Winterbourne Abbas

Baptisms 1813 to 1904

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Wendy Warne


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

  Date of Baptism Christian Names   Parents Names Surname Abode Fathers Occupation  
131Jan1813 Williamson ofJohn & HannahRICHARDSCopyhold Winterborne Abbas Labourer 
210Mar1813 Janedau ofGeorge & LucyRICHARDSWinterborne Abbas Blacksmith 
327Jun1813 Williamson ofWilliam & MaryGALEWinterborne Abbas Dairyman 
427Jun1813 Henryson ofWilliam & MaryGALEWinterborne Abbas Dairyman 
511Jul1813 Marydau ofThomas & FrancesBAIDLEWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
619Dec1813 Samuelson ofSamuel & EstherREADWinterborne Abbas Carter 
719Dec1813 Johnson ofRobert & GraceTAYLORWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
820Feb1814 Janedau ofThomas & MariaBROWNWinterborne Abbas Thatcher 
920Feb1814 Johnson ofJoseph & MarthaWOODWARDWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
1013Jul1814 Martha Richardsdau ofThomas & ElizabethBARGE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
1114May1815 Marthadau ofWilliam & MaryGALEWinterborne Abbas Dairyman 
122Jul1815 Elizabethdau ofWilliam & MaryFIRHAM? Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
1316Jul1815 Charlesson ofEdmund & ElizabethCANDLE Winterborne AbbasDairyman 
145Nov1815 Priscilladau ofThomas & MariaBROWNWinterborne Abbas Thatcher 
1518Aug1816 Elizadau ofGeorge & LucyRICHARDSWinterborne Abbas Blacksmith 
1620Jan1817 Louisadau ofJacob & DeborahNAILEWinterborne Abbas Carpenter 
1721Sep1817 Jamesson ofRobert & GraceTAYLORWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
1821Dec1817 Francis Johnson ofThomas & MariaBROWN Winterborne AbbasThatcher 
1925Dec1817 Anndau ofWilliam & MaryGALEWinterborne Abbas Dairyman 
202Jul1818 Williamb b son ofAnnBRIDLEWinterborne Abbas Single Woman 
213Jan1819 Elizabethdau ofThomas & ElizabethBARGE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2220Jun1819 George Jacobson ofJacob & DeborahNAILE Winterborne AbbasCarpenter 
2316Apr1820 Robert Lockson ofGeorge & ElizabethBONNEL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2428May1820 Estherdau ofWilliam & MaryGALEWinterborne Abbas Dairyman 
2522Oct1820 Mary Mariadau ofJohn Samson ---DAVIDGE Winterborne AbbasCarpenter 
2622Oct1820 Wiliamson ofRobert & GraceTAYLORWinterborne Labourer 
2715Dec1820 Mary Janedau ofWillm. & MaryTRIVETTWinterborne Labourer 
2824Dec1820 Carolinedau ofJacob & DeborahNAILEWinterborne Labourer 
2927May1821 Elizadau ofMatthew & EleanorWHITEFIELD Winterborne AbbasExciseman 
3027May1821 Henryson ofMatthew & EleanorWHITEFIELD Winterborne AbbasExciseman 
3123Sep1821 Senah dau ofJos & MaryFRAMPTON LangtonLabourer(maybe Sarah)
3219May1822 Willm.b b son ofMaryLAYWinterborne Abbas Spinster 
3323Jun1822 Charles Whittleson ofWillm. & MaryGALE Winterborne AbbasDairyman 
3428Jul1822 Elizadau ofRobert & GraceTAYLORWinterborne Labourer 
3512Jan1823 Williamson ofThomas & MariaBROWNWinterborne Thatcher 
3612Jun1823 Charles Fitzherbert?son ofJonathan & EdithWYATT BockhamptonYeoman 
3712Jun 1823Charlesson of Edmund & ElizabethCANDEL WinterborneBailiff 
3829Jun1823 Mary Ann Janedau ofGeorge & ElizabethBONNEL or BONNET WinterborneLabourer 
399Nov1823 Alfredson ofMatthew & EleanorWHITEFIELD WinterborneExciseman 
4021Dec1823 Robertson ofSamuel & EstherREADWinterborne Labourer 
4118Apr1824 Samuelson ofWillm. & MaryGALEWinterborne Dairyman 
428Jul1824 Thos. Willm.son ofThomas & MaryNICHOLLS BurtonGent? 
4315Apr1825 Phillip Hillson ofPhillip & CarolineNIND? WinterborneGent 
4414Aug1825 Martha Elizadau ofWillm. & ElizabethTRIVETT WinterborneLabourer 
4521Aug1825 Mariadau ofRobert & GraceTAYLORWinterborne Labourer 
461Apr1826 Williamson ofJohn & HarriettDAVISWinterborne Gent 
472Jul1826 Samuel ??son ofRobert? & MaryBROWNWinterborne Shoemaker? 
4813Aug1826 George Douglasson ofWilliam & MarySTILLIFANT? WinterborneExcise Officer 
4927Aug1826 Charlottedau ofGeorge & BettyBONNELL WinterborneLabourer 
5024Sep1826 George Thomasson ofThomas & HannahRICHARDS WinterborneLabourer 
5124Sep1826 Fredericson ofGeorge & AnneRICHARDSWinterborne Blacksmith 
5219May1827 Ceciliadau ofJohn & HarriettDAVISWinterborne Gentm. 
539Dec1827 Charlesson ofRobert & GraceTAYLORWinterborne Labourer 
5417Feb1828 Richardson ofThomas & MariaBROWNWinterborne Thatcher 
5522Feb1828 Henryson ofEdward & RebeccaJOYWinterborne Labourer 
566Mar1828 Sarahb b dau ofAnnBROWNWinterborne Spinster 
577Apr1828 Marydau ofGeorge & AnneRICHARDSWinterborne Blacksmith 
5827Apr1828 Henry Jamesson ofWilliam & ElizabethTREVETT WinterborneLabourer 
5929Jun1828 Charlesson ofGeorge & BettyBONNELWinterborne Labourer 
6012Oct1828 Elizadau ofMatthew & Mary AnnRICHARDS WinterborneLabourer 
6112Oct1828 Sydneyson ofJohn & HarriettDAVISWinterborne Gentn. 
