Winterbourne Abbas

MARRIAGES 1754 to 1812

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Wendy Warne from the Parish Registers


The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.


Date Groom/Bride Parish Witnesses
23Jun1754John SYMMS PortishamJohn Meech, Hugh Farr?
  BannsMary LOCK Winterbourne Abbas 
23Dec1756Henry KNOWLES? Plymouth, DevonJames? Rogers, John Meech
  LicMary HALE or HALL Winterbourne Abbas 
13Feb1757Samuel WHITE HawkchurchGeorge Henvill junr. John Meech
  BannsMary DIFFEY?SpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
31Feb175?John DAVIS CheselbourneThos? Phelps? John Davis
  LicCatherine DAVIS Winterbourne Abbas 
31Jul1758Richard HALL or HALEWeaverAbbotsburyHenry Gibbons, John Meech
  BannsMary TAYLORSpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
25Aug1758William? KNIGHTLabourerWinterbourne AbbasJohn Bartlet, John Meech
  BannsGrace READSpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
29??1759Thomas? NICHOLLSGentlemanCharminsterJohn Davis, William ?
  LicCatherine CRONE?SpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
30Sep1762William LOCKETTBakerSt Peters DorchesterJohn Lockett, John Meech
  BannsElizabeth MABEYSpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
11Dec1762Richard LEG All Saints DorchesterWilliam Whittle, John Meech
  BannsAnn LOCKSpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
20Oct1763John LOCKLabourerWinterbourne AbbasThomas Wallis, John Meech
  BannsSarah ?SpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
9May1765John or Samuel READLabourerWinterbourne AbbasWilliam Whittle, William ?
  BannsAmy or Ann BAKER or HARDYSpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
UnreadableJamesBARTLET  Winterbourne AbbasWilliam Whittle, John Meech
   Sarah ? Winterbourne Abbas 
28Aug1765?Henery? ? Dorchester???, John Maby?
  BannsSarah MABYSpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
12Oct1767John BARTLETTTaylorWinterbourne AbbasJoseph E* John Meech
  BannsBettsy BRADINGWidowCerne Abbas 
12Oct1768James ROLLESLabourerWinterbourne AbbasJohn Meech, John Bridle
  BannsSusannah MABEYSpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
5Nov1769John OXFORD?CoachmanBlandfordDavid Legg, John Meech
  LicMary BESS?SpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
21Feb1770John FERRY?ShepherdWinterbourne AbbasJohn Foney, John Meech
  BannsSarah BONNELSpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
29Apr1771Solomon CAREWCarpenterWinterbourne AbbasWilliam Whittle, John Fone?
  BannsEsther BOYT?SpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
30Apr1771James RICHARDSLabourerWinterbourn SteepletonWilliam Whittle, John Fone
  BannsMartha BRIDLESpinsterWinterbourne Abbas 
25May1774Richard BILLETTTaylorSydling St NicholasJohn Bridle, John Fone
  BannsSusanna ROLLESWidowWinterbourne Abbas 
20Oct1775David CHAPMAN SteepletonSamuel Barrett, John Brit*
  BannsElizabeth WHITTY Winterbourne Abbas 
6Feb1776William NEWTON Martins TownBenjamin Woodward, John Stone
  BannsMary WOODWARD Winterbourne Abbas 
20Feb1776William TRIM Dorchester?David Legg, John Stone
  BannsMartha WITTEN? Winterbourne Abbas 
10Feb1778William RICHARDS Winford EagleThomas Wallis, John Brown
  BannsSarah WALLIS Winterbourne Abbas 
21May1778Philip TIZZARD Winterborn St MartinGeorge Henville or Kenville, John Lovell
  BannsAnne WHITTLE Winterbourne Abbas 
29Sep1778George SPICER? Winterbourne AbbasWilliam Miller, Mary Spicer, Joseph? Woodward
  LicMary SAMWAYS Winterbourne Abbas 
16Feb1779Benjamin WOODWARD Winterbourne AbbasSamuel Browne, James Woodward
  BannsJane GUDGE Winterbourne Abbas 
