Extract from Hutchins History of Dorset
 extracted by Dorinda Miles


Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths 1662 –1726

John, son of John COLE esq 1680
Robert, son of Mr Roger COKER and Francis 1704

Mr Thomas HUSSEY and Mrs Susan JOLIFFE 1694

Christopher TAYLOR, Rector, 6 July 1662
Lady Bridget LISLE, 1662
Andrew BREWER, Rector May 3 1670
Mabel, wife of John COLE esq 1686
John COLE esq 1688
Mrs Alice COLE 1694
Mabella, daughter of John COLE esq 1708
Joseph, son of ditto 1708
William, son of John Cole esq 1710
Robert Willis, Rector, 14 Feb 1726  

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