6215Jan1829 Williamson ofMatthew & ElizabethSLADE Winterborne--- 
638Feb1829 Louisadau ofRobert & MaryBROWNSteepleton Shoemaker 
6417Jan1830 Johnson ofGeorge & AnneRICHARDSWinterborne Blacksmith 
6531Jan1830 Sarah Anndau ofEdward & RebeccaJOYWinterborne Labourer 
6622Feb1830 Martha Janedau ofJames & MaryBARTLETT WinterborneLabourer 
677Mar1830 Walterson ofRichard & LucySOLLEY or TOLLEY WinterborneFarmer 
689May1830 Williamson ofJames & MargaretBARGEWinterborne Labourer 
6921Sep1830 Isabella Youngb b dau ofMarthaHURDING WinterborneSpinster 
703Oct1830 Richard Northoverson ofMatthew & ElizabethSLADE Winterborne--- 
716Feb1831 Emilydau ofMatthew & Mary AnnRICHARDS WinterborneLabourer 
726Mar1831 Jamesson ofRichard & AnnPIDGEONWinterborne --- 
733Apr1831 Robertson ofRobert & GraceTAYLORWinterborne Labourer 
7424Apr1831 Marthadau ofThomas & MariaBROWNWinterborne Thatcher 
7529Sep1831 Sabinadau ofGeorge & AnnRICHARDSWinterborne Blacksmith 
7629Jan1832 Charlotte Wiltshire?dau ofEdward & RebeccaJOY WinterborneLabourer 
7726Aug1832 Lucydau ofSamuel & ElizabethSYMESWinterborne Gent. 
789Sep1832 Ann Sophia Gilbert Waydau ofJoseph & Ann Sophia WAYWinterborneSadler 
7928Oct1832 Sarah Georgianedau ofJames & MaryBARTLETT WinterborneLabourer 
8012Dec1832 Charlesson ofRichard & SarahBRIDLEWinterborne Baker 
8110Feb1833 Janedau ofJohn & AmeliaBARTLETTWinterborne Labourer 
8212Mar1833 Williamson ofRichard & MarthaTOLLEYWinterborne FarmerPrivately brought into church 23 Dec 1834
8310Jun1833 Bridget Browndau ofJames & MargaretBEARGE WinterborneLabourer 
8417Nov1833 Josephson ofJoseph & MaryBARTLETTWinterborne Labourer 
8530Mar1834 Ellen Elizadau ofEdward & RebeccaJOY WinterborneLabourer 
8622Jun1834 Isabelladau ofMarthaHURDINGWinterborne --- 
876Jul1834 Emma Selina Milicentdau ofJohn & ElizabethFOSS WinterborneInn Keeper 
8829Jun1834 Sarah Meaderdau ofRichard & SarahBRIDLE WinterborneBakerPrivately brought into church 20 Jul
8917Aug1834 Amelia Bonneldau ofGeorge & ElizabethBONNELL WinterborneBlacksmith 
9029Oct1834 Fanny Oliviadau ofSamuel & ElisabethSYMES Winterborne AbbasGentleman 
911Mar1835 Marydau ofRichard & FannyPALMERWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
928Mar1835 Georgeson ofJames & MariaRICHARDSWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
9317Apr1835 George Whiteson ofJames & MaryBARTLETT Winterborne AbbasLaborerPrivately, brought into church 19 Apr
94    Annedau ofRobert & GraceTAYLORWinterborne Abbas LaborerPrivately, brought into church 26 Apr
9521Jun1835 William Johnson ofJoh & Mary AnnMILLER Winterborne AbbasLaborer 
9620Sep1835 Marydau ofGeorge & ElizabethRICHARDS Winterborne AbbasSmithPrivately brought into church 20 Sep
974Oct1835 Marthadau ofJohn & JaneGALEWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
98  1836 Samuelson ofPhillip & MariaWHITEOsmington Laborer 
9910Apr1836 Henryson ofJohn & AmeliaBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
10010Apr1836 Martha Anndau ofJames & MargaretBARGE Winterborne AbbasLaborer 
10122May1836 Eliza Sophiadau ofAnneGREGORYWinterborne Abbas --- 
10219Jun1836 Jamesson ofJoseph & MaryBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
10327May1836 Johnson ofRichard & SarahBRIDLEWinterborne Abbas BakerPrivately
10418Jun1836 Samuelson ofEdward & RebeccaJOYWinterborne Abbas LaborerPrivately brought into church 17 Jul 1836
1054Jul1836 Henryson ofRichard & FannyPALMERWinterborne Abbas LaborerPrivately, died before brought into church
10617Jul1836 Robertson ofMorgan & AnneREADWinterborne Abbas MasonPrivately brought into church 31 Jul
10714Jul1836 William Georgeson ofMatthew & HesterRICHARDS Winterborne AbbasLaborerPrivately
10816Oct1836 Carolinedau ofGeorge & ElisabethRICHARDS Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
1091Nov1836 Emilydau ofSamuel & ElizabethSYMESWinterborne Abbas Gentleman 
11027Nov1836 Emma Cordeliadau ofJohn & ElisabethFOSS Winterborne AbbasInn Keeper 
111?Jan1837 Thomasson ofJoseph & JaneMORTIMERWinterborne Abbas LaborerPrivately
11212Feb1837 Thomasson ofJohn & JaneWOODWARDWinterborne Abbas Tailor 
11326Feb1837 Georgeson ofGeorge & ElisabethBONNELL Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
11425Jun1837 Georgeson ofRichard & MarthaTOLLEYWinterborne Abbas Yeoman 
11525Jun1837 Rebeccadau ofWilliam & MaryOLIVERWinterborne Abbas Shepherd 
11625Jun1837 Elizabeth Martha Richard & SarahBRIDLE Winterborne AbbasBaker 
1176Aug1837 Fanny John & AmeliaBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
11824Sep1837 Johnson ofRichard & FannyPALMERWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
11924Jun1838 Samuel Alfredson ofJohn & ElizabethFOSS Winterborne AbbasInn Keeper 
1208Jul1838 Ameliadau ofThomas & SarahVALLENCEWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
1218Jul1838 Alfredson ofRichard & AnnaPIDGEONWinterborne Abbas Horse Keeper 
12223Sep1838 Sarahdau ofJoseph & MaryBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
12315Nov1838 Jeanettedau ofSamuel & ElizabethSYMES Winterborne AbbasGent. 
