MARRIAGES 1594 - 1791

These transcriptions were made and donated to Dorset-OPC by Mr Barry CHINCHEN


1594 Richard Perkins & Judith Reynolls [Lady Mary]

1597 William Pitt & Ann Gould [Holy Trinity]

1601 Thomas Weedon & Alicia Clavel [St Martin's]

1602 Alexander Brown & Mrs Joyce Clavel [Holy Trinity]

1618 Robert Bond & Alice Bond [St Martin's]

1627 John Perkins & Elizabeth Pomfret [Holy Trinity]

1634 John Young Rector & Mrs Susan Clavel widow [St Martin's]

1649 George Oliver & Mrs Rachel Morton [Lady Mary]

1652 George Tito of Arne & Joyce Culliford of Linch [Holy Trinity]

2 Dec 1672 George West & Christian Burges of Fordington [Quaker Records]

- Joseph Bence & Joan Mores [Quaker Records]

26 Aug 1714 Joseph Baker of Kimbridge & Urith Fisher of Arne (at Corfe) [Quaker Records]

1 Mar 1716 John s of Thomas Holmes tailor of Wareham & Sarah d of Thomas Dyett of Corfe Mullen at Poole [Quaker Records]


25 Apr Thomas? Bolt & Alice Shepherd [Holy Trinity]

30 May John Baker & Mary Parmiter [Holy Trinity]

22 Aug Pike & Rabnet Biles [Holy Trinity]

8 Sep John? Smith & Sarah Parmiter [Holy Trinity]

26 Sep & Martha Bolt [Holy Trinity]

17 Nov & Prudence Bartlett [Holy Trinity]

17 Jan & Mary Hatchet [Holy Trinity]

2 Feb Thomas Sheet & Eleanor Goodwin [Lady Mary]

7 Feb Phippard & Efflet Delecourt [Holy Trinity]

5 Mar Richard Cole & Mary Brine [Holy Trinity]


11 Oct Henry Chisman & Margaret Hony [Lady Mary]

31 Jan Samuel Mortimer & Edith Fall [Holy Trinity]


30 May William Hall & Anne Crawford [St Martin's]

2 Feb Robert Bartlett & Joane Glover [St Martin's]


29 Dec Thomas Hurdle & Mary Cribb [Holy Trinity]

10 Feb John Fall & Agnes Acourt [Lady Mary]


9 Apr John Osmond & Sarah South [Holy Trinity]

3 Aug Henry Cake & Martha Edmunds [Holy Trinity]

14 Dec Howel Harris & Betty Parmiter [Lady Mary]

9 Feb John Gaden & Mary Anderson [Lady Mary]

25 Mar John Parrot & Mary Derham [Holy Trinity]


11 May John Cox & Mary Browne [Holy Trinity]

22 May Nicholas Hodder & Susannah Bower [Holy Trinity]

30 May John Harden & Mary Hancock [Holy Trinity]

16 Jun John Seaman & Anna Smith [Holy Trinity]

13 Jun Thomas Hardy & Elizabeth Bird [Holy Trinity]

20 Jun Edward Stanley & Hannah Brann [Holy Trinity]

1 Nov John Wareham & Anne Peeke [Holy Trinity]


12 Apr William Bayly & Margaret Summers [Holy Trinity]

17 Apr Thomas Langdown & Grace Basket [Holy Trinity]

28 May Richard Standley & Betty Foot [Holy Trinity]

10 Jul Robert Squibb & Anne Bartlett [Holy Trinity]

4 Sep Joseph Grange & Elizabeth Squibb [Holy Trinity]

1 Jan Willian Saunders & Mary Cheeke [Lady Mary]

10 Jan Daniel Edmonds & Kathrine Hynde [Lady Mary]

17 Jan Thomas Hownsell & Lydia Groves [Lady Mary]

29 Jan Robert Weathen & Elizabeth Edmunds [Holy Trinity]


23 May John Ralls & Mary Burd [Holy Trinity]

20 Jun Richard Trew & Margaret Ward [Holy Trinity]

3 Sep Laurence Burd & Mary Bishop [Holy Trinity]

1 Nov Daniel Bland & Mary Tuck [Lady Mary]

13 Nov William Taylour & Anne Lee [Holy Trinity]

17 Dec Thomas Bandimore & Anne Cosh [Holy Trinity]

5 Mar Robert Bascomb & Elizabeth Charles [Holy Trinity]


22 May William Cole & Anne Stone [Holy Trinity]

11 Jun Richard Palmer & Anne Bolt [Holy Trinity]

30 Jun Edward New & Eleanor Sturmey [Holy Trinity]

5 Jul Richard Harding & Mary Lawden [Holy Trinity]

16 Aug Edward Florence & Susannah Derby [Holy Trinity]

30 Sep James Bishop & Mary Deane [Holy Trinity]

1 Oct Christopher Chisman & Louisa Devirge [Holy Trinity]

16 Feb John Hellier & Mary Valence [Holy Trinity]

28 Feb Denis Browne & Mary Delacourt [Lady Mary]


8 Apr William Lewis & Eleanor Bartlett [Holy Trinity]

8 Apr Timothy Quinn & Katharine Parsons [Holy Trinity]

29 Apr Anthony Basket & Sarah Ardren [Holy Trinity]

24 May William Mortimer & Elizabeth Hatchard [Holy Trinity]

21 Jun Matthew Benfield & Hannah Poulden [Lady Mary]

3 Jul John How & Mary Bishop [Holy Trinity]

27 Jul Robert Piercy & Elizabeth Wilkins [Holy Trinity]

3 Aug Robert Gallop & Jane Lewis [Holy Trinity]

5 Sep John Winzar & Mary Punch [Lady Mary]

30 Nov Samuel Lewis & Martha Bolt [Holy Trinity]

1 ... William Randall & Elizabeth Ballard [Lady Mary]


