Page Entry Year Date Name Surname Age Condition Profession Abode Father's Name Father's Profesison Banns? Conducted by Signature? Witnesses Notes My notes
1 1 1837 August 16th 1837 George Barrett Both of Widower Black Smith Parish of Bincombe  -  -  - G___ Langdon George Barrett John Woodward
Mary Tomkins full age Single Woman  - do. Came  -  - X Elizabeth Woodward
2 1838 April 26th 1837 William Bower Scott Both of Bachelor  Solicitor Parish of Came William Isaac Scott RN Esquire by Licence James Henry Bower William Bower Scott Jas. Bower
Mary Catherine Bower full age Spinster  - Weymouth St Thomas Street James Bower Esquire Mary Catherine Bower Elizabeth Scott
Eliza Helen Bower
James Woodward Scott
2 3 1839 Febry 28th 1839 George Marsh Both of Spinster Game Keeper Parish of Came Henry Marsh Labourer after Banns James Henry Bower George Marsh George ____
Jane Hart full age Bachelor  -  - Thomas Hart Labourer Jane Hart John Balston
4 1839 Dec 31st 1839 Charles George Newcomb Both of Bachelor Clerk Came House Joseph Newcomb Esquire by Licence Morgan Devenish Charles George Newcomb WGW Somerset
Emily Georgiania Elizabeth Somerset full age Spinster  -  - WGW Somerset  T__ of Bristol? Clerk Curate Emily Georgina Elizabeth Somerset John Spink
J Newcomb
Arthur Somerset
3 5 1840 May 31st 1840 James Cosh Both of Widower Labourer Came William Cosh Labourer after Banns Morgan Devenish James Cosh William Voss
Sarah Tucker full age Widow  - Came Robt Damen Farmer Curate X George Marsh
6 1840 Septr 27th Charles Hart Full age Bachelor Labourer Herringstone Thomas Hart Labourer after Banns Morgan Devenish Charles Hart Henry __urton
Susan  Loveless Full age Spinster James Lovelass Labourer Curate X William Voss
4 7 1841 Jany 28th 1841 Matthew Critchell Both of Bachelor Labourer Came Thomas Critchell Labourer after Banns Morgan Devenish Matthew Critchell Martha Burt
Hannah Burt full age  -  - Came George Burt Labourer Curate Hannah Burt William Voss
8 1841 June 2 William Tucker Full Bachelor Labourer Came Thomas Tucker Labourer after Banns J Morton Colson LLB William Tucker William Cake
Anna Maria Cake age Spinster  - Came David Cake Labourer X William Voss
5 9 1841 Oct 31st 1841 Charles Critchell full age Bachelor Labourer Came Thomas Critchell Labourer after Banns Morgan Devenish Curate X Henry Trwobridge
Martha Burt full age Spinster  - Came George Burt Labourer Martha Burt William Voss
10 1842 Febry 10th 1842 Thomas Yeates full age Bachelor Dairyman Toller Porcorum John Yeates Dairyman after Banns Morgan Devenish Curate Thos Yeates John Neale
Susan Keech full age Spinster  - Herringston in the Parish of Came John Keech Dairyman Susan Keech Villiam Voss
6 11 1842 Octr 23rd 1842 Charles Beech both of Bachelor Labourer Herringstone James Beech Labourer after Banns Morgan Devenish Curate X William Voss
Anne Jane Woodland full age Spinster  - Herringstone in the Parish of Came Robert Woodland Labourer Ann Jane Woodland Elizabeth Morris
12 1843 Novr 22nd 1843 John Drew Phillips both of Bachelor Cooper Okeford Fitzpaine Edward Phillips Cooper by Licence Morgan Devenish Curate John Drew Phillips J____ Pope
Charlotte Brown full age Spinster  - Came Joseph Brown Carpenter Charlotte Brown Elizabeth Pople
7 13 1843 June 29th William Voss both of Bachelor Cordwainer Came Thos Voss Blacksmith Morgan Devenish Curate William Voss Thos Voss
Ellen Hughes full age Spinster  - Came John Hughes Bookbinder Ellen Hughes Harriett Hughes
14 1843 Decr 25th Matthew Critchell Full age Widower Labourer Came Thos Critchell Labourer Morgan Devenish Curate Matthew Critchell William Voss
Mary Wallis Eighteen years Spinster  - Came Robert Wallis Labourer Mary Wallis x her mark William Neatham x 
8 15 1847 March 11th Hugh Fortescue Viscount Ebrington of full age Bachelor MP Came High Fortescue Earl Fortescue Peer of the Realm Ebrington Fortescue
Georgiana Augusta Charlotte Caroline Dawson Damer 20 Spinster  - Came George Lionel Dawson Damer MP PC Georgiana Augusta Charlotte Caroline Dawson Damer Geo D Damer
Louisa Mary Dawson Damer
Constance Damer
Eveline Damer
Clementina D___
Charles Sorkian
A Bentley Buckle
Hugh H Seymour
Thos W Seymour
Horatia Stoner/Moner?