12430Dec1838 Janedau ofWilliam & AnnPARDYWinterborne Abbas Bailiff 
1256Jan1839 Lucydau ofGeorge & ElizabethRICHARDS Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
12624Mar1839 Henryson ofRichard & FannyPALMERWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
1277Jul1839 Janedau ofMatthew & HesterRICHARDSWinterborne Abbas Shepherd 
12818Aug1839 Josephson ofJohn & JaneWOODWARDWinterborne Abbas Tailor 
1291Sep1839 Josephson ofRichard & SarahBRIDLEWinterborne Abbas Shop Keeper 
13026May1839 Elizabeth Marydau ofJames & MaryBARTLETT Winterborne AbbasLaborer 
13122Sep1839 Edward Jamesson ofEdward & RebeccaJOY Winterborne AbbasLaborer 
13217Nov1839 Jamesson ofJohn & AmeliaBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
13322Mar1840 Georgeson ofBenjamin & AnnWOODWARDWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
13417Apr1840 Rebecca Bagwelldau ofJames & MarthaWILLSHER Winfrith NewburghLaborer 
13510May1840 Sarahdau ofJames & MargaretBARGEWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
13618Sep1840 Sophiadau ofSamuel & ElizabethSYMESWinterborne Abbas Gent. 
1377Mar1841 Janedau ofRobert & LydiaNEWWinterborne Abbas Blacksmith 
13823May1841 Elizabethdau ofJoseph & MaryBARTLETT Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
13911Jul1841 Georgeson ofRichard & FannyPALMERWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
14028Jul1841 Henry Youngson ofJohn & ElizabethPARKES Winterborne AbbasInn Keeper 
14115Aug1841 Emmadau ofRichard & HannahPIDGEONWinterborne Abbas Horse Keeper 
14219Sep1841 Martha Janedau ofRichard & SarahBRIDLE Winterborne AbbasShop Keeper 
14310Oct1841 Henry Jamesson ofJames & MaryBARTLETT Winterborne AbbasLaborer 
14425Dec1841 Eliza Janedau ofJames & MarthaWILLSHER Winterborne AbbasLaborer 
1456Mar1842 Georgeson ofJohn & JaneWOODWARDWinterborne Abbas Laborer 
14622May1842 Mary Elizabeth Edward & RebeccaJOY Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
1477Sep1842 John Whittleson ofGeorge & ElizabethRICHARDS Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
1484Dec1842 Johnson ofJohn & AmeliaBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
14917Feb1843 Richardson ofRichard & FannyPALMERWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
15013Apr1843 Henriettadau ofSamuel & ElizabethSYMES Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
15123/28May1843 Edward Tizzard SarahHARDINGWinterborne Abbas Spinster 
1523Sep1843 Edwinson ofRichard & HannahPIDGEONWinterborne Abbas Horse Keeper 
15314Jan1844 Georgeson ofThomas & MariaBOARDWinterborne Abbas Shoemaker 
15425Feb1844 Johnson ofBenjamin & AnnWOODWARDWinterbourne Steepleton Labourer 
1554Feb1844 William George WhittleGeorge & Elizabeth RICHARDSWinterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
15626May1844 Albert Philip Warreson ofGeorge & ElizabethGREGORY Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
15726May1844 Williamson ofJohn & AmeliaBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
15818Aug1844 Williamson ofJames & MaryBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
15915Sep1844 Samuelson ofRichard & FannyPALMERWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
16015Sep1844 Fannydau ofRichard & FannyPALMERWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
16127Oct1844 Rebeccadau ofEdward & RebeccaJOYWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
16221Mar1845 William Johnson ofGeorge & ElizabethRICHARDS Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
16323Mar1845 George Damon CharlotteBONNELWinterborne Abbas Spinster 
1649Mar1845 Marydau ofJohn & JaneWOODWARDWinterborne Abbas --- 
16524Mar1845 Mary Foreman Samuel & ElizabethSYMES Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
1662Apr1845 Eliza Marydau ofJohn & ElizabethPARKIS Winterborne AbbasInn Keeper 
16713Jul1845 Walterson ofStephen & ElizaDIMENTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
16816Nov1845 Jamesson ofRichard & HannahPIDGEONWinterborne Abbas Horse Keeper 
16911Jan1846 Henry Palmerson ofJohn & AmeliaBARTLETT Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
17018Jan1846 Edwinson ofJohn & LouisaDIMENTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
17116Aug1846 Georgeson ofJaneBONNELWinterborne Abbas --- 
17211Oct1846 Elizabethdau ofWilliam & ElizaDURRANT Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
17331Jan1847 Marydau ofRichard & HannahPIDGEONWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
17421Feb1847 Richard Levi Bonnelson ofWilliam & CharlotteDAMEN Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
1751Mar1847 Mary James & MaryBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
17618Apr1847 Fanny Maria Anndau ofRichard & estherTAYLOR Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
17730May1847 Richardson ofRichard & SarahBRIDLEWinterborne Abbas Carrier 
17827Jun1847 Mary Anndau ofGeorge & ElizabethGREGORY Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
1793Oct1847 Mary Matildadau ofStephen & ElizaDIMENT Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
18031Oct1847 Marthadau ofCharles & ElizabethPALMER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
18128Nov1847 Anniedau ofSamuel & ElizabethSYMESWinterborne Abbas Yeoman 
18230Jan1848 Georgeson ofJohn & JaneWOODWARDWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
18320Feb1848 Marthadau ofJohn & LouisaDIMENTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
18427Feb1848 Henry Williamson ofWilliam & ElizabethCHURCHILL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
18527Feb1848 Annie Whittledau ofGeorge & ElizabethRICHARDS Winterborne AbbasSmith 
18630Apr1848 Georgeson ofEdward & RebeccaJOYWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
1873Sep1848 Ameliadau ofJohn & AmeliaBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
18820Sep1848 Elizadau ofGeorge & MarySHORTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
18928Jan1849 Eliasson ofJohn & AnnROLLSWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
1906May1849 Elizadau ofJames & MaryBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
1914Jul1849 John Richardson ofRichard & SarahBRIDLE Winterborne AbbasCarrier 
19216Sep1849 Marydau ofCharles & ElizabethPALMERWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
19330Sep1849 Samuel Robertson ofStephen & ElizaDIMENT Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
