RG13/2000 Dorchester
Civil Parish ED Folio Page Schd House Address X Rooms if less than 5  Surname Forenames X Rel. C Sex Age X Occupation E X CHP Place of birth X Dis. W Notes
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Civil Parish: Winterborne Came (entire)
Ecclesiastical Parish: Winterborne Came St Peter with Winterborne Farringdon and Whitcombe (part of)
Including Came House, Lodge and Dairyhouse, the Rectory, the hamlet of Cripton; the cottages in Came Wood
Enumerator: William Ricketts Rogers
Winterborne Came 1 8 7 29 Came HOSEGOOD Tom Head S M 27y Gardener SOM Frome
HOSEGOOD Martha Sister S F 29y SOM Branclose Hill
30 Came LAMPEN Arthur Geo: Nelson Head M M 52y Clergyman Church of England DEV Stoke Damerel
LAMPEN Bertha Anne Wife M F 48y BCK H____n? x Placename
BROWN Chas Jas Cornish StpSon S M 25y Living on own means MDX Marylebone
SMITH Annie Harris Servant S F 35y Housekeeper (Domestic) PEM Tenby
NORGATE Mary Eleanor Servant S F 36y Cook (Domestic) HAM Ropley
HUMBER Alice Jane Servnt S F 19y Kitchen Maid (Domestic) SAL Oswestry x Wales Oswestry'
DAMEN Edith Annie Servnt S F 17y Kitchen Maid (Domestic) DOR Bradford Peverel
HILL Ellen Servnt S F 26y Housemaid (Domestic) HAM Titchfield
BORNE Flora Servnt S F 23y Housemaid (Domestic) SOM Frome
SEACOUR Annie Servnt S F 23y Housemaid (Domestic) SOM Kilmerston
BOWN John Downey Servnt S M 36y Butler (Domestic) DEV Oakford
STENNETT Jas Louis Servnt S M 25y Footman (Domestic) BKM Heleham
HEYBOURNE Saml Alfred Servant S M 20y Footman (Domestic) OXF Oakley
31 Came POPE Archer Jos Head M M 33y Coachman (Domestic) HAM Southampton
POPE Selina Valiant Wife M F 32y LAN NK
POPE Reginald Archer Son S M 2y DOR Dorchester
CULL Arthur Board S M 26y Groom (Domestic) HAM Hursley
SAMWAYS Percy Board S M 21y Groom (Domestic) DOR West Stafford
WAY William Board S M 22y Groom (Domestic) DOR Powerstock
32 Came 2 GOSNEY Fred Head M M 31y Farm Labourer W DOR Chetnole
GOSNEY Elizabeth Wife M F 32y DOR Batcombe
CROCKER Percy Robert Newphew S M 2y GLM Cadoxton
CROCKER Robert Bro-Law W M 27y Masons Labourer W DOR Batcombe
33 Came 2 WELLSTEAD John Head M M 62y Carter on Farm W DOR Kingston
WELLSTEAD Elizth Alice Wife M F 53y DOR Abbotsbury
HANSFORD James  StpSon S M 32y DOR Langton
34 Came 2 CRITCHELL Henry Head S M 54y Gardener Domestic DOR Winterborne Came
35 Came HAWKINS William Head M M 78y Estate Steward W BCK Stowe
1 8 8 HAWKINS Anne Wife M F 75y CHS Buckley
HAWKINS Eleanor Dau S F 30y DOR Came
36 Came TAYLOR Benjamin Elston Head M M 49y Farmer E DOR Broadmayne
TAYLOR Louisa Wife M F 44y DOR Spetisbury
TAYLOR Elston Son S M 11y DOR Fordington
37 PASSMORE John Stevens Head M M 54y Farmer E DEV Warkleigh
PASSMORE Alicia Wife M F 50y DEV Alswere
PASSMORE Alfrd. Mordaunt Son S M 29y Farmers son W DEV Twitchen
PASSMORE Clara Ann Dau S F 24y DEV Twitchen
PASSMORE Amy Dau S F 23y DEV Twitchen
AVERY William Servant S M 23y Groom Domestic  DEV South Molton
GILLINGHAM Annie Servant S F 18y General Servant Domestic DOR East Morden
38 Came 3 CUFF Thomas Head M M 31y Agricultural Labourer DOR Hartfoot Lane
CUFF Amelia Wife M F 28y DOR Winterborne Abbas