James Frampton
Napoleon Louis Bonaparte
16 1847 March 13 William  Nicklen both of  Bachelor Labourer Came Henry Nicklan Labourer Morgan Devenish Curate William Nicklen x his mark Elizabeth Craft
Jane  Hooper full age Spinster  - Came Richard Hooper Labourer Jane Hooper x her mark William Voss
37 73 1875 March 13 Thomas Bugler of full age Bachelor Labourer Came Charles Bugler Labourer W Barnes Thomas Bugler x his mark Robert Bartlett
Elizabeth Mabey 19 Spinster  - Sutton Poyntz Emanuel Mabey Carpenter Elizabeth Mabey Jane Bugler
74 1875 Septr 4 Harry Hopkins of full Bachelor Labourer Knighton George Hopkins Labourer Harry Hopkins James Wallis
Mary Ann Wallis age Spinster  - Came William Wallis Labourer Mary Ann Wallis Henry Fox
38 75 1875 November 23 Henry  Cosins of full Bachelor Labourer Came William Cosins Labourer W Barnes Henry Cosins x his mark Joseph Cox
Sarah Harris age Spinster Charminster Noah Harris Labourer Sarah Harris Eliza Cox
76 1876 Septr 21 Charles Howe of full Bachelor Labourer Herringston Simon Howe Labourer W Barnes Charles Howe Elizabeth Howe
Elizabeth Ricketts age Spinster Stickland James Ricketts Labourer Elizabeth Ricketts Hester P Ricketts
39 77 1880 November 21 John Thomas Andrews of full Bachelor Groom Piddlehinton Thomas Andrews Gardener W Barnes John Thomas Andrews x his mark Jane West
Caroline Critchell age Spinster Came Matthew Critchell Labourer Caroline Critchell Matthew Critchell
78 1881 February 6 Thomas Hardy of full Bachelor Labourer Turner's Piddle Shadrach Hardy Labourer W Barnes Thomas Hardy x his mark James Levi Tucker
Alice Trevett age Spinster Came Thomas Trevett Labourer Alice Hardy Julia Tucker
40 79 1882 Feb 7 Walter William James Browning of full Bachelor Carpenter Fordington Thomas Bowring Carpenter W Barnes Walter William James Bowring Thomas Stone
Lila Hannah Peach age Spinster  - Came Richard Peach Labourer Lila Hannah Peach Emily Ann Peach
80 1882 October 17th Thomas Dent  Gardener Full Bachelor Solicitor Sherwood, Eltham Road, Lee, Eltham, Kent Henry Thomas Gardener Merchant Thos Dent Gardener A Gardner
Isabel  Shaw Full Widow Winterborne Came William Barnes Clerk in Holy Orders      Rector of the Parish W Miles Barnes Rector of Winterborne Monkton Isabel Shaw Henry Dent Gardner
E J D Jardine
41 81 1883 March 25 Charles Bartlett Full Bachelor Labourer Herringston James Bartlett Labourer W Barnes _______
Eliza Derham Full Spinster  - Herringston George Derham Labourer Eliza Sims
82 1884 February 19th James Wallis of full age Bachelor Carpenter Came John Wallis Gardener
Elizabeth Martha Squibb Neale of full age Spinster  - Came John Neale Dairyman
42 83 1884 Aug 9th Thomas  James of full Bachelor Herringstone Dairyman George James Woodman W Miles Barnes Rector of Winterborne Monkton Thomas James John Hall____
Emily Amey age Spinster Herringstone  - William Amey Carter Emily Amey x Rachel Wellman
84 1884 December 24th William Alfred Carter of full Bachelor Labourer Herringstone  -  - W Miles Barnes Rector of Winterborne Monkton William Alfred Carter x Harriet Roberts
Mary Jane Ellis age Spinster  -  - Thomas Ellis Labourer Mary Jane Ellis Walter Ellis
43 85 1885 July 8th Cecil Howard Digsby Fetherstonhaugh Full Captain Royal Dragoons Godalming Co: Surrey Howard James Captain HM Service H Everett Cecil H D Fetherstonhaugh Edwd W Williams
Meriel Gertrude Williams Full  - Herringston Edward W Williams Gentleman Meriel Gertrude W Williams T H Fetherstonhaugh