19425Nov1849 Charlesson ofGeorge & ElizabethGREGORY Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
1958Mar1850 Levison ofJoseph & AnnDEAMENWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
19619May1850 Williamson ofRobert & RuthMAJORWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
1979Feb1851 Martha Palmerdau ofJohn & AmeliaBARTLETT Winterborne AbbasParish Clerk 
19823Feb1851 Lucydau ofJohn & JaneWOODMANWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
1999Mar1851 Charlottedau ofCharles & ElizabethPALMER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
20018Apr1851 Thomasson ofGeorge & MarySHORTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
20125May1851 Martha Mariason ofJohn & AnnROLLSWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
2028Jun1851 Edwardson ofEdward & RebeccaJOYWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
20310Jun1851 Frederick Arthurson ofSamuel & ElizabethSYMES Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
20428Dec1851 Rhodadau ofRichard & LouisaBROWNWinterborne Abbas Thatcher 
2056Feb1852 Elizabethdau ofMatthew & ElizabethRICHARDS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
20622Feb1852 Elizabethdau ofRobert & RuthMAJORWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
20725Apr1852 Grace Taylordau ofRichard & ElizaWATTS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2089May1852 Johnson ofCharles & Martha JaneTAYLOR Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
20920Jun1852 Anndau ofStephen & ElizaDIMENTWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
21019Sep1852 Henryson ofCharles & ElizabethPALMER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2114May1853 Johnson ofJohn & MaryDUNFORDWinterborne Abbas Thatcher 
21217Jul1853 Johnson ofWilliam & ElizabethCHURCHILL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
21324Jul1853 Lucydau ofRobert & RuthMAJORWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
21418Sep1853 Kate Wallis James & AnnBARGEWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
21516Jan1854 Williamson ofGeorge & ElizabethRICHARDS Winterborne AbbasSmith & Farmer 
21626Feb1854 Mary Janedau ofWilliam & JuliaBARGEWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
2179Apr1854 Richard Brownson ofJohn & AnnROLLSWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
2189Apr1854 Johnson ofWilliam & AnnROLLSWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
21921May1854 Charlesson ofJohn & AmeliaBARTLETTWinterborne Abbas Parish Clerk 
22030Aug1854 Mary Francesdau ofHenry & ElizabethBENNETT Winterborne AbbasFarmer 
2215Nov1854 Jesseson ofCharles & Martha JaneTAYLOR SteepletonLabourer 
22218Mar1855 Georgeson ofJacob & ElizabethDEAMENWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
22325Mar1855 Hannahdau ofCharles & ElizabethPALMER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
22422Jul1855 Henry Williamson ofWilliam & AnnROLLS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2252Sep1855 Marthadau ofJonas & SarahPEACHWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
22623Sep1855 Rebekahdau ofRobert & RuthMAJORWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
2271Jan1856 Alice Mary Elizabethdau ofSamuel & MarySYMES Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
22810Feb1856 Anna? Mariason ofDavid & Isabella YoungPENNY Winterborne AbbasGroom 
22913Apr1856 Elizadau ofJohn & JaneWOODWARDWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
23025May1856 Henryson ofThomas & MaryHICKSWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
2311Jun1856 Georgeson ofJohn & MaryDUNFORDWinterborne Abbas Thatcher 
23222Jun1856 Charlesson ofJoseph & AnnDEAMENWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
2339Nov1856 Robertson ofRobert & IsabellaLOCKEWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
23430Nov1856 Tryphenason ofWilliam & JuliaBARGEWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
23511Jan1857 Charlesson ofCharles & ElizabethPALMER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
23622Feb1857 Elizabeth Ann Millsdau ofWilliam & AnnBARGE Winterborne AbbasShoemaker 
2372Mar1857 Fanny Elizadau ofJohn & AnnROLLSWinterborne Abbas Carrier 
23822Mar1857 Harriett Hayneson ofWilliam & AnnROLLS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2398Apr1857 Francis Walterson ofSamuel & MarySYMES Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
24013Sep1857 Elizabeth Annson ofCharkes & Martha JaneTAYLOR Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2419Mar1858 Alfred Walterson ofWilliam & ElizabethCHURCHILL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
24225Mar1858 Thomas Bestson ofAmeliaVALLENCEWinterborne Abbas Single Woman 
2436Apr1858 Walter Williamson ofDavid & Isabella YoungPENNY Winterborne AbbasGroom 
2442May1858 Williamson ofEli & AnnLEAKWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
24513Jun1858 Bessie Anndau ofWilliam & SarahPEACH Winterborne AbbasMason 
24610Nov1858 Kate Isabelson ofSamuel & MarySYMESWinterborne Abbas Yeoman 
24728Nov1858 Henry Hodderson ofElizabeth AnneHAYNE Winterborne AbbasSingle Woman 
24810Dec1858 Sarah Whitedau ofHenry & Sarah GeorgianePALMER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
24916Jan1859 John Jamesson ofJohn & BridgetHANLON Winterborne AbbasGroom 
25024Jul1859 Maria Charles & ElizabethPALMER Winterborne AbbasLaborer 
2518Jan1860 Hesterdau ofJohn & MaryDUNFORDWinterborne Abbas Thatcher 
2525Feb1860 Isabella Harriettdau ofJoseph & GraceSQUIBB Winterborne AbbasDairy Keeper 
2534Mar1860 Edward Wattsson ofGeorge & CarolineLOVELL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
25418Mar1860 Hezkiah? Johnson ofWilliam & SarahATKINS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2558Apr1860 Emmanuelson ofBenjamin & Anne JaneMITCHELL Winterborne AbbasLabourerE.D.?? (Easter Day)
25622Apr1860 Charles Williamson ofDavid & SelinaCHURCHILL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
25729Jul1860 Emilydau ofRichard & ElizabethSAMWAYS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
258XmasDay1860 Emily Janedau ofJohn & AnnROLLSWinterborne Abbas Carrier 
25929Apr1861 Elizabethdau ofCharles & ElizabethPALMER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
26012May1861 Henry the posthumousson ofHenry & Sarah Georgiana PALMERWinterborne AbbasLabourer 
26119May1861 Janedau ofDavid and SelinaCHURCHILLWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