22 May John Bridle & Alice Guy [Holy Trinity]

20 Sep Thomas Bishop & Mary Bertram [Holy Trinity]

1 Dec Richard James & Elizabeth Gray? [Lady Mary]

1 Dec Clement Welsted & Martha Lewis [Lady Mary]

5 Jan George Harden & Anne Trew? [Lady Mary]

29 Jan Henry Hobbes & Elizabeth Foot [Holy Trinity]


9 May Robert Pollard & Elizabeth Bullock [Holy Trinity]

29 May George Headyard & Elizabeth Sansom [Lady Mary]

24 Jun Thomas Legg & Mary Banet [Lady Mary]

25 Jun Thomas Edgar & Efflet Phippard [Holy Trinity]

13 Jul James Fulford & Susanna Cotton [Lady Mary]

26 Jul George Foot & Elizabeth Pelly [Lady Mary]

3 Sep George Standley & Mary Baily [Holy Trinity]

14 Nov Reuben Small & Mary Card [Holy Trinity]

15 Dec Robert Cox & Mary Wiseman [Holy Trinity]

10 Jan Thomas Rogers & Sarah Lancaster [Holy Trinity]


29 Apr John Derham & Mary Gillingham [Holy Trinity]

15 Aug Richard Bower & Mary Tatchel [Holy Trinity]

19 Oct William World & Mary Meader [Holy Trinity]

31 Jan James Bishop & Mary Pollard [Holy Trinity]


30 Apr Thomas Gillingham & Hannah Philips [Holy Trinity]

10 May Mr Harry Tuck & Mrs Mary South [Lady Mary]

14 May Thomas Windsor & Mary Tucker [Lady Mary]

15 May John Daw & Mary King [St Martin's]

15 May William Harding & Ann Joanes [Lady Mary]

23 Jul Thomas Urdy & Elizabeth Christophers [St Martin's]

5 Aug Mr.John Humphrys & Mrs.Sarah Courtin of Pool [Holy Trinity]

14 Aug Mr John Brixey & Mrs Mary Phippard [Holy Trinity]

30 Aug John Wilkins & Anne Cosh [Lady Mary]

30 Sep John Jones & Jane Hall [St Martin's]

24 Oct Richard Bensted of Gosport & Elizabeth Devenish [Holy Trinity]

14 Nov William Painter of Corfe & Lucy Norris [Holy Trinity]

26 Nov William Fiander of Ouremoigne & Ann Blandmore [Lady Mary]

14 Feb John Rawls of Bere Regis & Tabitha Bird [St Martin's]

14 Feb Thomas Barnes of Wool & Sarah Lugg [Holy Trinity]

14 Feb Robert Dalicourt & Betty Gregory [Lady Mary]


23 Apr Joseph Stevenson of Poole & Susan Burleigh [Holy Trinity]

4 Jun Robert Barnes & Betty Crumpler both of Morden [Holy Trinity]

16 Jun Thomas Benfield & Elizabeth Meech [Lady Mary]

24 Jun George Clerk of St.Mary's & Mary Budden [St Martin's]

2 Jul John Isaac of Holy Trinity & Mary Hurd of Portsmouth [Lady Mary]

13 Oct Daniel Edmunds & Anne Bridle [Lady Mary]

20 Aug Joseph Roles & Christian Lock [Holy Trinity]

31 Aug John Lucas & Alice Holmes widow of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]


1 Apr Richard Langdown & Elizabeth Parmiter [St Martin's]

1 Apr James Carter & Anne Bartlet of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]

10 Apr Henry Bolt & Mary Barnes [St Martin's]

15 Sep John Ballet of Litchet Minster & Ruth Kerley of Swanage [Holy Trinity]

3 Dec John Whitehead of Fisherton AngierWilts.& Susan Florence widow [St Martin's]

24 Jan James Bartlet of Stowborough & Hannah Morey of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]


14 May Joseph Steel of Lower Litchet & Mary Whiffen of Arne [Lady Mary]

13 Jul Samuel White of St.Martin's & Ann Stanley of Bestwall [Lady Mary]

14 Jul George Clench & Betty Seward both of Holy Trinity [Lady Mary]

24 Nov Thomas Punch & Elizabeth Goodwin [Lady Mary]

27 Dec David Luttley of Cerne Abbas & Ann Jennings [Holy Trinity]

29 Dec Robert Keat of Knoll & Anne Newman [Lady Mary]

9 Feb Mr.John Pushman of Swanage & Mrs.Mary Caines [Holy Trinity]


10 Apr Matthew Sherring of Swanage & Mary Shatter of Arne [Holy Trinity]

27 May Henry Best & Sarah Woodrow both of Holton [St Martin's]

12 Jun William Hodges & Abigail Allen of Worgret [Lady Mary]

16 Jun William Edmunds junior & Anne Gaden of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]

21 Jul Thomas Sevier? & Mary Saint [Holy Trinity]

31 Aug David Martin & Mary Hillmen of Pool [Lady Mary]

20 Oct Thomas Tubb & Mary Kerley of Sturminster Marshall [Lady Mary]

22 Dec Joseph Bishop senior of Winterbourne Whitchurch [Holy Trinity]

& Susan Sansom widow of St.Mary's

13 Jan Henry Bythewood & Elizabeth Reason [Holy Trinity]

15 Jan William Turner of Holton & Hannah Fisher of Redcliff [Holy Trinity]


16 May Robert Coward & Elizabeth Bolt [Lady Mary]

8 May Lewis Cockram of Arne & Sarah Loop of Slepe [Lady Mary]

29 Jun Edward Webber & Elizabeth Frost [Holy Trinity]

6 Oct William Sansom & Anne Goodridge [Lady Mary]

10 Nov Edward Smith of Winfrith & Mary Furmage of St.Martin's [Holy Trinity]

8 Jan Stephen Thiddam of Stoborough & Susan Garret of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

29 Jan Thomas Gillingham of Stowborough & Joan Row widow [Holy Trinity]


17 Apr Philip Bolt & Susan Butcher [St Martin's]