In entry no 85 Col 2 after Gertrude + before Williams insert Wilmot
Corrected on 7th March 1886 byt me William Hay Curate in charge for the parish of ____ 
Superintendent Registrar L Barnes W Hawkins Witness
86 1885 Novr 21 Charles  Amey Full Bachelor Labourer Broadmayne George Amey Labourer W B: Wallace Charles Amey Mabel A Paul
Louise Bartlett Full Spinster Domestic Servant Came William Bartlett Labourer Louise Bartlett Robert Bartlett
44 87 1887 February 19th 1887 Harry  Dicker 24 Bachelor Engine Driver Came Alfred Dicker Thatcher Wm Ernest Evill Rector Harry Dicker George Bishop x his mark
Emily  Bishop 23 Spinster  - Came George Bishop Labourer Emily Bishop Annie Bishop
88 1888 May 27th 1888 Frank Charles  Ellis 21 Bachelor Carter Herringstone Thomas Ellis Carter Wm Ernest Evill Rector Frank Charles Ellis Thomas Ellis x his mark
Mary West 25 Spinster  - All Saints Dorchester George West  Labourer Mary West x her mark Sarah Jane West
45 89 1891 July 14th 1891 William John Watkins 30 Widower Builder St George's Parish Fordington Thomas Watkins Bricklayer Charles Gale Townley Offic: Min: William John Watkins William Kinnersley
Eliza Overton 35 Spinster Came George Overton Smith Eliza Overton Sarah Overton
90 1892 July 19th 1892 William Daubeny 68 Widower Gentleman Walcot, Bath George William Daubeny Clerk in Holy Orders John Daubeney Victor of Winkfield Berks William Daubeny Ada Allinson
Edith Lucy Vandeleur 46 Spinster  - Winterbourne Came Thomas Pakenham Vandeleur Major in HM Army HTU Charlton Rector Edith Lucy Vandeleur Mark Sandelins
46 91 1892 December thirty first 1892 George Toop 24 Bachelor Carter Winterbourne Came George Toop Shepherd HTU Charlton Rector George Toop George Palfrey
Martha Harris 19 Spinster  - Winterbourne Came George Harris Foreman Martha Harris Susan? Toop
92 1894 May Sixteenth 1894 Alfred Overton 28 Bachelor Tracksman Melksham Wilts John Overton (deceased) Mechanic HTU Charlton Rector Alfred Overton J C F Vine
Mabel Eliza Vine 21 Spinster  - Winterbourne Came John Carmin Foss Vine Farmer Mabel Eliza Vine Mary W Vine
William Overton
47 93 1894 Oct 17 John Woodland 24 Bachelor Attendant at Charminster Asylum Charminster George Woodland Labourer after Banns Albert F Acton John Woodland George Woodland
Susannah Toop 27 Spinster  - Winterbourne Came George Toop Labourer Fordington, Dorchester Susannah Toop Martha Toop
94 1896 July 2nd John Albert Lake 29 Bachelor Labourer Godmanstone John Lake Tradesman after Banns J Ellery John Albert Lake Henry Osmond
Alice  Osmond 23 Spinster  - Came George Osmond Labourer Alice Osmond Edith Mary Osmond
48 95 1896 August 27th 1896 Harry James Christopher 23 Bachelor Cattle Dealer Broadmayne Henry Christopher Cattle Dealer after Banns Claud S Homan Harry James Christopher Benjamin Taylor
Emma Louisa Taylor 23 Spinster  - Came Benjamin Taylor Farmer Emma Louisa Taylor Gertrude Grace Taylor
96 1897 February 8th 1897 William Hawkins full Bachelor Bank Official East Finchley William Hawkins Estate Steward after Banns (M Lyons) Marion Lyons
Ethel Maud Massie full Spinster  - Winterbourne Came Thomas Richard Massie  Gentleman Nellie Hayes Hawkins Altered CSH
A J Escott
James Paine
William Hawkins
George F/Heeder
49 97 1897 November 11th Tom Wareham 24 Bachelor Labourer Durweston Charles Wareham Carter after Banns F Broke Howell Tom Wareham James Hansford
