Lady St Mary

Marriages 1842 - 1847

Transcription donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Terry Pine

30 Sep 2015: Confirmed details of Entry 69, thanks to Jan Marsh

Entry Day Month Year Groom’s name Surname Age, Occupation, Father & occupation Bride’s name Surname Age, Occupation, Father & occupation
59 23 Jan 1842 George BOYLAND Full age, cooper, f Samuel, sailor Georgiana Elizabeth JAMES Full age, drefsmaker, f James, tailor
60 27 Mar 1842 Isaac TOLLERFIELD Full age, lab, f William, lab Hannah HATCHER 20, servant, f James, lab
61 29 Mar 1842 James TAYLOR Full age, millwright, St. Martins, f Edward, carpenter Jane HOARE Full age, St. Martins, f James, inn keeper
62 10 Jul 1842 William TOOP Full age, widower, lab, Trinty, f James, lab Sarah SHOTT Full age, servant, f John, mason
63 13 Jul 1842 Joseph Biles THOMAS Full age, brewer, St. Martins, f John Lovhams?, sprit merchant Mary RIDOUT Full age, Warmwell, f George, shepherd
64 18 Jul 1842 George CLENCH Full age, tailor, St. Martins, f William, tailor Mary ROSE Full age, St James, Poole, f John, groser?
65 28 Jul 1842 Joseph PARKER Full age, boatman, Trinity, f John, dairyman Sarah GOVER Full age, Trinity, f Lewis, boatman
66 18 Sep 1842 Jonathan STOODLEY Full age, widower, lab, Eliza HILL Full age, laundrefs, f John, carpenter
67 19 Sep 1842 Henry HOUSE Full age, coachman, f Henry, carpenter Eliza HURLSTONE 20, drefsmaker, Trinity, f Henry, carpenter
68 24 Nov 1842 William GOVER 62, widower, carpenter, Holy Trinity, f William, lab Elizabeth WHITE 47, widow, Holy trinity, f John Masters, lab
69 11 Dec 1842 Robert HEYSOM 40, widower, mason, St. Martins, f Robert, mason Rosey BOWER 31, St. Martins, f Henry, mason
70 21 Dec 1842 James COURT Full age, lab, Holy Trinity, f JamesRandall, rope maker Maria PARKER Full age, straw worker?, Holy Trinity, f William, lab
71 26 Dec 1842 William ADAMS 24, blacksmith, f William, brewer Susan TUCK 22, Trinity, f Henry, shoemaker
72 27 Feb 1843 Thomas DUNNINGS 25, lab, f Henry, lab Jane DART 22, f William
73 19 Mar 1843 John REEVES Full age, painter, Trinity, f William, carpenter Mary ROPER Full age, widow, Trinity, f Robert, butcher
74 2 May 1843 Neri POOLE Full age, widower, gardener, Trinity, f John, gardener Elizabeth BRINTON Full age, Trinity, f John, lab
75 7 May 1843 John TOLLERFIELD Full age, lab, St. Martins, f William, lab Jane COURTNEY Full age, St. Martins
76 11 May 1843 John WHEATLAND Full age, lab, St. Martins, f William, gardener Ann HAYTER Full age, laundrefs, f George, lab
77 29 May 1843 Robert William DUGDALE 24, painter, f Elias, carpenter Elizabeth DAMIRIAM? 26, f George, carpenter
78 18 Jun 1843 William COURTNEY 20, tailor, Mary SYMONDS 21, f Thomas, cordwainer
79 16 Jul 1843 John DEAKER Full age, lab, St Martins, f John, lab Elizabeth DUNMAN Full age, St. Martins, f Richard, saddle maker
80 31 Jul 1843 James HARRIS Full age, sailor, St. Martins, f John, sailor Martha GOOK Full age, f John, lab
81 30 Aug 1843 Thomas BEST Full age, lab, St. Martins, f Samuel, lab Mary HARDY Full age, St. Martins, f John, lab
82 21 Sep 1843 James SELBY 23, servant, Steeple, f John, lab Emily Jane TALBOT 18, St. Martins, f Hezakiah, farmer
83 24 Oct 1843 Hemnry WILLS Full age, lab, Trinity, f Thomas, lab Sarah CHAFFEY Full age, Trinity, f Robert, lab
84 4 Nov 1843 John EDMONDS 25, lab, f William, lab Harriett HOOPER 24, f William, lab