18 Apr Thomas Baker of Morden & Catherine Seward of Holy Trinity [Lady Mary]

25 Apr Robert Homer & Mary Cheesman [Lady Mary]

19 May John Culliford & Sarah Norman both of Corfe [Lady Mary]

1 Jun James Nay of Newport I.O.W. & Mary Chaffin of St.Mary's [St Martin's]

7 Jun James Bishop sojourner at Holton & Mary Collins [Lady Mary]

Jun John Budden & Eleanor Norris both of Holy Trinity [Lady Mary] 18

Aug James Slade & Mary Card [Holy Trinity] 12

Sep Thomas Porter of Beer Regis & Tabitha Bird [Lady Mary] 10

7 Dec William Biggis of Frome & Sarah Dean [Holy Trinity]

22 Dec William Slade & Mary Biddlecomb of Knoll [Lady Mary]

28 Dec Nowel Cribb junior of Stoborough & Mary Evermary [St Martin's]

6 Jan Roger Han & Sarah Michel [Lady Mary]


1 Apr George Baynton & Grace Lacy of Holy Trinity [Lady Mary]

8 Jul John Macham & Betty Churchill [Lady Mary]

24 Sep John James & Anne Doleman of Litchet Matravers [Holy Trinity]

29 Sep Daniel Dugdale junior & Mary Dean [Lady Mary]

5 Oct Richard Good & Elizabeth Hencock [Holy Trinity]

11 Nov William Chapman & Anne Spencer of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]


16 Feb Mr.John Slade & Mrs.Martha Hayler of Pool [Holy Trinity]

4 May Robert Benfield & Mary Benfield of Corfe [Lady Mary]

31 May John Hellier sojourner & Jane Cheek [Lady Mary]

29 Jun Philip Parmiter of Stowborough & Sarah Sevier [Holy Trinity]

9 Jul William Fossey & Betty Paden of Stalbridge [Holy Trinity]

9 Jul John Sheaf sojourner & Patience Chinchin [Holy Trinity]

1 Aug Roger Horsfield & Anne Lock [Holy Trinity]

26 Oct Joseph Syms of Cranborne & Elizabeth Benfield [Holy Trinity]

1 Nov Joseph Dean & Betty Coward [Lady Mary]

4 Dec Robert Punch of St.Mary's & Sarah Tubb of Morden [Holy Trinity]

26 Dec Richard Hobbs & Sarah Wills of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]


22 Jan Benjamin Bartlet & Betty Glover [Holy Trinity]

5 Mar John Bunn & Susanna Bird [Lady Mary]

16 Apr Richard Pike junior of Swanage & Sarah Slade of Christchurch [Lady Mary]

22 Apr John Golop sojourner & Susan Conway [Lady Mary]

29 May Robert Christophers & Mary Withy of Holy Trinity [Lady Mary]

29 May Robert Blanford & Elizabeth Verdy widow [Lady Mary]

30 May Edward Tucker of East Creech & Angel Court [Lady Mary]

12 Jun Thomas Coombs of Cranborn & Eleanor Budden widow [Holy Trinity]

17 Jul John Goddard & Elizabeth Gardiner [Lady Mary]

18 Oct Mr John Cheeseman & Mrs Elizabeth Gigger [Lady Mary]

28 Nov William Pope & Eleanor Swaine [Lady Mary]

2 Dec William Snelgar sojourner & Elizabeth Parsons [Lady Mary]


24 Jan Francis Bolt & Joyce Brine [Lady Mary]

25 Jan Robert White & Eleanor Whiffin of Arne [Lady Mary]

28 Jan James Collins & Rebecca Charles of Worgret [Lady Mary]

20 Feb Samuel Tuck of Stoborough & Joan Green [Lady Mary]

23 Feb John Harris & Anne Standly [Lady Mary]

24 Feb Daniel Lester & Mary Journey [Lady Mary]

24 Feb James Brown & Elizabeth Terry [Lady Mary]

1 Jul Robert Lillington cordwainer of Corfe & Mary Glover of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

15 Aug John Belly & Hester Brinton [Lady Mary]

15 Sep William Gould widower cordwainer of St.Mary's & Sarah Green [Holy Trinity]

24 Sep Samuel Lambert tailor & Grace Parmiter of St.Mary's [St Martin's]


4 Feb George Brinton - mariner & Sarah Baker both of West Middleburgh [Holy Trinity]

1 Apr Henry Bestland glazier & Anne Luttley widow [St Martin's]

9 Apr George Jennings & Mary Goddard [Lady Mary]

May William Twine & Mary Lannion of Stoborough [Lady Mary] 15

May Mr.William Phippard - joiner & Mrs.Hester Olive [Holy Trinity] 20

21 May William Pike - cordwainer & Martha Cribb both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

30 May William Slade & Elizabeth Tubb [Lady Mary]

12 Jun Richard Edmunds blacksmith & Martha Grey widow both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

30 Jun John Goodwin & Mary Lewis [Lady Mary]

3 Jul Philip Bythewood - tanner & Anne Brown both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

3 Jul Mr Timothy Lamb of London & Mrs Anne Cribb [Lady Mary]

29 Jul John Tuck of St.Martin's & Elizabeth Gray [Lady Mary]

4 Aug Robert Aplin & Grace Gillingham both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

11 Aug William Courtney - labourer & Jane Whiffen both of Arne [Holy Trinity]

26 Aug Thomas Holt - labourer & Elizabeth Davis both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

26 Aug John Baynton & Anne Baker [Lady Mary]

3 Sep John Roe cordwainer - a minor - of St.Mary's & Anne Hascal [Holy Trinity]

13 Oct Richard Davis widower - worsted comber & Elizabeth Tubb widow both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

