Winterbourne Abbas

Baptisms 1791 to 1812

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Wendy Warne

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

Date Child Parents
17 Jul 1791Frances Berrydaughter of Wm?&ElizabethBERRY 
10 Aug 1791Mary Luchiondaughter of John&MaryLUCHION 
11 Sep 1791Robert Joyson of Edward&AnnJOY 
4 Dec 1791John Bridleson of John&SusannaBRIDLE 
25 Dec 1791James Mitchellson of James?&MarthaMITCHELL 
1 Jan 1792 Mary Bonnelldaughter of George& MaryBRIDLE
3 Jan 1792Robert Damonson of John&Eliz?DAMON 
17 Jan 1792Ann Berrydaughter of William&ElizabethBERRY 
12 Feb 1792Robert Whiteson of George&MaryWHITE 
25 Oct 1792John Luckhamson of John&MaryLUCKHAM 
13 Jan 1793Martha Bridledaughter of William&BettyBRIDLE 
15 Jan 1793Robert Wallisson of Richard&MaryWALLIS 
5 Dec? 1793Esther  David&ElizabethLEGG 
5 Dec? 1793Thomas Legg  David&ElizabethLEGG 
13 Apr 1794Richardson of John&SarahWALBRIDGE 
25 May 1794Sarahdaughter of George&MaryWHITE 
6 Jul 1794Martha Lockdaughter of William&ElizabethLOCK 
2 Nov 1794Jamesson of John&AnnRICHARDS 
20 Sep 1795Henryson of Richard&MaryWALLIS 
20 Sep 1795Richardson of Richard&MaryWALLIS 
25 Jan 1796Sarah Bonnelldaughter of Geo.&MaryBONNELL 
15 May 1796Elizabethdaughter of William&ElizabethDAVISborn 3 Oct 1795
5 Jan 1797Jamesson of Thos. Or Jno&ElizabethBARGE 
15 Jan 1797Robertson of John&RebeccaBARGE 
12 Feb 1797Janedaughter of Richard&MaryWALLIS 
23 Apr 1797Marthadaughter of George&Lucy?RICHARDS 
18 Jan 1798Jamesson of John&MaryLUCKHAM 
6 May 1798Johnson of Thomas&ElizabethBARGE 
10 Jun 1798Fannydaughter of John&SarahREAD 
10 Feb 1799Marydaughter of James&SarahBARTLETT 
10 Mar 1799Williamson of Henry&SarahWATTS 
28 Apr 1799Marthadaughter of Tho&MaryRICHARDS 
22 May 1799Francesdaughter of William&ElizabethDAVIS 
22 May 1799Marydaughter of William&ElizabethDAVIS 
3 Sep 1799Williamson of Thos&ElizabethBARGE 
3 Sep 1799Robertson of Thos&ElizabethBARGE 
29 Sep 1799Sarahdaughter of Thos&SarahWISDOM 
29 Sep 1799Henryson of Richard&MaryWALLIS 
29 Sep 1799Mariadaughter of John&SarahREAD 
19 Jan 1800Robertson of William&MaryHURDING 
9 Feb 1800Marydaughter of John&RebeccaBARGE 
22 Feb 1801Jeremiahbase born son of   SusannaBRIDLE(widow)
21 Jun 1801Ellendaughter of William&ElizabethDAVIS 
21 Sep 1801Janedaughter of Thomas&SarahWISDOM 
6 Dec 1801Williamson of Thomas&ElizabethBARGE 
28 Feb 1802Jamesson of Thomas&MaryRICHARD 
4 Apr 1802Jamesson of John&SarahWALBRIDGE 
4 Apr 1802Susandaughter of John&SarahWALBRIDGE 
15 Aug 1802Johnson of John&SarahREAD 
28 Nov 1802Rebeccadaughter of John&RebeccaBARGE 
12 Dec 1802Charlottedaughter of John&MaryLOCK 
18 Jul 1802Johnson of William&ElizabethDAVIS 
31 Jul 1803Anndaughter of George&JaneBROWN 
7 Aug 1803Marthadaughter of Job&CatherineTREVETT 
23 Oct 1803Margaretdaughter of Edward&AnnJOY 
15 Jan 1804Samuelson of John&SarahREAD 
22 Apr 1804Thomasson of Thomas&SarahBARGE 
10 Jun 1804Matthewson of Thomas&MaryRICHARDS 
23 Sep 1804Anndaughter of William&MaryHURDING 
2 Dec 1804Jamesson of James&SarahBARTLETT 
25 Dec 1804Gracedaughter of John&SarahREAD 
25 Dec 1804Henryson of Samuel&JaneTREVETT 

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