Kearly [Holy Trinity]

1 Feb Grace wife of William Goodwin [Lady Mary]

2 Feb George Edmunds [Holy Trinity]

17 Feb John s of Elizabeth Frost [Lady Mary]

1 Mar Elizabeth d of William & Elizabeth Hibbs [Holy Trinity]

22 Mar Mary Brown [Holy Trinity]

23 Mar Thomas s of Morgan & Mary Flanagan [Lady Mary]

28 Mar Mary d of Edward & Elizabeth Conett [Lady Mary]

18 Apr Elizabeth d of Henry & Elizabeth James [Lady Mary]

8 May Jane Hall [Lady Mary]

24 May William s of William & Jane Churchill [Lady Mary]

24 Jun Sarah Peck [Lady Mary]

28 Jun Mary Street [Lady Mary]

12 Jul Susanna Hallett [Lady Mary]

23 Jul Mary Clarke [Lady Mary]

11 Aug William s of Robert & Elizabeth Blandford [Lady Mary]

17 Sep Thomas s of Henry & Ann Hase? [Holy Trinity]

24 Sep Jane Gillingham [Lady Mary]

30 Sep Sarah d of John & Elizabeth Woolfrys [Holy Trinity]

2 Oct Elizabeth Standly [Holy Trinity]

15 Dec Charles s of James & Jane Seymore [St Martin's]

20 Dec Elizabeth Payne [Lady Mary]

27 Dec John Payne [Lady Mary]

29 Dec George Clench [Lady Mary]


5 Jan Elizabeth Shephard [Lady Mary]

12 Jan Elizabeth Clench [Lady Mary]

19 Jan Henry Hains [Lady Mary]

28 Jan Ann Ferry [Lady Mary]

28 Jan Ann wife of Henry Bestland [Lady Mary]

2 Feb Jane d of Charles & Elizabeth Churchill [Holy Trinity]

3 Feb Mary wife of Thomas Roe [Holy Trinity]

5 Feb William s of John & Jane Stevens [Holy Trinity]

5 Feb Ann Roe [Holy Trinity]

9 Feb Francis Augustus Hayter [Lady Mary]

21 Feb Robert s of Edward & Mary Elliott [Lady Mary]

14 Mar Jane d of Peter & Mary Whitland [Lady Mary]

18 Mar James s of Henry & Sarah Foot [Lady Mary]

21 Mar Ann d of Stephen & Bula White [Lady Mary]

21 Mar Thomas Rose [Lady Mary]

23 Mar John s of Nathaniel & Katherine Delacourt [Holy Trinity]

24 Mar William s of Samuel & Martha Tuck [Lady Mary]

25 Mar Mary wife of John Shitler [Lady Mary]

2 Apr Thomas s of Thomas & Mary Standly [Lady Mary]

4 Apr William s of James & Ann Sansom [Holy Trinity]

5 Apr George s of Henry & Elizabeth James [Lady Mary]

8 Apr Elizabeth d of John & Elizabeth Laws [Lady Mary]

11 Apr Mary d of Benjamin & Fanny Standly [Holy Trinity]

14 Apr Sarah d of Thomas & Elizabeth Symmonds [Lady Mary]

16 Apr Joseph Gitle? [Lady Mary]

16 Apr James Churchill s of Jane Gillingham [Holy Trinity]

18 Apr Mary Mortimer [Holy Trinity]

18 Apr Sarah d of Thomas & Mary Bolt [Lady Mary]

18 Apr John s of John & Elizabeth Best [Lady Mary]

20 Apr Amon? s of Samuel & Ann Baker [St Martin's]

20 Apr Martha d of Stephen Spicer [Lady Mary]

23 Apr George s of Robert & Elizabeth Manuel [Lady Mary]

25 Apr George Lovell [St Martin's]

27 Apr Matilda d of Ann Whitrow [Holy Trinity]

28 Apr Mary d of Isaac & Mary Sansom [Lady Mary]

2 May Mary d of Robert & Frances Moss [Lady Mary]

9 May William s of Charles & Priscilla Stickland [St Martin's]

11 May Diana Emma d of George Horton & Diana Hyde [Holy Trinity]

18 May James s of William & Mary Warren [Lady Mary]

23 May Margaret Goodwin [Holy Trinity]

23 May Mary wife of John Baker [Holy Trinity]

23 May John Symmonds [Lady Mary]

24 May Henry s of John & Elizabeth Woolfrys [Holy Trinity]

26 May Mary Deram [Holy Trinity]

30 May Ann Baker [Holy Trinity]

1 Jun Mary wife of Thomas Cake [Holy Trinity]

4 Jun Mary Shephard [Holy Trinity]

9 Jun Joseph s of Charles & Sarah Roles [St Martin's]

10 Jun James Bartlett [Lady Mary]