15 Oct George Mills cooper of St.Mary's & Mary Bolt [St Martin's]

18 Oct Benjamin Goodwin of St.Mary's - White Tawer? & Jane Seward [Holy Trinity]

27 Oct Harry Glover labourer of Steeple & Agnes Baker [St Martin's]

2 Nov John Allingham labourer of Litchet Minster & Mary Wilkins [St Martin's]

24 Nov John Glover junior & Anne Gillingham [Lady Mary]

15 Dec John Dominy junior & Jane Cribb [Lady Mary]

26 Dec James Brixy shipwright of Pool & Hester Marsh [St Martin's]


1 Mar Robert Edgar & Mary Baynton [Lady Mary]

19 Apr Nathanel Churchill & Joan Ingram [Lady Mary]

21 Apr Thomas Chiles & Anne Pollard [Lady Mary]

18 May John Sheaf - blacksmith & Elizabeth Jubber [Holy Trinity]

24 May John Edwards labourer sojourner & Rebecca Mortimer [St Martin's]

7 Jun Robert Randall & Mary Purchase [Lady Mary]

5 Jul Daniel Baker - labourer & Ann Langdown both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

10 Aug Thomas Langley - mariner & Mary White both of Arne [Holy Trinity]


19 Jan John Tubb & Leah Lugg sojourners [Lady Mary]

17 Feb Mr.Thomas Phippard - brewer of St.Mary's & Mrs.Elizabeth Cheesman [Holy Trinity]

22 Feb Thomas Smith a dragoon & Elizabeth Smith [Lady Mary]

2 May Richard Good labourer of St.Mary's widower & Anne Tuck [St Martin's]

11 Apr James Twine & Mary Warren [Lady Mary]

21 Jun John Fry - labourer & Eleanor Bishop both of Arne [Holy Trinity]

7 Aug Thomas Tracy & Eunice Baynton [Lady Mary]

10 Aug Robert Harris & Anne Shave [Lady Mary]

21 Aug Thomas Cooke - labourer of St.Mary's & Elizabeth Shepperd [Holy Trinity]

2 Oct Isaac A'Court & Sarah Baker both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

2 Nov Robert Stevens - joiner of St.Mary's widower & Betty Redwood [Holy Trinity]

29 Dec Mr.John Redwood maltster & Mary Knapton [Holy Trinity]


3 Jan William Knap labourer of Lower Litchet widower & Jane Pollard widow of Holton [St Martin's]

2 Feb Nowel Cribb senior - shoemaker & Betty Whiffin both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

12 Jun Robert Squibb & Anne Earle [Lady Mary]

13 Jun Robert Galton & Mary Mitchel [Lady Mary]

13 Jun Thomas Punch & Elizabeth Dewey [Lady Mary]

14 Jun John Collins of Swanage & Anne Edmunds [Lady Mary]

5 Sep Thomas Smith - cordwainer & Jenny Pook both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

10 Oct George Haviland of Corfe - hosier & Judith Jubber of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

27 Nov Henry Burley & Mary Courtney [Lady Mary]

6 Dec James Farwell labourer of Church Knowle & Ruth Symonds [St Martin's]


29 Jan John Bly sadler & Jane Bird [St Martin's]

5 Feb George Hemington & Mary Lodge [Lady Mary]

26 Feb Thomas Dominy & Rebecca Jennings [Lady Mary]

25 Mar John Cake of Lytchet Minster labourer & Mary Sherring of Ridge [Holy Trinity]

15 Apr George Sansom & Mary Belly [Lady Mary]

5 Jun John Burt & Mary Squibb [Lady Mary]

1 Jul William Cephren & Mary Smith [Lady Mary]

7 Jul William Hodges & Rebecca Bullock of Worgret [Lady Mary]

9 Jul Clement Welsted carpenterwidower & Joan Catgut widow both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

19 Aug Robert Drew of Winterbourn Kingston & Mary Langdown [Lady Mary]

1 Sep Charles Row & Margaret Norris [Lady Mary]

4 Sep George Grose & Priscilla Score [Lady Mary]

5 Nov John Shave & Elizabeth Hayne? [Lady Mary]

11 Nov Henry Courtney & Mary Bullock of Worgret [Lady Mary]

13 Nov Thomas Hucker malster of Great Canford & Hester Bartlett [St Martin's]

28 Nov John Pucket * labourer & Elizabeth Wills of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

 * - false name - remarried 28th July 1760


15 Jan Thomas Cake of Athelhampton & Betty Lambert of Keysworth [St Martin's]

11 Feb Robert Stedman of Tarent Gunvil & Frances Davis [Lady Mary]

29 Mar William Cribb cordwainer & Ruth Christopher both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

20 Apr James Bolt labourer & Sarah Symonds [St Martin's]

22 May Thomas Punch & Jane Slade [Lady Mary]

3 Jun John Munden labourer & Grace Bird [St Martin's]

1 Jul George Baker & Jane Grange [Lady Mary]

3 Jul John Derham labourer widower & Sarah Acourt widow b. of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

28 Jul Elias Tollege labourer & Elizabeth Wills both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

11 Aug George Acourt labourer widower & Ann Arney both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

30 Sep Robert Turner labourer & Mary Baker of St.Martin's [Holy Trinity]

2 Oct Edward White of Wimborne Minster & Mary Edmunds [Lady Mary]

13 Oct Thomas Smith & Mary Brine [Lady Mary]

16 Oct Mr Robert Hammond tanner of Folke & Mrs Betty Caines [Holy Trinity]

29 Oct Thomas Edmunds woolcomber of Milboro Port Somerset & Betty Smith of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]