26224Jul1861 Katedau ofWalter Harris & SabinaALLEN Winterborne AbbasCommercial Traveller
26316Feb1862 William George Lockson ofWilliam & JuliaBARGE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
26429Jun1862 Marie? Sarahdau ofStephen & Mary AnnGODDING Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
26527Jul1862 Thomas Lockeson ofWilliam & SarahATKINS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
26622Aug1862 Johnson ofBenjamin & Anne JaneMITCHELL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2673May1863 Mary Susandau ofGeorge & SusanLEGGWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
26823May1863 Eleanor Anniedau ofRichard & SarahGALE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2691Jul1863 Walterson ofWalter Harris & SabinaALLEN Winterborne AbbasCommercial Traveller
2706Sep1863 Levison ofSusanHARLECKWinterborne Abbas Servant 
27120Sep1863 Thomas Williamson ofWilliam & SarahSTEELE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2724Oct1863 Louisa Elizabethdau ofJohn & MariaGODDING Winterborne AbbasLodge Keeper 
27313Jan1864 Elimson ofGeorge & SusanLEGGWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
27431Jan1864 Fannydau ofHenry & ElizabethTAYLORWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
27514Feb1864 Williamson ofJohn & MaryDUNFORDWinterborne Abbas Thatcher 
27613Mar1864 Alfred?son ofDavid & SelinaCHURCHILL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
27710Jul1864 Frederick Johnson ofWilliam & FrancesBARBER Winterborne AbbasBook Hawker 
27812Oct1864 Blanchedau ofWalter Harris & SabinaALLEN Winterborne AbbasCommercial Traveller 
27927Nov1864 Priscilla Francesdau ofWilliam & FrancesBUGLER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
28028Dec1864 Elizabeth Marydau ofSamuel & LucyWARREN Milbourne St AndrewCarpenter 
28119Mar1865 Elizabeth Annedau ofWilliam & JuliaBARGE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2825May1865 Fannyyounger twin dau ofHenry & ElizabethTAYLOR Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
28311Jun1865 Mary Janeelder twin dau ofHenry & ElizabethTAYLOR Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
28418Jun1865 William Johnson ofRichard & PhillisDAVIS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2854Feb1866 William Henryson ofGeorge & SusanLEGG Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
28616May1867 George Williamson ofDavid Bow & SelinaCHURCHILL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
28726May1867 Sarahdau ofRichard & PhillisDAVISWinterborne Steepleton Labourer 
28822Sep1867 Georgeson ofGeorge & SusanLEGGWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
28929Sep1867 Alice Elizabethdau ofHenry & Mary JaneSPRACKLIN Winterborne AbbasLabourerSt Michael’s Day
2908Dec1867 Marydau ofJohn & MaryDUNFORDWinterborne Abbas Thatcher 
29123Feb1868 Annie Elizadau ofWilliam & JuliaBARGE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
29219Jul1868 Alice Anndau ofThomas & SarahIRONSIDE SwanageLabourer 
2932Aug1868 Cornelius Henryson ofCharles & Martha JaneTAYLOR Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
29415Aug1869 Elizabeth Mariadau ofDavid Bow & SelinaCHURCHILL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
29510Oct1869 Laviniadau ofJohn & Emily ElizabethHORLICH? Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2967Nov1869 Thomas Edwinson ofRobert & EmmaHELYER Spring Bourne, Bournemouth St PetersSawyer 
29721Nov1869 Helendau ofHenry & Mary JaneSPRACKLIN SteepletonLabourer 
2984Mar1870 Georgeson ofGeorge & Mary AnnGREENING Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
2993Apr1870 Elizabeth Janedau ofHenry & MaryRENDALL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
30017Oct1870 Charles Douglasson ofCharles Robert & HelenPOUNCY Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
30123Oct1870 Hezekieh Thomasson ofWilliam & JuliaBARGE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
30226Oct1870 Liliasdau ofWalter Harris & SabinaALLEN Winterborne AbbasCommercial Traveller
30330Oct1870 Henrietta Marydau ofWilliam & Henrietta Cumming NORTHOVERWinterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
30411Dec1870 Amy Elizabethdau ofEmmaHAYNEWinterborne Abbas --- 
30513Sep1871 Williamson ofHenry & MaryRENDALLWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
30621Dec1871 Alice Annedau ofDavid Bow & SelinaCHURCHILL Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
30730Mar1872 Johnson ofMarthaPALMERWinterborne Abbas --- 
30828Jul1872 Henry Georgeson ofJames & LucySTICKLAND Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
3099Aug1872 Herbert Williamson ofWilliam Vaughan? & Henrietta Cumming NORTHOVERWinterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
31030Dec1872 Janedau ofJames Charles & MaryBROWNWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
3114Apr1873 Helen Gertrudedau ofCharles Robert & HelenPOUNCY Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
3126Jul1873 Henry Charlesson ofWilliam & JuliaBARGE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
3138Aug1873 Johnson ofRichard & ElisabethDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
31421Sep1873 Ameliadau ofJames & Mary AnnTAYLORWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
31522Mar1874 George Richardson ofWilliam & MaryBARTLETT Winterborne AbbasGroom 
3169Aug1874 Williamson ofAlfred & AliceLEGGWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
31730Aug1874 William Georgeson ofRichard & ElizabethDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
31827Sep1874 William Jemes Mortimerson ofJames & LucySTICKLAND Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
3197Mar1875 Charles Williamson ofWilliam & AnneFRANCIS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
32022Mar1875 Ida Francesdau ofCharles Robert & HelenPOUNCY Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
32110Aug1875 Charles Jamesson ofSusan JaneHODDERWinterborne Abbas --- 
3225Sep1875 Dorcas Elizabethdau ofElias & SarahDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
32311Nov1875 Mary Elizabethdau ofJohn & MariaBARBER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
32413Feb1876 Jamesson ofRichard & ElizabethDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
32527Feb1876 Ethel Maudedau ofRichard Brown & ElizabethROLLS Winterborne AbbasPostman 
32616Apr1876 Alicedau ofJames Charles & MaryBROWN Winterborne AbbasLabourerE.D. (Easter?)
