RG13/2000 Dorchester
Civil Parish ED Folio Page Schd House Address X Surname Forenames X Rel. C Sex Age X Occupation Emp Categ X CHP Place of birth X Dis. W Notes James' Notes
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Civil Parish: Winterborne Herringston (entire)
Ecclesiastical Parish: attched to Winterborne Came St Peter with Winterborne Farringdon and Whitcombe for ecclesiastical purposes
The village of Winterborne Herringstone inlcuding Herringstone House and cottages near; also the Dairyhouse
Enumerator: William Ricketts Rogers
Winterborne Herringstone 1 6 4 18 Herringstone WILLIAMS Edwd Wilmot Head M M 75y Living on own means JP County of Dorset IRL Roshevor
WILLIAMS Sophy Wife M F 73y Living on own means IRL Kingstown
WILLIAMS Hulda Galadys Dau S F 30y Living on own means DOR Herringstone
KIRBY Mary Servnt S F 46y Ladys Maid Domestic OXF All Saints
LOCK Laura Servnt S F 28y Cook Domestic DEV Northam
GREGORY Elizabeth Servnt S F 52y Housemaid Domestic SOM Bath
BOCWELL Bessie x Servnt S F 22y Housemaid Domestic WEX Tintern  x Surname
GROVES Beatrice Servnt S F 20y Kitchen Maid Domestic DOR Knighton
GREEN George Servnt M M 46y Butler Domestic SFK Bury St Edmunds
GOLDRING William Servnt S M 18y Footman Domestic DOR Stafford
DURANT Walter Charles Servnt S M 18y Hall Boy Domestic DOR Bloxworth
19 Herringstone SPARROW Thomas Head M M 45y Gardener Worker ESS Nevendon
SPARROW Emma Annie Wife M F 36y LND London
SPARROW Thos Amos Son S M 13y DOR Wimborne
SPARROW Chas Amos Son S M 11y DOR Wimborne
SPARROW Arthur Son S M 5y DOR Herringstone
SPARROW Edwd Geo Son S M 1m DOR Herringstone
SPARROW Mary Dau S F 9y DOR Wimborne
20 Herringstone GREEN Mary Jane Head M F 52y DOR Stinsford
21 Herringstone TWEEL John Chas Head M M 55y Shed Groom Worker LIN Langworth
TWEEL Mary Ann Wife M F 46y LEI Leicester
22 Herringstone WHITE Robert Burrough Head M M 60y Yeoman Employer DEV Axminster
WHITE Susan Freeyard x Wife M F 57y DOR Maiden Newton x Second Forename
23 Herringstone RENDALL Henry Head M M 56y Carter on Farm Worker DOR Nettlecombe
RENDALL Mary Wife M F 57y DOR Egglestone
RENDALL Thomas Son S M 27y Carter on Farm Worker DOR Martinstown
RENDALL George Son S M 25y Agricultural Labourer Worker DOR Martinstown
RENDALL Ada Dau F 21y DOR Steepleton
RENDALL Bertram Son M 16y Agricultural Labourer Worker DOR Martinstown
RENDALL Francis Son M 14y Carter Boy Worker DOR Martinstown
Winterborne Herringstone 1 7 5 24 Herringstone WILLS Frederick Head M M 49y Horseman on Farm Worker DOR Frome Vauchurch
WILLS Harriett Wife M F 46y DOR Bradford Abbas
WILLS Fredk Wm Son S M 27y General Labourer Worker DOR Piddlehinton
WILLS Beatrice Emily Dau S F 22y DOR Piddlehinton
WILLS Clifford Percy Gson S M 1y DOR Herringstone
25 Herringstone PHILLIPS Henry Head M M 67y Shepherd Worker DOR Broadwindsor
PHILLIPS Sarah Wife M F 68y DOR Beaminster
RIGGS Henry Lodger S M 27y Farm Labourer Worker DOR Briantspuddle
26 Herringstone JAMES Francis Head M M 42y Agricultural Labourer Worker DOR Shapwick X Check- Should be Thomas
JAMES Emily Wife M F 39y DOR Puddletown
AMEY Frederick Stepson S M 20y Agricultural Labourer Worker DOR Herringstone
JAMES Thos Alfd Son M 16y Agricultural Labourer Worker DOR Herringstone
JAMES Wm Ernest Son M 13y DOR Herringstone
JAMES Frances Ellen Dau F 11y DOR Herringstone
JAMES Mildred Muriel Dau F 9y DOR Herringstone
JAMES Hy Chas Son M 7y DOR Herringstone
JAMES Ernest Edwd Son M 5y DOR Herringstone
JAMES Mabel Winifred Dau F 2y DOR Herringstone
JAMES Reginald Albert Son M 9m DOR Herringstone
27 Herringstone DOWLE Alfred Galpin Head M M 49y Dairyman Worker DOR Chilfrome
DOWLE Jane Wife M F 46y Dairywoman Worker SOM Mudford
DOWLE Wm Geo Son S M 22y Dairyman Worker DOR Cattistock
DOWLE Alfred Percy Son S M 20y Dairyman Worker DOR Broadwindsor
DOWLE Frances Ellen Dau S F 18y Dairymaid Worker DOR Tyneham
DOWLE Ethel Charlotte Dau S F 16y Dressmaker Worker DOR Winford
DOWLE Herbert Henry Son S M 14y Dairyman Worker DOR Coombe Keynes
28 Herringstone KNIGHT Charles Head M M 33y Labourer on Farm DOR Martinstown
KNIGHT Elizabeth Wife M F 31y DOR Martinstown
KNIGHT Elsie Mary Dau S F 8y DOR Dorchester
KNIGHT William Charles Son S M 7y DOR Herringstone
Winterborne Herringstone 1 7 6 KNIGHT Eva Gertrude Dau S F 5y DOR Herringstone
KNIGHT Joseph George Son S M 4y DOR Herringstone
KNIGHT Bessie Maud Dau S F 2y DOR Herringstone