85 12 Nov 1843 William WHITE 27, lab, Carford?, f William, lab Mary Ann TOOP 19, St. Martins, f William, lab
86 16 Nov 1843 Francis ABBOTT Full age, shipwright, Portsea, f Henry, smith Ann GOVER Full age, f Lewis, lab
87 23 Dec 1843 William BRINE 24, boatman, f Thomas, boatman Ann EDMUNDS 22, f William, lab
88 25 Dec 1843 Charles STANLEY Full age, sweep, f Paul, sweep Mary MITCHELL Full age, servant, f William, postman
89 25 Dec 1843 Henry HOUSE Full age, barber, f Samuel, hair drefser Elizabeth HILL Full age, f William, shoemaker
90 26 Dec 1843 Michael FLOWER Full age, postboy, Trinity, f Thomas, lab Tamar EYERS Full age, f John, inn keeper
91 22 Jan 1844 John LEAMON 24, hair drefser, Trinity, f Robert, butcher Elizabeth BRINE 20, f Thomas, boatman
92 3 Mar 1844 Elias DUGDALE 28, bookseller, Trinity, f Elias, carpenter Ann Goodchild MASTERS 19, servant, f Matthew, lab
93 29 May 1844 Jasper BASKETT 24, servant, St. Martins, f James, carter Emma HARDY 21, St. Martins, f John, lab
94 7 Jul 1844 Robert NEWMAN 29, smith, Cattestock, f Thomas, lab Mary Ann CHURCHILL 28, St. Martins, f John, sawyer
95 7 Jul 1844 George LAWS 28, lab, St. Martins, f Thomas, miller Ann SCUTT 24, f John, postboy
96 9 Jul 1844 Charles WILLS 22, servant, Trinity, f John, lab Elizabeth HAINE 26, servant, f George, servant
97 10 Aug 1844 Charles PARKER 23, lab, f Richard Stickley, lab Caroline STEVENS 22, f William, lab
98 17 Aug 1844 Charles HOOD 24, boatman, f William, lab Arabella BATTRICK 20, f blank
99 28 Aug 1844 George SNOOK 27, widower, lab, St. Martins, f William, carpenter Eliza SLADE 24, St. Martins, f Edward, carpenter
100 8 Oct 1844 Thomas PIMER 24, groom, St. James, Poole, f John, mariner Matilda TALBOT 20, f Peter, yeoman
101 9 Dec 1844 George PANTN Full age, sawyer, Holy Trinity Dorchester, f James, brewer Alicia-Anne-Vincent PHIPPARD Full age, Trinity, f Thomas, solicitor
102 25 Feb 1845 John Waldron? CARTER Of age, widower, she?tor?, Wool, f John, merchant Eliza Harriet BROWNE Of age, f Henry, gentleman
103 20 Mar 1845 Robert GRANT Of age, lab, Stoborough, f William, shipwright Jane COCKRAM Of age, Stoborough, f William, mason
104 30 Mar 1845 Edward SLADE 21, lab, Church Knowle, f James, lab Jane SMITH 23, f John, lab
105 16 Apr 1845 George READ Full age, servant, Wicksborne?, f John, shepherd Tamsey Lovelefs RIGGS Full age, St. Martins, f George, lab
106 27 Apr 1845 Jonathan LOCKYER Full age, lab, St Martins, f Jonathan, servant Mary MARSHFIELD Full age, f John, lab
107 14 May 1845 William BASCOMBE 26, yeoman, St. Martins, f William Biles, smith Elizabeth Pearse FORD 24, St. Martins, f John, yeoman
108 3 Aug 1845 Robert SKINNER 26, lab, f John, butcher Hannah KEARLEY 19, Trinity, f William, lab
109 17 Aug 1845 William FUDGE 22, lab, f John, lab Mary DUNNING 22, servant, Trinity, f Henry, lab
110 1 Sep 1845 James ANDREWS Full age, banker’s clerk, Dorchester, f John, quarter master, 4th dragoons Jane Lucas? MARSHALLSAY Full age, Trinity, f Richard Jeanes, banker’s clerk
111 26 Oct 1845 John SKINNER 23, lab, St. Martins, f John, butcher Ann LUCAS 22, f James, dairyman
112 13 Nov 1845 George SANSOM Full age, cordwainer, f David?, cordwainer Margaret Gardner EDMONDS Full age, f William Gardner, sadler
113 23 Nov 1845 Robert MARSH 25, lab, f James, lab Prudence JOYCE 25, f James, lab