3279Jul1876 Elizabeth Marthadau ofJames & JuliaPUCKETT or RICKETT Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
32816Sep1876 Alice Maud Marydau ofJames Thomas & FannyHARTNELL Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
32916Sep1876 Adadau ofJames Thomas & FannyHARTNELL Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith1 1/2Y
33028Jan1877 William Jamesson ofJames Thomas & FannyHARTNELL Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
3319Feb1877 Jane Elizadau ofWilliam & Harriett HodderBARTLETT Winterborne AbbasLabourer7y
3329Feb1877 Henry Charlesson ofWilliam & Harriett HodderBARTLETT Winterborne AbbasLabourer5y
3339Feb1877 John Bartlettson ofSolomon & JaneCROSS Winterborne AbbasGamekeeper4 or 5y
3349Feb1877 Elizabeth Ameliadau ofWilliam & Harriett Hodder BARTLETTWinterborne AbbasLabourer2y
3359Feb1877 Sydney Williamson ofWilliam & Harriett Hodder BARTLETTWinterborne AbbasLabourer1y
33613May1877 Beatrice Ellendau ofWilliam & AnneFRANCIS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
3377Sep1877 Arthur Wallbridgeson ofJohn & SarahDAW Winterborne AbbasInn Keeper 
33816Sep1877 William Georgeson ofAnnLOCKWinterborne Abbas --- 
33923Dec1877 Richard Williamson ofRichard Brown & Elizabeth ROLLSWinterborne AbbasPostman 
34011Apr1878 Margaret Isobel?dau ofWilliam & JuliaBARGE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
34110May1878 Edwin Charlesson ofJames Thomas & FannyHARTNELL Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
34226May1878 James Charlesson ofJames Charles & MaryBROWN Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
34326May1878 Ellendau ofHenry & Mary AnneCOSHWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
34426May1878 Hester Janedau ofRichard & ElizabethDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
34523Feb1879 Laura Marydau ofJohn & SarahDAWWinterborne Abbas Inn Keeper 
3462May1879 Mabeldau ofCharles Robert & HelenPOUNCY Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
34725May1879 Frederick Arthurson ofWilliam & AnneFRANCIS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
34814Sep1879 Martha Mariadau ofJames Charles & MaryBROWN Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
34926Oct1879 Florence Emilydau ofWilliam John & MarySYMES Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
35023Nov1879 William Thomasson ofRichard Hodder & Mary Jane HAYNEPoole St Paul’sMill Labourer 
35121Mar1880 Reginald Johnson ofRichard Brown & ElizabethROLLS Winterborne AbbasDealer 
35215Jun1880 Evelinedau ofCharles Robert & HelenPOUNCY Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
35329Aug1880 Thomas Edwardson ofThomas & Mary AnnSTOKES Haselbury BryanBlacksmith 
35412Nov1880 Mabel Adadau ofJohn & SarahDAWWinterborne Abbas Inn Keeper 
35525Jan1881 James Henryson ofThomas Frederic & MaryMATTHEWS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
35617Jul1881 Johnson ofWilliam Y SarahMAJORWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
35713Aug1881 Janedau ofSarah AnnGREENINGWinterborne Abbas --- 
35823Oct1881 Richard Henryson ofRichard & ElizabethDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
3596Nov1881 Claradau ofJames Thomas & FannyHARTNELL Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
36011Nov1881 Mabeldau ofHenry William & Betsey AnnieDURRANT Winterborne AbbasGardener 
3614Dec1881 Ethelbert Jamesson ofJames & Emily JaneEWENS Winterborne AbbasFarm Bailiff 
36219Jan1882 Mabeldau ofJames Charles & MaryBROWN Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
36317Feb1882 Doradau ofCharles Robert & HelenPOUNCY Winterborne AbbasYeoman 
36420Aug1882 Fanny Grace Octaviadau ofRichard Brown & Elizabeth ROLLSWinterborne AbbasDealer 
36520Aug1882 Beatrice Mabeldau ofWilliam John & MarySYMES Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
36620Aug1882 William Albertson ofJohn & RuthSAWYER Winterborne Abbaslabourer 
36724Dec1882 Daisy Geraldine Gladysdau ofHezekiah John & Mary Eliza ATKINSWinterborne AbbasBuilder 
36828Jan1883 Ernest Frankson ofJohn & SarahDAWWinterborne Abbas Inn Keeper 
36923Sep1883 Alickson ofCharles & LouisaCROUCHERSteepleton Trapper 
37023Sep1883 Williamson ofJames Charles & MaryBROWN Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
37123Sep1883 Charlesson ofJames & ElizabethTROWBRIDGE PortishamLabourer 
372XmasDay1883 Emilydau ofHenry & AnneTIZZARDWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
3737Mar1884 Winifred Elizadau ofGeorge & Matilda JaneFURBER Winterborne AbbasCarpenter 
37429Jun1884 Walterson ofFrank & JaneSMITHSteepleton Labourer 
37513Jul1884 Frank Edgarson ofRichard Brown & ElizabethROLLS Winterborne AbbasDealer 
37621Sep1884 Emma Lauradau ofWilliam & Harriett HodderBARTLETT Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
37721Sep1884 Francis Georgeson ofJames Thomas & FannyHARTNELL Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
37819Oct1884 Thomasson ofRichard & ElizabethDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
379XmasDay1884 Charles Richardson ofCharles & Frances AlicePROUT Winterborne AbbasGroom 
38018Jan1885 Ellendau ofSamuel Robert & PhoebeDIMENT Winterborne AbbasShepherd3y