Feb Thomas Mould labourer & Mary Snelgar of Cary Mill [St Martin's] 3

8 Feb Mr Robert Bacon of West Mills St.Mary's papermaker & Mrs Mary Goodwin [Holy Trinity]

22 Mar Thomas Sennick mariner & Mary Brine widow [St Martin's]

22 Mar John Cox & Mary Battrick [Lady Mary]

30 Mar William Harrison mariner & Fanny Pelly widow [St Martin's]

5 Apr Hugh Davis & Mary Baker [Lady Mary]

6 Apr William Lomber labourer & Elizabeth Fry both of Arne [Holy Trinity]

26 May William Bythewood woolcomber & Jane Oclford (Odford?)of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]

26 May John Grady & Margaret Belly [Lady Mary]

31 May Thomas Prince of More Crichil & Anne Glover widow [Lady Mary]

3 Jun William Baker & Susanna Croad [Holy Trinity]

6 Sep William Fry labourer widower & Anne Roper of Keysworth [St Martin's]

29 Oct Charles Hodder labourer of Arne & Elizabeth Standley of St.Mary's [Holy Trinity]


1 Feb William Newman & Mary Everton [Lady Mary]

8 Feb Francis Musselwhite papermaker & Betty Standley [St Martin's]

15 Feb John Cribb mariner & Anne Windsor both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

11 Apr William Pain thatcher & Mary Corn [Holy Trinity]

11 Apr William Downes mariner & Mary Morrice both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

13 Apr John Hill & Jane Hellier [Lady Mary]

 *** Fire destroyed much of the Town 25th July ***

27 Jul Joseph Manuel & Mary Grant [St Martin's]

18 Aug Edward Kitcat & Elizabeth Cook widow [Lady Mary]

16 Nov Robert Gerard & Mary Acourt [Lady Mary]


3 Jan John Warren & Hannah Ball [Lady Mary]

14 Feb James Sansom & Betty Roberts [Lady Mary]

16 May Thomas Burt labourer & Mary Lambert both of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

23 Jun John King & Fanny Riggs [Lady Mary]

8 Aug Charles Hodder & Priscilla Pinhorn [Lady Mary]

12 Aug William Down labourer & Anne Standly [Holy Trinity]

14 Aug Thomas Wilson brewer & Sarah Vincent [Holy Trinity]

Aug Robert Edmunds & Mary Bezant [Lady Mary] 22

26 Nov Henry Bestland & Mary Sprage [Lady Mary]

29 Nov John Senneck mariner & Elizabeth Applin [Holy Trinity]

11 Dec Arthur Davis & Anna Gretton [Lady Mary]

27 Dec Henry Bestland of Shaston & Christian Rogers of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

27 Dec William Kimber & Margaret Fall [Lady Mary]


1 Jan John Branton & Mary Linington [Lady Mary]

29 Jan John Parmiter & Mary Jennings [Lady Mary]

28 Feb Robert Swain & Ann Dean [Lady Mary]

31 Mar Mr.Francis Webb of London & Mrs.Hannah Milner [Lady Mary]

22 Apr Benjamin Baker & Rebecca Knight [Lady Mary]

13 May William Deacon bricklayer widower & Jane Cribb widow [Holy Trinity]

14 Jun Joseph Brandis of Everlode Worcs. & Martha Standley [Lady Mary]

23 Jul John Foot of Redcliff & Philippina Davis [Lady Mary]

30 Aug Robert Chisman labourer of Arne widower & Elizabeth Chapman of St.Martin's [Holy Trinity]

30 Aug John Hind & Jone Mullet [Lady Mary]

Sep Henry Melledge & Mary Dashwood [Lady Mary] 4

10 Sep John Woodley & Sarah Snelgar [Lady Mary]

11 Nov James Jennings & Margaret Sheppard [Lady Mary]

22 Nov Henry Miller cordwainer of Tyneham & Mary Row [Holy Trinity]

25 Dec Charles Churchill mason & Johanna Shitler [Holy Trinity]


20 Jan George Haveland & Martha Filleter [Lady Mary]

20 Jan Robert Tizzard & Martha Loop [Lady Mary]

12 Feb William Pollard & Jane Pollard of Holton [Lady Mary]

6 Aug William Punch & Mary Miller [Lady Mary]

26 Sep Thomas King & Mary Standley [Lady Mary]

1 Oct Mr.Joseph Goodwin & Mrs Jane Dugdale [Lady Mary]

19 Dec John Rawls & Sarah Cole [Lady Mary]

26 Dec George Chisman & Sarah Kitcatt [Lady Mary]


8 Jan Robert Manuel of Redcliff Stoborough - Newfoundland Master widower & Sarah Foot [Holy Trinity]

26 Jan Duncan MacHenry & Grace Miller of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

6 Feb William Sennick & Jane Gillingham [Lady Mary]

9 Mar John Bailey & Eleanor Swain [Lady Mary]

13 Mar John Mullet & Susanna Wills of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

19 May Daniel Clare & Eleanor Pope widow [Lady Mary]

20 May John Searley mariner of Combe Keynes & Anne Smith [Holy Trinity]

28 Oct Thomas Conway & Edith Heady [Lady Mary]

11 Nov Mr.John Chapman of Piddletown & Mrs.Elizabeth Chisman [Lady Mary]

13 Nov Mr.William Cole & Elizabeth Florence [Lady Mary]

13 Nov George Smith & Lydia Northover [Lady Mary]


19 Jan Henry Cake & Elizabeth Shitler [Holy Trinity]

9 Feb Thomas Baily & Elizabeth Webber [Lady Mary]

25 Feb John Budden & Sarah Squibb [Holy Trinity]

1 Mar Thomas Rose & Mary Sanders [Lady Mary]

1 Mar Joshua Lugg & Joan Gray [Lady Mary]

2 Mar Charles Churchill & Hester Sanders [Lady Mary]

5 May William Mash & Mary Branchard [Lady Mary]

7 May Mr John Compton & Betty Brown [Holy Trinity]

25 May John Hill & Anne Sheppard [Holy Trinity]

26 May Bates Glover of Pool gentleman & Mrs.Jane Harbin [Lady Mary]

8 Jun Mr Peter Seby & Mrs Frances Crib [Holy Trinity]

17 Jun William Glanvil & Alice Pitman [Holy Trinity]

23 Jun Nowel Cribb junior & Anne Acourt [Lady Mary]

25 Jun Samuel Hayter Esquire & Mrs Elizabeth Tuck [Holy Trinity]

23 Jul Peter Tait gentleman & Mrs.Anne Harbin [Lady Mary]

4 Aug James Wakely & Sarah Hill [Lady Mary]

25 Aug William Jennings & Betty Osmond [Lady Mary]

6 Sep Richard Greenham of Corfe Castle & Martha Baker of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

Nov Mr.Richard Cull & Mrs.Elizabeth Chisman [Lady Mary] 4

3 Dec George Hemmington & Mary Sennick [Lady Mary]


11 Feb Mr.George Hussey of Wimborne Minster & Mrs.Mary Harbin [Lady Mary]

Mar Thomas Cox of Newbury Berks. & Rebecca Baker [Lady Mary] 16

Apr Charles White & Elizabeth Wellspring [Lady Mary] 5

Apr John Honeyborn & Mary Ford [Lady Mary] 5

7 Apr Isaac Derby of Great Canford & Sarah Baker of Slepe [Holy Trinity]

28 Apr Henry Hobbs & Barbara Gotham of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

5 May Richard Hobbs & Rebecca Hobbs [Lady Mary]

10 Jun Richard Manuel & Elizabeth Talbot [Lady Mary]

22 Jul Stephen Bird & Mary Cole [Lady Mary]

11 Sep John Flook & Mary Bird [Lady Mary]

12 Sep John Osard & Anna Rawls [Lady Mary]

21 Sep William Edmunds & Anne Smith [Lady Mary]

20 Sep William Mortimer & Grace MacHenry widow [Lady Mary]

9 Oct Henry Hatchard & Eflet Sanders [Lady Mary]

27 Oct John Churchill & Susanna Blanchard [Lady Mary]

24 Nov John Brooks & Molly Lully [Lady Mary]


31 Jan William Goodwin & Grace Baynton widow [Lady Mary]