13 Jun Henry s of George & Betty Brown [Holy Trinity]

20 Jun John Oldfeld s of Thomas Bartlett [Lady Mary]

8 Jul Mary d of Thomas & Mary Hurdle [Lady Mary]

8 Jul Richard s of Nathaniel & Rebecca Bushrod [Lady Mary]

9 Jul George s of Samuel & Martha Tuck [Lady Mary]

11 Jul Mary Standly [Lady Mary]

17 Aug Mary Ann d of John & Mary Bishop [Lady Mary]

10 Sep Elizabeth Chapman [Lady Mary]

16 Sep Thomas s of William Edmunds [Holy Trinity]

8 Oct Christian Goodwin [Lady Mary]

17 Oct Mary wife of John Marsh [Lady Mary]

19 Oct Martha wife of Thomas Edmunds [St Martin's]

21 Oct Ephraim Dean [Lady Mary]

21 Oct Elizabeth Mott [Lady Mary]

31 Oct Ann d of Joseph & Eleanor Bragg [Holy Trinity]

12 Dec Ventress Holloway [Lady Mary]

12 Dec Robert s of Francis & Mary Cribb [Lady Mary]

16 Dec Robert Swayne [Lady Mary]

24 Dec Sarah wife of Isham Baggs [Lady Mary]


2 Jan Ann d of Mark & Sarah Cockram [Holy Trinity]

19 Jan Elizabeth Conway [Lady Mary]

20 Jan Henry s of Thomas & Sophia Brodrick [St Martin's]

23 Jan Joyce d of William & Mary Dart [Lady Mary]

30 Jan John s of Thomas & Elizabeth Symonds [Lady Mary]

2 Feb Thomas Bartlett [Lady Mary]

6 Feb Mary d of Elizabeth Bale [Holy Trinity]

1 Mar Elizabeth wife of William Cole [Lady Mary]

2 Mar Mary Dart [Lady Mary]

4 Mar Ann Damon [Holy Trinity]

7 Mar William Fry [St Martin's]

26 Mar Betty wife of Henry James [Lady Mary]

30 Mar Betty Bourne from Wimborne [Lady Mary]

17 Apr William s of William & Harriet Goodwin [Lady Mary]

21 Apr John Clement [Lady Mary]

1 May Mary wife of William Sanders [Lady Mary]

15 May Henry Manuel [St Martin's]

18 May Mary Harding  Dorset Militia [Lady Mary]

21 May Thomas s of Thomas & Sarah Stule? [Lady Mary]

22 May William Warren [Lady Mary]

19 Jun George s of Peter & Mary Whitland [Lady Mary]

5 Jul Ann wife of William Sansom [St Martin's]

4 Sep Elizabeth d of Charles & Eleanor? Futcham? [Lady Mary]

9 Sep John Waygood [St Martin's]

14 Oct James Brown? [Lady Mary]

3 Nov Fanny d of Fanny Capis [Lady Mary]

10 Nov Giles Brown [Holy Trinity]

10 Nov Ann Chisman [Lady Mary]

1 Dec Fanny Capis [Lady Mary]

6 Dec George s of Hannah Haynes [Holy Trinity]

26 Dec Mary wife of Dennis Standly [Lady Mary]


1 Jan John Hains [Holy Trinity]

1 Jan Ann Fall [Lady Mary]

15 Jan Robert Stevens [Holy Trinity]

15 Jan Ann wife of Samuel Mortimer [Holy Trinity]

29 Jan William Goodwin [Lady Mary]

5 Feb William Edmunds [Holy Trinity]

19 Feb Thomas s of William & Elizabeth Waterman [Holy Trinity]

19 Feb Mary d of John & Hannah Stevens [Lady Mary]

23 Feb Elizabeth Payne [Holy Trinity]

26 Feb Sarah d of Stephen & Hannah Lawrence [St Martin's]

1 Mar Ann Gile [Lady Mary]

4 Mar Jane Hooper [Holy Trinity]

3 Apr Elizabeth Goderidge [Lady Mary]

12 Apr David Erskine [Holy Trinity]

18 Apr Ann Manuel [St Martin's]

22 Apr Francis Tucker [Lady Mary]

1 May Benjamin s of Samuel Mortimer [Holy Trinity]

6 May John Bythewood [Holy Trinity]

10 May Henry Fletcher [Lady Mary]

3 Jun Mary Randell [St Martin's]

6 Jun Thomas s of Robert & Sarah Everett [Lady Mary]

26 Jun Thomas Edmonds [Lady Mary]

24 Jul Thomas s of John & Johanna Churchill [Holy Trinity]

27 Jul John s of John & Elizabeth Woolfrys [Holy Trinity]

2 Aug Jasper s of Jonathan & Dinah Churchill [Lady Mary]

8 Aug Rebecca wife of James Churchill [Holy Trinity]

14 Aug Thomas s of Roger & Mary Dominy [St Martin's]