Ellen Alice Hansford 26 Spinster  - Lower Came William Hansford Deceased Rector of Upwey Ellen Alice Hansford Kate Hansford
Reuben Wellstead, Step-Father Carter
98 1899 July 19th 1899 William John  Toop 26 Bachelor Labourer Crypton George John Toop Labourer after Banns E C Leslie William John Toop George Toop
Laura Augusta Mary Hopkins 23 Spinster  - Crypton Henry Hopkins Carpenter Laura Agusta Mary Hopkins Mary Anna Amanda Toop
50 99 1899 October 30th 1899 Herbert Brown 24 Bachelor Labourer St Georges Dorchester Samuel Brown Carter after Banns A G L Lampen Herbert Brown George Pitfield X his mark
Ethel Rose Marson 19 Spinster  - St Georges Dorchester Arthur Marson Traveller Ethel Rose Marson Alice Kate Smith
100 1902 Seventeenth of April 1902 William George Dowle 24 Bachelor Dairyman Winterborne-Herringstone Dairy Alfred Galpin Dowle Dairyman  - E C Leslie W G Dowle A P Dowle
Laura Lock 27 Spinster Cook-Housekeeper Herringstone House John Lock Ship's Carpenter Laura Lock Clara Lock
51 101 1903 Jan 28th 1903 James Allen Brodby 23 Bachelor Game-Keeper Winterborne-Came James Allen Brodby decd.  Game-Keeper after Banns E C Leslie Rector James Allen Brodby Henry Rendall
Ada Maria Rendall 22 Spinster  - Winterborne-Herringston Farm Henry Rendall Carter Ada Maria Rendall Emma Esther Brodby
102 1906 April 18th 1906 Frederick James Burridge 37 Bachelor Farmer Portesham James Burridge Farmer after Banns E C Leslie Rector Frederick James Burridge Percival Symes
Bessie Sarah Oliver 25 Spinster  - Winterborne-Came George Oliver Farmer Bessie Sarah Oliver Beatrice Oliver
52 103 1906 October 3rd 1906 Thomas Wills 25 Bachelor Able Seaman on HMS Ouse Herringston Robert Wills Pensioner Royal Dorset Regt.  after Banns E C Leslie Rector Thos Wills George Henry Wills
Beatrice Emily Wills 27 Spinster  - Herringston Frederick Wills Groom Beatrice Emily Wills Gertrude Mary Isaacs
104 1906 October 20th 1906 Alfred George Vallins 37 Bachelor Bricklayer Herringston John Vallis Miller after Banns E C Leslie Rector Alfred George Vallins Alfred Percy Dowle
Frances Ada Ellen Dowle 24 Spinster  - Herringston Dairy Alfred Galpin Dowle Dairyman Frances Ada Ellen Dowle Esther Charlotte Dowle
William Henry King
53 105 1908 January 14th 1908 Charles John Steele 26 Bachelor Carter Higher Came Thomas Steele  Carter after Banns E C Leslie Rector Charles John Steele Thomas James
Beatrice Annie James 21 Spinster  - Herringstone Thomas James Labourer Beatrice Annie James Frances Ellen James
106 1908 April 20th 1908 William Herbert Bridle 31 Widower Gardener Winterborne-Came John Bridle Woodman after Banns E C Leslie Rector William Herbert Bridle George Lawrence
Emma Kate Lawrence 21 Spinster  - Winterborne-Came George Lawrence labourer Emma Kate Lawrnce  Mary Lawrence
54 107 1909 February 23rd 1909 Francis Jesse Treavis 24 Bachelor Town Postman All Saints Dorchester William Thomas Treavis Tailor after Banns E C Leslie Rector Francis Jesse Treavis Reginald Ernest Treavis
Ethel Charlotte Dowle 24 Spinster  - Winterborne Herringston Alfred George Dowle Dairyman Ethel Charlotte Dowle Beatrice Louisa Treavis
108 1909 August 11th 1909 Charles Joseph  Galton 30 Bachelor Seaman Royal Navy  HMS Ke__ Portsmouth Joseph Galton  Seaman Merchant Service after Banns E C Leslie Rector Charles Joseph Galton William Kinden his mark
Alice Maud Kinden 32 Spinster  - Max Gate Dorchester William Kinden Road Contractor Alice Maud Kinden Edith Rose Kinden