27 Mar William Hall & Mary Christopher widow [Lady Mary]

27 Mar John Budden & Hannah Brown [Lady Mary]

8 Apr William Brown & Mary Rawls [Holy Trinity]

16 May George Baker & Mary Taylor [Lady Mary]

6 Jun Edward Weden & Mary Gillingham [Lady Mary]

18 Jun Thomas Slade & Grace Pollard [Lady Mary]

25 Jun Richard Wethers & Mary Hardy [Lady Mary]

26 Jun Joseph Woolfrys & Anne Webber [Holy Trinity]

29 Jun Robert World & Mary Read [Lady Mary]

11 Jul William Brine & Betty Wilkins [Lady Mary]

28 Aug Thomas Tubb of Hamworthy & Rose Roper [Lady Mary]

20 Sep Isaac Acourt & Mary Derham of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

30 Oct John Tizard & Joan Churchill widow [Lady Mary]

23 Nov Charles Hodder & Anne Ingram [Lady Mary]

6 Dec Samuel Dowden & Mary Collins [Lady Mary]

18 Dec Robert Damon & Anne Courtney [Lady Mary]

21 Dec John Bunn & Jenny Bishop [Lady Mary]


13 Jan Henry Smith & Martha Wallis [Lady Mary]

18 Feb John Baker & Christian Baker [Holy Trinity]

21 Mar John Goodwin & Elizabeth Hodder widow [Lady Mary]

16 Apr Henry Edmunds & Elizabeth Randal [Holy Trinity]

22 Apr John Bird & Mary Whiffen [Lady Mary]

Apr William Rawles & Betty Beach? [Lady Mary] 22

24 Apr William Pooke & Mary Loop of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

27 Apr Mr Giles Brown & Molly Edmunds [Holy Trinity]

15 Jul William Orchard & Sarah Bower [Lady Mary]

11 Sep Simon Christopher & Elizabeth Valence [Lady Mary]

11 Sep Thomas Row & Mary Hill [Lady Mary]

29 Oct John Trenchard & Anne Cribb [Holy Trinity]

29 Oct Roger Courtney & Sarah Cribb [Holy Trinity]

29 Nov Daniel Parker & Martha Cake [Holy Trinity]


21 Jan John Chisman & Ann Squibb [Lady Mary]

29 Jan Charles Churchill & Grace Winzar [Lady Mary]

14 May Thomas Gill & Margaret Budden [Lady Mary]

19 May Henry Cox & Elizabeth Galley [Lady Mary]

17 Jun James Sill & Mary Redwood [Lady Mary]

23 Jun Joseph Stickland & Mary Pope [Lady Mary]

13 Sep Robert Hammond & Elizabeth Garland [Lady Mary]

1 Oct Thomas Delacourt & Mary Cribb [Lady Mary]

9 Oct John Tilly & Margaret Riddle [Lady Mary]

6 Nov Richard Palmer & Mary Grant [Lady Mary]


4 Feb John Musselwhite & Worborrow Brown [Holy Trinity]

13 Feb Abraham Peterson & Martha Redwood [Lady Mary]

18 Feb John Jacob & Mary Chisman [Lady Mary]

19 Apr William Mabey & Betty Osmond [Holy Trinity]

21 Apr John Bishop & Ann Harding [Holy Trinity]

21 Apr John Serjent & Ursula Muselwhite [Lady Mary]

11 Jun Robert Tucker & Betty Clench [Holy Trinity]

16 Jun John Allengame & Mary Haskle [Lady Mary]

2 Oct Philip George & Ann Cross [Lady Mary]

3 Nov John Dowing & Elizabeth Bythewood [Holy Trinity]

17 Nov Richard Goodwin & Margaret Seby [Holy Trinity]

23 Dec Thomas Bartlet & Ann Tuck [Holy Trinity]


12 Jan John Clarke brewer of Newport Isle of Wight & Sarah Reader [Lady Mary]

12 Jan James Stickland & Mary Nineham [Lady Mary]

4 Feb Simon Christophers & Elizabeth Punch [Holy Trinity]

Banns Feb: Robert Shepherd labourer & Jane Dominy of Bere Regis [Holy Trinity]

11 Apr Samuel Barnes & Mary Grant [Lady Mary]

25 Apr Jonathan Lawrence & Sarah Small? [Lady Mary]

19 May John Waygood & Elizabeth Parmiter [Holy Trinity]

24 May Thomas Burton & Mary Fall [Lady Mary]

18 Jun Thomas Edgar & Elizabeth Edgar [Holy Trinity]

Banns Jul: Henry Porter mason & Mary Sinneck of Church Knowle [St Martin's]

21 Nov William Standley & Anne Gillingham [Lady Mary]


1 Jan William Punch mariner & Elizabeth Davis [St Martin's]

4 Jan Jonathan Churchill & Hester Good [Lady Mary]

13 Feb John Squire & Elizabeth Bird [St Martin's]

7 Mar Denis Foot & Ursula Grant [Lady Mary]

16 Jun John Bartlett of Lytchet Matravers & Sarah Hardy [St Martin's]

17 Jul James Bartlett & Betty Elmes [Lady Mary]

23 Oct Ventris Holloway & Anne How [Holy Trinity]

27 Dec Harry Randell & Anne Roper [Holy Trinity]


9 Jan William Anthony of Milbourne & Betty Matcham [St Martin's]

13 Feb William Saunders of St.Mary's & Mary Clark [St Martin's]

27 Feb John Row widower & Ann Hill widow [Holy Trinity]

15 Mar Robert Brown widower & Joan Hibbs [Lady Mary]

14 May John Barnes of Lytchet Minster & Sarah Best [St Martin's]

2 Jul John Cheesman of Litchet Minster & Eleanor Domeny [Lady Mary]

2 Jul William Baker & Elizabeth Seneck both of Holy Trinity [Lady Mary]

29 Sep Henry Stickland of East Stoke & Elizabeth Knight [Holy Trinity]

16 Oct Thomas Caish of Corfe & Elizabeth Briggs [Holy Trinity]

27 Nov Benjamin Ball & Betty Homer [Lady Mary]

11 Dec Francis Tilliter of Stepney Middx. & Ann Tilliter o.t.p. [St Martin's]

24 Dec Robert Coney & Elizabeth Pollard [St Martin's]


22 Jan Robert Smyth of Holy Trinity & Betty Purchase [Lady Mary]

29 Jan Dennis Stanley & Betty Chinchen [St Martin's]

12 Apr William Parmiter & Jane Millar [Holy Trinity]

29 Apr Edward Barnes & Mary Swift [St Martin's]

30 Apr Francis Shephard & Nanny Bestland of Lady Mary [Holy Trinity]

22 May Harry Tuck & Esther Grose [Holy Trinity]

25 Aug John Baker & Mary Talbot [Lady Mary]

31 Oct William Gillingham of St.Martin's & Elizabeth Meden [Holy Trinity]

22 Dec Richard Bartlett & Ann Shitler [Holy Trinity]

Banns Dec: Henry Hobbs & Frances Hooper of Knowle [Holy Trinity]

24 Dec John Bishop & Lucy Prince [Lady Mary]


7 Jan John Marsh of St.Martin's & Mary Court [Lady Mary]

20 Jan John Bonfield of Swanage & Mary Masters [Lady Mary]

16 Feb George Bythewood & Betty Slade [Holy Trinity]

31 Mar George Foot of Redcliff Farm & Elizabeth Davis [Holy Trinity]

1 Apr Thomas Freeborn & Elizabeth Harris of St.Martin's [Lady Mary]

1 Apr Thomas Dugdale & Jane Dugdale [Lady Mary]

8 Apr Roger White of Heffleton Farm East Stoke & Betty Tuck [Lady Mary]

20 May John Hooper & Susannah Street [Holy Trinity]

22 Jun James Hume & Hannah Gibbel [Lady Mary]

29 Jul Samuel Conway & Betty Brown [Holy Trinity]

Banns Aug: George Legge & Hannah Roper of Bryanstone [Lady Mary]

6 Oct Nathaniel Harvel of West Lulworth & Elizabeth Street of H.Trinity [Lady Mary]

7 Oct Joseph Fancy of Lytchet Minster & Mary Best [St Martin's]

Banns Oct: Thomas Curtis of Bere Regis & Rebecca Comber [St Martin's]

5 Nov Edward Gatch Mary Cribb [Lady Mary]

17 Nov William Bartlett of Blandford Forum & Margaret World [Lady Mary]

29 Dec George Elmes of St.Mary's & Mary Farwell [St Martin's]


1 Feb Joseph Rolls & Hannah Simgleton [St Martin's]

Banns Feb: William Pyke of Morden & Jenny Emberley [St Martin's]