26 Aug John Baker [Holy Trinity]

30 Aug John Woolfrys [Holy Trinity]

3 Sep George s of William & Maria Vye [St Martin's]

13 Sep Mary Fletcher [Lady Mary]

30 Sep Sarah d of Edward & Rebecca Squire [Lady Mary]

5 Oct George s of William & Elizabeth Hibbs [Holy Trinity]

1 Nov Mary Homer [Holy Trinity]

18 Nov Allice Langdown [Holy Trinity]

21 Nov John Moor [Lady Mary]

4 Dec Sarah wife of Robert Everett [Lady Mary]


15 Jan Betty wife of James Wood [Lady Mary]

18 Jan Nathaniel s of John & Deborah Cole [Lady Mary]

20 Jan John Parmiter [Lady Mary]

27 Jan Elizabeth Shephard [Holy Trinity]

3 Feb Mary Fudge [Holy Trinity]

24 Feb Ann Horseford [Lady Mary]

24 Feb Obadiah Brine [Lady Mary]

27 Feb Mary wife of Robert Randale [Holy Trinity]

10 Mar Betty Palmer [Lady Mary]

10 Mar William Sanders [Lady Mary]

17 Mar Mary Delacourt [Lady Mary]

19 Mar Robert s of Jeremiah & Charlotte Dominy [St Martin's]

27 Mar Betty wife of Thomas Garland [Holy Trinity]

21 Apr Mary d of William & Mary Weathers [Holy Trinity]

2 May Henry husband of Frances Hobbs - aged 58 [Lady Mary]

19 May Thomas s of Samuel & Hannah Randale [Holy Trinity]

23 May Ann Hodder [Lady Mary]

26 May Grace wife of William Mortimer [Holy Trinity]

30 May Elizabeth Groves [Holy Trinity]

2 Jun John s of John & Ann Tuck [St Martin's]

14 Jun Deborah Waygood [St Martin's]

14 Jun John Brown [Holy Trinity]

26 Jun Sarah Ann Mundon aged 5y 11m. [Monumental Inscription]

7 Jul Mary wife of Richard Wright [Lady Mary]

11 Aug Stephen Prince [Holy Trinity]

11 Aug Henry s of Edward & Rebecca Squire [Lady Mary]

30 Aug Ann d of Joseph & Ann Symes [Lady Mary]

22 Sep Sarah d of Richard & Margaret Brown [Lady Mary]

3 Nov James Langford s of Nathaniel Florence [St Martin's]

14 Dec Sarah Ridout [Lady Mary]

23 Dec Sarah Giles [Lady Mary]

23 Dec John s of John & Elizabeth Probert - infant [Lady Mary]


3 Jan Maria Baskett [Holy Trinity]

4 Jan Stephen White [Lady Mary]

12 Jan Sarah Bolt [Holy Trinity]

12 Jan Silas s of James & Sarah Keats [Lady Mary]

26 Jan Nicholas Berants [Lady Mary]

26 Jan Susannah d of Sarah Butler [Lady Mary]

2 Feb Henry s of James & Jane Meaden [Holy Trinity]

6 Feb Charles Pope [Lady Mary]

21 Feb George Filliter - aged 54 [St Martin's]

23 Feb Daniel Lester [Lady Mary]

1 Mar Elizabeth d of John & Sarah Jessell [Lady Mary]

2 Mar Ann wife of Henry Hase [Holy Trinity]

16 Mar Grace Slade [St Martin's]

24 Mar Elkanah Fielding [Lady Mary]

26 Mar Thomas Bishop [Lady Mary]

25 Apr Ann wife of John Tuck - aged 32 [St Martin's]

25 Apr James s of John Tuck [St Martin's]

27 Apr Robert Damon [Lady Mary]

4 May Philip Stickland [Holy Trinity]

5 May Mary d of Robert & Mary Paul [Holy Trinity]

3 Jun John Wills [Lady Mary]

6 Jun William Mundon aged 2y 11m. [Monumental Inscription]

18 Jun William s of Hannah Mordon [Lady Mary]

24 Jun Mary Cutty? [Lady Mary]

15 Aug William s of Nowel & Jane Cribb [Lady Mary]

28 Sep Dinah Dare aunt of John & Ann Symes aged 19 [Lady Mary]

28 Sep Martha Brandis [Lady Mary]

5 Oct William Turner [Holy Trinity]

5 Oct Elizabeth Randale [Holy Trinity]

5 Oct Amelia Randale [Holy Trinity]

5 Oct Elizabeth Pindar [Lady Mary]

5 Oct Mary New [Lady Mary]

5 Oct Jane Barnes [Lady Mary]

5 Oct Charles s of Charles & Elizabeth White and husband of Mary [Lady Mary]

 Drowned with twelve others on their passage from Poole to Wareham.