55 109 1909 October 28 1909 Henry James Harwood 30 Bachelor Labourer Winterborne Came George Harwood Carter  - A G L Lampen Henry James Harwood his mark James Taylor his mark
Alice May  Hatcher 24 Spinster  - Sturminster Newton James Hatcher Labourer Alice May Hatcher Emma Ada Lily Taylor
110 1909 December 30th 1909 Alfred Percy Dowle 29 Bachelor Dairyman Winterborne-Herringston Alfred Galpin Dowle Dairyman  - E C Leslie Alfred Percy Dowle Herbert Dowle
Alice May Bowditch 28 Spinster  - Upwey Joseph Durden Bowditch Baker Alice May Bowditch Ethel Treavis
56 111 1910 April 4th 1910 Fred Childs 33 Bachelor Dairyman West Knighton Robert Childs Diaryman  - A G L Lampen Fred Childs Francis Thomas Gale
Florence Jane Hansford 31 Widow  - Winterborne Came Alfred Gale Dairyman Florence Jane Hansford Annie Gale
112 1913 January 4th 1913 Ernest Robert  Whitcombe 21 Bachelor Golf Professional Herringston Albert Whitcombe deceased Gardener  - E C Leslie Ernest Robert Whitcombe  Ernest Charles Stanier
Ethel Louisa  Stanier 20 Spinster  - West Fordington James Charles Stanier deceased Labourer Ethel Louisa Stanier Beatrice May Stanier
57 113 1914 October 10th 1914 Frederick  Burt 27 Bachelor Plate Layer Herringstone George Burt Shoemaker  - T H Newby Rector Designate Frederick Burt Stephen Loader X his mark
Beatrice May Amy Loader 21 Spinster  - Herringstone Stephen Loader Shepherd Beatrice May Amy Loader Eliza Jane Amey
114 1915 August 3rd 1915 Alfred Beswick Green 21 Bachelor Engineer Herringston Alfred Green (deceased) Grinder  & Glazier  - T H Newby Rector Alfred Beswick Green Frederick Amy
Frances Ellen James 25 Spinster  - Herringston Thomas James (Deceased) Labourer Frances Ellen James Mabel James
58 115 1916 June 15th 1916 Frederick Saunders 26 Bachelor Second Corporal RE Herringstone Frank Saunders Malster  - T H Newby Rector Frederick Saunders Flora Ellen Happell
Ida Flora Drake 27 Spinster   - Herringstone Frederick Thomas Drake (Decd) Farmer Ida Flora Drake Alfred H____
116 1919 December 20th 1919 Bernard Thomas Steele 26 Bachelor Sergt Black Watch Higher Came Thomas Steele decd Miner  - M Persse Maturin Rector Bernard Thomas Steele H G Burden
Winifred Lucy Burden 23 Spinster  - Higher Came Henry Burden decd Shepherd Winifred Lucy Burden E J Burden
59 117 1920 Sept 1st 1920 Thomas Edmund Snelling full Widower Retired House Steward Stinsford John Snelling decd Labourer  - M Persse Maturin Rector Thomas Edmund Snelling Samuel Vine
Bessie Ethel Burridge full Spinster  - Lodge Farm Came Joseph Hunt Burridge decd Farmer Bessie Ethel Burridge W Kate Burridge
E J B Vine
118 1921 March 13 1921 Reginald Douglas Virgin 29 Bachelor Confectioner 15 High West Street Dorchester James Trott Virgin decd Confectioner  - M Persse Maturin Rector Reginald Douglas Virgin Beatrice Emma Burridge
Wilhelmina Kate Burridge 30 Spinster  - Winterborne Came Joseph Burridge decd Farmer Wilhelmina Kate Burridge Samuel Vine
60 119 1921 March 28 1921 Thomas Charles Lucas 29 Bachelor Carter Cripton William Charles Lucas (decd) Carter  - M Persse Maturin Rector Thomas Charles Lucas Isaac F Hills
Lily Kate Hills 24 Spinster  - Cripton Isaac Frederick Hills Labourer Lily Kate Hills Frances C Lawford
120 1921 August 2nd 1921 Reginald William Foot 22 Bachelor Corn Merchant Lonsdale Dorchester James Foot decd Corn Dealer  - ___ Rector of Holy Trinity Dorchester Reginald  William Foot L___ Foot Very faint reproduction