14 Feb Richard Cull of Kingston Corfe & Anne Clare [Lady Mary]

22 Feb Robert Ash & Esther Randal of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]

1 Mar William Warren & Mary Fancy [Holy Trinity]

5 Apr Francis Bolt & Bridget Whetham [St Martin's]

5 Apr John Bewsey of Blandford Forum & Katharine Dugdale [Lady Mary]

12 Apr William Stanley of St.Martin's & Mary Jennings [Lady Mary]

17 May William Gould & Mary Edmunds [Lady Mary]

9 Aug John Clench of Great Yarmouth Norfolk & Ann Lock [Holy Trinity]

16 Aug Joseph Musselwhite of Swanage & Mary Porter [Lady Mary]

Sep William Edmonds & Mary Brine [St Martin's] 7

8 Sep Jonadab Billows & Hannah Nurse [Lady Mary]

22 Oct Thomas Stickland of Swanage & Betty Carter [Holy Trinity]

14 Nov Joseph Curtes & Sarah Hurdle [Holy Trinity]

15 Dec Ephraim Taylor & Jane Baker [Holy Trinity]

30 Dec Thomas Brine & Jenny Vey [Lady Mary]


30 Jan Thomas Savage & Elizabeth Arney [St Martin's]

8 Feb Lackford Hart widower of Wimborne Minster & Mary Garland [Holy Trinity]

21 Mar Peter Westland & Mary Forsey [Lady Mary]

28 Mar Dennis Daimon of Swanage & Eleanor Tuck [Lady Mary]

31 Mar Robert Delacourt & Harriot Compton [Lady Mary]

Banns Mar: Thomas Hobbs of Stoke & Sarah Joyner [Lady Mary]

26 Apr Thomas Sampson & Elizabeth Jewel [St Martin's]

11 May Henry Hain of Holy Trinity & Sarah Ozard [St Martin's]

Banns May: Thomas Roe & Mary Elliot of Blandford [Holy Trinity]

25 May Richard Brown of Stoke & Margaret George [Lady Mary]

2 Jun Joseph Mitchell of Holy Trinity & Elizabeth Lambert [Lady Mary]

Banns Jun: Walter Smith & Mary Bartlet of Stoke [Holy Trinity]

4 Jul Richard Nancollass & Jane Frampton [Holy Trinity]

22 Jul George Sharp soldier belonging to the South Batallion of the Lincolnshire Militia quartered in this parish & Hannah Spurrall sojourner. [Lady Mary]

Banns Aug: Bennett Guy & Ann King of Bere Regis [Holy Trinity]

21 Oct John Harris & Ann Fall [Lady Mary]

6 Dec John King soldier in the South Batallion of the Lincoln Militia quartered in the Parish of Lady Mary & Susanna Newman [Holy Trinity]

13 Dec William Ashlin a soldier belonging to the South Batallion of the Lincolnshire Militia & Elizabeth Roe of Holy Trinity [Lady Mary]

27 Dec James Searson a soldier belonging to the South Batallion of the Lincolnshire Militia & Rose Conway of Jersey sojourner [Lady Mary]

28 Dec Roger Boardman soldier in the South Batallion of the Lincoln Militia quartered in the Parish of Lady Mary & Elizabeth Cribb of Stoborough [Holy Trinity]


7 Feb John Burton a soldier belonging to the South Batallion of the Lincolnshire Militia & Betty Harding of Stoborough Holy Trinity [Lady Mary]

14 Feb John Mortimer & Betty Miller [Holy Trinity]

18 May Thomas Baker & Mary Elems [Lady Mary]

18 Jul John Meaden of West Cowes I.O.W. & Ann Dugdale [Holy Trinity]

21 Aug John Dibell of Holy Trinity & Elizabeth Siveyer [Lady Mary]

25 Sep William Hobbs & Sarah Siveyer [Holy Trinity]

6 Nov Walter Smith & Mary Bartlett [Holy Trinity]

15 Nov Joseph Scorey & Elizabeth Waterman [St Martin's]


19 Feb James Stevens soldier in the Surrey Militia & Mary Miller quartered in Lady St.Mary's Parish [St Martin's]

27 Feb William Dart & Mary Hodder [Lady Mary]

5 Mar William Fountain soldier in the Surrey Militia quartered in Holy Trinity & Betty Blandford [Lady Mary]

18 Mar Hugh Pitney of St.Martin's & Betty Stanley [Holy Trinity]

21 Mar John Cox & Ann Bolt [Lady Mary]

16 Apr Robert Angell & Betty Cake [Holy Trinity]

12 Aug Thomas Munden & Elizabeth Chafy [St Martin's]

28 Aug John Kendall of Hamworthy & Jane Edmonds

9 Sep George Card Slade a minor of Lady Mary & Hannah Margaretta Gover of Holy Trinity with the consent of his guardian Thomas Bartlett and of her mother Mary Gover.

3 Dec Robert Brown widower of St.Peter's & Jenny Bythewood widow of Furzebrook Farm Knowle


2 Jan Thomas Bailey & Mary Mate

5 Feb Elias Dugdale & Betty Jesse of Holy Trinity

14 May William Galton & Elizabeth Harris

21 May Thomas Hardy of St.Martin's & Mary Stevens of Holy Trinity

30 May John Hibbs of Corfe Castle & Elizabeth Bishop of Holy Trinity

8 Jul Robert Tuck & Mary Homer of Holy Trinity

5 Aug Samuel Frampton & Elizabeth Conway widow

8 Aug John Smith of Holy Trinity & Mary Siveyer

14 Aug John Olds widower of East Lulworth & Frances Stevens

20 Aug Giles Linington of St.Martin's & Mary Coale of Lady Mary


4 Mar William Payne widower of Holy Trinity & Mary Basket of Holy Trinity

24 Mar William Scutt widower of North Kingston & Lucy Parsons

6 May Robert Kearly & Elizabeth Grose of Holy Trinity

13 May Mr John Wallis of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Sarah Smith of Holy Trinity

29 Jun George Clarke of Poole mariner & Elizabeth Crocker

31 Aug Samuel Randal of Holy Trinity & Hannah Sansom of Lady Mary

29 Sep Richard Smith of Holy Trinity & Elizabeth Batter of Lady Mary

24 Nov John Crumpler of Holy Trinity & Elizabeth Stickland of H.Trinity

7 Dec Stephen Mundy widower & Ann Lawrence

23 Dec Samuel Mortimer of Holy Trinity & Mellyar Bushell


11 Jan John Grant of Holy Trinity & Martha Peterson widow of Holy Trinity

14 Apr John Harding of Winfrith & Ann Ingram

29 Apr Joseph Norris widower & Elizabeth Mortimer widow both of Holy Trinity

23 May William Stickland of Arne & Sarah Carter of St.Martin's

12 Jun Robert Willis mariner of Poole & Elizabeth Dominy of St.Martin's

12 Jul Robert Grant of Swanage & Ann Green

18 Jul William Bolt of St.Martin's & Edith Cuff of Lady Mary

1 Aug Roger Barlow a private in the 2nd Regiment of Dragoon Guards quartered in this parish & Eflet Good

4 Aug John Riggs widower of Combe Kaines & Hannah Vivian of H.Trinity

10 Aug John Hardy of St.Martin's & Jane Seymer of St.Martin's

21 Sep George Harris widower & Mary Munden widow

21 Oct John Rawls widower of St Martin's & Sarah Hillier widow of Affpuddle

24 Oct Robert Ford of St.Martin's & Martha Carter of St.Martin's


23 Jan Angel Court & Sarah Benfield of Holy Trinity

30 Mar Thomas Mintern of Langton Matravers & Jane Slade

5 Apr James Ellis Esq. Commander of the Orestes Sloop of War of the Borough of Weymouth

& Mary Cole (minor-consent of father Martin Cole)