7 Oct William Gillingham [Lady Mary]

9 Oct Betty wife of George Brown [Holy Trinity]

9 Oct Elizabeth Foster [Holy Trinity]

22 Oct Gabriel s of Charles & Mary Hodder [Lady Mary]

23 Oct John s of George & Ann Turner [Holy Trinity]

25 Nov Elizabeth Stiles [Holy Trinity]

25 Nov Mary d of Nathaniel & Catherine Delacourt [Holy Trinity]

21 Dec John George [Holy Trinity]

21 Dec Isaac Coart [Holy Trinity]

24 Dec Joan Dunning [Lady Mary]


4 Jan Lucy d of Joseph & Ann Symes [Lady Mary]

4 Feb John s of William & Jane Gardner [Holy Trinity]

15 Mar Richard Brown [Lady Mary]

29 Mar Ann Chiles [Lady Mary]

7 Apr Mary Garland? [Lady Mary]

16 Apr Mary Sansom [Lady Mary]

23 Apr Jane wife of James Meaden [Holy Trinity]

27 Apr Charles s of John & Jane Dampier [Holy Trinity]

31 Apr Jane d of Francis & Ann Shepherd [Holy Trinity]

11 May Elizabeth wife of George Filliter [Monumental Inscription]

1 Jun Sabina d of William & Mary Williams [Lady Mary]

2 Jun Mary Halley [Lady Mary]

7 Jul Samuel s of Emmanuel & Mary James [St Martin's]

9 Jul Thomas Reeks [Lady Mary]

4 Aug Catherine Randale [Holy Trinity]

9 Aug Frances wife of Thomas Marsh [Lady Mary]

11 Aug Mary Lillington [Lady Mary]

12 Aug - s of John & Ann Symes [Holy Trinity]

4 Sep Robert s of Francis & Mary Cribb [Lady Mary]

7 Sep Thomas s of Louisa Shaw [Holy Trinity]

20 Sep Joseph Baker [Holy Trinity]

26 Sep Susannah wife of John Hooper [Lady Mary]

4 Oct John Gray [Lady Mary]

4 Oct Henry Bythewood [Holy Trinity]

7 Oct Maria d of George & Elizabeth Sansom [Holy Trinity]

7 Oct Mary d of William & Mary Urain? [Lady Mary]

8 Oct Ann Baker [Holy Trinity]

10 Oct George Tuck [Holy Trinity]

18 Oct Sarah Budden [Holy Trinity]

1 Nov Elizabeth wife of Joseph Carter [Lady Mary]

1 Nov Mary wife of Joseph Emanuel [Lady Mary]

6 Dec Jane Brown [Holy Trinity]

28 Dec William s of William & Sarah Stevens [Lady Mary]

30 Dec Nowel Cribb [Lady Mary]


10 Jan Robert s of Thomas & Sarah Dudman [Lady Mary]

3 Mar Mary Waygood [Lady Mary]

4 Mar Jane wife of Thomas Smith [Holy Trinity]

6 Mar John Best [St Martin's]

6 Mar Elizabeth Brown [Lady Mary]

9 Mar Elizabeth Staines [Lady Mary]

3 Apr Henry Bestland [Holy Trinity]

3 Apr Robert Tuck [Lady Mary]

3 Apr Mary wife of Thomas Smith [Lady Mary]

24 Apr George Savage [Lady Mary]

3 May William Pike [Lady Mary]

23 May James s of Martha Churchill [Holy Trinity]

29 May John Hibbs [Holy Trinity]

5 Jun Mary wife of Joseph Stickland - aged 33 [Holy Trinity]

19 Jun Anna Ash [Lady Mary]