Violet Mary Wright 25 Spinster  - Higher Came Albert Wright  Farmer Violet Mary Wright N? Cake
A L Cake
_____ Wright
61 121 1922 April 15 1922 Robert John  Mears 26 Bachelor Labourer Higher Came Robert Mears Labourer after Banns W T Godber Hon CF Rector Robert John Mears Robert William Burden
Esther Jane Burden 25 Spinster  - Higher Came Henry Burden Shepherd Esther Jane Burden Olive Grace Burden
122 1924 30th March 1924 Jesse Harold  Lovell 27 Bachelor Labourer George Cripton Came George Lovell Labourer after Banns W T Godber Rector Jesse Harold Lovell John Downton Corrected by me at time of ceremony W T Godber
Beatrice Ellen Downton 24 Spinster  - John Higher Came John Downton Dairyman Beatrice Ellen Downton Beatrice M Palmer
62 123 1926 10th September 1926 Frederick Nelson Fowler 26 yrs Bachelor Motor Driver Dorchester Ben Fowler Labourer after Banns W T Godber Rector Frederick Nelson Fowler Ernest E Wills
Kathleen  Elliot 21 yrs Spinster  - Winterborne Came Herbert Frederick William Elliot Labourer Kathleen Elliot Mary Blanch Fowler
124 1925 12th October 1925 Gwendoline  Virgin 26 yrs Spinster  - Winterborne Came James Trott Virgin Confectioner by Licence W T Godber Gwendoline Virgin Chas__ Stroud entered this way round
Edward James Burridge  Vine 24 yrs Bachelor Farmer Broadmayne Samuel Vine Farmer Edward James Burridge Vine Samuel Vine
Alice M Pinnick
R O/D Virgin
63 125 1925 26th December 1925 William George Slade 22 Bachelor Dairyman Herringstone William Slade Dairyman after Banns W T Godber William George Slade Samuel George Hansford
Beatrice Annie Hansford 20 Spinster  - Herringstone Albert John Hansford Labourer deceased Beatrice Annie Hansford Edwin William Slade
126 1926 26th December 1925 Cecil William Walter Richards 23 Bachelor Bricklayer's Labourer 51 Cannon St Shirley Southampton William Walter Richards Bricklayer after Banns [no signature by Rector] Cecil William Walter Richards John Mears
Olive Grace Burden 22 Spinster Domestic Servant Higher Came Henry Burden Deceased Olive Grace Burden Esther Mears
64 127 1927 1st January 1927 Percy Edgar Hames 23 Bachelor Motor Driver Hampreston Edwin John Hames Farmer after Banns W T Godber Percy Edgar Hames Walter C Horsey
Eileen Laura Horsey 24 Spinster  - Herringston Walter Charles Horsey Dairyman Eileen Laura Horsey Hugh G Lankey
128 1928 24th November 1928 Alfred George Wallis full Bachelor Estate Woodman Came George Wallis Labourer after Banns W T Godber Rector Alfred George Wallis Annie Louisa Wallis
Margaret May Larkin full Widow  - Came David Hanna Labourer Margaret May Larkin Joseph George Knight
65 129 1928 18th December 1928 Charles Childs 50 Widower Farmer Lodge Farm Came Robert Childs Dairyman  - W T Godber Charles Childs F G Marsh
Alice Blanche Hansford 38 Spinster  - Came John Hansford Farmer Alice Blanche Hansford G Tizard
130 1929 3rd September 1929 Harry Walter Doble 25yrs Bachelor Farmer Buckland Newton Dorset John Page Doble Farmer  - W T Godber Harry Walter Doble William George House
Ruby Beatrice House 25 yrs Spinster  - Came William George House Corn Merchant Ruby Beatrice House Emmie House
66 [Blank] TA/H J Doble
W M House
67 MEMORANDUM In view of the fact that these marriage registers are of obsolete pattern they are disused at this point by Direction of the Registrar-General and new Marriage Register books have been supplied for future use at the Church
