Monkton Burial Register
Page Date Name of Deceased Names of Father & Mother Aged Supposed Cause of Death Where buried Extra register notes
8 1781 May the 10th John Smith of this Parish, Labourer son of John & Mary Smith, formerly Mary Evans __ Years Small-pox On the __ Side of the Church-yard
1783 Octr 28 John Wallis of this Parish Labourer son of Thomas & Elizabeth Wallis 28 Apoplexy On the East Side of the Churchyard
1784 Janry 23 John Balston of this Parish Yeoman son of  Morgan & Elizabeth Balston 72 Gradual Decay On the South Side of the Church
Febry 12th Joseph Kaxtone of this Parish Yeoman son of John & Mary Kaxtone 35 Consumption On the East Side of the Churchyard
March 3d Thomas Trevett of this Parish Labourer son of George & Elizabeth Trevett 16 Consumption South Side of Churchyard
August 4th Joan Wyer of this Parish Widow  - 54 Apoplexy East Side of Churchyard
1785 on March 31 Rebecca Stile of the Parish of Stafford daughter of  Wm & Elizth Stile South Side of Churchyard
9 Septr 17th Sarah Marsh Wilmott Lady of Sr. Edward Wilmott, Bart. 84 Gradual Decline South Side of the Church
Novr 2nd John Orchett Gradual Decline South Side of the Churchyard
Decr 2nd John Notley 61 Fever East Side of the Churchyard
1786 July 19th Edward Mitchel son of  James & Martha Mitchell 1 Teeth East Side of the Churchyard
Nov 29th Sir Edward Wilmott Bart. 93 Gradual Decline South Side of the Church
10 1787 Jany 19th Mary Kexton Widow 78 Decline South Side of the Church
Mar: 15th George son of John & Susanna Trevett 11 Accident by a Horse South Side of Churchyard
May 6th Benjamin son of James & Martha Mitchel 1 Teeth South Side of Churchyard
June 28th Ann Daugr of  Banjamin and Mary Gould Teeth Churchyard North Side Visitation Sepr 1st 1788
1788 July 4th Henry Wyer of Dorchester 28 Decline East Side of Churchyard
1790 Feby 11 Elizabeth Orchard
1791 Sepr 25 Elizabeth Wallis Decline East Side of Churchyard
11 1792 May 17th Elizabeth Trevoss 62 Dropsy East Side of Churchyard
Sepr 19 Robert son of Robert & Mary Bascombe 2 Decline East Side
Sepr 9th Mrs Styles of Knighton 45 Dropsy South Side
1793 Mar: 3d Amos Styles of Knighton 7 Decline South Side
May 30 Mary Notley of Knighton 71 Cancer South Side Visitation July 15 1793
Octr 2 Mary Raven late Servant to Sir Edward Wilmot 74  - East Side Visitation 1794 June
12 1794 [no date] George Trevers 60 Fever East Side
June 27 John son of James & Mary Churchill - Teeth East Side
1795 Feb: 28th Mrs Jane Williams of Herringstone In the Church
Novr 29 Henry Kextone
1798 Sept 22nd Richard son of John & Elizabeth Vincent
Sept 30th: Prudence Bird
1799 Decr 5 Elizabeth d, of Wm & Elizabeth Style of Knighton
13 1800 Feby: 9th: John son of John & Sarah Tizard
Sept: 17th: Ann daughter of John & Elizabeth Vincent
1801 Jany 25: Jane Kextone
Feby 23: Edward Cooke
March 6: William Style of Knighton Visitation May 5: the Bishop
Novr 17th Elizabeth Luccas d, of Thos & Ann Lucas
14 1802 Feb: 14th Ann Thorne
March 21st: Elizabeth Carter d, of William & Grace Carter
March 28th:  Sarah Read d, of William & Sarah Read
1803 April 18th John Vincent
April 24th: Sarah d, of John & Elizabeth Vincent Visitation 25th May
1804 June 26 Mr William Style of Knighton Visitation May 15 1805
15 1805 Aug 6th Mr John Pope
Augt 11th: Robert s, of James & Martha Cake
1806 Ap: 13th Ann Middleton Visitation 21st of May 1806
Novr 26th Thomas Humphrey s, of Thos & Mary Abbott
Decr 14th Robert s, of Richard & Rebecca Mayers
1807 Jany 11th Charles s, of George & Betty Travers
16 1808 Nov:r 6th John Orchard 78
1810 July 11th George son of James & Ann Roberts
Novr 22nd Ann Styles daughter of John & Elizabeth Styles
17 1811 Decr 10 Sarah Styles daughter of  William & Elizabeth Styles aged twenty years was buried
1812 Feb 9 Thomas Hill
Feb 19 Mary Udell
June 6th Jane d, of Thomas & Mary Abbott
June 7th John s, of Meshach & Sarah Trevett
June 28 Edmund s, of William & Mary Meager
end of register