24 Jun Joseph s of Joseph & Amelia Shephard [Lady Mary]

26 Jun Ann d of James & Jane Seymer [St Martin's]

26 Jun Rebecca d of Edward & Rebecca Squire [Lady Mary]

27 Jun William s of Mark & Sarah Sansom [St Martin's]

28 Jun Mary Ann d of Robert & Mary Paul [Holy Trinity]

28 Jun John s of Thomas & Mary Standly [Lady Mary]

1 Jul Frederick s of Margaret Ellis [Lady Mary]

7 Jul Nathaniel s of John & Deborah Cole [Lady Mary]

30 Jun Kitty d of Charles & Elizabeth Churchill [Holy Trinity]

1 Jul Thomas s of Samuel & Sarah Roe [Holy Trinity]

1 Jul Henry s of Henry Hase? [Holy Trinity]

2 Jul George Lucas [Holy Trinity]

20 Jul Betty wife of Charles Richards - aged 56 [Holy Trinity]

31 Jul William s of John & Mary Snelgar [St Martin's]

14 Aug Martha Baker [Holy Trinity]

25 Aug Giles s of Dennis Brown [Lady Mary]

7 Sep Revd.John Edwards aged 41 [Lady Mary]

20 Sep Thomas Bagg [Holy Trinity]

3 Oct Susanna Mullett [Lady Mary]

16 Oct John Punch [Lady Mary]

6 Nov Joan Ferry [Lady Mary]

20 Dec William s of William & Mary Gillingham [Holy Trinity]


12 Jan Joseph Dunn [Lady Mary]

26 Jan Sarah Hains [Holy Trinity]

24 Feb Richard s of Ann Baker [St Martin's]

14 Mar Henry s of John & Mary Card [Holy Trinity]

20 Apr Robert Hammond [Lady Mary]

10 May Esther Tuck [St Martin's]

16 May Bula Lugg [Holy Trinity]

18 May Susanna Gallop [Lady Mary]

21 May John s of John & Adah Smith [Lady Mary]

25 Jul - Cake [Holy Trinity]

28 Jul George Butler [Holy Trinity]

2 Aug Sarah Poyle [Lady Mary]

14 Aug Robert Baker [Lady Mary]

14 Aug William s of Robert & Mary Brimnah [Lady Mary]

15 Aug William s of Richard & Mary Wright [Lady Mary]

3 Sep Elizabeth Sansom [Lady Mary]

22 Sep William Hill [Lady Mary]

15 Oct William s of William & Jane Edmunds [Holy Trinity]

22 Oct Nathaniel Bestland [Lady Mary]

7 Nov Mary d of Robert Basket [Holy Trinity]

12 Nov George s of George & Elizabeth Sansom [Holy Trinity]

15 Nov Stephen Bird - aged 84 [Lady Mary]

20 Dec Jane Fowler [Lady Mary]


25 Jan Ann Harris [Holy Trinity]

4 Feb William Forsey [Lady Mary]

6 Feb Dennis s of Dennis Brown [Lady Mary]

15 Mar John Winsar [Lady Mary]

6 Apr Rebecca wife of William Hodge [Lady Mary]

15 Apr Denis s of John & Sarah Standly [St Martin's]

25 Apr Mary d of Thomas & Elizabeth Ash [Lady Mary]

5 May Sarah wife of William Hobbs [Holy Trinity]

13 May William s of William & Mary Gillingham [Holy Trinity]

13 Jun Jane d of George & Mary Rumsey [Holy Trinity]

 - - Samuel s of William & Miriam Smith [Holy Trinity]