General Register Office
24.9.1929 _______
Somerset House WC2 for Assistant Registrar General
Loose sheet Received this 27th September 1929 of the Revd WT Godber a Register of Marriages solemnized at Winterborne Came Parish Church in the District of Dorchester
in the County of Dorset whereof I am Superintendent Registrar, for the purpose of its being deposited in the Register Office of the said District; 
The Date of No 1 the first entry therein being 16th August 1837 and the Date of No 130 the last entry therein being 3rd September 1929
Witness my Hand, _______ Superintendent Registrar
1 1 1929 3rd October 1929 Harry Lewis Charles Fox 23 Bachelor Labourer Winterbourne Came Frederick Fox Labourer after Banns W T Godber Harry Lewis Charles Fox Gertrude L May Critchel (1) Critchel is spelt with one 'L' Altered by me on the day of the ceremony WTG
Dorothy Evelyn Violet Critchell 23 Spinster  - Winterbourne Came George William Critchel Labourer Dorothy Evelyn Violet Critchel R J Bugler
Mabel Hellier
2 3 1931 Nov 2nd 1931 Cecil Henry Frank Matthews 26 Bachelor A A Patrol Cirencester Gloucestershire Thomas Matthews Shepherd after Banns C E W de Labilliere Rector Cecil Henry Frank Matthews Herbert James Pink
Marjorie Hilda Elizabeth Pink 24 Spinster  - Winterborne Came Herbert James Pink Steward Marjorie Hilda Elizabeth Pink Alice Florence Caroline Pink
4 1931 Dec 26th 1931 Stanley Albert Gayler 27 Bachelor Carpenter Whitcombe Gayler (Christian name unknown) Butcher after Banns C E W de Labilliere Rector Stanley Albert gayler Annie Alford
Dorothy Ina  Alford 25 Spinster  - Axminster, Devon Francis Thomas Alford  - Dorothy Ina Alford Benjamin Boyland
3 5 1932 April 7th 1932 Walter Hugh Beak 35 Bachelor Army Officer Perham Down Ludgershall Wilts John Beak Gentleman A F London___  Walter Hugh Beak John Scrutton
Ruth Delacour de Labilliere 29 Spinster  - Winterborne Came Dorset Charles Edgar Delacour de Labilliere Clerk-in-Holy Orders Ruth Delacour de Labilliere Evelyn G de Labilliere
6 1935 22nd April 1935 Henry James Hoskins 33 Bachelor Lorry Driver Melbury Osmond Charles Edward Hoskins Woodman (deceased) W T Godber Rector Henry James Hoskins William Collins
Marjorie Collins 28 Spinster  - Winterborne Herringston William Collins Shepherd Marjorie Collins May Collins
Eva Collins
4 7 1938 15th December 1938 Alfred Reginald John Gifford 35 Bachelor Engineer West Fordington Dorchester Alfred John Gifford Engineer W T Godber Alfred Reginald John Gifford Thos A B Daubney
Marjorie Lewanna Daubney 31 Spinster  - Winterborne Came Thomas Albert Byron Daubney Farmer Marjorie Lewanna Daubney W D Gifford
Alfred John Gifford
8 1939 24th September 1939 Albert Jeffery John Ellery 29 Bachelor Gardener Long Bredy Dorset Sidney Herbert Ellery Wheelwright W T Godber Albert Jeffery John Ellery Sidney Richard Ellery
Gertrude Mary Pitman 33 Spinster  - Winterborne Came Albert John Pitman Deceased Gertrude Mary Pitman C D Pitman
W J Haskell
In entry no 8 Col 1 for 24th September read 25th September corrected on the 6th October 1940
by me WT Godber In the presence of: AJJ Ellery the parties
GM Ellery involved
5 9 1939 14th October 1939 Frank William Newman 27 Bachelor Confectioner Weymouth Arthur Newman Weymouth Corporation Employee W T Godber Frank William Newman ?
Beatrice Annie Lovell 24 Spinster  - Winterborne Came Edward John Lovell Farm Labourer Beatrice Annie Lovell ?