38118Jan1885 Frankson ofSamuel Robert & PhoebeDIMENT Winterborne AbbasShepherd 
3821Feb1885 Isabelladau ofJob & ElizabethSTOCKWELL Winterborne AbbasMason10y
3835Apr1885 Charles Henryson ofJohn & RuthSAWYER Winterborne AbbasLabourerEaster Day
3843May1885 Bessiedau ofElias & Emily JaneDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
38517May1885 Percival Lancelotson ofHezekiah Joh & Mary Eliza ATKINSWinterborne AbbasBuilder 
38614Jun1885 Edgar Georgeson ofJohn & SarahDAWWinterborne Abbas Inn Keeper 
38726Jul1885 Beatrice Marydau ofChristopher Miller & MaryDAW Winterborne AbbasGroom 
38815Nov1885 Agnes Mauddau ofJames Thomas & FannyHARTNELL Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
38929Nov1885 Raymond Walter Winzerson ofJohn James & Emma Annie DAVISWinterborne AbbasShop Keeper 
39028Mar1886 Amy Louisadau ofWilliam John & MarySYMES Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
39127Jun1886 Alice Elizabethdau ofWilliam & EmmaHYDE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
39214Nov1886 Christopher William Gundryson ofChristopher Miller & Mary DAWWinterborne AbbasLabourer 
39312Dec1886 Bertram Hugh Gordonson ofHezekiah John & Mary Eliza ATKINSWinterborne AbbasBuilder 
39430Jan1887 Rhoda Emilydau ofRichard Brown & ElizabethROLLS Winterborne AbbasPost Master 
39513Feb1887 Henry Jamesson ofCharles & JaneENGLAND Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
39627Feb1887 Elizabeth Marydau ofCharles & EmilyDOWNTON Winterborne AbbasShepherd 
39727Feb1887 Mary Palmerdau ofJames Charles & MaryBROWN Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
39813Mar1887 Charlesson ofSamuel Robert & PhoebeDIMENT Winterborne AbbasShepherd 
3997Aug1887 Harriett Anne Katedau ofWilliam & ElizabethCOWERD Poole St JamesLabourer 
40018Sep1887 Williamson ofWilliam & KateDUNFORDWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
40118Sep1887 Annie May Jubileedau ofBenjamin & Sarah AnnBOWDITCH Winterborne AbbasCarpenter 
40213Nov1887 Lily Beatricedau ofWilliam & EmmaHYDE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
4038Jan1888 Ellen Daisydau ofJohn & AmeliaPARSONS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
40419Feb1888 Sarah Annedau ofChristopher Miller & MaryDAW Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
40529Apr1888 Sydney Jamesson ofJames & ElizabethTROWBRIDGE Winterborne AbbasGroom 
40617Jun1888 Florence Gertrudedau ofJames Thomas & FannyHARTNELL Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
40721Oct1888 Lily Suttondau ofRichard Wallis & Emily Sarah Savage BARGEWinterborne AbbasGrocer 
40816Dec1888 Walter Johnson ofWalter & HesterTREVETT Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
40914Apr1889 Albert Henryson ofHenry William & Frances Emma DURRANTWinterborne AbbasGardener 
41014Apr1889 Williamson ofCharles & JaneENGLANDWinterborne Abbas Labourer 
41116Jun1889 Frederic Charlesson ofJoseph & MaryCOWARD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
41214Jul1889 Ralphson ofJames Thomas & FannyHARTNELL Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
41325Aug1889 Susan Marydau ofWilliam & KateDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
4148Sep1889 Gwendoline Iris Irenedau ofHezekiah John & Mary Eliza ATKINSWinterborne AbbasLabourer 
   1890 No Baptisms in Winterborne Abbas 
41518Jan1891 Florence Emilydau ofWiliam Edward & Emily Jane SPRACKLENWinterborne AbbasLabourer 
41615Feb1891 Martha Symesdau ofWilliam & KateDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
41715Feb1891 Rosilla Mauddau ofThom & Sarah JaneCONWAY Buckland RipersLabourer 
41810May1891 Eva Florencedau ofThomas John & SarahTIZARD SteepletonHawker 
4197Jun1891 Ethel Beatricedau ofThomas George & Mary AnnHOARE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
42016Aug1891 Reginald Frankson ofHenry William & Frances Emma DURRANTWinterborne AbbasGardener 
42110Apr1892 Ernest Ralph George & Amy ElizabethROLLS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
42214Aug1892 Hilda Constancedau ofCharles Arthur & Alice Alicia GUNTRIPPWinterborne AbbasBaker 
42328Aug1892 Gertrude Hesterdau ofWilliam & KateDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
42412Feb1893 Bessie Marydau ofJoseph & MaryCOWARD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
42526Mar1893 Brinsley Roy Clementson ofRichard Brown & Elizabeth ROLLSWinterborne AbbasDairy Keeper 
42622Apr1893 Lilly Elizabethdau ofCharles & EmilyTHORNE Winterborne AbbasGroom 
42719Aug1893 Elizabeth Abbasdau ofChristopher Miller & Mary DAWWinterborne AbbasLabourer 
42819Aug1893 Ellen Gracedau ofChristopher Miller & MaryDAW Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
42929Dec1893 Samson George Job & LeandaBARNES Winterborne Abbas PoorlotGipsy 
43015Apr1894 Percy Henry Richardson ofHezekiah & Mary Elizabeth TOMPKINSSteeple near WarehamShepherd 
43116Sep1894 John Georgeson ofWilliam & KateDUNFORD SteepletonLabourer 
43224Feb1895 Mabel Ellendau ofJohn & EllenMINTERN Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
43321Apr1895 Wilfred Sydneyson ofGeorge & Amy ElizabethROLLS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
4345May1895 Emily Maria Janedau ofGeorge Charles & Louisa? Elizabeth SQUIBBWinterborne AbbasNavy Pensioner 