29Apr1779James RICHARDS Winterbourne AbbasJohn Bridle, Joseph? Edwards
  BannsEdith TIZARD Winterbourne Abbas 
8?? Samuel BROWN SteepletonUnreadable
  BannsRuth? BRIDLE Winterbourne Abbas 
29Jul1779Nathaniel MEECH Winterbourne AbbasHenry Thresher? Joseph Woodward
  BannsMary CANTERBURY Winterbourne Abbas 
4Oct1779George BONNEL Winterbourne AbbasJohn ? John Bridle
  BannsMary ? Winterbourne Abbas 
13Feb1781John CHAPMAN SteepletonJohn Biell? Richard Wallis
  BannsEleanor WALDBRIDGE Winterbourne Abbas 
--  James SLADE Winterbourne Abbas--
  BannsHester IRONSIDE Martins Town 
9Nov?1781David LEGG Winterbourne AbbasJohn Hart, james Phillips
  BannsElizabeth KING Winterbourne Abbas 
1May1783John HOW Martins TownWilliam C Norton, John Stone
  BannsAnn WOODWARD Winterbourne Abbas 
4May1783John WALLBRIDGE Winterbourne AbbasJohn Chapman, William Berry
  BannsSarah WATTS Longbredy 
22Jul1783Richard WALLIS Winterbourne AbbasWilliam Davis, Jas Kilbourn?
  BannsRebecca WATERSS? Winterbourne Abbas 
28Sep1784William BERRY Winterbourne AbbasPhilip Tizard, Ann Tizard
  BannsElizabeth WHITTLE Winterbourne Abbas 
12?1786Unreadable   UnreadableUnreadable
  BannsUnreadable   Unreadable 
20Feb1786John STOODLY? Bridport? Davis, ? Davis
  BannsDeborah ? Winterbourne Abbas 
24Sep1786Edward JOY Winterbourne AbbasJohn ?, Thomas Brown
  BannsAnn READ Winterbourne Abbas 
14Jun1791James Howard RANDALL St Benedict Parish Shaft* in the county of Middlesex? John Davis, Geo Davis
  LicFrances DAVIS Winterbourne Abbas 
3Jan1792William BRIDLE Winterbourne AbbasDavid Legg, James Gale
  BannsElizabeth GALE Winterbourne Abbas 
2?Jan1792John KING Winterbourne AbbasRichard Wallis, George ?
  BannsEsther BAGG Winterbourne Abbas 
3Dec1793James RICHARDS Winterbourne AbbasJames ?, John ?, Richard Wallis
  BannsElizabeth BROWN Steepleton 
19Aug1794Thomas MEECH Winterbourne AbbasDavid Legg, John Fone?
  BannsSarah LOVELL Winterbourne Abbas 
10Dec1795John READ --David Chapman, Thomas Brown
  BannsSarah BAGG Winterbourne Abbas 
25Jan1796Thomas BARGE Winterbourne AbbasJohn Bridle, Thomas Brown
  BannsElizabeth RICHARDS Winterbourne Abbas 
6Jun1797James BARTLETT Winterbourne AbbasGeorge Bonnell, John Han
  BannsSarah WOODWARD Winterbourne Abbas 
29May1798Thomas RICHARDS Winterbourne AbbasSarah Samways, George Bonnell,
  BannsMary RICHARD Winterbourne AbbasFanney Strange
22Dec1801Richard WEBBER Winterborne St MartinsGeorge Bonnell, Esther Brown,
  BannsElizabeth BRIDLE Winterbourne AbbasTemperance ?, Samuel ?, George Br*
4May1802Morgan READ Winterbourne AbbasThomas Watson, George?, Esther Brown
  BannsMaria LEGG Winterbourne Abbas 
2Aug1803William BARGE Winterbourne AbbasMary ?, ?? Esther Brown,
  BannsCharlotte LEEN? Winterbourne AbbasFanny Lock, John Legg
15Oct1804John RICHARDS Winterbourne AbbasSinnller? Rogers, Esther Brown
  BannsHannah LOCK Winterbourne Abbas 
19Apr1805Richard AYLES Bradford PeverelThomas Barrett, George Bonnell,
  BannsElizabeth TREVETT Winterbourne AbbasSarah Trevett, Ann Barrett
3Jun1805Richard RICHARDS HiltonKane Read, George Bonnell,
  BannsMargaret BRADFORD Winterbourne AbbasEsther Brown, Ann Richards, Mary Bat
31Aug1805Richard MILFORD Winterbourne AbbasElizabeth ?, *ert Henry, George Bonnell
  BannsSusanna RODBER Winterbourne Abbas 
13Nov1805George BONNELL Winterbourne AbbasGeorge Bridle, George Bonnell,
  BannsElizabeth LOCK Winterbourne AbbasTemherana? Bridle, Ruth Wood*
19Jun1806John WOODWARD Winterbourne AbbasJohn Brown, John Groves,
  BannsDinah TOMKINS KnightonMartha Smith, George Bonnell

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