10 1939 2nd November 1939 Arthur Tilbury Cake Full Widower Farmer Winterborne Came James Read Cake Farmer Deceased W T Godber Arthur Tilbury Cake V H Foot
Florence Groves 42 Spinster  - Winterborne Came Theophilius Groves Farmer Deceased Florence Groves RW Foot
6 11 1940 4th April 1940 Edward John Lovell 50 Widower Farm Labourer Winterborne Came George Lovell Farm Labourer (deceased) WT Godber (Rector) Edward John Lovell B Newman
Rhoda Elizabeth Tucker 46 Spinster - Winterborne Monkton Jack Tucker Labourer (deceased) Rhoda Elizabeth Tucker FW Newman
12 1945 25th April 1945 Joseph William Cobb 35 Bachelor Farmer Chaldon Herring James Frank Cobb Farmer WT Godber Rector Joseph William Cobb Thos A B Daubney
Christina Mary Watts 28 Spinster  - Winterborne Came Edwrad Montague Watts Gamekeeper Christina Mary Watts EJ_ Cobb
7 13 1946 8th June 1946 John Patrick Sandford Turner 24 Bachelor Builder's Labourer Winterborne Came Charles Henry Tucker Gardener WT Godber John Patrick Sandford Turner J Tucker
May Dooley 23 Spinster - Winterborne Came Albert Dooley Builder's Labourer May Dooley H Tucker
14 1952 19th July 1952 Ronald  Hemsworth 23 Bachelor In HM Army Winterborne Came Alfred ---- 1 Hemsworth Deceased W T Godber R Hemsworth Ronald Hemsworth 2 Charles Henry Tucker 1 Alteration made by me on day of ceremony WTG
Kathleen Jane Tucker 21 Spinster - Winterborne Came Charles Henry Tucker Gardener Kathleen Jane Tucker J P S Tucker 2 Alteration made by bridegroom WTG
8 15 1952 20th September 1952 John Hembrow Vearncombe 22 Bachelor Dairyman Winterborne Came William Richard Tricky Vearncombe Dairyman after Banns W T Godber J H Vearncombe Elsie Boatswain
Pamela Mary Boatswain 27 Spinster  - Fordington St George Horace Boatswain Deceased Pamela M Boatswain William R T Vearncombe
16 1953 7th March 1953 Stanley Cecil Godden 31 Bachelor Radio Engineer Cerne Abbas Dorset William John Godden Hay Trusser after Banns W T Godber S C Godden G E Edwads
Alice Barbara  Edwards 27 Spinster  - Winterborne Came Ernest Edwards Deceased A B Edwards T W _____
9 17 1954 March 20th 1954 Leslie Alfred Timms 22 Bachelor Police Constable 20 Bestwall Road Wareham Dorset Stanley Leslie Timms Higher Exceutive Officer for Air Ministry after Banns L J Meadway Jean Bennett S L Timms
Jean Bennett 19 Spinster Railway Clerk Came Down Golf Club Alfred Thomas Bennett Professional Golfer Vicar of Stinsford Leslie Timms A T Bennett
18 1965 March 27th 1965 Patrick Alexander  Rogers 22 Bachelor Lorry Driver 7 Higher Came William Frederick George Rogers Tractor Driver after Banns L J Meadway Dorothy May Ivy Coffin F G Coffin
Dorothy Ivy May Coffin 22 Spinster Domestic Duties Cripten House Higher Came Frederick George Coffin Stockman (Vicar of Stinsford) Patrick Alexander Rogers J Coffin
10 19 1965 Aug 21st 1965 Leonard Archibald Davies 31 Bachelor Civil Servant 53 Darlington Gardens Shirley Southampton Archibald Davies Police Officer after Banns L J Meadway Patricia Diana Greenhalgh J E Greenhalgh
Patricia Diana Greenhalgh 26 Spinster Cook Came Home Farm near Dorchester Albert Henry Greenhalgh Farm Bailiff Leonard Archibald Davies Lily Florence Davies
20 1966 March 26th 1966 David John Forrester 22 Bachelor Dairyhand 2 Higher Came Cottages Charles Patrick Forrester Grocer after Banns L J Meadway Clare Lesley Adams B P Forrester
Clare Lesley Adams 19 Spinster Shorthand Typist 18 Damers Road Dorchester Eric Roland Adams Locla Government Officer Priest-in-Charge David John Forrester P M Brown