20 Jun Mary Ann d of John & Jane Keerly [Lady Mary]

24 Jun William s of Charles & Mary Hodder [Lady Mary]

27 Jun Harriot d of George & Phillis Marsh [Holy Trinity]

27 Jun Sarah d of John & Mary Bishop [Lady Mary]

1 Jul William s of Sarah Keats [Lady Mary]

5 Jul Charlotte d of Elizabeth Frost [Lady Mary]

7 Aug Hannah Budden [Lady Mary]

9 Aug Nancy Shephard [Holy Trinity]

11 Aug Patty Pink [St Martin's]

19 Aug William Mortimore [Holy Trinity]

15 Oct Mary d of Mark & Catherine Cockeram [Holy Trinity]

15 Oct Joseph Stickland aged 56 [Holy Trinity]

17 Oct Mary d of William & Grace Payne [Holy Trinity]

21 Oct Eliza d of John & Ann Punch [Lady Mary]

3 Nov Jonathan husband of Sarah Lawrence aged 67 [Lady Mary]

8 Nov Mary Parmiter [Lady Mary]

11 Nov John s of John & Elizabeth Best [Lady Mary]

21 Nov Jane Clavill [Holy Trinity]

27 Nov Elizabeth Blandford [Lady Mary]


9 Jan Mary Harvey [Holy Trinity]

27 Jan Esther Standly [Lady Mary]

30 Jan John Bradley [St Martin's]

30 Jan Basheba d of Barnet & Ann Standly [Lady Mary]

3 Feb Elizabeth d of Charles & Betty Richards aged 23 [Holy Trinity]

3 Feb James s of John & Elizabeth Best [Lady Mary]

10 Feb Kesia Sophia d of James & Jane Seymer [St Martin's]

17 Feb Francis Cribb [Lady Mary]

7 Mar James s of Edward & Rebecca Squires [Lady Mary]

5 Apr Jane d of Jane Standly [St Martin's]

21 Apr William s of Charles Hodder [Lady Mary]

24 Apr Ann d of George & Phillis Marsh [Holy Trinity]

17 May Ursilla Brown d of John & Teresa Card [Holy Trinity]

30 May Charles Churchill [Lady Mary]

3 Jun John Day [Lady Mary]

30 Jun Ursilla wife of John Sargent [Lady Mary]

19 Jul Susannah Gallop [Lady Mary]

24 Jul Elizabeth wife of George Foot aged 65 [Lady Mary]

23 Aug John Dampier [Lady Mary]

10 Sep Jane d of Thomas & Mary Tayler [Holy Trinity]

19 Sep Christian d of Charles & Betty Churchill [Holy Trinity]

1 Nov William Lambert [Holy Trinity]

22 Nov John Trenchard [Holy Trinity]

23 Nov Rachael Bragg [Holy Trinity]

23 Dec Charles Churchill [Lady Mary]


19 Jan Betty wife of John Foot [St Martin's]

26 Jan Ann wife of John Bishop [Holy Trinity]

6 Feb Fanny Symmonds [Holy Trinity]

12 Mar Mary Courtney [Lady Mary]

19 Mar Tantellar d of William & Sarah Manley [St Martin's]

19 Mar Rebecca Hobbs [Lady Mary]

25 Mar Frederick s of James & Jane Seymer [St Martin's]

16 Apr Maria d of George & Betty Sansom [Holy Trinity]

26 Apr Robert Scutt [St Martin's]

10 May Thomas s of Lewis & Priscilla Gover [Holy Trinity]

2 Jun William Stickland [St Martin's]

12 Jul George s of John & Elizabeth Stickland [Holy Trinity]

16 Aug Elizabeth Tubb [Lady Mary]

24 Aug John Gritten [Lady Mary]

4 Sep John Mackey [Holy Trinity]

10 Sep Kezia Dunning [Lady Mary]