114 25 Dec 1845 Henry STICKLAND Full age, lab, St. Martins, f John, butcher Diana RIGGS Full age, widow, St. Martins, f Thomas Alner?, lab
115 25 Jan 1846 George DEFFEY 29, lab, f George, lab Susan STEVENS 23, f John, boatman
116 9 Feb 1846 James SLADE 20, lab, f John, lab Frances SYMONDS 22, f Thomas, shoemaker
117 16 Mar 1846 Thomas Burton DUGDALE Full age, sadler, Trinity, f Thomas, surveyor Mary Prinse DAVIS Full age, f William, yeoman
118 29 Mar 1846 John Robert DIFFEY Full age, lab, Trinity, f James, lab Ann Churchill BISHOP Full age, Trinity, f William, lab
119 8 May 1846 Francis EWEN Full age, contractor, Holy Trinity, f Samuel, farmer Maria SLAUGHTER Full age, Holy Trinity, f John, coast guard
120 17 May 1846 Charles MOORE Full age, widower, inn keeper, Wimborne Minster, f William, butcher Peggy Sarah RABBITTS Full age, widow, groom?, Trinity, f Thomas Smith, farmer
121 15 Jun 1846 Solomon KING 23, waiter, f George, postboy Mary Ann WHITE 23, f George, carpenter
122 16 Aug 1846 John WHITTLE 24, carter, St. Martins, f Robert, lab Rachal GUY 26, St. Martins, f William, lab
123 21 Sep 1846 Harry PURCHASE 20, lab, St. Martins, f Isaac, lab Elizabeth Priscilla RIDOUT 19, St. Martins, f James, lab
124 19 Oct 1846 John COOK 26, lab, St. Martins, fWilliam, lab Frances TALBOT 25, St. Martins, f Stephen, carpenter
125 15 Nov 1846 Henry YEA? 22, lab, f William, lab Elizabeth MARSH 22, f William, lab
126 20 Dec 1846 John PAINE Full age, widower, Trinirt, f John, lab Elizabeth MASTERS Full age, widow, Trinity, f Henry Hall, lab
127 25 Dec 1846 Joseph Mufselwhite DAVIS Full age, widower, smith Elizabeth SYMONDS Full age, f Thomas, cordwainer
128 25 Dec 1846 George COOPER Full age, ostler, f Richard, ostler Mary BASKETT 20, f John, lab
129 23 Jan 1847 James HART 22, mariner, f John, mariner Caroline Mary PARMITER 22, f George, mason
130 26 Jan 1847 Charles WHITE Full age, widower,se?, Holy Trinity, f Charles, sailor Eliza STANLEY Full age, f Henry Tuck, shoemaker
131 16 Feb 1847 Nathaniel TURNER Full age, sailor, f Robert, boatman Charlotte ROSE Full age, f William, lab
132 19 May 1847 Thomas GERRARD Full age, widower, farmer, Loders, f John, farmer Sophia FRY Full age, Holy Trinity, f John, yeoman
133 23 May 1847 Robert BISHOP Full age, boatman, Holy Trinity, f William, lab Sarah SHITTLER  
134 14 Sep 1847 Charles TAYLOR Full age, postman, St. James, Poole, f Thomas, carpenter Ann ASH Full age, St. Martins
135 16 Sep 1847 James Joyce EVANS Full age, clerk, Trinity, f James, clerk Caroline Eliza FREELAND Full age, f Joseph, esq,
136 4 Oct 1847 William John WILLIAMS Full age, tailor, Trinity, f Charles, T??le writer? Maria RANDALL Full age, Arne, f George, yeoman
137 16 Nov 1847 George Hatchard WELCH Full age, sargeant of police, St. Marks, Lambeth, Surrey, f Charles, Boatman Sarah YEATMAN Full age, f Richard, sexton
138 20 Dec 1847 William SCUTT Full age, sailor, St. Martins, f Robert, blacksmith Eliza EDWARDS Full age, St. Martins, f Robert, g?????th
139 25 Dec 1847 George BASCOMBE 23, lab, f John, lab J?an TUCK Full age, Holy Trinity, f Henry, lab
140 25 Dec 1847 John BROWN Full age, sailor, f John, sailor Anna Maria ARNOLD Full age, f John, dairyman
141 25 Dec 1847 George CHURCHILL Full age, tailor, f William, carpenter Jane STOCKLEY Full age, f William, lab
142 30 Dec 1847 George JOINER Full age, lab, St. Martins, f William, lab Jane COLE Full age, St. Martins, f William, lab