1 May George Brown & Elizabeth Stevens

1 May Robert Blandford of St.Martin's & Elizabeth Munden widow

22 May Thomas Clarke & Jane Crocker of St.Martin's

5 Jun Robert Swayne widower & Elizabeth Batter

20 Jun John Shepperd of Holy Trinity & Ann Bythewood of Holy Trinity

21 Jun James Wood of Pokeswell & Mary Brown

26 Jun John Wood widower & Ann Smith

17 Jul Thomas Boyland of St.Martin's & Mary Bolt of St.Martin's

31 Jul Thomas Gill of St.Martin's & Sarah Bartlett

1 Sep Thomas Rowe & Mary Flook

25 Sep George Dagworthy of East Lulworth & Mary Searly

9 Oct Thomas King widower & Martha Parker widow both of Holy Trinity


24 Jan Thomas Bolt & Ann Bishop (a minor with consent of her guardian)

16 Feb John Gollop & Ann World

27 Mar John Keats & Betty Newton

20 Apr William Bythewood of Holy Trinity & Elizabeth Aires Churchill of Holy Trinity

15 May Robert Nineham widower of Holy Trinity & Martha Greenham widow

26 Jun Thomas Edmunds & Martha Beauchamp of Holy Trinity

3 Jul Thomas Gill widower of Holy Trinity & Jane Frampton of Holy Trinity

8 Aug Nathaniel Delacourt & Katharine Lambert of Holy Trinity

20 Aug Robert Reeks widower & Sarah Mahoney widow both of Holy Trinity

5 Sep Joseph Homes of Cerne Abbas & Susanna Phippard of Holy Trinity

14 Oct Henry West widower of Edmonsham & Elizabeth Best of St.Martin's

30 Nov John Payne labourer & Mary Cox


22 Mar Samuel Tuck of Holy Trinity & Martha Squibb

1 Apr Jonathan Briggs of Corfe Castle & Betty Lawrence

12 Apr William Aplin sojourner in St.Martin's & Mary Chisman

14 May John Cox widower & Ann Grant

31 Jul William Harvey of Holy Trinity & Alice Hinton of Holy Trinity

20 Sep William Hibbs & Elizabeth Diball widow

20 Sep Jethro Riggs & Martha Gollop

20 Sep Robert Knapp widower of Litchett Minster & Betty Newman of St.Martin's

26 Sep John Martin of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Mary Weekes

27 Sep James Forrest of Great Canford & Elizabeth Clark widow of St.Martin's

8 Oct Nathaniel Harrel widower of West Lulworth & Elizabeth Harden of St.Martin's

26 Nov George Kearley & Susanna Dugdale of Holy Trinity

26 Nov William Marshfield & Jane Dugdale of St Martin's

2 Dec John Lockett junior (a minor with consent of his father John Lockett) of All Saints' Dorchester

& Mary Bolt of St.Martin's


3 Feb Abel Higgins of St.Martin's & Mary Courtney

31 Mar John Bundy of St.Martin's & Elizabeth Coff of St.Martin's

6 Apr Dennis Stanley widower & Mary Gage widow

9 Apr Walter Coward of Poole & Jane Clarke

29 Apr John Sampson & Elizabeth Fooks

16 Jun John Hobbs of Holy Trinity & Mary Good

8 Sep Henry Lillington of Holy Trinity & Mary Cole

28 Sep John Laws & Elizabeth Parsons of St.Martin's

29 Sep Edward Potter & Hannah Foot

14 Oct Thomas Symmonds of Holy Trinity & Elizabeth Burgess of Holy Trinity

16 Nov Robert Manuel & Betty Lambert of Holy Trinity


16 Feb James Sansom of Holy Trinity & Ann Boyt

16 Feb John Martin private in the 4th Regiment of Dragoons & Mary Osment widow

18 Apr Stephen Prince & Mary Prince of Bloxworth

28 Apr Francis Cribb & Susannah Bragg

4 May Robert Stevens & Ann Galton widow

5 May Charles Rolls of St.Martin's & Sarah Row

17 May Robert Haswel of Poole & Susannah Smith

2 Jun John Stevens & Susanna Hopkins of St.Martin's

10 Jun James Seymour widower of East Lulworth & Betty Smith of St.Martin's

16 Jun Charles Baker & Jane Day

17 Jun John Bolt & Dinah Edwards

22 Jul Henry Linnington widower & Ann Churchill

6 Aug Joseph Galpin & Mary Cox both of Lady Mary's

6 Aug Morgan Gook of Corfe Castle & Elizabeth Marsh of Lady Mary

10 Nov Isaac Baker of Lady Mary & Jane Conway of St.Martin's


5 Jan John Edmonds of Swanage & Ann Selby

21 Feb Lewis Gover sojourner in Holy Trinity & Mary Cake

16 Mar Thomas Morton Colson of All Saints' Dorchester & Mary Dampier

23 Mar William Waterman of Lady Mary & Elizabeth Grady of Lady Mary

3 Apr John Gollop widower of Lady Mary & Martha Gale

27 Apr John Stickland of Holme & Elizabeth Guyer of Lady Mary

14 May Thomas Abbott of Steeple & Elizabeth Moot of Lady Mary

23 May Joseph Hill & Ann Locus both of Lady Mary

14 Jun John Linington of Church Knowle & Mary Meader of Lady Mary

2 Jul John Worton & Mary Edmonds both sojourners in Lady Mary parish

26 Jul James Farwell & Mary Wilson both of Lady Mary

19 Oct Joseph Pain sojourner & Martha Burt of Lady Mary

26 Oct John Bird of St.James' Poole & Ann Reader of Lady Mary

9 Nov John Stevens of Bloxworth & Jane Hobbs of Lady Mary


7 Feb Isaac Sansom of Lady Mary & Mary Sanford of Holy Trinity

9 Feb James Meader sojourner & Martha Pitcher of Lady Mary

1 Mar Thomas Bolt of Lady Mary & Mary Card of Holy Trinity

12 May William White of Swanage & Judith True sojourner

16 May Thomas Baker of Lady Mary & Ann Hall sojourner

11 Jul Thomas Smith of Lady Mary & Sarah Smith of Lady Mary

18 Jul James Clark of Lady Mary & Ann Chisman of Lady Mary

16 Oct William Hill sojourner & Casiah James of Holy Trinity

7 Nov Joseph Bragg of Holy Trinity & Eleanor Meech sojourner

28 Nov James Barnes of Morden & Betty Galton sojourner in St.Martin's

13 Dec Thomas Elems of Lady Mary & Susannah Porter of St.Martin's