20 Sep Sarah Bayley [Holy Trinity]

25 Sep Sarah Orchart [Lady Mary]

4 Nov Peter Silby [Holy Trinity]

6 Dec Ann Siveyear [Lady Mary]

18 Dec John Laws [Lady Mary]

27 Dec Elizabeth Woolls [Lady Mary]


3 Jan Hannah Bolt 13 [Lady Mary]

14 Feb Elizabeth Bestland 68 [Lady Mary]

19 Feb John Battrick 25 [St Martin's]

23 Feb Rebecca Louisa d of John & Ann Symes 5 months [Holy Trinity]

26 Feb Sarah Lawrence 39 [Lady Mary]

14 Mar Elizabeth Hawksford 21 [St Martin's]

11 Apr Betty Stickland [Holy Trinity]

14 Apr Walter Gray 64 [Lady Mary]

25 Apr Ann Randell 43 [Lady Mary]

2 May Elizabeth Phippard 84 [Lady Mary]

23 May Mary Hobs [Holy Trinity]

4 Jun James Clarke 21 [Lady Mary]

12 Oct James Churchill 57 [Holy Trinity]

17 Oct Bula Slade 19 [Holy Trinity]

21 Oct Robert Parmiter 57 [St Martin's]

29 Oct Rebecca d of Edward & Rebecca Squire 2 months [Lady Mary]

3 Nov Martha King 64 [Holy Trinity]

14 Nov Sarah Mullett 19 [Holy Trinity]

23 Nov Elizabeth Newman 64 [Holy Trinity]

12 Dec Ann d of George & Betty Sansom 3 months [Holy Trinity]

30 Dec Peggy Harding 53 [St Martin's]


3 Jan Mary Dampier 83 [Lady Mary]

3 Jan George Goodwin 68 [Lady Mary]

13 Jan Ann Brown 36 [Holy Trinity]

20 Jan Jane Goodwin 80 [Lady Mary]

30 Jan Ann Punch 76 [Lady Mary]

20 Feb Sarah Snelgar 69 [St Martin's]

24 Apr Betty Musselwhite 74 [Lady Mary]

22 May Mary Blackey 13 [Lady Mary]

26 May John Card 27 [Holy Trinity]

27 May Ann Meech 21 [St Martin's]

6 Jun David Gover 19 [Holy Trinity]

4 Sep John Fancy 3 [St Martin's]

5 Sep Samuel Bolt 3 weeks [Lady Mary]

3 Nov Ann Worley 34 [Lady Mary]

10 Nov Edward Edmunds 6 weeks [Holy Trinity]

12 Dec James Sinnock 75 [St Martin's]

13 Dec Nathaniel Florence 66 [St Martin's]

30 Dec Thomas Bayley 68 [Holy Trinity]

30 Dec Elizabeth Tompson 16 [Holy Trinity]


14 Jan John Lockyear 47 [Lady Mary]

26 Jan William Punch 80 [Lady Mary]

3 Feb Sarah Ralls 93 [St Martin's]

9 Feb John Thorn 2 [Lady Mary]

19 Mar Elizabeth Rose 33 [Lady Mary]

7 May John Skutt 6 weeks [St Martin's]

7 May William Hodder 8 months [Lady Mary]

9 May Isaac Court 8 weeks [Holy Trinity]

25 May Mary Squires 16 [Lady Mary]

26 May Walter Stickland 9 months [Holy Trinity]

11 Jun Mary Meech 81 [Lady Mary]

16 Jul Elizabeth wife of John Calcraft of Rempstone Corfe 45 [Lady Mary]

23 Jul Mary Hall 84 [Lady Mary]

29 Jul Harriot Squires 17 weeks [Lady Mary]

11 Aug Elizabeth Smith 58 [Holy Trinity]

25 Aug Sarah d of John& Mary Garland 80 [Holy Trinity]

3 Oct John Dominy 90 [St Martin's]

31 Oct Mary Churchill 20 weeks [Holy Trinity]

12 Nov Ann Symmonds 77 [Lady Mary]

28 Nov Mary Ann Hiscock 12 weeks [Lady Mary]

15 Dec Thomas Harris 38 [Lady Mary]

26 Dec William Cole 75 [Lady Mary]