43523Jun1895 Mary Elizabethdau ofAlbert George & Mary Charlotte TOMPKINSWinterborne AbbasGroom 
4367Jul1895 Beulah Henrietta Veradau ofHezekiah John & Mary Eliza ATKINSWinterborne AbbasBuilder 
4374Aug1895 Ellen Maydau ofJohn & AngelinaTRIMWinterborne Abbas Carter 
43822Sep1895 Lotson ofLot & Sarah AnnBISHOPWinterborne Abbas Shepherd 
4393Nov1895 Elsie Lauradau ofJoseph & MaryCOWARD Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
44015Dec1895 Hilda Maydau ofWalter & HesterTREVETT Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
44116Feb1896 Reginald Jamesson ofSamuel & EmmaDAW Winterborne AbbasInn Keeper 
4421Mar1896 Florence Dorothydau ofJohn & JaneHARRIS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
44317May1896 Elizabeth Lydiadau ofJesse William & RoseMITCHEM Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
44431May1896 Hester Margaretson ofChristopher Miller & Mary DAWWinterborne AbbasLabourer 
44521Jun1896 Albert Williamson ofAlbert Stockwin & Ann Elizabeth JACKSONAldershotSerjeant in Royal Horse Artillery
44628Jun1896 Alice Eliza Julia Maydau ofGeorge Charles & Louisa Elizabeth SQUIBBWinterborne AbbasNavy Pensioner 
44730Dec1896 Charles Henvilleson ofRobert Henville & Winifred May SIMONDSWinterborne AbbasBarrister 
44821Feb1897 Mabel Etheldau ofCharles & EmilyTHORNE Winterborne AbbasGroom 
44923May1897 Reginald Percyson ofWilliam & SarahSYMES Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
45021Sep1897 Victoria Maydau ofWilliam & Rosa FrancesGALE Winterborne AbbasGroom 
45123Jan1898 Dorothy Rosedau ofCharles Rosina LouisaMITCHELL Winterborne AbbasGardener 
45220Feb1898 Winifred Viviandau ofHezekiah John & Mary Eliza ATKINSWinterborne AbbasBuilder 
4536Mar1898 Reginald Jamesson ofArthur William & Elizabeth Ann CRABBWinterborne AbbasLabourer 
45410Apr1898 Alice Mauddau ofFrederick William & EdithGROVES SteepletonShepherd 
45510Apr1898 Dorothy Anndau ofHenry & EdithFRYSteepleton Postman 
45629May1898 Walter Henryson ofWilliam & FannyGREENING Winterborne AbbasCarter 
45731Jul1898 Winifred Daisydau ofCharles Arthur & Alice Alicia GUNTRIPPWinterborne AbbasBaker 
45814Aug1898 Jesse Williamson ofJesse William & RoseMITCHEM Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
45929Oct1898 Robert Meredith Henvilleson ofRobert Henville & Winifred May SIMONDSWinterborne AbbasBarrister 
46015Jan1899 George Henry Johnson ofGeorge Charles & Louisa Elizabeth SQUIBBWinterborne AbbasNavy Pensioner 
4613Dec1899 Reginald Thomas Jamesson ofJames & Caroline Gale DUNFORDWinterborne AbbasLabourer 
46225Dec1899 Eliza Emily Janedau ofWilliam & FannyGREENING Winterborne AbbasCarter 
46318Feb1900 Beatrice Ameliadau ofCharles & Mary HannahLEGG SteepletonCarter 
46417Mar1900 Joan Marydau ofRobert Henville & Winifred Mary SIMONDSWinterborne AbbasBarrister 
46513May1900 William Charles Johnson ofJohn & Alice Matilda PALMERSteepletonMason 
46626Aug1900 Reginald Montague Edwardson ofGeorge & Hannah Jane GALEWinterborne AbbasLabourer 
4677Oct1900 Athelstan Reginald Edwinson ofEdwin John & Ethel Maud TREVETTStaines MiddlesexRailway Servant 
46814Oct1900 Walter Williamson ofSSamuel Joseph & Frances Ellen HOUSEWinterborne AbbasInn Keeper 
46923Dec1900 Sarah Warrydau ofJesse William & RoseMITCHEM Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
47030Dec1900 Mary Elizabeth Janedau ofJames & Caroline Gale DUNFORDWinterborne AbbasLabourer 
4712Mar1901 Myrtle Mary Dorotheadau ofHezekiah John & Mary Eliza ATKINSWinterborne AbbasBuilder 
47216Jun1901 Reginald John Charles John & Louisa AnnMUSSELWHITE Holy Trinity Parish DorchesterLicensed Victualler 
47314Jul1901 Reginald Arthur Peterson ofGeorge & LouisaSQUIBB Winterborne AbbasNavy Pensioner 
47415Dec1901 Emily Ameliadau ofWalter John & Frances Emily DUNFORDWinterborne AbbasShepherdPrivately, born 5 Dec 1901
47517Apr1902 Henry Leslieson ofRobert Henville & Winifred May SIMONDSWinterborne AbbasBarrister 
47620Jul1902 Charles Samuel Johnson ofWilliam & FannyGREENING Winterborne AbbasCarter 
47724Aug1902 Albert Edwardson ofJames & Caroline GaleDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasCarter 
4782Nov1902 Linda Marydau ofGeorge & Amy ElizabethROLLS Gorwell nr AbbotsburyGardener 
47928Dec1902 Hensley Dennis Henryson ofEdwin John & Ethel Maud TREVETTSherbourneRailway Servant 
4805Apr1903 Ethel Elizabethdau ofGeorge & Hannah JaneGALE Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
4812Jul1903 John George George & EdithBARBER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
4822Jul1903 Beatrice Emma George & EdithBARBER Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
48313Oct1903 Walter Charles James & Caroline GaleDUNFORD Winterborne AbbasCarter 
48424Jan1904 Gerald John Hezekiah John & Mary ElizaATKINS Winterborne AbbasBuilder 
48531Jan1904 Henry Cecil John & Alice MatildaPALMER SteepletonMason 
4861May1904 Hilda Isabel Jesse William & RoseMITCHEM Winterborne AbbasBlacksmith 
48731Jul1904 Winifred Alice John & JaneHARRIS Winterborne AbbasLabourer 
48831Aug1904 Wilfred Henvilleson ofRobert Henville & Winifrid May SIMONDSWinterborne AbbasBarrister 

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