CUFF Charles Son S M 6y DOR Piddlehinton
CUFF Thomas Son S M 5y DOR Puddletown
CUFF Reginald Son S M 10m DOR Came
39 Came 3 TOOP George Head M M 34y Carter on Farm DOR Puddletown
TOOP Martha Wife M F 28y DEV Twitcham
TOOP Wm Cecil Son S M 7y DOR Came
TOOP Geo Ivan Son S M 5y DOR Came
40 Came 3 CREECH Thomas Head M M 52y Farm Labourer W SOM East Coker
CREECH Emily Wife M F 54y DOR Alstock
CREECH Arthur Son S M 21y Farm Carter W DOR Alstock
CREECH Frederick Son S M 16y Farm Labourer W DOR Came
CREECH Alfred Son S M 8y DOR Came
41 Came 3 TAYLOR James Head M M 38y Agricultural Labourer W DOR Langton Herring
TAYLOR Sarah Wife M F 28y London
TAYLOR Emily Dau S F 8y HAM Southampton
TAYLOR Alfred Son S M 5y DOR Puddletown
1 9 9 TAYLOR James Son S M 4y DOR Came
42 Came 3 OSMOND Henry Head M M 40y Engine Driver on Farm W DOR Came
OSMOND Lavinia Wife M F 38y DOR Dewlish
OSMOND William Son S M 3y DOR Came
OSMOND Philadelphia Dau S F 2y DOR Came
OSMOND Evelyn Dau S F 1y DOR Came
43 Came 2 BUNGAY Stephen Head S M 23y Gamekeeper W HAM Alton
BRODBY James Boarder S M 21y W DOR Puddletown
44 Came GILLINGHAM Henry Head M M 45y Dairyman W DOR Hawkchurch
GILLINGHAM Harriett Wife M F 48y Dairywoman W DOR Evershot
GILLINGHAM Thomas Son S M 22y Dairyman W WIL Compton
GILLINGHAM Bessie Dau S F 20y Dairywoman W DOR East Morden
GILLINGHAM Mary Dau S F 11y W DOR West Holme
45 Came HARRIS George Head M M 60y Foreman on Farm W DEV Bishop's Nympton
HARRIS Harriett Wife M F 60y DEV Bishop's Nympton
HARRIS John Son S M 22y Carter on Farm W DEV Twitcham
HARRIS George Son S M 21y Cellarman W DEV Twitcham
46 Came Down KINGMAN William Hy Head M M 39y Gamekeeper (Domestic) DOR Buckland Newton
KINGMAN Georgina Fanny Wife M F 41y DOR Spetisbury
KINGMAN Archibald Joseph Son S M 12y DOR Glanvilles Wootton
KINGMAN Reginald Henry Son S M 9y DOR Glanvilles Wootton
47 Came Down WARR Hy G G  Head M M 31y Gardener (Domestic) DOR Halstock
WARR Jessie Wife M F 28y DOR Weymouth
WARR Edward G Son S M 1y DOR West Stafford
48 Came VINE Samuel Head M M 36y Farmer E DOR Radipole
VINE Kate Wife M F 37y DOR Shilvington
SYMES Percival Nephew S M 14y MDX Chelsea
BURRIDGE Neice Neice S F 12y DOR Frome St Quinton
DOWNTON Robert Servant S M 37y Cowman on farm W DOR Langton Herring
GREEN Kate Servant S F 14y Servant (Domestic) W DOR Stratton
9 10 49 Came MARSHALL Fredrick Head M M 54y Gamekeeper Domestic SOM Frome
MARSHALL Jane Wife M F 38y HAM Twyford
50 Came Rectory LESLIE Edwd. Chas.  Head S M 42y Clergyman (Church of England) KEN Hothfield
DEEKS Charlotte Caroline Servant S F 43y Housekeeper (Domestic) MDX Hampton
STICKLAND Annie Harriet Servant S F 15y Housemaid (Domestic) HAM Froyle
10 11 51 Cripton ALLINGHAM George  Head W M 65y Agricultural Labourer W DOR Broadmayne
ALLINGHAM Nellie Dau S F 24y DOR Warmwell
52 Cripton 4 BROWN Samuel Head W M 59y Carter on Farm W DOR Dewlish
BROWN Joseph Son S M 15y Carter on Farm W DOR Owermoigne
53 Cripton TOOP George Head M M 67y Agricultural Labourer W DOR Broadmayne
TOOP Mary Wife M F 71y DOR Broadmayne
WOODLAND Susannah Dau M F 34y DOR Broadymayne
WOODLAND Barbara Gdau S F 3y MDX Bethnal Green